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If you're still doing the tea thing, mint tea and old english please.

Mint tea - how do you relax?

Hmm I usually just listen to chillhop and take naps uwu

Old English - you’re stranded on an island, who do you bring with you?

Pfft probably @legitliterallyy because… you can cook and stuff lol

Fluff Meme: Cuddles Edition

“Mm…you’re warm….”

“You are ridiculously comfortable…”

“Awe! But I don’t want to get up….”

“Get back here and cuddle with me…”

“Nope! You’re my prisoner today…”

“I’m tired, come to bed and cuddle with me please?”

“Well I guess I could come over there and cuddle with you for a bit…”

“Well if it’ll make you feel better…”

“A little cuddling won’t kill you, I promise.”

“It’ll be warmer if we cuddle together….”

“I’m sorry babe; I’m just not in the mood today, could we cuddle instead please?”

“I always sleep better when you’re here with me…”

“Why don’t we just relax and cuddle all day, hmm?”

“I’m really sore today, could we just take it easy and cuddle today please?”

“Somehow cuddling with you is even better than I expected it to be…”

“Can we cuddle for a bit please? I’m feeling kinda down…”

“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…”

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

“Can I be him?” - Part II

At first, you believed it was a good idea to ask Eggsy for the biggest favor he could ever do – pretend to be your boyfriend. However, you are a bundle of nerves at the garden party because suddenly you are scared of what your heart wants. 

Warning: None
Eggsy Unwin x Reader 
Part TWO of the ‘Can I Be Him?’ - Series

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His Girl

Originally posted by morefabthanfab

You strolled into the dimly lighted bar, just back from a quick recon mission for the General. Fairly easy, you were back in one piece. Success. 

You smiled at the off duty pilot behind the bar and ordered a drink before settling on a stool. You stretched out your arms to the side and let out a deep breath. It felt good to  be relaxing, even if it was just for a night.

“Thanks, Marcus.” You winked at the bar keep before taking a sip of the drink he handed off to you.

“Good flight, today?”

“You bet, the General was happy. When’s your next mission?”

Marcus leaned his elbows on the counter, “Tomorrow. Dameron’s taking a few of us with him.”

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(Newt Scamander x Reader) The Case’s Secret [SMUT]

Title : The Case’s Secret

Request : Yes - anonymous -  I luv your blog and your writing so much !!! Anyway i was wondering if i could request a smutty newt scamander imagine of maybe the reader walking in on newt’s “private time” with himself 👀 if you get my meaning and its just super awkward and funny (hopefully you understand) please and thank you!


Word Count : 1,459

Summary : You caught newt masturbating

A/N : one request down, still more to go! for those of you who requested, please be patient because i choose the request on my will, not according to the list. Because i dont want to be forced to write something when i dont have the inspiration for it. And also, requests are still open! Enjoy this one!

Sequel :


There are grunting sounds coming from Newt’s case.

It had been a rough day for both of you and Newt, as the Niffler had escaped again. You and him was planning to visit Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore himself invited Newt personally after his success on publishing the book. You and Newt wanted to grab some things in the Diagon alley until the little thief escaped.

The two of you chased it through Diagon alley, almost losing it before you lured the Niffler with the sapphire necklace Newt gave you.

Newt was almost hysterical when you did, but he was thankful when you swiftly caught the Niffler and turned it upside down, emptying the little bugger’s pocket. People were a bit angry when they found out the Niffler took their missing stuffs, but you managed to calm them down before Newt got swallowed by the anger of those wizards.

You were going to grab some dinner, but you lost your sack of money and Newt’s was stolen by the Niffler. It’d be impossible to take it from the creature, so you decided to head back to Newt’s old house.

The house was passed down from his parents’, and Theseus, his brother, also got one, but bigger and grander. His brother has always been everyone’s favorite. But it didn’t discourage him, since the house is very cozy.

As you had expected, the house is fairly dirty, with lots of Newt’s books everywhere. He used to keep his most of his beasts in this house, but then he moved them into the magic suitcase. Casting the spell, a wind swept through the house, taking the dust in its way.

Both of you sighed in delight, and he set down his case in the middle of the room, in front of the unlit fireplace and amidst the couch. He stepped into the case, and disappearead without any sound. You shook your head. He always puts his creature before himself.

You decided to cook dinner, using vegetables overgrowing in his small garden. ‘Didn’t know Newt loved to plant too,’ you thought to yourself, swinging your wand to the selected crops. ‘Probably to feed his beasts,’ you think again. The crops floated in the air, following you to the kitchen.

You made an onion stew, something to warm the two of you up after the long day. You used magic with everything to cook, something you don’t usually do. Once the stew was ready, you let it be in the pot, with low heat, so it would be warm when you and Newt are ready to eat.

That’s when you approached his case and hear those grunting sounds.

“Newt?” you call out. You’re replied with some more grunting and panting sound, also a whimper of your name.

It sounds like he’s in pain, so you immediately jump into the case, landing with a loud thud. The room is not the usual Newt’s workplace; it’s a dimly lit room with soft looking sofa in the corner of the room, a coffee table in the middle, and other homely furniture.

The grunting abruptly stops, and you’re eye to eye with a shocked Newt, sitting on the couch, holding his manhood in hand.

He shoves his penis into his pants, and then straightens his shirt and his trousers, trying to look decent despite him being caught red handed.

“[N-Name], I swear I can explain this,” he stutters nervously, his hands wiping onto his trousers.

“I, uh… I don’t really know what to say…”

“I-I’m so sorry…”

“No Newt, you’re not wrong, I, um, I’ll leave you to it if you want…?”

“N-No, it’s okay, I’m sorry about this…”

“Well… Do you want me to help you?” you offer him, shyly taking steps towards the sweating man. You raise your hand and wipe his sweat, and kiss him on the cheek. “Only if you want to though,” you add with another kiss.

“It would be my pleasure, b-but, are you sure?”

You answer him by kneeling in front of him and pull down the zipper of his trousers. His breath hitches on his throat when you put a finger on the wet part of his underwear. You rub the spot teasingly, trying to see the expression Newt makes when you do so.

“[N-Name]… Please… I-I need you…” he begs.

“Is it what you want baby?

“Y-Yes… Please…”

You happily oblige his pleas and pull down his underwear in one quick motion, making his cock springs free. He hisses when his cock meets the cold air, the sudden temperature taking him by surprise.

Your… Sexy time with Newt has never been in this situation before. It will always be him, giving you, and it’s always vanilla. He never demands anything from you, even though you tend to ask or offer him the pleasure he deserves. And this time is your rare chance.

“Ooh… [Name]…”

You wrap your fingers around the shaft, while your thumb makes a circular motion on the tip, spreading the precum on the already slick head. You mercilessly pump his manhood in a slow pace, and he groans in frustration.

“Aaaaghh, [Name], please, please…”

If you didn’t have a heart for this man, you wouldn’t stop being this slow. Heck, you wouldn’t even give him the treatment. But this is Newt Scamander, and you would do anything to make him happy.

You pick up the pumping pace with your hand as you lick the tip of his cock, swiftly enveloping the head with your mouth. You hollow your cheeks, sucking the head before slowly releasing your finger and take him deeper.

He moans loudly when you do so, and out of the corner of your eye, you see him gripping the handrest of the sofa powerfully that it turns his knuckle white.

Not wanting him to hurt himself, you take his cock out of your mouth. He immediately looks at you, face full with confusion. You take both of his hands, kisses both of them, and place it on both sides of your head.

“Don’t hold it by yourself Newt,” you say, looking up to him.

“B-But… I don’t want to hurt you…”

“You won’t.”

Before he can object to anything, you take his cock into your mouth again, this time sucking harder than before. He arches his head back, letting out a scream of your name. His hands on the side of your head remain frozen, until you start bobbing your head.

He loses control slowly, then all at once. The next thing you know is tears little by little coming out of your eyes as you try to maintain the fast pace. Newt is grunting and groaning as the tension builds up in his cock.

“I-I’m coming, a-aah!!”

Hot semen spurts into your mouth, and you cough, choking on it. But then, you swallow some that remains in your mouth. Newt, after regaining his senses, looks horrified. The sight of you all sweaty and dirty with his cum makes his cock slowly rise again, but he tries to hide it.

“O-Oh Merlin, what have I done? [Name], are you alright?”

You wipe your mouth and the spilled semen with your shirt, and you can hollowly feel the salty taste still remains in your mouth.

“Yes, Newt, I am alright. How about you? Did you enjoy it?”

“I-I do, but good God you’re crying! Did I hurt you?”

“No Newt, it’s fine really! I’m okay, see?”

You lift yourself and sit beside him, swiping his messy, sweaty hair and kiss his forehead.

“You don’t need to apologize, sweetheart. You deserve every single good thing in this world.”


“No buts. Now… How did you conjure this room? I didn’t know you have this in your case!”

“W-Well… It was meant to be a room to relax for myself… But I may have misused it…”

“Hmm… You naughty boy.”

“O-Oh, but I am your naughty boy…”

You pinch him on the cheeks, kissing him on the lips after doing so.

“Now… Do you want to continue…?”

“I’d love to… But… I think I smell something burning…”

You lift your head from his face, sniffing into the air. And as Newt said, there really is something burning.

“Oh no!! My stew!! Sorry baby, we have to do this later. Come up when you’re ready for dinner, alright?” you say before frantically climbing up out of the case.

Newt, on the other hand, still sweaty and tired, smiles to himself as he sees you disappear from his sight. He will definitely repay you tonight, taking a ‘dessert’ for his own after eating the dinner you make.

“Newt? Come on up! Let’s eat!”

And he will definitely hear his name being screamed later.

“Date Night” ( Lay Smut)

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Title: Date Night

Featuring: Lay (EXO) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17. Spanking, dirty talk, dominating sex

Summary: After a night out at a party, Lay helps you relax in a special way.

You strolled through the front door, removing your heels as soon as you got inside. Yixing followed close behind you, locking your apartment up and pacing you into the bedroom.

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Hi Hajimama. I have anxiety and adhd, are there any tips that you have to concentrate and relax?

Hmm unfortunately I’m not very informed about adhd and I can imagine that it’s quite a bit something else mixed with anxiety, but I’m sure some of my followers have some good tips for you there!

Bath Bombs (SportaRobbie)

Based on a text post. Please request anything you would like to see written or drawn!!

Robbie walked into the bathroom, holding a decorative paper bag. He set it on the counter, and turned to crank the faucet to his large bathtub. He stood at his vanity, eager to open his bag. It crinkled as he took out four boxes and a bottle of bubble bath formula.

He took a moment to put a few drops into the waterstream, the scent of vanilla flushing throughout the room. He set the bottle next to the boxes, and opened the first one. A round, compressed powder bath bomb greeted him, and he breathed in the scent of blackberry, citrus, and some kind of flower he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He set it on the edge of the tub as he began to slip out of his outfit.

He eased into the tub, shutting the water off as it went over his knees. He sighed and leaned back, already feeling his muscles relax as he heard the soft crackling of tiny bubbles popping as the vanilla scent surrounded him. The bubbles had spread to the outer edges of the tub, leaving a perfect clearing for the bath bomb.

He picked it up, already hearing it fizz around his wet fingers. He laid it in the water, watching in satisfaction as streams of color burst from the sphere. A galaxy of deep purples, rich blues and pinks began to spread, with little bubbles here and there looking like clusters of stars. When the color show was over, Robbie leaned back again, watching the steam dance above the water.

Just then, there was a soft knock at the door. “You’re done running the water, Robbie?” Sportacus asked, peeking into the room. “Yes,” he answered, tucking his knees up to his chest when he saw Sportacus enter with just a towel around his waist. It occurred to him then tha he had forgotten a towel. He almost didn’t notice Sportacus admiring the water. Though he didn’t understand the purpose of them, Robbie could tell he thought they were pretty, at the very least.

Sportacus then stepped forward. “I brought you these,” he said, sprinkling a handful of rose petals into the water. Robbie watched them fall, then turned his gaze back to the elf, who was smiling proudly. “Just what I was missing,” Robbie said flatly. Sportacus grinned anyway.

“I’ll start my shower now.” he said, turning and stepping into the shower that was directly next to the tub. It was textured glass, that was transparent enough to see basic shapes and colors, but not enough to discern detail. He saw the blue and white towel hang over the top of the shower as the completely naked silhouette of Sportacus shut the door to the glass stall. He heard the water turn on and tried to look away, but found himself looking through his peripherals. Sportacus was facing the other way, it wasn’t like he could catch him. Or that he would even object. But still…

Robbie picked up one of the wet rose petals, tracing the veins through it with his thumb. He could suddenly feel a cold breeze. He sunk down lower into his bathwater, noticing the steam on the mirror from his bath was starting to disappear, and the edge of the tub that wasn’t making contact with the water was freezing cold.

He grimaced, wondering how Sportacus could possibly stand it. He thought about sanding and polishing that shower door until it was completely clear, but somehow he thought that wouldn’t stop Sportacus from coming in while he was taking a bath. He scooched forward from the edge of the tub, because now the back of his neck was starting to freeze. He took refuge in his scalding hot, scented water.

He then noticed Sportacus was humming. He couldn’t tell exactly what it was over the running water, but it sounded familiar. “Hey, maestro, mind turning up the heat a little bit? You’re gonna freeze my bathwater!” he sneered.

Sportacus only laughed. “I’m not gonna let you take showers while I’m in here anymore.” He threatened half-heartedly. “I’ll just have to start taking baths with you, then.” Robbie raised his brows. “But you prefer arctic temperatures, and you best believe I’m not letting you have any say how hot this water gets!” He paused for a moment. “And I’m putting in an entire bottle of bubble bath.” “If that’s how it must be,” Sportacus answered monotonously.

Robbie huffed. “You’re not even listening to me, are you? I’m being serious!” Suddenly the water shut off, and Robbie became unsure if he really was serious himself. The shower door opened, and Sportacus emerged, dripping wet with shampoo still in his hair and covered in suds. Robbie’s eyes widened to the size of golf balls as he watched the elf calmly walk from the freezing shower over to the steaming tub. His skin was prickled with goosebumps, and he almost expected Sportacus to boil when he stepped in.

He sank down, and Robbie felt a cold chill as Sportacus’ calves brushed past his ankles. Robbie pulled his knees to his chest, eyes still wide. “What?” Sportacus asked. “You were serious,” Robbie said, hardly above a whisper. “You said you were,” Sportacus replied, simply shrugging. Robbie watched as he picked up a handful of bubbles. He then stretched his legs, sinking down a bit further, his ankles reaching either side of Robbie’s hips. “What are you doing?” Robbie asked, tensing. “Relaxing. You said that’s what baths are for, right?” Sportacus said, feigning innocence. Robbie squinted at him. He glided forward, turning around and leaning back against against Sportacus’ chest, resting the back of his head in the crook of his neck.

“Fine then. Relax with me.” he smirked, pulling one of Sportacus’ cold arms around him, regretting it immediately, but decided to stay. He could feel something firm prodding his lower back, and his smirk grew. Sportacus’ breath hitched, and his other arm wrapped around Robbie, who shivered.

“Definitely relaxing, hmm?” Robbie hummed.

Good News and Bad News

Pairing - Jamilton

Word Count - 4151

Prompt - 177. “I’ve got good news and bad news.” with Jamilton

Summary - It’s Thomas’s birthday, so Alex decides to surprise him. It goes about as expected. Fluff ensues.

Tags - @butlinislin, @serkewen12, @daveedish, @mysterywriter36, @crazypurplebananas, @small-stars, @futureauthor45, @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot, @iluvnialljameshoran, @spicydice, @darling-danger, @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens, @getupoffathathang, @hamilton-gaygod, @rainstorms-by-june, @felix–feliciss, @a-random-girl-with-a-random-blog

Alexander looked at the calendar that hung on the kitchen wall and grinned. The date was circled in bright red ink, with “Thomas’s birthday” written in the southerner’s flamboyant cursive scrawl. Of course, Alex knew when Thomas’s birthday was, but the other man still liked seeing it in bright colors on the calendar. He’d even made a countdown at the beginning of the month, like a young child would. Thomas honestly loved his birthday, probably because it meant he’d be the center of attention. It was endearing how excited he got. At least it was to Alex.

But birthdays didn’t keep work away. Thomas was out working with Madison on his latest plan to get a bill through Congress, so Alex decided to come up with a plan of his own. He wanted to surprise Thomas, but how? Sex was too stereotypical, and besides, that was a given on such a special occasion. He couldn’t exactly go out and get Thomas a new book since Monticello had a library to rival any in the rest of the world. New equipment for Thomas’s treasured violin? No. Alex didn’t know enough about it to pick out what Thomas would need, though he had been learning. He furrowed his brow in thought. What could he do? His lover deserved a nice surprise on his birthday since he’d so generously given Alex vintage copies of every single one his favorite books on his last birthday.

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I've always loved the way you write ur fic. Part of me did wish there was a liiiittle bit more monologuing on yuuri and Victor's feelings aside from skating - not too explicit but the same way you've been doing it. But looking at what you're saying about the next chapters it seems like it's just a matter of time for Victor, which I realised makes sense because feelings are developing. For yuuri though, if not in the fic, maybe a drabble for what and how much he feels for shouta would be nice...

So I don’t know if I delivered on the internal monologuing… like I said, I’m much more action oriented of a writer… so here’s some of that.  ;) This basically takes place immediately after Chapter 19.

When the cab pulled up to the house, Yuuri wasn’t even surprised to see Shouta waiting outside the gate, straddling his bike with Vicchan on his leash straining and wanting to bark at the car.  No, Yuuri wasn’t surprised, but his chest clenched a little at the sight.  If it was possible, Shouta always met him after he came back from a competition.

Yuuri climbed out of the back of the cab after Riku and went around to pull his suitcase out of the trunk, but Shouta was already there next to Alexei and was taking Yuuri’s large suitcase, leaving Yuuri with just his carry-on.  

“Okaeri.”  Shouta’s voice was quiet and Yuuri smiled and leaned into his shoulder for a minute before bending down and picking Vicchan up, tucking him close with one arm as he wiggled and squirmed and tried to lick his face.  With his free hand he grabbed his small carry-on and followed Alexei and Riku into their house.  

Alexei, as was the norm, just left his suitcase next to the door and headed into the kitchen to see if he could find something to eat.  Riku smiled at them and then went to follow her husband, reminding him that the fridge was practically empty, and that, no, prawn crackers did not constitute real food, and if he wanted something real to eat that they should make a trip to the store.

“Upstairs?”  Shouta asked, his hand still on Yuuri’s large suitcase.  

Yuuri just nodded and then turned to face the kitchen.  He unhooked Vicchan’s collar and put him down.  “I bet Lyosha wants a hello too.”  And Vicchan rushed off, bounding toward Alexei and no doubt treats because his coach spoiled his pup as much as he did.

Shouta was already pushing his suitcase against his closet when Yuuri walked into his room.  He dropped his things and just sort of looked at Shouta.  He hadn’t seen him in almost a week and had barely talked to him, just some exchanges through Twitter, but… Yuuri had missed him.  Seeing him made his heart clench in a funny way.  He wouldn’t say it was love.  That was such a weighted word, but if he was speaking English, maybe.  Russian, most likely.  But in Japanese, no.  It wasn’t love, but it was definitely a very strong sort of like.

Love, to him, was something that was just too big.  Too… scary.  But this.  Him and Shouta, it was just right.  Hands that fit together in a clasp when their fingers tangled.  Knowing smirks, when someone said something about how they were always in each other’s company.  He was easy to relax around; always ready to play a game or watch something, never demanded more of Yuuri’s time than he was willing to give or could give.  But then, Yuuri did the same to him.  Yuuri didn’t think that he’d ever be able to be with someone who didn’t have a schedule with demands like his.  How could they even begin to understand?  They couldn’t.

Shouta could.

“Do I have something on my face?  You’re staring?”  Shouta looked down at his shirt.  “Did I get some sauce on me from lunch?  I went to that Chinese gyoza place.  The one that you’re not allowed to eat at anymore?  I figured it’d be better to go before you got back then after and–”

“You don’t have anything on your shirt.  Though it’s really mean to mention the gyoza place.  I was so bummed when Alexei added it to the list of places that were off limits.  Especially now that I’m officially off-season and can’t even go once in a while.”  Yuuri crossed the distance separating them, letting his backpack drop to the ground.  He pressed his hands to Shouta’s cheeks.  “I was just thinking that I missed you while I was in the Netherlands.”

Shouta’s eyebrows went up.  “Really?”  And he hands went to Yuuri’s waist, gripping the fabric of his shirt and drawing it taut over Yuuri’s stomach.

Yuuri nodded.  He brought Shouta’s head closer to his own, negating the height difference and kissed him.  It took less than a second for Shouta to start kissing him back, his hands going around Yuuri’s back.

Yuuri leaned back for a second, breaking the kiss, and looked at Shouta, and smiled. “I won gold.”

“I know.  I saw.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “I won gold at Junior Worlds.  That’s like… like… better than nationals. Better than the Junior Grand Prix.  I’m the best Junior skater in the WORLD.”


“What do you mean, and?”  Yuuri bit his lip.

“And, when are you going to beat that gold medalist on your wall and be even better?”

Yuuri kissed Shouta again, deeper and hungrier, licking into his mouth and letting his fingers tangle in the short strands of hair at the back of his head.  Shouta groaned and pressed closer, and Yuuri really, really, really hoped that no one was going to knock on his door and interrupt even for something as stupid as letting him know they were going to the store.

Yuuri stepped back, pulling Shouta with him until they could topple onto his bed.  It was small, but so much more comfortable.  He pulled away for another second.  “I’m working on it.  I’ll get to Seniors, and then you’ll see.”

Shouta rolled them so he could lean over Yuuri.  “Good?  I want to boast that you’re a World Champion, without having to put Junior in front of it.”  Shouta nipped at Yuuri’s bottom lip.  

“I’ll get there.  I want to win.”  Yuuri slipped his hands under Shouta’s shirt and over the well-defined muscles of his abs.  Yuuri’s season was ending, but Shouta’s was just about to begin; it was obvious he’d been putting in extra time, something that Yuuri could appreciate.

“I know you want to win.  You always want to win, even if you never say it.  You wouldn’t be a competitive athlete if you didn’t.”

“Hmm.”  Yuuri relaxed back into the mattress and pulled off Shouta’s shirt and letting himself look at the lean muscles of his boyfriend, there wasn’t much bulk, just strength, mainly focused on his shoulders, and Yuuri knew, his upper back.  “No more talking.”

“No talking?”

Yuuri kissed Shouta again to shut him up.

I don’t know… maybe I should have kept it in at the beginning of the next chapter… I just don’t know anymore…

Marichat May Day 6 + 7

Prompt Calendar hosted by yours truly and @marinette-sky

Day 1: Milk Day 2: Purring Day 3: Homework Day 4: ‘Romeo, Romeo…’

Day 5 The Baton

Game Night and Happy Pawing

“Mariiiiii….” Chat whined, tugging on the tips of her pigtails. “I’m bored! Can’t we play now?”

The girl rolled her eyes, and put down her needle and thread. “We’ve already played an hour of Mecha Strike,” she complained. “What else can we play?”

“I don’t know…” Chat said, flopping back onto the floor. “But I’m bored. Please? Can we do something? It’s the weekend, you know.”

“Fine…” Marinette relented, lying down next to him. “What then? Mystic Messenger again?”

“Nah, I finished that,” Chat grinned. “I ended up with Jumin.”

“Of course you did, perverted cat boy,” Marinette teased, poking him in the side. “What then?”

“21 questions?” Chat pondered. “Spin the bottle?”

“No bottle,” Marinette said, surveying her room. “What questions though? I can’t exactly ask you anything personal!”

“Well, not my name, but everything else is pretty much okay…” Chat grinned, flicking open his baton. “Here’s a list…I’ll go first. Favourite colour?”

Marinette rolled her eyes and gestured to her very pink room. “Really?”

Chat laughed. “Okay, let’s skip the boring ones…” he swiped down the screen. “Here we go! If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future?”

“Oh, that’s better,” Marinette smiled. “Hmm. The future, I guess? I want to see if I’ll be a fashion designer, so maybe ten years ahead?”

“I know you will be, princess,” Chat grinned, bopping her nose.

She laughed. “What about you?”

“Back in time, for sure. To my third birthday. It’s my last proper memory of my mother.”

“Chat,” Marinette said gently, touching his arm. He smiled bravely and carried on. “What’s more important, truth or happiness?”

Marinette paused, chewing her lip. “Happiness. Sometimes you can’t tell the truth, but you can still be happy?”

“Agreed,” Chat nodded. “What food best describes your personality?”

“Um…” Marinette frowned. “I don’t know. That’s a really hard one…”

“I think you would be strawberries…” Chat thought out loud.

“Why?” Marinette asked. “Because I go red?”

“No!” Chat giggled, “Though that’s true, too. I was thinking because you make people happy, and you smell really sweet…”

“I do?” she blinked.

Chat nodded.

“Um, thanks…” she squeaked.

“What about me?” the black cat grinned, his claws kneading the carpet. It was a sign he was relaxed and having fun.

“Hmm…” Marinette squinted her eyes. “I would say chocolate. Because you make me feel better when I’m down, and you’re popular with women?”

“So not that I taste good?” Chat teased, making the girl blush.

“Next question!” she insisted, grabbing the baton from him. “What is your biggest fear?”

Chat scrunched his nose. “Hawkmoth winning, of course.”

“Me too,” Marinette said softly. She scrolled down the screen and then gasped, dropping the staff.

“What?” Chat asked, making a grab for it. He giggled when he saw the reason why. “Aww, cute, princess. You don’t want to tell me who you want to kiss?”

Marinette shook her head, red as the aforementioned strawberry.

“That’s okay, we’ll skip that one. And that one. And that one! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK THAT?”

They decided to play Mecha Strike instead, and Chat ended up in Marinette’s lap, claws happy pawing her legs as he watched her beat the reigning champion.

Mature version of this on day 13, sin!

anonymous asked:

Can you do a bbrae imagine. (They're not a couple yet in this) where raven's muscles are tight and she's too tired to properly heal herself too tired to yell at bb to tell him no when bb decides to give her a massage - which leads to a fully body massage 😏*wink wink shove shove*

“I could sleep for like…ten years,” Beast Boy muttered. Raven grunted from beside him, exhaustion stamped out across her face. 

This week had been hell. There was a stupid alert nearly every hour, leaving the Titans with little rest. Jump City’s resident villains were relentless it seemed, plotting to take them down by means of exhaustion. 

And it was working, too. Beast Boy felt like jelly, and he was having a really hard time walking straight. 

Shapeshifting took a shit-ton of energy. Not getting enough rest was putting some heavy strain on his body. 

He wasn’t alone in his suffering either. One sideways glance at Raven showed the empath teetering as she walked, and Beast Boy feared she’d stumble into a wall. 

“Here,” he croaked, reaching out for her. His jelly-like arms wound around her shoulders and the two supported each other as they hobbled the remaining distance to the tower’s glorious elevator. One push of a button, and they stumbled inside, both leaning back against the wall.

“Thanks,” Raven murmured. There was a beat before she spoke again. “I feel dead.” 

 “Me too.” 

Beast Boy stared into space, barely registering the silence that enveloped them. Everything felt like a fog, and he was pretty sure he’d pass out upon hitting the pillow. 

“My back hurts,” he blurted. Raven grunted in agreement, and he turned to see her attempting to stretch. She winced as she did so, muttering curses under her breath. 

“I could give ya’ a massage you know.” 

Her wide-eyed stare confused him, and it took a minute for Beast Boy’s fuzzy mind to process what exactly he just said. His face grew hot and he bit his lip. “I-I mean I could. Give a back massage, ‘cuz I know how to! Rita taught me once. But I didn’t mean-” 

“That would be nice.” 

Beast Boy blinked, gaping like a fish. “” 

A bemused expression crossed Raven’s features, and she uttered a soft chuckle. “I’d actually like a nice back massage,” she said. “If you’re up to giving one, anyway.” 

He shook himself, suddenly awake. “Uh, sure!” 

Raven smiled. “Great.” The elevator pinged then, and he watched in silence as she pushed herself off the wall and hobbled out into the hallway. Beast Boy gulped. What had he just gotten himself into? 

He followed her, uncertainty pricking his skin. 

They wandered into the empty common room, halting in front of the couch. Raven unfastened her cloak and draped it over the couch’s back before settling comfortably onto the dark cushions. She arched a brow at him, uncertainty shadowing her face. “Should I lay down, or…?”

“Y-yeah,” he stammered. “That’ll be fine.” His gaze was riveted to the empath as she swung her legs up onto the couch and shifted to lay on her stomach, her black leotard exposing just enough of her behind to make him shiver. 

Was it always this hot in here? 

Beast Boy wrung at his hands, forcing his feet to move. He sank to his knees, staring warily at Raven’s back. Should he just…start? A quick glance to the side caused his gaze to entangle with hers, and she raised her brows. “Hmm?”

“N-nothing,” he croaked. “Just, uh, relax.” He forced a smile to his lips and returned his focus to the task at hand. With shaking hands, Beast Boy reached forward and delicately brushed his fingers across her back. He moved slowly, carefully working circles into her taught muscles. 

Raven’s leotard bunched beneath his fingers, and he furrowed his brow as he attempted to work around the obstacle. Typically, a really good massage was done without clothes, but there was no way he was bringing that up. His gaze darted to the demoness’s firm rear, and he flushed. 

Yeah, this was intimate enough for now. Besides, he’d given massages to Starfire while she was clothed, why should this be any different?

Raven let out a moan, making his breath hitch. 

Okay, so maybe this was a bit different than massaging Starfire. 

He shook his head, pushing those thoughts away. Instead, he kept his focus on his hands. Beast Boy kneaded Raven’s back, carefully working at all the knots and strains in her sore muscles, just as he was taught. Based on the hums and moans of pleasure, he was doing a pretty good job. 

“You’re really good at this,” Raven murmured breathily. She stared up at him through lidded eyes, a look that was quickly making him feel flustered. 

“T-thanks,” he squeaked. Her gaze entranced him, and he soon found himself a hairsbreadth away from her. Raven’s breath tickled his face, and their lips brushed. 

“I can go for a five course meal right about now.” 

Cyborg’s voice had them springing apart, and Beast Boy’s back thumped into the coffee table as he scrambled backwards. His face burned, and he stared wide-eyed at Robin and Cyborg’s baffled expressions. 

“Uh, you okay there, B?” Cyborg asked. He cracked a forced smile, keeping his gaze strictly off of Raven. 

“Y-Yeah, I’m great!” he babbled. “Just wondering what’s for dinner!” 

Robin and Cyborg shared a glance, and they shrugged. “I dunno,” Robin said, “I was thinking pizza. What do you want, Raven?” 

She cleared her throat, looking just as flustered as Beast Boy felt. “Pizza is fine.” 

Cyborg grinned. “ ‘Kay well, let me know when you love birds are ready to order.” 

Beast Boy blushed brightly, shooting Raven a glance, only to witness her vanish in a black cloud. Well, this was just great. He melted into the shape of a mouse and scurried away, the sounds of Robin and Cyborg’s chuckles echoing in his ears. 

He really should have just taken that nap instead. 

Well, this turned out to be more humorous than intended. Oh well, hopefully it’s still fun. Enjoy!

-mod vixensheart

in the bathtub - Joji

Request: you’re feeling stressed because of college and Joji is there to help you, of course: by having sex in the bathtub. NSFW


“Babe,” Joji says to you, watching you from the kitchen. “You look like shit.”

You lift up your head after untying your shoes—and glare at him. “Thank you for the compliment, honey.” You respond sarcastically, not in the mood for Joji’s shit. You stand up, throw your bag roughly on the floor, uncaring of the stuff inside it. You take off your coat and put it messily on the rack—you don’t even care that it fell to the floor, as you’re already moving towards the living room.

“Something happened?” your lover asks you, watching you warily as you jump onto the couch, face stuffed into a pillow. And obviously not in the mood to talk as your back is facing him. But he doesn’t take your annoyed grunt as a sign to back off: in fact, he can’t leave you alone. He needs to know in order to make you feel better. “Hey, babe.” Joji starts poking your head to make you attentive. “Talk to me.”

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anonymous asked:

These covy short's are just too cute. Give us something where Connor or Nova spill their feelings for one another. (Screaming about what it might be, these are so frigging adorable) Love your story btw!! 💕😜💕

E: Aww thank you! I’m glad you like it so much)

Connor: *sketching his next invention*

Nova; hey, hey four eyes, four eyes, FOUUUUR EYES!

Connor:…*still writing

Nova; Oh come on.

Connor; *stops* sorry, i had to make sure this was perfect. what’s up novy?

Nova; I wrote a poem! *holds it up*

Connor: cool! What’s the occasion? 

Nova; it’s a project from dad. Revealing one’s feeling!

Connor: oh awesome? umm let me hear it

Nova: *clears her throat* Roses are red, gears are not, my love has four eyes and I think he’s…he’s…*turns bright red* Hot.

Connor: nice, *clapping* clever *goes back to sketching*

Nova;…*looks around, very confused*

Connor: maybe i need it to be a cylinder ? but i don’t like how it looks.

Nova; *annoyed*

Connor: OH! Maybe i can….wait, four eyes? *looks at nova

Nova: *relaxed* hmm?

Connor; you love four eyes?

Nova; *not getting it* oh, umm yeah?




Nova;…oh! OH!

Connor: OH! wait me?

Nova; *hides her head, blushes intensely* I…well….umm I….YOU DIDN’T!

Connor: I’m denser than steel! AND TWICE AS THICK!








Connor; SURE!

Nova; GOOD

Connor: GOOD!


Connor; *smiles* Y-yeah. 

Read Between The Lines (Ch. 16)

Chapter 16


There was something serene and hypnotising about watching the city below me go by. It was the wee hours of the morning, after sending Jess off in her taxi; she was en route back to New York, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I tried snuggling into Roman, even his big arms wrapped around me couldn’t relax me enough to make my mind retire. So I lay awake for half an hour, a selfish part of me wanted to wake him up but then the selfless and caring part of me overruled that. He’d had a rough week, he deserved extra time in bed. Especially with the Vegas trip looming. So eventually I climbed out of bed, tried to watch TV, but nothing could hold my attention enough, it became unecessary background noise. Then as the sun started creeping in, rising with a beautiful rose gold hue that lit the room; I followed it’s rays onto the balcony and sat on the cushioned wicker chair, feet up on the opposite chair.

A few people adorned the streets, they trickled onto it like little ants coming out of their holes and going about their day. Some were in suits, some in jeans and casual wear, some in their workout gear, a few school kids with their backpacks. There were women in their fancy workwear; some whose outfits looked well thought out and others as if they didn’t care. There were mothers pushing strollers or holding the hands of their toddlers, old ladies and gentlemen with slouched postures, well the occasional one or two - up early and trudging as fast as their bodies and age would permit.

And even with all those people, it felt so calm and relaxed, it was nothing like NY: mad men and women on their phones with a coffee cups - in a mad rush to work or somewhere. Things seemed slower here. And the people seemed to revel in it. As I did watching them. It was like watching a movie or reading a book; better yet writing one and imagining all these characters; their thoughts, emotions, plans for the day. Who were they? Where were they going? Or coming from?

Anything to run away from the turmoil of my own thoughts and reality I suppose. I concluded that I just couldn’t bare to dwell on meeting Roman’s family. It was happening today, I wanted it to but I felt nervous. Nauseatingly nervous. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it’s just that it suddenly felt too real and I didn’t feel ready. I just needed more time, it was me, I was the problem.

I shook my head and distracted myself again and focused on the handsome man standing outside the coffee shop scrolling through his phone. I wondered if he was texting his girlfriend or rereading text messages from her? Or wondering why she hasn’t replied yet? Or was he lost? Was he looking at his map or reading an email from his overbearing boss? Was he waiting to meet his girlfriend for breakfast and then walk her to work? I wondered how long they’d been dating. Suddenly, the door behind him opened and he stepped aside, turning briefly to acknowledge the person walking out; a stunning woman with legs to fight for. He did a double-take, she barely noticed, he flashed her a smile and she looked at him. That’s when she really noticed him. Then something interesting happened, she lingered a couple of meters away from him, seeming to pretend to be on her phone but made sure she was in his line of sight so that he would notice her. She would steal glances when he wasn’t looking, he did the same. Then he-

“Babe,” Roman’s voice interrupted the movie-esque scene I’d just become engrossed in. I jumped at the suddeness of his call. “Whoa, jumpy,”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear the doors open,” I smiled and shifted in my seat, putting my legs down so he could sit down.

He raised a brow but shrugged and took the seat, yawning and stretching his arms above his head. I watched the muscles bulge and contract, and then relax as he lowered them.

“Are you okay?”

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m fine. Sleep well?”

He nodded tentatively, with a curious look on his face, “I did, you’re up early,”

“I’d to say bye to Jess,”

His eyes lit up, “oh snap yeah, why didn’t you wake me up?”

“It’s no biggie,” I waved a hand dismissively.

“I still wanted to say bye and thank her for coming all the way out here to support me. What time is her flight?”

“An hour ago, she left super early. I couldn’t go back to sleep,”

“You should’ve woken me up and we could have gone for a walk or something,”

“What are you Shakespeare?” I joked but of course he caught onto something in my voice, not that I had intended it. He just knew when something was wrong.

“What’s going on in your head babe?” He pursued. I shrugged begging him to let it go. “Something’s bothering you, talk to me,”

“Nothing’s bothering me, I’m just tired, it’s been an early start that’s all,”

“Come here,”

I only stared back before he used his legs as leverage and hooked them around the legs of my chair; dragging me towards him. How could I be so foolish to forget how strong the man was?

“I. Said. Come. Here,” he smiled, taking my hands and pulling me out of my chair. I assisted him and stood up, then he pulled me onto his lap and I let my legs hang over the arm rest, my arms around his neck. “Talk to me,”

“It’s nothing Roman, I promise,” I said, immediately relaxing my head on his chest so that he couldn’t see my face.

“I hate it when you hide things from me,”

“I’m not hiding anything,” I pulled back and looked him right in his eyes.

He sighed, kept my gaze, and then eventually a nod of defeat.

“Promise,” I said.



“Seal it with a kiss,” he suggested, those brows dancing suggestively.

I didn’t hesitate, I leant in and pressed my lips against his. He kissed me slowly though, biting and tagging on my bottom lip before I giggled and pulled away.

“Too early for this Rated R show, I know you Roman, one thing always leads to the other,”

“You caught me. What were you doing sitting all alone with no book or phone out here? That’s unlike you,”

“I was people watching,”

“You’re so boring, you know that? That is boring,”

“No it’s not, you disturbed a pretty good moment,” I said as I turned my head to look back down on the streets again, at the coffee shop, handsome phone guy had disappeared. “I think this cute guy met the woman of his dreams. I didn’t see the rest because you just disturbed the whole scene,”

“Cute guy,” he chuckled. “Why’re you lying? I wasn’t down there; I was in bed all along, but I suppose you’re right, I have met her, the woman of my dreams. She a'ight,”

I looked back at him and paused, “Yeah you’re cute…but stick to Wrestling,”

“Whatever, so tell me, who are these people you’re watching?”

“Randoms, I just create stories about them,”

I turned back around again and picked a young woman, mid-20s I guessed pacing determindly. I pointed her out…

“Her, she’s out of college, a couple of years ago, she hates her current job, she’s seeing someone but it’s not serious…”



It didn’t take a genius to figure out how nervous she was about meeting my family and I could not fault her for that. I’d feel the same should the opportunity come because it’s their ultimate approval that matters, they see things objectively. But I hated that she didn’t want to open up to me about it, as if she was afraid that I’d look at her differently. But I also didn’t want to pressure her to talk about it and make her more anxious, so I went along with her, but I knew she wasn’t ready. I didn’t resent her for it, she had to feel ready and comfortable with the idea.

“Babe,” I said later that afternoon after we came back in from lunch and she’d started packing her stuff since we were leaving for Vegas early morning tomorrow.

“Mhhh?” she replied from the inside the bathroom where she was gathering her vanity stuff.

“Uhhh, so a change in plans. Mom messaged me about something urgent that just came up at work, last minute, don’t think she’ll be back home early to have us today,”

I watched her reflection in the mirror from the edge of the bed where I sat. Her face dropped and there was also a hint of relief on it, in equal measures.

“Oh, is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” I looked up from my phone and then back down, afraid that she’d be able to see through me; she had a habit and talent for that. “She’s fine, but I’m thinking if we go to see her too late when she’s come from work - it’s gonna mess with our travel arrangements, plus I’m not sure what time she’s going to get home,”

She leant against the door frame, “Okay, I understand. I mean…yeah, we don’t have much choice, I don’t want to inconvenience her,”

“I’m sorry,”

“No don’t be, it’s not your fault. We can do it another time.”

“Thanks babe. She’s really sad to miss this chance. I mean maybe it’s a good thing I suppose. As they say, things happen for a reason,”

“You might be right” she disappeared back into the bathroom.

As she did, I begun to write a message to mom to cancel the plan, a lie about how sick Jen was and how sad she was because she also really wanted to see everyone. Mom didn’t reply then, not for a while, it was almost an hour later when Jen was in the shower that she called; I disappeared to the balcony.

“I just saw your message, how is she? What’s the problem?”

“I think she caught some bug, she’s been throwing up all over the place, all fevery, I don’t think it’s a good idea to come around with her like this. All she’s doing is sleeping,”

“Aaaaaw,” she replied, kissing her teeth sympathetically. Then she sighed. “Of course, that makes sense, what a shame, I was very excited, I was even going to cook. You know I hate cooking. I made a cake too, nevermind, it wont go to waste anyway,”

“We can rearrange it for after Vegas?”

“Ooh baby is she fine enough to travel?”

“We’ll see how she is tomorrow,”

“What did you say is wrong with her again?”

Feeling under the spot, I replied instantly, wearily. She was onto me, “Throwing up-”

She screamed, squealed and then it morphed into a laugh, “I’m going to be a grandma! She’s pregnant,”

I paused, the announcement hitting me as soon as she said it. I believed it then for a second until I realised it spawned off from my lie; I felt disappointment.

“No ma, don’t start rumours. She is not pregnant,” I paced up and down and laughed, then I started imagining it, us, expecting a child. A smile washed over my face before I could even stop it, I knew I was getting ahead of myself but I couldn’t help it.

I’d never stopped to think about it, but the concept didn’t sound so absurd; having a child or children with her. She’d be such a good mother I was so sure of it. But we needed to get over a few hurdles first, like meeting the parents, saying ‘I love you’, talking about our dreams and expectations, maybe moving in together and securing what we had then the rest would follow.

“I think coming from a woman with five children, I would know the symptoms of a pregnancy,”

I sighed, then laughed, “Okay, I guarantee you she is not though. We are not there yet, don’t hold your breath over it or you’ll pass out,”

“Hurry it up,” she joked. “On a serious note, I hope she gets well soon, maybe take her to the doctors and make sure she’s drinking a lot of water, and feed her,”

“Thanks, I will,” I said solemnly, feeling bad about lyjng to her.

I knew if I came out with the truth, she wouldn’t have been mad, she’d most probably assume it’s me who wasn’t ready. And on that note, that’s why I couldn’t tell her the truth; I didn’t need her talking to me about hanging onto the baggage of my previous relationship.

“I’ll speak to you later then, go look after your woman, just think about it though Roman, she is most probably pregnant,”

“Ma. She is not pregnant, seriously. Anyway, change of topic: I’m gonna come by to get my stuff for Vegas, we leave tomorrow morning,”

“You still haven’t packed have you?”

“I’m a guy, it’ll take me two minutes, besides it’s all in the suitcases since I live out of them,”

“Okay baby, see you soon, love you,”

“Love you, bye,”



“What are you most excited about doing in Vegas?”

He didn’t answer straight away, his hands were tangled in my hair, playing with it absentmindedly, my head on his chest listening to the relaxed heartbeat. His chest would rise and fall gently.

“Apart from dicking you down?” I rolled my eyes and sighed. “I know you’re rolling your eyes, it’s dark in here but I know you. Acting like y'don’t want the dick of your life in Vegas-”

“Goodnight Roma-”

“Okay, okay, relax. Dayumn. So, I’m excited about the helicopter tour and the canyon,”

“The heli what? No thanks, I don’t do heights,”

“Oh you will. You do. You fly all the time for work and to see me, stop playing,”

“That’s involuntary, this is ‘hey let’s go die up in the sky’ for what? Instagram? No, it’s okay, on your own babe,”

Then he started laughing, “You’re so dramatic. Who said anything about Instagram? It’ll be fun, this is a bucketlist holiday- we gotta do things we’ve never done or always wanted to do. That’s what life’s all about,”

“I’ll think about it,”

“You don’t have a choice,”

“I’m pregnant remember? I can’t do things that’ll hurt the baby,”

I felt him freeze in his track, the motions in my hair ceased and his heartbeat doubled and chest rose and fell rapidly.

“Oh come on Roman, you were not exactly out of earshot or quiet over the phone,” I laughed, he groaned then joined in laughing. “You lied to me,”

“About what?”

“Your mom being busy, you didn’t want me to see her?”

“No no no,” he sat up in panic mode and turned on the bedside lamp and looked at me. I sat up too, crossing my legs as I faced him. “It’s not that, no baby. In fact, you lied to me, I could sense your fear and dread all morning and I kept asking you what’s wrong and you hid it from me. I get it, you were not ready and that’s okay, I wasn’t going to force you, besides, like I said, things happen for a reason. So it’s okay, I’m not mad, at all. It’d be great if you opened up to me and told me exactly how you feel because I can’t force things out of you,”

I nodded, appreciating his honesty. “You’re right I’m sorry. I thought I was ready, I was excited about it before but then all of a sudden I started feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. And I didn’t want to tell you and let you down because I know you were excited too. I just need a little bit more time,”

“I understand, that’s all you needed to tell me okay? Don’t hide from me.” he looked me dead in the eye. I nodded again, in agreement. “I wasn’t going to be disappointed, it’s a big step for us so of course you’re going to have your worries but that’s what I’m here for - for you to tell me those things. We good?”

I smiled at him, “Yes.”

“Good,” he reached over for the light again and turned it off. “Bring your ass here to sleep, our flight’s in seven hours,”

I curled back into him and we resumed our prior positions.

“Did your mom really think I’m pregnant?”

He chuckled, “You know, I don’t even know anymore. She just wants it to happen - I mean for me to have kids, it’s making her erratic,”

“How about you? Do you want it to happen?” I asked bravely.

He didn’t show any signs of suprise or being caught offguard, he was calm as ever. “Always. I love kids. It’s just a matter of it being the right time though. You?”

“Same, I want loads of kids. So when that starts, I’ll start to look to moving out of the city,”

“How many is loads?”

“Three, four, five? I’ve only got one sibling and a for long time we didn’t get along and I think if there were more of us, I’d have probably had someone else to talk to or someone who would diffuse the situation. Big families just look so fun, especially at Christmas or Thanksgiving,”

“That’s a good insight. And birthdays.”

“And it means we have to get a big house,”

“We? Girl I didn’t say I want you to have my kids,”

“Shut your mouth, then what are we going to Vegas for?” I joked.

“You have a point,” I felt him squeeze me tighter in his arm, it was such a relaxing pressure. “Boys? Girls?”

“Three girls, two boys,”

“Definitely need the boys to carry on the Reigns family name you know,”

“You pompous piece of shit, who said I want kids with you?” I retorted.

“Would you have dated me if I wasn’t a Reigns? Didn’t think so,”

“You’re right, I totally put your last name on a list of things I look for in a guy,”

“What exactly is on your list by the way?” He asked. I fake snored. “I’ll tell you what’s on mine…Jen come on…stop playing…aye…I know you ain’t sleep…wanna practice making babies?”

I chortled into a laugh, “You’re such an idiot,”

“I’m your idiot,”

“Goodnight Roman,”

As I drifted off to sleep I wondered about the things in life we do and don’t know. What is certain? Then I remembered the scenes I observed when I was people watching this morning. The fact that I never saw or would never know how those peoples’ days or stories ended, made me think; how today would have ended had I gone to meet his family. I’d never know that either.

I’m one of those superstitious people that believes that one little action can change the course of your entire day or life. Then it made me think also about my life…about us…what was our ending going to look like; how were the decisions we were making now, big or small; going to impact our future? People talk about a happy ending, you know the 'happily ever after’ but life begins there. Because remember, as they say: happiness is a journey, not a destination. It was exciting, just thinking what the future held for us and imagining it as we did with kids in it. I don’t think I’d ever been so happy, and the fact that we’d spoken about children made me realise I wasn’t now just woman he was seeing. I was beyond that; I was a woman he saw himself with in the future. I had a purpose. And so did he. And there was nothing more satisfying than your life falling into place; inch by inch. Like the scene before me in the morning, things were slow with us, and it was a reminder to revel in that too, to savour each moment and time with each other. It seemed we had forever to look forward to. If our relationship was written about in a book, in this chapter, I’d write that I was in love with the man next to me and I needed him to know it.


SURPRISE! I know I keep doing this disappearing act and coming back. Things got messy. I’m trying to get back on track. Bare with me, for the hudreth time. I hope you’re all good; I will be catching up with your messages. Lots of ❤️

Bittersweet | Jughead pt2

Originally posted by lemonlimeliv

Requested: part two was requested by these lovely people : @preciousgalvan and @fantasydaydreamer
Triggers: angst, unrequited love, mention of character death
Word count: 898

Humbly you accepted the forced applause from the bored English room and proceeded to sit in your seat in front of Jughead. After just a few moments of you boredly doodling with your note book you saw your class mate next to you pass you a crinkled note. Confused you opened it only to see

Nice poem, although there are some changes I’d love to make
-Jughead Jones the Third ;)

Smiling to yourself you turned your body towards the beanie clad boy behind you only to find him already staring at you a boyish smile already placed on his lips. Rolling your eyes, you turned away and reached for a pencil and handed it back to your class mate who chucked it back to Jughead. He opened it only to read

Thank you and I’d like to politely to tell you to stay in your lane Juggy, unless you’d love for me to come over and do some corrections on that novel you’re writing
-Y/N Y/L/N the first :P

Nodding towards himself he managed to write back a reply and chuck it back your way when the teacher wasn’t looking

Hmmm fair point you’ve got me there but honestly I did enjoy your poem the last few of them as well seems like you’ve stepped up your game, maybe found your muse?
-Jughead Jones the Third ;)

Blushing you scrunched up the note and shoved it deep within your backpack just in time for the school bell to ring signalling the beginning of lunch. You managed to scurry out of the class room and down the halls beating the claustrophobic rush of school kids heading towards the lunch room ravenous. Once you had grabbed your lunch you walked outside and sat down on your usual bench surrounded by the Vixens and you best friend Cheryl. The only bad side of your table was that it had a perfect view of the breakfast bunch; Veronica, Archie, Kevin. Betty and Jughead. A perfect view of both Jughead and Betty being all cute and relationshippy with other.

 “Y/N come on if you keep scowling like that you’ll get wrinkles and I can only and the best the best on this squad” pipped up next to you seemingly to be no longer interested in her fruit salad. “I’m not scowling” you mumbled relaxing your face “Hmm sure and my lipstick shade isn’t maple red” she smirked nudging you causing you to let out a small giggle “that reminds me-“ you stated taking a bite of your lunch “-How did the conversation with Riverdale’s Archikins go?” you questioned nodding towards his table “Well my little Vixen you know how we Blossom’s are” a wicked smirk spread across her face as she waved towards Archie who had been looking over, causing the whole table to direct their attention towards you. 

“Well I guess the Blossom’s do get what they want” you mumbled waving your fork as a hello towards the main four “yes we do so it’s time for your little ass to get into action into seducing Juggy over there” she stated gathering her things “now come on it’s time for us Vixens to practice” she commanded causing the girls around you to scatter and follow in Cheryl’s wake as she exited. Damn I gotta admit she does know how to make an exit you though to yourself getting up and throwing your trash in the bin only to turn around and find yourself surrounded by the main four “So why does Cheryl want Archie to go to the tree tapping ceremony” Veronica questioned looking you up and down obvious distain in her works as she examined you. 

Rolling your eyes you turned towards Archie “Cheryl is an angle-“ you heard a scoff from behind you and Betty whisper “an angle of death” causing you to whip your head towards her, her face contorting into fear as she realised she’d been heard “-yes maybe so, but she is nothing but brutally honest and whatever reasoning she had gave you as why she asked you to escort her is the truth” you confidently spoke back to Archie “well then why couldn’t you go with her” Betty questioned shyly, you rolled your eyes and spoke.

 “Cause she needs her brother, the only person who was closer with her then me and as of this moment Jason is currently dead if you couldn’t remember-“ the groups faces turned guilty “- and you are as close as she’s ever gonna get now and plus I think you’re the only person who doesn’t despise Cheryl despite her family and yours past, you get my seal of approve, Arch” you smiled kindly putting your hand on his shoulder for a second before retreating “Well that was oddly beautiful” Kevin joked lightening the mood “well we must go now lessons start I’m not getting a late slip again” he stated before slipping away along with Archie leaving you, Veronica, Betty and Jughead. 

“We’ll walk to practice together, yeah?” Betty asked guilt written all over her face “Sure” you shrugged not being able to say no “Okay, by Juggy” She grinned turning to Jughead and landing a soft kiss to his lips causing your whole body to tense up, Veronica eyed you warily but you didn’t notice you were too busy tasting the bittersweet tang of unrequited.

anonymous asked:

If you're not doing more or are reluctant, can you suggest other female hypnotists that have audio available like you do? it's wonderfully relaxing.

Hmm…I never said I wasn’t doing more anon*. ;) 

I know/know of  many amazing female or femme-leaning hypnotists! Only some have recorded audios but all of these people are well worth listening to.

Free Stuff

@rightthewaydown has a style that is really similar to mine- friendly and subtle but with a lovely lower voice. Her soundcloud is here. (The first recording on there is a song but you can admire her singing voice before you admire her hypnosis voice.) Starter track: The  To-Do List is tricksy and clever and generally great.

@sex-obsessed-lesbian also has a lovely voice and a soundcloud full of creativity. Her soundcloud is here.  Starter track: Countering the Countdown does REALLY COOL things with your traditional deepener countdown. You may also want to start with Proof by Induction if you want something a little more traditionally sexy- it links arousal to reading puns and has almost 2,000 listens.

Combo Free and Paid/Patreon-ed

@ubertea is a very fantastic, professional-sounding hypnotist who has a combination of free files and patreon-only. Her soundcloud is here and her Patron is here. Starter track: The Mirror Induction was definitely one of my favorite Induction of the Week tracks. 

@hypnogoddessariadne has a bunch of free files on her tumblr here.  She has a wonderful ability to record things that seem deceptively simple but that are quickly extremely effective. She also has a Patreon, I believe. (Link me and I will add it!) Starter track: I think Lights Out is nice and simple and peaceful.

@esuccubus is mostly free and has obviously been doing this for an extremely long time. She has a wide variety of files on her site and is Patreon funded. The long resistance induction was extremely well done, although definitely in the realm of kink. There are some more gentle relaxing ones on there as well. 

Mostly Paid

I’ve only heard one track from @bannableoffense but it was entirely lovely. (I think it was this.) She has a bandcamp here with a variety of sexy and vanilla-sounding files. 

I confess I haven’t listened to a lot of @theleeallure but her reputation proceeds her. Her website is here and there are some free sample files. 

There’s a hypnocat on soundcloud who had a track I really liked called Submission to Hypnosis. It’s super-classic D/s hypnokinky and almost a bit generic, but it’s also hot like fire. I think she’s a paid hypnodomme although I cannot for the life of me find her.

Other people- do you have suggestions? Bonus points for gentle, relaxing tracks and ones that are unique. 

*Beg me!**

**Just kidding, please don’t do this. But I would like to when I get the chance!***

***(Unless I’ve already  given you permission re: begging. Then do feel free to beg away.)