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can we stop acting like there aren’t certain kinks that do 100% deserve to be shamed for and are *gasp* harmful? fetishation of minorty groups being a big one, be it based on race, gender or sexuality. or the way certain circles fetishise youth/childlike innocence through age play and using pet names that are very clearly intended for children, even if the other person is of age “my little girl”, having them dress in kid clothes, etc., physically violent, 24/7 BDSM relationships that are practically nothing more than abusive relationships badly disguised as a kink, etc.  

we should not be arguing that people calling out how harmful it is sexualizing abuse, children and people based on their ethnicity or sexual preference is “kinkshamming”. 

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☠ ✿ ♡ - Ben!

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

“It takes for a very specific type of person to really get on my nerves; to get me riled up enough to force me to physically retaliate. But I haven’t thrown my axe at someone’s head since I was fifteen, and I intend to keep it that way.” 

✿ - Sex headcanon

“Sex? Admittedly, I haven’t been in any proper intimate relationship since I was 24, so I can’t say much about sex–… I-I do tend to bite, apparently. I was scolded at more than one occasion for leaving marks, ehe–” 

♡ - romantic headcanon

“I know it’s often recommended that you bring your significant other out on a luxurious date, but… I often find the most fulfilling of times spent with the one you love are where you have nothing too shiny or glamorous there to distract you from them…”

Chiaki Kyou…gijinka of my goddamned cell phone because @crimsonmaggots and @ugly-black-showcase and I are ridiculous and decided to make characters out of our phones 8D I have a Kyocera that’s beat up as hell but durable and has a tendency to autocorrect things to sound way more violent than I intend. 

I’ll scan this and put on my art blog later, but it was just a fast coffee shop doodle.

Look I can draw expressions besides melancholy, and characters besides Jin 8D

adam would never call himself a christian even though he was raised as one. it’s not that he ever stopped believing but at some point he didn’t have the time for it anymore. attending mass wasn’t possible when he had to work shady jobs just to be able to have dinner that night. especially when he got more and more violent as he got older. but still he found himself apologising the first time he killed a man. he didn’t even know to who. in his own weird way he still believes. he doesn’t pray anymore. that stopped a long time ago. but he’ll go to confession and confess.. some vices. not everything of course. drug abuse, stealing, doubting his beliefs, mistreating his loved ones… they don’t have to know about how the blood on his jeans isn’t his own. it grants him some peace, even if he feels like he’s a sham.


          ❛ —- …… ❜

          He wasn’t dead set on RUINING everyone’s fun, but hearing the small laughter and chatter from the other room did grasp his attention. The corridors were usually QUIET and every room seemed more PRIVATE. It was easy to hear someone else speaking. What did make it WORSE was that once he’d stopped to listen, one voice was more than familiar to him. Eileen’s. Hers was easily distinguishable from the rest, due to such a THICK accent. The other voice was most likely Ashley.

          He turns around, intending to walk towards the source of sound. It was rather close by as well, because with each step he did appear to be getting closer. Eileen’s boudoir? He payed the servants in front of the door LITTLE mind. Instead he knocked.

          ❛ —- May I come in, ladies? ❜

I think I lean towards to Templars because the first game I played was 3. Haytham established himself as a good guy in the beginning and then later, throughout the game, even when his subordinates screw up, we later see that it would have been worth it. Playing through the epilogue and seeing all of Connor’s work have exactly the opposite effect he intended really reinforced this. Then with Black Flag both sides were presented as neutrals, seemingly with almost the same beliefs

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i’m going to spend the rest of the night filling the (fantastic) prompts that are in my ask, but before i do that i couldn’t help but write this

cop/person getting a speeding ticket au

“Fuck,” Clarke muttered to herself, pulling over and hitting her steering wheel more violently than she’d intended, watching as the police officer that had signaled for her to pull over got out of his car and started walking towards her. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK.”

And then her eyes focused on the man in the uniform and her anger gave way to pure annoyance, because the self-satisfied, shit eating grin on the officer’s face was one that she would recognize anywhere.

“Excuse me ma’am, but I’m going to have to ask you to watch your language,” Bellamy Blake said, feigning professionalism and looking altogether way too pleased with himself, standing outside of her car and leaning down so that his face was framed by her window.

“Really Blake?” she asked, not bothering to hide her irritation because really, she had places to be, and that light had been yellow. “I’ve got to get to work.”

“Come on Doc,” he drawled, “Just because you’re off to save lives doesn’t mean you’re above the law- if anything, you should know how dangerous it is to run a red light- you see the side effects all the time!”

“It was yellow!” she protested throwing her hands in the air and letting out a sigh that was more than a little bit exasperated.

“I don’t know Griffin, from where I was sitting it looked pretty damn red,” he countered, sounding dangerously patronizing as he continued, “I just might have to write you up for this.”

“Bellamy Blake,” she started, not deterred by the way her threatening tone just made his smile widen, “I swear to god if you give me a ticket, the next time you stumble into my ER with a bullet in your chest, the bullet’s going to stay there.”

“… And there’s the famous bedside manner I remember!”

“I’ll have you know, my patients love me,” Clarke insisted, unable to resist the banter that he always managed to draw her into, “Just because I wouldn’t discharge you a day after you’d been shot doesn’t mean I’m a bad doctor- some would say it means the opposite, actually.”

“Right,” he agreed, ducking his head slightly, but not fast enough to hide the fact that she’d made him laugh, and she couldn’t help but smile at that. “But work must be boring now that you don’t get to see your favorite patient every day!”

A bark of a laugh escaped her throat, before she said, “If by ‘boring’ you mean ‘peaceful and quiet,’ then yeah- it really is.”

“Careful there doc,” Bellamy warned, the playful glint still present in his eyes, “You should really be nicer to me right now- I still have to decide whether or not to give you that ticket.”

“Really, Bellamy?”

“I mean, I’m sure we could come up with another arrangement,” he offered then, his left eyebrow quirking up in a way that did more to her heart-rate than she’d like to admit.

“Are you referring to the fact that if you ever end up on my operating table again, I’ll probably think of this moment before I decide just how many extraordinary measures I should take?” she asked, trying to play off the blush that she knew had crept up her cheeks and prompting an eye roll from him in the process.

“I was thinking something more along the lines of dinner,” he said, his voice lower than usual as he jumped straight to the point, as confident as ever.

“Bellamy Blake,” she started, trying to sound way more scandalized that she actually was, “Are you trying to blackmail me into going on a date with you?”

“Just think of it as a casual suggestion,” he advised, though she could have sworn she saw a hint of nerves behind his bravado, “One that would, admittedly, have quite a few benefits for you.”

It was her turn to smirk then, and she absolutely loved the way his face turned a brighter shade of red than she’d ever seen when she raised an eyebrow and asked, “Benefits?”

He’d pursed his lips together and closed his eyes for a second, and then, just as he looked like he was ready to respond, his radio went off, listing a code that Clarke didn’t understand followed by an address that was just a couple of streets away from them.

“Shit, I’ve got to take this- I’ll see you around, Griffin,” he said reluctantly, bringing a hand to his forehead in a mock-salute as he stood and backed away from her car. “You got lucky this time, Griffin.”

Snorting at that, and then proceeding to watch him go with a smile still on her face, Clarke sorted through her jumbled emotions just in time to lean out her window and call out, “Hey Blake, be safe.”

“Gee Doc, I didn’t know you cared,” he replied, a smile once again teasing the corners of his mouth as Clarke rolled her eyes, watching him pause half way between their cars.

“Well, if you go and get yourself killed, who’s going to take me to dinner?”


Have you noticed that every fusion that Amethyst is a part of is giant? What if this is because she is supposed to be much bigger than she is? Amethyst is about as big as Ruby or Sapphire, but her fusions are much, much. MUCH larger than Garnet.

In ‘Too Far’ Peridot talks about how Amethyst is “Defective” and is much smaller than she is supposed to be. I think that, because she was intended to be a huge warrior, all of her fusions are much more warlike than others.  I mean, Pearl and Garnet’s fusion is also huge, but Sardonyx isn’t nearly as violent as Sugilite or as serious as Opal. Amethyst’s intended purpose is to make the strongest fusion possible, in order to win any fight she might be a part of.