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Vampire!Taehyung X Sorceress!Reader

Rated M: Smut 

Notes/ Warnings: Blood, Vampire!Seokjin, Implied TaeJin

Word Count: 4655

Request: Hi there! Can I request a Vampire!Taehyung au? (i’m also really particular to his red hair from Save Me, so could you mention something about that?)

A/N: Anon here’s your request for redhead Vampire Tae. This was such a good request.  If there’s anything I love more than werewolf Yoongi it’s Vampire Taehyung. It was the only request so I took a week to really think out a nice story.  You didn’t say if you wanted smut or not so I hope it’s okay that’s where I went with it.  Let me know if you liked it!!

Kim Taehyung has never been a normal vampire right from the day he was turned.  Not simply because of his unique personality.  Rather because of a genetic mutation he was unknowingly born with.  A type of Hemogenic Melanin disorder.   

Thirty four years ago your friend Kim Seokjin came banging on your door at quarter past one in the morning.  The first mistake of that evening was letting him in.  You blamed it on the rude awakening and not quite having proper brain functions when you opened the door.  You can’t even say you’re surprised to see him standing on your doorstep with an unconscious man on his back.  It hadn’t been the first time.  

Your old vampire friend has a terrible hobby of turning pretty boys into one of his kind.  Every once in awhile Seokjin will find a charming boy that suits his fancy.  Taehyung is the thirteenth or fourteenth victim from your estimates.  

Jin told you it’s to make the future heir of his fortune seeing as vampires can’t produce their own progeny.  Beside the good looks you haven’t bothered to ask what the other criteria are and you’re not sure you want to know.     

Seokjin only brought them to you if something wasn’t going right with their turning.  You don’t mean to brag but only one of them didn’t make it and that was his own fault for rejecting the help.  This time Seokjin is in another mild panic as he slumps the boy’s lifeless body onto your kitchen table. 

“Y/N I don’t know what is wrong with this one.  I think I might have drained him too much?  To the point that his hair changed color.”  You have no idea what he’s talking about but the mop of paper white hair the boy has is quite shocking.  “You’re saying he didn’t have white hair when you bit him?”  You ask running a caution few finger through the strands.  

“No, he was mostly brunette with some highlights.  It all faded white after the bite.”  Seokjin nervously fiddles off to the side while you continue the examination.  Opening his eyelids reveals that he’s not too far gone to save but also that his irises are as white as his hair.  “Well did you feed him your blood yet?”   

Seokjin looks up like you’ve already given him the cure.  “No, I thought something went wrong and came straight here.”  Typical, comes to you with his problems before trying to solve them himself.  “Well don’t leave your job half done.”  You scold him.  

He takes a dainty canine and puncture a vein of his wrist.  With his other hand he holds open the boy’s mouth.  The first few drops trickle onto his tongue and slide down for him to swallow.  The boys lips twitch then close around the life source.  

After a few long swallows, Jin pulls his wrist away.  Right away the bright eyes snap open, his back bows off the table, and takes a deep inhale.  It looks as though life had suddenly been shot back into his body.  The haunting eyes lock with yours but you aren’t afraid.  Jin is quick to hold him down before he can pounce.   

You know well that at this stage they need to fulfill their bloodlust.  Which is on of the reasons why you keep an array of blood bags in your fridge.  While Jin holds the feral vampire down you take careful steps out to the kitchen.  

Your second mistake of the evening is only having the bags of your own blood left in the fridge.  Those are usually for special occasion for Jin.  He’s told you many times that your blood is a pure delicacy that’s aged like an expensive wine.  You assume it’s all the honey you use for your age reversal spells.  

With an annoyed sigh you pick up one of the bags and bring it back to the table.  To not get too close you toss it to Jin.  The feral watches the bag like a starved dog watches a piece of meat.  Seokjin holds it to the ferals face and he’s quick to puncture the plastic casing.

The two of you watch the boy drain the whole pint.  It’s not enough for a new vampire seeing that they can drain around 10 pints in a sitting.  It will be enough to give Jin some control over the boy to get him back home.

The empty bag gets tossed to the floor.  The wild eyes are still locked on your every movement.  You notice that they aren’t quite so white anymore.  With closer inspection you can see his hair isn’t quite white anymore either.  It’s turned to a very faint petal pink color.  

Seokjin is quickly saying a goodbye and dragging the boy out with him.  The both of you staring at each other until they’re out the door.  Interesting is the last thing you think before cleaning up the room and heading back to bed.  

A few nights later, Jin brings the boy back with new information to his dilemma.  It’s quite shocking to see the boy has bright cherry red hair and cerulean eyes.  As per your original speculation those colors are affected by the amount of blood in his system.   

“Very interesting.”  You speak aloud this time.  You make circles around the boy who tries to keep his eyes on you.  With a careful hand you pluck one of the hairs from his head.  He gives a hiss like a ticked off cat but doesn’t make any other moves. 

“I forgot to introduce you properly last time.  Y/N this is Taehyung.  Taehyung this is Y/N, a very old friend of mine.”  Neither of you say a hello.  Taehyung gives a slight nod but you’re too busy examining his hair.  Seokjin sighs.  “Y/N try to make a good impression please?  It’s his first time in the presence of a human again.  Well “human.”” Taehyung looks interested at Jin’s air quotes.  

“Sorry Taehyung, I forgot to mention my friend is a sorceress.  She’s nearly as old as I am though she doesn’t look it.”  You give your friend a hard glare for that comment.  Taehyung mentally estimates you at 200 and some years old.          

By then the piece of hair in your fingers has changed to a lighter red almost pink.  You put it in a glass vial to further inspect later.  “Well I’m not sure why you thought I was a good person to socialize your new pet, but company is company.”  You lead them in to sit in the living room.  “I’m not a pet.”  The unexpected raspy deep voice makes you turn back.  

The redhead is trying his best to look intimidating but you’re not fazed.  “Oh, he does talk.”  You smile with fake surprise and continue on your way to make some tea.  Seokjin snickers and pushes Taehyung in to sit.  

It’s two years later that you get to see Taehyung again.  Seokjin stops by quite often but he hardly ever brings someone with him.  Not unless he needs a favor.  That’s the first time Seokjin talks you into being the kids babysitter while he takes his vampire naps.  To save on time and energy vampires have long sleep periods.  Those recently turned don’t need it so much but it’s not uncommon.  

Seokjin blatantly bribes you to do the job of watching Taehyung’s coffin for him while he sleeps.  Your friend knows all too well that you’ll do just about any favor for some rare ingredients and a load of cash.  

Still you have to ask why you need to watch him when Seokjin has plenty of his other boys around the house.  To which he replies that the others are getting jealous of him at home because he favors Taehyung a little too much.  Jin pats the boy on the head with a fond look.

At the present time Taehyung is here on his second sleep.  The coffin has been sitting on one of your potions tables for close to 9 months now.  You’ve practically forgotten about someone inside it.  Seokjin brought him over again but the boy was kind enough to stay awake for a day with you.  He proved somewhat helpful around the house when he wasn’t trying to get your blood.

Close to sundown you’re tinkering with a potion a few tables away from the coffin.  The attic of your home serves as your brew room since it has the best ventilation.  The cool evening breeze wafts in through the open bay window.  It’s just enough to upset the candle flames of the chandelier.  

The last bits of sunlight fade and there’s a long creak of the coffin lid opening.  You look up from your work to see Taehyung stretching and groaning.  “Had a good rest sleeping beauty?”  You comment and go back to work.  “Just lovely.”  His voice sounds thick with sleep.  

Taehyung slinks over to you in long stretching steps.  To your annoyance he lays his weight onto your back and hooks his chin over your shoulder.  “A bit of room would be nice.”  You grunt trying to reach for a vial across the table.  Taehyung easily hands it to you without moving place.   

“Still a bit sleepy and my legs feel like jello.”  He whines.  “Then sit in a chair or something.”  Taehyung hums and presses his nose below your jaw.  “But you’re comfy and I’m also quite hungry.”  You hate that the feeling of his lips on your neck gives you chills.  You push his face away and sidestep to the end of the table.  

“I’m sure you are princess peach.”  He pouts and fluffs a hand through his hair that’s a faded peach color.  At the end of the table is a blood pouch you had out for your potion but you hand it over for the hungry vampire.  He eagerly bites into the package and starts drinking away.  

Taehyung gives you a new pout when the bag is empty.  “I was hoping for your blood.”  You hold out your hand to take the empty bag but he grabs your wrist and pulls you into his chest.  The quick motion and his lips brushing your neck again take the air out of your lungs.  “It’s still the most delicious blood I’ve ever had.  I can’t help but crave you.”  

You turn the hand he’s holding and give a short shock of electricity to his arm.  He yelps and lets you go.  “How many times have I told you I don’t hand out my precious blood for just anyone.  You got lucky that night.  It took Seokjin eighty years of friendship before I let him have it.”

There’s a lot of ways that Taehyung would like to persuade you into letting him have another taste but right now he’s still too hungry.  He hasn’t fed in months.  He just doesn’t have the patience to argue with you.  “Fine, but I’ll be back.  You’ll give into me eventually.”  The boy gripes while rubbing the shocked spot of his arm.  

He turns up his nose and saunters over to the bay window.  “Say hello to your maker for me.”  You sing-song in a fake tone.  All you get in response is a huff before he steps right off the ledge.  

A whole two months pass in peace before you hear from Taehyung again.  It’s passing on 10 PM when you’re finishing to grind up powders.  The unasked for visitor is perched on the window sill like he hadn’t left at all.  The only difference is his hair being the deep cherry red it should be.  

“Good evening Taehyung.”  You acknowledge him and put away your cleaned mortar.  “It’s really not fair that I can’t sneak up on you.”  He speaks and walks into the room.  “Sitting in plain sight on my window is sneaking?  You must be hunting some very oblivious prey then.”   

Taehyung leans on the table and fiddles with a jar.  “No, if I were hunting you, you’d definitely be dead by now.  You’re too good to be prey.  Would be nice if you at least flinched a little.”  He gives you the ever present pout.   

Ignoring his whining you put away the powder jars in the right cupboards.  “What can I do for you Taehyung.  It’s a bit too soon for you to be wanting a nap again.”  Taehyung hands you the jar he was holding.  “Noona, how could you forget.  I promised to come back didn’t I?”  

Right, you should’ve figured he would stay true to his word.  “If you’ve come back to try and get my blood the answer is still no.  Besides you don’t look like you need it.”  Taehyung slides around the table to stand closer to you.  “I always save a little room for you Noona.”  His eyebrows raise in a cocky smirk.  

You roll your eyes at the typical vampire attempts at seduction.  “Then you’ll be a little hungry for the rest of your eternal life.”  The table is cleared and with a flick of your wrist the candles of the chandelier go out and a single hand lamp candle is lit.  

“I can at least make you some tea for you troubles.”  It’s not what he wants but Taehyung follows you down the steps to the first floor anyway.  In the kitchen you use the same flick to light the other candle scattered around. 

“Why are you such a prude about your blood?  Is it because you know it’s so delicious?”  You scoff at him.  “I’m not a prude about it.  I just don’t want to be bitten up by a needy vampire.”  Taehyung would argue that he’s not needy but he knows you won’t listen. “Why is that?”            

“None of the outcomes of you biting me are appealing so I think I’ll pass.”  You answer and set the kettle of water on the stove.  “They aren’t?  I definitely wouldn’t drain you dry and if you got turned then you wouldn’t need those potions to keep yourself alive and beautiful.”  

“As tempting as that sounds I certainly wouldn’t pick you to be my master.”  Your arms cross over you chest and you fix the boy with a hard stare.  He looks very upset with your answer.  “I bet you’d let Seokjin bite you.”  He doesn’t hide the bitter tone of his voice.  

“Maybe I would.  He certainly deserves it more than you.”  You’ve never let Seokjin bite you and you’re sure you never would.  It just wouldn’t be fun to end the teasing right away.  Taehyung’s lip twitches in annoyance.  “I bet you would love for him to get his hands on you and be your master.”  

The real thought of that happening makes you cringe but you don’t let it show.  “Why don’t you tell me all about it since you have the experience.”  His lips curls further to show one of his glinting canines.  “Oh I’m sure you’d love to hear all the details, you dirty old witch.”  He takes a long menacing stride in your direction but you stand firm.  

“Bet you’d get off knowing all about how he seduced me the night I was turned.”  You’ve never wanted to hear about Seokjin seducing his prey but Taehyung does make it sound enticing.  You open your mouth to give another witty reply but the air gets caught in your throat.  In one swift move Taehyung closed the distance, arms caging you against the counter, and blue eyes staring you down. 

“Maybe I should show you instead?  Help you get off better.  I’m sure it’s been centuries since you’ve let someone touch you.”  It hasn’t been centuries but it’s certainly been a very long time.  Maybe more like decades.  He doesn’t need to know that.  “No need but thanks for the offer.”  You answer blankly.  

Of course he’s not going to give you up just like that.  “Don’t lie.  You know I can hear your heartbeat.  You might want to calm down or your old organ is going to burst.”  The smirk on his lips is really annoying you now.  “The only reason is because I’ve got a blood thirsty brat cornering me in my own kitchen.”  

His smile grows to show both long fangs.  He ducks his head to run his cold nose up your neck.  “Oh so you’re actually scared of me?  Afraid I might take what I want?”  He whispers the words into your skin, the points of his teeth scraping your pulse.  You can’t help the hitch in your breath.  

The first instinct you have is to shock him away again.  Your hands shoot up to touch him but his movements are quicker.  He’s got your arms pinned to the bottom cupboards by your wrists in the blink of an eye.  

“Now now, there’s no need to be that way.  I’m a gentleman after all.  I wouldn’t take it unless I have permission.  No matter how tempting.”  He takes a long inhale.  “You smell so good though.  So hard to resist.”  He punctuates this by running the tip of his tongue from the base of your neck to your jaw.  

Goosebumps spread along your skin and you gasp for air when he sucks the tender skin between his lips.  He licks over the bruise trying hard to taste the burst blood vessels beneath the skin.  If it weren’t for the kettle beside you whistling he might have lost his control.  

Taehyung pulls away and releases one of your hands.  With the use of your magic the kettle moves off the stove and onto the hot pad on the table.  You contemplate flinging the scalding metal at the vampire and making a mad dash for the door.  If you go through with what’s happening you’ll never hear the end of it but in the end the boy is just too tempting.  

The fire of the stove goes out and Taehyung is quick to replace his position.  He continues his work, sucking bruises into the delicate skin of your neck.  His tongue licks heavily against each one and even grazes his teeth every now and then.  He’s trying so hard to get the faintest taste of your blood in his mouth.   

Each one of his movements flutters your heart in fear and excitement.  Your hands grip roughly to the wooden cupboard door anytime you feel his teeth.  By the fifth hickey you’re openly whining.  Only the word please coming to mind even though you aren’t sure what exactly you’re asking for.  

When Taehyung feels like he really might lose his control he leans back to admire his work.  His glowing predatory eyes fix on yours.  “Y/N, let me have you.”  The tone of his voice is near feral.  You know it’s all vampire mind tricks.  Dammit you need to say no, so why are you nodding yes?  

There’s surprisingly no cocky smirk or smug look of success.  Taehyung is too wrapped up in his needs.  In a flash of movement he has you out of the kitchen and in your room.  Your vision doesn’t have time to focus in the dark room before you’re pushed onto your bed.   

Ravenous lips are sucking more marks down the other side of your neck.  A heavy body between your legs presses you into the comforter.  Cold hands running up your legs and pushing your dress along with them finally kick your brain into gear.  

The candles of your room alight so you can watch this beast ravage you.  Taehyung pulls away with the change of lighting.  He sits up on his knees and keeps pulling your dress up.  You help him pull it up over your head and onto the floor.  His eyes hungrily take in the sight of your body completely bare to him.   

Your eyes are doing the same once he’s quick to shed his own garments.  The glow of the candles make even his cold pale skin look warm and inviting.  You’d like to reach out and touch him but he beats you to it.  Long fingers slide up your legs for you to part them.  

He settles himself between your legs with his lips suckling into the flesh of your thighs.  “You’re so beautiful, you must be enchanting me.”  He mumbles more to himself than for you to hear.   

That sinful tongue of his glides right up the inside of your thigh to your pussy.  One long lick through your folds is all he needs to become possessed by your taste again.  His smooth muscle works over your clit in fast motions that have you crying out.  Your hands try to find some purchase in his long cherry locks.  

The way he moans as he eats you out seems like he’s enjoying it more than you are.  In his mind the sweet honey taste of your essence is almost as fulfilling as your blood.  If you keep it coming he’d like to eat you out for hours.  

As a way to get more of the delicious juices from you, he slips two fingers into you up to the last knuckle.  While his fingers drag along your walls, his tongue works again at your sensitive clit.  The louder your cries and the tighter the grip of your hand gets the harder he tries.  

It’s not long before the pleasure is too much and you’re cumming hard.  Taehyung pulls out his fingers but continues to lap up your juices.  It keeps the waves of your orgasm ebbing through you until you’ve settled.  

You actually have to tug his head up to get him to stop licking you.  He looks upset that you interrupted until he hears what you have to say.  “Taehyung, please fuck me.”  That catches his interest even more.  A quick shift up the bed and he’s settled with the tip of his cock at your entrance.  

You appreciate the slight pause of assurance he gives you but it’s completely unnecessary.  A small roll of your hips gives him the go ahead to slide right in.  The both of you moan out at the first full thrust.  The frigid temperature of his length is unusual but pleasurable all the same.  On his end the heat of your walls around him feels so good.  

Taehyung rolls his hips in another long slow thrust.  It’s so good but you need more.  Your buck your hips with his to prove your point.  “Think your old bones can handle if I’m rough?”  Taehyung teases.  “With the way your thighs are shaking I don’t think you’ll last very long anyway.”  You shoot right back.  

With a tsks he gets a firm hold on your thighs and presses them up and out.  He’s honestly surprised by how flexible you are.  Must be more magic tricks.  

True to his word he gets into a harsh bone jarring rhythm right away.  The speed and angle of his hips is hitting you so deep and in the perfect spot.  It’s been too long since you’ve had sex like this.  The pleasure catches up to you all to quickly.  

Trying not to cry out loudly, you bite your lip.  One of Taehyung’s rough thrusts makes your teeth slip and break the skin.  He smells the bit of blood in your mouth right away.  His hands let go of your thighs and he leans down to capture your lips with his.  The piston of his hips never falters.   

His tongue wiggles it’s way into your mouth and laps hungrily at the small cut.  He moans loudly at finally tasting even the smallest bit of your blood in so many years.  His tongue runs all around your mouth to get as much as he can.  It’s strangely erotic.   

The taste is nearly gone from your mouth as it was a small cut that quickly healed.  It’s not enough to please him.  He’s pathetically panting and whimpering into your mouth like a puppy that ate his treat too fast.  

“Please, I need more. Please, Y/N.”  He’s chanting the words with nips against your bottom lip.  You know he’s trying hard to reopen the cut but his saliva heals the wound over before it has time to.  In a lapse of sanity you decide to give him what he wants.  

Two of your fingers come up to your neck.  The secare spell in your mind makes a small cut through one of the bruises.  Hot blood instantly runs down your neck but Taehyung’s tongue is lapping it up in no time.  

His lips latch onto the cut and he begins to suck hard, drawing the very thing he craves the most from you.  The motion of his hips turn an inhuman speed.  Just the taste of your blood has him spilling clear cum into.  His whole body shivers and shakes but he still doesn’t stop his movements.  

Your fingers lace into his locks that are turning gradually a darker shade of crimson.  It’s the combination of cold hands, tongue, teeth, and cum that prove the final push for you as well.  His fingers grip tightly to your waist when he feels your walls quivering around his length.  He needs something to ground him from biting into your neck.  

His sucking and thrusting slow once you’re settled again but don’t quit.  You’re afraid he’s going to really drain you dry.  It takes another small shock to his chest to get him to finally stop and pull away.  

The two of you catch your breath and admire how you look.  Taehyung loves the flush of your cheeks, your cut and bruises, and the sated look in your tired eyes.  You take in the beautiful creature with messed crimson hair, ocean blue eyes, and lips stained kissably red.  His face changes to a dazzling smile that really takes your breath away.  

“Thank you, noona.”  He chirps then pulls out and flops onto the bed next to you.  That’s when the weight of the situation comes crashing down.  Taehyung leans on an elbow to face you.  “Told you I’d be back to get what I want.  It was awfully clever of you to think of the cut.”  He smugly remarks.  

You sit up to give him a piece of your mind but your head swims.  The movement was way too fast for how much blood you’ve lost.  You fall right back into the mattress and into Taehyung’s arms.  He was quick to catch you.  “Easy there.  Don’t try to kill yourself over it.”   

“I ought to be killing you, brat.”  You grumble.  The pout comes back on his lips.  “Kill me?  After what I just did for you?  I’m hurt.”  He fakes a pained face.  “That’s precisely the reason.  I’m going to be sore and tired for days now thanks to you.”  

Taehyung makes sure you’re comfy on the bed and gets up.  “I’ll just have to stick around to help you get better.”  He states then disappears out of the room.  “No way.  You’ll only make me feel worse I’m sure of it.”  You shout after him.  

He returns a few minutes later with a washcloth and a glass of water.  “I can’t let you be alone in case you’re bed ridden tomorrow.”  He goes to clean you up but you’re quick to snatch the cloth from him and do it yourself with a bit of your magic to help.  

Taehyung lays on the other side of you again like he belongs there.  He patiently waits for you to drink your water and get settled in the blankets.  “I’ll allow you to stay till the morning though I know you won’t sleep.”  You yawn at the end.  Sleep is pulling you in quickly.  

“You always guard me when I sleep.  Just think of it as me returning the favor.”  Taehyung moves to blow out the few candles for you.  He doesn’t get an answer as you’re fast asleep by the time he’s back in the bed.  “Goodnight, Y/N.”



prompts #2 and #5 as requested by @hamiltrin! hope you like it!



That was the only word you could think of to adequately describe what the past week had been like.

Ever since you and Spencer had both been injured in a particularly nasty case a week ago, you had both been forced by Hotch to stay behind at Quantico while the rest of the team travelled. The two of you helped as much as you could from there, but to be honest, it was killing you. You were both dying to actually be out in the field, helping to solve these cases with all of your talents, and the restlessness was starting to get to you.

It didn’t help that the two of you were already pissed off enough at one another.

Even though you and Spencer were good friends, the case that had landed you here had sparked a large amount of animosity between the two of you, creating a divide that only made being stranded at home together worse. You were mad at Spencer for making a snap decision in the take down that had led him to not only get himself shot in the arm, but had managed to get you shot in the leg as well. Normally you would never hold a teammate responsible for an injury in the field, but Spencer had directly gone against the plan you two had come up with and it almost got you both killed. Of course, Spencer had thought it was the only possible thing to do, which only served to make you angrier.

You tried to avoid one another as much as possible, and when you had to work together and see one another, the resentment and anger you two shared frequently poured over, creating fight after fight. In an attempt to avoid fighting, and more importantly, each other, you had set up stations at different ends of the BAU. You were stationed in the briefing room while Spencer holed up with Penelope to minimize run ins. However, on a day like today, sometimes they were inevitable.

You were seated in a chair, carefully looking over a letter the unsub wrote to the police, when Spencer barged into the room, grabbing the letter from your hand.

“Are you kidding me?” You asked, in utter awe of how rude he could be. Instead of answering you, he simply waved his hand in your direction, brushing you off as he picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Oh my god! Answer me!” You were livid at how much of a douchebag he was being.

“Spencer Reid if you don’t answer me right now I swear I wi-”

“Hey Morgan, I think I know why the unsub is choosing his victims,” Spencer cut you off, beginning to write on the white board that had been brought in for you to work on.

“You are such a douchebag!” You were practically shaking with anger as Penelope burst into the room, overhearing your outburst.

“I don’t think they’re surrogates for his father. I think they’re surrogates for himself,” Spencer said, his eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration.

“Yeah well I did some research and I think th-”

“Oh, excuse me, I’m so sorry, I forgot the part where I asked for your opinion,” Spencer snapped, turning to roll his eyes at you.

“Oh dear Lord,” Penelope whispered, her eyes going wide and she looked at the pure and utter rage present on your face as you stared at Spencer in disbelief.

“I’m going to kill you. I need someone to help me up first, and then I’m going to kill you,” you whispered, your tone frighteningly calm.

“Go ahead,” Spencer challenged, once again turning to glare at you, “at least I wouldn’t be stuck working in this hell hole with you anymore. You are being completely unreasonable and completely insufferable.”

“I’m the one being unreasonable and insufferable? Really? You’re the one that got us here in the first place!”

You waited expectantly for another angry remark from Spencer, but instead he stared at you for a second. You saw his expression change momentarily, a flash of what looked like sadness appearing, before he snapped back to reality and picked up the phone again, turning away from you.

“Um, well, that’s just my theory. I’ll talk to you later,” he said quickly, hanging up the phone without saying goodbye as he left the room without another word.

You looked at his retreating form, knowing that something else was clearly going on with him, and sighed. Even though you were still pissed at him, he was still Spencer, and you still had to make sure he was okay. You grabbed your crutches, pulling yourself up with Penelope’s help and leaving her instructions on what to send to Morgan for the case before you hobbled out of the room.

You found Spencer where you knew you would. On the third floor, sitting on the bench in the empty hallway you two always ate lunch in. He was sitting with his head in his hands, breathing deeply.

“Hey,” you said quietly, stopping a little ways away from the bench.

“Hey,” he said as he lifted his head to look at you. You saw that same look on his face that had appeared before as he looked at you.

“Look, Spen-”

“I’m so sorry,” Spencer cut you off, looking at you, regret present in his tone.

“Hey it’s okay we all say things we don’t mean when we’re angry,” you said, moving over to take a seat next to Spencer.

“No, not for that. Well I mean I am sorry for that, but I mean for getting us into this situation. For getting you hurt,” he said, and as you stared into his sorrowful eyes, everything made sense.

Spencer wasn’t angry at you, he was angry at himself for what had happened. He was filled with guilt, and it was killing him. And yet, all this time, you thought he was just being selfish. You were both idiots, so wrapped up in your own feelings that you had isolated yourselves from one another, only making things worse.

“Oh, Spence,” you whispered, tilting his head so that you were face to face, “It’s okay,” you looked deep into his eyes, offering a smile to reassure him.

“I could have gotten us killed. I could have gotten you killed. I could have lost the love of my life.”

You paused, the words you were about to say halting in your throat. Did Spencer just call you the love of his life?

You thought back to the moment you were shot. Spencer had panicked when he saw you fall, his eyes filling with fear as he screamed out your name, fighting to make it to you. He had never looked more scared before in his entire life. He didn’t even hesitate as the bullet flew at him, too focused on making it to you.

You thought back to the moment that he got shot as well. You had reacted the same way, your eyes widening in fear as Spencer collapsed. You had tried to move, to crawl, to make it to him in any way possible. You realized now that that you had never been more terrified in your entire life either. You realized that you had never before had to consider what it would feel like to lose him. To lose all the lunches in that empty hallway and all the conversations over dinner at his place and all the moments you were lucky enough to have with him. You realized that you were in love with him, so in love that you were so scared that you could lose that. You weren’t mad at him for getting you hurt. You were mad at him for creating a situation in which he could have been taken away from you.

He seemed to realize what he said at the same time as you, his eyes widening in panic as he noticed your silence at his bold words.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry, I-”

You didn’t let Spencer finish, instead pressing your lips to his, smiling as he kissed you back. You pulled away after a while, the smile still present on your face as you sat, enjoying moment.

“So I’m guessing this means you’re not going to kill me anymore are you,” Spencer teases, grinning.

“Now why would I kill the ‘love of my life’?” You asked, raising an eyebrow as Spencer turned red, grabbing his hand as you leaned in to kiss him again.

//A Ratt’s living arrangements

1D Hiatus: Day 557

* Harry’s representative confirms that Harry’s stepfather Robin Twist passed away this week after a long battle with cancer

* Liam, Niall and Louis mention Robin and the Styles/Twist family in their posts on Instagram and Twitter

* Liam’s performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon from last night is available to watch on the show’s YouTube channel

* Liam posts a picture with Ashton Kutcher on Instagram

It’s Jun 22nd, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #192

Doctor’s followup on standard blood test today. It turns out that not only is my thyroid low (annoying but not surprising), but my B12 is also. That’s new. 

Did a bit of reading; I eat plenty of the foods B12 is in naturally (cheese, salmon, etc… come on now), but apparently a certain percentage of adults develop absorption problems? And then the wrinkle that it affects nerve function and fatigue. WELL GOSH. I mean, I’m 95% sure it was a legit MS flare a few weeks ago (resembles symptoms I’ve had before), but man, that can’t have helped. It also really seems to support the emerging science that auto-immune disorders have a lot to do with gut flora.

It’s a bit unnerving, but in theory should be easy and inexpensive to treat. Vitamin supplements are overhyped in general, but supposed to actually be helpful in cases of deficiency, so I’m genuinely curious to see if I feel different after taking them for a bit. I could do with more energy.

Gilding with 22k gold!

It’s been a week since I received my real 22k gold, silver and copper sheets. I had an adhesive named Fixor from two years ago, but since in the online shop there was another adhesive very cheap, I decided to give it a try, in case Fixor was expired or to try it for when I ran out of Fixor.

Anyway, for my tests I glued two scraps of leather, black and brown, and blind tooled with no heat a stamp. Also, I made some very thin lines to test a pallet (you only stamp a pallet once, as it is very difficult to very precise when reestamping). I applied one layer of Fixor on the stamps and two on the pallets separated by ten minutes (that is how I was taught to do it). I also applied the other adhesive. While Fixor penetrates on the leather and is barely noticeable, the other one is sticky and messy.

Anyway, after waiting for about one hour on Fixor to make sure it is dry and about 30 minutes on the other one so it starts its effect, I started… and I quickly noticed my mistake: that glue I had bought was useless for my purpose. It sticks all the layer, not just the tooled parts. And then I understood that that glue was used in restoration to gild marks or stuff where the whole sheet of gold needed to stuck. After I realized this, I continued with Fixor and came to this:

I used a cushion and a special knife to cut the metal. Then I moved it as I could to where the stamp was. I had previously put a touch of almond oil on the stamp, so the metal wouldn’t fly. I can’t stress enough how lightless the sheet is, how even breathing it flies. One must be extremely careful, because if it crumbles, it becomes dust. Also, it sticks to your fingers and it crumbles.

Anyway, once the cut sheet is on the stamp, the tool is heated. To know when the tool is ready, I had a wet sponge. I pressed the tool on the sponge and if it made sound, it was too hot. Once there is no sound, I wait for 5 seconds to cool it on the air and then I gently apply it to the stamp. When I am sure the tool is well positioned I press hard, moving it left and right, north and south and diagonally.

When the tool is out, with some cloth I remove the rest of the gold. Sometimes you can help yourself with an awl on the small places.

And it was returning that awl to its place I put my arm on the pallet, which was still pretty hot. A cry was made and a visit to the doctor was appropiate. The nurse cured me and three days after that is how the burn looked:

Fortunately, it appears it won’t leave a scar, so yay!!

Anyway, by the time I got hurt, I was almost done and these are some close ups:

After that test I have gilded some books. I actually intended using copper on the black one, but I forgot and used gold.

I am particularly happy with this one. That mark was made with a wheel.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 

And remember, you can find these and others in my Etsy shop:



Wait wait this is too rich. So my dad’s partner, the jackass as we call him, he threatened us yesterday that he was gonna call the cops on us because he wants my dad’s car. My dad’s car, is a company car, however my dad signed off for that car and put $8000 of his own money into that car. But you know, since my dad has passed, he not only wants every single part of the business which he has at the moment, but he wants my dad’s car. So he’s been making a big fuss of it the last week.

Now, my dad’s car is parked in the garage, on the side where I had the accident a few weeks ago and we can’t the door open because of the damage to the garage door. So it’s going to take 2-3 weeks for a new door to be put in. Otherwise we have to call and pay a technician $200 to come out and open it.

So when we finally do get the car out we have to put it out in the street for jackass to come and get it, but he is impatient and wants it now so he can give it to his wife. So we come to today where the cops were supposedly supposed to come by if jackass had filed a complaint. Well, he never did file one, so the cops never came.

HOWEVER, he sent one of his minions to drive by our house today to see if we had actually put the car in the street. Now my dad’s car is a Mercedes, and it’s in the garage. My car is outside parked in the driveway, a Honda Civic. My mom just got an email from our lawyer, who forwarded the email that jackass’s lawyer sent her and said this, “Tell your client that she NEEDS to park the car in the street. Someone drove by the house today and saw that the car was parked in the driveway, so she needs to either: move it into the street, or we can come on to the property and get the car.”

So….jackass who wants my dad’s Mercedes so badly…you can’t tell the difference between and Honda and a Mercedes?

Go ahead. I dare you to try and come on our property without and court orders and try to take that car. Make my day pal.


Member: Jungkook

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1733

Description: Limerence (n): the state of being infatuated with another person.


That was the color you saw before you met him. The dull and murky color clouded everything that once shone brightly.

Flipping through your sketchbook, you heaved a sigh and abruptly closed it. Your artwork once was lustrous with watercolors, colors that reflected the rainbow perfectly. Only to be replaced with lack of inspiration and meaning; only drawing to get the classwork done.

The day was dragging on slowly, just like the other days. Nothing inspired you. Nothing screamed, “Draw me!” And you just didn’t know what to do. 

Today, you were at a new cafe that opened up just a few weeks ago. It was conveniently located just right between your college and the library, so you occasionally stop by when you’re feeling particularly stressed or ambivalent.

Taking a sip of the iced caramel macchiato placed in front of you, you turned on your phone and started aimlessly scrolling through Tumblr.

New picture of Eunwoo! Liked. Aesthetic coffee shop photo? Reblogged. Pen-pineapple-apple-pen? Laughed.

This went on a bit longer, until a voice broke you out of your preoccupied state. “Is this seat taken?” 

Who said that?

You looked up, only to be faced with one of the most striking person you have ever seen. He couldn’t have been much older than you, and yet he looks so refined. HIs jawline was sharp-sharper than most. His brown eyes were alluring, eyes that could be gentle as a feather or stern as a rock. His hair was a chocolate brown, perfectly swept across his forehead and framing his face so well. 

He was beautiful.

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I graduated today!

For anyone who doesn’t know or remember, I was going to school for the past few months to get my GED and two weeks ago was when I found out I was going to graduate. Well, today was my graduation and I received my diploma!

However, before I received my diploma, I received another award as well. This one being Student of the Year and I got a plaque!

Along with the plaque, I also got an IPad Mini!

Tbh, I really don’t feel like I deserve the award since I was only there for a few months and the only thing I had trouble with was math compared to other people who have been there for years and had trouble with the other subjects… Well, either way, I’m proud of myself for graduating. It took me two years but I still did it!

chocolatechipcookiesplease  asked:

"Tampons? You want me to buy tampons?" Okay so I'm thinking that Dan runs out of tampons and asks Matt to pick her up some more while he's out with Neil and they're both hilariously overwhelmed by the choices.

This is part of a challenge @leahlisabeth and I cooked up for ourselves with the help of @chocolatechipcookiesplease - we’ve both been given the same prompt and we’re super curious to see what each other has written and how differently we interpreted the same base idea. 

Read her version here!

Putting together a care package was really quite the novel experience for one Neil Josten.

A week and a half ago, Andrew had started wincing each time he put food in his mouth. Aaron noticed and asked him about it. It was only once Neil and Nicky added their own questions that Andrew grudgingly admitted he had a toothache. Kevin had spent the next 24 hours lording it over Andrew, sparing him no mercy as he launched into speeches and speeches of ‘I told you so’ and healthy diets and proper self-care.

When even Andrew’s knives hadn’t shut Kevin up, Andrew took Neil’s suggestion and talked to Abby about it. Abby set up an appointment for him with a dentist and then it was revealed that Andrew’s pain was actually being caused by a couple of wisdom teeth that no one had ever extracted. (His last x-rays were dated as the time he had spent living with the Spears.)

Some rushed calls and a handful of panic attacks concerning anesthesia later, Andrew was set to have surgery. Neil had seen him into the building just a few minutes ago, had met the surgeon and shook her hand, and promised Andrew that he would be the first thing Andrew saw upon waking. But then the door had closed behind Andrew and Neil hadn’t been able to handle pacing the length of the waiting room. So he called Matt to distract him.

Matt, in all his brilliance, had absconded Neil to the grocery store nearby and was helping Neil put together a cart of soft foods and other things that would make Andrew comfortable while he recovered. So far the cart was filled with soup, pudding, instant mashed potatoes, and some tubs of Andrew’s favourite ice creams.

“Eggs will work,” Matt assured him, placing a dozen in the cart. “You just gotta scramble ‘em for him. Ooh! You wanna add cheese to that?”

“I’m not sure Andrew likes cheese.”

Matt froze comically, one hand outstretched, holding a bag of shredded cheese on a precarious angle off the shelf. Matt was staring at Neil. He wasn’t blinking.

Neil was saved from his growing discomfort when Matt’s phone rang. He opened it without breaking his expression or his pose and answered, “Neil says Andrew doesn’t like cheese.”

There was telling silence on the other end.

Neil walked away to examine and pick up some fruit for himself. Matt dropped the cheese, scrambled to put it back when he realized it fell to the floor, and pushed the cart after Neil, absorbed in his phone call now. Neil tried not to listen, trying to remember how one gave the cold shoulder to one’s best friend, when he heard Matt say, “Tampons? You want me to buy you… tampons?”

And then, even more hilariously, “What kind of science experiment???”

Neil turned to give Matt his own incredulous stare of bizarre disbelief. Matt returned his look, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head, then put his attention back to the call. “No, no, it’s not a problem. We’ll be a half hour or so… Love you too.”

Dan, then.

Neil continued looking at Matt, expecting an explanation. Matt gave the same shrugging and shaking motion, adding in a sigh, and turned the cart around towards the proper aisle. Neil followed, a bag of peaches and a pineapple in hand.

“So when you say ‘science experiment’–”

“I don’t know and I don’t want to know, Neil.”


Once they were faced with the wall of options though, it became difficult not to wish that Matt had at least some idea of what the intended usage was.

Did the tampons have to be slender? Built for maximum absorption? Scented? (Was that even a thing??) How important was it that the tampons be organic? Would Dan’s regular Tampax type be okay or would Renee’s preferred U by Kotex brand be better? Did Renee even know what was going on??

Presumably the factor of comfort or ‘sleek’ shape for ease of insertion wouldn’t be a problem, since these tampons were to be used for non-period purposes.

Then Matt’s imagination took him to a shadowy place of where else tampons might be inserted and decided not to rule anything out.

“What are those?” Neil asked when Matt picked up a box at random.

Matt looked at him, then the box of tampons, and then back and him. “You mean… tampons??”

“Yeah but why are they sticks?” Neil pointed out their conical shape, visible from the outside.

Matt was still visibly confused. Then he asked, “Do you know what a tampon is, Neil?”

Neil shrugged and was blushing, the smallest bit embarrassed to have exposed this gap in his knowledge. “The ones I’ve seen are just squares, that’s all. Like these,” he picked up a package of square products wrapped in green in demonstration.

Matt had to laugh but he had the grace to make it small and private, not like his usual booming burst of a laugh. “Same function, different product, Neil. Those are maxi pads. They stay… outside the body.”

Neil gave him a shrewd look, accusing eyes glancing down towards the box of ‘sticks’ in Matt’s hand, smart enough to hear the words Matt wasn’t saying. Then he grumbled something about why anyone would want any stick-shaped thing inside their body (and Matt had to Restrain Himself™) and replaced his package on the shelf, eyes wandering at all the different products the wall had to offer and glaring at those he thought most uncomfortable.

“I didn’t even know ‘maxi pads’” Neil emphasized, showing off his new vocabulary, “came in different colours.” His musing had him tap a finger on a package of pink sanitary pads branded ‘always’.

“What do you mean?” Matt asked, trying to get back to his task of comparing the backs of random boxes.

“My mom always had the green ones,” Neil explained, voice going lofty and distant. “I never knew there was this much selection to be honest.”

Matt shot him a brief look, then, quickly looking back at the boxes he had and lightly asking, “You never went with her to the store?”

Neil shook his head, gazing at the green-wrapped pads but not really seeing them. “We shopped at convenience stores mostly. She always made me fetch water.”

Matt hummed and then shuffled boxes around to offer a strong solitary pat to Neil’s farthest shoulder, a substitution for what Neil was sure Matt wanted to make a hug. He was grateful Matt had refrained. His skin was suddenly feeling raw and itchy.

“Alright,” Matt said, heaving his shoulders in a decision he didn’t seem to like, “one of each it is.” And he started swiping one of every box off the shelf and into the cart, like a bored cat.

Neil quirked an eyebrow at the haphazard mound of feminine hygiene products. “You know that’s bound to get you odd looks, right?”

“I’m more worried about the balance in my bank account,” Matt confessed, still tossing in boxes.

“You could just call Dan and ask which ones she wants.”

“Yeah,” Matt agreed, “but the less I know the better. I could hear Allison snickering in the background.”

Ah. Neil nodded in solemn understanding.

Then Matt got back his characteristic smile and smacked Neil on the shoulder again. “Besides,” he said, “no time to waste here when we’ve gotta get you back to Andrew.”

Andrew. Neil smiled just thinking about him, a spare hand going to his chest and rubbing at the warmth that had just brewed there.

It felt good to leave the store, and not care about the odd looks the cashier and other customers gave them. It felt so insanely good to remind himself that he didn’t need to worry that he and Matt were being remembered, being composed into a story that some of these people would tell their families when they got home that day.

It felt good to leave the past behind, packaged neatly into innocuous green squares.

Late (Sneak Peak)

“Babe can you grab the hair stuff Lou gave me a few weeks ago?” he called, “Think I stuffed it under the sink.”

With a toothbrush hanging out of your mouth you bent down to rummage through the cabinets, rolling your eyes at how nothing was organized. It was a mish mash of products Harry had bought or been given that he had never used or only opened once. He could probably have started his own hair salon with the amount of pomade and gels in his possession.

“The Bumble?” you asked, mouth full of toothpaste, pulling out a bottle closer to the front. You knocked over two random bottles of shampoo from brands you had never heard of as well as a box of tampons you had stashed there should mother nature decide to bless you while you were with Harry.

As you bent down to put the wayward items back in, you stalled, box of tampons in your hand and toothpaste dripping from the corner of your mouth. On your knees in front of the sinks you began counting backwards in your head, ticking off your fingers and rechecking to make sure you had the date right.


I love that you can see Magnus moving closer and putting his hands to Alec’s waist.

(I wish it was more visible in the frame, but if that’s the price to be paid in order to have a closer shot of the kiss — I’ll take it!)



Like I said in this post, I have more CC to release with you all and the first thing I’m going to release is an eyeshadow I made colored in @smubuh‘s Freshly Brewed Palette (hence the name of the eye shadow :P )

File size is 285 KB

Download: Simfileshare

If you have any problems downloading please tell me!


Now, I don’t know what Charles put in your head, but I am not whatever it is you think I am, okay? I only met you, like, a week ago. You got your Rebecca, your Delilah, your blah, blah, blah, whatever. Everything you asked for, you’ve got it! And it is better this way. Because I suck at this. Bad shit happens to people I care about, you understand me?

Logan (2017) dir. James Mangold

“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)