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Getting married to Tom Holland:

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  • Oiiiii y’all the tears are already coming
  • Okay so the proposal would be kind of (really) unexpected
  • So you guys would just have dinner after Tom came home after a kind of long day
  • You made his favorite dinner what a good girlfriend
  • As soon as Tom walked in you immediately jumped into his arms
  • “Hey darling, sorry it took so long. Had to do something after work.“
  • “Oh no worries. I made dinner.“
  • “What did I do to deserve you.“
  • “Well, you have the possibility to date literally every girl you want so, it’s kind of a blessing to call you my boyfriend.“
  • While you put the food on the table Tom dropped onto the couch
  • “I wanna eat hereee.“ he said while making grabby hands
  • “Okay under one condition, if any food lands on that white couch, I get to decorate the whole apartment.“
  • “I promise!“
  • “Swear on your next Spiderman movie!“
  • “I swear on all of the movies I’m going to be in.“
  • You fake gasped before saying
  • “I’m honored!“

  • So you’d just lay on the couch talking about each other’s days
  • When suddenly bursted out
  • “What?“
  • “Well I, uhm, i don’t know if this is the wrong moment, but will you marry me?“
  • And then he’d drop on one knee ahhh
  • Welp what is life?????
  • He’d be so confused and worried because you didn’t say anything and your face was like *facepalm*
  • Honestly your mind was like ‚???????‘
  • But after what felt like hours you finally realized what just happened
  • “Yes.“
  • “What?“

  • So beautiful
  • After some months the day was finally there
  • Your wedding day
  • Omg that sounds so beautiful
  • So the wedding would be in Winter
  • I love winter so yeah sorry if you’re not a winter person
  • And boy was your dress pretty
  • Like you looked like a fricking Princess
  • Okay but Laura and Zendaya were your bridesmaids cause goals
  • “Ahhh oh my god Y/N you look so stunning!“
  • “Well there goes my sexuality, will you marry me Y/N L/N???“
  • After some time Nikki joined you
  • “Hey ladies, could I have some alone time with Y/N?“
  • “Oh yeah of course!“
  • Not gonna lie you started to panic a little bit
  • “Is everything okay, did something happen?“
  • “Oh darling of course not. Don’t worry I just wanted you to officially welcome to the family.“
  • There were some tears from your side not gonna lie

  • Alright then it came
  • The moment you’ve been waiting for all your life
  • You started making your way down to the isle when your father saw you
  • “My goodness you look just like a Princess.“
  • “Thank you dad.“
  • And then yo walked down the isle
  • Girl you killed it smh what’s wrong with me
  • Tom would start crying cause you just look so beautiful awwww

  • Alright let’s skip to the probably most adorable part
  • “Uhm alright, so Y/N you.. wow you look stunning.“
  • Aww this is adorable
  • “Take your time, love. Just breathe it’ll be fine.“
  • He’d look at you with so much love in his eyes
  • “Alright. I remember the first time I saw you. You stood in the middle of the crowd, not knowing what the hell was going on. Our Regisseur was about to scream at you, but I told him that I’ll handle it. I tried to tell you that you just walking into the middle of a scene, but I couldn’t think straight.Thinking about it, it’s kinda weird that you actually talked to me since I was 13 and incredibly awkward.”

  • “You looked incredibly cute darling.”
  • He chuckled, looking down as he continued saying:
  • “I remember our first date. We went to that little cafe near the Thames. You started talking about your love for Comics, Books and all of your favorite things.”
  • “How did you survive that?!”
  • “You looked so happy. I just wanted to see that sparkle in your eyes for the rest of my life. I also remember the first time I said I love you. It was after our seventh date. I remember I was a nervous mess and I just bursted it out. You looked at me like I just promised you the world.”
  • That was when the tears came from you

  • “Do you Thomas Holland, want to take Y/N L/N as your loving wife. In the good and the bad times until you die?”
  • “I do!”
  • “And do you Y/N L/N, want to take Thomas Holland as you loving husband. In the good and the bad times until you die?”
  • “I do!”
  • “ Go now in peace and live in love, sharing the most precious gifts you have- the gifts of your lives united. And may your days be long on this earth. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”
  • “You don’t have to tell me that twice.” YAAAAAY A HAPPILY MARRIED COUPLE
  • “Oh and btw the night after your wedding was fun as well ;)


Okay this was really unexpected lol. I didn’t know so many people will find interesting what i have to say. 

I must admit I was thinking a lot about how I am gonna put this whole thing together.Also I had to remind myself that these are events from 3 years ago and therefore when I really wanna be detailed it is going to take some time to sort my things out. That’s why I am posting these series now because I had this idea in my mind for a very long time. 

DISCLAIMER: This post is supposed to be just for fun and shipping of Jikook. I am not claiming this is truth and I am not forcing anyone to believe this. These are just my observations throughout the years I have been into BTS and the time I have been into shipping jikook. I don’t want to cause any types of fanwars or stupid “shipwars” by this post and I don’t want other people to use this content for these kind of purposes. Also I am opened to hear about your other opinions. Just if you don’t like my opinion don’t be later on rude in my asks or something. As I said I am opened to listen but I AM NOT GONNA TOLERATE HATE OR PEOPLE BEING RUDE TO ME JUST BECAUSE I HAD FUN WITH THIS 

so let’s begin

late 2014+ Dark and wild comeback

The main thing that is totally visible about this so called “era” is that Jikook moments kinda are getting more serious and me watching them interact I always had this heavy feeling on my heart. I would say that this was kinda of a peak of Jungkook’s teasing. I would called this Jungkook being lil shit era. But also we can see other kind of attitude coming from Jungkook to Jimin at that time and that was him getting less shy and showing way more how he cares for Jimin. This period made me confused so many times to be honest because when I finally thought I had some kind of idea of what’s going on something other happened and I got totally confused again. 

Many people would claim that there is not much of a difference in Jikook relantionship when it comes to early 2014 and later 2014. But I see a huge difference and mainly in Jungkook’s behaviour. You are probably asking why do I always point out on Jungkook? To be honest he is way easier for me to read him because Jimin is more of a reserved person and he likes to put out his act. On the other hand Jungkook cannot fake most of his emotions he acts like he feels at the moment and he has no problem to show it. I was thinking about comparing these 2 periods on really nice example and that’s very famous “JIMINTV moment”. It is really nice how these 2 videos are exactly made in the early 2014 and late 2014 and how nicely we can see the change of Jungkook’s behaviour in it. 

The video starts with Jimin visibly trying to get Jungkook’s attentions and Jungkook not really being into it. 

At first I thought he was being shy or not really in the mood to play around but even if that’s the case he still found a way to tease Jimin back.

But then later on we could actually see that maknae was not having it. And he was kind of annoyed and later he left. 

Actually I don’t want to be one of those fans who would be pointing out look in this video Jungkook doesn’t like Jimin’s attention and in this video he does. No that’s not my style at all. I don’t want to talk about it because we will never know what was the base of the video. Why Jimin was even filming Jungkook and why Jungkook was really kind of annoyed. In my opinion it went like this. Jungkook was kinda tired or didn’t feel like filming and Jimin being his clingy caring hyung was trying to make his mood by playing around and annoying him. I don’t think there is more to it and I don’t really wanna go deep into this. The thing I really wanted to point out in this comparison is the body language and the weight of the situation. In this video we definitely could see that Jungkook had still this kind of friendship relationship towards Jimin or that’s what he was still going for. I think he was really not trying push it at that time. 

And then we have this JIMINTV video from which was posted in 2015 but actually was made during Danger/WOH era.

1st of all the awkwardness of the video. The tension in the video was so obvious somebody would be able to cut it into slices. In my opinion Jikook at that time even though they still were friends started to develop further feelings for each other and therefore the moments between them got more cringy and awkward in my opinion. The way Jungkook even looked down is showing he is kind of awkward around Jimin. 

For the 2nd of all and I really want to point this out because this is going to take a huge part of my analysis in the future.Can we talk about HOW Jungkook’s way of staring at Jimin changed? When I think about moments before yeah maknae is quite known for his intense stare and even me and my friend were talking about how Jungkook has this really beautiful eyes and intense stare towards people he finds interesting. BUT Jungkook’s way of staring on Jimin went from “let’s be bffs and make friendship bracelets btw i secretly like you” to “I had secretly a wet dream about you this morning” and I can really prove it. 

We can see the progression of his stare on these and I don’t think it is just me who noticed the change. I am not trying to say that Jungkook wasn’t staring lovingly at Jimin  before but I am just trying to point out the huge change.

Another thing that I noticed about Jikook during this era was that it was the beginning of the so cold tension between them that we are used to address mainly now. Many Jikook fans tend to say that the real blooming of Jikook was during Run era. But I have completely different opinion. The early blooming of jikook was actually in this era. 

The start of Jungkook checking out Jimin.

The grown affection and care from Jungkook towards Jimin.

The grown affection and care from Jungkook towards Jimin.

So I think I pointed the main parts of how I think Jikook progressed in this era and now I would like to talk about my kind of theory of what actually was going on at that time. 

In my opinion this was the time of the huge change in Jungkook’s thinking. I think he slowly started to realize what was going on and he kinda came to conclusion that there is no point to fight against it. Maybe he had some deep conversation with someone accepting or he just found it exhausting to fight his feelings. Of course I don’t think this was the era in which Jungkook came out to Jimin. I assume that even though he accepted himself he wasn’t prepared to talk about it with Jimin. That’s why he was trying to act towards Jimin. Yeah I was saying that Jungkook’s affection towards Jimin changed but that didn’t change the fact that Jungkook was still lil shit  and pulling Jimin’s strings most of the time. When it comes to Jimin I think in this era Jimin started to realize too that Jungkook might mean something more for him than his favorite dongsaeng. And now we have Jimin in his existential crisis. I think this was the point when Jimin went through a huge confusion and unfortunately he had not much time to think about it further because of their busy schedule. That’s why he was trying to act normally most of the times. But I kinda could sense the tension from his side and also him being a bit annoyed by all that Jungkook’s bickering sometimes.

Like we can see here.

To be honest I would really like to talk way further about this in the next part where I am going to make it sort of more like theory and personality analysis more than actual relationship analysis. 

Stray Word


So this took me AGES (i took this prompt like a week ago oops) but I FINALLY DID IT!!!! I hope you like it. Contains a lot of team-as-family feels. Came out fluffier than intended, but I doubt anyone’ll complain ;)


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Mistaken Love

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader/Sooyoung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2736

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The only thing a girl desires is that someone loves her like no one has ever been loved before. There is nothing else a girl wants from life..

In your eyes he was everything. Whereas in his eyes, you were nothing but this shy girl who wore glasses, looked ugly and walked around his house like a stranger.

Yes, you lived with him. And yes, you were married to him. But that didn’t change the fact that he ignored you like you were a ghost or the fact that he never said something when his friends made fun of you.


“What? You’re marrying that girl?!” Jimin asked with his eyes wide open.

Looking annoyed, Jungkook glared at Jimin. “Yah! Does it look like I want to? My family forces me!”

Laughing hysterically, Jimin started clapping. “Wow, what a beautiful story! The little prince is marrying the ugly duckling.”

Throwing the first thing that was near him to Jimin, he glared at him again. “Stop laughing or I’m going to punch you in the face. Besides that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop seeing other girls. Marrying that ugly duckling won’t change anything.”

Offering Jungkook a glass of whiskey, Jimin sat in front of Jungkook. “You admit that she is ugly?”

Turning toward Jimin with an ‘duh’ look, he flicked his forehead. “Yah, are you kidding me? Have you seen her? Those glasses, the way she dresses? It’s…disgusting!”

Little did he know that you were standing by the door, one hand holding your wedding cards that you wanted to show him and the other formed in to a fist, nails digging in to your palm, listening to their conversation.

Even though you were married to him for five months now, the only thing you two talked about was how he wanted to divorce you. Well, he talked, you listened.

You loved him. Even though he ignored you, hated you, and cheated on you in front of your eyes, you loved him. Pathetic, right? But you wanted to be loved too. You wanted to feel special, important and beautiful.

So, one morning, when you were preparing breakfast for him, you saw a piece of paper in his hand. It was an entry form for a dance competition. Knowing how much Jungkook loved to dance, you remembered the address and decided to sign up for that competition.

But not as Y/N however as Sooyoung.

Yes, you decided to change your image, your name, everything. It was stupid, you knew that. But you wanted to spend time with Jungkook and knowing that he hated the real you, this was your only option.

That’s why you went to your best friend and asked her to change your image. Transforming you into someone that not even you yourself could recognize, you went to the address.

Smiling a little bit when you saw the building, you went in. The practice room was full with people who where talking to each other. In order to find Jungkook, you started walking around. Right when you thought you found him, the dance teacher started talking. He introduced himself and talked about the competition.  

“Pshh, okay! First of all, welcome to our dance competition. My name is Seokjin and I’m going to be your dance teacher for these next two months. All of you are aware that you’re dancing with a partner, right? So please, open the piece of paper you received at the entrance and try to find your partner with the number you’ve got. The person with the same number as yours is going to be your partner.”

Taking a deep breath, you opened the piece of paper. Number 1. Everyone was walking all over the place while shouting their number. You looked up and tried to find the person with the same number. Hoping that it was Jungkook, you started walking around.

All of a sudden you heard someone shouting ‘number one’, ‘number one’ and turned around. It was him, your husband.

Walking slowly toward him, you stood in front of him and took a deep breath. “Number one?”

Looking at you, he nodded. “Number one.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Sooyoung.”

He smiled and grabbed your hand and placed a little kiss on it. “And my name is Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook.”

Smiling at him, you looked away and took another deep breath. This was the first time he kissed your hand.

While you were lost in your thoughts, you heard your dance teacher talking. “Okay guys. I assume you found your partner. Now, I want you to show your dance skills to your partner.”

Turning toward Jungkook, you crossed your arms in front of you and raised an eyebrow. “Let’s see what you’ve got, Jeon.

He chuckled, leaned to your ear and whispered. “Don’t be shocked.”

Leaning back, he winked at you and started dancing. You noticed, he looked very happy while dancing. You knew that it relieved his stress and made him feel better.

Panting a little bit, he looked at you. “Let’s see what you’ve got, Young-ie.

Chuckling at the nickname, you started dancing. One thing nobody knew about you was that you were really talented in dancing. This was basically the only thing you did at home while you waited for Jungkook to come home. And yes, Jungkook has a dance room in his house.

While dancing, you saw from the corner of your eye that Jungkook was watching you with his mouth open and a little smirk on his lips.

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Seeing the way you danced and swayed from side to side, he couldn’t believe that he got a good partner like you.

When you were done, you raised an eyebrow and smirked. “And?”

Lost in his own thoughts, he mumbled. “Beautiful..”

“What?” You asked, shocked.

Shaking his head, he smiled at you. “That was pretty good.”

“That’s it for today everybody. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Your dance teacher announced.

Walking toward your bag, you put your stuff in it and walked toward the door. Suddenly, you felt a grip on your wrist. Turning around, you saw Jungkook.

“Would you like to drink a coffee with me? We could talk about the moves we want to add in our dance.”

“I’m sorry but I need to go home. Maybe next time?”

Smiling a little bit disappointed, he nodded. “Okay I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

Nodding, you waved at him. “Bye.”


When you walked out of the practice room, you started running. Jungkook would be at home in 30 minutes and you needed to shower, make dinner and the most important thing, change back to Y/N.

Jungkook couldn’t find out that the Sooyoung he met today was his wife. So, when you arrived at home, you showered in basically five minutes and started dressing yourself the way you normally would. Removing your contact lenses, you wore your glasses and put your hair in a messy bun. Baggy clothes and voilá, the one and only Y/N is back.

While you were setting the table, Jungkook walked in, kinda lost in his own thoughts with a little smile plastered on his face, and sat down at the table. Placing his plate in front of him, you asked him. “Are you okay? You look happy.”

He looked up at you and answered with an annoyed tone while eating his food. “None of your business.”

Sadly, you looked down at your plate. This was the real you. This was your reality. You were desperately in love with him whereas the only feeling he felt toward you was hate.

It’s been a month since you were living this life of Y/N and Sooyoung at the same time. Sometimes it was hard, really hard. Seeing Jungkook being happy with another woman was not easy for you. Well, he wasn’t with another woman, he was with you but he didn’t know that.

Till now, everything went the way you planned it. You hung out with him as Sooyoung, you danced with him as Sooyoung, you ate and drunk with him as Sooyoung. Everything he did was with Soooung. And today, after practicing your masterpiece, you decided to confess to him.. again, as Sooyoung.

“Jungkook, today, it’s my turn to show you something special.”

Placing his arm around your shoulder, he looked down at you with a smile. “Is that so?”

Smiling up at him, you nodded. “Yes, I’ll show you someting really special. Something, that means a lot to me.”

“Wow, now I’m curious. Let’s go then.”

Driving to the place you arranged everything, you took his hand and brought him to a place which was kind of abandoned and told him to stay in front of a wall.

“Okay, you stay here. I’ll be right back.”

After seeing him nod, you started walking behind the wall. Counting from three to one, you pushed the button in your hand and on the wall appeared the writing ‘I’m in love with you, Jeon..’

Peeking out of the wall a little bit, you saw Jungkook looking around for you.

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He was shocked, you could see that. Walking toward him, you smiled at him.

He spotted you and started talking. “W-What is this, Sooyoung?”

Flicking his forehead, you whispered. “It’s my love for you, Jeon. Did you not like it?”

“I-I like it but I-I need to tell you something. I’ve made a huge mistake. I should have told you that I’m a married man, Sooyoung.”

Shocked, you looked at him. “W-What?” You were not shocked about the fact that he was married. You were shocked about the fact that he mentioned you to Sooyoung. Not even once did he talk about you in this past month. But seeing that you were somewhere in his mind was really unexpected.

“O-Okay, but you never mentioned her in this past month, why?”

“It’s a little bit complicated, Sooyoung..”

“O-Okay..”, you placed your hand on his cheek. “I just wanted you to know how special you are to me. And don’t worry, nothing has changed between us. We were friends and we will remain friends. The only difference is that you are married and I will get married somehow someday.”

When you were done talking you looked up at him. He was staring at you with an shocked look.

“Is something wrong, Jungkook?”

“How can you be so positive and happy? How can you love me without expecting love in return? Don’t you feel pain in love?”

Confused, you looked at him. “Pain? Love is a gift, how can there be pain in love? It’s simple, you love your wife and I love you. Don’t worry about me.”

All of a sudden, Jungkook started shaking his head. “No.. No, I don’t love her..”


With those words, your heart broke into little pieces..

Looking into your eyes, he started talking again. “I had shut all my doors to love. And then you came along, laughing, singing, dancing. And declared ‘I love you’. From you, I learnt what true love is. That there is no pain in love. You awakened love in me once again.. The love, that I had killed within me long back. Why did you come in my life, Sooyoung? What do I do now?”

“Run away with me.”

Shocked, he looked at you. You on the other hand continued talking.

“If you are not happy with her. If you don’t love her then come along with me. Not everyone gets equal happiness in life. Maybe with me, you can find your happiness.”

While saying these words, you were hurting really bad. He never loved you, not even once. He was unhappy with the real you. He hated Y/N..

“Tomorrow, after the competition, let’s run away.”

Slowly he started nodding his head. He never loved you, Y/N..

Today was the competition. And you decided to attempt it as Y/N, not as Sooyoung. Last night, Jungkook walked into your room and sat down on your bed. For the first time, he started stroking your hair. Your hair, the real Y/N’s. Well, he thought you were asleep maybe thats why he found the courage to do so. He leaned toward you and whispered ‘I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m really sorry..’

And that was the reason why you decided to come as Y/N and not as Sooyoung. You wanted to show him the reality.

Soon, it was your turn. The couple on the stage was almost done dancing and Jungkook was searching desperately for Sooyoung around the room. When the couple was done, the audience clapped and the MC announced Jungkook and Sooyoung’s name. Jungkook was already standing on the stage and was looking around.

Then, everything went black. You walked toward him and got in your position. One hand on his shoulder and the other holding his hand. When Jungkook realized that you came he sighed and whispered. “Finally, you’re here. Where were you, Sooyoung?”

Standing in the darkness, he didn’t notice that Y/N was standing in front of him, not Sooyoung. When the music started playing, the lights went on and when he looked up he saw you, Y/N, in front of him.

Shocked, he stood still. “W-What are you doing here?!” he hissed.

Not answering his question, you started dancing the first move. Jungkook, on the other hand, tried to register everything that was happening right now.

“Start dancing!” you whispered.

Confused he started dancing. Where was Sooyoung? Why was he dancing with his wife? How did you know the steps? What was happeni- Oh.

All of a sudden, he started remembering the things you said and have done. That was the reason why you left early every time after practice. In order to be able to change your image. This was why you looked kinda happy. Because you could spend time with him. It was not Sooyoung he fell in love with. It was you, Y/N..

While he was lost in his thoughts, he didn’t even realize that they were at the last move of their dance. Preparing himself, he leaned you backwards and looked you in the eyes. Everyone stood up and started clapping. Staying like that, he waited till the curtains closed.

Standing straight now, he whispered. “You’re a liar. You lied to me!”

“J-Jungkook, look-”

“Everything was a lie!”


“How easily did you turn my sadness into joy. How quickly did you change my anger into happiness. I never, not even once gave you one drop of my love. Whereas you over flooded me with yours. How can you love me so much, Y/N?”

Shaking your head, you felt the tears rolling down your face. “Thats not hard. Even though you were forced to marry me, I believe that it was our fate that brought us together. We were meant for each other. Loving you is my destiny, Jungkook. When I see you happy, when I see you laugh, I’m happy. Only through you, I have learned that love demands nothing.” Taking a deep breath, you looked into his eyes. “Jungkook, I respect your decision and if you want to divorce me-”

All of a sudden, he leaned forward and kissed you on your lips. “I love you, Y/N. And I’m sorry, I’m really sorry for everything that I have done to you. I’m really-”

Standing on your tiptoes, you reached out and kissed him on the lips like he did seconds ago. “I love you too, Jungkook.”

“And the winner of this competition is…. the couple Jeon Jungkook and Kim Sooyoung.”

Standing there on the stage, you started hugging Jungkook. “We did it Jungkook! We won!”

Jungkook leaned back and whispered into your ears. “Wait here, I need to do something.”

Walking toward the MC, he whispered something into his ear. Walking back toward you, he wrapped his arms around your waist.

Suddenly, the MC started talking again. “I’m sorry, I announced the winners wrong. The winner of this dance competition is Mr. and Mrs. Jeon! Congratulations!”

Looking up at Jungkook you saw him looking at you cutely. 

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He leaned toward you and kissed you on your forehead. “Thank you for loving me, Y/N.”

Skam week. Part 26

Idea explained here.

You can find all the parts here.

Friday 3:35pm

It’s coming. That’s what Sana thought when the bell that indicated the end of the classes rang. She had spent the whole night thinking about that exact moment, the moment when she would have to face him, this time for real. No excuses, no escaping, no avoiding. Just the both of them, in front of each other, talking about them. She would listen to him and he would listen to her and then they would have to make a decision, stop everything or take the plunge and try.

She got out of her class and walked down the hallway thinking about what she was about to face when she heard someone calling her.

“Hey! Sana!” Noora said approaching her “How are you?”

“I’m fine, I guess” she said

“Have you talked to him?” Noora asked not knowing if she should.

“No. Or yes. I mean, he texted me last night. Apparently Elias told him that I like him”

“No he didn’t!” Noora said widening her eyes

Yes, he did.” Sana said rolling her eyes “He heard us talking yesterday and went to talk to Yousef and ask him for an explanation”

“And did he give one?”

“Yeah, but Elias only told me some things, I actually want to hear it from him”

“That means you’re going to talk to him?” Noora stopped her and smiled

“I texted him last night, I told him we could talk after school” Sana said biting her lip.

That’s awesome!”

“I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. But I’m willing to listen to him, though”

“Of course, no pressure”

“Have you…” Sana started, fearing the answer to the question she was about to ask “Have you talked to him?”

“Me?” Noora asked confused. Then she understood what she was insinuating “No, no, no. Sana, no. We don’t talk. He only texted me yesterday via Facebook because he thought you may listen to me instead of him. But we don’t text each other. At all”

“Okay, that’s good to know” Sana said smiling to herself

“Aw, look at you all smiley!” Noora said tenderly

“I still have to hear his side of the story but at least now I’m in a better place than where I was a week ago”

“Of course, and no one is expecting you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with but it’s nice to see you smiling and that he’s able to make you smile like that”

“Yeah…” Sana said biting her lip “I’m actually really nervous, I’m shaking right now”

Sana showed Noora her hands and she was in fact shaking.

“What if I mess it up? What if he messes it up? What if he’s changed his mind?” Sana said worried

“Hey, don’t think about that. Just wait and see what happens”

Sana nodded and both of the girls restarted their way out of the building when Sana heard her name being called again. This time it wasn’t one girl but three the ones approaching them, Eva, Chris and Vilde.

“Sana, wait!” Eva yelled.

The three girls got to them and stopped in front of them clearly nervous.

“Sana, we want to apologize about yesterday” Chris started “we didn’t react the way we were supposed to. We should’ve left with you instantly but we were so shocked in that moment. But still, it’s not an excuse and we’re sorry”

“And also, we’re sorry we’ve been shitty friends lately” Eva added “We were too focused on being popular and partying that we didn’t realize that you were feeling left out, that we were leaving you out. And we know is not only about the pepsimax girls and that we’ve been behaving like that for a really long time and we’re sorry for that. And we left the bus by the way”

“Also…Sana” Vilde said with a thread of voice not daring to look at her in the eyes “I’m really sorry…I know that I say things that I shouldn’t say and that I’m an ignorant sometimes and I know that’s not an excuse but I’m really sorry if I hurt you. I’ll try to think before talking from now on. Maybe you can educate me so I won’t be an ignorant anymore and I can understand you better? I really want to be friends again.”

Sana took a moment to process of the words. She wasn’t expecting any of that. She had already convinced herself that the girls were better off without her. But them apologizing to her, that was unexpected, especially coming for Vilde.

“Girls, it’s okay. You really don’t have to leave the bus because of me. Especially you, Vilde. You were really excited about the whole bus thing”

“I don’t want to be in a bus where you’re not Sana, where neither of you are. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I really love you guys and the whole purpose of this bus thing was to be friends with you” Vilde said

“And we’ve broken that promise and we’re really sorry for that” Eva added.

“Besides, we could rent a bicycle and still be cooler than their bus, because we’d have you girl” Chris said making all the girls laugh

I don’t even know what to say” Sana said

“Say you’ll forgive us? Please?” Vilde said pouting

Sana looked at Noora and she scrunched up her nose in this cute way she always did while nodding.

“Of course I forgive you” Sana finally said

“Yaay” Vilde said starting a group hug with all the girls.

“I’m so happy that we’re all together again. You should’ve seen Sara’s face when we told her we were leaving them” Eva said laughing

“I can picture it” Sana said

“Sana? One more thing” Vilde started “Can you tell Elias I’m sorry for what I said about him?”

“I will” Sana said nodding

“So, what’s new?” Chris asked

“Well, Sana is late to a meeting” Noora said looking at her watch

“A meeting? With who?” Vilde asked

“Is it a boy, Sana?” Eva wanted to know

“It is!” Noora confirmed

“Oh, Sana! You have a date? That’s so cute” Vilde said

“It’s not a date. I’m just meeting a guy to talk about some things” Sana said blushing

“Sounds like a date to me, girl” Eva laughed

“Who’s the guy? Do we know him?”

Sana looked at Chris, who had just talked, and then at Noora who nodded.

“They’re going to find out anyway” the blonde girl said

“It’s Yousef, my brother’s friend. We’re just going to talk about some stuff”

“But I thought Noora was the one that liked Yousef…” Vilde said thinking

“Vilde!” Noora said putting her arm around Vilde’s shoulder “Remember that thing about thinking before talking? Yeah? Why don’t you start right now?”


Sana just rolled her eyes and laughed, at least she was apologizing now, that’s progress.

The girls finally got out of the school building. Eva stopped them and pointed at something in front of them.

“Aren’t those Isak and Even?” she asked “And isn’t that Yousef?”

“What?” Sana said widening her eyes

“I thought they were mad at each other” Noora wondered.

“Uh, I think I better get going and find out what’s going on. I’ll see you girls” Sana said waving goodbye

“Good luck!” She heard one of the girls saying

Sana approached the three guys and was surprised when she found them talking very calmly.

“Hi! Everything alright here?” She asked frowning

Isak and Even turned to her with a big smile while Yousef just looked at her like he hadn’t seen her in two years, eyes widened, mouth slightly parted, his heart pounding fast in his chest.

“Yes, we were just talking about the old times” Even said

“Okay?” Sana said unsure.

“Yousef was apologizing for what happened on Friday, and so were we” Isak added

“You were?” Sana asked looking at Yousef for the first time since she had arrived.

The boy only nodded, still too nervous to talk. Sana couldn’t help but smirk noticing his expression.

“So, everything’s cool between you?” Sana asked facing Even and Isak again

“Yeah, everything’s cool” Even said “There’s still a pending conversation with the rest of the guys, so we can talk things out but it’s a start”

“Good to hear” she said smiling

“Also, Elias texted me yesterday” Even added

“He did?” She asked

“Yes. He wanted to apologize. I told him that you already had but he said he wanted to it himself”

“That’s cool”

“It is”

“So, Sana, it seems like you and Yousef have plans so we better get going” Isak said raising an eyebrow

“Yeah” she said

“You two have fun” he added


“But not too much, I need that brain for my biology project next week”

“Just go already, Isak!” she said rolling her eyes

“Fine, fine. We’re going, jesus”

Even put his arm around his boyfriend’s shoulder and nodded at Yousef as a way to say goodbye. Then they both slowly left making Sana roll her eyes. Those boys were so extra sometimes, she thought to herself trying not to laugh.

She turned to face Yousef who was already looking at her with a half a smile. They stayed silence for a moment until she finally spoke.



And again another awkward silence.

“So…shall we go?”

“Yes, yes, of course, of course” he said way too quickly

They started to walk in silence, side by side but not too close to each other.

They had been walking for a few minutes when Yousef cleared his throat to speak.

“So…um…do you want to go to any place in particular?”

She thought for a moment and then smiled to herself when a place came to her mind

“I actually do. How do you feel about playing basketball?” she asked biting her bottom lip.

“Sounds amazing” he said smiling while memories of two Fridays ago came to his mind.


They got to the basketball court where they had spent the afternoon two weeks before. Like it had been prepared, there was a ball waiting for them on the side of the court. Sana looked at it and was tempted to pick it up but she changed her mind.

“Do you think we should talk first?” Sana said pointing at the ball with her head

“Yes, I think that’d be good” he answered

They both sat down on the same spot they had been the last time they were there. Again, silence beat words.

“For someone who was so eager to talk to me, you’ve barely said two words since we left the school” Sana said

“I know, I know I’m sorry” he started “I’m so overwhelmed right now. I didn’t think you would actually come to be honest”

“What? I always keep my word” she said acting offended

“I don’t doubt that”

“Okay so…I’ll start” Sana said “I’m pretty sure you already know this ‘cause apparently my brother can’t keep his mouth shut but, I talked to Noora yesterday. She told me her version of what happened. And I’d like to hear yours”

“Of course” he stayed quiet for a moment trying to put his thoughts in order “I think I should start by saying that…I like you, Sana. You probably already know that, but I wanted to tell you. I like you, I’ve had a crush on you since…well, probably since I met you a couple of years ago. I always kept my distance from you ‘cause you were younger than me and you’re my best friend’s little sister and it didn’t seem appropriate. But this year I just, I couldn’t help myself and I started to approach you and…I loved talking to you, and playing basketball with you and teaching you how to peel carrots because well, you can’t”

“If you’re looking for forgiveness you’re not doing really well right now. Telling me I can’t peel carrots? How dare you?” she said

I’m sorry, but it’s a fact” he chuckled. “Anyway, I thought you may like me too. But then I told you I wasn’t muslim and you stopped talking to me so I thought everything was over. Then we talked and it felt so good being around you that I had hope, hope that maybe we could work things out. So when Elias told me that you had invited us to the karaoke thing I was really happy ‘cause I thought you had invited us because you wanted me there”

“And I did” she assured him

“Yes I know that, now. But when I entered the club and I saw Even there and then I saw you my mind went back to that Friday when I told you about everything that happened at Bakka. And it felt like you knew them and like you had only invited us so we could be friends with Even again. I felt like I had opened myself to you, told you something nobody knew and that you only used it to play god with us and make your friend happy. And I know that you had the best of intentions but it was like I realized in that moment that you didn’t like me at all and that you were only close to me so you could make us friends again. I think that in that moment, any hope I had left was erased completely. But still, I didn’t want to make assumptions yet, I wanted to talk to you. And then…”

“Then the fight happened” she completed the sentence

“Yeah, then the fight happened.  I tried to stop it but no one would listen to me so I thought that you were the only one that could make Elias listen. So I told you and I swear Sana, I swear, that I was going to follow you.  I would’ve never sent you into a fight alone knowing that you could get hurt. Not that I’m saying that you’re week, ‘cause you’re the strongest person I know”

Sana couldn’t help but blush at his compliment

“See? That’s the way to forgiveness, telling me how awesome I am” Sana joked

“And you are awesome” he assured

“Continue with your story” she said smiling

“So, like I said, I was going to follow you but Noora stopped me. She seemed pretty upset and before I could react she tried to kiss me. But I rejected her ‘cause I don’t like Noora, I’ve never have and I never will.” He looked straight into Sana’s eyes trying to make sure that she had heard that last sentence. When she nodded he continued “I asked her what was going on with her and she told me about her ex-boyfriend. I tried to comfort her and that’s when she told me that maybe I wasn’t immature after all. I was confused as to why she would think that and she told me that you had said it, that I was immature, that guys like me only play with girls and that muslims and non-muslims can’t be together”

“I only said that because I thought she liked you and I didn’t want her to like you” Sana admitted looking at the floor.

Yousef closed his eyes and cursed himself.

“I’m so stupid” he said

“There’s no way you could’ve known that”

“I know, but still, I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. In that moment it was like my fears of you not liking me back were confirmed. I felt so stupid, like it had been all in my head and it hadn’t meant anything at all to you. So when Noora tried to kiss me again, I let her…and I kissed her back”

He waited for her to say something but she just looked at him waiting for him to continue. He nodded and started talking again.

“But there’s one thing you should know. I didn’t feel anything at all kissing her. All the time I was kissing her I only thought about you. Like I literally saw you in my head, you smiling and you playing basketball and again you not being able to peel a single carrot”

“Stop it with the carrots already!” she said rolling her eyes

“I’m sorry! But it was big moment for me. Like, I finally got to talk to you, like really talk to you”

“It was a big moment for me too” she admitted with a shy smile.

“Good to know” he said biting his lip “So…as I was saying, I was only thinking about you and I felt so bad and guilty because, what kind of guy claims to like a girl and then kisses her best friend when things get difficult? I didn’t want to be that guy, I didn’t want to forget about you, I wanted to believe there was still a chance so I stopped Noora, I told her I was sorry and that I couldn’t do that. And I started to freak out, like really really freak out, because I had screwed up and I felt like garbage. She told me that no one needed to know, that we could just forget about it and I thought that we really could but…you saw us and I can’t tell you how sorry I am for that. I’m so sorry I hurt you Sana. I really thought you had left with Elias, I didn’t know you were there, and when I found out, it was like my world crashed. I hate myself for hurting you, I don’t deserve your forgiveness, I’m so stupid and I wouldn’t blame you if you wouldn’t want to talk to me ever again, I wish I could go back to that moment and redo it and…” he started to talk too fast and it was like he couldn’t stop, like he was entering a vicious circle he couldn’t escape.

“Yousef, hey, Yousef, breathe, just breathe” Sana said trying to calm him down. “ I get it, I get why you kissed Noora. You thought everything was lost and you reacted, just like I did two weeks ago. I’m not mad about the kiss anymore, it’s not that…it’s not that…”

“Then what it is?”



“The way we hurt each other. Look at our history. Things got difficult and I reacted by hurting you, then we were forced to talk about it and we solved it. Then things got difficult again and you reacted by hurting me, now we are forced to talk about it and we may solve it. But, do you think that’s how it should be? Because I don’t want to keep being like this”

“I get it, I know what you mean. And you’re right, things shouldn’t be like this. But things are different now, Sana. Two weeks ago, a week ago, two days ago, we didn’t know what we know now”

“And what is that?”

“You know that I like you, and I know that you like me”

“Well, I don’t recall telling you that I like you, though…” she said biting her bottom lip

Yousef smiled faded and it was like his whole face dropped.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Of course I like you.” Sana said laughing

“Not funny” he said acting like he was angry

“Hey, I owed you one”

“Okay, now we’re even”

“Oh, we’re so not close to being even. But I let it rest for now”

They both smiled and shared a look for a moment until Sana broke the silence.

“Do you really think that we could make this work? That we could talk to each other and trust each other?”

“I want to believe so. I’m not going to lie, it’s probably going to be difficult. But I’m willing to try. I just, I promise that I’ll come to you first when something happens, that I won’t make assumptions, that I’ll listen to you. We just have to compromise on that and go from there.”

She slightly nodded and looked at the floor without saying anything.

“Sana” he whispered making her looking at him “are you willing to try? Because I am”

She looked at him for a moment, considering what to say. Something caught her attention from the corner of her eye, the ball, standing on the side of the court. She smiled to herself and stood up

“Let’s play a game. You against me. The first one that scores 20 points win. If you win, we’ll try. If I win..well, I’ll think about it” she smiled at him waiting for an answer

“I’m in”


They stood up in the middle of the court and started playing. At first Sana let him score a few times in a row. She wanted him to think that he could actually win. But then, it’s was game on. She started to play as good as she could and he was so confused at first but then he got it and tried to keep the pace.

In the end they were tied. The next one who scored would win. It was Yousef’s turn. He was bouncing the ball, Sana in front of him trying not to let him pass when she had an idea. She stood still and looked at him right in the eyes while smiling. Yousef couldn’t help but look at her too, getting lost in her eyes like every time he would look at her. Then suddenly, her smiled became bigger and before he knew she had stolen the ball from him and was running towards the basket and scoring the points she needed to win.

“Yess!! I won!” she said putting her hands up celebrating her victory

“You’re a cheater!” Yousef said offended

“Who said there were any rules here?” she asked

He rolled his eyes but laughed.

“So…” he said approaching her “You won”

“Yeah, I won” she said taking a few steps closer to him

“You said if you won you would think about it. Have you?” he whispered

“Well…You know, it’s a lot to consider” she said biting her lip “I think I should make a list of pros and cons to decide”

She raised her hands like they were two sides of a balance, the left hand representing the pros and the right hand representing the cons.

“Kissing my best friend made you lose a lot of points” she said moving her right hand like someone had put weight on it “But you earned them back with the explanation and the compliments” she continued doing likewise with her left hand

He couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, she looked extremely cute smiling like that.

“You’re really bad at basketball” again, right hand “But I guess you’re kind of good looking” left hand.

“Kind of?”

“Shh, I’m trying to make a decision here”

He rolled his eyes and muttered something to himself, that girl was going to be the end of him and he couldn’t be happier about it

“So, let’s continue…You know how to cook, I’ll give you that. But, you make fun of me because I can’t cook so, again, you’re losing points”

“I promise I won’t make fun of you anymore” he said putting his hand on his chest solemnly

“Yeah…but, can I trust you though?” she said scrunching her nose “I mean, you said that before and you still made fun of me. Sorry, it has to go in cons side”

“Fine…” he said trying not to laugh

“You send me memes supporting me, that’s good” she said moving her left hand “But they’re pretty lame so, yeah, right hand”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing” he acted offended

“I guess you could say that you have pretty cool romantic gestures” she continued “Like when you gave me flowers last week. But…we’ve been here for awhile now and I don’t see any flowers in my hands”

“Oh, girl, I’ll give you a bouquet right now if you want!” he said turning around ready to go look for the flowers

“Wait, you don’t have to do that” Sana said grabbing him by the elbow and laughing

He turned around, looked at her and then at her hand on his arm. She followed his gaze and slowly let her hand slide down his arm until it reached his hand, intertwining her fingers with his. That simple touch gave her goose bumps. She bit her lip and raised her head to look at him. She had never seen him looking at her so tenderly and she couldn’t help but smile at him. He raised his eyebrows at her and she nodded, like they didn’t need words to communicate.

“Yeah?” he asked

“Yeah, I’m willing to try this”

And in that moment, both of their smiles were as big as it was even possible.

But!” she said holding his hand a little tighter “You have to promise that we will talk things out before assuming the worst”

“Always, I promise” he nodded squeezing her hand back.

“And it’s not going to be easy with my parents. They don’t really like you right now”

“No big deal, I’m can be very charming when I want”

“Really? I don’t see it” she said raising her eyebrows

“Well, I’m holding your hand, aren’t I?”

“I can still change my mind, you know?” she said rolling her eyes and letting his hand go

“No, I’m joking, I’m joking” he said trying to hold her hand again which she let him do. “Guess my sense of humor is a con?” he squeezed her hand and smirked

“Sometimes” she smiled “You know, Elias is probably going to give you the talk, you know about not hurting me and so on”

“Yeah, I guess so. He doesn’t have to, though, I won’t let you down again Sana. I promise”

“You better” she said, then smiled and added “because if you do my brother is going to kill you and I will help him bury your body”

“Sounds fair to me” he laughed

They looked at each other for awhile, still holding hands, smiles on their faces, just taking in every detail of that exact moment.

“Want me to walk you home?” he finally asked

“I’d love that” she said

And they started walking. Just like Elias had told Sana the previous, they knew now how it felt being apart and how it felt being together and both of them were sure which feeling they prefer. It didn’t mean it was going to be easy but at least now they were willing to trust each other and try to be better.


1st update of the day

One more to come at night and that’s it, the end

I really hope you’ve liked it and that you don’t think it’s either too dramatic nor too sugar-coated. I’ve tried to give it a good ending ‘cause that’s what I want for the show and still be realistic at the same time

I hope I haven’t disappointed you

Love you al!!

@destaribka requested: “something where Peter is a questioning trans girl (Peter -> Pearl) and Tony or someone catches her trying on a dress or something looking in a mirror?”

Man this request just flew by and let me tell you having her sort of argue with the dress was one of the most fun things I’ve written in a while so I hope you enjoy!!

Pearl sat staring at the dress in her suitcase for a long time that night. She had taken it from May and stuffed it in there along with all the rest of the clothes that she was packing for the trip to the Avengers Headquarters. She didn’t know why she did it. Thinking back on it, it had been a stupid idea.

But it just felt less like anyone would burst in on her while she was at the Avengers Headquarters. It felt like the only time to do this in peace.

Tony had been a really good mentor to her since he found her to be Spider-Man. Somewhere along the way, she knew that she had started to see him as a father figure in her life, but she didn’t want to say that aloud. That was too embarrassing. But it was only reinforced when he asked her if she wanted to come to the Avengers Headquarters for the weekend—to check up on the suit and see how things were for the big dogs, he said. But she felt like it was also a way to get closer to her.

Happy had driven her upstate once she was all packed after school, and she wanted badly to be focused during the dinner she had with them and a couple of the others at the headquarters. How cool was it that she was having dinner with, like, half of the Avengers? How cool was it that Tony Stark was just sitting there, talking to her about the science of her superhero suit? Pretty fucking cool. But she was only half-there the whole time, the rest of her mind hidden with that dress.

Of course no one would peek in her suitcase. That would be completely invasive. But it worried her anyway.

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anonymous asked:


32. Share five must-read fics.

…you know, I usually rec the big multi-chapters that everyone’s reading (because they’re good enough to deserve all those recs!), but I’m gonna take this as “5 fics you may not have read but really should”.

  1. Errant by pontmercy44 — Most people know pontmercy44′s stuff by now, but her very first fic is still my favorite. It’s dark and has some very disturbing material (Rey is a victim of sex trafficking, physician!Kylo has a seriously dark and twisted past), but it works within the context and is approached both delicately and realistically. 
  2. Children of Violence by  america_oreosandkitkats — The Reylo Soviet/Afghan Conflict AU you never knew you wanted. If you like historical fiction and political intrigue with a LOT of attention paid to detail, and if you like your Reylo of the subtle and bittersweet variety, this one’s for you (it also has one of the best takes on the whole “Ben/Kylo is the fallen son of Senator Leia” theme I’ve ever seen).
  3. The Conviction of Things Not Seen by airecrazy — Okay, a lot of people have read this one, but it’s still one of my all-time favorite Reylo fics. It’s angsty and yearning, sweet and sincere, and has a lot of very realistic development and slow burn going on. I’ve read it at least five or six times.
  4. He’d Let Her by LucidLucy — One of the best and most complete one-shots I’ve seen in this fandom. It’s angsty and beautiful and such a lovely, lovely take on what might conceivably become of a Force Bond between Kylo and Rey. Not a single word in this fic is wasted. It’s just so beautifully composed.
  5. Partitions by Articianne  — Aaaaand finally, my smutfic rec! This one has Rey working at a gloryhole and… WAIT COME BACK. Sheesh. Give a fic a chance, okay? This one is completely bizarre, unexpected, and really fucking good. How she ends up sexing up Kylo is really fucking good. The writing is really fucking good. The sequel is really fucking good. On paper, this is never, ever a fic I’d think I would like, but it’s one of the best smutfics I’ve read for the fandom. I don’t know why. Just go with it. 

shipper meme

Mystic Messenger Christmas Special - Common Route (Normal Ending) Walkthrough

This are the choices that allowed me to get the common route ending. Huge thanks to @otome-obsessed​ for scripting all the chat choices. Go check her out and show some love~!

Also, I recommend you try to get this route by yourself, as there is more that one correct way of doing it, but if you just want to get the last ending - this guide is for you!

Also, if anyone knows how to get his 4th Christmas CG - please let me know, cause I’ve finished all the endings and I’m still somehow missing it. T^T

In my playthrough I:
1) started the game from 11:24 chat on Christmas Eve
2) didn’t reply to any text messages
3) didn’t answer any calls
4) managed to get 12-13 hearts for every character

The choices (and hearts count) are listed under the cut

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SEVENTEEN Reaction to You Falling In Their Laps on a Train Ride {Requested}

Can you do a seventeen reaction when you’re on a train together (they have a crush on you) and all of the sudden the train moves really fast so you end up falling onto their lap? Your blog is so cute btw!”

Thank you! Here you go anon! :)

S.Coups: “Oh! Well hello…no you don’t have to apologize, we were moving pretty fast. Um I’m Seungcheol, actually I was hoping that I would get the chance to talk to you and here you appeared.”

Originally posted by chae-seung

Jeonghan: “Don’t be embarrassed, hey if you look at it like this, if I didn’t catch you, you would have ended up on the floor. I guess I’m your guardian angel….Okay I know that was cheesy but it did make you smile so..”

Originally posted by sebongies101

Joshua: “It’s funny how things have a way of working out. I think that you landing here in my arms now may have been fate, I’m Joshua and I would love to know more about you.”

Originally posted by naega-geurae

Jun: “I’m not laughing at you I promise, I’m just in shock that I my dream girl fell out of the sky and into my embrace. THIS ISN’T A LINE! I’m being genuine I promise. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.”

Originally posted by howona

Hoshi: “Ah are you trying to take a nap? Did you not see me? No don’t blush I was just making a joke. I know you didn’t mean to fall butttt now that you have you can stay all day…..kidding kidding!”

Originally posted by mountean

Woozi: “This is sort of awkward for me too, let me help you stand. Uh, hi I’m Jihoon, I saw you earlier in line. I’m happy that you’re the person I get to sit next to on this trip. You don’t have to cover your mouth ,your smile is really pretty.”

Originally posted by wonyeols

Wonwoo: “Oomph..Woah it’s okay, just a little unexpected and I think my book kind of jabbed my ribs….No It’s fine probably won’t even really bruise. Are you okay though? Lol just your pride? Don’t sweat it, You’re probably the best thing that’s ever dropped on me.”

Originally posted by hanwooz

DK: “I didn’t scream I just reacted loudly verbally. It was sort of a surprise since I was looking down. I’m fine, don’t worry. The only problem i’m having is controlling my heart from racing while talking to you.”

Originally posted by 12fools

Mingyu: “Well it was a big seat, so I guess I can share lol I’ll stand up. You just sit down until the train stops shaking. I’ll be okay. I was taught to have good manners anyway, and being nice to a petty girl is just icing on the cake.”

Originally posted by seokmin---s

The8: “I’m fine, how are you? That was so sudden! No time to even try and catch anything. No I don’t think that you did it on purpose. I’m already over it. i’m Minghao by the way. Why don’t you tell me about your trip?”

Originally posted by junhuidu

Seungkwan: “No I won’t lend you my shades so that you can hide, you already took my lap from me isn’t that enough? Don’t apologize again I’m playing with you on purpose. I know it wasn’t your fault. How about you make it up to by letting me take you to the dining car for lunch?”

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Vernon: “At least we’re both laughing, I know the other people on the train must think we’re silly. But who cares what they think. These things just happen….but I will admit that I’m happy it happened to me.”

Originally posted by sneezes

Dino: “Well since we’re meeting like this let me introduce myself, I’m Lee Chan and you must be the girl from my dreams. Nice to meet you in the daylight.”

Originally posted by mountean

It’s the first time i post something here. So I hope I don’t make a mistake ^^ It’s not a big deal (interview from 2014) but when I read this yesterday i was like “OMG OMG OMG such a big fanboy”  Leo is so calm and quiet……until this day :

Q: When does Leo, who is unusually quiet and introverted, speak the most?

Leo: When I met Trey Songz.

Hongbin: At that time, rather than thinking that he talked a lot, I thought, “Why is this hyung like this,” and it was to the point I felt secondhand embarrassment. (laughing) People can talk a lot. But he started talking so much so I was really surprised. However my feelings were the same when I met Park Hyoshin sunbae-nim, so on the other hand I sympathized with his feelings too well and I could understand that heart.

Leo: It was also my birthday that day. Honestly, when the members wanted to go shopping in Beverly Hills, I wanted to rest but seeing as it was my birthday, I went out thinking “Okay, let’s just go.” And then, this really unexpected gift came to be.


Cutscene Quality Keyweilders 

When does Leo, who is usually quiet and introverted, speak the most?
  • Leo: When I met Trey Songz.
  • Hongbin: At that time, rather than thinking that he talked a lot, I thought, “Why is this hyung like this,” and it was to the point I felt secondhand embarrassment. People can talk a lot. But he started talking so much so I was really surprised. However my feelings were the same when I met Park Hyoshin sunbae-nim, so on the other hand I sympathized with his feelings too well and I could understand that heart.
  • Leo: It was also my birthday that day. Honestly, when the members wanted to go shopping in Beverly Hills, I wanted to rest but seeing as it was my birthday, I went out thinking “Okay, let’s just go.” And then, this really unexpected gift came to be.
  • (StarM January 2014)
Chemistry - Tony Stark

Requested by @chillinlikemisha00

A/N: This really hit home as I was studying for chem. This started out all cute and sweet but then it got painful. Whoops! Also I turned this into Tony x reader

You sat in your room, staring at the endless notes in front of you. You were usually a pretty good student, but chemistry was kicking your ass this semester. 

You flicked through the pages, trying to find your notes on electronegativity. During the lab, you and your lab partner understood, but now, you couldn’t make any sense of it. 

“Lab!” you shouted out loud, smacking your desk. You figured that if you went down to the Avengers’ Lab, maybe you could jog your memory a bit. You grabbed up all your things, and began making your way down to the laboratory.

The door slid open, cool air blasting against your mostly bare legs. You padded into the lab, walking past a working Tony. 

“Hey,” you said as you walked to the far end of the lab and sat down.

“What are you doing in here?” Tony asked, sitting down next to you.

“Trying to work on my chemistry homework,” you replied, not looking up from your notes.

“Want some help?” he asked, rolling his chair closer to you. You looked up and realized how close the two of your were. You blushed slightly and turned back to your notes. 

“Yeah, that’d be great,” you said, sliding your homework over towards him. 

“So we’re working on electronegativity and I get how this equation works, I just don’t know how to find this,” you said, pointing to another sheet. Tony nodded and looked at the papers in concentration. He held out his hand and you gave him your pen. He began working out the problem when Bruce walked into the lab.

“What’s going on here?” he asked with a small smirk.

“Tony’s helping me with my homework.”

“Why?” Bruce asked with a chuckle. Tony looked up from the paper and shot him a look.

“Why not?”

“I mean you’re very smart, don’t get me wrong, but I’m much better at chemistry.”

“You are?” you asked.


“No.” They said at the same time. 

“Look, Banner, I’m already helping Y/N, why don’t you go work on something else,” Tony said, trying to dismiss him.

“Why don’t you just let me help so she can get it done accurately?”

“Honestly, Tony, I could use all the help I can get,” you said, touching his forearm. 

“I can help you with it all,” he said.

“Tony, just let me take a look at it,” Bruce said, trying to take the paper.

“I’ve got it, Banner,” he spat.

“Come on, just let me help,” Bruce argued.

“No! I can do this.”

“Why are you being so difficult about this?”

“Because you don’t trust me to do anything anymore and I’m sick of it!” he said, his hands shaking in anger.

“Tony,” you said, touching his hand. He pulled away and continued to glare at Bruce.

“Not since Ultron,” he finished.

“Honestly guys, it’s just homework,” you said, trying to calm down the men.

“Can you blame me? It almost destroyed the entire planet!” Bruce yelled back.

“Bruce!” you said, standing between the men. “You need to calm down.”

I need to calm down? Maybe you could ask your boyfriend to not create killer robots! Then I could calm down.”

“Fuck you,” Tony said, throwing the papers at him.

“Tony!” you called after him as he stormed out of the lab. You turned towards Bruce and saw how angry he still was. You pulled out your phone and texted Natasha to meet you down here. The last thing the Avengers needed was a destroyed tower and the Hulk on the loose. Nat arrived in a second, walking over towards you.

“What’s going on?”

“Bruce and Tony just got into a huge fight about Ultron, I guess. I didn’t mess up your plans with Clint, did I?”

“No, no, this is important. He can wait. I’ll go talk to our friend,” she said as she walked towards Bruce. You relaxed and grabbed your stuff again, heading back to your room.

It took a while for you to clear your mind, but once you settled in, you came up with the answer all on your own. You worked for another hour, until finally finishing all your work. To reward yourself, you made your way down to the kitchen to get some ice cream.

“Hey,” Bruce said, startling you as you searched the freezer. “Sorry,” he said with a smile.

“Hey,” you said, pulling out the package of your favorite ice cream.

“I want to apologize,” Bruce began. “I was way out of line back there. I shouldn’t have brought you into that.”

“It’s fine, I ended up finishing my homework by myself.”

“That’s great, but I still want to apologize. I know you and Tony aren’t dating, and things between you guys are weird.”

“Bruce, honestly, it’s fine.” He smiled and nodded, looking down at the floor. “You shouldn’t be apologizing to me.”

“Tony doesn’t want to talk to me,” he said, running a hand over the back of his neck. 

“No probably not. But I really think you need to. Tony wasn’t solely responsible for what happened.”

“I know,” Bruce said sadly.

“I think it would make you both feel better if you talked about it.” Bruce nodded and half smiled.

“Thanks, Y/N.”

You were sitting in a lounge room on the same floor as your apartment, eating directly out of your carton of ice cream when Tony walked by. You looked up and smiled at him and it looked like he had been crying.

“Tony?” you said, setting down the ice cream. “What’s going on?” you asked, standing up to look him directly in the eye. He didn’t say anything, just looked away vacantly. “Tony?” you asked again. He turned towards you and smiled a little before grabbing your face and pulling you in for a kiss. You were surprised at first, but folded into his touch and kissed him back. You pulled away from him and looked at him in confusion.

“Sorry,” Tony said, running a hand through his hair and sitting down on the couch.

“Don’t be sorry. That was just unexpected. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m great really.”

“You look like you’ve been crying,” you said with worry.

“That’s why I wanted to come talk to you. I wanted to apologize. And to thank you.”

“Thank me? For what?”

“For getting Bruce to talk to me. It helped a lot.”

“He actually came to you?” you asked, throwing your arm over the back of the couch. 

“Yeah, we talked for a while, it felt good to get some of that off of my chest.”

“That’s really awesome, Tony,” you said with a smile. He nodded and smiled back at you for a while.

“I’m really sorry about earlier though. I offered to help and all I did was stress you out.”

“Tony, it’s okay. I figured it out all by myself.”

“Wait, you did?”


“Good job. If Bruce and I even worked on it I’m sure we would have argued some more.”

“Don’t beat yourself up about what happened back there. Honestly, everything’s fine.”

“I know, but-” 

“Shut up,” you said, pulling him close and kissing him again. He smiled into your kiss and ran his hands through your hair, pulling you into his lap simultaneously. You kissed him passionately for what felt like hours and only stopped when you heard someone clear their throat. You pulled away and could barely think about anything but Tony. You pursed your lips and turned towards the door and saw Bruce smiling in the doorway.

“Hi,” he said awkwardly. 

“Hi,” you said, running a hand through your hair, crawling out of Tony’s lap.

“Sorry for interrupting. I just wanted to come and apologize again.”

“Will you both give it a rest!? I already told you that it was fine.”

“I know, but it was rude of us-”

“Bruce! Please, stop talking before I have to shut you up,” you replied. 

“Not in the same way you got me to stop talking, I hope,” Tony said, butting into the conversation. Bruce smirked and looked down at his feet.

“Bruce it’s okay. I didn’t want your guys’ help anyways.” Bruce laughed and flipped you off as he left the room. You turned towards Tony who was also flipping you off. You smiled and smacked away his hand. 

“I didn’t want to help you either,” Tony countered.

“Oh please, you love helping me with chemistry,” you said, leaning closer to Tony who smiled and closed the gap between you two once more. 

Niall Imagine. " You meet him at the wax museum"

You were visiting the Madame Tussaud’s wax Museum with your friends, it was really fun to take pictures with all the figures.

From Maddona  to Michael Jackson to Beyonce and more, you all took a funny picture with them.

“ Hey look! ” said one of your friends. “ One direction figures! take a picture of me with Harry”

Your friend hugged the figure and you snapped the picture.

“ My turn!” you said. “ i want to be beside Niall”

“ He’s your favorite isn’t he?” your friend asked you.

“ Yeah, he’s so cute.” You smiled for the picture but your friend put the camera down. “ what’s happening?”  

“ Jayden, turn around.” your friend said.

“ Boo!” Niall said unfreezing.

You let out a little scream and placed your hand on your chest.  Niall hugged you.

“  sorry girls, we didn’t mean to scare you that bad” Liam said.

“ it’s okay, don’t worry. That was really unexpected.” said one of your friends.

Your friends hugged each one of the boys and so did you.

After talking a little bit an posing for a few more pictures, Niall approached you.

“ So I’m your favorite?” he asked with a cheeky grin making you blush.

“ yeah.” you nodded blushing.

“ I’m glad, you are really cute too” he said and handed you a a piece of paper with his number on it. “ call me sometime, I’ll like to get to know you better.”


A/N: Massive sorry it’s so short , love  
imagine dedicated to Jayde0602 

Hope you liked it, if you did please let me know x
my ask is always open ♥

have a lovely day ! <3 

Wet Dream Luke Hemmings Smut for (infiniteskinnyinfinitythin

Sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy it:)

“God Luke this feels amazing!” I gasped as his lips kissed my neck. He pinned my arms above my head and smiled while his hips dug into mine.

“This needs to come off.” I said and he smiled and pulled off his shirt without breaking eye contact with me. As soon as the shirt flew over his head Luke turned into Niall. For some reason I couldn’t stop kissing him and moaning his name.

“Babe! Babe! Babe!” I heard Luke’s voice from a distant and I shot up breathing hard.

It was all a dream. I just had a wet dream. And Niall was in it. Crap.

“Hey Luke sorry I didn’t mean to knock out during the game.” I said as I wiped my bottom lip.

“No worries babe I know soccer isn’t your thing. But you were talking in your sleep again.” He said as I picked up the empty plates that were on the coffee table.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve told you I don’t talk in my sleep.” I argued with a small laugh.

“Then how would I know you were having a sex dream about Niall?” He asked and I dropped the plates onto the counter.

“What?” I asked and he motioned for me to come next to him so I did.

“I get it was just a dream but is that how you really feel about our sex life? So dull that you need to dream of Niall to get off?” He asked and I shook my head.

“Luke it wasn’t anything like that! It was a random dream and it doesn’t mean anything.” I said and he shook his head but then all of the sudden he pinned my body to the couch.

“Well it didn’t sound like nothing! I guess I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.” Luke growled and he roughly kissed my lips.

“I assume you’re already wet from that .,..interesting dream you had.” Luke said as his hand traveled down into my pants and to my core and rubbed my underwear against it with his palm. I moaned loudly and he smiled.

“Admit it babe, you think our sex life is simple and sweet.” He said and I but my lip.

“Yeah it is. But sometimes I like it rough.” I managed out and he smiled and yanked off my shirt and my pajama pants.

“You like it rough love? Then I’ll try and make it as rough as possible!” Luke growled and ripped my underwear making me gasped in shock. He took off his boxers and automatically thrusted in me and we both moaned.

“Fuck Luke!” I yelled and he nodded his head and went even faster.

“That’s right! Say mine over Niall’s!” Luke commanded and his hand slapped my ass and I was shocked for a minute, he saw my surprising face and smiled down at me.

“You like that?” He asked and I arched my back knowing I was close.

“Luke! I’m about to–”

“Go ahead slut! Come for me.” He said and bit down on my collar bone as I came with a loud moan and he followed as he came with a low growl and then but on my earlobe.

“Wow Luke that was just–”

“Better than your dream?” He asked as he cuddled with me on the couch and brought the blanket over us.

“Actually yes.” I said and he laughed.

“Sorry about calling you a slut, I got carried away with myself.” He apologized as he hugged me closer to him.

“It’s okay. That slap was really unexpected though. Was that you being caught up in the moment?” I asked and he laughed and carried me onto his lap.

“No I planned that all along.” Luke said and I laughed as I kissed his chest.

“I am quiet tired though.” I whispered and he smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Then take a nap love and I’ll wake you when the game is over.” He said and I smiled, lightly kissed his lips, and fell asleep listening to his beating heart.

An enormous THANK YOU (and a little thank-you gift)

You guys may or may not know this, but I find it incredibly difficult to ask for help. Simply asking is hard enough, but I’ve asked for help a few times in my life (usually in a fit of desperation) and been ignored or given a frank and unapologetic “No,” which makes it even harder for me to ask the next time. So when several of you sent asks and/or left comments on my recent posts wondering whether you could make a donation to help out, I just couldn’t bring myself to mention my GoFundMe page. (I got an overwhelmingly nasty anonymous message - by way of a review on WtM - when I posted about it last fall, trying to raise the enrollment monies for school, which was the icing on the proverbial cake of not-ever-wanting-to-ask-for-help-ever-again.)

Also, when things are really, truly bad I tend to just blurt out what’s happening before crumbling into tears and hiding in a dark, quiet place. :(

But then came Friday and this incredible, almost unbelievable post from sothereff, accompanied almost immediately by a flood of donation notifications from GoFundMe. I couldn’t have imagined the like. I think the only reason I didn’t cry was because I was so stunned.

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