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*has been busy with homework for the week* hmm whats a way to relax? *Remembers the agent au comic* Oh yeah! I forgot to check the comic! This will be fun! *Reads the "I want you" bit* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LUV THIS COMIC SO MUCH! THANK YOU AVA



So, I was thinking about the importance of anatomy, even if you have a highly stylized art style.  I thought I’d make this simple thing for demonstration.

To the left is my recent redraw, and to the right is a picture from, I believe, 2011? So why did I take that picture? It’s missing hands, legs, feets and even partially her hip area. The reason I chose this is because it it’s a good example of trying to stylize something you don’t understand - in this case, the body. It shows, and it’s obvious the anatomy is twisted and incorrect. I even used the same proportions I warned about in an old tutorial of mine, to which someone told me that some might like drawing it that way. And as I said before, go ahead, but the errors will be more than obvious to an observer.

However, if you learn anatomy correctly, you can actually use this to your advantage so that you can draw the things you like — yes, even the ‘incorrect’ things — because you now know how to bend the rules instead of outright breaking them.

So you might think you yourself: all that really changed about Zemael’s style was the fact that the palette changed and her character design improved. While it’s true that those things did change indeed, a lot more happened than that. Not only has anatomy helped me learn about gesture drawing, making the pose much more natural (I mean, look at that stiff barbie pose on the old drawing) and fluent. It also helped me learn how to use the rules of anatomy and adjust them to my style without it looking impossible. They both got the same body, technically: slim body type, small waist, close set chest, straight shoulders and long neck. But then look at the bottom picture and really compare the two again.  As you can see, there’s not only a completely different flow in the picture, but the drawing to the left makes more sense compared to the one to the right. Of course, it could do with some adjustments (I didn’t spend too much time on this thing) but it certainly appears more believable. And, again, it uses the same proportions!  On the left, the chest appears stiff and misplaced, the ribcage is entirely deformed, the waist appears to have no movement and seems squished inwards, her legs appear to have no balance and her thighs are longer than they need to be, her shoulders are off balance with the hips, her neck seems to thin out at the top, and her arms have no joints. Meanwhile, the one to the right have a balanced pose, steady legs, her chest, hips and shoulders in line with each other, her waist small but not enough to look unnerving, it appears flexible, her arms in line with the shoulders, posed correctly, and her chest in line with her torso and in perspective. And this is all because I studied anatomy, and I understand it. You don’t have to be an expert at it, but it is important to understand it.

This is why anatomy is good to learn. No, you don’t have to draw realistically. But it will certainly help you IMPROVE the style you have or is aiming for.

“Can I be him?” - Part II

At first, you believed it was a good idea to ask Eggsy for the biggest favor he could ever do – pretend to be your boyfriend. However, you are a bundle of nerves at the garden party because suddenly you are scared of what your heart wants. 

Warning: None
Eggsy Unwin x Reader 
Part TWO of the ‘Can I Be Him?’ - Series

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Frost (Chapter Seven)

Thor finds out that Loki and Tony kissed. Then everyone finds out that Tony always gets what he wants.


Enjoy :)

“Are you aware of what occurred at the banquet last night?”

“Surely you, Our King, wishes to address such a thing?”

“The Prince simply cannot be allowed to carry on like this with your Chosen Love, it is not acceptable.”

Thor rubbed a big hand over his face and sighed. His three oldest advisors, men who had counseled even the All-Father Odin, stood in front of him in his study, each angrier than the last about the banquet.

“There is no harm in Loki and my Anthony dancing.” He finally said with a shrug. “I would think you would be thrilled to see the Prince joining in with our festivities instead of lurking on the side lines.”

“Forgive me–” one of the advisors eyed the others nervously. “But Sir Anthony was seen chasing the Prince out to the gardens and then they were seen… embracing.”

“Embracing.” Thor cocked an eyebrow, then raised his voice so the servant at the door could hear. “Fetch me Sir Anthony now.”

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His Girl

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You strolled into the dimly lighted bar, just back from a quick recon mission for the General. Fairly easy, you were back in one piece. Success. 

You smiled at the off duty pilot behind the bar and ordered a drink before settling on a stool. You stretched out your arms to the side and let out a deep breath. It felt good to  be relaxing, even if it was just for a night.

“Thanks, Marcus.” You winked at the bar keep before taking a sip of the drink he handed off to you.

“Good flight, today?”

“You bet, the General was happy. When’s your next mission?”

Marcus leaned his elbows on the counter, “Tomorrow. Dameron’s taking a few of us with him.”

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Originally posted by patd6277

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Brendon Urie

Request: Yes c: || Some kinky female readerX Brendon

Warnings: NSFW || smut, unprotected sex (reader on the pill), cursing, blow job, hair pulling, fingering, daddy kink, wall sex, shower sex.

Masterlist: Here

1.) I honestly don’t even know what happened here. It was after 1am when I started writing this, and I went to bed around 4am. Then I finished the last few paragraphs around 5pm so I’ll just leave it here. 

2.) This is unprotected sex, and I do not condone this at all. Wrap it before you tap it. Don’t make love without a dick glove. 

3.) Also, look at that gif. Just look at it. I know, me too. 

Enjoy, xx.

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(Newt Scamander x Reader) The Case’s Secret [SMUT]

Title : The Case’s Secret

Request : Yes - anonymous -  I luv your blog and your writing so much !!! Anyway i was wondering if i could request a smutty newt scamander imagine of maybe the reader walking in on newt’s “private time” with himself 👀 if you get my meaning and its just super awkward and funny (hopefully you understand) please and thank you!


Word Count : 1,459

Summary : You caught newt masturbating

A/N : one request down, still more to go! for those of you who requested, please be patient because i choose the request on my will, not according to the list. Because i dont want to be forced to write something when i dont have the inspiration for it. And also, requests are still open! Enjoy this one!

Sequel :


There are grunting sounds coming from Newt’s case.

It had been a rough day for both of you and Newt, as the Niffler had escaped again. You and him was planning to visit Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore himself invited Newt personally after his success on publishing the book. You and Newt wanted to grab some things in the Diagon alley until the little thief escaped.

The two of you chased it through Diagon alley, almost losing it before you lured the Niffler with the sapphire necklace Newt gave you.

Newt was almost hysterical when you did, but he was thankful when you swiftly caught the Niffler and turned it upside down, emptying the little bugger’s pocket. People were a bit angry when they found out the Niffler took their missing stuffs, but you managed to calm them down before Newt got swallowed by the anger of those wizards.

You were going to grab some dinner, but you lost your sack of money and Newt’s was stolen by the Niffler. It’d be impossible to take it from the creature, so you decided to head back to Newt’s old house.

The house was passed down from his parents’, and Theseus, his brother, also got one, but bigger and grander. His brother has always been everyone’s favorite. But it didn’t discourage him, since the house is very cozy.

As you had expected, the house is fairly dirty, with lots of Newt’s books everywhere. He used to keep his most of his beasts in this house, but then he moved them into the magic suitcase. Casting the spell, a wind swept through the house, taking the dust in its way.

Both of you sighed in delight, and he set down his case in the middle of the room, in front of the unlit fireplace and amidst the couch. He stepped into the case, and disappearead without any sound. You shook your head. He always puts his creature before himself.

You decided to cook dinner, using vegetables overgrowing in his small garden. ‘Didn’t know Newt loved to plant too,’ you thought to yourself, swinging your wand to the selected crops. ‘Probably to feed his beasts,’ you think again. The crops floated in the air, following you to the kitchen.

You made an onion stew, something to warm the two of you up after the long day. You used magic with everything to cook, something you don’t usually do. Once the stew was ready, you let it be in the pot, with low heat, so it would be warm when you and Newt are ready to eat.

That’s when you approached his case and hear those grunting sounds.

“Newt?” you call out. You’re replied with some more grunting and panting sound, also a whimper of your name.

It sounds like he’s in pain, so you immediately jump into the case, landing with a loud thud. The room is not the usual Newt’s workplace; it’s a dimly lit room with soft looking sofa in the corner of the room, a coffee table in the middle, and other homely furniture.

The grunting abruptly stops, and you’re eye to eye with a shocked Newt, sitting on the couch, holding his manhood in hand.

He shoves his penis into his pants, and then straightens his shirt and his trousers, trying to look decent despite him being caught red handed.

“[N-Name], I swear I can explain this,” he stutters nervously, his hands wiping onto his trousers.

“I, uh… I don’t really know what to say…”

“I-I’m so sorry…”

“No Newt, you’re not wrong, I, um, I’ll leave you to it if you want…?”

“N-No, it’s okay, I’m sorry about this…”

“Well… Do you want me to help you?” you offer him, shyly taking steps towards the sweating man. You raise your hand and wipe his sweat, and kiss him on the cheek. “Only if you want to though,” you add with another kiss.

“It would be my pleasure, b-but, are you sure?”

You answer him by kneeling in front of him and pull down the zipper of his trousers. His breath hitches on his throat when you put a finger on the wet part of his underwear. You rub the spot teasingly, trying to see the expression Newt makes when you do so.

“[N-Name]… Please… I-I need you…” he begs.

“Is it what you want baby?

“Y-Yes… Please…”

You happily oblige his pleas and pull down his underwear in one quick motion, making his cock springs free. He hisses when his cock meets the cold air, the sudden temperature taking him by surprise.

Your… Sexy time with Newt has never been in this situation before. It will always be him, giving you, and it’s always vanilla. He never demands anything from you, even though you tend to ask or offer him the pleasure he deserves. And this time is your rare chance.

“Ooh… [Name]…”

You wrap your fingers around the shaft, while your thumb makes a circular motion on the tip, spreading the precum on the already slick head. You mercilessly pump his manhood in a slow pace, and he groans in frustration.

“Aaaaghh, [Name], please, please…”

If you didn’t have a heart for this man, you wouldn’t stop being this slow. Heck, you wouldn’t even give him the treatment. But this is Newt Scamander, and you would do anything to make him happy.

You pick up the pumping pace with your hand as you lick the tip of his cock, swiftly enveloping the head with your mouth. You hollow your cheeks, sucking the head before slowly releasing your finger and take him deeper.

He moans loudly when you do so, and out of the corner of your eye, you see him gripping the handrest of the sofa powerfully that it turns his knuckle white.

Not wanting him to hurt himself, you take his cock out of your mouth. He immediately looks at you, face full with confusion. You take both of his hands, kisses both of them, and place it on both sides of your head.

“Don’t hold it by yourself Newt,” you say, looking up to him.

“B-But… I don’t want to hurt you…”

“You won’t.”

Before he can object to anything, you take his cock into your mouth again, this time sucking harder than before. He arches his head back, letting out a scream of your name. His hands on the side of your head remain frozen, until you start bobbing your head.

He loses control slowly, then all at once. The next thing you know is tears little by little coming out of your eyes as you try to maintain the fast pace. Newt is grunting and groaning as the tension builds up in his cock.

“I-I’m coming, a-aah!!”

Hot semen spurts into your mouth, and you cough, choking on it. But then, you swallow some that remains in your mouth. Newt, after regaining his senses, looks horrified. The sight of you all sweaty and dirty with his cum makes his cock slowly rise again, but he tries to hide it.

“O-Oh Merlin, what have I done? [Name], are you alright?”

You wipe your mouth and the spilled semen with your shirt, and you can hollowly feel the salty taste still remains in your mouth.

“Yes, Newt, I am alright. How about you? Did you enjoy it?”

“I-I do, but good God you’re crying! Did I hurt you?”

“No Newt, it’s fine really! I’m okay, see?”

You lift yourself and sit beside him, swiping his messy, sweaty hair and kiss his forehead.

“You don’t need to apologize, sweetheart. You deserve every single good thing in this world.”


“No buts. Now… How did you conjure this room? I didn’t know you have this in your case!”

“W-Well… It was meant to be a room to relax for myself… But I may have misused it…”

“Hmm… You naughty boy.”

“O-Oh, but I am your naughty boy…”

You pinch him on the cheeks, kissing him on the lips after doing so.

“Now… Do you want to continue…?”

“I’d love to… But… I think I smell something burning…”

You lift your head from his face, sniffing into the air. And as Newt said, there really is something burning.

“Oh no!! My stew!! Sorry baby, we have to do this later. Come up when you’re ready for dinner, alright?” you say before frantically climbing up out of the case.

Newt, on the other hand, still sweaty and tired, smiles to himself as he sees you disappear from his sight. He will definitely repay you tonight, taking a ‘dessert’ for his own after eating the dinner you make.

“Newt? Come on up! Let’s eat!”

And he will definitely hear his name being screamed later.


Imagine introducing your son to the world.

A/N: Guess who’s back, back again. Hiatus life was boring, but I did do some writing and some reading and some TV watching. 😋 Did I improve? Hmm…I don’t know, but I feel much more relaxed. Updates won’t be as frequent, but I am back. 😁 Chapter 8, Part 1 of ‘Beginnings’ is here ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist)

Chris’ 39th birthday was spent incredibly low-key. There was no big birthday bash, no fancy dinner party. There wasn’t even a simple luncheon with family and friends, just the four of you in your big beautiful home above Laurel Canyon. You’d wanted to plan something for him, something as amazing as he’d been for the past twelve months; your whole pregnancy and Jack’s first four months of his life. But he told you to “save it for the big four-oh,” arguing that it made more sense to go all out then. You obliged because as long as he was happy, you were happy. If you had to be honest, you were glad Chris opted for something low-key. You liked the bubble the four of you’d been in since Jack was born, with no talk of work as Chris was on hiatus and you were still on maternity leave. It was ending on Monday, but you’d throughly enjoyed the last four months with your little family.

It got a little much at times, both you and Chris admitted that. There were a number of sleepless nights and a few moments in the days where Jack would throw a tantrum like any other baby. He’d relentless cry and scream despite both your best efforts to soothe him, driving the three other members of the household insane. It was never long until you started crying too because Jack’s crying stressed you out. Then there was your messed up hormones, and really- you just cried a lot more than you’d like to admit. Chris would then have his work cut out for him because he’d have both you and Jack to soothe. Usually he’d delegate Dodger to you while he worked on Jack because once Jack stopped crying, you would too. Chris kept a good handle on things like you’d always expected him to. He was freaking out on the inside, but he played it cool so you’d remain calm too. It was a sweet notion; one you weren’t meant to find out, but overheard while he was on the phone with his mom. Needless to say, you loved him even more after.

With news about little families. Sebastian and Ava welcomed their son, Alexander Denver Stan into the world on the 21st of May even though he was due on the 4th of June. Thankfully, the delivery went smoothly and he came out a healthy and happy baby. You and Chris met Alex over FaceTime like Sebastian and Ava did with Jack, agreeing they were going to fly over for Jack’s first birthday so you could all finally meet in person. Alex looked a lot like Ava, inheriting her eyes. But his debonair smile was definitely from Sebastian, that boy- even as a newborn- was an incredibly charming one. He was a Gemini like his godfather, which Chris was happy about as he felt left out; his first name initial was the only one left out of Alex’s name. You, Ava, and Sebastian all got a letter, but not Chris. So he was glad Alex was a Gemini, even if he was on the cusp. Sebastian and Ava went a different route to you and Chris, announcing their baby’s birth and name on Sebastian’s Instagram a week after they got home from the hospital.

Their move placed a lot of pressure on you and Chris to do the same. Both your social medias were quickly bombarded with requests from fans for a photo of your child, and of course a name and a gender as that was also still a secret. Neither of you were ready to introduce Jack to the world so you didn’t, logging out of your social medias so you’d stop getting notifications every time you were online. You both agreed you’d introduce Jack to the world after you started work and actually had to leave the house ‘cause if you didn’t steer into the skid, you were going to have a lot of trouble with the paparazzi. You didn’t need to be hounded about your child every time you were out and about, it was enough they hounded you about everything else. One time when you and Chris were leaving a restaurant, a paparazzi yelled out “chicken or beef?” Neither responded because you were both confused. Why did they need that particular piece of information? How was it going to help anyone in any way?

So far, the two of you had managed to avoid the paparazzi and their useless questions well. Your little trips to the park, the grocery store, the farmer’s market, and the houses of close friends- like Robert and Susan Downey- were yet to be captured on camera. “We are nailing stealth mode,” Chris would say every time he checked the Internet for pap shots and found nothing. But as time ticked closer to the end of your maternity leave, you knew it was time to leave the bubble, get off stealth mode, get back on the grid, and resume living life realistically. Realistically, it was time to get the world off your backs and introduce Jack to them. If you weren’t Chris Evans’ wife and the mother of his child, if you were still a fan of his- you’d want an introduction. You’d want a gender, a name, and a photo. This was Chris Evans. Everyone knew how much he wanted to get married and have kids. It was cruel what the two of you were doing with all the secrecy, you knew that. You blamed Chris, he turned you into a person as private as he was.

“What photo are we going to use?” You asked, then gently nudged Chris’ thigh with your foot. You needed him to tear his attention from Jack, who was giggling because he was being lifted above his daddy’s head like Simba was lifted over Rafiki’s on Pride Rock. “Are we thinking like a family photo, or like a single shot of Jack?”

“I’m thinking whatever you think, darling,” he answered unhelpfully then proceeded to blow raspberries into Jack’s belly. You leaned your head on the back of the couch and smiled as you watched Chris play with your son. He was good at being a dad. It made him happy and anyone could see that. You were glad- honored even, to be the one who helped him become a dad. “Oh buddy, you are so adorable.” He laid Jack down on his back on his lap, playing with his feet. “I’m going to eat you. Om nom nom,” he playfully nibbled on Jack’s feet, making your son squeal with absolute delight.

“Okay Curtis Everett, if you’re hungry we’ve got some leftover curry in the pot.” You teased and Chris turned to you, trying not to smile as he shook his head. “Help me pick a picture.” You sat up and crawled over to him on the other end of the couch, holding out your iPad to show him the finalists. “We gotta pick carefully, this is going to trend for- God knows how long.”

“What is this?”

‘What’s what?”

“Would you give up pizza for a sex-filled one-night stand with your fave celeb?” Chris quizzed with a quirked brow. You looked down at the screen and realized you’d accidentally opened the conversation you were having with your friends, Taylor and Salma, on Instagram. “Whoa, excuse you.” He caught your wrist, preventing you from pulling the iPad away. You laughed because he’d read your answer and you knew what was coming. “Pizza all the way? With the thrown up hand emojis? Wow,” he dramatically gasped. “That is very hurtful.”

“I’m married to my fave celeb, I don’t need to give up pizza to have a sex-filled night with him. In fact, I should get pizza to have a sex-filled night with him.” You said and Chris cracked a smile. “Even if we weren’t married, I still wouldn’t give pizza up for a one-night stand with you. I might give it up if it was like- a serious monogamous relationship. Y’know, I’d really ponder it.”

“You’d really ponder it?” Chris snickered when you nodded, smiling. “I agree with Salma.” He looked back down at your screen and recited her response, “you are the strongest, all hail the queen. Your priorities are honorable.” You giggled and kissed his jawline. “For the record, I wouldn’t have to ponder it. I’d give anything up if it meant having you, even for one night.”

“Way to make me look like a total B,” you muttered bitterly then laughed when he laughed, wrapping one arm around you while the other held Jack close to his chest. Jack’s small hands reached for you, making you and Chris exchange; Jack for the iPad. “What are you smiling at, handsome?” You planted his tiny feet on your lap and bounced him, smiling when he smiled. “Are you ready to be famous, Jack Jack? ‘Cause you’re gonna be once Daddy picks a photo.”

“Why does Daddy have to be the one to pick?”

“‘Cause I shortlisted,” you replied. “I always do the shortlisting and you always make the final decisions. That’s us. That’s how we always make a decision when we post about Dodger and that’s how we’ll make a decision now that we’re posting about our son.” Chris’ fingers played with his lower lip as he went over the final four photos. “I doubt we could go wrong, he’s cute in every photo. Our boy is so photogenic, it’s scary.”

“Yeah, he gets it from you.” Chris mumbled under his breath while he examined the photos. You smiled because you heard him, resting your head on his shoulder. “Okay, how about this one?” He pointed at the photo of Jack in a grey onesie, smiling up at the camera. “I believe he was laughing when you took this photo. It was after he screamed us awake and we brought him to our room. He was all smiles once he got into our room.” You kissed Jack’s cheek, smiling at the memory of that moment. “He’s quite the actor, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he gets it from you,” you responded and Chris smiled. “Okay then, that is our winner.” You passed Jack back to Chris as he passed you the iPad. “What’s our caption going to be?” You asked, glancing at him. He shot you a look that said, “aren’t you the writer?” You shook your head, laughing, “forget I asked.”

“Done and done.” He quickly pecked your cheek then resumed playing with Jack, pointing at the television. ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’ had been playing in the background, almost on a loop as Jack loved Winnie the Pooh as much as you and Chris had growing up. It was pretty amazing how the age gap between the three of you didn’t change the love you had for Pooh Bear.

“Poor Bear,” you mumbled to yourself. You smiled as a caption came to mind. You opened your Instagram first, setting up your post and saving it to your drafts. You then hopped over to Twitter where Chris’ account was already logged in and created the same post, saving it to his drafts. “Okay, go on your phone and then we’ll post at the exact same time.”

He reached for his phone on the coffee table and opened Twitter. He smiled when he opened his draft box, whispering into your hair when he leaned over to kiss your head, “perfect caption, baby.” You smiled and opened your draft box. “On the count of three?” He quizzed and you nodded, finger at the ready. “One.”


“Three.” He said and you both posted. Within seconds, notifications started flooding in. Congratulations and reactions from friends, family, and fans filled your comment sections; hundreds of retweets and reposts occurred. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Chris read your caption, smiling in agreement. “Everyone, this is Jackson Christopher Evans.” You turned to him and met his lips for a gentle kiss. “I love you,” he whispered upon breaking the kiss.

“I love you too.”

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Part 2

Robert could play the academic game quite easily, he was very knowledgeable, but I think he found it a bit boring. It wasn’t our scene, being academic. I’ve heard him hold his own with academics, but that wasn’t the buzz. The buzz was more of a mixture, a cross-over with musicians, etc.

He turned me on to quite a few things, quite a few artists. We went down once on an impulse to see Takis, the great sculptor who did things with tank aerials with little lights on the end. That sort of thing was great.

We’d just turn up at someone’s studio, smoke a bit of pot, sit around and just chat art.
—  paul mccartney in groovy bob: the life & times of robert fraser, harriet vyner (1999)
“Date Night” ( Lay Smut)

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Title: Date Night

Featuring: Lay (EXO) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17. Spanking, dirty talk, dominating sex

Summary: After a night out at a party, Lay helps you relax in a special way.

You strolled through the front door, removing your heels as soon as you got inside. Yixing followed close behind you, locking your apartment up and pacing you into the bedroom.

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anonymous asked:

can you write something short & simple about josh spooning the fem!reader when they are sleeping,then he starts grinding on her and in the morning she takes advantage of him??

it’s been 6 months since you and josh started dating, and things were getting pretty serious. you were glad you delayed instant gratification, because you were for sure he was “the one” so to speak. of course you kissed, but everything else was left to the imagination. and apparently, it was driving you both batshit crazy.

one saturday night, you were having a casual “netflix and chill” type date and staying up past 4 a.m., just talking and watching silly movies. intermittently, you’d turn towards him on the couch to make out, keeping everything hands above the waist of course. you would lightly touch his crotch with your knee at points, curiously feeling how hard he was. it was breaking the rules, but relatively harmless. besides, it really turned you on and gave you this warm fuzzy feeling knowing that he wanted you so bad.

you were getting sleepy, so you turned your back to face him and relaxed into a comfortable spoon position. “hmm, i like this” he said, putting his arm around you to hold you in. with his warm breath against the nape of your neck and the dull sound of the t.v., sleep took over soon.

somewhat disoriented, you awoke from an odd sound and sun light shining through the curtains. it was early afternoon, and josh was still behind you, face burrowed into the back of your hair and snoring lightly. you stifled a giggle from how cute it was, that your boyfriend was using you as a body pillow in his sleep. oh, except he was using you for more than just a body pillow. he murmured your name, giving a slight thrust against your ass and your eyes shot wide. talk about instantly wet.

you weren’t sure how long you should let this go on, but it felt so wrong. he was grinding his erection against your ass and you were becoming increasingly aroused from it. you thought about just pretending to be asleep, but you also wanted to be more involved. so you turned once he paused and pulled the elastic of his briefs out to finally see what you’d be working with. it was even more beautiful than you imagined, thick and flushed at the tip. you licked your lips, checking to make sure he was still asleep before sliding down his body.

you held his briefs down with one hand while holding his cock with the other, kitten licking the head. he tasted even better than you’d imagined, and the sound he made was ungodly, bolting straight to your pussy. “ah, fuck it” you thought with an evil smirk. you wrapped your lips around his cock, sliding down half-way and sucking like your life depended on it. you couldn’t help but laugh at his surprise when his consciousness finally caught up with his dick. you could explain later, your mouth was full. his fingers began entangling and tugging at your hair, causing you to moan around him. .

“ohh god, y/n, that feels so good baby” josh panted, face-fucking you slightly. you moaned around him, taking him deeper down your throat and sliding your tongue along his shaft. you shoved your hand down your panties, eyes rolling as you slid two fingers into your sloppy cunt. stroking your hand up and down his cock with your mouth, you could feel him throbbing against your tongue. “oh ff.. fuck!” josh shouted, a burst of fluid filling your mouth. you swallowed, relief and pleasure flooding your body as you allowed yourself to cum. 

Choose Your Mistakes #24

Part twenty-four of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you have questions, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to undo her mouth.

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You selected a pair of delicate curved scissors from the bench, they looked like something out of the first aid kit at home, and very gingerly began cutting the fine black threads across Malady’s lips. The thread fell away, her lips opening ever so slightly for a soft intake of breath.
“Are you okay?” you asked, even though the answer was obviously no. She breathed slowly, a little fresh blood trickling from the small wounds where the thread pulled through.
“What did they do to you?” Malady continued to just breathe slowly, savouring the air as though it wouldn’t last, but otherwise not moving.

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Angel - a drabble

Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: The angel needed his own angel sometimes

Word Count: 744

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It’s no secret that Park Jimin was a sweet and caring angel. He’d check the stage before performances to make sure everything was safe. He’d ask all the members if they needed anything like food or snacks before he thought about what he wanted himself. He’d be the shoulder to lean on or that ear to lend whenever a member wanted to get something of their chest. And he wasn’t just caring for the members of BTS. He was like that with everyone, you included of course. 

But whenever he seemed like he was in need of help, he was always too shy to ask. So that’s why you weren’t surprised when Taehyung had texted you in the middle of day to keep an eye on your boyfriend when he got home,

[Taehyung]: Y/N, I think Chim has a cold

[Y/N]: What? Tell him to come home

[Taehyung]: I tried, but he’s being stubborn again. He keeps saying he’s alright.

You had sighed because you knew that there was no way to convince Jimin to come home from practice early. 

A few hours went by and you killed the time by anxiously channel surfing and constantly checking your phone for any messages from the boys or Jimin. Relief only overwhelmed you when you heard the front door open and shut, but worry once again took over when you saw the state Jimin was in. 

He clearly wasn’t alright. 

His nose was red, his face was flush, he looked so drained. The way he walked was so sluggish and he looked like he was going to collapse at any moment. He definitely was running a fever as well. Despite that, you couldn’t help but smile as he attempted to make his way over to you to give you the usual peck on the cheek whenever he got home,

“J-Jagi I…I…I’m…ACHOO!” He sneezed before he could make it half way to where you were. Immediately you stood up, handed him a tissue from a nearby tissue box and led him to the bathroom,

“Go take a shower and go right to bed after, okay?” Jimin weakly nodded and followed your command while you went to the kitchen to heat up some of the porridge you made him earlier in the evening. Sure enough, after a little while, you found Jimin snuggled in your bed underneath a mountain of blankets. 

Carefully, without trying to spill anything, you set down the tray of food on the night stand next to your bed. In it, under the fluffy fort of sheets, was your very sick and fever ridden boyfriend. 

“Jiminie?” You pinched a small bit of the blanket, pulling it away ever so slightly so that you could uncover his face. He didn’t speak, just hummed softly, to acknowledge your presence,

“You gotta get up and eat something.” He slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust to the bright fluorescent light from the ceiling lamp.

“Okay.” His voice was hoarse and could barely be heard, probably because he must have lost it a while ago. You helped him sit up against the headboard. 

You turned to the food, scooped a spoonful from the bowl and brought it to Jimin’s lips. 

“Jagiya, I can feed my…” Before he could finish his statement, you shoved the porridge into his mouth,

“Jimin, you always take care of me and the other members…I knew you wouldn’t let them help you during practice today, so at least let me take care of you now.” 

He would have protested, but his mouth was stuffed with porridge and your insistent glare was quite intimidating. You spoon fed him until the entire bowl was spotless. Just as you set the bowl back on the tray, you felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you into the sheets,

“Yah, Jiminie…I gotta wash the dishes…” He snuggled his face against your back,

“They can wait…” Very quickly, you admitted defeat to Jimin’s superior adorableness and adjusted yourself so that you were now under the covers with him more comfortably. Jimin’s breathing seemed to slow and relax now that you were in his arms, 



“Thanks for being such an angel.” You smiled with content against his chest, his warm breath hitting the top of your head. 

You didn’t even care if he got you sick because at least then, you two would be able to care for each other like the little angels you both were.

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requested by kkenzthekat

A concept: Fuckboy! Jungkook asking his girl roommate (who’s lesbian)for advice.

Expanding: Fuckboy! Jungkook asking lesbian reader for advice when he’s actually in love with her, you choose the ending (I kinda want them to be together but I’m not sure)

genre: romance

word count: 1848

a/n: since you wanted a happy ending i had to change something - her sexuality, since you wanted them to be together i made the reader bisexual, hope that’s not a problem !!!

“Jungkook, you really need to get out more, I mean when was the last time you had a girlfriend?” you asked as you took out the cereal box from the cabinet. “Can we not talk about that? It’s been way too long, and it’s dry spell really isn’t helping.” he mattered, as he took out two bowls from another cabinet. “Well, is there maybe anyone you like?” “Yeah, but I’d never get a chance with her, no way in hell. Are you being a bit dramatic, I mean who wouldn’t fall for you?” “A lesbian or maybe an aromantic, even if they find me attractive?” “That’s true but you know what I meant. If you’ve ever got any girl questions, just come to your local girl, I’ll be able to help you out.” “Nice to know. Do we still have milk left?” Jungkook asked as he lifted his body onto the countertop. “We better, because I did not just go through all of the effort have no milk for my cereal.” You left as you walk towards the fridge and revealed that there was in fact still some milk left.

You removed the milk from the fridge and handed it over to your silly roommate. “Don’t you dare put the milk in first, I will actually hurt you so bad!” you complained as you remembered the time you caught him doing so. “Fine, fine, I won’t this time!” he chuckled as he added the cereal first. “What’s so bad about doing that anyway?” he muttered. “It’s sacrilege, Jungkook. Both you and I know that.” 

It was Friday night and Jungkook was nowhere to be seen, you had figured that he was probably in someone’s bed by now, good for him! It had been way too long since he got some. You ordered some pizza, put on some Netflix and a face mask as you prepared for the relaxing night ahead.

“___! This girl won’t leave me alone!” he whined.  “What did you do?” you asked, this seemed to be a regular occupancy. “I slept with her and now she won’t leave me alone! Please help me help me.” he complained and you heard some rustling on his end. “Fine, But how?” you sighed, seriously reevaluating your life. “Pretend you’re my jealous ex?” “The things I do for you Jeon.” you muttered as you got up to save the day.


“Jungkook, who is that?” you asked in an offended voice, attempting to remain serious. “I could say the same for you!” she screamed as she attempted to grab you. “I’m his ex, is there a problem with that?” you said, brushing her off. “What is she doing here?” “I don’t know what you mean!” Jungkook lied and threw his arms up in defence. “Baby, how could you not know! You promised me a date, remember?” you gasped as you lightly hit him. “Get this hoe out of my house! I don’t ever wanna see you again! Either of you!” she screamed as she pushed the two of you out of the entrance of her home. 

“You’re a lifesaver!” Jungkook chuckled as he swung his arm around you and the two of you made your way out of the building. “Don’t mention it! But you owe me one.” you laughed. “What shall it be, m’lady? A meal? A top you want?” he joked as you made your way home. “Hmm, since you interrupted my relaxing night, you have to by me all the food I want, for a week.” “A week?” he asked in shock. “A week.” you laughed. “Time to say goodbye to anything I want this week.”

“Dude, you haven’t asked me for any advice! I said I’ll be up for it!” you told Jungkook as you rested your head on his thighs. “I don’t know, it’s just this girl, she’s not like anyone I’d just hook up with, goddamnit she doesn’t even look like them! She’s just different, but I don’t know how to ask her out, I guess, also I don’t think she’s into me.” he muttered as he subconsciously played with your hair. “Now, I know a thing or two about liking girls and being in relationships with girls! They’re not as complex as I think, you just be straightforward. “You see the thing is I don’t think she’s into guys.” he whined. “Oh, I see your problem, have you ever asked her?”No, but she implied that she likes girls.” “You should ask her to confirm that, you’ll never know unless you ask.” “Okay, okay, maybe another time.” “Before we know it, fuckboy Jungkook will be gone!” “I’m not a fuckboy!” 

Two weeks later the two of you found yourself a my one of Hoseok’s infamous parties. It was quickly becoming a bore, even to Hoseok, “Let’s play truth or dare.” Hoseok suggested. “What are you, twelve?” Taehyung asked, as he chugged down some beer. “Is there a problem with that or do you have something better to suggest?” “Maybe not…” “Told you.” Hoseok smugly replied to one of his best friends. “I’m down.” Jungkook and you stated as you sat down on the floor around the coffee table. “Okay, I’ll start.” Hoseok enthusiastically spoke. “Spin the bottle then!” Seokjin told him as he sat down beside Namjoon. The bottle landed on no other than Namjoon, “Namjoon, truth or dare?” “Dare, definitely dare.” “I dare you to make out with Seokjin.” Hoseok smirked as he sipped on the contents in his red cup. “What the hell?” “Dude, you like him so, you might as well.” Jimin added. “What?” “I’m down if you are.” Seokjin chuckled at the flustered Namjoon. “Are you kidding me?”, Namjoon muttered but quietly added, “This has got to be the best night of my life.” “What?” “Nothing, let’s do this.” 

“Okay, time’s up lovebirds!” The next person the bottle landed on was you. “Truth or dare?” Namjoon asked you smugly. “Dare.” “We dare you to give Jungkook a hickey.” “A hickey? Do I not get any say in this?” Jungkook whined. “Sure, if you’re up for that.” “I guess, I’m down.” After everyone was satisfied with the lovebite you had left on your roommate you spun the bottle and it landed on the very host of the party. “Hoseok, truth or dare?” you asked him as you picked up your cup of booze.” “Truth.” “Okay, what happened with you and Yoongi when you were all alone?” you smirked, knowing everyone wanted the gossip. “If I take a bunch of shots can I pass on this?” he nervously spoke. “No way, no backing out.” Taehyung protested, high fiving you in the process. “Fine, we made out, that’s it.” “That’s it? He’s lying but let’s carry on, we don’t want Yoongi to beat us up for making fun of his lover over here.” Taehyung joked as he finished his 4th beer. 

“Truth or dare, Jungkook?” “Dare.” he replied, seemingly prepared for anything. “I dare you to buy us all pizza.” “Dude, seriously? A couple weeks ago I spent the whole week buying ___ whatever she wanted to eat! I’m going to be broke because of you!” he complained but carried out the dare anyway because “you never back out of a dare”. “Okay, ___, truth or dare?” Jungkook asked you when the bottle landed on you. “Truth.” you replied, completely unfazed by whatever he may ask you. “Do you only like girls? Like exclusively?” “Nah, I’d fuck with guys if they were down.” you calmly replied as you took a sip from your red cup. “What? We’ve known you all this time and thought you were just lesbian!” Hoseok shouted. “Well even if I was I wouldn’t be just a lesbian, I’d be as fab as I am now but no, I’m bi.” you chuckled. “That’s something new we learnt about our long term friend.” Namjoon added, still somewhat in shock. “How did y’all not know?” Taehyung chuckled as you handed him another beer.

“You knew?” Jungkook asked. “Yeah, you should really listen to her more often, or maybe just spend more time hanging out with her. I mean, I have known her the longest, with that I learnt many things about her.” he smirked as he took a sip from his newly opened can. “I live with her!” Jungkook said in defence. “Not good enough, bro.” Taehyung laughed as he, once again, high fived you.

“This whole time you’ve been bi and we’ve all been oblivious to it!” Jungkook laughed as we walked back into our shared apartment. “You never asked until today! How would you have known?” you chuckled as you walked towards the kitchen to find a bite to eat. “How come Taehyung knew?” he muttered. “Like Taehyung said, I’ve known him the longest and have told him a lot, so…” you didn’t really know how to finish the sentence so left it there. “Is there anything going on between you two?” Jungkook asked you as he took out some ice cream from the freezer. “Nope, not at all. Just best friends. Also, it’s 2am, why are you eating ice cream?” “You went to that party in sweats, don’t question me!” he whined. “Sweats are comfy though, and if you’re gonna have that, at least share.” you laughed as you grabbed a spoon and made your way into the living room.

Jungkook was sat on the sofa and naturally, you rested your head on his shoulder. “Any progress with the girl?” you asked as you took some ice cream. “Not really.” “Why don’t you practise asking her out with me? I’ll be her.” you smiled as you sat up and faced him. “Okay?” “Go for it!”

“___, I’ve actually liked you for a while now and it’s taken me so long to organise my feelings and thoughts but everything about you has drawn me into you, from how you’re so different to everyone I’ve been involved with in the past, how you wear these sweats to a party or how you hate when I add the milk in first but what I love the most is how the two of us fit together so well, the simplest things about you make me smile like an idiot, so yeah, please go out with me.” he said, feeling a huge weight lift of his shoulders but when he saw your frozen reaction he panicked. “I’m sorry, was that too real?” he muttered, trying to look away from your eyes. “Jungkook! Are you kidding me? This whole time you liked me?” you half shouted. “Yeah, kinda.” he chuckled as he nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “Dude, I like you too!” you laughed. “What?” “Yeah, I like you! For fuck’s sake, you have a hickey made by me on your neck!” you said, bursting into a fit of laughter. “I hate you!” he whined as he lightly pushed you away. “You just said you like me though, hmm? What’s it gonna be, Jeon?” you teased when you calmed down from the fit. “Ugh, just go on a date with me already.”

One Step Forward

Luke Harper/Reader
4300 words; Smut/Explicit

So the first bit of this was posted as a oneshot and this was meant to be a continuation, but there was a few minor changes I wanted to make to the original, so I’m posting it all together as one thing.


Working in costuming, you’ve never really dealt with the Wyatt Family. You see them around backstage, of course, and you’ve always wanted to suggest that maybe you could alter Erick’s jumpsuit enough that it wouldn’t give him a near-permanent wedgie in the ring, or that you could find Luke a tank top that was appropriately, creatively stained rather than looking like it was pulled out of a dumpster that also contained a dead body or two, but Bray Wyatt keeps his family close, making certain they interact with as few of the crew as possible, so they all take care of their own ring gear.

Bray scares you a little, if you’re honest, and you’ve never known what to think of Erick, but Luke intrigues you. A few times now you’ve caught him staring at you, and someone like Luke Harper staring at you should be creepy, but somehow, it’s not. He never ogles or leers at you; quite the opposite, in fact, because there’s something very distinctly and respectfully shy about his gaze, enough so that you find yourself almost charmed by it.

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