that was my cake actually xd

Ok Dive!! but...


….i mean…

…come on…

…if THIS BOY’s gonna “turn out to be straight” then ure going TOO FAR with that baiting already!!!!! omg wut XD

or perhaps…

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EXO Reaction to the AraSoo wedding

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing Arasoo for myself and for the anon who requests all the Arasoo stuff xD Anyways if you don’t know what Arasoo is you can either go here click or ignore this xD Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/




“Yes.. my predictions were right… I knew this day would come. That gives me the right to be the best man right?” *So confident*


“I’m so happy but poor Suho… he must be crying right now… one of his babies is leaving… let’s go remind him of that” *Never loses an opportunity xD*


“WOHOOO THIS MEANS CAKE! I MEAN YES WOHO WEDDING!” *Let’s be honest Soo would bake a delicious cake or get the best one in the world*


“Everyone’s so happy about this… talking about being the best man… but they haven’t realized I AM Soo’s BEST MAN!” *Sitting quietly watching from the corner as the world goes nuts*


*He’s actually the one who heard the news first by accident* “Oh my… oh my… is he proposing? I have a feeling I shouldn’t be here… oh but this is… oh my gawd he’s goals… I want to be like him when I grow old xD”


*Probably Kyungsoo will make him help with everything* “Someone tell me why am I like the maid of honor? Do I even get the title? Am I going to wear a dress? Pink is my color by the way… no wait… this isn’t right! oh oh I didn’t say anything Soo.. let’ continue…”


*Starts preparing his speech for the day. Doesn’t matter if he’s not the best man, he’ll still speak* “Dear Kyungsoo… I’ve known you since you were a little baby (ok maybe not that little)…”


*He has self claimed himself as the official planner of the wedding but more importantly of the bachelor party*


*Probably won’t be able to recover for a long time* “Why did I tell them… why didn’t I choose to get married in a secret ceremony… they are never going to leave me alone…” *Deep down he loves his boys*


“Kyungsoo’s finally getting married? When? That’s so soon! I haven’t written that special song…. okay gotta go… I have a ballad to write!” *Well he’s in charge of the music so xD*


*He’s sad but happy but sad but happy but sad but happy but proud* “My baby has finally opened his wings and flown”

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I’m gonna make you hungry today, because I can ! MWOUAHAHA!

So, it was my dad’s birthday today and instead of buying him a cake… I decided to make one myself. It might not look pretty, but I’m actually a good cook so I baked him a cake made of chocolate and beer… and guys… it’s so freaking good that when my bro told my uncle that I made a cake, the guy just crossed the street (He live in front of us.) and asked to try it X’D

So yeah… I kinda mostly baked today, and I’m kinda happy I did XD

recardorcd  asked:

I wonder how will your 1st dinner with friz would be like xD

Mod: Well, according to him.. he wants to take me out to eat for my birthday. And I can order the biggest most juiciest burger I want. And, he’ll get me my very own cheesecake. (He knows how much I love burgers. I know I talk about Taco Bell a lot, but burgers are my top number 1 favorite foods. And he also knows that I’m not too crazy about cake. And that I loooove cheesecake.) So, this would actually be our first dinner together.






It is actually my birthday today. >.< So happy birthday to me. ;] I am now 22. I failed to stay up until midnight and enjoy my last hour or so of being 21. XD I feel old already. -___- Sadly my boyfriend departs for Vegas this very morning with his family to see the Fiji rugby team play. =[ I really hope he comes back by Sunday at least. Oh well. To celebrate my birthday I have a lesson 4 Japanese test today. Yayyyy. Birthday pass please? =P

skelltales  asked:

Hey babe! Could I get UT and US skeles reaction to their S/O sleep walking to the kitchen and actually baking a full on cake. Like holy shit. It's a beautiful cake. Ironically, S/O has no cooking skills whatsoever and has been known to set fires from how horrible they are in the kitchen

Of course, my queen. <3

UT! SANS (I accidentally typed sand at first and I can’t stop laughing XD)

Ummm, he doesn’t really…know? How to?? React??? He’d probably just…show you to bed first, once he found out you were sleepwalking, since he thought you were awake the entire time at first. One you were tucked in bed, he’ll finish the cake (if it wasn’t already finished), have a piece and think about what to do. He finally decides on asking you about it in the morning, and see if you remember anything. If not, he’ll explain what happened, and if you do remember, you guys will probably laugh about how you’re a better cook when you’re asleep.


The tol skeleton bab would be very confused, how would you cook and sleep at the same time? Wowie! He knew his S/O was special! He would probably stop you from whatever you were doing to shake you awake excitedly. “S/O! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HOW ARE YOU SLEEPING AND BAKING AT THE SAME TIME!” If you don’t know how you got there, he would probably explain to you what happened, and insist that you keep baking, but with him! He’s sure it will be lots of fun to finish the cake! This ends up in you two almost burning down the house and a frustrated Sans.


He would have the same reaction as UT! Papyrus.


He would just sit back and watch you bake until you finish the cake completely. He is very impressed, and shocked too. He almost decided to take you back to bed, but decided to just let you run your course. Once you’re done with the cake, he’ll tuck you back into bed, and mention it to you in the morning, with a couple baking puns, of course. he’d ask you if this has happened to you before, and will probably keep a closer eye on you while you sleep to make sure your safe.

killer-pail  asked:

Please help me, Tammy. I've had something stuck in my head about Melony and Walter since the last stream, but I'm not sure if it was actually decided upon, or if my brain has just randomly made it up. XD Am I correct in remembering that Melony is into eating well and being active, but Walter - gluttonous little clownfish that he is - occasionally (or often) sabotages her healthy lifestyle through their symbiotic relationship?

Hahah! Yes. Melony is a somewhat health nut and exercises and tries to eat healthy but she is also a huge sweet tooth. And Walter is a lazy glutton, and well, being part of her, often convinces her to make a stop at local cake shop, haha!

But hey, I think we also headcanoned that the girls met in a donut shop. Good job Walter

watermystic277  asked:

I believe they're called a "cake divider" so im sure you can buy one somewhere

oh boy, now that i research they do exist! XD haha

actually i think i know where something like this might be on my country XD hehe


♛: Sharing a dessert
@captain-harkniss of course I had to do it about chocolate cake !

I think this is kinda how their second night together went. Eating cake and drinking whisky on Harkniss’s ship after a mission that had gone pretty bad and Sekka’s squad barely escaped alive. The Chiss wasn’t even close of admitting she actually liked him, but just enough not to be able to resiste the need to enjoy very much his company.
(I don’t think they ever finished this piece of cake…)

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I don't know who's birthday it is in the movie but I want it to be Carm's and Laura is telling her she loves her and congratulating her for finally making it to 24. Then they kiss and eventually bang XD

I actually think it’s Laura’s birthday and Carmilla baked a cake or threw a party or what ever :3  That’s why Laura was so affectionate and giddy.  But idk, that’s my look on it XD

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Oh my gosh happy birthday!! It was my birthday yesterday, actually, so that's a funny coincidence!! XD I hope you had a fantastic day, you have a wonderful AU and art style I adore :D

HEYYY So you’re taurus too????


AND aaah gosh thank you so much for the praise, i’m super happy that you think that my stuff is wonderful *blushes* even if it’s nothing compare to all of you.

Yall are the people who should be praised everyday. I can’t believe how darling and supportive yall are. Like HELL, I know that deservation is overrated, but aaaah, you all are making me feel so special, super mega special. ;u; and still, I’m just a simple person who doodle undertale stuff like a total nerd. 
 (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

I feel like I’m repeting myself so much about that, I feel sorry if you’re just seeing me screaming always the same way about how much I love yall! (I don’t mean to spam your dash, but I really wanna reply to all of you FOR ONCE, it’s important ;v;). I’m not that good in english, so I always use the same words, but I mean them so damn much, I wish I could have more vocabulary to worship yall better than how I’m doing it now!

One day, I’ll be there (I hope at least! XD).
Anyway, I’ll keep spamming you a few, even after this post! 
Sorry for the spaaaam ♥  ( ̄u ̄*)ゞ

@misscreatureist, @skullythepirate2: Thank you so much!! ♥

@thehybrid: I got an amazing time today and I hope I’ll be able to celebrate some more with some of you on drawpile!

@icefury55: ahaha nope, you’re not late! ♥ Aaaah merci beaucouuup!! *hugs*

@godfather44: You’re not either! Thanks youuu! ♥

@shitpost-almighty: YOUR USERNAME….. G.O.L.D
Thank you braaah *wiggles butt as a thank you*

@theholytoaster: ahaha MERCI!! (°◡°♡)
Tkt je te pardonne, va en paix mon ami! XD

@bluerose099: Yes yes… Feet doesnt impress me. But they were at first. I just spend too much time drawing in the subway when I was going to college… And cuz’ I’m shy af, I was just looking down while drawing, so I was mostly seeing feet and shoes… So I mostly drew feet and shoes. XD
A N Y W A Y, thank you so much blue!! You’re so sweet and amazing!
I’m so happy that you find me gurl! *hugs tight* 

Anon 01: It’s today, on the 28th. I just gived my own Bday to blublu, so ye, we share the same day as a birthday. THANK YOU FOR HIM (and for me cuz I took it for me too XD)

@angstysecurityguard, @animeplayer2336 Thank you so muchhh! ♥

@Anon 02 & 03: MERCI FRENCHIES PALS ♥ 
OH w8 w8 w8, je suis ton préféré? eeeeeh  (//ω//)


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The last song I listened to was ‘Fukai Mori’ by Do as Infinity. I have a few others songs by them actually and ‘Kimi Ga Inai Mirai’ is my ringtone, which ALSO is the opening theme to the Final Act!

My lockscreen is my fiances’ and mine prom picture the my sister took our senior year.

and my selfie. xD oh the selfie, the infamous dog filter. Well, what can I say, I felt like doing it! sorry not sorry yo! c:

I tag (and apologize if you’ve already been tagged xD) @inukag @inukag-4ever @kuddle-cakes @adorableears7 @keichanz @dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns @inutato @sangoslays and anyone else who wants to do it!

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HOLY SHIT YOU DID IT! Congratulations, my dude! Now onto the Murmaider of my favorite seafood dishes. —Jack Anon

I already beat Cala Maria, actually. I don’t know if she was suppose to be difficult or not, but her boss stage was a fish cake walk for me. XD

Gudetama Cafe Singapore

The local Gudetama-themed cafe here is officially opening on the day of my birthday. If this isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. xD Some of the items on the menu include (btw, the names of these egg dishes are rather amusing): 

Gudetama Lobster Onsen:   

“I’m Cold” Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict:

Rib-“I” Don’t Care:


“Shoyu Ramen” Set (FYI this is not a ramen dish but in actuality a “Ramen” dessert made with chocolate and feuilletine cake topped with layers of chestnut Mont Blanc and earl grey jelly, served with a side of panna cotta and sweetened rose tea.) :


This is post 3 for my Café!!! on ICE posts!

Post 1
Post 2
Post 3

 So I was a bit gutted because they had sold out of the Katsudon and the Piroshki so my friend and I both settled for the soup (which was… Okay lol)

 I got ‘Victor’s Adult caffe latte’. Holy crap it’s actually the best coffee I’ve had in Japan (literally, you don’t know how hard it is to get a decent cup of coffee here!)

My friends each got 'Yurio’s Milk’ and 'Yuri’s sweet Cocoa’!

 I also got 'Victor’s living Legend pancake’ (it was a cake not a pancake lol) and it was surprisingly tasty!!

 My other friend got the '4 turn loop pudding’!

 And we all got a Makkachin coaster :D (I also took the Victor flag away with me from my pudding xD)

yorushan  asked:

Hi there! Your Family au is the most adorable thing in Voltron History (ASDJK; DIABETES). I was wondering what would the kids be like if they wanted to cook something for Shiro's birthday or father's day or something like that? Would it be a mess?

Haha Voltron doesn’t need my help to be adorable. It’s amazingly adorable as it is lol XD But thank you!!!! AHHHH!!! (๑•́ ω •̀๑) And Omg this is too cute to think about!!! But I totally will spend the rest of the evening thinking about it.

So everyone is agreed that they want to try and make him a cake for his birthday. One problem, the only one in the family who knows how to actually cook is Shiro. (Coran claims he can, but it usually ends up looking like goo, and Allura: “what is cooking?”)

  • Allura gathers everyone to look at a Catalog to pick out a cake they want to make. But everyone has different opinions Keith wants red velvet (cause it’s red and red is cool), Lance wants the gaudiest cake with a sickeningly amount of frosting. Hunk wants a chocolate cake, and Pidge of course votes for a peanut butter cake.
  • Because no one can agree they decide to make a cake that encompasses all of these things: A chocolate, red velvet, peanut butter cake with a butt-load of frosting.
  • They then make a trip to the store to gather ingredients, which basically just ends up Allura walking through the aisles while the kids just throw everything that looks delicious in the cart.
  • Once at home with more ingredients than initially planned, they all try to go through the makeshift recipe, but somewhere along the way Pidge gets peanut butter on the pages, and it makes the steps a little unclear.
  • Lance thinks it would be funny to smear some of the batter on Keith, whom in turn retaliates in full force.
  • Coran and Hunk taste test a little too much and make themselves sick
  • Allura may or may not left the paper recipe on top of the cake and put it in the oven. Which then catches fire setting off the fire alarm..
  • In the end the cake is a half burnt half uncooked blobby mess, with a butt-load of frosting (Lance makes sure Shiro knows that was his idea, even though there was no doubt). 
  • But when Shiro sees the cake covered kids looking at him in expectation, he’s got no choice but to eat it. It’s horrible. But he’s genuinely touched at how much everyone tried to make it. He tells them it’s the best cake he’s ever had, and he wouldn’t be lying.

Best Birthday cake ever ❤

This was my amazing One Piece birthday cake my parents made for me (everybody who sees this maybe thinks it’s a child’s birthday… but nah, it was actually my 18th birthday XD).

Today I’m 21 but I still wanna feature this pretty (and absolutely delicious) cake because my parents took a lot of time and effort to make this~

Nadia Sings Shape of You
  • Nadia: last night you were in my room 🎶
  • MC: hahah, yeah, that was fun; that cake you gave me was really-
  • Nadia: no one can find out I'm sorry I'm gonna have to behead you-