that was pretty amusing though

Headcanon that modern au Sasuke is most decidedly Not Athletic. He does well in school, and likes reading, and video games, and listening to music, but sports are a Hard No. This is a stark contrast to his jock boyfriend Naruto who gets middling grades, but is on varsity everything and could totally bench press The Sauce if he stayed still enough.

So very rarely do I ever do anything with the phone numbers I get when I go out. But today I went out with one and the guy who said he could party but could barely handle a couple of shots. I thought we were just starting the party when his ended. Even though it was pretty amusing to watch him get really sloppy and try and hit on me, it did waste a good night and outfit. So how is everyone else’s evening going? Hopefully better than mine. 

so I realize this is technically due to the animation and all that, but I find it pretty amusing that Rex’s roots never show even though he keeps his hair buzzed extremely short and there are times (like the Zygerria arc) when he definitely wouldn’t be able to dye it for a while.

this brings me to an even more amusing thought: imagine if Rex lets everyone think he bleaches his hair - and generally gets away with it because his eyebrows are dark enough - but thanks to some Kaminoan making a typo during his engineering, he’s actually a natural blond.

Trying - MC // Ramadan Series

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Hi guys! I mentioned earlier this month that I would potentially write a series of pieces centered around the boy dating someone who observed the month of Ramadan. There’s a lot of blurbs and pieces floating around out there of the boys celebrating other religious holidays with your family, and I figured some inclusion would be a nice thing. 

Word Count: 1276

In which Michael tries to understand.

Ashton // Calum // Luke

You laugh at the utterly confused look on Michael’s face; eyebrows furrowed and lips pouted to the side. Until this point, you’d thought he was following your explanation pretty well. Guess not. “So you guys don’t eat at all?”

From the other room, you can hear the quiet snorts and giggles that come from the rest of your family, followed by the quiet reprimand from your mother. They’re finding his confusion as cute and as amusing as you do. You’re smothering yours pretty well though, but you can tell Michael’s kind of embarrassed he’s just not grasping the concept you’ve been trying to explain.

It’s not his fault though. Michael hadn’t been exposed–really exposed– to the inner workings of Islam until he met you. And even if you weren’t the picture perfect subscriber to the religion anymore, there were still some aspects ingrained in you, some traditions, some practices you’d always follow. It was a big part of your childhood.

In his defense, he is trying very hard to understand. And the furrow of his brow is pretty damn cute. “You’re going to have to explain it to me one more time.”

You turn fully to face him, pulling one leg up onto the seat of the chair and tucking it underneath you. With your free hand, you reach out to pat his thigh and give him a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry about it babe, it can be confusing if you didn’t grow up with it. It’s fine if you don’t understand.”

“But I want to understand. This is a part of you, so it matters to me.” Michael insists, looking utterly frustrated with himself now. He runs a hand through his mess of hair, “I’ve been reading about Ramadan since it started and I think I get it but, I also just….don’t get it?”

A part of you wants to coo at him, the sentiment warming your heart. Michael’s dedication to understand just reinforces how serious he is about this relationship. It’s something no one has ever bothered to do before. Your mom crosses back into the kitchen, heading towards the fridge to begin making a meal for Iftar. She sends the pair of you a soft smile, adjusting the knot that holds her headscarf in place.

“Alright,” you start, shifting again to get comfortable on the hard kitchen chair. You can tell your mom is simultaneously eavesdropping while trying to look like she isn’t. “What do you understand? What don’t you understand?” You figure it’ll be easier to on the both of you if you don’t have to reiterate the things he’s already managed to understand.

Michael holds up his hand, all the fingers folded towards the palm like he’s about to tick them off a list. His raises his index finger, “First, you guys-Muslims-don’t eat for an entire month?” It’s almost right, but he phrases it like a question so you assume he’s asking for clarification.

You nod. “Almost, babe. Ramadan lasts an entire month. But obviously we can’t go a straight month without eating or drinking. It’s a day-to-day thing, from sunrise to sunset.”

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Dancing Queen.

Original Request

I really liked your ‘Shake It!’ story so I had an idea for a request; what if it was Dean who was dancing? The reader walks in on Dean rocking out to his classic rock, perhaps doing some intense air guitar riff, which leads to him eventually realising the reader’s leaning against the wall watching him. Then it could lead to playful flirting and they could rock out together? Idk it’s just an idea but I thought it was pretty amusing - thank you either way though! You’re awesome.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 763

Summary: Reader catches Dean in the act of dancing to Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love.


You were watching Dean dance. Wow, you’d never thought you’d hear yourself say that. I mean he was really going for it. Your body naturally lent into the door frame as your head rested on the side. Your smile grew wider the more you watched, he had yet to notice you staring.

The music played out from the speakers while Dean bobbed around the room. His hands mimicking that of the drums while he belted, to the best of his ability, the lyrics to the song.

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