that was one lame movie


Tom Hiddleston’s nickname for costar and friend Chris Hemsworth: “My brother from another mother”


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Uh was it just me or was krennic a super lame villain for rogue one. I've only seen the movies, never the clone wars or any other extended universe stuff but he just struck me as super whiny and non intimidating, all he seemed to do on screen was throw fits

the project he had been working on for the past 20 years was being stolen from him right before his eyes, of course he was angry and “whiny”

he’s not the Villain of rogue one. the villain of rogue one is the empire as a whole. for marketing purposes and toys and stuff they decided to make him out to be the big bad dude but he’s just another character in the story of the death star project, he’s not meant to be super scary or intimidating because he isn’t. he’s a frustrated bureaucrat, not a tactical genius like tarkin or a powerful force-user like vader

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How would the main 4 react to being in danger and their s/o transforming into a magical girl/boy/person in front of them for the first time to save them?


honestly has no idea what’s going on. might suspend disbelief for a few seconds and thank you for stepping in to save him but then like?? it sets in that you did a Full Magical Transformation in front of him and he’s just stuck like ‘???’


WELL! CERTAINLY NOT WHAT HE WAS EXPECTING BUT… HE CAN ACCEPT THIS! really, though, papyrus takes it in stride which is… worrying. he’s grateful that you saved him- but he doesn’t seem to even notice the whole. Magical Person transformation. (later when pressed, he’s Shocked and his eyes bug out, “I’D JUST THOUGHT YOU’D PUT ON A SUITABLE OUTFIT FOR THE MOOD. I DIDN’T REALIZE YOU WERE FROM… THE ANIMES.”)


she’s definitely shocked (she’s The Protector, not the one being Protected) but like… after the initial Seizing Up out of fear like. HOLY SHIT. you TOTALLY did a transformation!! from one of alphys’ human history dvds!!! she KNEW frisk was just pulling her leg when they’d said anime wasn’t real- OH MAN she’s so excited!!!


she’d already ducked behind you when the Danger started coming towards you both (she has relatively low HoPe, if her canon backstory is any indication). when she looks up and sees that you’ve… you’ve… transformed?!?! her eyes go wide as saucers- is she… is she living through mew mew kissy cutie?! and she’s?! sTARS SHE HOPES SHE’S THE COOL LOVE INTEREST FROM THE FIRST MOVIE AND NOT THE LAME ONE FROM THE SECOND ONE OH GOD WHAT IF SHE’S THE LAME ON- you bring her back down to earth and calmly tell her you’ll explain everything if she just. breathes.

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Moon, sun, Aries,

Moon- it’s probably boring af but i really want to be a lawyer

Sun- nope i’m a smol child and a lame one at that

Aries- Hm movies… They’re really not my favorites in the first place, i prefer television and youtube. however if i must watch one i would prefer anything with adam sandler. fucked up comedy is kinda my jam.

What your first date would be like (TOPP DOGG)

B-Joo: He would take you out to some place simple where you and him could sit close or walk close and just talk. 

Hojoon: He would do something simple show up at your place with food and you and him would watch movies and chat.

P-Goon: He’d take you on one of those classic movie dates and do the lame yawn and stretch moves.

Yano: He’d want to go exploring through town with you. Pointing things out and as he points he would then wrap his arm around you and tug you close.

Nakta: He would let you choose where ever you wanted to go because he just liked spending time with you.

A-Tom: He’d take you out for coffee or ice cream and then you two would sit around trying to make each other laugh.

Xero: He’d take you shopping and you two would try on things to make each other laugh and if he thinks you look really good in something he would sneakily buy it for you.

Jenissi: He would take you out to eat first and then to the movies but you two would miss parts of the movie because you would talk or stare at each other.

Sangdo: He would want to come over and you two would attempt to make a romantic meal with each other but end up covered in ingredients.

Hansol: He would to do a home movie date so he wouldn’t be in public if he failed at trying to be smooth with you. Plus he would just want it to be you and him.

Jarida:Defying Gravity

Disclaimer: “I do not own Rise of the Guardians, Brave, or any other Disney/Dreamworks/Animated films. All rights belong to Dreamworks, Disney, etc.”

Summary: Jack and Merida have been dating for a while—to the point it could be serious. After mixed feelings received by Elinor though, Jack wonders if they’re truly meant to be together.

I wanted to make a one-shot/story to show Jack’s insecurities if he was in a relationship with Merida. Since it always seems in most Merida is the insecure one, which I’m tired of writing/reading about, so wanted to do something different :). Warning, a bit of smut in the beginning! 

Defying Gravity

Jack pinned Merida to the bed, gently sucking around the area of her cleavage. She was only wearing her bra, giving him complete access in touching her breasts. They were tender and small, but perky enough for him to feel the hardened nipples through the thick cotton. She giggled when he claimed her lips, moaning soon after when he snuck his hands beneath her bra. He rubbed her bare chest, stroking her nipples lovingly to get a squeak out of her. It felt good too, knowing they were finally alone to do this. Her father was out for the day hunting with some friends, while her brothers were at daycare. The most difficult person for them to get rid of was her mother—luckily she had errands to do today. In the meantime, the couple had winter break, providing more than enough time for them to kill.

“What time is it?” Merida managed to speak, hushing down a groan.

Jack pulled her brassiere up even further and began to suck on one of her pink tips. She hissed when he nipped it, probing it softly to lessen the sting.

“Jack…I’m serious!” She complained with a glare.

He lifted his head up with an even deeper scowl. “You know, most girlfriends would be enjoying this.”

“I am!” she exclaimed, giving him his favorite pout when she was angry, “It’s just I have work in a hour, and I can’t afford to be late again!”

“Not my fault it takes you so long to com—OWW!”

She wacked the back of his head, and quickly ordered him to be quiet, “Shut up, I think I hear a car pulling up from the driveway!”

She shoved him away, putting down her bra in the process. Jack nearly tumbled over onto the floor, grunting in annoyance over her lack of restraint. They both walked over to the blinds, carefully opening a gap to see. Merida began to panic when she saw her mother getting out of the car, already jiggling through her purse for her keys.

“Oh crap!” she shouted.

She swung her arm around for her shirt, nearly hitting Jack in the face.

“Hey!” he called out to her, just in time to catch his sweatshirt.

“Put that on! Oh God, I look like a mess!” she exclaimed in horror while trying to fix herself up in front of the mirror.

“Got that right, your face is flushed red,” he said with a sneaky grin.

“Shut up, you git, and put your sweatshirt on!”

“Okay, okay, Ms. Bossy,” he said, slipping his shirt on with ease. Merida stared at him for a long while, causing him to question her. “What?”

She pointed at his pants, holding back a smile. “And what are you going to do about that?”

He looked down and noticed the rather large bulge inside his pants. “Shit…!” He tried to maneuver his jeans, tucking in his erection in an angle that he hoped was satisfactory.

“Like my mother isn’t going to notice that,” she commented, almost in pride.

He grumbled and quickly tried to think of something else besides the feel of Merida’s skin not too long ago. “Just give me a min.”

Merida heard the door downstairs begin to open, and their dogs already barking to greet the familiar face.

“We don’t have a min,” she said, putting her own shirt back on.

Elinor’s voice could be heard clearly throughout the house. “Merida?” she called out to her daughter curiously, “I saw Jack’s car, is he here by any chance?”

Jack wanted to slap himself for parking so close—he knew he should have listened to Merida and parked two blocks away. Safe to say, she was glaring at him when realizing that little mistake. Now it made going out the window even more difficult.

“Merida?” Elinor asked, seeing as she was still waiting for a reply.

“Yes, Mom I’m here!” She grudgingly soon confessed, “And so is…Jack.”

“Oh…” The flat tone of disapproval was obvious to both their ears.

“We’re coming down now!” Merida shouted, leading them both out of her room.

They walked across the hallway and met with Elinor by the stairs. Jack felt like daggers were being struck into him from the stare he was getting from the older woman. She looked calm and poise, but beneath that exterior, was a raging Mama bear who was ready to pounce.

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How would the Assassins act while watching a horror movie marathon?

Altaïr: Isn’t even fazed. It’s almost annoying, especially if you suggested the horror movie marathon to try and get a reaction out of him. He’ll just be casually sitting back eating popcorn while everything in the movie is falling apart.

Ezio: He finds it pretty amusing, but doesn’t care much for horror movies. The only time he’s watching it is with another friend. Ezio’s like their rock since he isn’t scared and doesn’t mind his friend grabbing his arm every jump scare.

Connor: He’s confused. Why would people willingly choose to watch something that scares them? Fear is usually a feeling people try to avoid so why are they trying to scare themselves now? He’s usually just “???????” the whole time.

Edward: He’s a scared little bitch. He’s that one friend that is like “This movie is gonna be so lame hahaha.” But is clutching a pillow to his chest while watching and is almost the loudest one to scream when jump scares happen.

Arno: His reaction all depends on what kind of movie is being played at the time. If it’s one of those old school horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street he’s usually laughing at the absurdity of it all. But when he watched Paranormal Activity he went to bed holding a rosary.

Jacob: Jacob actually plays a whole bunch of horror games and loves it. So you’d think he’d be alright with horror movies, right? NOPE. He sweats nervously the whole movie and at a particularly scary scene he just stands up and leaves the room.

Evie: Evie LOVES horror movies. No matter what kind she’s all for it. She’s usually the one forcing Jacob to watch horror movies with her and is always teasing him when he gets scared. Evie can watch 10 hours-worth of horror movies and sleep like a baby at night.

Walking At Night

Pairing: Jikook

Fluff/humor (?)

Inspired by this post

Jungkook had told them, told his stupid friends that clubbing wasn’t something for him. Yet they had all pestered him to join them for a week. Normally the pestering would subside and they would all end up going without him then telling him what a wonderful night of booze and girls he missed out on and Jungkook would have to pretend he gave fucks.

But this time both Tae and Hoseok had been determined to get him, so much that they practically forced him out of his apartment and dragged him all the way to the stupid club. Jungkook had merely stayed there for an hour before his friends one by one had started to disappear, some could be seen dancing, more like grinding on some chick’s flat ass and some nearly passed out somewhere or had gone to the bathroom with an unfamiliar face doing good knows what.

So much for a birthday gathering, thank you guys.. he had scoffed before deciding that enough was enough and he would head home. Home to his fave pair of sweatpants, Iron man movie-marathon and some pistachio ice cream. That’s what had been his plan to begin with and it surely all sounded like heaven at the moment.

He made his way out through sweaty bodies and hungry, unfocused looks and the booming of the club music. Almost reaching the door he was sure he had heard Taehyung calling for him. Not bothering to turn around and see if it was him he run for it and was soon met with the cold, biting air of the first autumn night.

The sky was pitch black and barely had any stars to shine down on Jungkook, not that he really needed it, the street light were doing enough for him. He pulled his coat closer to his body as the cold was starting to sip through his thin layers of clothes, he surely hadn’t expected it to be this cold and started walking faster in hope that he would reach home quicker.

He’d been fast walking for a good 10 minutes when he felt a presence nearing him, nearing him way to fast for his liking. He felt uneasy and started to pace up even more not daring to turn around. This was also one of the reasons he hated clubbing, it would mean going home late and that was something he wasn’t too fond of, female or male, its dangerous. You never know what lurks in the darkness of the night.

The presence of whatever or whoever was starting to come closer and Jungkook could feel his heart pounding onto his ribcage and a lump was starting to form in his throat. Nervously he turned his head a bit to the side to see, the hairs on his neck went straight up when he noticed that indeed someone was following him, and who ever it was the person seemed ready to wear his skin as a dress. He was fucking running after him.

I’m fucking dead

To scarred and panicked to even move Jungkook just stood there, eyes closed ready to be stabbed or something. But it never came, instead he heard he heard a rather high pitched voice screech

“Jesus Christ ! I did not see you there..”

Jungkook opened his eyes and was met with a pair chocolate orbs and a messy mop of striking red hair. The boy, who he now noticed was a few cm shorter than him was panting, looking around uneasy. As the boy noticed he was not getting a respond from Jungkook and noticed how the taller looked scared he tried to speak again.

“I-I’m sorry If I scared you or anything, I’m not following you or planning on killing you if that’s what you think ! It’s just that, I’m really scared of the dark so I was trying to head home as quick as possible…I’m sorry…”

Hearing that and seeing as the red hair was blushing Jungkook almost felt like laughing at him, but then again he was the one thinking someone was trying to freaking kill him and almost pissed himself so he chose not to.

“Ah, it’s okey. I was being too paranoid…” he answered suddenly feeling embarrassed.

The other immediately smiled a bright smile that made his eyes disappear and a cute giggle escaped his pillow lips as he said “Good!”. He looked so fluffy and harmless, Jungkook thought. How could he have thought someone like him would murder him? Realising he was staring at the red hair Jungkook awkwardly cough to wake himself up from the trance.

“Well uh.. I should keep heading home, and so should you..”

“Jimin, Park Jimin” the other answered to the question Jungkook hadn’t really asked

“Yeah, Jimin. Well then, goodbye !” He said before turning on his heals, ready to head home again. he didn’t make it far though before Jimin was next to him. Quirking an eyebrow at the red hair when he noticed.

“Home is this way for me too” he answered a bit flustered so Jungkook turned his head back forwards and kept walking. They walked next to each other silently for 5 more minutes before Jungkook noticed he was right next to the apartment complex, walking towards the first door to the left and fishing out his keys from his pocket he heard Jimin chuckle and then turning around

“What ?”

“No, its just that.. I live 3 doors away from you, we live in the same complex it seems. It must be faith”

Jungkook could’t understand what he meant but just chose to ignore it and gave the other a nod before getting ready to get in but then he heard Jimin say “Oh yeah, happy birthday ~”

Confused he he looked to the right as the red head now was standing next to his own door.

“And how did you know it was my birthday..?”

“You were at the club right? the one with the guys singing happy birthday loud enough to silent the music there” He laughed and Jungkook could only groan, he would seriously have to smack the shit heads next time he saw them.

“Well, good night then and happy birthday again!” Jimin said before heading inside.

“W-wait !” Jungook said startling himself a little bit of how desperate he sounded.

Jimin turned to him “Yeah ?”

“I..uh.. Well..” Jungkook was as red as the latters hair, he was sure of it.

“I was just wondering if you would like to watch a movie or..something..” he nearly whispered towards the end, he didn’t quite know why he was asking Jimin home, he didn’t even know the guy.

“Now? It’s like 1 in the morning..”

Jungkook’s blush deepened an extreme crimson red as he was now fidgeting with the end of his coat.

Jimin interupted him before he managed to say something

“Which movie?”

Jungkook looked up “Iron man..?” What if Jimin thought those kind of movies were lame?

“Which one of them ?”

“All three..?”

“Do you have ice cream ?”

“I have pistachio ice cream..?” Why was everything he answered back sounding like questions?

It was dead silent for a moment and Jungkook felt like he regretted asking, why would he want to say yes ? They didn’t really know each other, it was the middle of the night and heck; the other didn’t even know his name.

Feeling like he was going to explode out of embarrassment Jungkook tried to take back the offer “I’m sorry I don’t know why I-”

“I would love too”

Jungkook looked towards Jimin, doe eyes growing bigger “Wha-what?”

“I said I would love too. Pistachio is my ultimate fave, and you can never go wrong with Iron man ! “ The other beamed.

Jungkook felt relieved and for some reason very happy.

“it’s just one problem though” Jungkook’s smile faltered at the words

“And..what is that?”

“Well, I don’t know your name. It would be strange going home to someone you don’t even know the name of, don’t you think?” he said playfully, a smirk crawling its way to those perfectly pink pillow lips.

He was playing with him and Jungkook knew it, yet he couldn’t help feeling flustered.

“It’s Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook”

“Well okey then Jungkook, I’ll be there in five. Just gonna change into my comfy sweatpants and bring some nachos ~ “ the latter said before going inside, leaving Jungkook baffled for a moment before heaving a sigh and heading inside his own apartment.

Taking off his coat and making his way to his room and changing into his fave pair of sweatpants ,  he seated himself on the bed for a moment.

“Did I just invite a stranger into my house to watch Iron Man with me and eat ice cream and apparently nachos on my birthday..?” The knock on the door and the high pitched yet husky “Hellooooo ~ “ Was the answer Jungkook got for his own question.

There was a red haired boy standing in a pair of matching sweatpants like Jungkook and bowl of nachos in one hand and white box in the other, smiling brightly at him.

“I had a piece of cake at home, it’s cheese cake though. I don’t know if you like it but if not then more for me!”

Jungkook was both shocked and  moved by the boy and chuckled.

“I love cheese cake”

“Good! Then we’ll share”

And so Jimin made his way past Jungkook and plopped himself down on the latters sofa is if he had been there a thousands time before.

Still kind of overwhelmed by the whole situation Jungkook stood there just looking at Jimin. Seeing the other quirk an eyebrow at him before bursting into a big grin Jungkook thought that maybe after all, being forced to the club hadn’t been such a bad idea.

He would have to thank the shit heads later.

Indeed it must be faith

Top 50 Villain Songs

We all know it’s just fact that villains invariably get the best song in every musical. It’s a pretty rare occurrence for a villain to get a bad song. To cut right to the chase, this is a list celebrating the best villain songs. Now, I’m going by the TVTropes definition here: “ The Villain Song is an over-the-top, gloating cackle about their Evil Plan, philosophy of life, or why they do what they do.” It’s also important to note that not all villain songs are actually sung by the villain; in fact, a few of the entries here are sung from the villain’s point of view but not by the actual villains.

 All the songs are linked, with videos when applicable. 5 songs near the bottom of this list (or the top, whichever way you want to look) have the videos right here in the list itself. Without further ado, let’s check out the best songs from the worst people:

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this is like one of those horribly lame lifetime christmas movies where they’re santa’s helpers, trying to scope out the woman with two kids who lost her christmas spirit years ago when she went through an awful divorce. and santa is obviously driving the car, instructing them on what to do and using his magic to put them into “regular people” clothes, telling them, “oh, yes, there she is, now you know what to do” and they all zero in on the person they’ve gotta save. and as they’re getting out of the car, trying to be inconspicuous and blend in with everyone, louis is like, “dammit, harry, you’re dressed as a candy cane and are wearing a santa hat - you’ll reveal our secret!” so liam just tosses the hat somewhere down the road as harry pouts and is like, “let’s go, guys. we’ve got a christmas to save.”

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The nordics reactions to a really scary movie

Haha I really like this one ;)

Sweden: Sve is they kind of guy that if he sees a scary flick, he’ll tend to scoot closer and closer to the person he’s next to until it gets to the point that he might as well just be in the person’s lap. Usually Finland. Claiming he was ok, yet not liking being left alone in an empty room. He as to be close to someone.  

Finland: Finny is surprisingly hard to freak out. BUT on the occasion that a movie is too scary or intense he makes constant excuses to get up. Excuses include  putting on water for tea, or going to the bathroom 20 times even deciding to make dessert…from scratch. Anything to assure he doesn’t have to see all of it. Adorable, and none of the other Nordics have the heart to tell him they know what he’s doing.

Iceland: Icey will instantly put the screen on his phone’s screen to low light and start scrolling. Figuring if he only hears the movie it won’t be as scary, but he wouldn’t be called a chicken by the others because he stayed. After everything was said and done, even though he’d only heard it,   he’d still wind up staying up all night due to nightmares. Too proud to tell Norge or Den about it.

Norway: Norge is adorable because he acts like the movie in question doesn’t bother him, when it really does. So he’ll sit though it and block it out as best he can, grasping tightly onto a pillow out of anxiousness. After though Norge just ends up having to watch something happy before he can go to bed. Also that is one of the times he really reaches for the pink stuffed bunny he has.

Denmark: Den is soooo bad. If the movie is an obvious one that is pretty lame, he’s ok. Now if this dork gets scared he dens the whole jumping and jolting thing. Freaking out and even making little whimpering noises in anticipation of what will happen next. Afterwards he won’t go into a dark room alone and he usually crawls into bed with Norge.

Bonus: If Norge and Den get freaked out by the same movie they all saw together, chances are Den and Norge pile into Icey’s bed. At that point, though a squishy fit,  Ice doesn’t mind one bit having his big brothers there with him.  


there’s a lot that i want you to say to me.

‘i miss you. what’re you doing tomorrow?’

'come over and watch this lame movie’

'you’re the one person i needed to talk to right now’

'i know we agreed friends with benefits, but i’ve been thinking..’

'god, i love you’


but i guess i’m just going to have to keep imagining.

- m.