that was pure instinct

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So I just broke my toe yesterday by stubbing it on my bed. So naturally, screamed out "Mother of Pearl!!!". Then out of pure instinct I was like "Hey... What would permanentcross think Harry would do?" Any ways, how do you think Harry would react?

Probably wouldn’t think anything of it until he realized that something was actually wrong – cause people stub their toes all the time, right? So it’s not a big deal and you’re just being dramatic, although he might snort at the “Mother of Pearl” remark. And he’d be all, “What are you on about?” when you actually sat down and started investigating and realizing something was really wrong, and when it was all confirmed he’d let you hold onto him as you hobbled, until he said something cheeky to make you push him away. “Oi, come back here!” “Get away from me.” “Love–” “No.” 

Hope that toe is doing okay! xx

Omega Au || Closed RP


Bruce yelped in pain as he stumbled into the field. There was a large gash along his side and bite marks all over his legs and muzzle. It was clear from his scent that he was an omega, and if another wolf didn’t notice that they’d notice the shear size of his stomach. Bruce had been kicked out of his pack because he didn’t follow the alpha blindly.

The wolf shook his head, trying to keep his eyes open as he looked around. He sniffed the air and started to growl when he picked up an alpha’s scent. The only alphas he knew were ruthless. They always got what they wanted, and if you tried to deny them… well you were kicked out and left to die.

Bruce was running on pure instinct at the moment, and the only thing he cared about was keeping his pups safe. His fur stood on end and he snarled at the alpha.

Tactical Mistake

Tim realizes he’s made a tactical mistake five seconds too late to stop anything. It’s pure instinct though that makes him do it. With, maybe, a flash of absolute anger to fuel that instinct, but no one in their right mind can blame him. If there is anything that people know about Tim, the public Tim and the real Tim, it’s that you do not touch his car.

Any of them. Ever.

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Muse (Damian Wayne x Reader)

Not much dialogue, just something sweet and short…

All of Me - John Legend

What will I do without out your smart mouth?
Drawing me and kicking me out
You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding
I can’t pin you down

You watched as he hacked and sliced at the dummy, sword plunging in and out. Every thought of him encasing you in a whole different world. His sarcastic comments ringing in your ears even if the room was silent. You walked away to your shared bedroom, but you weren’t really in the moment. You were too lost in your own thoughts to control what you were doing. It was like your body just knew what to do, pure instinct.

What’s going on in your beautiful mind?
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy
Don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

He walked in, sweat glistening on his body. Eyes trained on you, sketch book in hand the pencil gliding on the paper effortlessly. Drawing every single detail with pure care. It looked like you were in a trance, glassy eyes and everything. He watched you like a puzzle, trying to figure out what was going on in your mind. He wasn’t sure what washed this emotion over, a foreign feeling.

My heads under water
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out my mind

He laid down at the foot of bed, a small smile gracing his features at the furrow of your eyebrows in concentration. Determination etched on your face.

You drew every detail you could conjure up from memory, every bump, every crease, every nook, every curve, it was pure art in your eyes. It was as if you were drowning in the beauty of it all.

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curve and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

Every scar, every bruise, each and every imperfection. The perfection of it all were the imperfections. Every single thing that drew you in even if in others eyes weren’t worthy of it. You loved
it all, each single detail no matter how small and insufficient. Your mind incorporated it as your life, the anchor keeping you at bay from all the hidden emotions waiting to drag you down under the water.

Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you

His eyes trailed down your body, the only clothing you wore was his shirt. That you always told him gave you comfort. His thoughts always of you, practically swarming his head from your smile to your heart beat. Form the crinkles at your eyes when you smiled or all the precious times you both shared.

How many times do I have to tell you
Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too
The world is beating you down, I’m around through every mood
You’re my downfall and my muse

He crawled next to you laying his head carefully on your shoulder. He smiled at the drawing, it was so realistic. There was no doubt that you weren’t talented.

You smiled at the familiar scent of him, his cologne mixed with a bit of sweat. You watched as he inspected your drawing with a smiled etched on his face. His checks with a hint of blush. You did the last stroke finishing the art work  before you.

“It won’t ever compare to the real thing.” You set the sketchbook and pencil on the nightstand.

“It came close enough.” His eyes finally meeting yours.

“You’re my muse.” You laid your head in the crook of his neck placing a tiny kiss.

“And you, my beloved.”

  • me, ready for sleep:i am so tired i have been waiting my whole life for this moment
  • my brain:you know, the most iconic image of the x files isn't the flashlights or the aliens or the cave with the filing cabinets, it's that moment in redux when scully holds on to mulder from her hospital bed as he gets up to leave. That's desperation, that's pure love. She's acting just on instinct--clutching the hand of the most important person in her world, frightened of his leaving or of the cancer taking her away from him...
  • me:oh for fuck's sake
  • my brain:anyway, the second most iconic image

Got some inspiration to write from the song Alive by Sia. None of the gif’s I use belong to me. Just know that.

I thundered through the forest, all cognitive thought leaving my brain as pure instinct took over.


My feet slammed into the ground with such force, that with each step I took, I was sure to tear up the Earth. Crack it to it’s center. Every ounce of my being was screaming to go faster, to pull some hidden strength within me and pick up my pace even further.

“Come here girl.”

Oh, yeah, what am I running from exactly? I have no clue, but it is most certainly not fully human. Damn my stupid mortality that I wasn’t given some form of protection from the accelerator. I had to be the one woman not graced with some form of mutation.

“Dammit.” I snarled, whipping my head back to catch a glance at my attacker. With whatever power they possessed, they were having to physically hold there blood and skin to there skeleton. Probably one of the most terrifying sights I may ever witness, but now was not the time to focus on fear.

A large purple ball of energy spiraling towards me, snapping my agility into overdrive. I slid to the side, barely missing the attack, and quickly switched directions. North, I believe. I was trying to make it back into the city.

“Barry please! I need to go with you to find her!” Cisco shouted, angry tears brimming in his eyes. He stared at his best friend, his goggles clutched in his hands.

“Cisco, we both know how dangerous this meta is! We can’t risk your life also!” Barry was trying his hardest not to crumble under his best friend’s heartbreaking gaze. He could see in Cisco’s eyes how helpless he felt. Even though Cisco’s abilities were so powerful and impressive, it was still far to dangerous for the broken and emotionally unstable man.

“God Barry please! She means the fucking world to me!” Cisco shouted at last, letting every one of his emotions pour into his words. He loved (Y/N) (L/N). In every timeline, every universe, he needed her more than the sun, moon, and stars.

Cisco’s powers had improved immensely, his control growing stronger by the day. And this fact, coupled with the pleading gaze, had Barry dropping his head in defeat.

I stumbled out into a parking lot, my heartbeat continuing to slam against my rib-cage. I could be out of this mess if I got just close enough to S.T.A.R. Labs. Close enough for one of the team to spot me. 

A familiar street caught my eye, and I hurdled down it, not caring of the people I ran over. Not that they would mind, a literal zombie was chasing me.

A sudden gust of wind made my heart compress, relief flowing through me.


I whipped my head, my eyes alight with gratitude. That was completely replaced with horror as soon as my eyes landed on the person beside him.

Oh god Cisco no.

He stood beside Barry, his head instantly snapping in my direction, his goggles sitting on his eyes. He seemed so powerful, so intimidating. Like he could bring the world to it’s knee’s with the flick of his wrist.

Suddenly, he shoots one of his hands out, and a pulse barely misses me slamming into something just behind me. He runs forward, throwing his hand out again, attempting to keep the meta subdued. 

I sprinted towards him at the same pace, collapsing into him as soon as his arm opened to grip me. He still kept one hand forward, prepared to attack again. His focus was mainly used to curl his hands into the back of my shirt, keeping me close to his form. 

Barry zoomed to stand beside us, staring down the meta I refused to look at.

“You’re a fool for targeting her.” Cisco snarled, a sudden image of Reverb ripping through my head. He sounded much angrier than his opposite did, but just as powerful.

“You’re a fool for coming to her rescue.” 

The sudden crackle of energy in the air set me into overdrive once more. I jumped to the side in sync with Cisco as soon as a familiarly terrifying purple orb zoomed past and hit a nearby car. 

I whipped around to face the meta, freezing in fear as his black eyes met mine. Cisco’s arm clamped around my waist swiftly, locking me in place. 

“Please, get behind me.”

He was shaky as he spoke, and I felt his hand tighten and one of his fingers looped protectively into one of my belt loops. I stepped slowly, keeping my eyes on Barry and the meta as they circled each-other.

I curled my fingers into the back of Cisco’s jacket, watching over Cisco’s shoulder as Barry dodged the meta’s attacks.

“I had to come get you.” Cisco mumbled, tilting his head down slightly to glance at me behind his goggles.

“It’s too dangerous Cisco.” I mumbled, stepping back when the fighting meta’s got closer. Cisco pushed me back even more, still keeping one of his hands out.

“I promised, when I dragged you into this mess, that I’d keep you safe.”


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Request for 107 "This house isn’t even haunted" with our lovely Bucky please.

Finally here is the lil drabble thingy! I’ve had this 79% done in my drafts box since you sent in this request about a fifty years ago. I’m truly sorry about how late this is. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and it’s what you wanted! 

Things and Thoughts That Go Bump in the Night (i suck at titles okay?)

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I have this theory that in Robin's nest, when Batmom hears the boys' individual stories she starts to cry and they all freak out about what to do, and then all the Bruces walk in and instantly go into "What did you guys do to your mother" mode even though they don't know it, and start to finish eachothers sentences on how they "should be more considerate" "to her feelings" and "someone get her some cookies." Bonus points if her own Bruce wasn't even there and it's just purely instinct

you’ll just have to wait and see ;)

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The first time Ike wanted to hold Firkle's hand, he almost got punched. The first time Firkle wanted to hold hands, Ike ran home afterwards and babbled to Kyle about it. For hours.

FUCK YES PLEASE???? OK legit though Ike wanted to hold Firkles hand early in their relationship but Firkle was really uncomfortable with it and the first time he grabs for his hand, Firkle out of pure instinct goes to punch him in the face and Ike like ducks away and hes like FUCK SORRY and Firkle is like omg fuck sorry i didnt mean to i mean and hes stuttering and Ike thinks its cute and he kinda just bumps his shoulders while they walk and then one day Firkle kinda just grabs for Ike’s hand while they’re walking, a cigarette in his other and hes not looking at Ike and Ike is like OMG THERE IT IS THE PINNACLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE FUCK I HAVE BEEN CHOSE, and he immediately calls up Kyle who, after a half an hour, just kind of puts the phone down and like goes on baking a cake or some shit while Ike goes on and on about Firkle

Two weeks. Or even more. She can’t tell and she doesn’t remember, all days are like running pretty fast and she didn’t know what to do. Right now, she was sitting down of some tree so the sun wasn’t going to be on her that much and was eating an apple that she found there but it wasn’t that bad, that was something, even if they were trapped here by someone really sick.
But someone or something was approaching her, by pure instinct, the redhead stood up slowly and put her seraph blade out, calling the name of the angel so that way could be glowing, just to be prepare, for now she was on her own and jace’s training was about to help her now.

❝-Who is it?❞ She couldn’t see anyone but she heard some foodsteps, she knew that very well ❝-Show yourself!❞

Substitute Light

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by mirror_cannibal

When Oikawa thinks Iwaizumi’s life is in danger, he moves purely on instinct to protect him. How will this lead to his own downfall? When Oikawa gets a concussion and loses his sight, he’s terrified to go on living in his new darkened world of his. Will he be able to find a substitute light to keep him on track? What – or who – could be that light?

Words: 3664, Chapters: 2/6, Language: English

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