that was kinda disgusting lol but i wonder how the eggs tasted

Cas X Reader

Request: i was wondering, if it’s not a problem, can you make something fluffy with cas? like the reader is ill (you know, cold, temperature…) and cas is taking care of her? like REALLY FLUFFY

Request: First of all… I LOVE YOUR WRITING! Secondly, Could you write a Cas X reader where the reader is a cute kind of dorky girl who is like everyone’s little sister and Sam and Dean are really overprotective of her? I would probably squeal until I ran out of oxygen:)

Request: Heya! Um can u do one where the reader’s got a really good hair and it just smells so good, she stars dating one of em *u can decide either sam dean or cas :)* and he just cant take his hands off it touching and nuzzling it! Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Request: Could u please do a oneshot where cas like to smell the reader’s hair and one time he’s upset n sad so he asks her if he could nuzzle her hair n her neck cuz he finds it relaxing … Lol its kinda creepy but I really liked the idea & thanks a lot u r the best!

Request: hi im so glad this is open again!! can u write a cas x reader one where it’s just all fluffy and romantic like theyre in the bunker alone and they slow dance and stuff kinda based on the song adore you by miley cyrus ? thank u so much <3

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