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Art dump of some of the Pokemon requests I got! Some of these are obviously better than others, but it’s a learning experience. I think I’m steadily getting better (and it’s only been a few days too, rad). They’re in order of my favorite to least favorite.

You can see all of my Pokemon art on @rotadex! Made a separate blog just for it, dumps will get put on this one.

P.S. I never say this but I should, I WOULD LOVE CRITIQUES!!! I want to get better! Which is why I started doing this in the first place.

Hiya Richonners! What ever will we do during this hiatus? No Richonne for six months without Richonne on our televisions? Read and write fanfiction and re-watch Richonne-centric episodes of The Walking Dead of course. And you can learn more about your favorite authors here as well.  Take some time to get to know Vegasloversteel!

Richonnefics (RF): Hiya @vegasloversteel! Thanks for allowing us to interview you.  What’s your favorite thing about the Richonne fandom? Least favorite thing?

Vegasloversteel (VLS): My favorite thing about the Richonne fandom is the fact that 95% of the people are nice, welcoming and accepting. I have made some people that are true friends, that I talk to everyday whether it is about Richonne or not. Richonne was just the catalyst for me. I’ve had a rough few months which has delayed my writing. I don’t know what I would have done without people like @sugarysweetzee, @severelybabykryptonite, @thebaetide and others.

My least favorite thing? Hmmm…maybe the constant need that what we are shown isn’t enough? Like everyone loved ‘Say Yes’ but people still needed more. Don’t get me wrong, I would have LOVED to see the deleted sex scene but hopefully it will come.

RF: I’ve met some pretty amazing people in this fandom, people I really consider friends so I totally agree with you about the welcoming and accepting facet of the Richonne fandom.  Is there a subject you cannot bring yourself to write about and why?

VLS: I can’t bring myself to write about rape or abuse because luckily I haven’t been through either so I can’t do the material justice. What I mean is, I don’t have the knowledge or basis to write that type of trauma or pain that I’m sure is associated with those acts. I think sometimes in order to justify a ship or a person’s behavior, people write about things and don’t give them the care they deserve, and some people even romanticize them.

RF: What other artistic pursuits do you indulge in apart from writing?

VLS: I draw and I dance. Writing has always been my thing though. I wrote my first multi chapter story when I was in the 3rd grade on a rainy day. I showed it to my teacher for her opinion and ended up getting extra credit!

RF: Nice! Have you tried your hand at any Richonne fanart? When is the best time of day for you to write?

VLS: The best time of the day for me to write is usually at night. I’m truly a night owl so after thinking all day, it comes together then.

RF: Night Owl’s Unite! LOL! Though I really need to change that habit and start going to be earlier.  Waking up is always such an ordeal.  What did you find most useful in learning to write?

VLS: What did I find most useful? Learning to use descriptions, adjectives and adverbs to set the scene. When I write, I visualize EVERYTHING. I see the scene in my head as though it is a movie. The colors, the outfit, even the furniture placement at times. So I use these tools so that the reader sees them that way too.

RF: I’ve had a lot of writers explain that there is always a visualization of scenes before pen gets put to paper.  Where do you get most of your ideas?

VLS: Honestly, music inspires me heavily. ‘My Boo’ and 'When I See You’ popped into my head while driving home from work listening to Spotify. Other times I’ll just be doing a re-watch and something will hit me. I remember re-watching 'After’ and seeing Andre with Michonne. I seriously thought, 'What if Andre was Rick’s? But he didn’t know it?’ I began 'Found’ about two hours later.  Something with my one shot ‘The One You Lost’; When Rick gave Michonne that cat and said that it struck me. Doing the re-watch later that night, I got the headcanon. I then messaged my sounding boards and asked what they thought of it even though I JUST got around to writing it! Lol.

RF: There’s nothing like a good playlist to inspire you.  Do you write everyday or just when the writing bug strikes?

VLS: I write when it strikes me. I have a TON of stories I have started but want to finish the ones I have out. I usually get struck late at night after work when I have a big glass of wine and am either listening to music or watching tv to relax.

RF: What do you think makes a good story?

VLS: A good story to me is one that is planned out, where the author has thought about the beginning, middle and end. Chapter 1-3, 20-25 and 40-45. They have an end game and it shows in the consistency of the story. Yeah things might get tweaked or added but for the most part it is planned out well. That and descriptions! Lol. Not of everything but the important parts. Like I said, I am very visual. @herewaskendra draws me in every time just by her descriptions

RF: What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

VLS: I have no quirks. Seriously. Well… does Chardonnay count?

RF: If a ZA were to occur, do you think you would survive? Explain why or why not.

VLS: I would DEFINITELY survive. I am a GREAT judge of character so I wouldn’t be hoodwinked by people like The Governor, Scavengers or Terminites. I am in great physical shape and was a girl scout. One thing that could hurt me? I am allergic to EVERYTHING so when the ZA started, I would have to raid all the pharmacies for Claritin and Benadryl! Lol. Now that would affect my reaction time. First thing I would do? Find a weapon like a Katana that wouldn’t need ammo and get a water purifier of some sort. Second thing? Find my own Rick Grimes! Lol.

RF: Thank you so much vegasloversteel for your time and answering these questions about your writing process.  It was a pleasure getting to know you and I’m sure the readers out there will eat this up.  If you would like to follow vegasloversteel on tumblr, click on her name and FOLLOW and you can find her Richonne fanfiction here on

Why Jashi shouldn't happen

*Reminder , this is my personal opinion , if you think differently than that’s fine* I honestly have always and still do like thinking that Jack is and always will be a lone wolf in his relationships , for Ashi to randomly and quickly become his girlfriend seems out of place and rushed. For most people this being a couple is perfect because one is a guy with a nice body and the other is a girl with a nice body , so it’s a perfect match. Not to sound like a feminist, but a weak built romantic plot is probably my least favorite type of cliches. I know , there has been some possible hints , but still , I think especially for a man like Jack , they would need a lot more build to it and make it more clear on what they are doing. To be honest , the way they are showing their relationship seems like it’ll just end up as a friendship or a mentor-student relationship. Yes , I’m down for a father-daughter relationship , but like the romantic relationship, it hasn’t really been hinted much. I think shoving a romantic relationship in there would somewhat ruin the feel to Samurai Jack and the characters.

Ramon was probably my least favorite character from The Get Down. But this scene was incredibly well crafted. The man genuinely believes his life has come to it’s end. Everything he knew and cherished has been taken from him and in his heart of hearts he believes that the Devil is to blame for this. Ever the strong pastor he heads to his sanctuary, his Church and delivers his most powerful sermon. To a crowd of no one but God. 

hidnplainsight  asked:

Your choice: Fudge as your boss but work with either draco or harry OR love your job and work with your least favorite hp character?

i’d choose Fudge as my boss so i can work with Draco or Harry and be the maniacal lil Slytherin i am and convince them that the two of them love each other or Project: Parent Trap their asses into accidentally coming together and falling in love. or just eavesdrop on stories and conversations if they’re already together. either way, i win. i can easily ignore Fudge.

wings-of-life  asked:

Bisicle & unisicle

Bisicle: What’s your favorite land, and what was your least favorite?

// fav is snowdin without a doubt. And honestly my least favorite was probably waterfall. I don’t know why, maybe it was just cause I got stuck there for a long while. //

Unisicle: What’s your favorite boss battle?

// y'all are gonna hate me

It’s Sans.

I find that fight so fun whoops //

TV-Show Tag Meme

I came across this tag and thought it would be pretty funny to do this, so let’s go!

Pick your 5 shows before answering the following:

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  2. The Legend of Korra
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  4. Voltron (not really a TV-show but a show nontheless)
  5. Sense8

Decided to go for the obvious choices there, lol

1. Who is your favorite character in 2? 
Haha, of course I’m asked for my favourite character in the Legend of Korra, like you don’t know that already. It is, of course, my favourite character of all time, my ultimate bae, Korra.

2. Who is your least favorite character in 1? 
Oh, that’s a hard one… but I think I’m gonna go for Jeong Jeong, because he just annoys me. He only ever looks at the bad side of stuff and I don’t like him.

3. What’s your favorite episode of 4? 
My favourite Voltron episode is probably space mall, it was both hillarious and serious and the combination of those two elements actually worked out pretty well. We had a nice and funny in between episode but it wasn’t a filler because we still kinda progressed story-wise. Idk I just really loved it.

4. What’s your favorite season of 5? 
Well, there’s only one season out yet, but I loved the christmas special a lot and season 2 trailers look really good so I think it’s gonna be season 2. I (almost) always like the later seasons of a show better than the first ones. 

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3? 
Probably Peraltiago because their relationship is pure and based on mutual respect and just very loving and it’s one of the healthiest straight ships I’ve seen on tv in a long time which is always good. Plus Amy and Jake are my favourite characters.

6. Who is your anti-relationship in 1? 
I didn’t really have any NOTP’s in Atla until I found out people actually, legitimately, shipped Zucest. That’s so wrong, she’s both his abuser and his sister, I cannot even comprehend

7. How long have you watched 4? 
I started watching Voltron last august, so that’s about eight months?

8. How did you become interested in 3? 
I found a tumblr post pointing out the diversity of the characters and how woke this show was, and it looked pretty good. Then I found out it was on netflix, and I started watching it immediately and I loved it. 

9. Who is your favorite actor in 2? 
Probably Janet Varney, she has an amazing voice and I absolutely adore her voice acting in the legend of korra. She also ships Korrasami which is a plus.

10. Which show do you prefer: 1, 4 or 5? 
Avatar: The last airbender. No doubt.

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of? 1 or 3? 
Ahahahah I haven’t even seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4, but I’ve watched ATLA about seven times so definately atla.

12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be? 
Uhh… idk man they all have it pretty bad. But I guess Hunk because he doesn’t have an alien arm or a missing family or his whole home planet destroyed so yeah probably hunk.

13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1? 
Favourite Character? You think I have only one? Uhhh… I mean I think Aang could sacrifice himself to save the world, Sokka and Toph probably fell of the airship, Katara died fighting Azula and couldn’t heal Zuko, so he’d die too, and uhh, Azula probably electrocuted herself or something idk.

14. Would a 2/3 crossover work? 
Probably. I could see Mako be a cop at the Nine-Nine…

15. Pair two characters in 2 that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple. 
Uhh… Mako and Tahno? That doesn’t sound too bad…

16. Overall, which show had a better cast: 3 or 5? 
Uhhh… idk man… I have an undying love for the brooklyn nine-nine cast, but the Sense8 cast was really good too because they all came from different countries and stuff and they had a trans character… but Brooklyn Nine-Nine though… ugh don’t make me choose!!

17. Which show has a better soundtrack: 1, 4 or 5? 
Avatar: The Last Airbender. No soundtrack can make me feel the feels like that one.

Well, that was it, I hope you liked this!

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holyfuckingwords  asked:

You are 5'5 or under You dress in dark colors You are embarrassed by at least one of your favorite songs 3 assumptions

You are 5'5 or under

yup!! im 5′2. am tiny

You dress in dark colors

somewhat!! i dress in black and white clothes with no colours so kinda!!

You are embarrassed by at least one of your favorite songs

YES. all my favourite songs are embarrassing. they’re like slam poetry or kpop or musicals lmao

anonymous asked:

do u think mari from nge is a cool cat

It’s funny you ask this bc I think mari is my least favorite eva pilot! I mean she’s not terrible but I was never crazy about her! She’s just kinda there lol

you know what i love. i love platonic marichat. not even to drag romantic marichat just platonic marichat by itself is so good.

  • video games. chat’s claws make it hard to handle the controller. they wager cookies and marinette lets him win sometimes.
  • sometimes chat has bad days and sneaks out to see marinette at night because she always gives the best pep talks and lets him have sugary food too
  • the fashion??? he’s so interested in her designs and models half-finished clothes for her. they stay up way too late working on hats.
  • crushes. chat noir won’t shut the fuck up about ladybug until marinette starts talking about her crush on a boy in her class. he makes not a peep.
  • he has to see those photos of himself in her room too like cmon
  • “hey do you wanna play a video game”
    “yeah let me turn on the computer”
    “oh my god is that me”
  • jsut let me
  • have