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The past five days and what to make of them

To preface, this is not something I feel certain about. I’m still of the opinion that Azoff has largely had control over this stunt and has been making everything purposefully over the top and farcical ( @cuethetommo‘s these stunts go to 11). That said:

Personally, I think this might be Syco striking back within their current means? Before this started gearing up, on the 4th and 5th we got Louis giving us the vaguely ominous stunt emoji and Harry ready for a fight with taking the gloves off and “Beach, don’t kill my Vibe”. I think if their plan was unassailable, there wouldn’t be quite the negative/aggressive slant though that all depends on how you read it. 

We know that Syco et al. have access to social media (especially Louis’ twitter over instagram) and we’ve been side-eying the Bauer publications of Life & Style and In Touch already. I think the twitter activity has been to cause more strife in fandom because picking out a specific account that pushes an ugly attitude seems unnecessary if this was NT stringing the stunt along in a painless way. Though I may be wrong, that just seems like OT’s typical twist of the knife to encourage bullying. Plus, if NT did want to go with the angle of “he found out a while ago”, the tweets could be a wrench in that.

The birth certificate also has the same effect though I read more as a strike against whatever timeline NT is working on. If they’ve got a specific schedule for the denial/team change announcements/coming out, OT might be trying to restart the clock (that the “he hasn’t even taken the test yet” put on hold) and make things even messier with the birth certificate in order to force NT’s hand. If NT has wanted to do a paternity denial, wait a while, coming out and then maybe shade the babygate situation… pushing things up with introducing the birth certificate might not sit well with them.

One thing that doesn’t quite fit is that pushing Louis as a devoted dad does play into the sympathy angle that NT appears to be working on. But OT might be painted into a bit of a corner themselves, with all the coverage of how invested Louis is I’m not sure they could sell the “deadbeat dad” angle anymore. They might just be taking any opportunity they can get to fuck with the fandom’s equalibrium, maybe build up the feeling of betrayal neutral/casual fans feel when this all falls apart since @louis more actively sold it to them.

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What does "birthers" mean?

Birthers are a group of conspiracy theorists who doubt the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency because they don’t believe he was born in the US. They refuse to believe despite the fact that they have been presented legal copies of his birth certificate that prove he is indeed a natural born citizen.

So Larries have essentially positioned themselves as this fandom’s very own version of “birthers”. Even after having been presented with a certified copy of Freddie’s birth certificate, they are still denying he’s Louis’ son. Some are still denying he even exists in the first place.