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The atlantic division as college students during finals
  • tampa bay lightning: Been keeping up with their readings and homework for every class all semester. each week they made more flash cards and studied them. get As on all their exams.
  • toronto maple leafs: aren't doing the readings but still getting good grades anyway. cram study before the finals and pull all nighters and get As.
  • detroit red wings: were a total mess before their finals, almost had a breakdown during the test. started crying when they saw they passed all their exams.
  • boston bruins: stopped caring about university two semesters ago. only borught one pencil to the exam. chose letter D for question 3 because they liked saying 3-D in their heads.
  • Ottawa Senators: took part in group study sessions, pulled all nighters, read all the readings. got a C.
  • Florida Panthers: did all the right things last semester and got straight C's on everything. they've given up. now their version of studying is opening their textbook and then looking through twitter on their phone for a few hours.
  • Montreal Canadiens: also only brought one pencil to the exam. it was out of lead.
  • Buffalo Sabres: slept through three of them, went to the last two, might have spelled their name wrong on one, used pen on the scantron.

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How's Mulder and Scully doing this Thanksgiving?

They’re… doing okay. 

Scully’s trying her hand at all of Maggie’s old holiday recipes, even though there’s only the two of them to feed. She figures they can bring leftovers to work. She had Tara dictate the details to her over the phone last week, while she scribbled them down in a nice leather notebook Mulder got her seven Christmases ago and she never got around to using.

None of it’s quite right - the turkey isn’t cooking quickly enough, there wasn’t any fresh sage for the stuffing at the grocer’s, and she fears she overmixed the crust for the pumpkin pie. But it’s nice to be cooking together in their kitchen again, the windows steaming up against the cold. It’s nice to see Mulder with a dishcloth over his shoulder, elbow-deep in the frothing sink, humming along with the scratchy strain of the radio and lecturing passionately on colonial genocide and the ongoing legacy of institutional racism against indigenous peoples. 

She tried calling Charlie earlier, but it went to the answering machine. She didn’t leave a message. Wil - Jackson - is, of course, spending Thanksgiving with his family in Wyoming. Her and Mulder weren’t invited, but she feels blessed anyway, or at least something approaching peace. After so many years of wondering, at least she knows her son is safe and loved and has Mulder’s warm, whimsical eyes. 

They’ve got a bottle of their favourite merlot open on the counter, half-empty, and another one waiting on the kitchen table. 

She misses her mom. Her dad, her brothers, Emily. She misses her son, and guiltily, she misses the fantasies she used to have about him, about who he’d be, before she met who he actually was. She misses the energy she had when she was young, the sea air, the very expensive shoes she ruined on a case last week. 

But Scully’s thankful for what she does have. And at this moment, it’s this rickety old house and it’s dashing, quixotic inhabitant. 

Sincerely, there’s so much to say and nothing at all at the same time, and probably I choose to write it down instead of speak it out ‘cause that’s me who needs to make up my mind and not the situation. Everything it’s temporary, my darling, and if the feelings or the illusion of what you were supposed to feel just fly away, you can’t blame anybody. And maybe the thought of him trying to make known that you deserve to be loved a few weeks ago is killing you inside now, maybe the thought a few days ago you were laying on his chest with his arms around yours like it was supposed to mean for you the only shelter where you’d feel safe in that moment, and now he barely touches you, gawky, shy, like your skin may burn him, it makes you think there’s something wrong with you. That you did something wrong. That you are wrong or maybe…that you were wrong. You were wrong when you let him weave your soul thread by thread, when you let your mind accept that his arms felt like home, but he has just given you a hotel room.
—  makemehappynow 


uhh Hello, my name is Nicole and i’m an awkward 17 y/o from Latvia. I may look mean, but i promise i’m not 💗💕

So one day i got tired of not knowing who these boys called A.C.E are, because they kept appearing on my dash on daily basis and i wondered how i had never heard about them anywhere else before, so i went to check out their debut and comeback, my god, i got swept in a second. They just seem like such a close family that my heart couldn’t keep them outside. I’m also very keen on good and in-sync dancing and these boys proved to be the best at that and their vocals. Eversince that day, which was only like a week ago, i have been stanning and following them!

My bias is Junhee and i have to say everyone else is my second bias, because u cannot just not love them…

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This is a very random question but I'm curious, if you could bring a writer (or writers) back to write for the show again, who would it be? For me it's Robbie Thompson. He wrote a lot of excellent episodes but that scene with Metatron and God is one of my all time favorite Supernatural scenes (shout out to Curtis' acting too). Plus, he gave us Charlie but Buckleming killed her off but we will not go there this time. 🙃

Heck yes, I’d like to have Robbie back. (I mean I’ve only got one thing I think I’d probably challenge him to a duel over, but other than than I’m mostly okay with him :P)

He has given us some AWESOME characters. I actually met Curtis Armstrong at RICC a couple of weeks ago, and THIS was exactly what we were talking about! Robbie Thompson. Well, we were actually talking about 9.18, but yeah… I told Curtis that I thought this scene was one of the most groundbreaking scenes in the entire series, and he was surprised I thought so, but he agreed:

Metatron: What makes a story work? Is it the plot, the characters, the text? The subtext? And who gives a story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you? Tonight, I thought I would tell you a little story and let you decide.

(Plus we can’t forget Eileen. And Mildred. I love her too.)

I would also not be sad to have Ben Edlund back. He’s responsible for one of MY favorite scenes (well, several of them, but specifically Cas in the Biggersons in 8.21, just sipping coffee as he boops his way from town to town running from Naomi’s angels, while Ion describes how he’s eluding them.)

We get this:

With this:

Naomi: Ion, tell me that you have good news.
Ion: He’s using a clever tactic. It’s a restaurant called Biggerson’s. The humans have built hundreds of them, almost exactly alike.
Naomi: What are you talking about?
Ion: It’s their sameness. Castiel is using it against us. Now, we try to orient ourselves, but it’s as if we’re in every Biggerson’s at once — trapped in a quantum superposition. Now, he chooses which to go to next, that’s what’s giving him the edge.
Naomi: You’re saying that you can’t catch him.
Ion: There’s, there’s just so many Biggerson’s.
Naomi: Very well. You say he can’t be caught? Then we will simply have to make him stop

Honestly it’s the most badass thing Cas has ever done. Well, short of annoying his way out of the Empty. :P

But honestly? The current writers have been truly knocking my socks off. Meredith Glynn, Bobo Berens, Davy Perez, Steve Yockey… they’ve been flipping fantastic this year.

(note my comment about Cas shouting his way out of the Empty)


Pre-pregnant vs 12 weeks pregnant.

The left is from about 6 months ago but there’s only 4 lbs difference between the two. I havent been exercising at all and some serious cellulite is populating my thighs. As you can see the bottom of my gut is a lot heavier where the baby is sitting.

It makes me really sad that I don’t have a “cute bump”. But this is my body and I’m going to try and accept it because even though it doesnt look cute and constantly think awful things about this stupid body shape I have and how awful I’ve treated my body, my body is doing nothing short of a miracle by growing this baby. And I’m going to celebrate that even if it doesnt feel like I deserve to.

A New Home Jihyun/Leilanna One Shot

Leilanna sighed happily as she wandered into the kitchen. She looked at the clock on the stove and it told her that it was 3A.M. She couldn’t help but chuckle to herself for being up so late, but she had good reason. Jihyun, her photographer and artist husband, and herself had just moved into their new home. It was more than she had ever dreamed…and she had dreamed of it plenty. Together, they had stayed up many a late nights personally designing their dream home. It had been complete a few weeks before and only 4 hours ago had they had finally finished unpacking everything.

She should probably be asleep, but she was restless and excited to finally be in their special place. Walking around the kitchen slowly, she let her fingers trail gently along the new appliances as she walked around the room. To help her sleep, Leilanna decided to make some tea. Walking over to the counter, she turned the radio onto their favorite oldies station before pulling out the tea kettle. She filled it with water and placed it into the stove that she had just turned on.

Leilanna’s thoughts turned to her husband and she smiled to herself as she started dancing around the kitchen. Humming to herself softly, she didn’t hear that the object of her thoughts and affections had entered the kitchen. He slowly came up behind her, grabbed her waist, and turned her around to face him. A gasp escaped her lips before she let out a small laugh upon seeing her lovers face.
“You scared me. Did I wake you,” Leilanna inquired. Jihyun shook his head.

“No, I had some work to finish up on. Are you alright my love,” he questioned her and kissed her forehead.  Leilanna nodded as her red locks bounced around her face. She explained how she was too excited to sleep. Just then, the song they danced to at their wedding began to play on the radio; Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley. The music rang out of the stereo and Jihyun backed up a little and bowed to his wife.

“May I have this dance,” he queried. Leilanna let out a small giggle and graced him with a curtsy before accepting his hand.

“It would be my pleasure,” she informed him as the lyrics began to flow through the radio.

Wise men say only fools rush in

But I can’t help falling in love with you

Shall I stay?

Would it be a sin

If I can’t help falling in love with you?

Like a river flows surely to the sea

Darling so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand, take my whole life too

For I can’t help falling in love with you

Leilanna and Jihyun swirled around the kitchen slowly as they embraced the other closely against their chest. Leilanna was so happy in that moment that she felt tears prickling the corners of her eyes. As long song came to a close, they shared a sweet and gentle kiss before finally letting go. They both had a cup of tea and then went to bed together.

This one is for @reifromrfa aka Bubbles. She has been writing all the angst for you guys so I wanted to give her some FLUFF! I hope you like it! <3

The Devils Smile

Negan x Reader.. the trip back to Alexandria takes a turn for the worse

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Part 21

“Now y/n you get to pick which one of these lovely gentleman gets Lucille and don’t fucking take too long, Lucille is fucking thirsty she might just” Negan made a knocking noise as he gestured a swing with Lucille “Have till cave two fucking skulls in” he finished.

The glint in his eyes as he slid his tongue across his top teeth showed the love for power he had over me…over everyone.

Without thinking I drew Rosita’s gun and pointed it straight at Negan , dad and Daryl shifting slightly from my path. I wasnt even sure if it was loaded, yes Rosita said she had a bullet but did she even put it in the gun.

“Now if this isn’t a case of fucking déjà vu, Simon was it or was it not only a few weeks ago another one of Ricks kids pointed a gun at me in this fucking house… know I’m getting the feeling I’m not liked in this fucking family and my feelings are getting damn hurt”

Negan looked unaffected by the gun pointed at his head, not caring I was at the other side of it, standing strong with his chest pumped out and that devilish grin across his face…. Again I froze just like that day on the side of the road, here was my opportunity to stop Negan again and I couldn’t do it, with the memories from the cabin flooding my head the anger stared to soften leaving me to assess the situation.

“I want everyone out, just me and you Negan…..its not about anyone else, not now anyway”

“Well princess if you wanted me alone all you had to do was ask…though that gun does make you look badass as fuck!……..outside men NOW” Negan didn’t move his graze from mine, refusing to show any signs of backing down. I motioned Dad and Daryl to leave too, ensuring them id be fine.

“Your best not looking at me like that y/n…last time you did we ended up fucking and taking as you’ve a fucking gun pointed at me, we could be in for some freaky ass roleplay” still amused at himself as dad closed the door behind him.

I strangely relaxed knowing it was only me and Negan alone again…..Negan well….. strangely became less relaxed and amused at the situation . His chest was sieving, teeth locked tight on his bottom lip as his wide dark eyes glared at me. I watched as the anger then grew in his body.

“Where did you get that gun y/n?” he spat the words though his teeth, his eyes never left mine.

“ANSWER ME" he banged Lucille of the tiled floor , making me jump .

“ I found it” I lied “at the sanctuary…..”

“Hmm…. you know I think you might just be fucking lying to me, I think that fucking girl I saw you gossiping with fucking gave you it….did she y/n…DID SHE?” Negan had moved close enough that the gun now pressed against his chest, I’m sure he could feel my hand shaking though the gun.


Negan toyed with Lucille as he continued to bite his lip in thought.

“Why aren’t you ending it then y/n” He was suddenly more calm, maybe realising I wasn’t going to kill him.

I don’t know how to end this, how am I meant to put this gun down and walk away from this now , he wouldn’t kill me not at first he’d go after Rosita and it would be all on me and my stupid temper….i wish id never asked to come back here.

Suddenly Negans lips found their way to mine, my body instantly melted into his as I lowered the gun, his kiss became hard and forceful just making me want him more….as much as I hated to admit it his kiss quieted my mind, banishing all the hate I had for him. As Negan removed the gun from my sweaty hand, he pulled away leaving me shaking and breathless. I hated feeling this way but also loved every moment with him, my head constantly fighting sides on my feelings for him. Negan didn’t look at me before heading to the door. I watched as he closed the door behind him…minutes passed as I aloud my body to collapse down the wall…the floor was cold and there was silence….just silence no Negan screaming, no gun shoots…just nothing.

Darly and dad eventually broke the silence as they ran towards me…..

“Im….im….sorry….is Rosita…did Negan…” I tried to find the words

Dad stopped me “He didn’t, he just left, he’s gone y/n”


Yesterday I finished reading Oathbringer!

Like I said a week ago, I will tag my posts with #oathbringer #oathbringer spoilers and for extra measure #Nat posts oathbringer spoilers

Since many of you probably haven’t read the book yet, what I’ll do is that I’ll queue all OB posts in a way that only 1 out of every 5 posts in my blog is spoilery. That way if you haven’t read the book yet you’ll still be able to enjoy my other posts without scrolling down a dozen blacklisted posts.

When Politics are Abusive

So, today I realized I don’t care anymore. Not “don’t”: can’t.

The most recent thing is net neutrality, but just a week ago it was sexual assault every time I looked at anything, or my rights being taken in one of a million fun ways.

It’s only been a year, and I am seeing myself slip right into abuse survival tactics.

Humans CANNOT live in states of heightened stress indefinitely. Eventually, you’ll slip into survival mode. You’ll either stop caring, or burning out, or getting so angry you stop being effective at caring for yourself.

I’m there. I’m done, and all the self care in the world isn’t going to fix it.

And you know what: I’m only slightly terrified about this. 

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I’ve met my girlfriend half a year ago through a dating app and we’re dating for a few weeks now. It’s a distant relationship and we’re seeing each other only on weekends. Both of our parents are homophobics but we’re good at hiding. She is such an amazing girl and I love spending time with her. We’re so similar and I just love hearing her voice or feeling her lips against mine. (Sorry for my bad English, I am from Germany)

There is nothing wrong with your English! It’s by the way also not my first language 😬 I’m sorry that both of your parents are such homophobes. Glad though you found eachother, I wish you guys loads of love ♥♥

Brag about your girlfriend to me