that was one hell of a burn

At a Crossroad

Summary: He wasn’t offered the same deal as Dean; to torture souls in exchange for being taken off the rack. No, his deal was a little different.
Characters: Crowley, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, & Y/N [mentioned]
Word Count: 1508
Warnings: Angst… seriously.
Author’s Note: I can’t even apologize for this.

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“You can do whatever you want, Crowley. Hell, dig her up, burn her while you’re at it. But, you leave her soul alone,” Sam threatened the demon, the self-titled king of Hell.

Crowley smirked, shoving thick-fingered hands deep into his pockets as his eyes flashed crimson. “Whatever I want, Samantha?”

Squaring his shoulders and balling his hands into fists, Sam towered over Crowley. “Anything. As long as you swear-”

“To leave Y/N alone. I got it.” Crimson bled away, leaving dark eyes to roam over every inch of the looming hunter. “You sure about this? There’s no turning back, no second chances. Nothing. Once it’s done-”

“Do it.”

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Sing! A Side Story: Chapter One

Alright, here you go. A silly side story fanfiction I wrote for the movie Sing. It’s only three chapters long and nothing really impressive but I sure as hell liked writing it. I hope you like reading it.

Song: You’ve Made Me So very Happy. Artist: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

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more stuff about the signs


  • they look like don’t mess with me but actually they’re love me
  • too smart
  • they don’t care a lot about emotions… unless their own
  • one of the easiest ways to lose them is lying to them
  • cry baby
  • they talk too much, so it’s hard to know when they’re serious
  • somehow they can convince people to do the most stupid things
  • sexually frustrated 24/7
  • they’re strong like when everything is going to shit they have strength and don’t let themselves get dragged
  • they move their hands a lot when talking
  • they’re the kind of people who bite their lips when thinking and accidentally bleeds


  • on the outside they look very calm and quiet, but in the inside they burn like hell (they’re too intense)
  • they don’t lose control easily but they do lose it often
  • they have a hard time trusting/believing in people’s emotions
  • they could kill you if you hurt an animal
  • a great part of them have a great sleeping schedule
  • they care too much about people they love
  • they cheat on board games
  • very good friends
  • too selective when choosing who to spend their time and energy with
  • they move their eyebrows a lot in their facial expressions
  • stubborn
  • they don’t let people go completely
  • their hugs are the best hugs when you have a bad day


  • emotional mess (they feel nothing in the right way)
  • they know a lot of useful shit
  • but they don’t know what sleep means
  • being bored is the worst thing that can happen to them (they get too mean, like little children)
  • narcissistic af
  • they’re never wrong
  • they express their feelings in thousands of different ways, however none of them seem to work
  • incomprehensible love for snacks
  • misunderstood
  • they cover their feelings with humor/indifference 87% of the time
  • they can make anyone laugh, no kidding
  • they lie to themselves
  • sensitive af, if you spend a lot of time with them you’ll see they’re such babies
  • very insecure
  • random happiness/sadness attacks
  • their brain is an exhaused roller coaster
  • innocent without wanting to be
  • they seem to fit everywhere but nowhere at the same time


  • they look like love me but actually they’re like i fuck with you or you fuck with me
  • they don’t know how to handle their feelings, so they don’t
  • drama,,,drama,,,dRAMa,,..drama
  • they can be too selfish
  • unpredictable af
  • leave me alone, but give me attention
  • their cellphone is part of their body
  • their true friends knows their family (even if they have never seen them) because of all the stories they tell, all the time
  • they victimize themselves a lot
  • they know how to listen and they give the best advice ever but they don’t use it
  • that kind of people who their first impulse when doing eye contact with someone is smiling
  • they care a lot about what other people think
  • they plat a lot with their hands and lips
  • the most adorable people when they’re not angry
  • children loves them
  • they can tranquilize people quickly
  • misunderstood because they don’t let anyone understand them


  • very sharp ideas/way of thinking
  • high moral
  • they need constant acceptance/validation
  • if you do them one you pay ten
  • always reading your intentions
  • they tend to joke about other people insecurities
  • they tend to do good things for people without even realizing
  • despite being surrounded by people, they still can feel very alone
  • they talk to themselves when nobody’s whatching
  • insecure af
  • a lot of craziness under the calm person they have
  • they wink a lot
  • will never cry or look vulnerable in front of others (unless they totally trust that person)


  • they always look like they want to kill someone (maybe they do)
  • public nerds
  • the most damaged sleeping schedules lol hello it’s 4 am
  • they read weird things
  • super committed and and helpful
  • they get angry when things are not done in their way
  • they’re the midpoint between introvert and extrovert
  • they have a great stalking until they have no crush anymore
  • they can’t tolerate it when someone is angry at them, even if they’re the ones to blame
  • their favorite acronym is lmao… laughing my anxiety off
  • they do this face a lot > 😏


  • they’re always in love
  • they listen to shitty music but won’t admit it
  • super emotional
  • they probably don’t know what is happening right now
  • they get too weird when they’re not comfortable
  • a stranger is a person they’re not friends with yet
  • they have good intentions
  • creative
  • they blush easily
  • they have a hard time saying no
  • they hide things so they don’t disappoint people they care about
  • they try to make everyone happy, even if it’s exhausting


  • they try to look rude, actually they’re cry babies
  • dark mind, bright personality
  • they have secret hobbies
  • they crave love
  • talking to them will make you either appreciate life or want to jump off a bridge
  • they get easily offended
  • scary when angry
  • protective with people they love
  • they hate being ignored
  • random laugh attacks
  • they can make you laugh in the most fucked up moments
  • they’re that kind of people who give more priority to the problems of those who love than their own
  • they easily connect with music


  • ready to disappear in any moment
  • they have watched every. movie. on netflix
  • using my emotions? caring about yours? nah, tomorrow… maybe
  • 34 hour-long naps
  • they fuck up 10 moments and make a very epic one
  • they have a hard time when apologizing
  • they have a hard time when asking for help, they believe they can do anything
  • would yell at strangers if needed
  • intentionally do things and then say they weren’t planned but went well anyway
  • they tend to be sad before sleeping
  • this is probably not a good idea but i’ll do it anyway
  • very competitive, but never satisfied


  • superiority complex
  • more party souls than you could imagine
  • they just want you to shut the fuck up
  • they’re cute until you’re obstrusive
  • able to intimidate people for good or for bad
  • they recognize their mistakes and then apologize without making a lot of drama
  • they keep their cool in the craziest situations
  • have random acts of love, like biting, cuddling, etc…
  • can make you feel important one minute and shit in the next minute
  • always have backup plans
  • physical appearance is important
  • always have weird obsessions
  • they play a lot with their feet
  • they need hugs and you to show them love, but will never say it


  • they disappear with no reason
  • cuter than you
  • they get confused when choosing between good and bad
  • everything is overrated for them
  • they’re addiced to memes
  • feelings out of control
  • they’re the special snowflakes
  • cannabis 23/7
  • they will know if you lie
  • they lose their shit often
  • they think and feel more than they show
  • rebels
  • the smartest ones


  • they don’t like dealing with their responsabilities
  • they like music more than they like you
  • they like attention but not too much
  • will never accept being the 2nd option for someone
  • can listen to you for hours, without making it awkward
  • fake friendliness (sometimes)
  • too weird but in a sweet way
  • super funny. their humor is either too simple or too hard to understand
  • they overwhelm your mind
  • big heart, even bigger imagination
  • confused af
  • if you really analyze them they look like they’re stoned

translated from x

  • Feyre: *takes book of shelf* Throne of Glass...I've never read this before.
  • Feyre: WHAT. *Reads Crown of Midnight*
  • Feyre: SHE'S FAE. WHAT THE HELL. *reads Heir of Fire*
  • Feyre: RHYS HELP
  • Rhysand: *comes running in* WHAT IS IT--there's nothing here
  • Rhysand: Feyre...that's a book. It can't hurt you.
  • Rhysand: Give it to me. *gets ToG* I'll read it and let's see what happens.
  • Feyre: See... what did I tell you
  • Mor, Cassian, Azriel, Amren: What's wrong with him?
  • Feyre: a book. *throws ToG* READ IT.
You’re the sunset Van Gogh can’t paint and the lost thought Dali can’t see.
You’re the phenomenal novel Charles Bukowski can’t write and the fascinating poem Edgar Allan Poe couldn’t finish.
You’re the inspiration for the soul and the poison for the heart.
And then there’s me, the one who will paint you in every color on every piece of tissue, on every space in my flesh.
Then There’s me,the one who will always see you,no matter how deep and far you’re going to hide in my poisoned heart.
There’s me,t he one who will write and write again,the one who will finish every poem he has for you,just to write you another one,over and over again.
And darlin’,I know that you’re holding demons inside of you,
But They can come and burn in my living hell.
—  Elias Younes
How does one defeat their darkest damage? You take a lesson from Persephone, learning how to adapt to hell and glow as brightly as the sun, even when you are surrounded by the dark.
—  Nikita Gill

I wanted slow burn Sanvers so bad but the reason was because I wanted Alex to fully come to terms with and accept that she is gay. not that she just has feelings for one girl. and Supergirl made sure to do that. and they did it great. and yes her processing was a hell of lot faster than most but they made sure to hit every mark. and we didn’t have to watch her suffer for 20 episodes before she gets happiness. bless this show.

pokemon go headcanons

because i hate myself


  • team instinct
  • level 31
  • his buddy is pikachu, not cause he doesnt have raichu or anything he just thinks pikachu is cool and it makes him feel like ash
  • has actually spent like $80 bucks on this game 
  • owns a team instinct snapback hat
  • more about collecting than getting gyms for him
  • every time he transfers a pokemon he dies inside a little
  • him and Seven go to this one park every night to play
  • if he can’t catch something he’ll get frustrated and hand his phone to Seven
  • mostly Seven will catch it for him but sometimes he’ll sabotage him and toss 30 great balls at a pidgey
  • actually pees his pants every time he sees and eevee


  • level 27
  • buddy is vulpix cause he wants the big beautiful NINETAILS
  • keeps his pokemon inventory clean as hell, only ever has one of everything
  • plays on his jogs
  • hates team mystic with a burning passion
  • this has been a real bonding experience for him and Seven
  • during those rare times that they’re both actually free, they’ll drive around the city and take over gyms
  • Seven has taught him well


  • team mystic
  • level 22
  • buddy is dragonair (she thinks its beautiful and she wants that DRAGONITE)
  • blessed because theres a pokestop she can reach from her desk
  • spends money on lures to entertain herself at work
  • lowkey very competitive when it comes to gyms
  • theres a gym she can reach from a specific room in the office so if its anything but mystic she has to like go into the broom closet to reach it
  • once she came out of the closet and one of her coworkers saw her and just oh man it was awkward
  • see what i did there
  • wants to fight the entirety of team valor


  • team mystic
  • level 19
  • he…..he doesnt really play this game a lot
  • buddy is squirtle 
  • he really likes squirtle actually
  • when he caught it at first he was like
  • “assisstant kang look at this little guy. i dont know why, but he looks like he’s having fun”
  • and Jaehee was like….mMmkay Jumin…
  • every time Jumin talks about pokemon Seven and Yoosung get all cringey because he never evolves anything and doesnt know like half their names
  • Jumin has enough candies for like 3 blastoises but he just loves squirtle too much man


  • V A L O R
  • level 33
  • buddy is grimer because he can make it look like grimer is patting his character on the butt
  • plays just enough to make sure he’s a higher level than Yoosung
  • owns like 7 team valor t shirts
  • already has like 4 dittos, 7 gyarados
  • does that thing where he’ll put like a CP 12 caterpie in a gym and Zen will build it up
  • saves up all his evolutions then does a lucky egg and does like 60 at once
  • he has like 37 pidgeys in his pokemon inventory rn i s2g
  • also he always has the max amount of gyms, so he never needs to spend money on the game
  • he’s got like 5 pokemon that are 3000+ CP
  • Yoosung hates him
  • whenever Yoosung does something wrong he’ll blame it on him being on team instinct
  • “Yoosung, you’re so gullible! classic team instinct”
  • “yea, well you’re mean! classic team valor!!!!”
  • “oh, whats that? i couldnt hear you over the sound of my 3522 CP dragonite”


  • team mystic
  • level 20
  • buddy is abra
  • he always offers to play pokemon go with Jumin but its not that much fun because all Jumin ever wants to catch is squirtle
  • rides on a bike and plays a lot
  • V has like like, a passion for butterfree
  • he would do anything for butterfree 
  • he never even transfers them because they are just, so dear to him
  • he has like 40 butterfree
  • he even names them all


  • he chose team valor, and then almost deletes the app when he finds out Seven is team valor too
  • level 30
  • buddy is ghastly (he wants to form an army of gengar)
  • he always complains when he sees a pidgey or rattata but catches it anyway
  • Seven and Yoosung invite him to go to the park with them
  • he refuses, then takes a separate car to the same park but doesnt talk to them
  • if Seven is taking down a gym he’ll put some low ass CP jolteon in there or something
  • and Seven is like Saeran you’re making it real hard for me to love you right now
  • hates 2K eggs more than anything
  • every time a fucking pidgey hatches out of an egg he wants to scream
  • he probably does scream TBH

if you read that, thank you and i’m so sorry

The Zodiac Signs as Food

Aries: Nachos.

Sometimes they bless your stomach with the most wonderful taste, other times this dish scorches your tongue with the burning rage of Hell itself. 

Taurus: Beef Stew

With so many ingredients, vegetables, and meat chunks floating around, each spoonful has a little different taste to it. But each one leaves your belly warm and happy. Unless you eat it too fast— then your throat burns like a thousand suns.

Gemini: A two-tiered marble cake with whipped cream frosting.

Light and airy, but pure angelic gold on your tongue, this double-layered cake can make a grown man cry for more, but can topple over if you aren’t careful.

Cancer: Clams

To eat clams takes a bit of work. Sometimes the shells open up, and sometimes they don’t. Which means sometimes it takes a bit of work to get to the delicious and soft center.

Leo: Sushi

Exotic, expensive, and utterly delicious, with a wide range of varieties, you’ll never run out of new tastes and experiences with this blessed food. 

Virgo: Fettuccine Alfredo with grilled chicken

Simple and easy to make, this can feed a whole family, or a hot date for two. Not to mention the glorious taste!

Libra: Greek Salad

Usually seen as a “summer salad,” this dish has an array of different tastes. One bite may have a bit of bitterness from the oregano, another might be sweet from a tomato. Regardless, this dish is surely from Mount Olympus itself!

Scorpio: Dark Chocolate Brownies

Sweet, and bitter at the same time, this dish may not be best for everyone. Those who do like it, however, can taste the heavenly blessings of God himself. Best served hot.

Sagittarius: Watermeolon

Light and juicy, this is a healthy and natural dish. The freshness of it often remind’s one of suburban summers. There are no surprises with this dish— what you see is what you get. But you’ll enjoy it.

Capricorn: New England Clam Chowder

Not for everyone, this is often an acquired taste. Those who do like it, however, describe it as the tears of Seraphs past, blessing the cold winter nights. While the ingredients are rather simple, not every bite is quite like the last.

Aquarius: Sesame Tofu Stir-Fry Over Rice

This dish is packed with healthful ingredients: Sesame seeds offer iron, magnesium, and zinc. Slender shoots of asparagus add color and crispness. Plus, green asparagus is higher in vitamins A and C and than the white variety. With Tofu instead of meat, this dish aids in the quest to cease animal cruelty. 

Pisces: Peanut Butter & Jelly

Simple and inexpensive, this is a meal we’ve all grown up with and love with a simple nostalgia. There are several variations, to this old recipe as well; You can use Strawberry instead of Grape jelly, or substitute Nutella. Regardless of the changes this dish has gone through, it remains loved by many.

Hieronymus Bosch, Hell. This is the whole vertical panel (one of four of Paradise and Hell), of one of Bosch’s exceptional luminous scenes. Fire may have had a special intensity for Bosch due to a catastrophic fire in his town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch that set thousands of homes ablaze, which Bosch likely witnessed at the young age of thirteen. One can compare the darkness lit up by fire in this panel to the burning city in the right panel of Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. Here he achieved this using a wet-on-wet technique to paint the light of the fire over a layer of black, illuminating the tortured souls below.

So I wrote back, At least you make up for your shameless flirting by being one hell of a High Lord.
He’d returned that evening, smirking like a cat, and had merely said “One hell of a High Lord?” by way of greeting.
I’d sent a bucket’s worth of water splashing into his face.
Rhys hadn’t bothered to shield against it. And instead shook his wet hair like a dog, spraying me until I yelped and darted away. His laughter had chased me up the stairs.

Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

I love this innocent moment between them.

Originally, Jack-O-Lanterns were made from turnips. When Irish immigrants took the idea to America, they started using pumpkins, because they were a lot cheaper than turnips.

But what is the history behind these spooky Halloween decorations? It all started with the legend of Stingy Jack; Jack trapped the Devil, only letting him go on the condition that Jack would never go to Hell. However, when he died, Jack learned that Heaven had banished him due to his devilish dealings and sinful lifestyle, so he was condemned to wander the earth as a ghost for all of eternity. Jack was given a lump of burning coal by the Devil as a reward, and he carried it around in a carved-out turnip to light his way.

Happy Halloween, Spookers! Hope you have a good one!

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What do you want for Christmas?
  • Santa : What do want for Christmas, kiddo?
  • Me : Uh... It's a long list, Santa.
  • Santa : Go ahead.
  • Me : *sighs* I want Tamlin to stop being a dick and wake the FUCK up. I want Cassian's gorgeous wings to heal. I want Azriel to be happy. I want Mor to realise that Azriel loves her. I want Amren to be free. I want Feysand to be FUCKING GET BACK TOGETHER. THEY'RE MARRIED AND ALL BUT SHE'S HALFWAY ACROSS THE DAMNED CONTINENT *mental breakdown*
  • Santa :
  • Me : That's only one series, Santa. I have shit ton more up my sleeves. I WANT MY DARLING, BABY, FIRE BREATHING BITCH QUEEN, AELIN ASHRYVER WHITETHORN-GALATHYNIUS TO NOT DIE. I want... MAEVE TO BURN IN HELL— wait. no. She has to suffer in the hands of Aelin's court first. That'll be cool. I want Lysaedion to happen. I want Elorcan to get back together. AND MANORIAN! *cries* PLEASE BE AN ACTUAL COUPLE. I want Rowan and his companions to not get hurt while saving Aelin. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR ?!
  • Santa :
  • Me :
  • Santa : Nope.
  • Me :
  • Santa :
  • Me :
  • Santa : Kiddo, we're on the same side.

I’m kinda flipping my shit at this panel because freaking Celestia Ludenberg aka the Ultimate Gambler is on a card game LIT ON FIRE BY MONOKUMA

‘’I know you.’’

A/N: Honestly, I know this is shit but I just wrote it and thought why the hell not just post it? Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: When a stranger helps Bucky with coping on his own, he can’t help put feel like he owes her a debt..

Warnings: Mention of death? 

Word count: 2012

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Bucharest, Romania    I    August 2015,  8:37 PM

His feet were starting to burn, his lungs lacking from oxygen but he knew he still had quite the energy left. Bucky followed wherever his legs would pull him, only occasionally daring to glance back at the intruders that were close on his heels. Rushing through the market, he couldn’t give him self a second to think about the attention he got around him. The men were soon approaching and for a moment he believed it was game over. 

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“What the hell is wrong with you two” - Patty when she walks in on them half-naked with a fire burning on the floor, probably.