that was not creepy at all

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I actually once worked with a little girl who spoke exactly like your describing. She also dressed in all pink and carried dolls with her everywhere, so she was the absolute definition of "cutesy". I always got the feeling that it was a well-rehearsed act though, and she would get really upset with you if you didn't play along. Very creepy vibe to get from a kindergartner.

Yeaaahhh are you sure she wasn’t a trained assassin? Or a vampire?

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congrats on finishing madoka! did you have a favorite scene or like style thing you noticed or anything like that? and are you likely to delve into the extra lore around the show or the sequel movie at any point?


Favourite scene or style thing. Hmm. I sometimes liked the abrupt cut-aways they would do during conversations or monologues. In some cases, I found what they chose to focus on interesting. I particularly enjoyed it during the church scene between Fang and Home Run, for example.

I generally found the witches scenes to be unique, at the very least. They had a definite texture and otherworldliness, which was certainly the mood they were intending to evoke. And I thought where it all went to mostly black and whites with creepy camera angles when Home Run had her violent break on the witch was overall very effective. Her giggling certainly didn’t hurt that.

I am pretty much zero percent likely to dive into any extra lore around the show. All said and done, I really didn’t enjoy it very much. I’m still trying to gather my feelings about it to put into words, but it felt … needlessly cruel, to me. It felt punishing, in a way that I’m not convinced was in good faith.

And before anyone tries to tell me that it’s ~DARK~ and I must not like ~DARK~ (which happened last GIFTENING) you give me precious little credit. I LOVE the dark. I think some of the ideas in Madoka are amazing, and I would dearly love to see them explored in a meaningful way. But my feelings last year about the attitudes of the creators, particularly toward their characters, bore out for me until the end. They never gave me evidence that they cared about their own characters, and the attitude the narrative had toward magical girls didn’t really do much to bolster my feelings on that. They were a dime a dozen, disposable tools to be used up and tossed aside. Their wants were foolish, their hopes destroyed them, and their grasp for even a tiny bit of power was utterly and severely punished. I HAVEN’T CHECKED YET BUT I’M PRETTY SURE MEN CREATED THIS SERIES

It was instead almost wholly invested in its own ideas, which in a macro sense, I think are deeply interesting. The ideas of what heroism and sacrifice mean, altruism and reward, debt and gratitude. I think, too, the idea of how these wishes backfire is marvelous. I LOVE the entire concept of Intensealot, trying again and again and again to right a wrong, and how that changes her. The witches are a brilliant idea! I think a hard line between hope and despair and what it means to surrender to either is fascinating.

But I guess here’s my thing. I never got a sense at any point in Madoka that these were ideas being explored out of love for magical girls as a concept or a genre. It wasn’t someone saying “Man, this is fantastic, but I’d love to see what happens if we darken it up and raise the stakes.” I WOULD BE THERE FOR THAT SO FAST I WOULD HAPPILY PUSH YOU ALL OVER A CLIFF TO BE FIRST IN LINE.

What we got, though, felt like “Man, magical girls, right? So stupid. There’s no way they could withstand real darkness. Let’s break them.” There’s an undercurrent of anger to it, like how dare these other shows exist in the manner they choose. And I feel the real testament to that is that it took the magical girls out of the whole bloody series. They were sketches and ideas, not girls.

Home Run’s entire character revolved around a boy she has like twenty lines with. EVEN IN THE END SHE DOESN’T GET A CHANCE FOR ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING BOY.

And Madokusa, the title and central figure, is so lacking in personality, they literally just make her a vague concept because that’s all she was ever designed to be. Fang and Intensealot fare better, but really only just.

The spirit I feel behind it just overshadows everything else for me. It feels cruel and punishing, and I’m not really here for it. I’m glad I watched it, and I think some of its themes and ideas were tremendous. I just really wish I’d gotten to see them somewhere else.


Anyway, I’m sure this is going to be an unpopular set of opinions. I’ve been hearing about this show in glowing terms since coming back to start my rewatch project. I know it’s super popular, and I even get why in a lot of ways. That taken as a whole I didn’t enjoy it is a reflection of only me, not you.

Okay so things I really want to know but can never seem to get into Talks Machina

- Why the fuck is J'mon 8 feet tall like this is my number 1 most pressing question because it bothers me all the time. Do they choose the form they take because why choose to be creepy when they wear simple clothes so like demonstrably don’t want to stand out. How do they go out in public? Do they have a normal height form for daily use and only elected to be tall to freak out Vox Machina? This haunts me
- Did!! Whisper!! Awaken!!
- What’s Gilmore’s charisma modifier
- How the mcfuck is Percy’s Dex 22
- How did Gilmore recognise Devo'ssa as J'mon in episode 81 or was that simply an error
- What’s Elaina and Syldor’s story? How did Syldor suddenly come into custody of the twins 10 years later? What’s Elaina’s last name?
- What’s this “legend of Devo'ssa” stuff from episode 85. Is this a well known story for people who grow up in Ank'Harel? How much do citizens of Ank'Harel know about J'mon themselves? Is it well known that they’ve been emperor for the entire time the city has existed (400+ years)? Seriously how does nobody realise they’re a dragon?
- Seriously. Awakened Whisper.
- Will Vax take damage if the wings get hit. Can he feel through the wings. Did he feel it when Keyleth pet his wings I need to know for no particular specific reason.

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K so I'm seeing u get a lot of hate for all this manfred business, & i would just like to say that I appreciate u calling him out. I'm a 16y/o girl and reading the comments (stuff like "mm nice leg") on his submission post actually made me really uncomfortable. Bc yeah, it was just legs but 1. she was lifting up her skirt (sexual connotations) and 2. it's really gross and creepy to see grown ass men "appreciating" a minor's body like that. So thanks.



“I forgot we installed those clapping lights. Your shrieking must have triggered it somehow?”

“Oh yeah, they turned on all of a sudden. It’s too convenient- It’s almost like someone’s planning all this.”

“Okay, the lights are on, that’s enough paranoia. Can you let go of me now? I actually want more than 3 hours of sleep.”

“Hey have we always had that weird plaque thing?”

“Yeah it came with the apartment, remember?”

“It feels so.. creepy. Let’s get rid of it.”

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Being an Autistic woman, I'm clapping at your original post. Some of the worst people I have ever met were white Autistic men- and because 'they are Autistic' their CREEPY behaviour towards me and other women was seen as okay. I'm not saying all of them are like that, but the ones I've met seem to have had that excuse and so thought they were entitled to me and the other Autistic women I know. And so we were disregarded for our feelings because we are apparently 'higher functioning.'

“Autistic woman anon again! Okay, some examples of the creepy behaviour is constantly asking for my number bordering, hitting on me in a really gross way and not leaving me alone (even if I politely and bluntly say I’m not interested I’M told to have a heart) and more than that, since they have never been told to not treat women like that, that they are entitled to women, because we should pity them or because we are also Autistic. I hope I don’t sound harsh since I know not all are like that.“ 

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I just wanted to tell you that you're a really cute boy I hope it isn't creepy everytime I see your face on YouTube I get really happy cause you're so adorable

aaaaaaaaa thank you so much!!!!! this is really really nice. it’s not at all creepy!!!!

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How do you think Mycroft would react if he heard someone threatening the woman he's madly in love with ( but hasn't admitted it yet ) ?

They would be unceremoniously thrown into the back of a unmarked car with a bag over his head, then accompanied by two bodyguards into a creepy ass abandoned building by the pier where Mycroft will subtly threaten the man, imply that he’s ‘watching’ him (when we all know he’s straight out got bugs EVERYWHERE watching this asshole now), do threatening acts of power that he knows that asshole can’t back up without evidence and when the guy is close to shitting his pants Mycroft will happily transfer the dude far, far away in another country, preferably a third world one.

Of course, none of this will ever reach the woman he’s in love with ears because he doesn’t want her to feel that she owes him anything.

Riverdale Episode 5 Photo CrackCap Preview

Continuing with something I sometimes do for OUaT.

Time to plot something eeeevvvilllll again…..BTW, I’m actually a vampire

OMG!!! If I try to reinvent myself some more….maybe I’ll acquire a personality! Hence forward, or at least for today—-I’m Mr. Rogers!!!

But all I ever had to do in Grundy’s class for an “A” was give her the D…..

I mean honestly, I’m literal block of cardboard. If I have to “do stuff” and “think”, I’m really not sure how well things are gonna work out, here…..

Yes, really, the serpents totally are the ones. I would never, EVER send myself a creepy head or anything to get your attention/the job I actually want that doesn’t involve serving junk food to irritating teens….Also, Fred, why are you wearing that goth boy’s jacket?

And if you still don’t believe me, would unbuttoning for a bit more cleavage convince you?

Wow….Juggie was cute when he was moping about the silly drive in…..and touching his nose….and his tiny smile…..wait, what??? I don’t like FPJ III…..I wonder if he’d notice if I wore something black? Would he think I was cool, then?

Look Juggie, blaaaccckkkk… you like it? I’m really like youuuuu…Is that why we came to this together and are sitting next to one another??? Wow you look cute in your funeral/Bar Mitvah outift…Oh wait, right, CLOOSSSS

Okay, Scooby time….holy crap, Betts smells amazing….I bet she doesn’t know how hot I think she looks today….or how great it is to have this “solving mystery” thing so I can sit next to her…and yeaahhh….my arm was stretched over her chair, cause “slouching”….Oh wait, right….CLOOSSS

Did Archie bring Valerie as his date because she couldn’t find her hairbrush? Because what is with his creepy jock outfit at a funeral? Can’t my future step-dad afford to buy him a Bar Mitvah suit like Juggie’s?

Hail Prince of Darkness

ezra saltzman. thirty five. joke shop owner. jake gyllenhaal.

born and raised in east eerie, ezra was raised by some of the towns more normal people, probably. for the most part, he’s pretty oblivious to the town’s more creepy nature. he really thinks that the whole witchy vibe is just some niche to pull in tourists and get the town some money. so when he opened up his joke shop in between two shops that couldn’t be more opposite to his, he didn’t really think twice about it. honestly, he’s intrinsically a Nice Guy™ and is just really gentle and kind to everyone. he’s a full-grown man-child, tbf, and is likely high all of the time, like, him and his best friend are guardians to this other kid who deals drugs and tbh, ezra “confiscates” them so he can get high. he takes nothing seriously and is likely to prank you just for the hell of it. likely to end up like The Dude from the big lebowski???????? hasn’t a single responsible bone in his body. will likely hit on anything with a pair of breasts. eats a lot of fruit roll ups for someone who is in his mid-thirties.

needs; everything???????????? hmu ppl.

ursula rousseau. twenty-five. mortuary beautician. nicola peltz.

(c/p’d from previous blurb) ursula is twisted and dark. she’s the daughter of decay and destruction. constantly dressed as though she’s ready to attend a funeral. is that girl who never smiles. uses obscene hand gestures more than she uses words. most likely to dress your deceased loved on up in clown make-up if you look at her the wrong way. holds grudges like nobodies fucking business. has talons for nails and files them into a sharp point. frequently bullies and tortures her brother and often pretends to be her twin sister to fuck with people (and sometimes to fuck with her sister). has pyromaniac tendencies. used to blow things up in her backyard as a kid. has a borderline-psychotic obsession with death and dying. actually is amused that people are scared of her and her family. has little voodoo dolls of all her enemies so she can prick them to feel  better.

needs; literally everything!!!!!! maybe some dude from high school who used to pick on her but is now sleeping with her and hiding it from everyone he knows cause he’s an Idiot who cares what people think!!!! and maybe some pretty little blonde thing who is new to town or something!!!!! basically give me anything/everything especially f/f plots!!!!!

Little Battleborn Things #961

How everything Beatrix does is both adorable and creepy. How is it both? How is it consistently both every time!?

*another curious submission from the ponderous Battleborn chaosdx1. 

Theory time! just to fill my speculation tag with more stuff


That would totally makes sense. Aida clearly wants to feel things, be more human, and when they created here there was this weird, creepy thing between them that we all feared and then forgot about it?

It totally makes sense that Jemma is dead in the simulation because it’s the only way Aida would get Fitz. Maybe she’s not letting the world run on its own, maybe she figured out that she can live like a real person inside the framework, in some way?


@staff why do you have a creepy as bot that messages me to message people whose posts I liked. They’re already my fucking friend – I talk to them all the time outside of your shitty messager. ALSO THATS JUST WEIRD and makes me not want to like anything.

Please work on something useful instead like a way to block notifications from posts or something without x-kit. Your service is littered with deleted accounts from people who couldn’t stand the notifications from viral posts and you’re making some dumbass creepy bot

Things lizards have done to me:

- peed on me (a blue tonged skink)
- pooped on me (JB)
- yelled at me (Tony)
- clawed my boob (a tegu)
- clawed my face (JB)
- clawed many other parts of my body (wyn)
- bit me hard enough to break the skin, twice (wyn)
- generally been really creepy, like, watching-you-while-hanging-upside-down-in-the-dark creepy (JB)

Things snakes have done to me:

- Riese peed on me once but only because he’d been in a cup for 24 hours
- a few have made shitty attempts at biting me and all have straight up missed
- once a 12 ft burm decided they were done holding on to me and went limp over my shoulder and it was like trying to keep a giant uncooked sausage from sliding to the floor

and yet many people fear snakes and far too few people are suspicious of the threat that is lizards