that was really unexpected okay

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i really don't like unexpected touch from my mother but i am okay with other people i know e.g. other members of my family. do you know if any other autistic people experience this?

I’m kind of the opposite of this. I don’t like anyone touching me BUT my mother (plus a couple of other people)
Your issue with being touched by your mother is more likely tied to something else. -mod birb

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Hello! You have amazing editing skills. Do you have any advice for beginner graphic designers? Thank you in advance :)

okay, this is really unexpected for me and wow, thank you so much!

that’s one hell of a question tbh, but i’d assume you are referring to design in terms of tumblr graphic making? anyway, the tips i have are pretty much universal, so i would like to think you could apply them in a lot of situations hehe

so, in my opinion, there’s a lot of really important things that shape the way you create and do something but there’re three points of utmost importance.

1. know your tools

by that i mean that you should have a very throughout knowledge of the things you’re working with simply because that gives you a wide variety of variants of how to do smth. the more you know, the more ideas will start to shift from the point of ‘impossible’ to the ‘hard task’ and the more your creative process will unwind therefore helping you to process your feelings and create something of your own.

there’s a lot of editing programs for different purposes, but photoshop is one if not the best alternative for raster graphic (if you prefer vector graphic, you should search for illustrator, corel draw and other specified for this task editors). it’s unimaginably powerful instrument and till this days on i still discover something new about it.

how to acquire that knowledge? back in my days, 7-8 years ago i started with learning tutorials about everything, like A LOT of tutorials and ABOUT EVERYTHING - most of them were about photo editing and color correction but it had helped me to learn the most important tools on the adjustments panel. nowadays there’s a lot of photoshop tumblr blogs that provide quite a good sum of tutorials, for example on yeahps. yet still more complex and imaginative tutorials i find outside of tumblr so i’d really like to recommend to not be afraid to google some and try them out. also, practice as many of those as possible, even if you’re not liking some - it helps you to learn how to use different tools. 

if talk more about tumblr graphics, there’re things that might help you -  texture packs, brushes, actions, etc. all of this could be found in the link i mentioned previously.

2. train your eye

well, that sounds weird but i’ll explain - i don’t believe in talented people, at least not to the extend everyone seems to think about it. i believe in hard-working people and that very much apply to any kind of art understanding. first of all, basically, you need to look, look throughout on the things and ask yourself ‘why does this look so appealing to me, why do i like this’ cause there’s no ‘just because’ answer. it might be proportions, coloring, perspective, usage of negative space, specific typography, shapes the objects create and lots of other things, but in most cases it’s a mix of a few if not every of the aforementioned variables. therefore try to start to analyze all kinds of art around you - whether it’s tumblr gfx, advertisements in subway or pieces of work of legendary artists - this makes you notice the rules and constants which work on pleasuring the viewer’s eye.

when you look at specific art piece, especially gfx, ask yourself ‘how the author did this?’ - a very good exercise to provide the link between your toolset and your creative thoughts. this will make you more upfront toward new experiences and, once again, help to practice the way you perceive art.

3. practice

last but not the least - don’t be afraid to try things out, changing your style and never think ‘ah, i could never do the things like this’ cause not god but man makes pot and pan. practice hard then practice even harder and the results won’t disappoint you. any good work is 1 percent talent and 99 percent hard work. honestly, this is probably the most important part of all of this list because i hate when people interpret work in terms of talent - no one wants to think that you’ve spent countless days and nights trying to achieve good results, easier to say that you have some god-given gift and life is easy as 2+2. no, only practice, practice and once again practice will give you the expected outcome.

p.s. critique is important, but learn to distinguish the difference between constructive criticism and utter bullshit, not everyone who has an opinion is actually having a needed amount of knowledge or any knowledge at all.


Thanks for the requests! They really helped make the time go by!

Okay, the dinosaur one was really fun to do…unexpected, but such a fun thing to draw once I came up with it…I actually may color it, but I don’t know yet.

And then of course we have Javert being all stern and stuff…he’s probably thinking about the law and how many people he saw break it that day. It’s very upsetting.

And finally I can’t draw kissing!!! But I cheated and gave it to you anyway!!! Grantaire has to stand on tip toe, because I love drawing him short so flipping much!