that was not even a choice at all

Once you’ve blackmailed, threatened, swindled, disgusted, and aggravated someone – even the most irritating and foreign of aliens – sometimes there’s nothing left to do but date them.  Accidentally.

Created for @asettledsky for @trek-rarepair-swap!  

Consider this a precursor for the fic I’m writing, about Sisko and Quark empty nest bonding over awkward family dinners.

a message to all you australians reading this. if you dont 1. make sure you’re enrolled so you can vote for marriage equality in this shit tier country before tomorrow and 2. then vote YES so i can maybe have the choice to get gay married even though i personally consider the idea of marrying someone very embarrassing and far too publicly emotional i will personally find you and fucking kill you

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How do you think Sansa feels about Jon?

Gosh, so many thoughts!

I think at this point, she is his #1 fan, and supporter in all things. How telling is it that she mentions him in EVERY FREAKING EPISODE???

Sansa is perfectly aware of the fact that she is the oldest surviving trueborn child of Ned Stark, making her the obvious choice as his successor. And yet, what does she do? She stands behind Jon Snow at all times, even when the lords accuse him of abandoning them for the South, because he is the king the people chose, and it is her duty as the Lady of Winterfell to support him in all things. 

Aside from the fact that this is her duty, she really seems to have come to love him as a person. “You are as far from Joffrey as anyone I’ve ever met”. I mean, can you get a bigger compliment from Sansa Stark? Kit put it quite succinctly during promo season when he said “he is restoring her faith in men”. 

Sansa has been at the whims of evil, manipulative men all her adult life. Only now, in the company of her brother cousin who is so like their father, does she come to realize that not all men are horrible, vile creatures. Some of them can be brave, gentle, and strong.

Thanks for the ask, and I apologize for the delay.  

Zude Week Day 3: Favourite Quotes

So, once again I feel like we’re spoilt for choice with this one, because damn, James gave the boys some brilliant lines. And there are so many quotes among my faves, including the, “I already have a family. You”, from my favourite scene post.

Some others I love are Jude’s sass with, “He has crabs” and “The baby’s room will go here”. And then their more romantic interactions like, “I can’t even imagine you being an afterthought. I think about you first all the time” and “You’re the single greatest thing that’s ever happened to me”. Or just their use of “Stupid” as a term of endearment.

But for a favourite quote for this post, I’m going to go with “Wifey came through.” Some of you may have already seen my meta post on this, just after the episode aired, which gives the reasons why I love this line so much. So I won’t reiterate them here - you can read them if you want ;-)

Instead, I’ll just leave you with these…

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This is kind of a weird question, but I thought I would ask. Do you think, historically (or in the musical I don't really mind), Alex chose the right sister? Or do you think he would've been better with Angelica?

Ugh anon sweetie this one is hard, THANKS FOR ASKING !!! ❤️

Before answer anything, I want to point, I don’t think Angelica or Eliza were a “right/wrong” choice, but a “different” choice.
We already saw how canon Hamliza choice was (historically and in musical). Their relationship were kindfully and supportive, they went through a lot of challenges, but they both loved each other.
All to say, in the musical Eliza sings “I don’t pretend to know the challenges you’re facing”, to prove she will be with him no matter what, but even without understading what that ‘what’ was. From my view, Eliza were the sweettest wife, but couldn’t understand all the things her husband had in mind. I don’t blame her, I couldn’t neither… but maybe Angelica could. At least, I think so. We can’t do anything but imagine what could’ve been if Angelica had married Alexander, but from my point, I think Angelica would have understand better Alexander’s plans and thoughts, as we see in the musical. Their life would be different, as a powerful marriage in their time for sure (like canon Hamliza were), and the intelectual subject would’ve been covered, don’t know if the others would as well.
In resume, Alexander married the woman he loved, and loved her all his life, if he had married Angelica, things will be different, but no better or worse. Just different c:

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The Incubi + Diana and Saero being with an MC that has HIV/AIDS?

James: Reading up on every little thing about your condition seemed to be quite a task for James. There was so much research, but very little answers. Still, he doesn’t want it to discourage you in the slightest, because he still loves you all the same anyway.

Erik: If your hesitance with being with him was because of your condition and how you would give him energy, Erik has some choice words for you. The two of you didn’t have to have sex for him to get energy and, even if you wanted to, there were still safe ways to do it.

Sam: There when you got the news that you contracted it, Sam knows how devastated you are because of your condition. Upon your request, he gets himself tested too, but he honestly sees no point; it wouldn’t matter if you gave it to him or not, because that wouldn’t really change his dynamic with you.

Matthew: Trying to cheer you up in any way possible, Matthew actually goes to his eldest brother to learn all he can about your condition. He absorbs the information like a sponge, using it all to help you in any way he can the next time the two of you are together and you feel like grieving.

Damien: Thanks to his powers, you never really had to go through the awkward conversation of telling him about your condition; Damien already knew. It made you feel that much more special when you realized that he still pursued you romantically despite knowing what was up.

Diana: She wanted to say that human illnesses couldn’t hurt her, but she wasn’t too sure and didn’t want to lie to you. Diana and you are careful when it comes to intimacy now, not sure what would be safe and what would be off limits until you do further research.

Saero: If there was no cure for your condition in the human world, then he wasn’t sure of the possibility of one in the demon world. Still, Saero would stop at nothing to find one for you if it made you happier. He loves you either way though and it upsets him greatly when you get depressed over your condition.

Oh my god this blog is one year old

I just realised we’re at the end of the month and you know what ? That means this blog just turned one year old !!

I’m getting stupidly emotional in this post please ignore me i just needed to say all these things …………. ¯\_ಠvಠ_/¯

I can’t believe it’s been one year since i started posting here !

I mean, I’ve known tumblr for a while but i never really wanted to post art here…. Until : Y’KNOW, Voltron. This show made me want to know what it’s like to be part of a fandom and create stuff for it, and i am so happy i made this choice.

Ever since i entered art school i’ve been in constant artblock ; i couldnt draw, I did not even find it enjoyable anymore, I almost hated it, but i had to draw every day because of school. I was even low key thinking about changing my plans and start studying something else because i thought an art career really wasn’t for me.
And then i watched this stupid mecha-lions-in-space show. I loved it and i started drawing a lot of fanart ; and looking for vld-related stuff. I found out it was pretty popular on tumblr, and above all i found out tumblr really had amazing content creators (artists, writers, cosplayers…). So i decided to give a try.

And here i am, one year later, and you can’t imagine how happy i am i made the choice to eventually get this blog and post art here !!

Something i could never have imagined : I met so such amazing people on tumblr ?? One year ago i didn’t understand how people could talk about having friends on the other side of the world ; but today i can say i’ve met some of the most amazing people on this planet. Amazing friends, and seriously i wonder what i would do without them. I also met a lot of super talented artists ( even met some one them irl ! ) and i couldn’t be more happy about this.

Another amazing thing i have to thank tumblr for : english. One year ago i wasn’t able to write a single complete sentence in english (i barely learned it at school). I had to use a translator for e v e r y t h i n g. But since i created this blog i read / talked a lot in english. And now, even if i still make a lot of mistakes, i am used to write / talk in english everyday and it’s amazing. I learned a new language (kinda) thanks to this stupid website and it’s amazing ???

On a way more personal note *heavy breath*, tumblr helped me to not feel guilty for being trans. I am not used to talk about it and I probably won’t be before a long, long time ; but hi, I’m a trans boy. It has always been pretty hard for me to deal with this (I cant say people in my surrounding are full of acceptance) ; and I’ve been feeling super bad about it for years. And i am not confident enough to talk about this with most of people irl. Some people may laugh about it, but tumblr is the first place where i feel like i’m not a failure because of this; the first place where i don’t feel like i’m not being overreactive when i have to deal with / talk about transphobia. Oh man, one year ago i thought transphobia wasn’t even an thing, I thought I  was the problem because I was annoying people with my dysphoria. Okay no but seriously. As dumb as it may sound this fckn website helped me a lot with it, i finally met people who gave me the support i didn’t know i needed and everyday when i scroll trhough my dash i realize how many supportive people there are out there. It’s still pretty weird for me to talk about it tbh…

This blog also helped me a lot to be more confident about my art, to want to create more and more stuff, and to dare to show it. Every like, every reblog, every comment and message means a lot and i am really happy i can share my shitty art with you guys. I found back the motivation i lost a few years ago, and it’s really good to feel the need-to-art™ again. I dare posting it, I’m not keeping my art hidden anymore and that’s a really good thing.

Okay enough with the overemotional long text post lmao. i’m sorry it’s late and i just should go to bed. I just can’t believe how many good things a simple blog/website brought to my life and i am super happy about it ! Thank you guys 💙

Happy one year anniversary to what was supposed to be an art blog but isn’t /Val out/ (╭☞꘠ ͜ʖ꘠)╭☞

They weren’t simple. There was so much history there. So much pain. There was so much that kissing at the scars they had made of each other’s bodies didn’t solve. Scars that were left by others. Scars that were made by choice.  It tore them apart and brought them back together so many times that it would have felt easier to never try at all. But when they were apart; God, it felt like the air had been sucked out of the room. Harry had always searched for him in every room. Since they were kids. And that isn’t the kind of habit you break, even when it hurts to think of him at all. So he did what he always did. He fought for it. It was harder for Draco. Nobody who’d ever loved him had ever fought for him. By the time he was eleven, his parents hardly spoke. When he was informed he would be given the dark mark, and tears streaked his mother’s face, Draco looked to his father, a sixteen year old with shaking hands and a wand that would never be able to cast the killing curse, and was told to bear it with pride. His father stopped looking him in the eyes. Harry had learned to love with the Weasleys. He had learned to love with his rib cage open, both hands extended, to reach- to open up, even when it isn’t easy. Draco learned love with the Malfoys. He had learned to abandon love when it got hard.

okay I’ve blocked a few people in my time but how would you even know if somebody blocked you, unless you interact with them all the time. there isn’t a pop-up notification thats like “bitch you’ve been blocked” you just gotta…………find out ??? I just don’t get how people can be like “they blocked me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” instantly unless you were talking shit on anon or you message them daily about your nonsensical life n how you disagree with their lifestyle choices n in that case you kinda deserved it. 

this fuckin tag

look omg YALL i was not gonna do this because i hate spamming everyone with tag memes so i resisted but then guess what!!! got tagged by @gayforgayle @endlessraj @hartfeld @violetflipflops @choices-aesthetic @zenobia-is-hot @daddyzigtrash @smartlillian @ohmymaxwell @chris-powell @zaddysloan AND @michellenguyens so here we are because peer pressure is effective my friends

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  • Name: sarah
  • Nickname: there is no nickname for sarah
  • Zodiac sign: sagittarius but like what does that even mean? idk shit about astrology so if anyone does can u tell me about it,, like what signs do we drag what signs are cool idEk
  • Hogwarts House: mothafuckin RAVENCLAW a bich been sorted twice to check and also i got a ravenclaw sweatshirt at harry potter world its v cozy
  • Height: 5′9
  • Sexual orientation: a boring straighty :(
Ethnicity: white bread altho not to be A White™ but i’m half scandinavian i literally had to go to the scandinavian festival in traditional attire in my youth and i know some swedish/norwegian 
Favourite fruit: the fuck kinda question is this, idk like peaches or some shit????
  • Favourite season: summer
  • Favourite book series: yike this is so broad oh dear,,, uh percy jackson of COURse the one love of my life, hunger games, obvs harry potter, THE PRINCESS DIARIES ive read them all like 15 times no lie
  • Favourite fictional characters: this question is stupid wtf does this even mean!!!!! pass
  • Favourite flower: bleeding hearts have y'all seen them??? get ur ass to google but remember to specify flower or u might get……. actual bleeding hearts lmao
  • Favourite scents: idk uhh baking bread i guess,, lilacs r nice
  • Favourite color: RED bitch!!!!!! also forest green and gold
  • Favourite animal: my dog and my cats (also flamingos and manatees)
  • Favourite band: look i gotta be real, i have terrible taste in music and i ACCEPT this about myself i aint mad!!!!!! my fave band is still one direction lmao #rip also i like john mayer and kesha
  • Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: fun fact im allergic to caffeine (in affective doses so i still got that yung chocolate life)
  • Average hours of sleep: i have an app that tracks mine and it says 6 :(
  • Numbers of blankets: one thousand
  • Dream trip: i really wanna go to australia someday, i feel that i am destined to meet my husband there but also its got SO many horrifying bugs
  • Last thing I googled: “bleedinf heart flower” i cant type and i wanted to remember how pretty they are. sorry this answer sux lmao
  • How many blogs I follow: 94, im a discerning heaux
  • Numbers of followers: 430 and i am in love with ALL OF THEM
  • What I usually post about: this is a Choices Only blog so like maxwell beaumont and #murderking and how much i hate drake/jake
Do I get asks regularly: honestly yea??? which is v new and exciting for me!! sorry if i don’t answer them right away its because i must gather my thoughts

im not tagging SHit for this because you all have done it by now and im tired, its nighttime and i need to do my laundry

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A question about you and the series :D Who is the character in the book and or show you relate to most? Is there any character you don't dislike but struggle to relate to?

I think I relate most to Demelza. In a lot of ways, some of them very small, some of them bigger. I feel most kinship with her. I get her, in a way that I can’t even always explain. You know how some characters are just like that? You just….know them. Because you relate to them so closely. 

I struggle to relate to Clowance, in the later books. I just…..cannot get into her head or her heart at all. I don’t dislike her (though she, like every other Poldark ever, makes some pretty dodgy choices) but I just can’t relate to her.

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LET ME SAY THIS. Anyone who even dares to stop reading because of your choices is just ignorant because in all honesty this is the most realistic writing in a setting like this so if people can't take the heat they need to get out of the fuCKING KITCHEN. Your writing is exquisite because it's so genuine so whatever happens in what you write is completely and utterly FINE with me because it's yOUR WRITING !! ITS YOUR AU YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT SO JUST DO IT !!!! YASS !! LoVE U!

Thank you for the compliment and the defense, Anon, but it was a rather touchy subject.

Most people read fanfiction to escape from difficult situations, that’s why I think the most read and commented ones are probably the ones that are happier, with lighter subjects. Some people will drop a story when a certain character dies, another if a couple do not get together, others because something they didn’t want to happen, does happen. I have done it before. I have dropped stories because I didn’t like where it was headed and because of even shallower reasons than a character going through the tough process of losing her child.

Being shallow in that regard doesn’t mean you are a bad reader, a bad person for not want to face certain subjects. It’s just that life is already too freaking hard and we want to pause those difficulties and go to a different and better world even if it’s just built by words.

Miscarriage is still a very difficult subject to most people because it’s all too real for most women and none of us want to think it will happen because in almost all the cases, there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Most of them are natural processes but it doesn’t make them any easier to accept. In Juvia’s case, it was a crime and it was even more outraging.

It was actually hard for me to write just as I imagine it was hard to read too, I freaking sobbed and felt like an asshole to do it but I thought by doing it, I evolved as a writer. I hated to do it, I felt bad but I thought it was a step to the right direction.

We want to, but life isn’t all about happiness and some awful situations like that will happen.

Of course, I wouldn’t want anyone to stop reading because of it but I understand if the theme is either too heavy or hits too close to home. To force someone into reading something that big isn’t right, you have to have a mindset for it and I think some people are ready to empathize and others, are not.

Again, it was a difficult read (as it was difficult writing) and some people can handle it, others can’t. Some want to read heavy angst and others don’t. I think we need to understand we are all different people and only we can decide what is right for us.

I’m sorry if this comes across as ungrateful for your ask, it’s not that at all!

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I’m happy you’d come defend my choices as a writer but we also need to put ourselves in the other’s shoes. <3

May we live in interesting times

In the year of our lord 2017, we stand at a crossroads. Will we take the easy road, paved of ignorance or tackle the harsh ascent to truth? And are we even to make that choice when it is all but impossible to discern one from t'other?

This week we face yet another riddle, as PR stooge Lili R calls forth her most diabolical prop yet.

We find ourselves living in the time of Schrödinger’s Dog, at once a) the living, breathing, adorable embodiment of PR and b) a mere folly, the fluffiest smoke and the purest mirrors.

Interesting times indeed.


Harbor sat with her knees up to her chest. She felt like a stranger in this place. Xavier sat across from her, but he couldn’t feel further away. He and Golden felt like strangers, even compared to the two new faces Harbor was met with.

“It’s because of Staci,” Xavier replied. “That you were able to be rescued. She knew where you guys were being held, and it was Lark’s idea to use the zombies.”

She had heard the full story when Gabriel carried her to the car. This Staci girl and her brother used to run with Spade. It wasn’t shocking at all to hear that. It seemed like a beneficial choice for those who thought they would die on their own.

Harbor stood up and dusted off her pants. “Thank you.” But she couldn’t stay in the room with the faces of those whom she could not relate to. Their calm was nauseating and she knew this was just the beginning. Their serenity was premature.

“You’re not staying with us?” Xavier asked.

She shook her head. “No. I just need to talk to Reagan.”

“Good luck,” Lark mumbled, frustrated. “She won’t talk to anyone today.”

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That preview though I'm even more confused about the trailer with this video because hvitserk seems so against Ivar and the tension is so palpable between all of them and it doesn't make sense how he'll turn against Ubbe for Ivar unless he's playing him which will destroy me or unless it's due to something about Ubbe x Margrethe x Hvitserk and that would be a disappointing but expected turn of events from Hirst.

I personally don’t think the awkward stupid triangle relationship mess will have anything to do with how the brothers get split. 

Frankly they are all pissed at Ivar right now, even Bjorn, who hardly knows Sigurd. This is more of Ivar fucking up the dynasty than ‘I’ll miss Sigurd’. 

Having said that. I believe it’s Ubbe who turns against the boys, that it’s his choice. Do I suspect his hand may be being forced? Yes. 

I think we’ll come to find that Hvitserk probably has the most in common with Ivar. He’ll come to realize that as well, and realize that following Ivar is the best bet for what he wants in life. They keep hinting at his darkness, we’re gonna see that, and how that keeps him with Ivar. Also it seems like he’ll be his second in command. 

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ToT for Souji: I'm sorry for the tasteless asks but what if it were you that did something that contradicts the code? I know you'd have no problem committing harakiri but if Kondo-san told you (privately) not to do it, to run away and start a new life somewhere else. Which option would you choose? And if you decide to actually commit harakiri, who would you want as your second?

“If you were sorry, you wouldn’t fucking ask,” snaps Okita, his profanity a perfect match for the intensity in his eyes. “If I ever broke the code, I’d be prepared for the consequences. But if it’s all the same to you, I’d rather drink the Water of Life than cut myself open—and you’d better believe they’d offer me that choice. They’d be idiots to just let their First Division Captain die, no matter what I did.” He crosses his arms. “Hell, I’d rather become a fury than leave, even if Kondou-san says I should go. I’m supposed to be his sword, and I can’t do anything for anyone if I just run away.” Okita’s eyes flash. “Fighting for the Shinsengumi is my purpose in life. Leaving that behind would be just as much of a death sentence as seppuku.”

Being all cultural and shit, I went to the theatre tonight. It was an open air theatre but at least it was a gorgeous evening. Went to see Hobson’s Choice and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Very English (it’s set in Salford so the accents are pretty heavy) and very funny.

Cos I’m cultured, innit?

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Accepting it and pretending I'm a girl for the rest of my life would be easier. I just took a look at old pics - as a girl, I'm not even that ugly I become when I do my best to pass. I just feel like giving up would be the best choice, sometimes

I know it can feel that way. I still have doubts all the time about it. But it’s better for yourself to do what makes YOU happy, it may not be the easiest but it’s the one that’s more worth it. You can do it, I promise

Steve has no shades of grey when it comes to Bucky and I love him for it. Bucky’s in Austria, whats he gonna do, walk there? If that’s what it takes. He’s been brainwashed Steve, he doesn’t know you. He will. Steve he’s wanted by multiple governments, why won’t you hand him over? He’s my friend and it wasn’t his fault. Like, there’s no question for Steve, there’s no part of him that hesitates, no other factors play into it, is it Bucky? Does he need help? Steve will do whatever it takes to give it to him. Can you believe how much he loves Bucky wow.