that was kind of like a kick in the balls

let me get this straight

Rhysand drugged Feyre and made her dance and be humiliated UtM, but you can understand, forgive, and ship feysand.

Nesta insulted Cassian in a way she knew would hurt and literally kicked him in the balls, but you can understand, forgive and still ship nessian.

Elain and Lucien have spoken like two words to each other, but you ship elucien.

But somehow… Mor and Az, who have shown kindness and caring and consideration for each other, against whom the only really argument is “what have they been doing for 500 years?”… that’s too much. That’s where you draw the line.


***I want to point out that I do ship all of these, to more or less of an extent. I, too, understand and forgive, for the most part. But… sometimes people’s attitudes towards moriel baffle the fuck out of me.

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au where even is head of the football team and isak head of the cheerleaders and they become the power couple of school

pls!!!!! but before they do, they dont really like each other. both thinks the other one is really selfish and all so they always fight but that…tension is always there….and one day the cheerleaders are practicing out on the field and the football team is fooling around until everyone arrives to play,and someone kicks the ball over to them and even is like “i’ll get it” and he runs up all smug to isak and the others and he’s like “so incredibly sorry to interrupt” smirking and he takes forever to get the ball on purpose and isak is like “can you just hurry up and leave, this is kind of a no-asshole zone” and the others are giggling and even finds the ball and does some juggling with it and then looks at isak like “so why are you here” and isak clenches his jaw but cant say anything and even winks and runs back to the football team and isak just yells a fuck you after him and even gives a thumbs up and grins and then turns the thumbs up to the middle finger … i just really want some haters to lovers fic sldkjf

So here is yet another post about Spanish that I hope you all langblrs will like. I present to you 10 words that exist in Spanish but don’t exist in English.

Knowing and using them in your vocabulary shows how fluent you actually are so hopefully this will help you.

1. Chueco/a: 

This can be roughly be translated as “not straight” BUT NOT IN THE SEXUAL ORIENTATION KIND OF WAY. It literally means not being able to do something in a straight line. 

For example: Not able to draw a straight line? You draw chueco/a. Tried kicking a soccer ball in a straight line but it ended up in the far left side of the court? You kick chueco/a.

2. Empalagado/a: 

This is what happens when you eat too much sugar. 

For example: You know that feeling of nausea and awkward fullness after you have eaten like five cupcakes, two chocolate bars and three bottles of soda? THEN is when you feel empalagado/a.

3. Despistado/a: 

So I Google-translated this word and it came out as “lackadaisical”. I don’t think anyone actually uses that word. SO, it means someone who doesn’t pay attention to anything and daydreams most of the time. It is not a permanent feature tho, you can be despistado/a just during your math class. 

For example: If someone asks you a question and you don’t answer because you were too busy thinking about Zac Efron, then you are despistado/a.

4. Tocayo/a: 

It refers to someone who shares name with you. 

For example: Let’s imagine your name is Hermione and suddenly you meet someone whose name is ALSO Hermione. Voilá! That person is now your tocayo/a.

5. Buen provecho: This is not a word but a phrase. It means something like “have a good meal”, it is kinda close to saying “bon appettit” in French. It is frequently used before you start a meal but also as a sign of respect when you run into someone who is currently eating. Also, it is not a phrase used only for “fancy” situations, it actually works whenever someone is eating. 

For example: If you are eating at a restaurant with a group, you say buen provecho before you start eating, but also let’s imagine you are walking around the city and see your boss eating tacos from a food truck, then you also say buen provecho. Freaking good manners.

6. Desgraciado/a: Oh this is a funny one. You might think, at first sight, that this word refers to someone who is not very graceful. WRONG. If you Google-translate the word, it may drive you to think it means “unfortunate”. ALSO WRONG. This is what you call someone who has been a jerk. Someone who didn’t treat you right. Like honestly, someone you really hate. 

For example: Your boyfriend just dumped you on your birthday? He is a desgraciado. Your group-project colleague disappeared during the whole process and just showed up to put her name on the project? She is a desgraciada. It is such a powerful word, I love it.

7. Llorón/Llorona: It refers to someone who cries A LOT. It doesn’t necessarily mean someone who cries but also someone who is very sensitive and gets sad about a lot of things, especially if those things aren’t really important. 

For example: Your sister just cried because she saw a very cute dog? She is a llorona. Your best friend just got VERY upset because he got a 99/100 on a test? He is a llorón (das me tho).

8. Te quiero: This is probably one of the phrases native Spanish speakers miss the most when they start speaking English. This is what you say to someone (and by someone it means a romantic partner most of the time) when you start getting feelings for them but you don’t love them just yet. If you did love them tho you would say “te amo”.  

For example: You have been dating someone for a while now and you know they are amazing but you are not in the “love” point just yet, then you say te quiero to them. No commitment, you guys.

9. Desvelado/a: It refers to someone that hasn’t slept for a while. 

For example: When you pull an all-nighter and show up to class late, with huge bags under your eyes and basically just feeling like a living-dead, you are desvelado/a.

10. Lampiño/a: It literally refers to someone that doesn’t have facial/body hair. 

For example: If you are trying to grow a beard but just can’t seem to grow any hair on your face you are a lampiño/a. Also, if you do not have to shave your legs at all for the summer because you have been blessed with the lack of body hair, then you are lampiño/a.

Tips for transitioning from 'realism' to 'cartoons'

( this is mostly for @stiles-and-the-sourwolf but you’re welcome to read it either way.)

Okay so the thing about drawing in a ‘looser’ style (or a more cartoonish style) is you must must must MUST learn to trust yourself, and be forgiving. It’s really about loosening up the 'rules’ of anatomy and letting things become more exaggerated and fluid.

It’s a huge problem that I’ve found amongst many of my artist friends who tend to draw in a more realistic and 'refined’ style. They’ve gotten into the habit of working into a piece for long periods of time, and striving for a certain level of anatomical perfection that is often—if not always—on par with photo realism. This means that their process usually involves working into small, key parts of the art until it fits together like a lovely puzzle. This is typically called the 'grid technique’, whether you use actual grids or not, and it’s perfect for creating a well rendered, full-feeling piece.

The problem is is that it tends to set you up for a few different problems when it comes to a more cartoonish style.

For one thing, cartoon anatomy is never as it should be, and things are generally never WHERE they should be, either. Buuut, that’s kind of the point, because the style leans heavily on the motion, the shape of the character, and the fluidity of their form.

What matters most in these types of styles is showing the character through their forms as much as possible, and often as SIMPLY as possible. Think about all the hundreds of Disney characters out there, and think about how each one has a very specific body shape to match their personality.

For example: Bell’s father. He’s the typical Disney short, round-bodied, mustaches father figure that you see throughout many Disney films. He has a sputtering voice, a general doofy personality, typically kind of useless, and tends to bounce around like a bouncy ball. His round form encompasses his character much better than, say, a long, tall, skinny body would.

Another (not Disney) example: Miyazaki’s strong female lead-characters. They all tend to be sort of squat, strong bodied, slightly rounder (more trustworthy) faces, with a stubborn pout. You automatically know that this girl/woman means business, and is going to kick butt and take names and, like, save someone/everyone/herself.

Now, a lot of this all comes down to animation, and the fact that simplicity is necessary for something you’re drawing a million times. The simpler the design, the easier it is to draw frame, by frame, by frame. But, even without animating, a key part of drawing in a cartoonish style is always going to be expressing as much information about the character/environment/story as possible with the smallest amount of effort.

A prime example of that would be the Tintin comics, or Charlie Brown. Each comic has it’s own level of simplicity that is, seriously, basically down to single lines and blobs of color. And if you look closely at a comic panel, you’ll probably feel like you’re falling into some abstract piece of art. But, the thing is… they work.

Tintin’s head is about 14 lines total, and yet somehow Hergé manages to bring forth a vast range of emotions and expressions with very little effort at all.

This, again, is also due to repetition. Comic books have always had a tendency to lean towards the more simplistic styles do to the whole, you know, drawing the character over and over again thing. Not that there aren’t comic book artists who totally ignore that and go into some insane levels of detail for each frame, but as a general rule, you’re going to see the 'cartoon’ style in comics. It’s easier to draw, less time consuming, and is often contributed to easier/smoother reading.

Now, trust and forgiveness.

The thing about shooting out a quick sketch is that there’s a certain level of 'I don’t give a fuck’ that goes along with it.
You’ve drawn it, it’s done, it’s out there, who cares?

And to many artists, that’s a screech-worthy sentence right there.

But, it’s sort of an integral part of loosening up your style.

Sketching or drawing out a cartoonish character takes a lot of confidence, trust, and again, that forgiveness thing. You need to teach yourself to let those lines flow freely, to trust that you can complete this figure with or without mistakes, and to forgive yourself when it doesn’t come out looking 'perfect’. This can be hard, or even next to impossible for certain realism artists to accomplish. It can be infuriating for them, especially when they can render so masterfully, and yet this simple… doodle seems to be the bane of their existence.

The trick, for me, is to set yourself up with limitations.

Try drawing with only an ink pen. No erasing, no fixing mistakes, no sketch layer. It might smudge, it might leak, and the second eye might end up too high up. Take the risk, and draw.

Try doing very light blocking with the pen, try going completely free hand and see where some of your anatomy strengths and weakness are.

Try drawing the same face over and over again, until you can get the same amount of details/information down without a second thought. Try simplifying the first drawing. Try limiting the amount of lines or shading used. Challenge yourself to be quick, to finish a complete character in ten minutes or less.

Try using a medium you’ve never used before. Learn to love it or hate it.

Try drawing with your opposite hand. (Does it look terrible? Maybe, but I bet you automatically tried to simplify and expedite the drawing process.)

Try using only blocks of color or shadow to make a face. Do not add details. See how recognizable it looks just from shading.

Try focusing on character qualities and the shapes, poses/posture, and colors that they brings to mind.

Draw a loud, boisterous person. (What shape would they be? Are they muscular, tall, threatening? Do they stand with their chest out? Do they wear reds and warm colors?)

Draw a quiet, timid person. ( are they small, hunched, slim? Do they wrap their arms around themselves a lot? Do they wear blues and browns and colors that blend in with the background?)

Draw a hunter.
Draw a mother.

Draw types of people/animals/environments you’ve never drawn before. Push yourself to do create people with more exaggerated features or postures. People with bigger, longer, skinnier, wider, smaller elements of anatomy.

And, like I said, it will be a challenge. It will feel silly and frustrating and even demeaning. But trust me, learning to loosen up and trust yourself enough make mistakes and accept them can be extremely freeing no matter what style you use.

lil kallura things id wanna see eventually or just fun to think about 

  • Allura trying to teach Keith diplomacy
  • Keith being bad ass in defense of Allura
  • Allura making heart eyes when realizing Keith is hot  (I feel ya girl)
  • Any kind of Altean diplomatic ambassador and her surly knight
  • Balls….with ball gowns…and dancing
  • even just more anti gravity dancing but this time on purpose
  • Keith being completely awed at Allura’s ferociousness
  • Being awed at each other’s kindness to other people
  • Keith esp. being soft (bc he is soft)
  • Sparring with each other. 
    • Keith can barely keep up
    • He loves it
    • She loves that he somehow keeps getting back up??
  • Fighting and butting heads because they’re both so stubborn at times & bonus to be fighting about serious things, esp. if its mission related and there’s really no right answer

  • Supporting each other esp. given new team dynamics 
  • Supporting each other and crying about losing loved ones
  • doing mundane shit together
  • fighting because they are goddamn petty & both prone to either blowing up (K) or being goddamn cold and unreceptive (A)
  • I want? Allura? To throw him? Idk mission related “my jet pack is broken hurl me over the wall” “What””PICK ME UP AND THROW ME”
  • any kind of allura becoming a paladin shit and keith esp. welcoming her
  • telling each other about their old lives/childhoods

  • THE MICE? LIKE? kEITH??!!!
  • Any revisitation of Galra/Altean tension “You still hate me” “No I don’t! I’m past that. Don’t change the topic” “You’re changing the topic”
    • Im just saying its interesting that attitude-problem keith did not resent her anger at him. He didn’t challenge it. Mr.I-got-kicked-out of-school-for-being-ball-of-fury did not challenge Allura at all regarding her treatment of him…and it still eludes me. 
  • I know I mentioned Allura becoming a a paladin but esp. becoming the red paladin while Keith becomes the black paladin
  • lmao shiro comes back they have to share a lion
  • Keith and Allura ferociously attacking an enemy together and they are scary good
  • Keith blushing
  • Seriously any motocycle-ish stuff and whoops Allura’s a speed demon and Keith’s a cliff jumper and they have a lot of fun and everyone else thinks they’re crazy

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A/n: Loosely based on the SPN Imagine: “Gabriel watching you leave after he has broken up with you to keep you safe from Lucifer.” Lots of angst….not much happy feels here. 

Words: 1,021


It’s better this way. You need to leave. I don’t love you y/n”

Gabriel knew he would regret his words as he watched y/n packing her bags. 2 years of love, fun, and tears were going down the drain. He wanted to tell her that he wasn’t breaking up with her because he didn’t love her. It was because Luci knew about her and threatened her life. Maybe is Gabriel wasn’t with her anymore Luci would leave her alone. Maybe she could live a normal life and feel free. She could have a normal boyfriend that she could take home to mom and dad.

Watching y/n cry was like a kick in the balls. Gabriel hated seeing her tears…especially knowing he had caused them. He knew she was wondering why in the world he would suddenly end things. When he said he didn’t love her, y/n’s eyes showed nothing but pain.

“Gabriel I don’t understand. Why now? Everything was going so good! We were so good.”

“I don’t love you y/n. You need to be with your own kind. I’m bored with you.”

HIs words were more icy than he had planned but Gabriel needed to get her angry with him. He needed her to never want to look at him again and he knew he was achieving his goal. In moments y/n would regret the day that she had ever met his golden eyes.

If he had the energy he would wipe her memory. He would take every memory and vanquish it from her mind. He wouldn’t even anything other than a name that she had read in the bible or heard about in Sunday school as a child. Their love would nonexistent.

Gabriel could still watch over her. He could watch her from a distance and always protect her. Y/n could find a husband, a normal mortal husband, who could give her children. They could live an apple pie life without any knowledge of the supernatural world. Y/n wouldn’t have to worry about her lover being killed by his psychopath of a brother. Of course Gabriel’s memory would still be full of their once long ago love. He would have to find someway to deal with the jealousy that he would feel seeing her new life of happiness.

The moment she walked out his heart shattered. Y/n didn’t even look at him as she walked past. She didn’t even meet Gabriel’s tear filled amber eyes and he knew it was best this way. It was best their eyes didn’t meet. If they did Gabriel may change his mind. He may not be able to make her leave. Just like that she was gone.

Weeks passed for Gabriel and nothing changed…nothing got better. Living without y/n was worse than he expected. He never expected to spend his days lying in their bed suffocating himself in y/n’s pillow. Her scent was fading and it was breaking his heart even more.

“I can’t do it.”

Gabriel sat up in the bed yanking at his golden curls. He needed y/n. If it meant going against Lucifer he would do anything it took. If it meant going to the end of the world, Gabriel would do it!

Arriving at her apartment Gabriel repeated the story that he would tell her. He would have to eat massive amounts of crow to be able to make up his mistakes. Walking to the door Gabriel froze seeing the door open. This wasn’t y/n behavior. Y/n knew well to keep her doors locked. The state of the living room made Gabriel freeze. Things were thrown everywhere. All of y/n’s glass knick knacks were smashed on the tile floor and pictures thrown around the room.

“y/n! Sugar where are you?!”

Gabriel yelled her name sprinting from room to room. Every room was the same. It looked as though the apartment had been pillaged by a herd of wild vikings. Finally reaching the back bedroom, Gabriel wanted to scream! Y/n lay in the middle of the bedroom floor in a pool of blood. Her green eyes were open and stuck in a expression of sheer terror.

Gabriel was on the floor pulling her into his arms. He cradled her against him sobbing as he pressed a kiss to her cold lips. Just looking at her he knew that she had been dead for hours.

“Y/n please…I was wrong….I lied like the miserable bastard I am. I love you. I love you so much! I only broke up with you to keep you safe from my brother. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sugar please come back to me!”

Of course she didn’t breathe. Gabriel was foolish to even hope that she would and he knew it. His princess, his lover, his everything was gone and it was his entire fault. Had he been there with her some foolish robber wouldn’t have broken in and taken the thing that he valued more than anything in the world. She would still be with him smiling, laughing, and loving him.

“Father please….I know that I have been a bad son. I know that I have done everything I wasn’t supposed to do but could I please have this one thing? Can I please have y/n back? She is everything to me. She’s made me a better man. She’s done everything that you would have wanted in a human. Please…”


Just as he expected…his father didn’t respond. Gabriel sobbed harder and he lovingly kissed y/n’s lips one last time.

“I’ll be with you soon…I’ll love you forever. I’m sorry I wasn’t here to protect you.”

He stroked a bloody finger over her blue lips as the sobs over took him once more. Gabriel knew his plan. He would go to Lucifer and ask for death. If he was lucky Luci would be feeling extra generous and give him what he wanted. Gabriel would wait for that angel blade to go through him so he could see her face. Every moment of pain would be worth the chance to hold her in his arms again…




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dino > neighbor/best friend AU ~ <3

me: queen of going too far
  • good concept. great concept. lets begin.  *rubs my hands together viciously*
  • so ever since you could remember, your neighbor was this cute old lady who considered you as one of her own grandchildren
  • like she’d bake cookies, cupcakes and other fun stuff like that and always brought them over to your house for you to eat
  • also she left the gate to her backyard open all the time for you to come over n play bc she had a lot more grass than your backyard
  • basically u loved her so much not only because she baked you stuff but she was always there for you when no one else was n she was so so kind and she watched you grow up and wOW IM GETTING EMO
  • you’re in highschool now n one day when you get home from school you see a moving truck and you’re like “wait wtf” so you come over to see what’s going on
  • and cute grandma says “im getting too old to live by myself, so i’m going to move to a resting home…” and you feel your heart shattering into millions of pieces and you almost cling to her and tell her to move in with your family
  • and she sees the tears forming in your eyes and she’s like “don’t worry, my family members will be moving in!! my grandson is your age, i’m sure you’ll get along well”
  • and on the day she leaves you’re so bitter bc you’ll miss her and you’ll miss her baking and her kind words
  • you’re so bitter that you don’t even bother welcoming the family in so you just head right back inside your house
  • after moping around for a bit in your room you decide to go out to your backyard to get some fresh air or something
  • so you’re just minding your own business until you you hear a particularly loud curse word and a soccer ball just goes right over your head and lands a few feet away from you
  • judging from where the ball is, you concluded that it came from the other side of the fence,, where grandma’s backyard is,,,,,
  • you just shrug and toss it back over, n then you decide to go back inside bc you weren’t in the mood to get hit by a ball if it happened again
  • the second you get inside you hear a knock on your front door and you’re like ??? and when you go to open it you’re like………. whom
  • the boy in front of you has like.. sweat glistening on his forehead and his eyebrows are kind of furrowed and he’s wearing a thin shirt and you’re like… mom holy f*ck
  • and then he turns to look at you and in your head you’re like “dhjzHEFUH I WAS STARING SH*T”
  • and then he’s like “hi.. yeah i’m ur new neighbor… i might have kicked a ball over to your garden… is it okay if i get it?”
  • and then you finally get yourself together and you’re like “oh i already tossed it back. what’s your name?”
  • “chan! you must be y/n, grandma told me a lot about you. we’ll be going to the same school!”
  • and you’re like…. ho ly c ow grandma has an attractive grandson “cool! we can walk to school together.”
  • “that’d be awesome! see ya, y/n!”
  • and then he leaves and you’re just standing at your front door like an idiot like “why did i say we should walk to school together how am i gonna sURVIVE”
  • the first time you walk to school together it’s kind of awks, but chan’s just rly good at making conversation and by the time you’re walking home you feel like you’ve known him forever
  • that mfriends, is how u and chan became bfs (best friends)
  • chan joins the soccer team @ your school and you BET your ass is there at every game with a giant poster board of his face, embarrassing the hell out of him.. you also show up to his practices with food n stuff and he’s like “y/n.. my saving grace.. my only god(dess)…”
  • “shut up ur so dramatic.. here’s your popcorn chicken”
  • when u get ur first s.o., chan is like “if they do anything stupid i’ll kick their ass”
  • “gee thanks”
  • every day he comes over n hangs out in your backyard to do hw and then after a while he gets bored n is like “…. you wanna watch me play soccer” “thank god i thought you wouldnt ask”
  • and then you leave your homework behind to go to his backyard and watch him kick the soccer ball around idk how sports work sorry lmfao
  • and this is like a ritual for u guys like.. every day you’d walk to school together, you’d hang out together, you’d visit his practices/games if he had them, you’d walk home together, do hw together, BASICALLY YOU DID EVERYTHING TOGETHER
  • then one day ur s.o. breaks up with you and you’re pretty much “well this is how i d*e” and you know chan is gonna have a big game soon, so you decide not to burden him with your problems
  • and you’re slowly avoiding him and you start waking up earlier to go to school, pay no attention to him at school, leave the second the bell rings, etc.
  • and even though you did it not to worry him, you don’t know that you’re actually worrying him even more,, like his coach keeps telling him “get ur head together” but he can’t because he’s just so concerned about you
  • so he asks a few of your other friends if anything’s wrong and they’re like “y/n didn’t tell you?? ______ broke up with them.”
  • and chan’s suddenly like “WHAT THE HEL L??>?” and he’s abt to go to kick the ass of whoever broke your heart, but then he thinks about how horrible you must feel n he gets all emotional
  • he doesn’t know what to do so he ends up calling grandma for advice and she tells him everything he needs to know abt what u need when you’re upset
  • and you’re at home and your face is all puffy from crying (both from best friend withdrawals and from the break up) and you get a text from chan saying “come outside”
  • and you ignore the message at first but then he starts messaging you on everyplatform like facebook, instagram, snapchat, kkt, skype, etc
  • all of them just say “come out” and you’re like JESUS CHRIST OKAY
  • and you drag yourself out of bed to your front door and when you open it up you see chan with a phone in hand and a plate of cookies in the other and he just looks so so sad and your heart shatters right there
  • “i don’t know what i can do to help, but grandma told me that her cookies always made you feel better.”
  • and you can see that he has a little bit of flour still on his hands and he has the vanilla baking smell on him and you just start tearing up n you pull him into a hug n start sobbing
  • n he’s just patting your back like “there there,,, also the cookies are getting cold,,,”
  • but anyways after that event let’s just finish this quickly and say that chan went from your bf (best friend).. to your bf (boyfriend) :’)
  • EXTRA: chan texts the news to grandma and she’s just “hehe… my plan worked”

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How about the SDR2 guys reacting to their s/o dancing and singing to "candy store" from Heathers? I'm heathers trash rip :')

Anon, that is an excellent song I must say, I totally don’t listen to it like.. All the time along with Meant to be Yours >_>

For those who are not sure what the song is, here you go!

SDR2 Boys reacting to their S/O dancing and singing to Candy Store from Heathers

Hajime Hinata:

- It was just a normal afternoon, he was just lazily sitting on the sofa until you slid into the room

- “Are we gonna have a problem?”


- “You got a bone to pick?”

What are you talking about? 

- “You’ve come so far, why now are you pulling on my dick?”

What the f-

- “I’d normally slap your face off”

“S/O what are you on ab-”

“And everyone here could watch!”

“S/O we’re alone in here.”

-  You lean towards him

“But I’m feeling nice, here’s some advice, listen up biotch!”

You then do that dance move they do in the actual musical and that’s when he notices, you have earphones in

Is this that Goddamn musical again?

You point to him “I like!”

He sighs before pointing back to you and half mutters, half sings “Lookin’ hot, buyin’ stuff they cannot”

Kazuichi Soda:

- He’s in his workshop as usual but you just jump in with a “I like!”

- “Woah! H-”

- “Drinkin’ hard, maxin’ Dad’s credit card!”

Wait what? This took a sudden turn

“I like!”

Wait again?

“Skippin’ gym” You take out a picture of Saionji “Scaring her” You then point to Soda “Screwing him”

Uh? Thanks? Wait why are you singing and dancing?!

- “I like!”

He’s just kind of staring at you really confused

“Killer clothes, kickin’ nerds in the nose!”

You then do a little kick and he quickly moves out of the way

- “Hey! S/O! St-”

- You point to him again “If you lack the balls, you can go play dolls, let your mommy fix you a snack (woah)”

Wait did you just offend him? What is happening?!

Nagito Komaeda:

- You’re hoovering the room whilst he’s just reading on the sofa

- You suddenly turn to him with the hoover

- “Or you could come smoke, pound some rum and coke” 

He closes his book and looks at you

- “In my Porsha with the quarterback!”

He instantly knows what you’re singing so he just smiles and sings a “Woah, woah, woah”

He then stands up and the two of you begin to dance together and take turns singing

- “Honey whatchu’ waitin’ for?”

- “Welcome to my candy store!”

- “Time for you to prove you’re not a loser anymore,”

And then together the two of you sing “Then step into my candy store!”

Nekomaru Nidai:

- He’s just at the gym getting some valuable TRAINING when all of a sudden you just stand in front of him and sing to him

- “Guys fall, at your feet, pay the check, help you cheat”

- Cheat? Guys falling?! Checks?! What?!

- “All you, have to do”

- You point to him

- “Say goodbye to Shamoo.”

- Who the hell is Shamoo?! Is that a new nickname for someone?!

- “That freak’s not your friend I can tell in the end”

- Wait what? Who are you talking about?!

- “If she, had your shot, she would leave you to rot!”


Gundham Tanaka:

- He was just feeding his Four Dark Devas when he heard the door unlock

- “Ah, S/O, you’re b-”

- “’Course if you don’t care, fine! Go braid her hair, maybe Sesame Street is on! (Woah)” You do a little dance as he watches you

- “Or forget that creep” Are you talking about Soda “And get in my Jeep, let’s go tear up someone’s lawn! (Woah woah woah!)”

- Tear up someone’s lawn?! Are you suggesting vandalism or something?!

- You tug at his scarf and kinda force him to dance/sway with you “Honey whatchu’ waitin’ for? Welcome to my candy store!”

- Huh? There’s no s-

- “You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy anymore”

- Y-You fiend! You offended him right now didn’t you?!

- You can clearly see he has no idea what is happening so you take out one earphone and put it in his ear instead

- “Then step into my candy store”

- Oh… You were.. Singing… Oh that’s embarrassing… 

- He just pulls his scarf a bit higher up his face

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- He was busy lately but you managed to spend some time with Peko so of course you made her watch the whole musical

- You even convinced her to do a duet with you!

- Peko: “You can join the team,”

- You: “Or you can bitch and moan”

- Peko: “You can live the dream,”

- You: “Or you could die alone!”

- Peko: “You can fly with eagles or if you prefer,”

- You: “Keep on testing me, and end up like her!”

- It is then that the pair of you notice Kuzuryuu standing in the doorway with a shocked but kinda impressed expression

- “What the fuck did I just see.”

- “Um… A musical…”

- “Gotta say that was pretty impressive, you two have nice singing voices”

- He walks off and both you and Peko start blushing

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He hears muttering from your room so he decides to investigate

- “Veronica look! Ram invited me to his homecoming party. This proves he’s been thinking about me!”

- You then step to the right and change your facial expression slightly

- “Colour me stoked”

- You then step to the left and resume your previous expression

- “I’m so happy!”

- You then begin to dance slightly “Woah! Honey whatchu’ waiting for-”

- You then turn towards the door “SHUT UP HEATHER!”

- It’s at that moment you notice Twogami staring at you

- … “How long have y-”

- “If you’re trying to impersonate people, you’re doing an awful job”

- He then shakes his head and leaves

- That’s going to need a bit of explaining…

Teruteru Hanamura:

- He’s just cooking when he sees you happily dancing your way towards him

- “Ah S/O - san!”

- “Step into my candy store!”

- Huh? Candy store? Is that some sort of innuendo?

- “Time for you to prove you’re not a lame ass anymore!”

- Huh? Lame ass? Is that directed at him?

- You point to him “It’s my candy store, it’s my candy”

- “It’s my candy store, it’s my candy”

- “It’s my candy store”

- “It’s my candy stooore!” You then lift your hands above your head like you just did the greatest performance ever, he notices you’re holding your phone

- Oh so you were listening to music, but he’s not going to let this chance slide by

- “Hm~ S/O - san do you still want me to step into your candy store?” ;)

- Hanamura no

When GM- O394 bursts through the doors, it gives new meaning to the word “miracle” and Midorima, for all that he believes very strongly in the accuracy of horoscopes, has a hard time believing that such a thing like this could actually happen.

But it did happen. It is happening. Orange is still alive.


There are two kinds of ghosts, Midorima thinks after the Special Diet is over. It was one thing to have 7284 reappear in his life, like an ugly nightmare coming back to haunt him. 7284, and Gray, and Generation Jabberwocky—they were all Projects Midorima hadn’t expected to see again (he’d never expected to see any of them, ever again) and to learn that they had survived was just the bitter remnants of hell, returning to earth to make sure Generation Miracle never finds peace.

But then there were ghosts like Orange. Not demons, but the kind that haunt you all the same.

The kind that remind you that you don’t deserve to find peace.


He doesn’t approach Orange during the party afterwards—he figures the respectful thing to do would be to let Kuroko talk to him first. Midorima marvels at the fact that Aomine and Murasakibara have no trouble at all approaching Orange (Hinata Shouyou, he reminds himself); it is not a surprise that Momoi does as well. And it is not a surprise that Akashi and Kise don’t approach him (in the same way it is not a surprise that he doesn’t).


“It really doesn’t bother you that he is not human?” Midorima asks the tall, lanky volleyball player with spiky black hair. Kuroo Tetsurou had invited him to play on their “Volley-Basketball” team, and made sure that Midorima felt involved. Midorima wasn’t expecting this generosity from a stranger, a volleyball player no less; he’s never known what to do with friendly people. But somehow they end up talking anyway, and it’s not as hard as he thought it would be to ask Kuroo a serious question.

“Why would it?” Kuroo replies, so earnest Midorima has to believe that he’s not being sarcastic. “Number ten is a great player on a great team, and that’s all that matters.”

“But you are ensuring that you will play against him in the future,” Midorima insists. “If you lose, you—” he has to stop because he’s not sure how to formulate the rest of his question. He still can’t believe all these people came to support Orange. (Well he can, Orange was always the most outgoing of the Miracles, but it’s still strange). Not just Orange’s (Hinata’s) school, but schools they’ve played against, schools they won against, all coming here to say they wanted Hinata to keep playing.

Whenever the Miracles played basketball against humans, there was extraordinary bitterness about their “monster-like” abilities. Even though Orange was never a Success, he would still have natural athleticism humans would envy. Why would the teams gather to support that?

“We’ve beat him before,” Kuroo says, sounding mild. “Every practice game we’ve ever played against Karasuno, actually. Like Oikawa said, Karasuno is a gifted team, but not an inhuman one. And I really want to play against them in an official game.”

He doesn’t think he’ll lose, Midorima realizes. But then, maybe it wouldn’t make a difference to him, even if he did.


As the day comes to a close, Midorima ends up standing next to Kise. Kise is the only other Miracle who never approached Hinata Shouyou, and now they won’t have the chance.

“It’s kind of a kick in the balls, isn’t it?” Kise says, offhand.

Midorima pushes up his glasses. “That’s not how I would have phrased it, but… yes.”

“It was bad enough when it was just Kurokocchi,” Kise says, and Midorima knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Black and Orange were not Successes, and the rest of them knew that, and left them behind. They could have helped Orange more, they could have helped Black more, but they didn’t. They left them to die. Black helped them escape anyway.

And now Orange saved them, too.

It was easy to think that they were not good people, and that it was not their fault they weren’t. It was very hard to see people who had it worse than they ever did still show kindness.

“We should have probably said ‘thanks,’ at least,” Kise says.

“Next time,” Midorima says, not sure if there will be a next time, but finds that maybe he hopes there will be. Maybe next time, he’d be ready to say thanks.

Maybe next time, he can apologize.

A/N: So I’ve had this collection of asks for awhile now, and finally I am responding! I thought it was valid to wonder what the other Miracles’ thought about Hinata’s reappearance, but it would have been too much to go into everyone, so I chose to focus on Midorima’s thoughts. I combined these three asks since they all more or less seemed related. It, uhh, all ended up a lot angstier than expected, but @iamsmaughearmerawr and anon-friends, I hope you enjoyed!! (also, @iamsmaughearmerawr, sorry this took so long and that you weren’t feeling well! I hope you’re feeling better now). Thanks for the prompts!


Finished doodling some doodles of my characters (at least enitial designs) for a new comic idea - still untitled! It’s super hard to come up with a good comic title, or title in general. Euuuuuuu. I’m super excited to get balls deep into this comic, though. I wanna set it in the mid to late 90′s, take inspiration from a lot of movies like The Craft, Scream, Heathers, Donnie Darko and a cheeky hint of Mean Girls and Kick Ass. It’s going to be kind of a mystery-horror, but mainly aiming for melancholic teenage years type of vibe with some disturbing elements. I dunno, it’s still cooking in the oven. Planning on getting it printed, and being a full on Graphic Novel, have a kickstarter, a following.. Might start a Youtube later in the year to start a platform and help promote it. 

Hey there! It sure has been a while, huh. ww; But, hey, I kept my promise!

So, how have you guys been? I’ve been rather busy. America is cool, but this university is quite demanding sometimes. I’m not complaining, considering I came here to work and all, but I wish I had some extra time. All I want to do after I’m done with my classes and homework is be lazy, to be perfectly honest.

What have you all been up to? Since I last showed my stupid head around here, I beat Undertale (just beaten—no true endings whatsoever), Layton and the Unwound Future (SO GOOD AND SO SAD) and Portal. I have also been rewatching Inazuma with my significant other, which is awesome! Oh, and I watched the newest Tri movie. It might not be perfect, but I get so easily pumped with that.

…And I have also been working on this nightmare.

Never in your wildest dreams would you assume that these four views took well over 20 hours of work (although I’d be willing to bet it took over 30). And that’s if we don’t take into account the amount of time I spent on OLDER VERSIONS OF THIS. I have been procrastinating on Fubuki’s miximax for years because I knew it would kill me. But, luckily, I’m not dead. I just wished I was a couple tens of times during the process. I hope @miyukiko​ won’t kill me either when she sees this, considering what I’ve done to her baby.

But it’s done! The result might not be the best and the rust might not help either, but this is it! Fubuki is finally done!! And, considering I have been working on this little shit for 2-3 years, I have my fair share of ideas about him. I’ll only cover one subject today, though.

Anyway, just in case anyone has never watched Digimon (which is a sin according to 8 different major religions), Fubuki is miximaxed with Gabumon, one of the main characters from Digimon Adventure, 02 and Tri! Not my personal favourite, but fairly awesome nonetheless.

As usual, more about FubuGabu under the cut.

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Prompt: Being Stefan’s friend and when you come around you always tease Damon, until one day he has enough and decides to fuck it out of you.

Pairing: Damon x Reader

Warning:  Smut, sex, fingering, oral sex, spanking, submissive talk

Word count: 1,306

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Opposites attract

Peter Hayes

Mild defiling, duel, flirt, platonic fluff, smut

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “ Your writing is amazing! Omg! Can you do another divergent one where you transferred to dauntless from abnegation and you had no friends but after you beat Peters only competition in a fight during the first stage of initiation he stops being mean to you and starts to flirt with you really heavily until you give in and go out with him and he always winks at you during initiation and then before the attack simulations you have sex with him and he promises to protect you from Erudite???💗💗💗”

Word count: 1498

gif is not mine.

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Hello guys I’m eggs. Of corse you know but I want to talk about my fnaf art style. Mainly for the sister location characters. In my style ballora is more of a human, baby is a small ass clown that likes to scream, ftfoxy is a rude ass whore, and ftfred is goofy as fuck, I don’t have a style for ennard. But that’s about to change. Here’s the changes I have decided.

Ballora: graceful, pretty, tall, kind, cares for others, loves to dance.

Circus baby: same hair style, different clothing, tall, respectful of others property, and likes to sing.

Ftfred: goofy, cute, lovable, loves to sing, loves cake, and screaming at bon bon is his favorite. Somewhat short.

Ftfoxy: sweet, caring, likes kick ball, dislikes children. Somewhat tall.

Ennard: clown, caring, loves to scream, likes to scare others in a fun and respectful manner, likes to share, loves hugs, and wants every one happy!

This is how its going to be until I change it but I think I’m happy with it for now!
And in the drawing, baby is 7'2 she’s just in the background.

the cast of TFC: a primer
  • Neil: 80% of his life is a lie. The other 20% is exy. He is not fine.
  • Kevin: 100% exy. Raised by the mafia to play a sport. His birthday is 2/22 and that's fucked up.
  • Andrew: 90% of the time you hate him. 93% of the time you'll eat bees for him. 100% of the time you're crying and can't stop.
  • Aaron: Angry bean. Likes like 2 people. Will beat you up if you touch his secret not-girlfriend. Has killed a man. He’s not sorry.
  • Nicky: Problematic puppy who makes up for his mistakes by being the only one who actually cares. Pure. Don't touch.
  • Dan: Team Dad. Kicked a raven in the balls once. It was awesome. Loves her stripper stage sisters.
  • Matt: Bigger puppy. Punched Kevin Day in the face multiple times. Legitimately did nothing wrong. Pure. Don't touch.
  • Renee: Pastel. Beat jocks up with a bible and walked away. Only one in this entire series with patience. Be nice to her.
  • Allison: BAMF. Drives a pink convertible. Made like 500 bucks on betting Gay.
  • Wymack: 110% stress. Everything he says is 10K gold. Makes lock numbers relevant to him and his crush.
  • Riko: a fuckface
  • Jean: French bean. Kind of an ass. Not okay. Likes pastel colors. 10/10 would murder a man for.
  • Jeremy: Captain Cinnamon. Kevin Day's man crush. He punched me in the face once. It was awesome. Adopts french bean.
  • Thea: One of two women in professional Exy. Ready to kick Kevin's ass. Will force him to make friends at the dog park.

“CJ looked to me for certain things and Jennifer for other things. I mean, like I’d be kicking soccer balls around with him and doing all Dad things, and Jennifer would be like making sure that he had enough food. It was kind of cute actually.”

"He really liked me because I was another guy in his life. Just a big dude who would throw him around and stuff. We’d joke around and get physical with each other. He liked Jennifer for other reasons, but we both protected him. So you form a little quasi-family, in a way.” 

–  Joel Edgerton on the bond he and Jennifer Garner formed with CJ Adams on the set of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

A Ballbusting Story of Mine

I wrote this story a while ago, please tell me how you like it!

“Good Lord, I can hardly stand those damn kids!” Abigail thought, as she dismissed her third period French class. They had all moved up from the middle school, and this was their first year in French. Teaching them was a total hassle; most of them were rude and annoying, and she had seen plenty of bad kids in her day.

Abigail didn’t mind her fourth period French class though. They were taking French two, and were all juniors. Abigail went to her computer and checked the absent list. All of her students were absent except for Alexis and Brennan. She didn’t mind having a small class. She had work to catch up on and papers to grade, plus Gabriella, a senior, was coming in to do some student council work.

Brennan came into the classroom, and assumed his usual seat.

“Hi Abigail.” He said as he took his seat.

“Hello, Brennan! How are you today?” She replied.

“Oh, I’m fine as usual.” Just then, Alexis walked into the room. She took her usual seat right next to Brennan.

“Ok class,” Abigail began. “It turns out that everybody else is absent today, but Gabriella will be coming in to do some work, and I have papers to grade, so you all should get started on that poster assignment I gave to you yesterday.” Brennan and Alexis both nodded, and Abigail sat down to grade last class’ quizzes.

Gabriella walked into the room and took out her student council work and began to write. It had been about five minutes when Brennan looked up.

“Can anybody here write in cursive? I need somebody to help make my poster look fancy.” He asked.

“I can write cursive, and I’m not too busy.” Replied Gabriella. She got up and walked over towards Brennan.

“Thanks a bunch, Gabriella.” Brennan said. He slid his chair back so that she could write on his poster. Abigail couldn’t help but noticing that Brennan left his chair close enough to the desk that Gabriella’s ass was almost in his face. Abigail grinned in her head.“ Brennan must have a crush on Gabriella.” She thought. She returned to grading her papers and left the three students alone.

A few minutes later, Abigail looked back up to see how everybody was doing. She could see that Gabriella had slipped her right foot out of one of her light blue flats, but she didn’t mind if students did that sometimes. She went back to work grading quizzes, but looked up when Brennan made a tense but quiet inhale. Abigail saw Brennan sitting there with a slightly pained look on his face, which was turning red. Abigail could no longer see Gabriella’s right foot, seeing as she must have lifted it up.

“Are you ok, Brennan?” She asked in a concerned voice. “Do you need to go see the nurse?”

“No, no, I’m fine.” Replied Brennan. Nonetheless, Abigail still got up and walked over to check on him. Alexis had her head buried in her work and was not paying any attention to Brennan. When Abigail neared the desks, she saw Gabriella’s bare right foot appear sliding back into it’s shoe, and Brennan’s face relaxed once more. Abigail turned away and pretended to be distracted with some papers.

After a few moments, Abigail saw Gabriella slip her right foot out of it’s flat again, and she saw her lift it up. Out of the very corner of her eye, she saw her foot appear on Brennan’s lap. Gabriella bent her knee back and stuck her leg out behind her, pushing into Brennan’s crotch and sliding down under him until Brennan was sitting with his testicles wedged between himself and her foot. She buried her foot under his body until Abigail could only see the smooth heel of her bare foot. He groaned quietly as Gabriella began silently torturing him with a faint grin on her face.

“Gabriella, what are you doing?!” Abigail said in a horrified voice. “You are hurting him! Stop it!” Gabriella slid her foot out of Brennan’s groin violently, making him cry out with pain. Alexis looked up at Gabriella with a horrified look on her face.

“Go to the Dean’s office immediately!” She demanded. Gabriella quickly packed up her things and left without a word and a grin on her face. Abigail rushed over to where Brennan was sitting, bent over his damaged crotch. Alexis looked over with a face of concern.

“Brennan, are you ok?! Are you alright?” Abigail asked in a panicked voice. She had never seen a boy take a hit below the belt like that before, and she didn’t know how much pain he was in. “I can call the nurses office right now!” Abigail rushed over to the phone, where she dialed the nurses office. The nurses assistant answered, but she was currently busy and unable to help. Abigail hung up the phone and looked back over at Brennan. Alexis was sitting right next to him with her arm around his shoulders comforting him as he sat doubled over. Abigail rushed back over.

“Brennan, the nurse is busy. What do you need, what can I do to help you?” She inquired.

   Brennan groaned. “They’re swelling up like plums!” He gasped. Alexis stifled a giggle but resumed comforting him. “Somebody needs to massage them or they will be permanently damaged!”

Abigail squirmed a little bit. She had never heard of the need to massage a man’s wounded balls, but what did she know? “Ok, I will massage them for you. Lie back on this desk.” Abigail gently eased his shoulders down onto the desktop. Brennan lifted his legs up with a gasp of pain, and he quickly moved his hands back to his wounded crotch.

“Ok, Alexis , look the other way.” Abigail said. Alexis turned her body away from Abigail, but she kneeled down next to Brennan’s head and stroked his hair. “Alright, Brennan, move your hands.” Brennan moved his hands down to his side. Abigail reached towards the zipper of his pants and gently unzipped them. She hesitated for a moment before pulling down his pants so that only his boxer’s remained. She then pulled down his boxer shorts, exposing his swollen nuts. Her jaw dropped a little bit when she saw how long his penis was, but she forced herself to focus.

“Alright, I’m just going to gently massage your testicles to try and get the swelling down.” Abigail said tentatively. She didn’t want to damage Brennan’s balls any more than they already were. She sat down on the side of the desk and reached her hands up towards his groin. She gently took one testicle in each of her hands and gently pressed her fingers down. She slid her thumbs around his nuts, massaging them carefully. They felt soft and round, and they slid easily under her two thumbs, massaging back and forth. She gently kneaded his orbs with her hands, applying enough pressure to cause more pleasure and relaxation to his jewels than pain. Abigail had never hurt a man’s nuts before, and she had no intention of starting now.

After a few minutes of gentle massaging, the swelling had gone down and she asked Brennan how he was doing.

“Oh, I do feel a lot better, thank you. This means a lot to me because I never thought my French teacher would ease my pain in…this way.” Alexis giggled and Abigail blushed.

“Well, the nurse was busy, and I just had to do what I had to do.” She responded.

“Well…” Brennan muttered. He hesitated for a moment before continuing. “To be honest with you…My balls were never in any danger.” Abigail stopped massaging Brennan’s nuts. “I just wanted you to hold my nuts in your hands, because that kind of thing turns me on. You know, letting the woman be in control.”

Abigail was shocked. “You mean to say that even if I hadn’t massaged your testicles, they would be fine?” Brennan nodded. Abigail let go of his nuts.

“I am appalled that you would tell a lie like that to your teacher! I’m putting my job on the line to give you a little thrill, and you just don’t care! I should send you to go see the Dean as well!” She stood up and began to walk back over to her desk, without even pulling Brennan’s pants up. She was even more shocked to see that Brennan didn’t either.

“Well, I’m sorry for what I did. I just get turned on when a girl hurts my balls.” Brennan said.

Alexis turned around and looked at Brennan. “You mean that you like getting kicked in the balls?” She questioned with her jaw dropped.

“Well…Yeah. That’s why Gabriella was doing what she did to me. I didn’t ask her to this time though, because I was afraid we would get caught.” He replied in a guilty voice. Abigail saw Alexis begin to smile.

“So if I kicked you in the balls right now, you would enjoy it?” She asked with a smirk on her face.

“Alexis!” Abigail said with a stern voice. “Don’t even speak of that! That is not school appropriate.” They both ignored her.

“You can hit me in the balls right now if you would like.” Brennan offered. “Just to show you that I’m serious.” Alexis’ smile grew even wider. She turned to look at Abigail.

“Can we please, Abigail? He said he even likes that kind of thing, so it’s not like we would be doing it without his permission.” Alexis asked with her best begging voice. Abigail looked at Alexis, then to Brennan, then back to Alexis.

“You know, Abigail, if you want to join in, I’m ok with that too.” Brennan said, looking at her. “I won’t tell anybody that you did it. Your job would be safe.”

Abigail considered the offer. “You promise that you won’t tell anybody?” She said, without even wanting to say those words.

“Yeah, it’s totally cool. I mean, it would hurt, but I don’t mind.” He replied. “So what do you say?” He looked at her with such a confident look that Abigail wanted to hit him in the balls herself.

“Ok, but I get to go first.” She said. “Now stand up!” She barked. Brennan stood up in front of her, his pants around his waist. “Take your pants and shirt off, too.” She commanded. He obliged willingly. Abigail positioned herself so that she was standing right in front of Brennan.

“I’m just going to kick you in the balls, ok?” She said. She wanted to be absolutely clear before she did this.

“Ok, but you have to take your heels off. It hurts a little bit too much with shoes on.” He responded. Abigail slipped off her three-inch heels so that she was standing barefoot on the ground in front of Brennan, who was completely naked. Abigail pulled her foot back and gently moved it forwards in the path of her kick, tapping Brennan’s testicles lightly. Alexis looked on from behind Brennan. She then brought her foot down and wound up for the kick. She held her foot behind her for a moment, letting anticipation build. She then rocketed her foot forwards with as much power as she could muster, slamming her toes directly into his groin, hitting perfectly.

She never thought she could hurt a man this badly. She felt his two nuts flatten out under the roof of her bare foot. Brennan gasped in pain and slowly keeled forwards until he was on his knees, curled over his wounded crotch. Abigail felt a surge of pride since she had just brought down a six-foot two teenager with one little kick. She looked over at Alexis, and they grinned at each other as they watched Brennan suffer on the floor. He was writhing around on the ground in pain.

“That was a good kick, Abigail!” Alexis said. “I think I want to give it a try.”

“Well, maybe we should let him recover first.” She said with a concerned voice.

Alexis kicked off her flip flops. “Nah, he said he enjoys it, right?” She strutted over towards where Brennan was lying on the ground. She tipped him onto his back with her left foot, and then reached down and grabbed both of his legs. She pulled up on them until they were suspended in the air, then she lifted up her left knee high up into the air, her foot dangling high above Brennan’s crotch in suspense, then brought it smashing down on top of his testicles. Brennan shrieked with pain from the crushing blow and fell over as Alexis released his hands.

Abigail looked on with horror as Brennan writhed on the ground from the crushing blow. Alexis looked down on her kill with pride, and she lifted her foot and rest it on his face, like a hunter standing over her kill for a photo.

“Here, I’ve got an idea.” She said. “I know a couple of yoga poses, and I think they could really hurt him.” She picked Brennan up by the arms. “Hold him here for me, would you?” She asked Abigail. Abigail took Brennan by the arms and held him up in the air. Alexis walked around in front of him and got into downward dog position, her two feet extended, heels touching the ground, between his legs. Her ass was high in the air and her back was straight.

It was a split second before she flung her right heel upwards into the air, squashing Brennan’s testicles perfectly against his pelvis. Brennan screamed with pain and went limp in Abigail’s hands as his crown jewels were squashed by Alexis’ foot. “A girl’s foot.” Abigail thought. Talk about taking the dignity away from a boy if a girl younger than him can bring him to her mercy with only her small, petite heel. Alexis brought her right foot back down to the ground and swung her left heel into Brennan’s groin, flattening his testicles and turning them purple. She lowered her foot and stood back up.

“Now lie him down on the ground, his legs facing me.” She ordered. Abigail laid him down and spread his legs. Brennan tried to cover his balls with his hands, but Abigail held them back. Alexis moved herself back into downward dog position, but she stood her toes right on top of Brennan’s unprotected nuts, making him squeal in agony like a little girl. Alexis lifted her toes up, stomping them back down on his balls quickly, making Brennan come to tears from the pain. Alexis stood up and let Brennan lie there in pain, looking at him with a smirk.

“Ok, Abigail, time for you to do some damage.” She said, looking at her. Abigail looked down at Brennan, trying to decide what to do. She then picked his limp body up off of the ground and laid him down on one of the desks. She turned his legs so that they were facing him. The desk was about waist high off of the ground, so she grabbed a hold of Brennan’s ankles, and, with the grace of a ballerina, lifted her left leg up onto the desk, resting her heel in Brennan’s unguarded nut sack. She then pulled menacingly on his ankles, and she felt his orbs underneath her heel. She felt them flatten out against his pelvis, like squeezed balloons. He screamed from the pain that she was putting him in.

Abigail felt like a Goddess the whole time. She knew that it was her foot putting Brennan through all of this pain, her little, bare, size seven. She knew that she controlled Brennan, every aspect of him. She thought of a quote from Theodore Roosevelt: “If you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.” And oh boy, did she ever have Brennan by the balls. She mashed her foot around in Brennan’s crotch, rolling her heel over his balls with tremendous force. Brennan had tears running out of his eyes from all of the pain.

She removed her foot from his balls with the same grace that she had put it there. Abigail decided to let Brennan recover from the blow for a few moments.

“Oooooh God that hurt’s a lot.” Brennan wheezed. He moved his hands down to cover his hurt groin.

“Not so fast.” Abigail said. She pulled Brennan off of the desk and laid him down on the floor. She walked up behind his head and sat down, his head resting on her pussy. Slowly and gracefully, she curled her legs around his torso and placed her heels into his crotch. She held him there for a few moments before squeezing her legs and feet in around him, pinning him there like a snake, her heels crushing his balls. Brennan moaned in pain and tried to pry her heels away from his package with his hands, but she was too strong. Abigail squeezed her legs tighter, holding him there for a few minutes of brutal pain, flattening his testicles under her powerful feet.

She then lifted her feet, which were crossed over each other, about a foot away from his balls before slamming them back down, crushing Brennan’s nuts. Brennan cried out from the sudden pain as the lifted her feet up and brought them back down again, and again, and again. After the third time, Abigail unwrapped her long legs from around his torso and stood up. As soon as Abigail was out of the way, Alexis walked over to where Brennan was lying in pain on the ground. She walked up in between Brennan’s legs and crouched down. Her heels lifted high up into the air as she stood on the balls of her feet. She took each of his nuts in her hand and set them on the ground with her hands.

Alexis walked up towards Brennan’s crotch on her toes before stepping on top of his testicles so that they were under her toes. Brennan screamed in pain as all of her weight was concentrated directly on to his jewels, flattening them against the floor and turning them purple. Abigail watched in horror as Brennan screamed in pain for what seemed like an eternity, until Alexis finally stepped off.

“Well, I think I have had enough for one day.” She said as she slid her feet back into their respective flip flops. “I had better get going, but you have a fun time with him.” She picked up her bag and walked over to Brennan. She crouched down and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you for letting me do this.” She said, and with that, she was gone. Now it was only Brennan and herself.

“I do feel bad for him.” Thought Abigail. “Maybe I should do something for him to make him feel better.” She walked in between his legs where he lay in pain. She lay down on her stomach, her head right on top of his groin. She gently pried his hands away from his nuts, despite his protests. She lifted her hands up and took hold of his penis, sliding her hands up and down its length. Sure enough, he became hard almost instantly.

Abigail licked her lips before slipping them around his head, rolling her tongue over it. She grabbed on to the hilt of his member and sank her mouth down until she could no more. Her feet flew up into the air as she massaged his hard cock with her tongue. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and let her hands take it’s place, pumping his shaft up and down. Brennan groaned with pleasure as she milked him with her strong hands. She lowered her mouth down to his balls and took one of them in her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue. She sucked it in and out of her mouth as she twirled her fingers around his penis. She tightened her grip as she began to pump once more, and she felt Brennan’s cock throbbing beneath her hands as she vigorously moved them up and down its length.

Abigail’s hands flew off of his cock as her mouth moved to take their places. She sucked his penis with as much force as she could, coaxing his balls to give up their load. Her tongue twirled around his head as she felt warm semen fill her mouth, sucking it all out. Her hands moved in on his shaft, pumping what remained out, her tongue eagerly lapping up the last of Brennan’s seed. Brennan let out a sigh of relief as she released his cock and stood up.

“How did you like that, Brennan?” She asked with the best sexy grin she could muster. She lifted her right heel off the ground and stood on her toes, like an excited schoolgirl.

“You are wonderful, Abigail.” He sighed with a grin on his face. She walked over towards his head and stepped over him, brushing his face with the soles of her feet as she went to put her heels back on.

“Well, I am just glad to help you feel better.” She said as she sat back down behind her desk. Brennan pulled his clothes back on and grabbed his bag.

“Thanks again, Abigail, but I better get going. I have classes to go to.” He said as he walked out of the room. Abigail felt good and satisfied. After all, she had just learned a perfect new way to beat up any guy that dared to bother her. She smiled as she began to grade the papers she was about to when this all started.

anonymous asked:

Why the fuck are you expending so much effort apologising to butthurt sheith shippers?? You tagged something sheith, who the fuck cares? Its just a tag, don't let them control what you post! Its only sheith shippers who have a problem with you using their tag, have you noticed? Never klance or shallura ones. If anything we should spam their tag, drive the crybabies out if that's how they're going to act. Sheith shippers act like they own this fandom and harrass anyone they disagree with.

Oh my godddd this kind of thing is exactly what I wanted to avoid if you’re gonna send shit like this to me at least have the balls to do it off anon 

I’m apologising bc given three people in the past two days have called me up for posting non-Sheith stuff in the Sheith tag I’m guessing something might’ve kicked off with others doing it maliciously or there’s maybe now a rule against it?? Like I said earlier there’s never been a problem when I’ve done it before but tbf it is pretty rude to add unrelated stuff to the tag so given I’ve done something to annoy people and it has a simple fix like removing the tag and apologising I’ll do it bc that’s the mature thing to do instead of picking fights????? Get a grip ‘we should spam their tag’ are you honestly for real

Do not go trying to goad people into a stupid ship war it just starts dumb fights that make people hate the fandom even more. Tbh I ship every otp you mentioned to some degree as well as others so?? I’m the last person who’s gonna be bothered about who becomes canon and who doesn’t just stop

I’ve had this wip sitting in my files for a while and I figured I might as well post it since I suspect it will remain unfinished (I dunno, I might come back to it).

So have some tiny Agravaine and Gawain being packed off to Camelot to be trained as knights and saying goodbye to their mother. Who is probably giving them advice like ‘Your uncle is a dick.  Trust no one.  Except maybe Kay, he’s okay I guess. He’s less stupid than the rest of them anyway. Also give Merlin a kick in the balls for me’.

Different Worlds (New Year, New Au) (Trixya) – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary- Katya is a misunderstood Goth who everyone thinks eats bats and Skype calls with Satan. In actuality she’s just a bit of a dork with the biggest crush on Trixie, the cheerleader. This is the story of the first time they met and how things never quite go as you expect them to.

A/N: Obligatory High School Au.

This is the first installation of my ‘New Year, New Au Series’. I’m challenging myself with a bunch of random AU oneshots because my usual is long multichapter fics. The more random the Au the more I like it so things might get a bit crazy. Enjoy! (These will likely all be lesbian Au because I find Brian and Brian hard to write but we’ll see.)

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