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Voltron season 3 official teaser finally!!!!

My prompt for @avatarworldweek‘s Summer Prompt Pick was no less thaaaaan… Shopping! Long overdue, though at least I’m still within schedule (I think), here we go. The Gaang + Ozai’s Angels in a shopping trip, Modern AU.

I really just wanted to have everyone in it, which is why I picked a Modern AU. Best way to have them getting along. And of course, the one who’s most excited about this shopping trip is Sokka, who spotted something he really liked inside one of the stores (who knows what caught his eye, though! xD)

It was a big piece, more complex than I expected it to be, but here goes! Hope you all like it!


skam month: favorite season: season one: eva

ok, so i just love season one so much because it is when the girl squad formed, and i feel like i can relate to eva a lot. like, not necessarily on the boyfriend front, but i’ve felt that loneliness of feeling like you don’t really have many (or any) friends. it was the beginning of everything which always makes the first seasons of shows great but skam really came out strong from the first season, so ya, first season. also i’m low-key in love with eva so ya. 

soooo, i kinda went a bit overboard when figuring out and selecting the clip for gifs and there are like wayyyyy too many so i’m gonna do different color schemes of season one! hopefully i won’t reuse any of these, but I kinda tried to select them so i wouldn’t reuse them later (which makes this not the most exciting gif set, and i know it doesn’t really encompass season one as a whole, just eva, so sorry, but i hope you guys like my season one color schemes!) 

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I'm suppose to be paying attention to my SAT prep/College prep classes but I keep thinking about what you might've possibly drawn & I get so excited The amount of love I have for you and you art is problematic

OH NO…. good for me… NOT SO MUCH FOR YOU…… but fuck man, i feel you, that shit is Not the most exciting stuff to spend endless hours on

I feel so good after all the SSDC coverage! I’m hyped! And this time I know the things I’m excited for will happen. The trailer is EPIC. They really did save the best for last.

Magnus & Alec fighting together against dragon demons! Let that sink in for a moment.

And the assurance that even with all the big issues, Malec will be fine and closer in the end (I wasn’t all that worried about this but it’s nice to hear all the same).

Isaiah saying there is going to be “togetherness” and “messiness” about Malec had my one-track-mind going, but I rained it in and focused again of what I know we’ll get instead of getting excited over Malec intimacy we will most likely not get again.

I repeat: Malec fighting flying demons together! An almost certain confirmation of the Alliance Rune. This is a dream come true.

Boom the scene will be waiting for in 2x18

I see it, I really see it now. 

We all thought it was going to be Malec intimate sex scene moment (after 2x7 we were all disappointed). However, I might disappoint you again but I think the MOST awaited moment will be Malec fighting together. 

I am actually excited to see them fighting, no kidding. It will be something i was waiting for soooo long. I know we want them to have the intimate moment, but I think after 2x7 it will not happen guys, we need to accept it. So rather than have your hopes there, have you hopes in something that it was confirmed:

Malec fighting a flying demon together!!

god I’m rlly feeling the anticipation in my stomach like I am feeling the most immense most sincere excitement at my very core it gives me chills and I’m rlly gonna lose my entire mind if I can’t be here exactly when it drops but anyway I’ve been waiting for this for so long and to think that he finally is at a point where he is satisfied with what he’s got and ready to show it to us like to know that he is putting himself out there and showcasing every bit of his talent and original creative content not to be dramatic but it really makes me cry because following him since day one and seeing him become who he is now like knowing how much he always had to offer and watching him become more and more aware of that watching him grow so confident in himself while always remaining the most humble yet most ambitious and most hardworking man all throughout is honestly truly the most beautiful most significant thing I have ever experienced and Hoseok himself is honestly truly the most beautiful most significant thing in my whole life and I love him more than anything goodnight

Most of the people are excited about seeing a good adaptation. There are naysayers. Those tend to be the people who are fans of the miniseries rather than the fans of the book. People who read the book and got the book, they’re not crazy about the miniseries. It was a very watered-down version. It didn’t contain the darkness that the book had. They couldn’t make something for TV about a clown who eats children.
—  Andres Muschietti on IT

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how was your day? What was the most exciting part? :D

Great—the most exciting part was getting caught in a storm and, instead of panicking and letting it ruin our mood, my friends and I thoroughly made the best of it and turned it into an adventure, strolling through the city of Munich in the rain.

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Are ENFPs like human puppies? 😍😍


I think maybe we are human puppers 🐶 on some days, but not through and through.
I tend to be most “pupper like” around my people. When I am excited to see my friends, my behavior is not dissimilar to a dog wagging its tail!! 😂😂 I am enthusiastic like a doggo and I do want everyone to “play with me”.

There are other times though, that I can be very private and very serious. It depends on my mood or the circumstances.
So, i am not always dog like, but that is what I want to be!!

Thank you! 🐶🌷✨


This is the most viewed league in the U.S. watch as Chivas and America race to see who can be the most successful team in Mexico, and watch as Tigres with Gignac try to come and take the league first. Watch as Liga MX Apertura begins tomorrow