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If you still wanted to do that writing prompt thing- either 47 and 48 paired together or 49 and 50 paired together with the boyf riends pl e a se

I couldn’t bring myself to write another angst one shot so I made fluff… too much fluff.
Also thank you so much for the prompt! :)

47 - “Kiss me”
48 - “Go on, I dare you”


Even after the events of last Halloween Jake just had to throw his annual party didn’t he? There was no stopping the boy. His house burns down and all he can think about is getting drunk on a national holiday - though Michael did see some of the appeal given that he did get high quite often. But that’s on his own, in the comfort of his basement where had nothing but the games he played to judge him. At a party, everyone turns into hawks, seeking out their next prey.

Michael had learnt his lesson from last year and there was no way he was going anywhere near Jake’s house that night, let alone inside it with a hundred drunk horny teenagers. Jeremy had tried to convince him that if he just stayed by him all night everything would be fine, but Michael knew Jeremy’s limits and drunk Jeremy was not someone he wanted to be depending on for a whole night. This one time, Jeremy thought it was a good idea to steal a sip of his father’s wine while he was asleep in front of the TV. As much as Michael protested, he did it anyway.

Jeremy ended up chugging the whole bottle.

Regardless, Michael found himself outside the party waiting to help Jeremy get home. His best friend had drunk texted him about an hour ago saying things like “Hey Mlke, yOU th ink Pigeons have feelings.?” and “OmG dude Rich just made out with JAKEholy shit you gotta get ovAR here!!!!”

He had replied to Jeremy a few minutes later telling him to meet him outside but had heard back no response. He really didn’t want to go in there. He really didn’t want to have to go through that all over again, not even for a few seconds. But for Jeremy, he would. He knew that if Jeremy was wasted enough to not reply to his messages, there was no hope for him. And that’s when Michael came in.

Full of regret, he opened Jake’s front door. The sound of karaoke, chugging, sex and laughing immediately hit Michael like a bus and he already wanted to crawl under a table. Good to know Jake was partying right. Restless to get out of there, Michael wormed his way through the crowd of drunk teens until he eventually found Jeremy, Rich, Jake, Brooke, Chloe, Jenna and Christine gathered in a circle in the hallway. Most of them were flat out drunk, Michael noted, except for Christine (the presumably only responsible one there) and Jenna (who wanted to stay on high alert for any gossip to spill the next day). Jeremy was holding an iconic red plastic cup and laughing to himself, cheeks flushed and hair flown back with teenage grease. He looked pretty cute, Michael also noted.

“Michael! Oh thank goodness you’re here,” Christine cried, getting up from the circle and hauling Chloe with her. “I think it’s about time we all head home. Especially… ummm…”

She gestured to Jeremy, who was now being whispered something by Jake. The secret sentence shared between them made Jeremy even more flustered than he already was but nodded and smiled shyly. Michael didn’t really know what was going on and didn’t really care as to what the drunk teenagers were doing. That was, until Jeremy started to lean into Jake-

“OK THATS ENOUGH JEREMY GET UP!” He practically squeaked, yanking Jeremy off the ground before he could touch Jake. He noted the sight pout of Jake’s face until it shifted to a cheeky grin and a wink before turning back to Rich. Jeremy was a giggly mess as he said goodbye to everyone, heavily relying on Michael for support. Christine smiled and waved sweetly as the two left the household and soon it was just him and Jeremy waddling their way down the street towards Michael’s house.

“You really need to control your beer, dude,” Michael tried to break the awkward atmosphere between them, “this can’t happen every time you go to a party.”

Jeremy didn’t seem to be listening. He had a gigantic pout of his face and made a small huff at Michael.

“We were playing truth or dare.” He stated, a little louder than Michael would have wanted for someone who was pressed up against his ear.

“That’s great Jer.”

“Jake gave me a dare and you didn’t let me finish- *hic*- finish it! Now he’s gonna haaaate me Michael.”

His best friend sighed, “no ones gonna hate you for not completing a dare Jeremy.”

“But Miiiichael it was impoooortant!”

The two stumbled into the house and made their way slowly up to Michael’s room. After laying Jeremy down on his bed he sent a quick text to Jeremy’s dad to let him know his son was ok and was going to start getting ready for bed when he felt a hand tank on his hoodie, pulling him back into bed until he was faced with Jeremy climbing onto his lap and staring at him intently. The situation was all too sudden for Michael and, needless to say, his face soon matched the shade of his hoodie.

“JEREMY! What are you doing-”

“Since I couldn’t do it to Jake can I do my- *hic*- dare on you?” He stuttered, gripping to Michael’s shirt in fear of toppling backwards.

“Your… dare?”

“YESSS the dare! The one you wouldn’t let me do you… you meanie!”

Michael couldn’t help but giggle at the sight before him. Jeremy was sitting on Michael’s lap, practically straddling him, trying not to fall backwards out of laughter. His hair was a mess and his face was still bright red from the alcohol in his system. Needless to say, Jeremy wasn’t going to remember any of his in the morning… so what the hell.

“What was the dare?”

“You gotta let me do it fiiiirst.”

Michael sighed, “and why is that?”

“Cause..” Jeremy shifted awkwardly. “You might say no…”

Michael couldn’t help but laugh. He smiled at his friend. “Ok Jer. I promise I won’t back down. Whatever you’ve got for me I can take it! What did Jake say?”

Michael knew exactly what Jake had said before Jeremy even opened his mouth. He saw the look on his face after he had whispered the dare to Jeremy. He knew what he was about to hear.

“Kiss me.”

Michael didn’t need to be told twice.

He grabbed his best friend’s face and smashed their lips together. He didn’t really care that he had no idea what he was doing, the kiss was perfect all the same - even with the clattering teeth and skewed glasses.

Jeremy, however, had other ideas and he scrambled away after a couple of seconds leaving Michael extremely concerned.

“W…what?” He said, worried he had messed everything up. Their friendship, their partnership. Had he been reading it wrong?

Jeremy sat there pouting until he finally spoke: “I was meant to kiss you! That doesn’t count!”

Michael stared at his best friend for a couple of seconds before bursting out laughing, leading to a very flustered Jeremy shouting at him to stop it. He eventually managed to calm himself down enough to look back at Jeremy. And he smiled. Even if Jeremy didn’t remember anything in the morning, it would all be worth it. Just to know that he felt the same, that he was still the same Jeremy he had loved for how many years. Jeremy might not remember, but he would.

With that thought in mind. He swung his arms around his best friend’s neck and leaned in close.

“Go on, I dare you.”

Jeremy didn’t need to be told twice.

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What would the RFA dress up as for Halloween?

° a|n: i’m going to say what they’d dress up as + what they’d do heh
+++ have a happy spoopy halloweeeen  (*≧∇≦)°


° Yoosung

  • Halloween is is favourite time of the year because he can go dressed out as whatever he wants!!
  • but most importantly
  • HE CAN FINALLY PROVE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND [no one believes him]
  • he wants to show his ‘manliness[okay qt] so he dresses up as a LOLOL warrior - buuuut he doesn’t buy his costume no
  • apart from him being broke - he wants to make the costume at home
  • asking you for help you both spend weEKS on the costume making sure everything is perfect down to the T
  • all the SMALLEST details are covered, he even asks you to plan his hairstyle for the day
  • ….you guys are co-ordinated as fUCK
  • “Yoosung.. you have’t done any of your college work..”
  • so when the college Halloween party actually arrives he flips the fuck out and he’s ready to show you off to the world \ (•◡•) /
  • stays by your side the WHOLE time telling everyone you’re his girlfriend
  • and we’re totally partners in LOLOL too who’s jealous??
  • “…nO Yoosung we can’t fight the other people no matter how much stronger we are together seriously for the last tIME”
  • “but does he know that we’re actually dating anD OW OKAY DON’T PINCH ME” [tough warrior my ass]
  • after he’s proven to everyone he has a girlfriend he gets bored
  • so you both end stealing sweets from the bar countertop and shoving them in your pockets - you need SOME candy right??
  • escape the hall with a trail of sweets falling out behind you
  • end up changing out of your outfits and going home to change into my comfortable clothes and playing games while munching sweets
  • he freaks out despite saying he’s okay - but you know better
  • so you suggest video games and that was the end to the perfect night

° Zen

  • Beauty and the Beast but the hella sexy version
  • he wanted to showcase his good looks and you got to also be by his side wearing a sexy outfit [goals]
  • originally you were supposed to wear a cute dress as the beauty
  • buuuut seeing Zen wear an unbuttoned shirt made you think twice
  • the second he sees you in a sexy revealing dress his heart drops out his ass
  • and holy fuck why do you have a whip what kinda princess-
  • “what.. you look um I uh”
  • he’s speechless?? [srsly well done he’s never speechless]
  • you’re usually quite conservative but christ you’ve got it going on tonight?? can halloween be every day I can offer you my soul
  • takes muscle in his body to actually leave the house without taking you there and then - just wait for later
  • you know that one couple that just kinda does their own thing in the corner - yeah thats you guys he’s super protective
  • LOTS of couple mirror selfies at the venue and its super cute as you have literally 1000 photos of him kissing your cheek 
  • he totally didn’t to that on purpose to feel ur ass cheeky bastard
  • but mf almost turned into an acTUAL BEAST WHEN SOMEONE APPROACHED YOU 
  • “yeah.. he better be, eyes off her legs” UHH ZEN??
  • he can’t take his eyes off you even when you try get a drink - he’s walked into 4 people and knocked their drinks over
  • wanting to take advantage of his flustered self you make sure he has a clear view of you dancing while he’s talking to his friends
  • splutters on his beer what the hELL ARE YOU DOING??
  • lol ur screwed when u get home literally
  • he gets up grabs your arm making you follow him outside
  • you already know where this is going you wanted this

° Jaehee

  • pooooor bubba - almost had a heart attack when you scared her as she woke up on Halloween
  • refuses to go out to a party and don’t even get me started on trick-or-treating hell no what no waY??
  • BUT she really can’t resist your pouty face and agrees to dress up with you as LONG as no one else sees [ can always take secret pics??]
  • so you both dress up as the main leads in Zen’s movie - and one of them so happens to be a maid
  • she helps you decorate the house a bit so that when people coming knocking on your door later she has enough to give to everyone
  • seriously - she’s stressed out she doesn’t have enough
  • “…we have 27 tubs of sweets.. that’s more than enough Jaehee”
  • she can’t help but glance at herself in the mirror a few times in her cute lil outfit - why didn’t she do this before?
  • even makes Halloween themed pastries to give out to the children at the door and spends hOURS decorating them 
  • so by the end of the night you’re piled around tubs of sweets and pastries - nice work mum
  • she was expecting them to be super annoying and cruel but she can’t help but smile giving out candy to children with you
  • can’t help but frown when she sees a cat though
  • when night falls and everyone’s gone home you have a few leftover sweets 
  • so she makes both of you some pumpkin flavoured drinks [she’s really into halloween now?? wahEY]
  • that night you took a million pictures of Jaehee serving children at your front door and in her costume and sent it to eVERYONE
  • ZEN WAS SO HAPPY [back off boi]
  • but Jaehee was also super happy and but wouldn’t admit it - she was already planning next year’s outfit and treats 
  • (◕‿◕✿)

° Jumin

  • you know him, he’s willing to try what you want to try 
  • so when you explain Halloween to him he’s super confused since he’s never really understood the concept of it before
  • but he willingly accepts to do the ‘traditions’ with you
  • “…But why do they carve pumpkins?”
  • “It’s scary”
  • “No.. it just looks tacky and why do they” LISTEN M8 IDK!!!
  • but he agrees to help out because this was a day he could wear his cat ears and collar that was in his cupboard without being judged
  • YES
  • decorating the house he goes above and beyond - why are you putting up fake spiderwebs, we can just get rea- 
  • explaining ‘trick or treat’ to him would be so funny because he wouldn’t understand why you’d ask other people for sweets??
  • “can’t people just buy and keep their own sweets this is giving me a headache”
  • you DRAG him to a house to do trick or treat and he gets so red and embarrassed he literally runs home - nope not doing this again evER
  • next stage: eating sweets
  • you give him some the single sweet he managed to collect from the house and it’s a ‘sour ball’ HIS! FACE! IS! SO! F U N N Y
  • he’s starting to think Halloween is just torture
  •  why do commoners do this I’m going insane why am I dating MC
  • last part of the day is you watching scary movies together
  • BUT  his mind is blown at the fact you want to torture yourself like this you don’t even like scary movies what is this??
  • he doesn’t even flinch at the horror movies but ends up pulling you to his chest when you jump in fear and reassures you its a film
  • such a tiring day??
  • but it was all worth it when you Jumin and Elly took a ‘family’ selfie with kitten ears [not him, you did or else i’d be blurry af]
  • “.. so does this Halloween occur every year?”
  • bonus: Zen dying at the video of Jumin saying trick or treat in a mono-tonal voice and the person at the door laughing at his costume poor bby


  • the devout catholic wants to dress up as an angel 
  • you bicker about who would be a cuter angel [he would]
  • so he decides to make a costume one last minute and keeps it a surprise from you and reveals it in the evening
  • its a 2D car made out of cardboard with two cutouts so that you both could see and while walking 
  • such fuCKING DORKS - you’re wearing a onesie underneath too jesus
  • tbh I don’t think you’ll ever see Saeyoung happier than he is now?
  • you’re the oldest people who are outside knocking on other people’s door but you’re also the happiest
  • you have b u c k e t s of sweets and you ignore all the weird ass looks everyone else is giving you [kids envy you]
  • at one point some kid tries takes one of Saeyoung’s buckets and he was about to go crazy
  • you had to calm him down before he actually chased the kid but he was pouty for the rest of the night - besides you had about 8 buckets
  • the car outfit was a great idea but it had a few ..problems?
  • .. and that was the first time you ever walked into the mens toilet but you were t r a u m a t i z ed 
  • you’re the last ones out giggling on the streets until you’ve literally covered the whole neighbourhood
  • another struggle of the car was actually getting through the door and you’re both pressed up against each other trying to get though
  • eventually you just break the cardboard car and tip the sweets on to the floor settling down to watch a movie
  • don’t get me wrong you’re both REALLY scared of horror movies so you both end up not sleeping 
  • you just scream at every stupid jumpscare until dawn while eating a l l the sweets you collected until dawn
  • “I’m never.. eating sweets again”

Characters- Dean,Sam, sister!reader 

2000 words 

warnings- Bullies, fighting

The boy’s sister get’s into a fight at school and the brothers  storm angry into the school with out all the details. 

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You sat hands shaking as you watched your principle pick up the phone on her desk and dial your older brothers number. You sat across from her in a chair as she shot you sympathetic looks, she had the phone to her ear but was looking directly at you. You would have given anything to be able to disappear right then, but you were no angel.

Lucky Dean and Sam were home at the bunker this week, and  not away on some case. So when Sam’s phone rang he was able to pick It up with no distraction. “Hello.” Sam always answered the phone with caution if he didn’t know who was on the other line. “Hello Mr. Winchester, this is Kelly Brown. I’m the principal at y/n’s school.”

“Oh, is everything okay. Is y/n alright?” You’d been going to the same high school since you moved into the bunker three years ago and the school had never called Sam’s phone, so hearing this news put him on edge.

“Well you see, today in the lunchroom there was a fight involving y/n and another student, so we’re going to need someone to come pick her up. Just per protocol.” You heart sunk and you slid back into the chair, putting your hands in your pockets and pulling one knee up to your chest. Every second of this was like torture, three years you’ve been able to hide the whole thing from both of your older brothers, which is no easy task, and now one fight is gonna ruin it all. Their gonna find out everything.

“Y/N, got in a fight.” Hearing that grew Dean’s attention as well, instantly he was angry. You were the first Winchester sibling to really have a chance at school and you were throwing it away from getting into fights. How could you be so Irresponsible.

After Dean was aware of the conversation happening, Sam switched the phone to speaker so they could both hear the other end of the line.  

“No, I wouldn’t say that really, this will all be much easier to explain in person. I’ve got y/n in my office and the other student has already been moved, so if you could come in that would be great.” Sam and Dean were probably so angry, this woman wasn’t even giving them any one of the details, they’re probably thinking that you started the fight.

The next 25 minutes that you sat waiting for your brother to drive from the bunker felt like hours, you knew they were going to come storming in pissed, not knowing the full story and you could already feel the bruise forming under your left eye that you knew would make the whole situation worse once they knew what had happened. And all the while you felt the knot forming in your stomach growing larger and larger, because for three years you had been able to keep these bullies a secret from your brothers, but today it would all come crumbling down. 

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okay so. as someone who runs one of the very, very few ocpd-centric blogs on tumblr (not this one, i mean @thatocpdfeel ), its actually so upsetting how little people know abt ocpd, even here on tumblr amongst other mental health bloggers. not to say anything bad abt those bloggers!!! its just not spoken abt much. maybe thats because its not as common as, like, bpd or avpd, but its also because SO many ocpd symptoms are ENCOURAGED by society. i get so many tags on my posts saying “thats an ocpd thing???” or “thats not normal???” or “im not supposed to do that???” like so much of what is killing us from the inside are things parents, teachers, and guardians all think are positive attributes to have, but we internalize those things in such a twisted and intense way that we suffer and yet are idealized for our suffering.
ive had so many people with other illnesses, like depression, tell me how ocpd has its upsides because i can be productive and get stuff done when they cant even get out of bed. thats not how it works.
ocpd is not being perfect.
ocpd is NEEDING to be perfect because even the tiniest mistake means you are the scum of the earth and deserve to die.
ocpd is not double checking your work to make sure you got everyting right because you want a good score.
ocpd is perfecting the wording of a single sentence because if it doesnt imply the exact thought you are trying to get across then it means you have failed and even if it is still technically right and no points are taken off, inside you know that it was wrong and it COULD have been better and your personal standards are ten times higher than the official standards because you know that the goals you need to reach to be successful are leaps and bounds above what the average person needs, not because you are better than them but because you must strive to become better than them at all cost because second best is still a loser.
ocpd is not orangizing your work station before starting a new project.
ocpd is crying and screaming while you trash 42 different versions of the same attempted project and shoving everything off your desk and wanting to pull out your hair or bang your head on a wall because you messed it up so many times already and if you dont get it right this time you will never get it and you will be marked as a failure for the rest of your life, unable to accomplish literally anything and youre so terrified of that thought you take six hours to scrub at your desk and mop the floor and take a razor to that bit of wax thats been stuck on the leg of your chair for a week and half and meticulously organize everything into boxes, counting every ration you put in to make sure they all even out, and listing everything thats there and labeling the boxes then straight up leaving the work area and not thinking about the project for another month.
ocpd is not having a folder of all your important documents because you know you will need them some time.
ocpd is having six folders, each containing vastly different documents, some of which are important, some of which are just old receipts to mcdonalds, some are keepsakes from friends, some of which are just a scap of paper with scribbles that you dont remember what they mean but maybe one day you will, and the rest are just any paper youve ever come across in your life. theyre all just as important as everything else though because the thought of prioritising them is nearly incomprehensible because they are all important and you need them all for equally important things so when you need, like, that paper for your auto insurance you first must sift through six hundred pages of notes your friends passed back and forth in middle school over five years ago and you dont even talk to them anymore but you absolutely cannot get rid of them. its all so important.
ocpd is not being productive.
ocpd is waking up and remembering that you are an inherently flawed and imperfect being, but also that your worth in this world is defined by what you put into it, so even if you cant be perfect, if you make enough perfect stuff or do enough stuff perfectly, it will all give the illusion to others as well as yourself that you are perfect. so you push yourself to do whatever it is you do. regardless of your other illnesses, you work and and try to be as productive as you possibly can because thats your only chance. you go into work sick. you push yourself past your limits, past what you know you are physically/mentally able to do, and you suffer for breaching those limits but all that pain is WORTH it because you are temporarily overcome with a sense of accomplishement and SOMEONE is finally proud of you. you did something right FOR ONCE. so even if you go completely nonverbal, or lay in bed for the next week in pain, or end up in the ER, or seventeen other things didnt get done, there was the most brief sense of absolute euphoria even if its almost immidiately replaced by a sense of overwhelming anxiety about what you messed up, forgot, did wrong, or ignored to achieve that feeling and the cycle of fixing, fixing, fixing repeats itself.
ocpd is not being bossy, egotistical, or controlling.
ocpd is a deeply psychological understanding that even the most insignificant mistake will reflect back on you in the most exaggerated and horrendous way possible. its knowing that if you ask your friend to go get you a red pen, but they bring you a blue one, and you dont know they got blue instead, so if you write even the smallest mark in that blue ink, even if its technically okay to write in red or blue, you specified red, so the fact that its blue makes it wrong and unnacceptable so in your mind its better to drop what your doing and get the correct red pen yourself even if its right beside your friend and you are already focusing on something else. the concept of asking others to do something, not even something in a manner of helping you but just to divide up jobs evenly, its absolutely impossible. because if they do something wrong, it will reflect on you, then you did something wrong and we both know that doing something wrong is completely out of the question. you would rather multitask four things at once, but the sight of someone else just twiddling their thumbs while you bust your ass is so infuriating! why cant they do what you are doing? why cant they just read your mind and know exactly what you need, when you need it, and be helpful? thats what you would do if they were in your situation! if they were working like you, you would hand them everything. you would also probably go ahead and just put that back for them. well, you could also handle that too. and before you know it, their job is your job and there they are twiddling their thumbs and looking at you for a job to do. its the phrase “if you want something done right, do it yourself” taken to a whole other level.
ocpd is so much more than what people think. were more than just a “type a personality” or “perfectionists” and its not just “mild ocd” either. ocpd is painful. please remember that.

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"I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANY MORE!" "I DON'T RECOGNIZE MY SELF!" That's in all caps because I see it as screamed. Can you do that for boyf friends sorry I'm so awkward and used to being able to hide behind anonymous but I've fallen in love with your writing lately. Only if you want to you don't have too

I FINALLY DID IT AH! So sorry it took me so long, I could go on about exams and all that shit but I’m sensing you will hopefully get the picture.
Regardless, thank you for the prompt/request!


It was a Saturday night and the boys were spending their time wisely - playing video games in Michael’s basement. They weren’t sure how long they had been in there but neither bothered to care.

Finally, after hours of waiting, Jeremy was released from hospital. After the eventful school day on Friday Michael had offered that Jeremy stay at his house that night to catch a break, and Jeremy whole
-heartedly agreed. As soon as they arrived home, Jeremy collapsed onto Michael’s bed and fell asleep, exhausted from all the questions he had received that day. Michael soon followed suit and before they knew it the two woke up at 3am on a Saturday morning.

Now, with nothing else to do, the boys were still playing video games. Eventually, the inevitable red with white text ‘GAME OVER’ flashed onto the screen, ending the particular match.

“Awe come on!” Michael complained, setting down the controller and flopping onto the beanbag behind him. Jeremy sat adjacent, frowning at the TV. “I thought we were finally gonna beat that one!”

“Y-Yeah…” Jeremy replied, still staring at the TV. After a few seconds passed, Michael sighed, hoisted himself upright and went to eject the disk from the console.

“Woah Michael, we were playing-”

“Not anymore,” he announced, returning the disk to its place on the shelf. “I wanna play something I know we can win.”

Before Jeremy could question him, Michael pushed an unknown disk into the slot and bounced back into his beanbag just in time to see the words ‘Apocalypse of the Damned’ appear on screen.

“Oh…” Said Jeremy in response.

“Come on dude,” Michael cheered, grabbing his controller off the floor and hitting play. “This one is no match for us.”


An hour later and Michael was seriously starting to worry about Jeremy. Not only had they not gotten past their usual warmup match but had been stuck in the same God damn area for 60 whole minutes. And Micheal knew something was up when Jeremy didn’t respond to his usual code words for 'Zombie, right behind you’ or 'Use the axe not the riffle for this one’ - the list went on. Eventually, he jammed down on the pause button and turned to face his best friend.

“Ok, what happened?” He demanded, snatching the controller from Jeremy’s hands.

“W-what?” Jeremy stuttered in response, completely oblivious to his best friend’s reasons for questioning.

“Something’s up, I can tell. You’re usually great at this game bro! Even better than me. But something’s off tonight.” Micheal shuffled closer and rest his head in his palms. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”

Jeremy shifted awkwardly on the beanbag, trying not to meet Michael’s gaze.

“I..I-it’s nothing really I just-”

“It’s the Squip isn’t it,” Michael said, instantly recognising the type of hesitation he was being given. For the past few hours Michael had tried to ask Jeremy about the Squip but all that he received was the same 'it was nothing’ stammer each time.

Jeremy looked up, something shifting in his demeanour.

“I don’t want to play this anymore.” He stated, slowly and every words feeling like a drop of venom.

“W-what?” Michael said in response.

Jeremy locked eyes with Michael and arched his back so that he was sitting upright. He spoke even clearer.

“I don’t want to play this anymore”

“Yo Jeremy, dude, calm down.” Michael started, reaching out to his best friend. But Jeremy flinched backwards, slapping Michael’s fingers away.

“D-don’t touch me tall ass!” He cried, falling off of the beanbag and into the floor. Instantly he recognised the words that he had spoken, covering his mouth with his spare hand. But Michael had already heard them.

“W…what did you just call me?” He stammered, slowly rising from the beanbag. Jeremy climbed off of the floor to meet him, stuttering an attempted apology.

“I didn’t mean- that’s not what I - fuck - Michael I, that- that wasn’t-”

“T-Tall ass?!” Michael cried, stepping away from Jeremy. “What the hell dude?”

“No Michael I-”

“What happened to you?” He questioned, louder this time. “What has he done to you Jer? Was it worth it? Making you popular but turning you into… this?”

“I don’t-”

“Dude I don’t know who you are anymore-”

“I DON’T EVEN RECOGNISE MYSELF!” Came Jeremy’s answer. Michael flinched at the sudden increase in volume, eyes flying up to meet his best friend’s. Jeremy’s bright blue eyes soon began to fill with tears as he slumped against the wall.

“He’s gone Michael… but he won’t go away…” he muttered, head flying into to his hair. “Everything I do, I can still hear that voice in the back of my mind telling me what I’m doing wrong, mirroring his exact words. And I do it! I listen to it, because that’s what I’ve been programmed to do.”


“And you know what the worst part is Michael? That voice isn’t even real! It’s inside my head, because it’s my voice. It’s me telling all those things. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT MICHAEL! I-”

Jeremy was interrupted by the sudden feeling of arms wrapping around his waist and pulling his close into Michael’s chest. The boy hung on tightly, head hidden in the crook of Jeremy’s tear-stricken neck. Soon, his hands lowered from his hair to return the hug and the two slowly slid against the wall onto the floor.

No words were spoken between the two, just the action of each other being there was enough. The soft hum of the console filled the basement, the smell of candy and Mountain Dew carried through the air.

Eventually, Michael spoke, breaking the silence.

“I don’t care what he told you Jeremy, but you will always be my player two and nothing will change that ok? We’ll fight this, and we’ll come through stronger.” He tightened the hug between them. “I’ll always be here for you Jer.”

The tall boy smiled, returning the pressure of the embrace. He couldn’t help the shift in his smile as he spoke:

“That’s what friends are for yeah?”

Michael’s expression wavered as he responded.

“Yeah… best friends.”

Happy Birthday Tony

Tonys birthday was never anything special. He was pretty sure that he had a few good ones when he was a kid. But he remembers not getting any presents, because he already had everything. Or so his father always told him when he asked for a present, once.

But he had Jarvis and sometimes even Peggy there. So that was good.

After his parents died, Tony didn’t want to celebrate his birthday anyway. So he wasn’t mad when Rhodey didn’t plan a party for him. It was enough for him to cuddle with Rhodey and eat cold pizza.

When he was in a relationship with Pepper, she asked if he wanted to do something special on his birthday. Tony wasn’t sure what you would want to do on a birthday, so he told her he would just …work. Like always.

He can’t help the pain around his heart. It would be nice if someone would do something for him anyway.

He knows that he has no right to be this bitter. He could say something and Pepper and Rhodey would buy him the world. He loves them and he knows they love him, too.

Then came the Avengers in his tower and Tony secretly hopes they would throw a party for him. He had spent months of works for their birthday presents, so he was excited to see what he would get.

His last birthday with the avengers were unimportant. There was always an ultron, civil war or Loki. But now they had peace for almost two months. So he cant wait to see his friends.

The civil war was hard the first month but now he is glad that the team is back. He also met the guardians a few months ago and liked them as well. So yeah he was pretty happy.

Maybe this would be his first birthday that he actually liked!

Or not….

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Waiting (Part Four)

Tony impresses Steve with his genius, and Steve realizes that Tony really has one of the softest hearts in the world. Then sexy times because… well, you know. And feels. You guys thought I was joking about the stupid amount of fluff in this fic and I totally wasn’t. These two are ridiculous.




“So this…” Steve turned in a slow circle, trying to take in the enormity of Tony’s lab. “This is all yours? This is incredible.”

“Yeah, it does alright.” Tony grinned at him from his desk chair, tapping idly on his tablet and watching the 3D graphic hovering in the air above him change with each typed command.

“Where would you even find technology like this?” Steve was just in awe, couldn’t stop staring at the computers, at the huge screens, at the diagrams and projections Tony could manipulate with just his fingers. He was even impressed/ scared to death by JARVIS, and Tony had laughed for a full five minutes when JARVIS had calmly greeted Steve as he entered the lab, and Steve had hit the ground, looking around for who could have such a booming voice.

“Baby, I invented this.” Tony waved his hand around the room. “Some of it is re-dos from Dads things, but most of it is just mine.”

“You invented all this?”

“Theres a reason Fury is pressing you to play nice with me so I help the military out.” Tony responded drily. “It’s not for my charm. Definitely for my tech. Not just the weapons we build either, Fury wants things like my AI’s and this little program–” he set his tablet down and waved his hands towards a corner, and a life size hologram of a man filled the space, detailed down to the pumping heart and  the veins running through the see-through fingers.

“This gem is something I’ve been working on for a few years. It basically acts as a 3D xray of a patient, that a doctor can then walk up to and mess with, see where breaks are or nerve blockages or tumours. Then the doctor can simulate a fix or a medication, and see in real time how the body would react. No more experimental procedures, no more hunting around in someone’s body to find cancer. It’s all right here. Obviously it’s more complicated than that, but that’s… I mean thats basically it.

“Tony, something like this could change the world.” Steve said earnestly. One of his favorite things about this new century was medical technology. Nobody died from small pox anymore. Diabetes was completely manageable. Asthma was barely a bump in the road. It was incredible. “Why wouldn’t you share this?”

“Because men like Fury don’t want it to cure cancer.” Tony said bitterly. “Fury wants it to test biological weapons on soldiers without actually using soldiers. To test things like that lovely serum you have pumping through your veins. He wants to use it to find better ways to kill people, and that’s not what the program is for. He told me it would help soldiers because as they fire simulated weapons at the hologram they can see exactly where the bullet goes and how much damage it can cause. They can test better ammunition, different bullets. No more trial and error.” He shook his head. “No, I know that the military can absolutely do some good with this program, but it would end up just being used to find faster ways to kill soldiers and I am not okay with that. Stark Industries has made enough money designing weapons. 99% of what we do now is purely tech and armor. Defensive not offensive.”

“So you just keep it here?” Steve asked, and watched the hologram curiously. “You’re never going to share it? I admire you for not just handing it over to the military, not with reasons like that, but isnt it wasted sitting in your lab?”

“Actually.” Tony clicked on something on his computer and the hologram switched from pale blue to red, the veins turning white. “When you and I go to the Captain America Annual Ball and Charity Gala for the Children tonight, I will be donating the program to the New York City Children’s hospital.”

“Sorry, the Captain America—”

“Annual Ball and Charity Gala for the Children.” Tony finished. “Dad started it after he and Mom got together. Named it after you because everyone’s willing to donate to something patriotic like the memory of a soldier. And now that you are home again, it will be a hell of a turnout. Last year something like seventeen million was donated to the Children’s hospital from this event. I imagine we will double that this year.”

“Wow.” Steve was impressed, floored really at that amount of money. “So you are just going to give them this program?”

“Right.” Tony started shutting down his programs, even though the hologram in the corner stayed there. “Because kids shouldn’t have to be held down and poked and prodded and sent for dozens of tests just for the doctors to tell the parents something awful. No this will change all that. Maybe won’t change the diagnosis, but now at least they will know right away what’s wrong and options instead of finding out too late.”

“And I’m donating it,” he continued, folding his arms over his chest. “Because it shouldn’t cost money to find out what’s hurting your child. I’ve known people who lost their homes paying for medical bills and that's…” his jaw clenched. “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard. This program will cost the hospital nothing, and I’ve written into the contract that if they charge the patients when they  need to use it that I will absolutely take it back.”

“You’re amazing.” Steve murmured, and held out his hand to pull Tony to his feet. “You’re amazing, do you know that?”

“Yeah well, my soulmate spent an awful lot of time sick.” Tony half joked, his eyes serious. “The least I can do is make sure everyone else’s soulmates grow up healthy right? At least until super soldier serum becomes available over the counter?”

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Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 30


I could have magicked the bleach out of my hair that same morning.  I could have left the room looking like nothing had happened instead of enduring constant stares all day.  Now that it’s been twenty-four hours, it would be child’s play to spell the bleach away.

           Except I don’t.

           Because Snow can’t stop staring at it.

           And some things are worth the embarrassment.

           Besides, I’m about to pay him back in full.

           I strike early, immediately after breakfast. Snow and his ducklings stand in the hall outside our first class.  Bunce sees me first as I stalk towards them.  “Morning, Malfoy,” she calls to me, “isn’t the Slytherin common room the other way?”

           They’re all looking at me, Snow, Bunce and Wellbelove. Good.  Let them watch.

           I whip my wand from my pocket as I reach them and cast before anyone can react.

           “Not a word.”

           Snow opens his mouth to say something… and his voice freezes before it can get out.

           He clutches his throat and his eyes widen, and then the storm breaks.

           “WHAT THE HELL PITCH!”  Bunce actually manages to slam me against a wall with one mighty shove, and her wand is already at my neck.

           “Get off me, Bunce.”

           “Basilton Grimm-Pitch, you give him back his voice right now or I swear.”

           “Relax, Bunce,” I hiss down at her, barely able to see her when she’s this close.  “It’s only temporary.  He’ll be back to babbling by tomorrow morning.”  It’s an unfair thing to say, because Snow never babbles.  Sometimes he has difficulty even articulating his spells.

           “And what about in the meantime?” she snarls at me. “How’s he supposed to defend himself against whatever horrors you have in store for him if he can’t do magic?”

           “What if I told you I don’t have any horrors in store for him?”

           “Still,” Wellbelove pipes up, “stealing a mage’s voice? That’s cold, Basilton.”  She says it like she’s discussing the weather or the homework or what she’d like to eat tonight.

           “Not to mention totally illegal,” Bunce chimes in, and I don’t know if she’s correct on that or not, but I’m not about to fact-check her, especially not with her right in my face.

           “He’ll still be able to retaliate,” I say with a shrug.  “He certainly didn’t need magic to pour bleach in my shampoo.”

           “Why haven’t you fixed that yet, by the way?” Wellbelove asks.

           I look Snow directly in the eye.  “The perks,” I smirk, and to my delight his face goes red.  Merlin, this is fun.

“Your move,” I tell him before turning on my heel.


           I don’t know what kind of charm Bunce has placed on Snow, but through some miracle he manages to get through all of our classes without being called on.  It’s a little bit unfair that he has someone interfering, but I decide not to make a big deal of it. After all, Wellbelove was right. The voice is the most important weapon to a mage, and now that I’ve taken his, he’s no better than a Normal. At least for the day, anyway.  And though the added humiliation of not being able to speak when spoken to would have been amusing for me to watch, I figure I’ve ruined his day enough already.

           Besides, there’s a storm on its way.  If everything goes according to plan.

           Football practice goes longer than usual, until the sky is almost dark, and I can see Snow starting to flag by the time it’s over. It seems like he’s been trying to compensate for his lack of a voice by playing harder, and while he was admittedly almost unstoppable on the field, the extra work has clearly taken its toll. He’s still in the showers when I gather my things and head back to the room.

           It’s another fifteen minutes before he clomps to the top of the stairs.  He’s back in his regular clothes and his hair is extra curly from the shower, and before the door has fully fallen closed he flops onto his bed face-first and just lays there, breathing hard.  I shake my head at him from my bed before returning to my tablet.

           Eventually I see him kick off his shoes out of the corner of my eye.  He hauls himself up slowly like he’s carrying a sack of bricks on his back and throws the window open, leaning out of it and into the cold night air, sucking it in like he could get drunk on it.

           When he abandons the window to take his nightclothes into the bathroom, I decide I’ve gone long enough without being an arse.

           I get up and shut the window, then sit back down on my bed.

           Snow looks at it a long time when he comes back out, no doubt trying to remember whether he closed it or not.  He opens it.

           I wait until he’s sat on his bed again to walk over and shut it.  It hasn’t even been open a full ten seconds.

           Snow stares at me with a dismayed expression as I return to my bed.  He holds my gaze when he opens it again.  This time I spell it shut from my bed just to rub it in.

           He stands in exasperation and starts wildly gesturing from me to the window and back again, his mouth opening and closing silently like he’s forgotten there’s no voice coming out.

           “What is it, Snow?  Use your words.”

           I regret it the second it’s out.  His hands fall to his sides and his mouth closes slowly. He looks so heartbroken and I hate myself.  I hate myself.

           So much, in fact, that I get up and leave, making my way down to the catacombs to feed and yell at the walls.

           When I come back much later, Snow is sound asleep.

           I take a long look at him, how his eyelids settle into place and make him appear so real.  Like if I touched his skin right now it would feel different somehow, more physical.

           I open the window before climbing into bed.

Sell Your Soul // Kai Anderson

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A/N: Requested by @rodolight663: “Can u do a Kia smut were, Kia is the senator and (the reader) is his secretary and she wants to quit because it’s to much pressure, but kia forces her not to in a special way;;;))))))” and @thats-chill-with-me wanted her name to be used in a fic.

Warnings: Smut, language

Title Credit: Afraid x The Neighbourhood

Tags:  @quicksilverbells, @fragilelikeabomb0106, @unhinged-on-the-fringe, @delicrieux, @girlwiththerubyslippers, @tmriddler, @iimaddhatzz, @we-love-our-bandz, @ahstatejameskai, @xxhorrorkingxx, @zaddywilk, @suckerforpsychos, @bodyelectrababy

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Everything I Hate About You [01]

Masterlist [Namjoon x Reader]

01 |

A/N: My friend mentioned the movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ I also touched on some things I feel arn’t in many fanfictions such as bi/pan sexuality

Stories and movies set young girls to believe that we will meet a boy in the mystery section of a bookstore or have a handsome stranger buy us coffee at the local coffee shop, and perhaps thats a possibility but what about the Tinder dates, the floor full of flirtarious men at the club on that random friday night? The outcome of any of these possibilities could be good or bad, no matter the scenerio. Its the guy, the chemistry, the annoying way he thinks you’re cute when your mad, its the long list of things you hate but secretly love about him that makes it all worth it.


You held your cherry flavored sucker effortlessly between your lips, passing familiar faces with usual whispers of whatever new juicy gossip some pathetic try hard decided to spread.

'Lisa’s pregnant?’ 'Chanyeol and Joy finally got together but I heard that she is cheating on him with Choi Minho!’ 'I heard Y/n and Jisoo had a very.. intimate.. couple of meetings. I think she is lesbian!’

The infamous lesbian rumor filing your ears as your black boots hit the tiled floor in a carless strut through the halls of your low class university, full of twenty something year old stoners, try hard, over achievers, and everything in between. As if the gods wanted you to humor those gossip driven asshats, you spotted a familiar petite black haired girl making her way to the front doors of the school. “Jisooo wait up!” Your booming voice slightly startling her as it was so sudden, ignoring the heavy whispers that followed your shout you walked up to her and draped an arm around her shoulder. This action of course came with a cost, a cost of a snide remark from a dumbass kid.

“The lesbians are back at it again.”

“At least I’m getting some,” Oh how you lived for seeing people’s eyes bug out of thier skulls like cartoon characters, and this boy gave you just that, immediately shutting his mouth and crossing his arms. “Have fun with your hand tonight honey.” Jisoo’s soft giggle filled your ears and that only seemed to make this victory all the more great, wrapping her small arm around your waist as yall left the school without a second glance. “Y/n, why must you feed into the gossip?” Jisoo’s voice was soft as she giggled at you like she already knew the answer.“Oh my dear supposed lover, we must give the people what they want.” Jisoo was an aquintence at most, besides a small summer fling of hot make out sessions and alot of roaming hands; you werent limited to loving one gender because love has no gender now does it? “Y/n, you are unlike any other.” Jisoo smiled stepping on her tip toes to place a chaste kiss on your cheek before skipping on down the sidewalk.

Howls and whistles came from the imbeciles not far behind, as if a platonic kiss in the cheek was enough to make thier jeans uncomfortably tight. Without a second look you tossed your sucker behind you before jogging off down the street to your small apartment not far from the school, you had a car. In fact it was your most prized possession but what was the point in driving to hell that was just a few blocks away? Not to mention where a group of kids have zero limits and would show no mercy in doing whatever thier rich little heart desired. The walk was always peaceful after school, shedding off your leather jacket to soak up the cool breeze and slight sunlight of the late afternoon, wind pressing your light material white shirt against your body. The rusted and slightly ruined apartment complex came into view, chipped blue paint, dirty window frames and young kids running around and playing with sticks in the front 'yard’ of the complex. Granted it was alot nicer inside then it looked on the outside, but it was afforable and just enough space for you to be able to sleep, shower, and cook; living on your own and balancing out paying for school plus being a good person and spending money on the lovely ten year old girl you babysit Friday, Saturday and Sunday didnt leave you with enough to live in a big apartment. You were going to see the world someday and if that meant saving up your babysitting money and living in a cramped space then thats what you were going to do; though of course the family you babysit for are pretty wealthy so they pay you 840 Friday-Sunday, and using half for your classes and half in the mason jar in the corner of your closet for an adventure that hasn’t arrived yet.

Incoming call from: Mr. Kwon

You held the phone to your ear while greeting one of your bosses with a cheerful hello, Kwon Jiyong and his wife Kwon Bea were a pretty young couple, and Mr. Kwon liked to call you an hour before you had to be at thier house to take care of little Mina, to make sure you were well and to see if you’d eaten and if you had a good day at uni so he can be sure to have food prepared or not. While Mrs. Kwon texted you daily to wish you a good day at school, they were truly amazing people and you were beyond thankful to be able to work for them. “Hello, Y/n. Just wondering if you’d eaten? We are going to order take out in about thirty minutes.” Rustling on the other end of the line made you smile as you knew he was probably shuffling through the mail stack to find the takeout number and to find my circled order. “No sir I have not, but I was wondering if if would be okay if I took little Mina out for a while tonight?” It was Friday after all, you didnt see why the two of you had stay in. “Of course, you dont need to ask dear. We trust you.” You thanked Jiyong before hanging up the phone and packing your weekend bag before heading off to the Kwon’s, a typical friday. A routine. Nothing out of the ordinary… right?

“Mina, is it okay if we stop by the bookstore before we get ice cream?” She held your hand tightly just like Mrs. Kwon told her to do so she wouldnt get lost in any crowds, the six o’ clock breeze hit her nose softly causing a faint pink tint to color her nose and cheeks. “Yes.” She giggled, as you smiled and pinched her cheek lightly and thanked her for saying yes, granted you probably would have went either way but the point was she was being the sweet little girl she was. She always loved having you around, asking the Kwon’s when she could see you, if you could come to her birthday parties, her school functions and of course you always went; this family had taken you under thier wing, in fact they had offered numerous times to pay for your classes but you kindly denied such an offer.

Mina stood by your side (now holding the hem of your shirt) as you scanned the tables and shelfs for a paticular book and it wasnt until you felt a soft tug on your shirt and small whisper. “Eonni, that boy keeps looking at you.” that your attention directed towards the small brown haired girl beside you. “What are you talking about munchkin?”

“There is a boy standing over there, he keeps looking over here eonni. I think he liiiikes youuu.” Her young mindset sending her voice to a small tease and wiggle of the eyebrows. Your eyes lifted from the small girl and scanned your surroundings when your eyes landed upon a tall boy dressed in all black with a small smirk plastered onto his face. He was handsome to say the least, strikingly sexy smirk that only grew more charming by the deep dimples that came along with it, blonde brushed back hair that showed his dark undercut proudly. You took in his scuffed up black boots, black denim pants, and his slightly over sized leather jacket that fell loosely over his loose fitting black t shirt that was sure to show his collarbones if he were to take off his jacket; your eyes slowly made thier way up his neck and to his smug and almost golden like skin. Your not so settle admiring did not go unnoticed by the handsome man, in fact if only made his smug smirk wider and as if the your careless staring boosted his confidence he sent a small wink in your direction.

Little Mina who was witnessing the whole ordeal buried her face in your stomach and giggled like a mad man. Grabbing the first familiar book in your sights you took Mina’s hand and made your way towards the cashier. 'Who does that guy think he is..’ you whispered to yourself… a bit louder than you anticipated.

“Well I think I’m Kim Namjoon.” A soothing voice rang behind you, startling both you and Mina. Mr. Brown eyed bad boy standing mere inches away from you, smiling softly and you could have sworn that death would have been less painful then looking at his dimples and not being able to touch them. His voice was charming and soft, a voice that could easily put you to sleep given enough time, but the flirtatious smart ass charm he was sporting was not something foreign to you.

“Well Kim Namjoon, do you usually sneak up on people in your spare time or did i just get 'lucky’ today.” To make sure he noted the sarcasm you put finger quotations around the word 'lucky’ but little did you know he was just as flirtatiously snarky as you were. “Depends sweetheart, do you usually check out strangers in bookstores or did 'I’ get lucky?” Before you could even reply Mina looked up at the tall man towering over her smiled big and wide, showing her missing tooth and crinkles near her eyes. “I’m Mina! This is my eonni Y/n.”

“Hello Mina, how are you darling?” Namjoon squated down in front of Mina, holding his book loosly in his big hands; the way his eyes flickered from her to you made your heart flutter ans your cheeks grow hot. “We are going to get ice cream!!” She giggled looking up at you with her one tooth missing grin. “Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” He chuckled gesturing to the book you held in your hand, before holding up his book. “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

“Ah, was that some lame attempt in implying fate Kim Namjoon?”

“Sweetheart, I dont joke when it comes to fate, but I was simply pointing out your good taste… even if you did randomly pick up that book.” Your eyes slightly widened for he knew about your desperate attempt to leave the stare down, but before you could reply to the dark Prince he grabbed the book from your hands, walked around the counter and began jotting down something on a piece of paper before handing the book back to you and heading out the door. “Consider the book a thank you for checking me out sweetheart.” And with that he was out the door.

Did a stranger just buy a book for you? Oh how cliché…

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alright i was gonna save this to be a big surprise but this story’s too good to pass up

buckle up yall this one’s a long one

so right now i’m working on something i call a Slow Sequence, which is just the parts of jack and casie that arent just jack and casie lost in the woods. they’re top down more traditional rpg segments where you can manage your inventory, relax, and engage in some good old wholesome messing-with-casieisms

here’s an early look:

i’ve been working on this for the past week now and i’ve basically got them ready to go, ready to replace the existing shop sequences with an entirely new screen that allows you to do a little exploration and conversation before you get back out into the world and into Fast Sequences (the normal game). this morning in particular i was working in over drive. probably because i’ve been working my ass off on commissions and i might be in a like, productivity frenzy

i managed to crank out a new tileset i liked, some new dialogue, developed a vision for Casie’s Outpost (it’s probably not actually called that, but it’s the outpost that casie lives at, so let’s call it that for now) (it’s either that or “outpost 22″ which just doesnt make any sense yet so like lesser of two evils here) in a couple hours

and then i ran out of memory.

gm8.1 has a very particular quirk that i like that makes it really good at rapid prototyping and it’s that it saves all of the shit you do to ram instead of the hard drive. this means that you can start a game really fast without having to wait for an entire new save cycle and recompilation which makes it really good for brute forcing code, which is basically the breadth of my programming playbook. hit it over and over until it works. unfortunately, hitting things over and over will eventually (read: after 4+ hours of work with very large files) swamp gm’s alotted memory, and cause gm to lock up. but running out of memory is a hunter not unbeknownst to its prey. i have a contingency. my contingency is to save immediately, and have backups in case something goes wrong. which sometimes it does.

i would say it’s like a 90/10 chance

anyway, today this corrupted my file.

and corrupted my automatically generated backup save file. 

because i accidentally hit the save button twice.

this was about an hour and a half ago. yes, the filename for this subproject was literally just called ‘fuck’. that was the word that was on my mind at the time. i dont think i was upset or anything i was just like ‘fuck’ but like, thats how i always am. the intention was to just import the project into gms and then merge it wholesale with the main jack and casie project, so the title of the 8.1 version mattered very little. you should see the rest of them. i have 4 files called temp0 through temp4 and some of them are just backups of the same file

anyway, if i had just failed to save or something (or just closed the window without trying to save) i would have lost 30 minutes worth of work. but because i took my shots, i lost weeks of work. like, the majority of the month of february. there’s supposed to be a demo out in march. march is in 7 days.

i went to bed and began to rethink my options. and also fall asleep, because i have been up for like 19 hours and i had just eaten and basically i was a mess of debuffs at that very second. fortunately, because i am a big fuckin showoff and enjoy rubbing my shit in people’s faces, i had a cache of shit lying around on discords and slacks and line chats i guess that i could just re-integrate back into my tileset proper but that would still leave me without the conversation engine which is stupidly robust and involved and took the majority of the time (the rest of the time was like, not even drawing the tileset: more like working out what the fuck non-enemy things would look like in jack and casie) i had spent on coding fuck.gm81. i had already done it once though so i had worked out the theory, so i just had to do it again. which i could do! it would just take all day.

there’s an exhibition tomorrow. and i was falling asleep. it was at this very second i realized that my mistake in accidentally pressing a finicky touch keyboard button twice had actually ruined pretty much everything, and decided to actually fall asleep in order to hide from my problems

so i laid there for like 45 minutes, ostensibly trying to go to sleep. not even really mad at this point or even like upset. more like that perfect trance like state of being simultaneously so infuriated but also so completely defeated that youre aware that raising a hand at all in protest is a waste of energy so instead you decide to just fuckin sit there, grimacing, trying to will a solution into existence

game maker studio has an import function that pulls information from a .gm81 file. it’s kind of finicky and kind of weird because it reads every asset one at a time and imports them one at a time so it’s kind of slow but you get to see a nice big bar that fills up as gms works its way through your file. it’s pretty satisfying. also, fuck.gm81 wasn’t an empty file. it was like 92kb or something. it wasnt corrupted in that it disintegrated or something and all the packets were destroyed, it was more like something was just being read wrong by gm8.1

i realized this all at once. i then realized i was screaming

importing it to gms worked

not perfectly, but well enough

i could fix a broken system in a heartbeat. or at least faster then i could build a new one.

the biggest problem is the obvious corruption. apparently, because i ran out of memory building backgrounds, the backgrounds are what got corrupted. in particular the main tileset that i had been working on for the past couple days had completely been replaced by just a sheer 255 255 255 black. but more importantly all the new art i had done for casie and company are OK, and my code is OK, and after a little digging i found a screenshot i had posted around of Casie’s Outpost in development

and now i just have to

rip my own

pixel art

but it beats doing it over again!

Learn To Appreciate Me, Reggie Mantle

Reader x Reggie Mantle

(because there has yet to be enough Reggie Mantle reads)


Reggie Mantle. Typical jock with a douchebag persona. Likes to flirt with girls but isn’t into commitment. So why was I wasting my time pining over him, I am not sure. It all started in the summer I guess, my cousin Moose was having a beach party. Bring your own alcohol and food type. Everyone was drinking, swimming, and playing some volley ball or football. I remember when I arrived with an oversized shirt and loose shorts, becoming the butt of Reggie’s endless taunting. How satisfying it was to shut him up when I took both off to reveal my figure hugging bikini. I wasn’t prepared for all the flirting and sweet talking from him though. The day ended with me laying under Reggie Mantle, as we made out for an hour straight. He drove me home and left with a “I’ll call you”. He never called of course.

First week at school and already I’m feeling drained, I need coffee. I brushed some lint off my River Vixens uniform skirt, waiting for the damn bell to ring so I could go get lunch already. “Pssst, Grace,” A deep voice whispered from behind making me turn in my seat. Speak of the devil, it was Reggie. I wanted to tell him to fuck off but as a cheerleader I cannot exhibit such vulgar behavior. Crock of shit if you ask me. “Yes, Mantle?” I asked with a sarcastic smile. “Milkshakes later at Pop’s?” He asked confidently. I blinked at him in confusion, was he for real? Half of me was begging to say yes but I know my worth, I will not be made a fool of. “No thank you, I already have a date today at Pop’s,” Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why couldn’t you have plainly said no? His face competed into one of displeasure and… disappointment? Or is that heartbreak? Hmmmmm. I turned away and was relieved when the bell finally rang, I grabbed my bag and headed out of the class.

I should have just said no, why do I get myself into such messes? I entered Pop’s and went straight to the counter, ordering fries and a strawberry shake. I turned and scoped out who I can possibly coerce into my stupid lie. Too old. Too little. Too girly. And too broody. I saw with wide eyes Reggie’s car pull into the lot. Shit. Broody will have to do. I grabbed my fries and shake and instantly sat across Jughead Jones, mysterious and weirdo of Riverdale. He glanced up from his laptop in confusion, furrowing his brows at the sight of a ‘popular’ girl sitting with him. “ I lied about something and I need you to play along just for now and I will forever be indebted to you for this so please and thank you,” I rushed out all in one breath before Reggie entered the diner. I proceeded to let out a false and loud girly laugh, a hand over my mouth as I stared at Jughead with which I hope was lovey dovey eyes. “Thats hilarious, Juggie,” I giggled, fluttering my eyes a bit at him. Reggie was staring over here, I could feel the anger, disgust, and confusion in his glare. Jughead seemed to get a grip on what I was trying to do and simply smirked at me. “What can I say, you bring out the comedian in me,” He replied smoothly, stealing a fry from my basket. “Grace and Ted Bundy? You’re on a date with basket case here?” Reggie scoffed as he stood near me. “Don’t call him those things. Maybe you’re just jealous that he has all of my attention right now. Jughead is a way better date than you and he actually calls,” I sassed as I stood up to glare at Reggie Mantle. Jughead looked a little surprised that I was defending him when we barely knew each other but hey he was nice enough to help me out so might as well return the favor. “You passed me up for American Psycho here? Grace, I meant to call back, I just got busy with practicing for football,” Reggie replied. “Football, huh? Thanks for showing me where your priorities lie, Reggie Mantle. Now if you don’t mind, I have a date to finish with the handsome, intelligent, and talented Jughead Jones,” I finished, flipping my hair so that it slapped his chest and sitting back down. Reggie looked at Jughead murderously before finally leaving the diner. “Thanks for that, defending me when he called me those names,” Jughead said with a quick turn up of his lips. I breathed out in relief and smiled softly at him. “No problem, thanks for pretending to be my date,” I responded, drinking from my milkshake after. Strangely enough, we had a good time. He would type away from time to time but I didn’t mind, it was a nice silence. Romantically interested? No not really, I can see us hopefully becoming good friends.

Drive-In Movie Night, I sat inside my car alone, eating popcorn and drinking Cherry Coke. I didn’t mind it though, I won’t have to be bothered by the suffocating pressure to make out with someone during a film. Jughead had invited me to come, going on about how unfair it was to close the drive-in. I felt like there was more to it but decided that it wasn’t any of my business. “Grace?” That stupid deep voice that always seemed to make me melt called. I turned my head to see Reggie, leaning his head down to see inside my car. “Go away, Mantle,” I drawled with a roll of my eyes before turning to face the screen again. I could hear him open my car door and sit inside. “Are you really that moronic, I said go away,” I gritted my teeth, refusing to look at him. He probably looks gorgeous right now with that glow of the screen on his face and that stupid smirk. “I’m sorry I didn’t call okay, I should have let you know that you are more than just a summer fling. And I want to make it up to you, I want to take you out on dates and take stupid pictures of us doing basic couple shit because you’re worth it. You deserve flowers and all that mush, and if you’d let me I would give it to you all,” He confessed, the intensity in his eyes and words leaving me breathless. I stared at him in shock before closing my eyes in thought. “Please, Grace,” He murmured softly, his hand covering mines. I opened my eyes and smiled, intertwining our hands and leaning into Reggie. His eyes seemed to light up as I scooted closer to him. “One more chance, you screw this up and I am done, Reggie Mantle,” I warned as his other arm went around my shoulders. “I’ll treat you like a freaking princess, Gracie,” He promised. He kissed the top of my head making my stomach feel all tingly and floaty. I guess Reggie can be a romantic.

my superhero

requested: Hello!! If you arent wanting to write this I completely understand but if so could I please request a Stephen Strange x Reader where the reader tries to end her own life and Stephens cloak senses something wrong and basically drags him to stop her? Thank you!!!

word count: 1473

warnings: suicide attempt, suicidal thoughts, pills, that general stuff. 

a/n: okay I know this is a VERY touchy subject but I want you all to know I don’t take it lightly. depression and anxiety and things similar cannot be fixed by a person or a simple thing. It can’t. if you are struggling with it and are thinking about committing suicide, please get help. i’m begging you. all of you are worth it and it will be okay. i promise. i too struggle with the same things but when you actively try to progress, it gets better. if you want someone to talk to, message me. i’m always welcoming.

if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please call  1-800-273-8255
if you live in another country, i’ve put a link to a suicide hotline post for different countries HERE

 Having depression was no joke. Some days it felt like you could fly, but you knew it didn’t last for long. You’d been dealing with this stupid illness since you were young and you hated it. Everyday was a battle and nothing was ever easy.
You wanted to heal. You wanted a better life than that. You wanted to be happy and know you’d be happy for a longer, more substantial amount of time. Not just a day or two or a few minutes or a week only. You wanted months on months. Maybe even a year. But nothing seemed to work.
To get better.

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Long (but fun!) Read from a Follower - Cheating for the first time

First time i cheated was 1 week after i got my first serious relationship, me being 18 at the time.

Problem was she lived 6 hours by car away from me, so after we talked a lot and got really horny for days, i ended up contacting a friend of mine who i had a pretty good contact with.
A bit about her: She’s 21 at the time, obese easily 120kg, with a pretty cute face.

I ended up hooking up with her, saying i wanted her for so long, despite knowing i was in a relationship, she asked me to come over.

Traveled 15 min by train, first thing we did when i arrived was giving her a deep and wet kiss. We were both so horny i went straight for her breasts, touching them from below her shirt.

I pinched on her nipple and she gave off a moan, she pulled my hand off her breast and pulled it down her pants. She spread her legs a bit so i could access her pussy. She was already so wet my finger went straight into her with no resistance.

At this point i was covering us up against the wall so it would be hard to see any more action than kissing.

I noticed a middle aged man giving me a quick look of being surprised as he passed by us because of our situation, so i suggested we better go to her place before we continue.
She nodded and ordered a taxi.
We were both very turned on waiting for the taxi, we just looked at eachother intensily knowing what was going to happen when we arrive at her place.

Sitting in the taxi on her way was one of the most intense moment in my life. Us both sitting there completely silent as our driver drove us to her place.
We payed off for the trip and went into her house.
At that very moment i closed the door behind her. I went straight for her started kissing her, wasting no time kept her tight be pulling on her ass. She started unbuttoning my shirt so i went ahead and did the same, removing any buttons and belts i could find.

We both threw off our clothes and stood in front of each other, in pure nude. I pushed her to her bed, and held her down, pushing her legs to the sides. Knowing she was wet from last, i positioned my dick at her pussy, pushing it in, not using a condom, i expected her to stop me, but she didn’t.

So in i went feeling her pussy covering my hard cock into her wet hole. This was the first time i had unprotected sex.

I didn’t last long neither did she, after about 20 seconds of thrusts she started pusating on my cock, she could barely whisper out that she came. Me being horny for so long, and her pussy now massaging my cock i knew i was close.

As i was getting close i asked where she wanted me to cum.

She responded with ‘anywhere’. And thats when i decided to release all my cum inside her pussy.

I grabbed her buttcheeks and pushed myself as deep as i could, feeling my cock rubbing a hard circle inside her, i knew it was her womb. So i let myself loose and blasted everything i had inside her.

I didn’t say anything, i just held me inside as i started to pulsate all my cum into her, she knew what i was doing at this point and locked me in her legs and grabbed my ass as well, pushing me as deep as she could. I was now making out with her as i spent the next 10 seconds emptying what felt like a life worth of semen into her pussy.

When we were done i left myself inside her as i went limp. We cuddled for about 5 minutes kidding and caressing eachother.

I asked her if she was on the pill and she replied with ‘no’.

I was horny and scared at the same time, this unsafe risky sex made it all hotter, and the fear made my blood boil again.

I told her i thought it was hot to come inside her and she agreed.

I pulled out and went down to lick her pussy, strangely no cum leaked out so it must all be inside her still.

I tried my best giving her the tongue so she could enjoy herself, and i seem to have done it fine, within 2 minutes she came again and asked if i could fuck her again, me being turned on again i could of course not say no. So i mounted her up again, my dick hard again.

Now her pussy was even wetter due to my semen added to her juices. While i was feeling myself around inside her, i felt a puddle of juices around her womb. I knew i was drowning her womb with my cum.

This time i would last much longer, i fucked her long and hard for almost 10 minutes. I figured it might be a good idea to stimulate her clit as i fucked her, which caused her to immediately cum on my dick.

Again, i am being rushed to my orgasm because of her clasping on my cock.

I announced i was about to cum again, and she asked me to cum inside her again.

I went closer to her face and gave her a deep kiss, she moaned loudly now. I broke our kiss and wispered into her ear, “i want to make you pregnant” as i was just seconds away from orgasm.

She hugged me tightly and leg locked me again 'please do it’ she whispered.

I kissed her again as i came, grunting from my orgasm, bathing her fertile womb with my cum once more.

Even now i was still hard. So as i was staring into her eyes from our very dangerous and risky encounter i started thrusting into her again.

'I want to fuck you more.’ i said as i started thrusting my dick inside her again. Now my cock was surounded with cum when i was thrusting in and out of her.
I knew now if she was fertile now, pregnancy was certain. I carrased her entire body, kissed and licked her nipples, her lips, her neck. Everything i could put my mouth and hands on.

After another 5 minutes i announced my 3rd orgasm.
She was completly drained at this point, so was i. This last cumshot was all i would be able to muster.
I released whats left of my cum inside her. I collapsed on top of her and we both fell asleep within minutes being completly spent.

And with that, i’ll end it.
I left later that day, even though i could have spent the night with her and fucked her some more i felt leaving might be the best.
I don’t know if she got pregnant that day as we both went silent on messanger. Although i have a feeling she wanted to fuck me as much as i wanted to fuck her again.

Quite the story 💦💋
headphones are better than people - part one

summary: Virgil was never good at sorting out his thoughts, but luckily he has help when he never expects it.

characters: virgil, patton

warnings: intrusive/negative thoughts, cheesy nicknames

The humidity was nearly as thick as the silence of the kitchen.

Virgil was lying on top of the kitchen counter, eyes watching the unchanging ceiling, but not really seeing. He kept one arm notched under his head. The other rested across his chest. His heart thumped against it. Thumped and thumped and thumped and-

There was the error. There was no silence. His heart was- well it was rushing tempo like some ameteur snare drummer, tight and high and so confident of themselves that they just keep going, keep cracking their sticks against the instrument until the entire thing is so fast that there’s no way to stop it.

He tapped his foot on the countertop to try and drown it out.

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{ JHJ } grim reaper!Joshua || part one


a/n: hi so this grim reaper!Joshua au is for the October/Halloween special !!! if you’d like other members for the grim reaper!au or any other au fit for halloween do drop me an ask i’ll be more than happy to write what i can :) enjoy!

Originally posted by lseokmin

  • grim reaper!Joshua is him being a gentleman
  • whatever he is, I’m pretty sure he’ll always be a gentleman
  • he’s also very happy like all the damn time
  • and soft
  • other grim reapers and angel!Jeonghan would always mistake him as an angel
  • ok lets talk about you tho
  • you can see supernatural/spiritual stuff, and kinda do supernatural stuff (unconsciously)
  • you can see ghosts, angels, grim reapers, wizards, witches all that fantasy au stuff
  • your dreams predict the future
  • or sometimes you’d just zone out in class and sketch or write predictions
  • you can predict all sorts of stuff
  • like new boy band, death, an accident, anything and everything its limitless
  • its cool and all but sometimes its what making you feel like youre on the verge of losing your sanity
  • and with all these dreams/predictions, it never comes with a date or a time
  • they just show you what they show you
  • no one knows why its happening to you but it is
  • and you can always try to prevent them from happening
  • but you never tried
  • you dont belong in any religion but you do believe in something
  • like everything happens for a reason and nature always has a way to deal with things
  • but that doesnt mean you’ve never accidentally changed what you saw
  • because you have
  • fml the points that i wrote after the point before this were erased because i accidentally opened a dm
  • when you were 9
  • you changed what you saw when you were 9 in your past life !!!
  • your powers are connected to your soul, which is why when you got reincarnated you still have them
  • so your first mistake (in your past life) was apparently also your worst mistake
  • it cost someone’s life
  • its not your fault tho
  • you were supposed to go to school on that Monday (and was already suffering from Monday blues on Sunday night)
  • but as Monday come, you fell sick, adding on to your Monday blues
  • your mum was supposed to get robbed and killed that Monday
  • but she sent you to the clinic instead
  • it was just you and your mum in your household, you were a child out of wedlock and your dad fled when he found out about your existence
  • not important but you’ve seen pictures of your dad and he looked handsome with a weird alluring aura
  • anyways you own a rabbit, Sparks
  • your mum asked the neighbour next door to help keep a look out on Sparks
  • his name is Mr Hong
  • ye boi you got it, it’s Joshua’s dad
  • so the killer thats supposed to kill your mum and rob her, thought the house belonged to Mr Hong
  • Mr Hong was held hostage while the killer ransacked your entire house looking for valueables and he couldnt find any
  • which in turn made the killer angry and tortured Mr Hong to death
  • this affected Joshua a lot because his dad was the sole breadwinner
  • and altho Joshua is an only child, Mr Hong had troubles just supporting his wife and Joshua alone
  • Mrs. Hong had to work whatever she could work as to support Joshua and herself after the passing of her husband
  • it was hard for Mrs. Hong to find a decent paying job seeing as Mrs. Hong had little to zero qualifications
  • Mrs. Hong worked very long hours, and earn very little in return
  • she was sleep and food deprived, she was beyond exhausted, she didnt have the nutrients she needed to keep on going
  • which made her collapse and fall to her death
  • Joshua at that time was 16 when his mother pass away
  • and he was beyond angry
  • he wanted justice and the government wasnt gonna give him the justice he wanted
  • basically the killer was still out and about
  • so Joshua made it his mission to hunt the killer
  • he did a lot of unexplainable actions that werent worth forgiveness
  • even if begged
  • which turned him into a grim reaper
  • Joshua was given two choices: to remember and to suffer, or to forget and live in the bliss ignorance provide
  • he chose the latter
  • crap this is already so long akdjjajs
  • you were 17 when you met him
  • it was in the outskirts of Shonan
  • you were in Japan for your internship and you visited the outskirts on your day off
  • it was so peaceful, you can consider it a healing time for you
  • you worked so hard to get to where you are now, and you deserve to have a healing time
  • a/n: im serious pls take the time to take care of yourself
  • Joshua was also there, standing a few metres away from you enjoying the scenery of the faraway Mount Fiji
  • he had this dark aura around him even with his soft and gentleman appearance
  • which fascinates you and you just kept on staring
  • Joshua of course he felt someone staring right at him, but he figured it wasnt possible because no one could see him unless he willed himself to be seen
  • so he just brush it off
  • it was awkward
  • you stopped staring right away
  • it was hard tho ,,, i mean hes Joshua Hong Jisoo
  • but ever since then yall just keep bumping into each other
  • Joshua just cant seem to find the girl he has to snatch the life of
  • and his locater tracker thingy just keep going haywire when he’s around you but he doesnt notice that
  • you do though
  • you realise who he is, what he is and what he has done
  • and you know exactly who he’s looking for

hey so what do yall think of it? halfway through writing this i realise that it was gonna be long and decided to split it into 2 parts. the second part would probably be up in a week the latest so stay tune to that! i hope yall enjoy it and please check out one of my favourite writers (also a role model to me) @jejublr !!

un-ah  asked:

Do you think mob would give lamppost spirit his frog umbrella if in return he could request a temporary alteration in reality in which he doesn't have powers? (Or, alternatively, for muscles)

hi hello this exploded into a ficlet but like. a very vague one. Im sorry I did this to your ask I cant help it this is a very good idea

for anyone who dont know what this is referring to, it’s this post

the deal: 

you have twenty-four hours 

you will have all the memories needed

none will be the wiser

you just have to believe with all your might.

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mochipoof  asked:

Could you write how the RFAs would react to MC moving in with them? How it comes up? How life is for the first few weeks or something haha :') Do they just buy a house?

a/n i’m going to do the first few days week/s with the RFA because hOLY FUCK? they’d ALL stay where they currently are at first but i think they’ all move somewhere bigger when they got married or had kids?? they’re still just bf/gf so no mortgages for now ;u;


  • i think he’d suggest moving in but very indirectly 
  • “ i wouldn’t be late to classes if you woke me up directly you know..
  • “yeah maybe idk”
  • “… I mean only if you want you I’m not forcing you” (he’s whispering by the end of it)
  • so it’d be very quick and very short notice and when did this happen i’m literally moving into a 4 year old’s house isn’t this illEGAL??
  • so you’d bring in the last box and and you’’d shut the door and just stand there like
  • “this is home now I guess?”
  • then it’d hit both of you that like you live together now and all of a sudden he’s shy and just kinda scratching the back of his neck
  • “so..”
  • “yeah..”
  • “want to play LOLOL?” guys .. what did you even expect
  • the first few weeks would consist of snuggling and playing games and onesies -  it’s like the first few hours of a sleepover when everyone’s reaALLY hyper
  • there’d be unpacked boxes everywhere for weEKS (lazy mfs)
  • also the first few weeks would be living off ramen and sweets and getting 0 sleep (take this however you want)
  • you don’t even argue over chores because who gives a fuck they can just chill there
  • when theres a bug in the attic you’re both screaming aren’t you supposed TO BE A WARRIOR YOOSUNG
  • - WAIT hand me the frying pan we will outflank the enemy and i will protect you princess
  • the wasp comes closer and you both never return to the attic ever again
  • for now you probably both sleep on a pikachu bean bag or something because his single bed doesn’t fit to both of you and he feels guilty sleeping on the bed
  • the good guy who always puts the toilet seat down after he uses the toilet after the one time you flipped out on him
  • moving in with Yoosung means he doesn’t get as flustered anymore around you
  • you see him shouting and laughing a lot more and less blushing and wow 
  • you didn’t think you could fall in love with him any more until you saw him curled up on the couch with his bear onesie 
  • fuck he’s the cute one in this relationship isn’t he (yep)
  • so obviously you curl up next to him 


  • this cliche motherfucker i hatE HIM
  • he finds a clever/sneaky way to tell you to move in with you
  • makes you leave all your shit at his house over time and one day he just hands you a key??
  • “well you’re practically here all the time and you can’t get enough of me so”
  • “LISTEN HERE BI- wait nvm that’d be cool actually”
  • married couple life
  • refuses to let other people bring in the rest of your stuff in boxes (not much of it though) because he has to do it himself
  • also makes you wait outside so he can pick you up bridal style and carry you in
  • always leaves the toilet seat up fgs
  • on the second day you wake up to hear crashing and burning from the kitchen because he was trying to make pancakes for you
  • its then… that you’ll do the cooking from now on (thanks @god) but god damn it he’s always peering over your shoulder
  • “What’s that?”
  • “Pepper”
  • “..What’s that?”
  • “.. an egg.”
  • “yeah, i recognised them” (focus in school kids)
  • him using all your scented shampoos and you using his facial products you guys are the best duo
  • he helps you with chores though but he whines a lot (not in the first weeks though)
  • also picking out couple outfits for like the first few weeks and looking super coordinated (goals)
  • 100000 SELFIES
  • him forcing you to wear his shirt literally all the time - i have my own closet thx
  • “Zen.. I can’t wear this shirt to class it literally goes down to my thighs NOT TO MENTION it has your face on it”
  • a lot of sex in the first week??- fucking beast mode slow tf down
  • takes loads of slips of you drooling while you’re sleeping 
  • you threaten to cut his ponytail and i’m p sure that’s the first fight you have living together
  • but its quickly resolved when the X Factor comes on and you’re sitting on the couch with him judging everyone
  • “she can’t even sing”


  • who suggested this - how did it happen what the fuck
  • SHE definitely planned this out but couldn’t actually ask you so it was just like a matter of when will she manage to just come out wiTH IT GOD DAMN IT
  • she lets it slip out a few weeks later mid conversation
  • “well maybe if you lived with me then we wouldn’t be having this problem”
  • literally slaps her mouth
  • but you just shrug and respond with okay and i swear she melts and looks like a tomato
  • SHE TAKES THE DAY OFF W O R K FOR IT (stress cleaning)
  • like as soon as everything as been moved in she’s the cutest person ever and always asks if you’re comfortable
  • “so.. want some dinner?”
  • but guess what
  • apart from finding out she’s an amazing fucking cook, you see Jaehee with ANIMAL pyjamas and her hair down (well fuck me)
  • a lot of blushing in the first week, it’s like re-starting a relationship with her
  • no toilet seat problems though??
  • everything is always tidy and guys you can share clothes and makeup and woW why didn’t we do this earlier
  • when she gets more comfortable you guys both have wine and bitch about people (jumin)
  • you all know how sarcastic she is so the sassy comments will be endless
  • “well don’t you look like a picture when you wake up”
  • “I liked it better when you were a blushing mess”
  • “well, too bad.”
  • whenever you do anything outside the house she turns innocent again
  • but as soon as you step into the house BAM she’s super sassy
  • motivates you to do work and teaches you how to make really cool pastries!!
  • invite the RFA (minus elly because she’ll kill Jumin if she sees c hairs in her house) to have cupcakes & coffee
  • saturday nights you guys sing to Zen’s musicals at the top of your lungs but she doesn’t realise you’re facetiming someone… Zen 
  • freezes
  • ur dead the next day 


  • can we talk about the fact you’re already pretty much living with him halfway through his route
  • there was no invite its just you ended up there
  • “what do you mean you’re going home.. this IS your home?”
  • you look around and holy shit when did he move all my stuff here and how haven’t I noticed you sly motherfucker
  • did you not see in his route when he offered to redesign his house so it looks like your house
  • constantly reassuring him that the furniture is fine and that vase is worth more than my whole apartment shUT UP
  • when you go down to the kitchen to cook he’s very confused 
  • “We have a chef?”
  • “Don’t want them”
  • “i’ll just cook myself”
  • “oh right.. wait why?”
  • baby boy hasn’t ever had any homemade meals since they were all made by chefs n shit :((
  • oh may I mention that as soon as all the maids and stuff leave Jumin owns swEATPANTS 
  • he also wears glasses? excuse me this is r00d
  • watches you as you cook like Zen but doesn’t say a w o r d but makes a mental note that you look fucking hot while cooking how??
  • makes you cook a LOT more because commoner home made meals ‘apparently’ are better than other meals!!
  • slowly he’s transforming
  • you have a private en suite toilet so you don’t argue about the toilet seat thing - rich people
  • and you have a maid to do chores?? so thats also not a problem
  • but it’s kinda funny testing Jumin on his knowledge of cleaning products
  • “Jumin.. you can’t use a TOILET scrub to do the dishes”
  • ???? why not
  • he becomes shy especially when he opens your underwear drawer by “accident
  • also flustered when he can hear you singing while doing things around the house
  • how could I have forgotten Elly, he moves her bed out of his room (well your room too now) and you cry because you’ve come so far Jumin :’)
  • opens up to you quite a lot so there a lot more jokes thrown about between you guys
  • he. g i g g l e s.
  • you learn that he secretly also watches kdramas like his life depends on it me too buddy wait is that Zen??


  • he doesn’t give you a key
  • one day he says a random phrase to you in Arabic and you just know that your relationship has moved to the next level
  • as soon as you walk in with your stuff to his home you just cry
  • “I have been here for 0.35845 seconds and I think thats your underwear on the rug”
  • “…mm.. leave it”
  • but Saeyoung with a sheepish shy grin is holding up a badly home made cake saying “Welcome home!”
  • “this was the only edible cake that came out decent take it or leave it”
  • if he’s asked you to move in with him he’s 150% comfortable with your anyway so
  • first week with Saeyoung? tiring
  • no sleep at aLL
  • theres no inbetween you’re either binge watching movies on the couch with popcorn and pizza 
  • or screaming with laughter at eachother as he chases you round the house for 5 hours because you stole a chip from him
  • that is the start of prank wars
  • you look like you’ve been married for 60 years already?? i mean he closes the window and farts so you’re dying and he just laugHS (fucker)
  • so you take revenge by putting clingfilm over his toilet seat and you hear screaming a few seconds later payback bITCH
  • ugly pictures of eachother sent to the RFA with dumbass captions 
  • they’re wondering how you’re both supposed to survive when you’re both trying to kill eachother after a week???
  • you guys can’t hire a maid so you both start out doing chores (after threatening him to pour all his Ph.d Pepper down the sink)
  • but somehow the old Karaoke machine shows up and what are chores??
  • it takes you a lot of time to get used to all the valuable techy stuff he has in his room i mean why is your table remote controlled?
  • why does this pillow have a wire inside?
  • most of your fights in the first week are over food because even though you label everything he just eats it ALL
  • “Saeyoung.. for the last fuckING TIME YOU CAN’T WEAR MY UNDERWEAR”
  • you don’t leave your house once for a few weeks - its like living with your best friend its lit
  • yep things are pretty comfy living with Saeyoung and you’re always wearing his clothes (& he always turns pink)

anonymous asked:

In weibo fandom, they were like no matter what, they have the concept which is bangtan didn't appear at the main that's mean media blackout-.- No matter how i explained that bangtan actually have many news article but they still like "other star's married/ pregnant news can be at main for whole day, but bangtan just appeared for one hour" it's clearly that korea media want to suppress bangtan achievement, and they only left army and bighit at their back....oh gosh I was so frustrate reading that

i don’t know how many times i had to sigh today. i’m so, so, so, so fking frustrated that just thinking of typing the explanation stresses me out already and looking at those ridiculous reasons people come up with, i’m surprised my head hasn’t exploded already.

1) naver, daum, nate are NOT news sites. they are search portals and forums, the equivalent of google. as long as an article is up on the internet, it can be found on those sites as well.

2) ALL of the media outlets i listed in the previous list, their articles about bts at bbmas can be found on naver (which is how i got their names to make the list, by searching for “bts” on naver and scrolling through the first 30 40 pages until i reach the article of them departing to get all the articles). hell, they were even on radios and printed newspapers.

3) news come and go. news revolve all the time. those portal sites’ main page are updated regularly. know why an article about marriage/pregnancy/scandal gets more attention than good news like winning an award, setting the record and writing the history? because they’re shocking, they’re scandals, they are what the human nature craves for: something shocking and scandalous to discuss, argue and criticize. why do journalists dig for celebrities’ scandals? because people crave for those, people want to see others crumble and fall apart, people feel the need to voice their opinions and criticize it. and when you give them something they want: a scandal, they read the news, comment on it and read it. the more clicks an article or a video gets, the more viral it gets, the hotter the issue becomes, and it leads to follow-up articles/videos, which means more money. a scandal gets attention from both fans and non-fans, while a positive article gets less. it’s how the media works.

4) people said news about bts winning at bas wasn’t on naver’s main page? let me say this again: it did. it was on naver’s main page at the entertainment section after they won, the keyword “bts”, “bbmas” and “bts bbmas” were on the top 10 real-time most searched keywords on naver after the win and once again when tv news broadcasted about their win.

5) people said again that it was only there for hours, not a whole day? refer to (3) again.

6) bts got much less media coverage last year but that didn’t stop them from blowing up, so why the fuss over all of this now? do you ever think excessive media coverage for bts would bring the opposite effect instead of what you want it to be? 1) they can be suspected and criticized for excessive media play, 2) people can get fed up with the amount of news about bts going around that they start to hate him (the same thing is happening to p101 because there were too many posts about p101 on pann). bts IS being recognized in korea, from regular people to celebrities, they know their name and at least one of their songs. worrying over how much coverage they get is not something worth doing now. as long as they continue to release quality music, people will know about them without needing extensive media coverage. what you should do right now is stream their mvs, stream their songs, buy their albums, support them mentally if you are not financially capable by sending them supportive messages, NOT making up, wasting time and energy on conspiracy theories.

          - PART II

Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 059
summary : continues the story from part I …
note :
apologies for taking so long. i hope you like it :)
*not my gif

    “You really did it this time big brother.” sighed Y/N as they headed out of town through one of the back roads of Mystic Falls. “Did – did you do the same for Liv or?”
Kai turned towards her with blank expression on his face. Thought had crossed his mind , he even had an extra vial with vampire blood when he went to see his baby sister but he hadn’t done it. Now he couldn’t stand seeing Y/N’s eyes so red and puffy , specially knowing he was the one who had caused it. Of all the people on this planet his baby sis was the last person he wanted to hurt.
    “I did it again , didn’t I ?” he sighed. “I never wanted to cause you pain sis. You have to know that. It was the only way to for us both to be safe from our father. I promised you to protect you and I did exactly that. I’ll find a way to make it up to you.”
Y/N sniffled looking at the road ahead. It was dark and the headlights were the only thing providing any light. Kai had avoided answering her question , which only confirmed what she already knew.
    “A ‘sorry’ would be a nice start.” she mumbled.
Kai placed his hand on her shoulder , making her turn towards him. His eyes had started to water and he looked like a lost puppy. Seeing Kai like this broke her heart all over again.
    “I am sorry. I should’ve saved Liv she — she wasn’t that bad was she ?” he thought out loud. “Maybe one of your friends got to her and saved her. I hope someone did —”


Living in New Orleans was a lot different than living in Portland. There were a lot more vampires and witches and even werewolfs than Y/N and Kai had originally thought. It didn’t take them long to meet the Originals and that turned Kai into the big overprotective brother after he realised all three brothers took quite the liking to his younger sibling. Ever since the first moment they saw his baby sister Elijah , Kol and Klaus started doing whatever they could to win her over. He would rarely leave them alone and often used magic to cloak himself and make sure they treat his baby sister properly or else.  To Y/N it felt weird at first since no one in her life had ever shown interest in her , specially not like that and definitely not in those proportions.

Three months later the three brothers continued trying to win Y/N’s heart. Klaus would spend hours talking art with her and impressing her with his paintings while Elijah would show off with his book collection and knowledge about classical music. Kol wasn’t further behind - he had figured out Y/N likes all things witch related so he showed her all the dark objects , thought her how to make them and showed her his mother’s grimoars. Every time each of the brothers came up with something new and different , competing for her affections.
Kai and Klaus became good friends after realising they had a lot in common - both their fathers had rejected them because they were born different. Both had had their parents call them an abomination and now they were hybrids , one of the few ones left in the world. They’d often go grab a bite together and get into trouble along with Kol. Elijah was more guarded than the rest of his siblings and Kai didn’t really connect with him but Y/N appeared to like him quite a lot because somehow they’d spend hours and hours together at the library - reading and listening to Bach and Mozart. Kai had no clue his baby sister likes that kind of music but he liked seeing her happy and spending time with the eldest of the Originals had a way to make her smile just with his presence. Kai still couldn’t figure out how that was possible.
One Kol had tried to kiss Y/N and Kai had intervened unsure that’s what his sister wanted. He couldn’t understand why she was upset with him after that but she had explained to him that she feels something for the brother — and not just for him , which had confused Kai more than ever.
      “What – how can you do that ?” he wondered. “Isn’t loving more than one person that way at the same time impossible ?  God , emotions are so confusing. I don’t think I’ll ever understand them.”
Y/N sat next to Kai on her bed , wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Her big brother was learning to deal with emotions but still it was taking time. He was doing better every time but it appeared that just when he thought he got the hang of it - something surprised him.
    “Actually it is but its confusing as hell. ” she laughed. “And what are you talking about? You are doing perfectly fine.” she said softly. “Look at me - I am a mess too when it comes to those things. I don’t know what do to or to say. My head is spinning 24/7 these days.”
Kai laughed placing his hand on his sister’s. “You always know what to say sweet cheeks. I promise not to do that again , but - ” he sighed. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
    “I love you big brother.” she said kissing his cheek. “Come on , Klaus and Elijah are probably waiting for us. Elijah said he has a surprise for me. I wonder what it is.”
    “Maybe another book?” said her brother , getting up from the bed. “I am worried about you sis - you spend so much time reading. When do you have fun?”
    “Reading can be fun — and so is spending time with Elijah.” she said blushing a little.
    “Wait – is he the other ? OH  sis. That would be awkward. Even I know that.” he muttered. “You know , I think Klaus has a thing for you ? He keeps asking me all sorts of things about you - whats your favourite dessert , your favourite colour. It’s annoying really. All he wants to talk about with me is you.”
Y/N stared at her brother for a few moments , starting to laugh. “OH brother. I’m doomed.”


Kai sneaked into his sister’s room in their apartment. It was around 2AM on her birthday and since he had missed so many , he wanted to make up for them. He pushed the door open , carrying a plate with their favourite cupcakes , candles and a lighter in his pocket. Y/N had curled up on her bed sleeping. Years later he still saw his four year old sister laying there hugging her stuffed bear Beary. A small smile spread across his face and he took a few steps inside , sitting on the bed hiding the cupcakes behind his back.
    “Wake up sweet cheeks.” he said smiling , lightly poking her in the shoulder. “Its your birthday. Waaakkeee uuuppp.”
Y/N stirred in her sleep and he poked her again and again until she woke up. Her eyes opened slowly and then widened seeing the cupcakes with the candles lighting up. Kai couldn’t tear his gaze away - her eyes had lit up just like every time he had sneaked into her room when she as little.
    “Happy Birthday sis.” said Kai. “Sorry , I just couldn’t wait until the morning. It’s been so long since I could say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and I just - I am so excited. Ready to make a wish ?”
Y/N looked at him with a wide smile on her face and closed her eyes blowing out the candles almost at once , making only one wish - for them to always be together. Kai grinned at her leaving the plate on the nightstand and wrapped his arms around her. Eighteen years worth of lonely birthdays , when only Jo cared enough to make something special for her and even that had been behind their father’s back. Now her entire world had fallen completely into place and she couldn’t be happier to spend this most special of days with her most favourite person in the world.
    “I have the best brother in the world.” she smiled , feeling tears gathering in her eyes. “Can’t believe after all this time you still remembered my birthday.”
    “And I can’t believe you didn’t say a word to me or to the Mikaelson’s about it.” teased Kai. “I promise to make this day the happiest most special one ever. There are 18 years worth of birthdays to make up for -”
    “Just having you back is more than enough. I don’t need anything else.” she smiled feeling a tear roll down her cheek.
    “Wh-why is there water pooling in your eyes? Wait – what is this called ? Happy crying ?” he asked. Y/N nodded. Kai wondered what her reaction would be at the end of the day after the big surprise. “Hey , maybe you are right ! I am getting better at this emotions thing. OH and there is something else , but you will have to wait for that till the morning. And — raspberries or strawberries ? Which ones you want on your birthday cake ?”
    “Kai , I already told you I dont –”
    “I am not taking ‘no’ as an answer so - cake ?”
Y/N sighed , yet another thing she and her brother had in common. “Okay. How about chocolate on top of chocolate with extra chocolate?” she said taking one of the cupcakes , swiping some of the frosting with her finger before taking a bite and getting frosting all over her face. “Mmmm … Tell me you made more of those.”
Kai beamed at her , grabbing the tissue box near by her bed , cleaning up the frosting from her face.
    “Every time sweet cheeks. How do you keep doing that?” he laughed. “And yes - I made you two dozens. Thought you might want more of them — and about that cake. Don’t you think that’s too much chocolate?”
    “There is no such thing as 'too much chocolate’. You know that.”
Y/N finished her cupcake and reached for another one while Kai looked at her with wide eyes and a grin on his face. The past few months hadn’t been easy for them and for a while after the wedding , Y/N hadn’t really been talking to him but eventually they had talked and worked things out. All they had was each other and their brother / sister bond only got stronger as time passed.
    “Are you going to eat all of them without offering me one ?” teased Kai. Y/N laughed. “Cuz thats offensive. I spent like 2 hours making you those.”
    “I thought it was my birthday.” she said serious for a moment watching her brother stare at her with an amused expression on his face. “They are not just for me , you know.”
Kai reached for the plate but Y/N grabbed it and moved it out of his grasp , again and again each time he tried.
    “This is payback , for what I did when Kol tried to kiss you isn’t it ?”

Instead of falling asleep again , that night they spent talking and eating cupcakes. Y/N told him about the surprise dinner date Elijah had made for her the day before. The original vampire had turned their favourite room at the compound - the library - into a scene from a fairy tale. Twinkling lights had been hanging all around a small arch mixed with pastel colour flowers and there had been a young mad playing the violin standing near by. Out of all the Mikaelsons , Y/N shared the most special connection with the eldest and however she felt about his brothers , to her Elijah was the one. Y/N didn’t want to choose because she was worried it would draw a rift between the brothers and somehow break their bond - 'Always and Forever’. Though her heart had already chosen.
    “I took pictures… when he wasn’t looking.” smiled Y/N , grabbing her phone from the night stand. “It was so romantic and he was absolutely the sweetest. And the way he looks at me — it makes me feel those butterflies I told you about and - ”
Kai looked at the pictures , swiping one after the other while his sister kept talking. He still didn’t get this whole 'romance’ thing but what Elijah had done looked sweet and his sister apparently liked that sort of stuff. Y/N stopped talking seeing Kai’s face. Her brother was smiling but also looked a bit uncomfortable.
    “This is weird , isn’t it ?” she sighed. “Me talking boys with you?”
    “It’s a little — weird but what in our lives has been normal.” smiled Kai , kissing her forehead. “I know I am still new at that emotions stuff , but I just want you to be happy. If he makes you happy - then I am happy, but if he hurts you-”
    “You are not taking on an original Kai.” she said serious. “ I don’t ever want to lose you again , okay. Plus Elijah would never hurt me but if he does - trust me , there is no way he is getting out unharmed.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “I keep forgetting you are not a toddler anymore. I am making you that cake - what was it 'chocolate with chocolate with extra chocolate’? Though you are not allowed in the house when I do. I want it to be a surprise. You are going to love it !”
    “I am sure that I will , since its you who made it.” she smiled.

Y/N’s day went by as usual - she walked over to her favourite coffee place to get her chai latte and not too long after that Rebekah called about some friend emergency dragging her to the mall on a shopping trip. It was all super strange because somehow Rebekah decided to buy her  a full new closet and had insisted she changes at the mall into one of the white puffy dresses after somehow her outfit had gotten stained with coffee. When Y/N finally got home around 5PM her brother wasn’t there but there were traces of flour and melted chocolate in their kitchen.
    “Oh-kay. So – where is the cake?” she wondered out loud , dropping the bags on the floor when her phone rang. Caller ID saying KAI. “Hey where are you —”
    “Y/N –” groaned Kai. “ — something happened.”
    “Kai ? Are you okay ? Where are you ?” she asked worried , already heading for the door. “Tell me now.
    “At the com-pound. Kol and I had a — little d-disagreement.” groaned Kai , “I can’t – there is a p-piece of wood in my chest c-close to my h-heart.”
    “I’ll be there in a few seconds. Don’t move okay.”
Y/N put her phone in her bag and ran outside , using her vampire speed to get to her brother. Of course he’d do something like that. Just a few hours ago she had specifically warned him not to take on an original and what does her brother do ? Take on an Original.  In moments like these she wondered who is the older sibling - she or her brother.
    “Kai ? W-where are you?” she called out , walking in the compound wondering why it’s so dark in there. “I swear when I get my hands on you and Kol -”
    “SURPRISE!!!” called out everyone - Klaus , Elijah , Kol , her brother , Rebekah , Freya , Hayley , Marcel , Josh — and a bunch of strangers she had never see in her life.
    “W-what – h-ow ?” she stuttered.
A moment later Kai wrapped his arms around her so tight , if she was a human he’d probably break a bone or – ten.  Y/N’s eyes kept darting all around the room - there were multi colour balloons everywhere , twinkling lights over head which somehow blinked like actual stars and a big 2 layer cake. Y/N could smell the chocolate all the way from the doors - and there was so much chocolate.
    “Happy Birthdayyy !!” said Kai smiling widely. “OMG my baby sister is all grown up now. How did that happen ?”
Y/N wrapped her arms around her brother , burying her face in the crook of his neck. How hadn’t she seen this coming? Was she really that distracted in thoughts about Elijah not to pick up on Kai’s tells ? He let go off her , placing his hands on her shoulders studying her face. Y/N was still in a startled haze unable to believe what was happening around her. Technically that was her first real birthday party and everything was so beautiful and perfect. Her gaze fell on Kai , noticing how his eyes sparkled and he looked nervous as if waiting for a tornado to hit or something.
    “You are going to yell at me. Aren’t you?” said Kai smiling nervously looking at his baby sister. “I promised you the happiest , most special birthday – and voila.”
    “I’m not – I’m not going to yell at you.” she said , punching him in the shoulder. “You scared the hell out of me. I thought I was going to lose you. How could you –”
Kai grinned , lightly rubbing his shoulder. Nah , his sister wasn’t mad about the party. There wouldn’t be a smile from ear to ear on her face if she was.
    “On the bright side — you had no idea this was going to happen right ? Rebekah didn’t spill about it today during your crazy shopping trip.”
    “I haven’t spilled anything.” said Rebekah smiling hugging Y/N. “Happy Birthday Y/N.”
    “T-thanks.” smiled Y/N , the next second Kol practically swept her off her feet and then Klaus almost knocked the air out of her lungs with his hug. Freya and Hayley congratulated her too , giving her a hug and then it was Elijah’s turn. He had been waiting for all his siblings to take their turn before him , so he can get the longest hug. As usual he was wearing a suit and he somehow looked hotter than ever with his sideways smile and that glow in his eyes.
    “Happy Birthday Y/N.” he smiled pulling her into his embrace for a long hug , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear right after. “You look so beautiful. A true vision. Would you do me the honnor of giving me the first dance for the night?”
Y/N felt her cheeks flush , even more when her brother put his hands on her back pushing her to the dance floor with Elijah seeing how she had stopped breathing.  Kai knew if his little sister could speak she would say 'yes’. He watched Elijah place his hands on her waist while hers hooked around his neck , dancing to the slow song. His over protective side , as usual objected to anyone ever touching her but he pushed it aside because of her. A sigh left Kai’s lips and he grabbed a glass with champagne from one of the waitresses walking by.
    “It’s so sweet , what you did for her.” said Rebekah , grabbing another one of the champagne glasses. “Look at her smile. Y/N is lucky to have you as a brother.”
    “No. I am lucky to have her as a sister after everything.” replied Kai , looking at his glass with a small smile. “After all the awful things I did - killing our entire family…”
    “You did it to protect her. Y/N told me about your father and everything. She understands why you did it.” smiled Rebekah placing her hand on Kai’s shoulder , kissing him on the cheek. “Do you want to dance ?”
    “I um – I am not good at dancing.” he said awkwardly. “I’ll step on your foot or worse. It’s better if you ask Marcel –”
    “I don’t want to dance with Marcel. I want to dance with you.” said Rebekah , taking his glass, leaving it on one of the empty trays before pulling him onto the dance floor. “Come on.”

Y/N saw Kai and Rebekah getting onto the dance floor a few metres away from her and Elijah who hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her since the moment she had arrived. There was a small smile on his face and the way he was looking at her sent butterflies in her stomach like never before. They danced to two - three songs not really talking just gazing longingly into each other’s eyes until all of the sudden he took her hand and pulled her away from the crowd.
    “Where are we going ?”
    “Somewhere private.” he smiled at her , taking her up almost to the attic to the balcony overlooking the city. The sun had started to set and the sky was all shades of red to pink to purple with a few grayish hints from the clouds here and there. “Close your eyes.”
    “Elijah wha-”
    “Close your eyes.” he insisted , waiting for her to do as he asked. After she did , he whooshed himself into the small room next door getting her present. “Open.”
Y/N opened her eyes finding her most favourite Original holding a medium sized box with a giant blue bow on it. She looked at Elijah who was smiling at her , his eyes sparkling like never before then at the box , pulling on the bow until it was untied , her excitement building up with each second. She wondered what could be inside. Carefully the girl opened the box under the excited stare of the vampire. Her eyes widened seeing what’s inside.
    “OH MY GOD!” she covered her mouth with her hands. “Are those –”
    “Yes. Original copies of all your favourite books and a couple of classical records I thought you might like.” said Elijah with a smile on his face. Y/N reached inside the box pulling out one of Dicken’s books - Great Expectations. He watched her trail the cover with her fingers , unable to stop smiling even more after Y/N opened the book and turned a few pages seeing a handwritten message from the author himself. “That one’s your favourite right?”
Y/N nodded , smiling widely. “I - I don’t know what to say. This is the best present ever ! Thank  you.”
Elijah left the box not too far away from them and Y/N practically tackled him with a hug. He wrapped his hands around her tightly gently stroking her hair. Up until that point she had had trouble saying anything about the way she felt but after this there was just no way she’d keep quiet anymore. Slowly she pulled away from the hug , looking up at the original.
    “Elijah , I -”
He brushed his palm against her cheek , gazing lovingly into her eyes. Y/N felt her heart about to leap out of her chest , even more so with the way he was leaning in towards her and was just about to kiss her. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and then their lips met in a gentle kiss , quite literally transporting her to cloud 9. Elijah’s hands remained on her waist , going slightly up but not too low being a true gentleman. Far too soon he pulled away and even after that gentle kiss Y/N felt completely breathless.
    “Would you like to join me for an evening at the theatre?” asked Elijah resting his forehead on hers , smiling at her. His fingers gently brushing against her cheek while his eyes never left hers.
    “Y-you mean like -”
    “ - on our official first date.” he finished for her.
    “I’d love to.” she smiled widely. “When?”
    “Tomorrow sounds perfect.”
    “Hey s-sorry to interrupt, but it’s time for the cake… and I need the birthday girl.” said Kai , popping his head through the door. Y/N looked at Elijah , still feeling his lips on hers and took her brother’s hand who pulled her down the stairs towards the party. “You are not going to hit me again right ? I waited until you two were done with the kissy bit and the other stuff. I - I know I said I wouldn’t interrupt those moments anymore but —”
    “Sorry what ?” she asked suddenly not having a clue what her brother had said.
Kai laughed under his breath. “Tell me you will explain this whole 'love’ emotion to me okay? I know that I love you but the whole romance thing of it all is a bit of a blur.”
Y/N laughed. “Sure thing big bro.”