that was just


“my happiest memory is you… because it’s not just a memory, it’s the present”

//slams hands on desk// when I thought I was finally over this yoi hp au, my friend gave me ANOTHER prompt and it just flew from there;;;;

more hp au


I felt sad drawing this ;A;

Zen makes it very obvious that he is attracted to you in other routes, and even though it just seems like he’s being flirty, silly or easily infatuated, he genuinely shows you that he cherishes you. Always worrying about you and being the most overprotective. Even saying in Jumin’s route that he cherished you, and regretting not realizing his feelings in Yoosung’s route. I think he has said other things in Seven’s route too. I love that he also sees you in his dreams…and I think it’s kinda interesting that he’s recommended to be the first route you play… because after that, he’s always watching after you. We know he cherishes us better than he knows :’3 

uhh… i know there are rumors that the repack date is september 4th but umm… there’s literally gonna be a full moon on september 6th (09/06) which is eerily the same numbers as when the teasers were released on the day of the eclipse at 09:06:43 AM PDT so uhhh… just… keep that in mind i guess

Lars of the Stars