that was just so straightforward lol

It’s Really Hard to Wait When It’s This Much Fun to Tease

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Note:  Another reupload with a lot of edits and more content added.  I did a kink meme game back on my old blog, and the prompt was “Teasing & Threesome + Taehyung & Jimin” which sounds like a great time lol.  Short thing of smut.  Just 1.7k words of filth.  Proceed with caution babes.  

Summary:  Teasing & Threesome + Taehyung & Jimin.  It’s pretty straightforward.




“You do know he’s going to get you back…”  Jimin’s words are said out of concern for you, but right now your boyfriend looks the furthest thing from worried when you give a kittenish lick to the head of his cock in time with a rough squeeze around his length.  With a gasp, he almost drops the phone recording you giving him wettest, sloppiest blowjob of his life.  

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honestly the more i think about it the more i love jumin/v like

  • childhood friends to lovers trope fuck yeah
  • mutual trust and friendship (even when v’s actin shady af jumin’s faith in him never seems to waver)
  • they know each other well and accept each other’s flaws
  • jumin is so serious n straight laced and v is the biggest hipster art hoe like honestly cutest relationship dynamic
  • v is one of the few people who jumin allows to see him for who he truly is 
  • see and treat each other as equals, no power imbalance  
  • speaking of which, bedroom stuff (this stuff is all assuming that thru some miracle v’s previous relationship has ended)

(lol looking back, this got more headcanony than the straightforward, fact-based post that i had intended it to be so the rest is under a cut whoops)

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About magi 339 … So, Sin is still being stubborn about wanting to do everything by himself and thinking that trusting just himself is the only way… can’t say that’s not how the human mind works sometimes so i understand where he comes from but it makes me sad ( lol sinbad always makes me sad) because he has always had sooo many people that have wanted to help him… i guess nobody has understood him enough to realize why he never shares his burden… or he has never let people try to help him ( that’s why we ended up with Singod xD)… anyway, i still have faith in this page…

And i’m so proud of Hakuryuu, he’s so mature and his words really  moved me, he’s so straightforward( just like Judar ^^) i’m glad that he has learned so much.

i guess the fight will continue until he manages to break trough Sinbad’s argument…please hakuryuu! Beat him and please be safe! XD

Pd: Both sin and haku looked so pretty in this chapter
Pd 2: Even if it wasn’t the real her, I’m glad they are giving Kougyoku the credit she deserves! I loved that Hakuryuu remembered her strength to prove his point! <3

self hating korean student at my school (raised in korea!!!!!) passed by me eating kimchi and turned up his nose and said “what’s this gross smell” LOL i’m fucking screaming also when he gets drinks at starbucks he tells them his name is JOE instead of his pretty straightforward korean name. he’s the same guy who harassed me all throughout my first year here so normally i would say “i hope he learns better” but actually he can just die.

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Mikleo proposing or Sorey proposing?

Hmmmmm … .

I almost feel like Sorey proposing would be something straight out of a cheesy romance novel, while Mikleo proposing might end up more like something out of a romantic comedy.  But then Sorey proposing could end up being that too, now that I think about it, lol.

That said, I never get tired of reading about/seeing Mikleo get flustered by Sorey’s straightforward, earnest, and genuine feelings and appreciation for him, and it’s also one of my favorite things to include, so Sorey proposing wins this round.  There’s always something about the way Sorey acts and sounds when he’s praising/gushing over Mikleo that just makes me really happy whenever he does it in the game - and this is true for both languages, so kudos to Bamco both for making his in-game avatar so bright and cheery and to both of his voice actors for the solid delivery for the lines.

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Hello po :) I read your reply to Anon about sa mga walang hiyang fuccbois na 'yan lol and I think na nagagawa nila 'yon dahil likas silang mga s*x addicts pero takot naman sila mag-commit. So kapag nakuha na nila gusto nila, they fly away. Kaya dapat mag-iingat ang lahat sa mga pinakikitunguhang tao at dapat vigilant tayo na malaman ang totoong pakay nila. May mga tao kasing dadating lang para guluhin ang mga buhay natin.

Yey! Thanks for clearing that out. Oh guys alam niyo na ah. Just like what he said. Let us be vigilant to know their real intentions. In addition to that, maging straightforward din tayo sa mga nakikilala natin who shows romantic interest satin kung ano bang expectations nila and give them a heads up already. Again, thanks for this ;)

Translation by envy-and-pride for my lovely @phantomhiveraven & @silverserpent. Scans by alexlarave

♦ Snake’s snakes (lol)  ♦

Emily : 

  • She speaks like an older sister
  • Her head is round and there isn’t much of a difference with her neck
  • Her head is black (the grey area is black) and so are her eyes and mouth. (In retrospect, she’s cute even without eyes.)

Oscar : 

  • A young man of harsh temper
  • He’s a snake of a glowing variety
  • (Blue tongue)
  • His tale is a of dull color (demarcation)
  • (The green line is not his belly but a color demarcation)

Goethe :

  • Straightforward, childish and friendly character
  • His pupils are round

Wordsworth : 

  • He speaks like an older man (HE’S AN OSSAN), he knows a lot of things. 
  • His belly is of a dull color. It’s proportionally not very large (when snakes are coiled up around something, it’s practically non existent.)

Wild : 

  • A straight forward young man
  • (vertical pupils)
  • It’s a python and is the biggest among the five. 
  • He has a small head compared to its body. (The size of a small fist.)
  • The largest part of his body is about 12 or 13 cm. 

I finally watched the Run MV, and I have to say that I think everyone is over analyzing it. Not because I don’t think it could have a deeper meaning, I actually think most of the theories are pretty cool. I just feel like the meaning they are trying to convey is a lot more straightforward than people think. The video simply represents growing up. None of the members died, only their youth. It shows them being young and immature and crazy, but then it shows them being sad and alone and all of their memories are disappearing. The video perfectly represents what it feels like to grow up. Like Bangtan have explained many times though, it’s not exactly a bad thing, it’s more bittersweet. It’s just part of life. As you grow up you go through many changes and you lose part of yourself in the process. 

A lot of people are saying how the video and the album shows that the boys have really matured. I’m not saying that they haven’t, because they’ve obviously gained a lot more experience and knowledge. But I think this album shows that they’re just as confused, lost and lonely as other people at this stage in their life - but they’re going to make the most of it and never give up!