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It’s been a while since I did a crossover, this one is from a manga called “mahou tsukai no yome” or the ancient magus bride, It has an ova come in august so if you’re into weeb stuff like me check it out

I just thought it would be fun to a crossover, although a gaster skull may be much more fitting than asriel but whatevs, also frisk as a girl since chise is a girl, same with chara as a male


AN: You should be warned…this fic is almost 6,000 words of Nessian. Most of that is smut. NSFW. This is the longest single fanfiction I have written on this site. This turned out to be so much more fun than I thought it was, and I totally ended up loving them and exploring who they are the dynamic between them. They are very new characters for me to be writing and I haven’t uite gotten the hang of them yet but…holy cow. This was fun. This was inspired by @blogtealdeal ’s post which you can find here. This is also dedicated to the other two thirds of the Night Court Queens, @illyriantremors and @kitashiwrites . Also, yes, you can have your virginity taken and feel no pain. Ask my roommate ;) Also this fic doesn’t 100% make sense with the timeline: just pretend. <3 And enjoy!

Nesta was thoroughly unimpressed.

First she’d been angry. Furious. Livid. Seeing Elain break down in the corner of the cabin they were essentially being held captive in had made her blood boil. Literally. The first time Elain had broken down and cried, Nesta had accidentally charred the edges of her own dress, the chiffon smoking beneath her fingertips.

Curse her Fae body.

Curse the Cauldron.

Curse the Mother for letting this happen to her. For letting this happen to Elain.

For letting this happen to Feyre.

A small part of her wanted to blame her youngest sister for all of this. A small voice in her head still whispered If she and her High Lord hadn’t come slinking around and used us to get to the mortal queens, none of this would have happened.

But with that voice spoke another in answer, one that she’d ignored for too long. One that she couldn’t ignore any longer.

If you’d taken some of the responsibility for feeding your younger sisters, Feyre would never have entered Prythian in the first place.

And now…now that she had to control her anger so she didn’t accidentally burn the place down, now that she and Elain were stuck in this melty, drippy world that promised spring, now that the terror of becoming Fae had worn off…

She was unimpressed.

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“Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing?”

Two Months

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Summary: Ever since Derek entered the lives of Stiles, Scott and (Y/N), (Y/N) always had a fascination with him. Tall, dark and handsome; what more could she ask for? She could ask for there to be two-way feelings; Derek is older than (Y/N) by nearly eight years, and that thought keeps playing on the back of his mind. Can (Y/N) change his mind?

Word Count: 1,084

Prompt: -

A/N: I just wanted to have a little fun with this imagine; I write so much fluffy imagines that I wanted to dabble in something else. There is SMUT **That is your warning**

Originally posted by monstrousmess

“(Y/N), you take Derek to the loft; I’ll go to the Sheriff’s station!” Stiles exclaimed, shoving a weak and exhausted looking Derek to you. You barely managed to stabilize yourself and Derek’s heavy figure. You nodded, and walked him to your truck, opening the passenger’s door and allowing him to heave himself into the vehicle. “Don’t get any ideas,” He moaned, holding his hand over a bloody wound.

With a smirk on your face, you walked over to your side and started the truck, driving in the direction of Derek’s home. “I don’t understand why you won’t just give into me.” You teased, when you heard him moan; even though it wasn’t a moan of pleasure, it still created a wave of heat between your legs. “You’re seventeen years old.” He snarled, smelling the arousal that he created.

“Eighteen in two months.” You corrected, a confident smile on your face. You pulled up to his loft, “Why isn’t it healing?”

“It is, it’s just taking its own sweet time.” He snarled, carrying himself up the stairs and into the loft where he crashed onto the couch. “You might be more comfortable with your shirt off.” You mentioned, secretly hoping that he’d tear it off him; but your dream was crushed when he sent you a glare that could kill. You raised your hands in defense and took a seat on the chair next to the sofa. “You can go now.” He hissed in pain.

You shook your head, “Stiles told me to wait until it healed.” You took out your phone and started playing a random game until the light from outside started to dim. Sneaking a glance at Derek, you noticed that his eyes were shut and light snores could be heard up close. You smiled at his peaceful figure; realising you liked him a lot better when he was asleep – he was quiet and this way you could appreciate his beauty.

“(Y/N),” You felt a nudge on your shoulder, jumping from the soothing snooze that you were having. “It’s healed, let yourself out.” You stretched and watched Derek walk into his bedroom. You groaned, standing up and started to gather your possessions in your arm until your eyes caught sight of a handsome figure.

It was Derek, you could see his reflection from the mirror. He tore his bloody shirt off, revealing a toned, tanned body. You leaned up against the sofa, imaging how his arms would feel wrapping themselves around you; his hands gripping your waist, pulling you closer and his lips trailing their way down your neck until they reach your breasts, his tongue swirling around your nipple.

You couldn’t take it anymore, you stormed into his room; Derek jumping from the sound of the door hitting the wall. “(Y/N), what…” He was taken back when you jumped into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist and his around your arse so you didn’t fall. You crashed your lips to his, your hands combing through his shaggy hair. You felt his beard brush against your chin when he kissed you back; the kiss was desperate, both of you were hungry for more. One more afraid to admit it.

Derek dropped you on his bed, but didn’t follow. You leaned back on your palms looking up at him, he avoided your eyes. “Derek, I don’t care that you’re older.” He walked away and you stopped up, “Stop,” He looked back at you, nervously you reached for the bottom of your shirt; pulling it over your head. His eyes went from your lips to your breasts, he licked his lips hungrily but didn’t make any move. You started to unbutton your shorts, pushing them down and kicking them away with your foot; leaving you in your white lingerie. Take god they’re matching today.

Derek looked you up and down – once, twice, and again before he slammed the bedroom door shut. “Fuck it,” He muttered under his breath before rushing to you, the palms of his hands grabbing your face to kiss your lips. He wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you to his naked chest. He pushed his tongue through your lips and deepened the kiss. You let out a moan whilst his tongue explored your mouth. “Fuck, Derek.” He lowered you down onto his bed, supporting his weight with his elbow.

He kissed down your neck; it was everything you imagined, the sensation staying there even when he moved down passed your belly button. You jumped slightly when you felt his hands slip past your panties and rub you slightly. “Fuck (Y/N), you’re so wet.” He mumbled, licking down your body again. He looked up at you through his thick eyelashes; his eyes darkened with lust. You arched your body slightly so it was easier for him to remove the panties… with his teeth. Oh lord.

You relaxed back down, and grasped the blanket with your fist as you felt his tongue rub up and down your core. A whimper left your mouth when he started moving the tip of his tongue faster, “Fuck me,” You begged, feeling the sweat and arousal soak off you. “Please,” You begged, which he proved to love.

Derek quickly shed off his jeans, covering himself but he lined himself to your wet area. He leaned down and kissed your lips, “Are you sure?” He whispered, but you didn’t have a chance to answer when he shoved himself into you. “Oh, (Y/N), you’re so tight.” He moaned into your ear, pushing himself in more. The pain was something you never experienced before, he started to get faster, his hands grabbing your waist as he got deeper and deeper.

Your body began to shake when you felt him hit the spot, “Derek!” You screamed out in pleasure, his eyes glazed over now as he kept pounding into that one spot. His thumb went to your clit, rubbing it gently at first; just feeling a slight sensation on it but he got harder the more you moaned and whimpered. “Derek, I’m going to…” You couldn’t finish the sentence, you let out a scream as you felt your whole body give into him in that moment.

His body went limp against yours as he pounded once, twice before he let out a moan and relieved himself. He kissed your neck once more before pulling out and discarding of the evidence. He collapsed next to you, his arm draping around your naked body.

“Let’s do that again sometime.”

“In two months.”

Ok, so my thought process after drawing fish monster D.Va was basically ‘I ‘m done much sooner than I thought I’d be, now what? …Screw it, I’m doing Hanzo too.’ Because he’s my favorite and I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, the design comes from @macabrecabra‘s fun Aquawatch AU, I just decorated it a bit. I was going to monster him up a some more cause fuck yeah monsters, but eh all I ended up doing was adding notes of armored catfish and nudibranch colors. And despite fish Hanzo technically being a simpler design than fish D.Va he was somehow much more of a trial to get drawn and colored. @_@

I wanted to draw/sketch/design a genderbend Kakashi..,
excuse me for having fun.

ow.. and I didn’t want to do it like a “sexy-no-jutsu” thing..
cuz we allll know… sexy-no-jutsu Kakashi wouldn’t look any different from regular Kakashi.
He is already Sexy-no-jutsu incarnate!

Oops, spoilers! (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Requested by anon: “Hello there! Could you do a Phillip x reader? Maybe he could be flirting with some girls and you roll your eyes and all that and he tries to flirt with you? THANKS FRIEND”

Masterlist Requests

This was really fun to write! Thank you, and I hope you like it!

So this is a one shot I did. It takes place in an AU where the reader attends their freshman year at college. 

Warnings: None. I think. Yes, this is pretty much all fluff! 

Word count: 1,476

It was your freshman year at college, and you had barely started to unpack your dorm. After only three days of classes, you had realized that you’d have to do a lot more reading to pass this particular class than you initially thought. In High school, you pretty much aced all your classes without any bigger issues, and that is why you were a little bit chocked by the workload of reading you would have to do here to even begin to understand what the professor was talking about.

And that is why you were now sitting in the library at 8 p.m alone. You were closing in on your fifth hour of intense studying, and it had begun to take it’s toll on you. When you first arrived, the library had been filled with people, both studying alone and in groups, but as the hours passed they dropped of one by one.

All you wanted to do right now was to go back to your dorm, snuggle up in your bed with a cup of hot chocolate and your laptop and watch some netflix shows. You quietly cursed this old (and probably dead) writer whom, in the sixties, wrote this essay in the most academic, hardest-to-understand language he possibly could. With a big sigh, you let your forehead rest on the table for a second, only to be ripped from your state of despair by a few giggles.

You looked up, and saw a bunch of girls in a group looking at something. They were gathered in a c-formation, slightly blocking you from seeing what they were laughing at. Slightly annoyed, you began to fiddle with your headphones, but stopped as soon as you saw what they were laughing at.

Or rather WHOM.

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The Daughter of Hades - rewrite // p1

summary: you thought your close friend and long time crush James Buchanan Barnes was going off to war, but it seems you would be the one to battle all types of war from being a weapon for a dangerous organization known as Hyrda, to fighting a war with your own mind.

pairings: Bucky x female reader

warnings: angst, violence, car crash, injections, swearing,

thoughts are in italics

A/N: i really appreciate all of the great feedback i got from the original Daughter of Hades, but personally i wasn’t happy with some of the content and decided to rewrite the (unfinished) series with a new plot :) i hope everyone enjoys this adaptation as much as the first <3

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

1945, Brooklyn

Naturally, you weren’t much of a drinker, you’d have a couple of beers and stop there. People would call you the sober one, even though you drank more than any normal girl. They’d say you weren’t fun; but you felt responsible for your friends and wanted to make sure they got home safe. But with Bucky leaving for war soon, why not have more than usual? You’d been out with a few friends tonight, two of your closest friends Bucky and Steve who you’ve known since high school, and Clara who had just dealt with a break up. She was completely heart broken and ended up having two beers, a whisky and three glasses of wine. You had just been to the bathroom and returned to see Steve and Bucky at the bar, with Clara in a corner booth with her head on the table next to an uncomfortably close man.

“Steve! Bucky!” You shouted over the chatter so you could scowl at them for not looking after your friend. “Why is Clara half asleep on the table?” You said in your mun voice with your hands on your hips.

“She went to sit with some girls that new her.” Bucky said without turning to look at her, but he was never good at looking confident when you were in your mum stance.

Annoyed at their ignorance and carelessness, you grabbed both of them by the ear and turned them to Clara’s table. “I’m pretty sure he is not a girl and that Clara does not know him.” You pushed through the middle of them to make your way to Clara, but not without smacking both of them on the back of the head.

“Clara, honey I think it’s time we get you home.” You shook her gently to stir her awake, to which she sat up a little to quickly.

She moaned and held her head, “Okay, but I’m driving,”

You chuckled lightly and helped her out of the booth; you started walking to Bucky and Steve, when someone grabbed your arm. “Hey, you can’t take her away she’s with me.” The man that was next to Clara slurred his words together, his breath reeked of alcohol.

“I don’t think so.” You tried pulling your arm free but he tightened his grip.

“C’mon she’s safe with me.” He leant in further to you.

“Look sweetie, nobody would be safe with you. We’re leaving.”

“Alright you can stay if you want,” He started raising his voice which caught the attention of Steve and Bucky. You finally got your arm free and turned away again, “but you’re not going anywhere, sweetcheeks.” He landed a hard smack on your ass and grinned proudly. You froze in your tracks and slowly turned to face him.

Bucky wanted to punch that guy in the face so hard for what he just did to you; his crush on you meant he was always overprotective but this time it was necessary. But before he was within three feet of the man, you punched him square in the nose. There was a loud crack as his head flew back and he lost his balance, you kicked him in the groin for good measure making him curl up on the floor. 

When you turned around, Steve was holding up Clara, Bucky was gawking at you and the whole bar was quiet. Even the music had stopped. You smoothed out the creases in your dress and smiled like you just walked into the room. Your heels echoed throughout the room as you moved to Clara.

The music quickly returned and so did the chatter, probably about the kind faced woman giving a drunken giant a broken nose. You thanked Steve for helping Clara and turned to Bucky who still stared at you in awe.

“You catching flies there Buck?” When you didn’t get a reply you pushed up his jaw and gave him a lingered kiss on the cheek. “I’m taking Clara home, I’ll see you tomorrow. Dancing right?” He nodded slowly. You gave Steve a peck on the cheek as well. “Bye Steve.”

“Wait Y/N, are you going to get home okay?” It was cute how concerned he looked while still having the shock in his eyes from the current events. It did annoy you slightly though.

“Sweetie, I’m not that far away from here I’ll be fine.” You winked and then left.

Bucky, still quite shocked at the fight you put up, sat down in his stool bar and sighed. “What am I going to do punk?”

Steve retook his seat next to Bucky and ordered drinks for the two. “What do you mean?” Bucky was never unsure of anything, especially when it came to girls.

“I think I’m in love.” He replied with a smile.

“You’ve got to tell her Buck. What happened to the confident, ladies man I grew up with? Y’know, say something before its too late.” Steve rested a hand on Bucky’s back.

The bartender returned with their drinks and Bucky took a sip; he’d be shipping to England soon and he may never see you again. But for once in his life he didn’t know what to say to a girl. You weren’t like the other girls he’s dated; you were cocky, you preferred hanging out with the boys, you weren’t afraid to stand up for yourself; you just beat up a guy in front of a bar full of people and when the two of you first met you were the first to resist his charm. 

He raised his glass to Steve in cheers. “Tomorrow. When we go dancing.” He said smiling.

“I’ll make sure of that.”

“I know you would. If I don’t you’ll be on my ass ‘till I leave.” They both laughed loudly, and did for the rest of the night.

The drive home was thankfully peaceful, Clara had fallen asleep, rain was tapping on the roof and windshield of the car, and there was no traffic. Unusual. The street lamps created a warm, orange hue that reflected off the wet roads and created the illusion of driving on a river that was ablaze with an auburn fire. Either that or you had started hallucinating due to the amount of alcohol you drank. But you were a good driver none the less, and a safe one at that.

 But it surprised you when your headache got painfully stronger and the pounding in your head got louder Your vision had also started to blur, which is probably why you didn’t notice the tow large military Jeeps in front and behind you, suddenly appear. The problem was the one in front of you was facing you, you just didn’t know.

The Jeep behind you suddenly sped up and pulled up beside the driver’s door, it then rammed into the car forcefully and bent your car door inwards, trapping your arm. You managed to keep control of the car but didn’t hit the brakes, adrenaline had clouded your thinking skills. The Jeep next to you slowed and your gaze followed it as it dropped behind you.

When you returned your gaze to the road ahead, you were met with full beam headlights directly in your path by around 20 meters. You tried to swerve out f the way but the passenger side grazed the Jeep and the back flew out. The car spun twice before clipping the kerb and rolling down the main street in a battered wreck.

The car was now on it’s side in the middle of the road. You looked to your right to see Clara’s body lazily slumped against the car door as your seatbelt held you above her. Drops of blood were dripping from your head and landing on her beautiful face, then slowly running across the valley of her features. There was a large pool of blood next to her, when you followed the drips of blood you traced it to your left arm which hung loosely across your chest. It was broken. You groggily muttered Clara’s name to ask her for her injuries, but soon realized that her chest lay still and that another pool of blood bordered her head.

A light shines across your face for a brief second; you look up to see two dark figures walking towards you, flashlight in hand. They were talking amongst themselves in a foreign language with thick accents as they approached. If you weren’t hanging limply in your car with a broken arm you would’ve tried to get out and see who they were, but you were slowly losing consciousness.

For a moment you thought you were hallucinating, but in fact the car was being turned to sit haphazardly on all four wheels. The quick and unsettling movement caused pain to grow all over your body, especially due to your head and arm injuries.

Your car door was ripped from its secure spot, exposing the two mangled bodies inside. One of the figures shone the light directly into your eyes, to which you squinted and slowly turned away. The other figure was looking through the passenger window at Clara. They began conversing in the same language as before; the figure next to Clara walked off while the one next to you rested a hand on your shoulder.

"You need to come with us it’s not safe here, we can help you.” The figure, now speaking in English, still had their thick accent. You turned to look at them and saw a small man in a great suit with round glasses. “I’m going to get more help, wait here.”

When he walked out of sight, you noticed he had left a briefcase on the ground. You one-handedly unclipped the seatbelt and stumbled quietly out of the vehicle. The briefcase was surprisingly unlocked, so you rummaged through the contents for something; anything that could give you answers to who these people are.

Underneath multiple forms and confidential files, a handgun lay at the bottom of the case. After making sure it had a few rounds in it, you walked round the passenger side of the car wreckage. The crash hadn’t damaged your legs too much but they did hurt with all of your weight on them. You aimed the gun at the small man, who was talking to a significantly larger one, and lent on the car for support; also for a steady aim.

When the gun clicked after you had armed it, the two men turned to face you; both shocked at how you got the gun, and how you had such strength and determination after such a big accident. “Who are you?” You choked out.

“Darling, I’m a doctor.” He started as he walked to you slowly, as if not to spook an animal. “You shouldn’t be walking, you’ve suffered a lot of injuries. Let me take you to the hospital.”

You weren’t sure if the alcohol still had an affect on you or if you actually believed this man, but you lowered the gun and rested yourself on the floor against the car. Just then he lent down and whispered in your ear. “Everything that follows is all for a great cause.”

Before you and ask him what he meant, the larger man pinned you down and stabbed a needle into your neck. Very quickly, you stated loosing all feeling in your body and was going limp, every object in front of you seemed to merge into one, and then everything went black.

tags: @that-sarcastic-pisces, @writings-of-a-british-fangirl

A/N: I really hope you enjoyed this re-write, I just felt like we needed some original Bucky love in there to get the plot going. 😊

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Sleepless Nights

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Reader has insomnia. Sam is there to comfort her.

Word Count: 1kish

Warnings: Angst, Light Fluff

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @letsgetoutalive‘s Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. I got Insomnia. It was harder than I thought it would be. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is greatly appreciated!! <3

My eyes burned. My head felt like it was about to explode. I wanted to cry so damn bad as I stared hopelessly at the red ugly numbers on the alarm clock. They were making fun of me, I just knew it.


How pathetic could I be? How much more of this would I be able to take before I went completely insane? My body literally felt like it was deteriorating, my skin crawling with frustration as I lay in bed, slowly watching the night turn to day.

Another sleepless night. How many was that exactly? Ten? Fifteen? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted nothing more than to close my eyes and sleep. Forever.

I rubbed my eyes, the frustration getting to me, making me dig my palms into my sockets, putting pressure on them and making me see stars.

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Telepath (2) - Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 2014
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: swearing, fighting
Requested: i mean the polls said this is what they wanted
Authors Note: so idk if i made the ending as good as i could have but i didnt want to make it run on and repeat itself a lot so this is it! I also had much more fun with this than I thought. (you can also imagine whatever spidey you want)

Part One 

Masterlist. Request List.

You and Peter had a good relationship. After the project you were assigned to do together, you and Peter made fast friends. You knew of his Spider-Secret, and he was aware that you could read minds (and more, telekinesis was finding you with your telepathic powers).

One subject you did not succeed in was science. And of course, the test you were taking made zero sense to you. Peter, however, seemed to be flying through the test. You looked at the teacher, and he was sitting at his desk with his nose buried in a book- he wouldn’t notice.

You stared at the back of Peter’s head. He sat a few seats diagonal and in front of you, so you had an easy way to look at him.

His mind was a jumbled mess of words you didn’t understand. You started to sort through his thoughts, but your plan was foiled when he looked back with a glare on his face.

(Y/N), I am not giving you the answers!” He thought to you.

You began to pout, and your eyes went big. Sighing, Peter made some clear thoughts. “A, B, B, C, A, D, D, A, C.”

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since you guys seemed to like class/roleswap Mchanzo so much, I thought I’d elaborate a little more while i tweak designs and such. really, i have a lot of fun drawing this au!

though i made this more of a class swap than a roleswap, i tried to switch some elements around where i could. Hanzo has the robotic arm in this scenario, and it has his dragon tattoo engraved on it. unlike Mccree’s original robotic arm, Hanzo’s is a more streamline and efficient design

along the same lines, Mccree has a cybernetic “Deadeye” that enables his ult. He acquired it illegally, compared to Hanzo’s fancy arm

in terms of design, yes Hanzo does in fact have twin chain scythes, as i was really trying to find an offense-suited weapon that still fit his strengths, which is why i chose this particular weapon for him, because of it’s long-range capability. Mccree’s rifle looks fancy and modern, but is bolt-action.

Mccree is more of a sort of vigilante/bandit, and potentially revamped the old Deadlock gang to suit his purposes after Overwatch. Hanzo is still angsty, but less of his work is dedicated to being a lone wolf and more closer to doing mercenary work associated with Overwatch’s new mission, especially considering Mercy gave him his robot bits. In this au, the robo legs are also canon.

technically, Genji and Hanzo have switched up some of their history in this au, but i already have a class/roleswap ready for Genji and Zenyatta, so i didn’t want to swap too much

thanks for all the feedback guys, i really appreciate it!

klaine43  asked:

Prompt:Q notices the Minions are acting strange when anyone(especially the 00s) enter Q Branch. He learns they are all "Team 007"! Making sure NOBODY but Bond gets near Q.

Hello! Thank you for your ask! Tee hee~ I had fun! And it turned out much longer than I thought, too. I hope you like it, @klaine43!


Factor 1: Appearance (87% approval)

Factor 2: Charms (95% approval)

Factor 3: Skills (92% approval; other areas still up for debate)

Factor 4: Compatibility (verbal spats that sound like flirting) (93% approval)

Factor 5: Loyalty (97% approval)

Factor 6: Caring (including bringing in tea and food) (85% approval)

Factor 7: Q-Branch bribery Presence in Q-Branch out of mission (8/10)

Factor 8: Sincerity (without baiting for new equipment) (89% approval)



There were rhythms to how Q-Branch worked. In time of crisis, everyone contributed and worked together at matching speed and a high level of synchronization, like a well-oiled machine, the sound of quick typing and humming of computers prevalent despite the occasional raised voices to announce reports and results.

Q had always appreciated this about his minions, and he had always made a point to congratulate them on a job well done whenever they had finished preventing another disaster from exacerbating and going tits up (even more so that it already was, that is).

“Ah, 004,” Q looked up from where he had been working at the central computer, adjusting his glasses. It had been a long day filled with 007 and his infuriating shenanigans again, in Seoul this time, and his eyes were itching some. “Welcome back. I trust Peru didn’t turn out too hot.”

004 grinned, brushing her hair back over her shoulder. “Hot would be an understatement,” she said, hazel eyes bright under the unforgiving fluorescent light as she regarded him.

However, before he could answer her, Jessica rushed over. “Q,” she called, there was an odd note of urgency in her voice. “There’s a document that you need to sign?”

He looked at her, eyebrow raised. “I’ll look at it once I’ve—”

“It’s a day late already, and the accounting department is harassing me about it.”

“Oh.” He blinked before making a slightly disgusted face. “They’re demanding the receipts for Project LL-03, aren’t they?”

In other words, Project Laser Lipstick Take 3.

When Jessica nodded quickly, he sighed and suppressed the urge to roll his eyes.

“Sorry, 004,” he turned to tell the agent. “Duty calls. R will oversee your equipment check-in.”

And with that, he followed Jessica away back into his office. Never once stopping to analyze the small sigh of relief that went about his entire department.



During normal working hours where the most chaotic a scene could ever get was in the face of a device exploding and triggering fire alarms overhead, the atmosphere was one of easy-going efficiency, a few screams of burnt eyebrows or singed hair or not.

All in all, Q knew how his minions worked—he had hand-picked them through tight selections after all. He was confident that he did.

“No, I’m here to see Q,” a familiar voice caught his ears, and he turned around to see 009 sauntering, literally ignoring Nathan’s slightly shaken questions by his side. But really, who wouldn’t be just a bit afraid of the Double-Os; these people were highly dangerous and reckless, and with a license to kill to boot as well. Traits that 007 was demonstrating remarkably well in Saudi Arabia right then, to Q’s dismay.

“009. You’re here for your equipment, yes?” Q approached him, spotting a few minions scurrying off somewhere out of his peripheral vision.

The man nodded, raven hair slicked back and hands in his pockets, a charming smile unfurling on his lips.

And suddenly, there was a scream, accompanied by: “Fire! FIRE!”

Q’s eyes widened, already turning there to see what was going on. “My apologies, 009, but it seems like R will have to outfit you this time.”




Ly was already showing Kim from accounting, who everybody knew took every chance she could get to go down these tunnels, to the door. “Don’t worry,” she assured the woman briskly. “We’ll make sure Q receives the documents.”


“There’s nothing to worry about. Jessica already promised she wouldn’t have them half-buried in the trash accidentally anymore.”

Jessica, who had been watching the whole ordeal, smiled and nodded innocently as if on cue.

“I have something to talk to Q,” Kim insisted. “Q!”

And heavy metal door slid closed behind her, successfully cutting her call off.

Q looked up from his drafting table, blinking. “What was that?”

“Nothing, nothing!” was the quick, general reply.

“I think it’s the draft!” One minion spoke up, and immediately, the others nodded in agreement.

“It’s been horrible lately, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, yes. Definitely so.”

Q frowned pensively before going back to work on the prototype idea he had been brewing for days now, which should have been realized on paper, at least, by then if it hadn’t been for James-Bloody-Bond’s pesky fiasco in Italy.



“Miss Moneypenny,” Nathan greeted, and instantly, he knew he was right when he said that, No, he couldn’t do this.

But then again, it was Eve Moneypenny. Secretary or not, the woman was a force of nature of her own. Who among them could even really go up against her?

Oh, why did R have to take her bathroom break now?

“Are those for Q?” he prompted. “I can make sure he gets it later—” She pulled the files out of his reach, and smiled in that attractive, supposedly benign way that sent cold shivers down Nathan’s spine. “—on…”

This was one of the reasons why they couldn’t afford to cross her off the list in the first place.

“I can do it myself, thank you,” she said, stilettos clicking decisively on the floor as she continued her strides into Q-Branch. “Where is Q anyway?”

“Uh… he’s busy!”

She scoffed softly. “Isn’t he always.” Her eyes spanned the entire room of minions who were working and decidedly trying hard not to look like they were paying keen attention to what was going on. “I’ll check the office first then.”

“Really, Miss Moneypenny,” he hurried to follow her, taking a breath and doing the brave thing: sliding to stand in front of her and successfully stopping her in her path. “I-I can take care of it.”


If he had only felt a bit of a shiver before, his stomach was positively dropping now, the one frosty word of his name creeping at the nape of his neck.

He turned around. Q was there just a distance away, one eyebrow raised and arms crossed in front of his chest. “Nathan,” he repeated, slowly. “What are you doing?”

Q stepped closer to the center of the room. “In fact, what have you all been doing? And don’t think I haven’t noticed what’s been going on.”

The entire branch fell silent.

Q sighed and turned to Eve, extending a hand. “I’ll handle this from here.”

“Oh no,” Eve replied, leaning one hip against a desk, amusement quirking her lips. “I’m quite fine where I am. Carry on,” she waved a hand, “I won’t disturb.”

Sucking in a breath that didn’t quite turn into a sigh, he turned his attention back to his minions, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. “Well?” he prompted again, impatient, arms crossed in front of his chest.

When no reply was forth coming, Q closed his eyes. “Answer me now before I put all of you on cleaning duty in TSS and volunteered technical assistance for the Help Desk.”

They all paled. And quickly, previously tightly-sealed lips were then stammering at the same time.

This was the reason why they weren’t active field agents.

Q frowned in exasperation but tried to listen anyway, and the only phrase that he was able to make out was this: “Team 007.”

“What in the bloody hell is ‘Team 007′?” Q snapped, turning now to inflict the entirety of his baleful glare on Nathan, who squeaked once.

Oh God, Nathan swallowed. Just why? “We’ve agreed that… I mean, after a lot of calculating and data-collecting, we decided that…” He attempted at stalling and looked around: his comrades seemed to have abandoned him in the middle of the battle field. Bugger them all to Hell. “We’re-team-007-and-Bond’s-the-most-worthy-agent-to-woo-you-so-far!” he blurted out in quick succession.

Q stood there, stock still, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to formulate the proper response to this. And Eve’s sniggering wasn’t helping.

“First of all—” he began.

“Well, I have to say I’m flattered,” a familiar voice spoke up, and it was Q’s turn to stiffen. There Bond, James-Goddamn it-Bond, was, rugged with a hint of stubble on his face, most probably the direct result of his recent extended mission; tired, yes, but thankfully whole.

The man even had the audacity to smile that charming, disarming way of his.

“007,” he cleared his throat, straightening his back. “You weren’t supposed to be back until tomorrow.”

Bond rolled his shoulders in an easy shrug. “I hopped on the earliest flight back.” He smiled, striding in, posture all confident and very much at home. Well, to be fair, he had been spending an increasing amount of time down here whenever he was on British soil as of late. “Apparently the right decision, given the highly interesting conversation that’s going on here.”

Blue eyes looked around, and the minions ducked, some blushing out of embarrassment.

“Yes, apparently, I no longer have the right to decide on my own love life anymore,” Q said, directing this to the room at large. The minions were now practically disappearing under their cubicles. Scared, he was sure, of the punishment they knew Q was very seriously considering. Chastised, however, was a different matter altogether.

“How can you blame them?” Bond was now in front of Q, and in the full bright light of the central station, Q finally realized that the damning man was wearing that all-too-fetching navy blue suit of his. “They are just defending the best result of their little project.”

Q glared. “Don’t let this stroke your ego too much. Something must have malfunctioned somewhere in there. Faulty codes and all.” And no, the back of his neck wasn’t burning up.

“Come now, Q. You need to have some degree of confidence in your subordinates,” Bond implored.

“Yes, the same subordinates who purposefully nearly burnt down a quarter of our lab,” Q scoffed. Nathan was no longer anywhere to be seen.

“There are goals that are worth fighting for, after all.”

Q snorted, indignant. “What? Like your goal of wrecking every single piece of tech I give you?” 

Bond hummed. “No,” he said, voice lowering a timbre and the hint of innocent nonchalance in it was just too strong for Q to ignore. “Like my goal of asking you out for dinner.”

Q’s eyes widened before he started flushing a wholesomely lovely shade of red.


“Will you?” Bond smiled, encroaching rather too close now. However, Q detected no contrived playfulness in his eyes or tone. “Go out to dinner with me?”

Perhaps it took him a little long to process what was going on, but Q immediately jolted out of his mind when Eve nudged him in the ribs.

He smoothed down the front of his rumpled cardigan, cleared his throat after what suspiciously sounded like ‘must we do this here’, and said, “Yes.”


If Q-Branch had screamed and cheered that day, no one would be the wiser.

They were too far under ground to bother anyone anyway.


Factor 9: Q’s personal approval (91%) (100%)

The way I am

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‘Cause I love you more than I could ever promise
And you take me the way I am

A/N: no one requested this but since it’s my lil baby’s graduation i thought i’d write him a short fic. hope you all enjoy!

wc: ~1.3K

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Rebound pt.3

A/N- Hey! I know it’s a bit much three parts, three days in a row. But when I go back to school I wont have as much time, so I want to write while I still can. I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that’s following the series. Also to the few that give feedback, I really appreciate it. Thank you x 

This scenario contains mature themes. You have been warned! 


Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 4

Originally posted by jengkook

^^ That gif was larger than I thought… I don’t regret it! 

It had been about two months since you and Jimin started this… whatever it was. It was new, fun and exciting. You started to fall deeply in love with Jimin, there’s a lot more to him than people make out. Jimin wasn’t just a fuck boy that did stuff that he shouldn’t, he was so much more. As time went on Jimin let you see this side to him. How could you not fall in love. 

It was around four in the morning. You were fast asleep, snuggled up in the comfort of your bed. You wake up to a knock. Where is this knock coming from. Are you just imaging it? It happens again, you look around the room. You see a dark figure at your window. You rush over to open it. It’s Jimin. 

“What are you doing here?” You ask a little surprised and amazed that he could climb up to your bed room window. You look at him when he final comes into the dimly lit room, he’s covered in blood and bruises. “Oh my god, Jimin! What happened?” You put your arm around him, helping him to sit on your bed. 

“Sweetheart, I’m not bad at all. You should see the other guys.” He chuckles, holding onto his side. 

“Let me get you cleaned up.” You go into the bathroom and get the first aid kit. You lock your bedroom door on the way back in, just in case your parents get up. You set everything down on the floor beside Jimin’s feet and kneel in front of him. “Take your shirt off please.” You try not to meet his gaze as seeing him wince in pain, covered in blood is killing you. You can’t let him see how much you feel for him, he’d run. Little bitch, why can’t he just be normal and be in a relationship. Ah, what you gonna do? 

“I’m sorry.” He says as you tend to his wounds. 

“You know I’ll help you anytime.” You say softly, trying to concentrate on not hurting him. You finish with his torso and face, so you move on to hands. They were all cut, obviously from hitting someone. You wipe the blood the blood of with a wipe. Just as you’re about to pull away, Jimin grabs your hands in his. His thumb rubbing circles into the back of your hand, You look up at him trying to hold in the tears. 

“Why did you come here?” You ask him. It is a good question. The two months you’ve been in whatever this was, he never came to you for comfort. Never. It was merely you were fun and a nice bit of ass. Well you know you did go back to that lingerie shop a few times the last 2 months, Oh you saucy lady! Jimin looks a little hurt and confused. 

“I came because I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be if it wasn’t with you.” He says softly. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MAN! Jesus, he’s trying to kill you. Yep, may as well move to Canada and rename your self. You gasp at his statement, rather taken back. 

“Oh, I’m sorry I got mad. You can stay.” You pull your hands away disposing of the first aid box. 

“Come here!” Jimin smiles, patting the bed. You walk over to him and sit next to him. “Can you just hug me?” Okay bye, you’re heart just stopped. You nod your head. Getting under the covers with Jimin. He rests his head on your crest. his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. You run your fingers through his hair, trying to sooth him. 

He falls asleep quite quickly, but you can’t. All you are thinking is, you’re in to deep now, you can’t let this go on without telling Jimin how you thoughly feel. This may be suicide for your heart, but it can’t hurt to try yet. You love what you and Jimin have, but you can’t keep going if he wasn’t going to ever look for a future with you. 

You must have fallen asleep. You wake up to an empty bed, Jimin’s gone. You can’t help the way your heart clenches. It’s a little heart breaking that he didn’t even leave a note or even a text. Who knows when Jimin will appear again. You have a feeling it wont be for a while. 

You get on with your day, going to class. Jimin wasn’t there. All you wanted was a simple text of ‘I’m okay’. Was that so hard! No it fucking wasn’t. Ugh, your poor little soul. 

It’s been about three weeks since you last saw Jimin. So you decided to go to the underground club to see if he’s alive. 

When you arrive at the club, there’s a performance on, so the club is lit as fuck. You push through the crowds to get the the booth the boys always sit at. You walk up to only see six of the seven, Jimin’s not there. 

“Hey guys, have you seen Jimin?” You ask as you approach the table. 

“Hey Y/N, he’s out the back somewhere.” Namjoon tells you as he points in direction of the ‘back’. 

“Thank you.” You flash me a smile and then make your way to Jimin. You push open the big black door to the outside. You look around, it’s crowded as this is where everyone smokes and get’s high. You walk around for a bit trying to spot Jimin. You do, unfortunately. He has his arms around some blonde bitch with long legs. He has a cigarette hanging from his mouth. You can’t feel or hear anything. 

Jimin starts to laugh at whatever the blonde bitch with the legs said, he tilts his head back and spots you. His smile disappears. Shit you’re staring, fuck! You quickly turn around, basically sprinting out of the club as fast as your legs can take you. You finally reach the exit, you slump against the wall trying to catch your breath. 

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jimin is obviously could catch up. You shouldn’t have stopped. Opps! You look up at him. 

“I came to see if you were alive, douchbag. And now that I see you are, I’m going to go. Have a nice life!” You brush past him to get to your car. He grabs your wrist. 

“Why are you being so dramatic? You’re not my girlfriend.” 

“Don’t you think I know that? Just let go Jimin.” You try to pull your arm back, but his grip only tightens. 

“Just tell me why you’re acting like this?” 

“I’m in love with you.” You say looking away from him. “I love you okay. I know you don’t feel the same way and that’s okay. I just can’t do this, this.. Whatever the fuck it was. I’m done.” Jimin doesn’t say a word, he just looks to the floor. 

“Goodbye, Jimin.” You give a peck on the cheek and leave. That was the hardest thing you ever had to do, walk away from the love of your life. Your not being dramatic in saying that. With Jimin you got to be who you were. You weren’t judged, you were praised. It was a beautiful relationship, but everything comes to an end right? 

The next month is horrible. Not seeing, hearing anything from or about Jimin was killing you. This love consumed you, that shit just doesn’t go away so easily. None of your friends helped, as they said it was for the best, that Jimin was bad news. In some cases this was true, but they didn’t know the Jimin you knew. 

Your walking out of the library, it’s pretty late. Most people have gone home, just a few people who had dead lines still in the building. You walk out of the the building the cold hitting you hard. You wrap your coat tighter to your body. You start to walk down the steps to see Jimin. He’s holding a dozen roses in one hand. The sight knocks the breath from your lungs. 

Holy mother of fuck, what is this? Is this a dream, is someone fucking with you? What is happening? You slowly walk down the steps, one at a time. Jimin gives you a boyish smile. 

“Hey sweetheart.” Jimin pushes the roses towards you. This bitch, does he think he can leave for a month and come back and everything will be peachy. 

“You’re an asshole!” You can’s take this, you brush past Jimin. You start to speed walk, it’s fucking cold and so is Jimin’s heart. But if he smirks your gone. No point denying it. 

“Look sweetheart, I know I fucked up and hurt you. But I want to make it up to you.” Jimin shouts behind you. 

“Well then maybe you shouldn’t have waited so long.” You snap back, continuing to walk home. 

“I love you too.” Jimin shouts, you halt your pace and turn around. He’s on his knees holding the flowers. 

So, what are you going to do? 

A/N- Hey~ I’m sorry this does not contain smut. I hope you all liked it. If you want a part 4 message me! Please give feedback! I was so nervous writing this, I don’t want to disappoint. Sorry I’m such a fluffy bitch. Again I want to say thank you for reading and for giving feedback in the previous chapters. It means a lot! I hope you enjoyed x

Thank you~ 

This was not edited yet, so sorry for mistakes. I’ll fix it tomorrow. 

-Admin Abe x

LLSHP 1 - Here Comes the Fallen Angel

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A/N: So here’s the first blip/chapter/teaser/ramblings of that HarryPotter AU, just to sort of get it out of my system. I’ll try to finish the others’ concept arts soon. It’s my first time post-anime writing in non-3rd Years POV, so it’s quite refreshing and actually pretty fun XD Hope you’ll enjoy it!
Words: 2,849
Italics are thoughts

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