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Patater Week Day 3

This is laaaaaate.  But it’s also like hella long so I feel like it’s justified.

Day 3: Fake Dating/Secret Relationship

“Kenneth, have you found a nice young man yet?”  Kent’s Grandmother squinted at the camera on his mom’s ipad.  “You know the Priest at church has a nephew and he’s quite good looking.  He’s a Kindergarten teacher, and I think you would just love him.  He even likes your hockey!  He teaches a team for children at the rec center on weekends.  I see him there when I have my water aerobics.”  She nodded.

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Colors Part 6

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

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Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience, violence

A/N: So, this won the contest! I knew I needed to post this soon, given the awful cliffhanger I left y’all with last time. Well….I’m not gonna say anything else really. Just….consider yourself warned. 


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Author’s Note: This is going with the idea from one of you. ‘At first it was the right person at the wrong time. Now I’m ready and I won’t let anything hold me back from loving you the way I always wanted to.’ Thank you, anon, for this amazing idea. I hope you all enjoy this fluff. 

Yoongi walked with the crowd of photographers snapping photos of him as he made his way through the airport. BTS had just landed and were finally back on home soil after a long tour. It was full of the usual problems, tiring work days, amazing arenas, and the occasional crazy fans. Yoongi sighed as he continued to bob his head slightly to the music blaring through his headphones. His mask covered half of his makeup less face and his eyes were hidden behind large glasses, his disheveled hair and simple outfit were in contrast to the rest of the guys, who all took their airport fashion very seriously.

Yoongi began walking through the sea of reporters as he headed toward the exit of the airport, when Namjoon walked up next to him.

Hyung. Namjoon’s deep voice carried through the loud snapping of cameras. Yoongi looked up at him as Namjoon’s eyes seemed to narrow on something behind Yoongi. Glancing behind him, Yoongi’s world stopped.

There you were, your hair cascading in an easy and perfect manner. Your face was looking to the side as you were preoccupied with someone talking to you. The outfit you wore was what most people would wear to the airport, comfortable and casual, and you seemed less than interested in the ruckus surrounding the guys. Your eyes scanned the crowds and landed on Yoongi.

He stopped in his tracks as the managers stared at him. Namjoon stood next to him and shook his head. Yoongi didn’t know if he should smile, wave, call out to you, or run. He continued to just watch you. You tilted your head in response to his incessant stares and let out a small chuckle. Looking over your shoulder, Yoongi craned his neck to see who you were with, but was happily relieved when your parents came into view. You helped with their bags as you seemed to point to a different exit from the building. Yoongi looked at where you had pointed and almost wanted to run to that door, but instead he turned back to where the group was now just standing.

Yoongi followed you with his gaze as you walked around the crowd of reporters and out the door. Sighing and looking back at the six remaining members, they all smirked at him.

What? Yoongi asked and Namjoon nudged him.

First time seeing Y/N since the breakup, looks like she’s winning. Namjoon murmured and Yoongi scoffed.

Winning? Seriously, it was amicable. Yoongi replied and Tae laughed loudly.

Sure, hyung, whatever you say. Tae responded and Yoongi shook his head in annoyance.

The worst part about it was that he had no reason to be annoyed with the guys. They were right. Yoongi had broken up with you, somewhat out of the blue. It just was a case of bad timing.

As you opened the apartment door and let your parents in, they looked around in excitement. You had just received a bonus and a raise at work that helped you pay for a bigger place, and your parents came into town to visit you.

Wow, Y/N! Look at this place! Your dad exclaimed as he walked from room to room. Your mom rolled her eyes as she followed him.

Your father is always so loud! She said to you and your dad shrugged.

What can I say, I’m proud. He responded simply and you laughed. Looking around the still box stricken apartment, you were happy with life at the moment. Then your mom looked at your zoned out face and sighed, which brought you back to reality.

I saw that Yoongi boy at the airport. He was causing all that commotion. She murmured in her usual concerned voice, you shrugged. It had been about a year since the two of you broke up and you hadn’t heard from him since he drunk called you one night when he was on tour, but that was probably 6 or 7 months ago. Seeing him in the airport was a bit of a shock and you looked down at your casual attire and shook your head.

Yea, since he’s an idol, he kinda causes a commotion everywhere he goes. You replied and your mom put her arms around your shoulders and gave you a tight squeeze.

Well, you are always my beautiful baby. He looked like he was drooling! She exclaimed and you blushed, rolling your eyes.

Mom! You responded with a laugh as your dad came back into the room. You helped the two of them leave for their hotel and made your way back to your empty apartment. It was the first time since your breakup with Yoongi that you truly felt lonely. Seeing that he was back in Seoul really made you think about everything that had happened.

Bad timing. You murmured to the empty air. That was the best way to describe what had went wrong. Yoongi was dealing with BTS’s comeback and you were hard at work. The two of you rarely had any time to see each other and when you did have time, you both wanted to sleep more. You thought that it could work if the two of you, if you just toughed it out with all of the work, but Yoongi had a different idea and broke up with you. Instead of falling apart, you dove into work, and since the breakup you had been promoted and given a nice raise. So in a weird way, you were thankful to the breakup. Shaking your head with a small smile, you made yourself a cup of tea and tiptoed past the boxes through your apartment.

Yoongi kept typing out messages then deleting them as he tried to draft the right thing to say. Hey … No that’s too casual … How’ve you been? … I can’t just start with a question … Weird seeing you today, like weird right? … Jesus, what am I? 12?  He whispered to himself as he chastised and tried to figure out what to say. To be completely honest, he hadn’t forgotten about you for a moment since he broke up with you. He spent more time wishing he could call you when he was on tour, there were moments he thought he saw you in the crowd, and whenever he saw something that reminded him remotely of you, he immediately wanted to text. Now he had the chance to strike up a conversation and didn’t know what to say. Pacing around the room, he tried to figure out the perfect way to start talking to you again, but nothing came to mind. Stopping mid-stride, he smacked his phone to his face in an act of frustration. He had lost all hope.

But then, his phone buzzed.

EXO Reaction To You Never Having Your First Kiss And Is Too Shy To Kiss

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Warnings?: Uhmm… I can’t think of anything really.
Requests?: Yup, by a precious anon… a long time ago.

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Xiumin // Kim Min-seok:

*When you told him everything about you never having a kiss before and being too shy to even kiss him, he laughs at you and gives you a face like he didn’t hear you right. He asked if it was true, and you nodded covering your face from embarrassment. Instantly, he feels bad and assures you that it’s okay and how it’s nothing to be embarrassed about by placing a thumb kiss on your cheek. He even offers to help you learn how to kiss.*

MINSEOK: *Chuckling* “What?… really?”
YOU: *Pouting* “Y-yes” *Cheeks turning red* “Ahhhhh… this is so embarrassing!”
MINSEOK: “Aww, no jagi!” *Kisses his thumb and places it on your cheek* “It’s okay. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about! I’ll teach you if you want, I’ll take it slow. I promise jagi.” *Sweetie Boyfriend*

Luhan // Lu Han:

*At first, he looks at you, like he didn’t hear what you said correctly. You explained to him, why you didn’t want to kiss him, and it was all because you were too shy. Turning into an embarrassed ball, you tried as hard as you can to push the big news away and tried to make him continue the walk. But he stood still, not moving anywhere until you have your first kiss on the spot and with him. You tried once again, but he stayed as the stubborn little deer he is.*

YOU: “Lu, why aren’t you moving? Can’t we go now?” *Tugging his arm but he’s still not moving*
LUHAN: “Ahem, no jagi. We’re staying right here, until you let me be your first kiss”
YOU: “Luhan! Can’t we do this when I’m not an embarrassed wreck in front of everyone!?”
LUHAN: “Did you not hear me? We’re not going ANYWHERE until you get your first kiss with your baobei.”

Kris // Wu Yifan:

*He looks at you like you’re joking around because what just came out of your mouth just surprised him. When you told him from you never having a proper kiss or boyfriend to you being extremely shy to even kiss him really caught his attention. You sat there blushing as he laughs at the truth, but not over you never having a real kiss or boyfriend, it’s over how you’re too shy to kiss him. Soon he stops and scowls at you for being afraid to him, a boy who’s crazily in love with you and just can’t get over the fact you’re too shy to kiss him.

YIFAN: “Wait. What? You’re joking! Right?”
YOU: “N-no…”
YIFAN: *Laughs* “Are you kidding me (Y/N)?”
YOU: “…”
YIFAN: “I love you so much, why in the world would you be afraid?!”

Suho // Kim Jun-myeon:

*He would be begging and asking you, constantly as to why he couldn’t get a smooch from his own girlfriend. When you two started dating, you never told him that you never had your kiss before and now he wants a kiss from you, without realizing you were screaming inside. He started to do aegyo, and continued asking why he couldn’t get a kiss in a very a cute manner. You stared and you found it so cute! You soon spilled, and he dropped the cuteness for a second. He then connected things together before doing the aegyo again for you to allow him to kiss you. *

JUNMYEON: *Starts doing aegyo* “Ahhh jagiya, look how cute oppa is! Please tell me why you won’t give me a kiss!? Please!”
YOU: *Dying from cuteness* “Aisshhh, fine.”
*You Explain Everything*
JUNMYEON: *Stops doing aegyo* “Oh…”
YOU: “Yeah…”
JUNMYEON: *Starts doing aegyo again* “Well, we could change that if you let me give you a kiss! Please! Jagi! Jagi!”

Lay // Zhang Yixing:

*When the secret was out to him, he wasn’t really fazed about your little secret. He understood your reasoning and respected it. You wanted your first kiss to be special and with the right guy. He told you, if you want a real kiss from him, tell him that you’re ready. But as for now, it’s going to be only small kisses from him, which you appreciated very much.*

YIXING: “Ah, I understand.”
YOU: “You do?”
YIXING: “Yes, of course! I respect it baobei!”
YOU: “Aish, thank you, baby. Thank you.”
YIXING: “It’s not a problem (Y/N). But for now on, until you’re ready, it’s going to be only small kisses from me!” *Kiss behind your ear*

Baekhyun // Byun Baek-hyun:

*After explaining to him how you never had your kiss before and all of that, he slowly encourages you to let him be your first kiss. First, he gives you a list of reasons as to why he should be your first kiss, that included “I’m Byun Baekhyun from EXO, famous Kpop group.” He then showers you in sweetness and the cutest aegyo. Soon, you gave in and gave that boy a sweet little kiss. Him being the dramatic person he is, he jumps in surprise, saying it was spicy even though it was the softest kiss ever.*

“Oh jagi! That was so spicy! Who knew you had it in you!? Woohoo!”

Chen // Kim Jong-dae:

*He would be listening to you telling your story with a small smile on his face. As you inched closer to the real reason as to why you won’t kiss him, he still wore that smile, still oblivious to as why you wouldn’t kiss him. Until you straight up told him you never had a kiss before and that’s when his face changed. His smile turned into this very shocked and confused face. He was so surprised, that all he did was blurt out questions as to how in the world didn’t his beautiful girl never had a kiss before.*

“What? How?! How does that happen?! YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL! I don’t get it!”

Chanyeol // Park Chanyeol:

*The topic was brought up from him when the two of you were bored one day. For him, it was easy for him to tell about his experience. Then it was your turn. You were nervous when it came to your answer mostly because you never had one! He notices your struggle and asks what’s wrong and that’s when you told him. He understood instantly, but that didn’t stop him from teasing you, and hinting at that fact he wants to be your first official kiss.*

CHANYEOL: “Oh! I understand. Don’t worry jagi!”
YOU: “Aish, thank you Chanyeol baby. Thank you!”
CHANYEOL: “But you know jagi… I’m right here. Snuggly, squishy and cunie. I kinda am perfect for your first kiss jagiya.”

D.O // Do Kyung-soo:

*He would try to hold in his smile and his small giggles when you first tell him that you never had your first kiss. You have spent the past couple of minutes telling him small snipets of your past calmly and relaxed, but he sadly couldn’t pay attention to your stories. Instead, he was only thinking about how he would eventually be your first kiss.*

“huhuhu… uhm… wow… I can see a kiss in the nearby future (Y/N).”

Tao // Huang Zitao:

*He would find you so cute and pure at your blushy face when you tell him that you haven’t been kissed before. After years of knowing each other, he would have thought you would at least been kissed, but it turns out you haven’t! He starts giving you smug looks, and air kisses ever since then, because his view of cuteness over you has skyrocketed.*

*Blows you a kiss* “To my cunie baby aghhh! hehehe!” 

Kai // Kim Jong-in:

*Once you told him your story about your “almost” first kiss, you ended up blushing and being very flustered. He didn’t notice your flustered, rosy cheeks until he looked up from his Korean pork belly to see your face hidden by your long sweater sleeves. He starts to laugh, not only from your pure innocence but at the fact you’re embarrassed that you still hadn’t had your first kiss. He honestly feels it’s not even a big deal.*

*Laughing* “Oh my god, jagi. It’s no big deal! Don’t be embarrassed!”

Sehun // Oh Se-hun:

*When the secret came out clean, he was instantly teasing you, as a joke of course. Even though he knew it was a bit personal and something crazy, he couldn’t stop himself from teasing you. No, it wasn’t making fun of the fact that you haven’t gotten your first kiss, it was something else. It was more like, him teasing you over how he’s right here, ready to be your first kiss.*

“It’s now or never jagiya.”

A/N: LOOK WHO’S BACK?! Me, Michelle huhuhaha! I’m so sorry for the inactive work on my blog >.< School, friendships, anxiety, and depression has been getting in my way more than ever! But luckily, I’m procrastinating my tutoring homework for this. I have had this reaction in my draft for months and I finally have… the strength? to complete this! I hope the anon who requested this enjoys this, and hope it does well! I tried my very best. I haven’t written one in a very long time, so it’s  going to be crusty haha. Requests are open! Send them in! and I will complete them!! I love you all!! xx

The Dinner


It was coming up on two weeks since Cameron left to report for duty. The time went by fast but that was because i kept myself busy scheduling clients back to back. Cam and i FaceTimed almost every night usually until he or i would fall asleep. Some nights we had a little fun (😉) but most nights we just stayed up talking. He was so funny and had me crackin up about stories from his day. But as much as i enjoyed our FaceTime calls, i was ready for him to come back home because i was missing our sessions more than anything. He told me he was coming back from base on Memorial day and i was lit because i knew i was getting some (much needed) dick that same night. The only plans i made for memorial day was a dinner at my parent’s house that evening with my half-brother and his family, but that night i had no other plans than to have my legs wrapped around Cam. 

Growing up as a military brat, my family always took federal holidays pertaining to the service very seriously. Memorial day was like our Pre-Fourth-of-July and normally on holidays, my brother would drop in to celebrate. Jeremy (half-brother) and I were never really close growing up though, reason being was that he was a product of my dad’s first marriage. His Ex-wife was jealous of my parent’s relationship so in spite of his happiness, she kept his son from him. When Jeremy was old enough, he started coming around on his own, learning that the lies his mother told him about his dad and “his new family” weren’t true. Since then, Jeremy always made an effort to come around at least on the holidays.

I had spent majority of the afternoon at my parent’s house helping with dinner prep and talking with my mom and Summer (Sister-in-law) and playing with Liliana (niece) while my dad and Jeremy marinated then grilled the steaks.

When the food had finished cooking, everyone gathered to make their plates and headed out to the patio to enjoy the scenery and a nice meal. I had noticed my mom making an extra plate and setting out another placement at the table but i didn’t think much of it because I had my hands full with my busy-body niece who had finally fell asleep in my arms after playing all afternoon. By the time we all sat down at the table, Dad’s guest came walking through the house. i couldn’t make out the face, but the figure looked familiar. It wasn’t until he walked through the patio doors that i realized it was Cam. 

Surprised, I almost asked “what are you doing here?” but i caught myself because i didn’t want to be obvious that Cam and i have been talking since we met. But damn, i wish he would’ve given me a heads up that he was coming.

He walked towards his seat lookin all good and flashing that sexy ass smile of his. He greeted my parents first then stuck out his hand as he introduced himself to my brother and his wife. When it came to me, he greeted me subtly, acting like he couldn’t remember my name. I went along with it though. He knew how i felt about involving my parents in my business. They always over-analyzed everything and if i would have acted like i knew Cam like i know him, they would have internalized the relationship to make it seem like it was more than what it was and i didn’t want to go through all that with them. The twenty one questions, the “what are your intentions with my daughter?” type shit. And I know they do it because they care, but i just wasn’t ready for that yet. I barely knew anything about Cameron other than the fact that he could lay pipe and i wasn’t ready for an interrogation from my mom and dad about him. 

“Cameron, Thank you for joining us! We’re delighted to have you here.” My mom said as Cam took his seat. 

“Oh no, thank you for having me Mrs. Dianne. Everything looks delicious, wow.” 

“So Cameron, how are you liking your new position as a PO?” My dad asked taking a bite.

“I like it a lot. I’m definitely a lot busier when i get to base but it helps the time go by faster. The new schedule is nice too, two weeks on, two weeks off. It’s like having a vacation every month. And having a private living quarter is nice too. No more bunking with three other guys.” he replied taking a sip of his wine.

The whole while he and my dad were talking, i couldn’t help but look at him. i tried to be modest but he was so cute the way he interacted with my family. He was fitting right in, making us laugh, talking sports with my dad and Jeremy and even offered some advice to my mom about home repairs. I couldn’t take it, he was making me wet. I wanted to jump across the table and fuck him in his seat. I already knew he had me dickmatized, but now i was starting to become attracted to his personality too. I guess all the late night calls and cupcakin was starting to take an affect on me.

I guess my staring wasn’t as discrete as i hoped it was because when i looked up, Jeremy was looking dead at me smiling.

“Y’all fuckin?” he mouthed to me across the table.

“Shut up!” i mouthed back as my eyes got big and started smiling.

I looked around to see if anyone else was paying attention to me and Jeremy’s silent conversation but everyone else was swooning over Cam too. I looked back at Jeremy who was silently laughing to himself and shaking his head.

Damn. Was i being that obvious that even my older brother, who i never see, was able to tell? Shit. This is the first time that i’m seeing Cam like this. Actual boyfriend material and not just someone i’m fuckin. I was beginning to become infatuated with Cameron. And for the first time in months, I actually hadn’t thought about Stefon. 

After dinner was over Summer and I helped my mom clean up everything. I cleared the table while Summer and my mom packed up the extra food. Jeremy, Cam and my dad were inside the house still talking about sports and future football drafts. But i guess Cam somehow managed to sneak away from the conversation and make his way out to the patio where i was.

While i was outside grabbing the dirty dishes from the table, i felt a presence behind me and someone touch my arm. But i knew who it was so i didn’t have to look back. Cam hugged me tight and kissed my head.

“You look amazing.” he said still holding me tightly. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” i asked

“I wanted to surprise you. Did i?”

“Ummm, definitely, but it was a nice surprise. I’m glad you came though cuz I missed you.”

“Well how about after we finish here, we go to my place and you can show me how much you missed me?”

“Sounds good.” I said laughing as he and I finished picking up the rest of the dishes.

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Im glad Kala FINALLY getting her mind right!

Also Shout out to the CC creators! thanks yall for all the new CC yall been dropping. i’m loving it! everything is poppin!! ❤️❤️❤️


Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : The reader is a young graphic design major, who got an internship at Marvel Studios as a 3d coordinator. It’s her first day on a real set and she catches the eye of Chris Evans himself.

Prompt given by myself truly, because I love Chris, and I need motivaion to ge me through my design projects.


You couldn’t believe it, you were finally here. On set, working on a Marvel film. No, you weren’t an actress, you didn’t think yourself pretty enough or tall enough to be one ; no, you were a 3D graphic  designer and you had gotten a six months internship working with the 3D coordinators team at Marvel. You were 3 months down, having already worked with the team on the last shots of the new Spiderman film. Now, they had given you the chance to actually come on set and see where the magic starts. You couldn’t help but grin as you watch the set being built. Well, it was mostly large green cartoon walls being put together but still, you had seen some drafts of what it was going to look like, and damn, it’s going to look good.

“Hey Y/N ! Could you get me one of the 3D prints we got for today’s scenes ?” Seth , one of the coordinators, asked you as you two were setting the last computers. “I think we need to go over the set one last time.”

“I’ll get them !” You answered as you finished plugging a cable into your laptop. Readjusting your glasses, you left the corner and turned around, heading for the prints. There was so much people on set today, after all it was the first week and all the actors were starting to come up for their scenes.

You quickly found the prints and walked back to the set. Well. Easier than done. You were on your way, urning around when you bumped into someone. You fell over, right on the butt, all the papers in your hands now floating on top of you.

“Fuck” you mumble under your breath, your bum aching from the fall. You started picking up the papers on the ground.

“Shit, Sorry, that’s my bad” You looked up as Chris freaking Evans started helping you. He bent down, and started gathering all your papers, you froze for a second, because what the hell ?! It’s your first day on set and you already manage to make a  fool out of you. In front of Chris freaking Evans !

“it’s okay, you don’t have to..” You start to speak as he hands you the papers he’s gathered. You take them and you two get up from the floor.

“It’s the least I could do. Sorry about that, runiing into you and all.” He says and you nod at him. He’s looking down at you, really looking at you, up and down. And you almost want to pinch yourself ; is he actually checking you out ?

“You’re new. I have never seen you around.” Chris says, and god, you have to look up, because he’s so damn tall.

“No, I hum,  well I mean yes, I’m new and no you haven’t seen me around.” You ramble and really you need to go away before you embarass yourself more.

“You’re a part of the set designer team I guess by the prints ?” He makes a nod towards the paper in your hand.

“3D coordinators.” You precise. “Just here to make sure you look good.” The moment the words escape your mouth you wish you just shut up. You mentally did slap yourself this time. But Chris laughed – okay, what ? - and then smiled at you.

“Well, I’m sure I am in my good hands.”

His eyes didn’t leave  you and you started feeling so uncomfortable and you felt sweat dripping on the back of your neck. You awkwardly chuckled before squeezing the papers, before mumbling that you had to go back to set right now.

“Great, then I’ll see you around !”

You awkwardly smiled at him before running , literally running away from him. You quickly got back to the team, and gave them the prints. You quickly got your head into work and soon enough, the cast were starting to appear. As a coordinator, you had to make sure the captors were placed in the right spots on their body. You were assigned Mark, Scarlett and Chris. Chris Evans. You were putting the captors on Mark’s body, watching Chris out of the corner of your eye, while also listening to Mark.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Y/N ?” Mark suddenly asked you.

“What ?” You head snapped up, as Mark chuckled at your reaction.

“Just wondering.” He shrugged, you regained your focus as you finished placing the captors on your leg.

“Hu hu.” You said, going back to one of the laptops. You took, balancing it on your arm. “Okay, let’s see. Can you move ?”

Mark did as told and the movments were perfectly captured on your screen. “Perfect ! You’re good to go !” You told him, smiling.

“Thanks darling !” He told you, sending you a kiss in the air. What a charmer, you thought. You looked back at your screen, making sure that everything was okay with Mark’s zone, when someone taped on your shoulder. You jumped, almost knocking your laptop over ; Strong hands grabbed the laptop though and made sure it didn’t hit the ground. You met Chris’s blue eyes and he smiled at you.

“You gotta work on your clumsiness.” He chuckled.

“Yeh, I suppose I do.” You said, looking back at your screen, resseting your glasses higher on your nose bridge. “So, it’s your turn now ?”

“Yup. I’m all yours babe.” He said as he stood tall in front of you. You smirked, raising an eyebrow. You typed in some coding lines, and quickly reset a new bunch of captors. You put down your laptop and grabbed them before turning to Chris. You started with his legs.

“Wow, you really are small.” He said, as you were kneeling, attaching captors behind his calves.

“That’s not a fair observation.” You answered.

“How come ?”

“Well, you’re above 6ft tall, and I’m kneeling.”

“You went down on your own.” You raised your head at that comment and you saw Chris smirking at you. You bit your lip, stopping yourself from flirting back with him, and continued with attaching captors to his body. You made your way back up, you had to go on your tiptoes to reach his chest. You saw Chris smirking, and it amused you but you weren’t showing it.  

“Stop it.” You whispered.

“But you’re so tiny.”

You shoved him in the chest, he didn’t even flinch at the move. You placed the last captors on his arms before going over to your laptop again. Chris started to walk behind you but you stopped him.

“No, you stay right there.”

“Oooh, bossy.”

You shook your head at his cheekiness before checking that every captors were right.

“Okay, move for me now.”

“Yes ma'am.”

He started to dance randomly and you chuckled slightly before frowning. The captors on this left arm weren’t reacting.

“Okay, just a minute.” You said. You started writing codes lines to see if the captors reacted.

“Is that code ?” You hadn’t noticed Chris getting close to you. You hummed, not really caring about his presence right now. You finished typing the codes, before looking up at him. What you didn’t expect was him being very close to you, and that took you quite off guard as you looked down at your screen immediately. But Chris didn’t let it go. He slid his finger under your chin, making you turn your head towards him again.

“Am I making you uncomfortable ?”

You didn’t know what to say, he didn’t make you uncomfortable, but he’s Chris Evans and you’re .. you.

“You’re very .. Intimidating.”

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to.”

You two stared into eachother’s eyes for a moment before you head Chris’ name being called. You tore your gazy away from him, and cleared your throat.

“You should be good to go.” You said , saving the coding so it’d refresh the captor’s actions. “ Can you move your left arm ?”

Chris stood in front of you and obeyed. His left arm’s movment was indeed captured this time and you smiled proudly. You looked at up at Chris, and he was smiling too. You suddenly felt a bit shy, with him watching you.

“You should go, they’re waiting for you.”

Chris didn’t leave right away, no, he kept looking at you, a light smirk at the corner of his lips.

“See you around, little one.”

You didn’t answer as you just watched him jog over Mark and Scarlett and Jeremy. Your heart was pounding in your chest, as you couldn’t believe what had happened over the last couple of hours. What a first day! 


Title: Trust
Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Word Count: 1k
A/N: I recently started re-watching Teen Wolf from the beginning because I’m like 3 seasons behind and wanna refresh my memory. But while watching it, I regained my huge love for Stiles’ character. He’s hot and sarcastically funny. My total dream guy! Anyway, enjoy this pretty shitty fic. Let me know if you wanna see some more Stiles stuff. PS I’ve had this sitting in my drafts done for like a few months. This was my first Stiles writing so that’s why this A/N sounds weird considering I’ve already written a Stiles fic.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You and Stiles had been friends since daycare. His dad used to babysit you while your parents were out on ‘business’. Within all the years you and Stiles had known each other, you never got the nerve to tell him your secret. You didn’t want him to find out either. He’d probably run away screaming and never talk to you again. Scott knew your secret but that was unavoidable because he could pick up your scent. There had been a few moments where Stiles almost could’ve figured it out if he actually used that brain of his but he never put two and two together and you were honestly thankful for his blindness.

“Y/N, I missed you all summer!” Stiles exclaimed as he picked you up in the middle of the school hallway. “Where were you? I tried calling and texting but it never went through.”

“Yeah, sorry, my parents took me on a stupid vacation and deactivated my phone for ‘family time’. It was pretty lame.”

“Yeah, sounds like it. But you’re back and we’ll be able to see each other everyday now!” He chuckled. “Let me see your schedule.” He stated, rather than asked, as he grabbed the paper from your hand, accidentally cutting you.

“Fuck!” You groaned as you gripped your hand in pain. 

“Oh God, I’m so sorry. Let me see.” He turned over you hand and saw a long cut on your palm. 

“It’ll be fine. Just a paper cut. A big one at that but still a paper cut.”

“Sorry, again. Anyway, let’s see if we have any classes together. Um…dammit…we only have Science together last period. This sucks!” He pouted as he handed you back your schedule. 

“Don’t worry, we’ll see each other at lunch and during passing periods.”

“Yeah, I guess but class is so much more fun with you sitting next to me. I-I mean, like you’re my best friend so it’s nice having someone to talk to.” He blushed lightly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

You shoved the paper into your backpack causing Stiles to get a glimpse of your now healed palm. 

“What the…” He cocked his head as you looked at you confused.

“Oh. I mean…I guess it’s just not as noticeable right now.” You said trying to sound convincing enough.

“It looks healed though.”

“Stiles, I think you need more sleep.” You laughed, nervously. “Let’s get to first period. Don’t wanna piss off our teachers on the first day.”

You fiddled with your phone as you contemplated telling him. Scott said he wouldn’t but that you would have to eventually. Your eyes were glued to the trees passing as Stile drove you both to the middle of the woods as a getaway from school for the day. 

“Yo, Y/N, you good? You seem a little out of it.” Stiles glanced over at you.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, no I’m fine. I think.” You mumbled.

“Something’s on your mind, tell me. And before you lie, I’ve known you for 15 years, you can’t bullshit me like that.” He laughed while still keeping his eyes on the road. 

“There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now.”

“Just tell me. I promise I won’t judge you.” He smiled.

“Well, er, I’m, uh…I’m a Werewolf! There I said it. I’m a goddamn Werewolf. I was born one and that’s where my parents always are when they’re gone. They’re not on business trips, they’re out hunting and fighting off the Hunters.” You spit out in one breath.

Stiles pulled the car over and froze for a few moments. 

“Stiles, please say something.”

“What do you want me to say? ‘Wow, Y/N, that’s so cool that another one of my friends is a Werewolf!’ No, that’s not what I’m gonna say because this sucks. I’m always dragged into this shit and it’s fucking crazy. I can barely handle Scott and now I have to deal with you too.” He ran his hands through his hair.

“What is that supposed to mean?” You said, slighting offended by his wording. “I don’t need you to ‘handle’ me. I was born like this, I can control it way better than Scott. You know what? Forget I said anything. I’ll walk back home from here.” You got out of the car and before Stiles could object, you were already running through the trees.

“Fuck.” Stiles sighed as he banged his head onto his steering wheel.

You got to your empty house and ran to your room. You threw your backpack onto your desk chair and jumped into bed, crying. You though that Stiles would accept you and be kind of happy you trusted him with some a huge secret. 

After a few moments, you heard someone banging on our front door but chose to ignore it, knowing that it was Stiles trying to fix his screw up. The knocking calmed down but soon afterwards you heard clanking on your window. Confused, you looked up and saw pebbles hitting the glass. You sighed as you got up and opened up the window just in time to get hit with one of the pebbles. 

“Stiles!” You groaned.

“Sorry!” He cringed.

“What do you want?”

“Can I come in? It’s cold outside, I can’t feel anything below my waist.” He chuckled.

“Fine. Meet me at the door.”

You went downstairs and unlocked the front door, allowing Stiles access to your house. He followed you back up to your bedroom after closing the door behind him. 

“Okay, you’re inside the warmth now. What do you wan-” Before you could finish your question Stiles had pounced you with a heated kiss which ended up pushing you down onto the bed with him on top of you. Once he pulled away, you were speechless.

“I’m sorry I flipped on you earlier. I was just scared because I thought that you know, you’d join Scott’s pack and end up liking him but I wanted you to like me more. I’ve actually been in love with you since 8th grade but I never had the balls to tell you but I guess I just did so…was it okay that I kissed you?” He rambled causing you to giggle.

“Yes, it was okay. And it’s even more okay if you do it again.”

“So you forgiv-” He paused for a second. “Wait, you like me?!” He said shocked.

“Shut up and give me another kiss, Stiles.” You ordered and he happily obeyed.

The Hills - Chapter Three

Story Masterlist

I am absolutely blown away by the love this story is receiving. Reading your sweet comments seriously gives me life, I love hearing your thoughts! I hope you’ll enjoy this new chapter. ❤

WC: 3278

Warnings: strong language, champagne, a whole lotta angst, nsfw.

Chapter Three: All I Know

After what felt like five hours of being stuck in traffic, I finally made it to my workplace. I entered the building and took the elevator to my office’s floor. I smoothed the front of the grey sheath dress I was wearing as the numbers on the control panel went all the way up to eleven.

I had been in such a rush to get ready I hadn’t even had the chance to check out the published article. I was terrified to find out how much Mariela had changed and I was ever more terrified to see Negan’s reaction to it. I had promised him I was going to be as nice as possible, and I hoped my boss hadn’t been too harsh on him.

“There she is,” Mariela announced as soon as I stepped out of the elevator. “The woman of the hour!”

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For the Queen

This has been sitting in my drafts for like a month now.

Continuation of this request:

The Diner (Prompto x Reader)

You knew you were going to be the next Queen of Lucis. You’ve known that for a long while. You had to hide the exciting news from everyone. Your family, your friends, no one. Marrying Noctis was not just a simple union, marrying Noctis meant helping him rule an entire country.

The King proposed months ago. He had no ring to give you. It had always been tradition to use the previous Queen’s ring… but that relic had vanished the day Aulea was buried.

To be perfectly honest, Noctis did not need a ring to ask for your hand. You’ve loved him for years. You loved him before his journey to bring the dawn back. You loved him when he returned. No one would change that. Nothing will change that. 

He knew that, but as a King he wouldn’t be able to let such a thing slide.  Your official engagement would be broadcasted all over Eos. It was only right that you received a ring worthy of a future Queen.

Noctis set up a private day at the local jeweler just inside the Crowncity. Of course, Noctis requires protection while venturing out of the palace. Who better than Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis? You enjoyed their presence. You were all considered family to each other. They certainly would make ring shopping all the more fun rather than the usual, stiff, firm faced palace guards.

It was a relief to have the entire store to yourself. Noctis brought onlookers where ever he went. You knew he was the jealous type, but you didn’t know how jealous you were until you heard someone young women throwing flirtatious remarks and stares toward your lover.

Glass cases were lined up and down the store’s sales floor with sales people ready to attend the King’s every need.

“Wow,” Prompto marveled allowed. “I feel like I can’t even afford to be in here.”

The group chuckled at Prompto’s statement and quickly dispersed. Gladio assisted in describing each and every jewel that stood out to him to Ignis. Prompto followed you and Noctis around like a little puppy.

“Anything you want,” Noctis reminded you, giving your hand a gentle squeeze, before urging you forward to examine the endless possibilities of jewelry that laid before you. 

The options seemed to be endless.

Just as the amount of zeroes that laid on the end of each of the price tags. 

You couldn’t help but tense up as you walked onward by yourself. How could you be expected to pick something out in this selection when the price exceeded your own worth? 

You did well financially for yourself, but a single ring that laid on display cost more than your rent and your grocery budget combined…. it cost a lot more, in fact. Noctis seemed to have no problem with the prices, but gods. 

Any woman would kill to have the opportunity to be in your shoes, and yet you were feeling guilty. 

“Did something catch your eye, my lady?” A saleswoman questioned with a bright smile from across the glass case, breaking you from your trance. 

Everything has caught my eye,” you explained breathlessly, failing in your attempts to not seem overwhelmed by the nearly endless selection. “I don’t even know where to begin.”

The woman simply chuckled. “Allow me to assist. I would like to point out something I noticed his majesty dwelling on the last time he visited,” she gestured you to follow down one of the rows. You did so obediently and curiously. 

Carefully, the woman behind the counter used the key on the bracelet on her wrist to unlock the back of the glass case. You studied the new selection of gems without a word, wondering as to which one Noctis has had his eye on. 

“It isn’t a very traditional engagement ring, but a King and Queen’s engagement should always be something special,” she pulled a particular from the case and raised it to the surface.

Your mouth dropped at the sight of the dazzling ring.

The woman was right; never had you seen such an engagement ring before. 

A trio of navy blue diamonds stretched across a diamond filled silver band. Each tiny diamond wrapped around the silver band tightly, not leaving a single space in between. 

Through out your life, you only had laid on eyes on the many of your friend’s engagement rings. They were always the same. A single princess cut see-through diamond atop a slim silver or a gold bland. Simple, but gorgeous.

This ring, however, was beyond the classification of gorgeous.

“Noctis,” you turned to face your fiancé. 

He perked up at the sound of your voice and hurried over. 

“This ring… it’s beautiful…”

“Oh, I see you found that one,” he muttered, almost as if he were embarrassed. “I’m surprised you like it.”

“Words can’t fathom how much I adore this ring,” you turned your attentions to the lady behind the counter. “May I try it on?”

“Of course, my lady,” the lady bowed her head respectively, handing you the small case it rested in. 

May I?” Noctis chimed in. 

You giggled. “Of course,” you handed him the small box. 

“This is it then?”

You nodded. “What’s more perfect than the very ring my future husband has had his eye on?”

“I wasn’t sure you would like it. It’s not technically the… perfect picture of an engagement ring.” 

“It’s perfect for us,” you assured him, urging him to slide the ring on to your finger.

A light smile fell onto his lips. “Okay,” he nodded, lowering himself onto one knee. “Y/N?”

“Yes, Noctis?” You already felt tears sting at your eyes, just at they did at his original proposal.

“Will you marry me?” He held the ring out to you, his eyes wide and full of adoration. 

“Of course,” you nodded, letting a single tear slip down your cheek. Noctis grinned from cheek to cheek, hearing his friends and the employees of the store politely cheer. Carefully, he slid the ring onto your finger.

“A ring fit for a Queen,” he whispered to you, getting back on his feet. “We’d like to buy this ring,” he turned his attentions to the employee behind the counter.  


hmmm ok so i love this plot i just had to write about it as fast as i could

its for a lovely anon yep yuppidily doO sORRY ITS BEEN IN MY ASK BOX FOR SO LONG AND I NEVER MADe IT SSHGGG

- aight so ever since mark was young, he trained to become the best knight in all the land

- he learned about his enemies and he’s friends

- he always trained with his pals

- they called themselves 

- “the dream knights”

- lame name ik 


- “fucking lame??!?!//? is that how you disrespect me?!??!/@ your amazing friend??!?/2/1/”

- honestly jeno gets shook everytime


- marks knight legion thing has always been your legion enemy

- y'all have been fighting since the beginning 

-  mark didn’t really know who you were

- until that fateful day

- you were seeking around his land

- and he found you on his way to the washroom

“jfc all i wanted to do was pee in peace”

- you guys had a sword duel

- and you won 

- so ever since then, he’s been training EXTRA hard to fight you and beat you

- when y'all attack again, he goes out to find you

- he see’s you settling renjun and low-key gets jealous cause

- he trained just to fight you and now renjuns fighting you??

- as he’s watching, he realizes how good you look

- not just when you’re fighting, but in general

- ofc u beat renjun

- so u turn around to see mark standing right behind you with his lips slightly parted


- y'all start fighting

- and like

- u guys aren’t even trying

- ur just getting lost in each others eyes during the battle

- tbh he literally gives up

- “eYY wanna ditch?”

- no- we’re literally- jfc we r literally in the middle of a fight r u dumb” - u

- honestly mark 

- but u decide to ditch anyway cause like, its mark amirite

- aight so y'all ditch

- and it becomes annual

- like evrytime ur legions fight, u guys ditch

- lmAO thE drEAm tEaM fOunD ouT

- “moorK?!? is that y/n!???1 oUR enEMy!@?!? ooOooo I’m telling taeyong”

- “don’t YOU DA Re”

- its gucci tho

- lol but the dreamies told taeyonG

- but did he care??? no not really actually 

- anyway

- so like u guys meet up a lot LIKE 

- hella everyday

- and u guys have like deep ass convos 

- “why are we enemies”

- “bc like 678 years ago ur legion stole bread from ours”

- lol truth

- onE dAy 

- you guys were having another deep ass convo a the just

- pecks???your???lips???



- que marks cute lil giggle

- mark giggling = you giggling

- “giGGle”





- he like always pecks ur cheeks

- n it makes u blush

- he also compliments u a lot

- “wow ur so good!”

- “ye cause I’m better than u”

- mark silently cries at night

- u guys always compare like gear and stuff

- who has the better sword

- who has the better armour

- lmao u always have the better shit tho


- but didn’t rly care

-”ahhh young love”

- lolol 

- you guys like ended the 678 year war

- not rly

- but kind of cause your leaders didn’t really care much

- “if they’re in love, then whats the point? we can’t break them up”

- so like no more figHts but there r still a lot of grudges

- like the dreamy with mark not telling them for 4 months

- so

- in conclusion, mark is a babe and djdjskjksjksjskjsk 


And That’s All She Wrote- Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Requested by my Love, @cute-mirei 

I imagine the reader always wanted to be an author, but isn’t good enough. So she starts to write/learning how to write screenplay and after years she got to be one of the authors for a screenplay where Tom Hiddleston is the main actor. And the reader has a crush on him, of course ^^“ Yeah and they met a set and maybe she helps him learning his lines etc. Well I’d like you to make a cameo appearance. The last time I really liked that! :) Yeah and maybe … Tom is bad on purpose so he’s getting to see the reader more often XD

I hope i gave what you expected Jo! Enjoy~


As a kid growing up, writing had always been Y/n’s passion. When times got tough, she found her safe haven in pen and paper. Too bad she was never good at it, she adored the idea of being able to bring her imagination to life. But, of course to any writer, it’s easy to feel insecure about what you write. It’s easy to feel as if people will see it and go, ”Ugh. Another pile of cliché crap.
Thank God she had the support of her family, else she wouldn’t be here now. She has a lot to thank them for, if it wasn’t for the guiding hands of her parents, she’d probably be stuck in some underpaid job that she’s over qualified for. But her Dad once said, ” ‘Aim for the stars, do what you love. 'Cause in the end, it’ll all be worth it.’
So, when she was in high school, she made it her duty to top her English classes, she got into script writing. When she got out of highschool, she went to collage and worked hard to make her parents proud and make a name for herself. She got out with her bachelor’s degree and a shit ton of confidence. She was hired by Hollywood to write scrips for up coming movies, but it wasn’t just her there, there’s other people who were fine with competing against her for the spot. Basically, the director just gathered a few newbie screen writers and told them what to write on, and they’d pick the best from it. It has Y/n on the end of her nerves for the past five weeks.
And after all that, here she is, nervously biting her fingernails as she tapped her feet. They were getting their results today, she was called and she had been slowly counting down the hours.

"Oh would you calm down?” Danielle, who had become a very close friend of hers since she was hired by Hollywood says.
She was an actress, and a very good one at that. She had worked in the movie industry since she was nine, she had acted in really big movies, having minor rolls in the Harry Potter franchise, and then working with Marvel studios and BBC’s Doctor Who.
They were both in her apartment, a place where Y/n had spent most of her time. Danielle was doing her best to calm her nerves, seeing that every minute she’d check her email or pace around.

“What if they don’t like it?” Y/n wonders aloud, plopping down on the red couch behind her, sitting on the edge, rocking a bit out of nervous habit. “They would love it, they’d be crazy and stupid if they didn’t take yours. I swear, if I lose that bet to Ben, I’ll die.” Danielle mutters the last part, but Y/n catches it, turning her head so fast she could’ve gotten whiplash. “You and Ben made a bet on me?” she asks incredulously, her eyes widening as she stares at the mocha skinned girl.
Who just gives an apologetic smile, taking a sip from her smoothie. Y/n sighs, rubbing her temples, an old, familiar feeling of doubt settling in her stomach. The girl almost jumps out of her skin when her phone lets out a ping, her eyes trails down to her phone on the coffee table. “Well, go on. I’m right here with you Y/n,” Danielle smiles kindly, the hand she puts on Y/n’s shoulder was reassuring.

Deep breath now, Y/n.

The girl cautiously picks up the device, unlocking it, she sees the little G-mail notification at the top of her screen. She clicks on it, and was surprised to see that it was the director himself.
“Shit… Dani. It’s from Gabe.” Y/n says, and Danielle squeals, clapping her hands together, nudging her arm with her shoulder. “Go onn.”
With her heart pounding a mile a minute, she reads the email aloud for Danielle to hear as well.

'Hey, Y/n. Before I begin, I want to let you know that I am so impressed with your work. The first draft alone was just fantastic and exactly what I was looking for–’

“Well that’s good news,” Danielle mumbles, smiling like an idiot.

'I have to let you know that my screenwriters would get absolutely nowhere without you. So how about you come in on Saturday morning so I could introduce you to the crew?’

Oh.. my GOD! Holy Flaming fish sticks!

Through her shock of finding out that she actually got to where she wanted, Danielle scrambles for her phone. And she quickly calls her boyfriend, “Hey Ben. Yeah, you owe me fifty bucks.”

“The the rest of the cast would be there, I think you should meet them.” Danielle smirks knowingly at Y/n who sat across from her in the back seat of a cab. It was month into filming, and Gabe had called her in because he wanted to see her for something or another.
Y/n was nervous, only because the one celebrity she was crushing on is going to be there. Danielle told her when the auditions came around, that a certain British actor would be working with her as the main character and she knew the girl had a crush on her now co-star Tom Hiddleston.
When the girls got to the set; a large green field, it was more country side than anything. There was a barn far off to the right edge of the field, and a horse stable not far from it. White tents were set up already, the makeup area and the food tents.
People were moving around busily, clearly putting things into order. It was a fairly sunny day, so they were doing a few of the outdoor shoots today.
“I’m gonna go get changed and head off to make up, you find Greg yeah?” Danielle says, turning Y/n in the direction that Greg would likely be before strutting away. She found Greg standing under a tent where the technical equipment was set up under, he was very easy to find, since he was in a black tee with DIRECTOR splayed on the back. As Y/n made her way over, a few of the crew members acknowledging her as she passed them.
“Y/n, Love, c'mere,” Greg says once she sees her, waving her over. Greg, was a really big director, he was a very flamboyant man with red hair and eyes like the night sky. He more acted like a kid high on caffeine than an adult, which made him very fun and easy to work with.
She didn’t see the other person standing there with him though, who he was chatting comically with. Greg wraps an arm around her shoulders when she steps up next to him, “Tom here, wanted to say a few things to you,” he smiles, motioning to a very calm looking Tom Hiddleston.

Oh God.

Y/n completely freezes up, this man is her idol, and to actually be meeting him now…a few are that privileged. Danielle comes skipping over, pulling to a halt next to the stunned Y/n and Tom who was beginning to look a lot more awkward.
“So Tommy, I see you’ve met my partner in crime,” She smiles, she had changed out of her dark jeans and white tee for horse riding gear. A white long sleeved blouse and high waisted  brown pants accompanied with black riding boots.
Tom smiles at them, running a hand through his hair that was dyed blond for his character. “Ah, yes. I just wanted to say that your work with the script was just….beautiful–perfect. It was amazing.” Tom stutters to find the right word to use, so he just goes with the ones that pop to mind. He didn’t expect the girl to be so pretty, dressed in a simple dark blue sun dress with high top converse sneakers, her hair tossed up into a mess of a bun.
When he read the script, he immediately knew why Gabe took hers at first glance. It was absolutely perfect, the way she wrote her characters – Wow.
Danielle, noticing the girl hasn’t said a word back to Tom yet, she nudges her with an elbow.
“Oh–yes. Uh, thank you. It was my pleasure,” Y/n says professionally, taking his hand in hers when he puts it out for her to shake.
“Tom, you’re up,” Greg calls, standing near the barn, his hands cupped around his mouth. Tom looks back the girls, smiling again, his eyes lingering on Y/n. “We’ll catch up later yeah?”
When Tom jogs over to where Gabe was standing, Danielle whistles lowly. Her brown eyes glued to Tom’s backside, “Girl, you are so damn lucky. If a guy that hot was hitting on me, I’d die.”

“I’m telling,” Y/n quickly replies, and Danielle snorts a laugh, “You’re hitting on Ben’s best friend,”
Y/n smiles when Danielle playfully pushes her shoulder, wiggling her eyebrows at her, “Scared I’ll take your man?”
With flushed cheeks, Y/n grumbles, “No. He’s not mine… Shut up.”


For the past three weeks, Y/n was  on set more often. She and Tom had gotten a lot closer, only of course with Danielle’s prompting and she and Greg playing matchmaker for the past week. The three of them had been up to nothing but trouble. Currently the Y/n was in the bathroom on the set site, trying to get a coffee stain out of her white blouse. Tom had spilled it on her when they were talking and Greg had accidentally bumped unto the man.
Which just flared up a stream of swears from Greg, a lifetime worth in apologies from Tom and Y/n telling them it was alright. When she goes back outside, Tom was sitting against the wall. A script book with all his lines highlighted in his hand. He gets up and they both walk back down the hall, it was lunch time, so they could do whatever.
“Hey love birds,” Danielle shouts, getting both Tom’s and Y/n’s attention. She was standing at the snacks table, munching on a pretzel. Tom shakes his head and chuckles while Y/n’s cheeks flush pink, Dani had make it her duty to call them that since the sock incident.
They were sock sliding this one time and Tom sort of fell on Y/n, but before he could get up, they got lost in each other’s eyes. And Danielle never let that ’chick flick’ moment go.
Tom’s eyes were still stuck in in the book when they walked over, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. In honesty, he was trying to distract himself, because he noticed that for the past few days he had been feeling something that was more than just friendship to the young screenwriter. But, he was afraid to say anything, he didn’t want their friendship to be ruined and she hate him forever.
Later that day, they were once again getting ready to do more outdoor shots, Danielle was busy with that, and Y/n took that time to go see the horses in the barn. She’s been in there a few times to just pet the animals, there were only three horses, a stallion with a sleek black coat, a mare whose coat is very deep shade of brown with white socks. And a young one which is only five months old that’s brown as well.
Y/n walks quietly into the barn, she was a bit startled to see Tom there, petting the stallion. “Hey,” She says, announcing her presence to the British man. He looks over his shoulder briefly, smiling at her, “Hey.”
“I guess we had the same idea,” Tom chuckles, nodding at her. She smiles, walking over to pet the horse’s neck.
As Tom watches her he feels his heart skip a beat, how could someone be so beautiful just doing nothing at all? He must admit, he’s never felt this way about anyone in such a long time, and it scares him. All his past relations ended badly one way or another, and then to put his heart out again…..
“Y/n?” Tom calls softly, watching as she took her e/c eyes off the stallion to look at him. “hmm?”
“There’s something I need to tell you. And, I may regret this in the long run…” Tom swallows uncomfortably, chuckling nervously. Y/n gives him a confused smiles, wondering why he was suddenly acting nervous.
“This may seem forward. But the past few weeks I’ve known you has been nothing short of amazing. You are beautiful in every aspect of the word, a-and you make me feel so happy, just being yourself. An–”
Tom’s words were cut short when Y/n wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. “I–I didn’t finish… ”
Y/n giggles, “Shut up,”
Tom wraps his arms around her waist, letting himself get lost in her embrace. She pulls away, smiling up at him, “I thought I would’ve said it first.” She laughs softly, she could just stand there forever and drown in the blue of his irises.
“C-can I kiss you?” Tom asks, his voice barely a whisper. Y/n smiles, “I’d like that,”
The kiss was soft, and sweet, as one of Tom’s hand cups her cheek and her fingers tangle in his soft blond locks.
A loud shout of, “YES!” breaks the kiss, at the entrance of the barn was Danielle, dressed in a red flannel shirt and white jeans. She had a shit-eating grin on her face. Embarrassed,  Y/n hides her face in Tom’s shirt while he chuckles and Dani does a victory dance.
“Greg! You so owe me. Pay Up!”


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#8 Mitch Marner

can you do a mitch marner one where everyone knows you guys don’t get along but fighting or arguing is something you secretly like (and he secretly likes it too) and there’s chemistry and sexual attraction that he can’t take it anymore and kisses you and it’s like aggressive kissing idk it’s not really smut but like the next time y'all see each other you guys don’t argue anymore and everyone’s like ?????? pls and thanks!

Warnings: Angry kissing *you cant see it but my eyebrows are doing a thing*

Song suggestion of the day: heathrow by catfish and the bottlemen

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You’d known Mitch Marner for way too long and for the record he’d always been insufferable. You would have been perfectly content to stay friends with Connor and Dylan, till Mitch came barrelling into your trio. He and Dylan were like two peas in a pod and you hated it. Then you’d moved to London and so every time you saw Dylan and Connor, Mitch was always there. You couldn’t stand it. He was so annoying and immature and he’d never leave you alone. You didn’t think you could dislike another person more. Con was always the mediator when you fought, he was shy but he really had a way with people that he didn’t give himself credit for. Connor and Mitch weren’t as close as Dylan and Mitch were, plus he was definitely more of an introvert than the other two so you ending up talking to Connor a lot more than you did Dylan. This became yet another reason for you to despise Marner, not that you hated talking to Connor but that you missed Dylan. It was worse when Dyl and Con weren’t in London. You had to feed your hockey addiction so you found yourself at knights games where you’d be forced to see Mitch. To add to that, you’d see him around town all the time also. You finally thought you’d catch a break when you were accepted to a Uni in Toronto. You’d get to see Dylan and Connor and avoid Mitch easier when they were there for games. Those first couple of months before the draft were pretty lonely. You’d seen Connor brown around town a couple of times and remembered him from when he was playing with the Otters. You and connor got on pretty well and he was from Toronto so he helped you find your feet in Toronto, which was awfully nice of him. Then Mitch went and got himself drafted to Toronto, much to your distain.

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Characters: Andy Biersack/You

Band: Black Veil Brides

telarnidaniela suggested: y/n confides in ashley when a secruity guard from the tour has been making her feel uncomfterble and getting too touchy feely and she doesn’t know what to do and andy finds out

A/N: WOW, this has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I apologize for the lack of imagines recently; I’ve been super busy studying for finals and everything :/ Butttt, school ends this Friday, so after that, I’ll have a lot more time to write for you guys! Thanks for sticking with me :)

Black Veil Brides had been touring for about 3 months now, and you were tagging along with them. You had started to date Andy a little over a year ago, so of course he asked you to come along with him on tour.

After a concert one night, you and the band were just sitting around in the tour bus chatting. Andy had left to go to the bathroom, so you took this opportunity to talk to someone about something that had been bothering you for a while.

“Hey, Ash, can we talk outside for a sec?” you asked, standing up.

“Oh, uh, yeah of course,” he nodded, following you out of the bus. “What’s going on?” he wondered when the door had closed, turning around to face you.

“Um, well, you know Steve, right?” you questioned, wanting to make sure he knew who you were talking about before you complained.

“The security guard? Yeah, I know him. What about him?” he replied.

“He’s just, uh, been making me feel kinda…uncomfortable,” you muttered, looking anywhere but at Ashley. Now that you were saying this out loud, you realized how stupid you must sound.

Ashley didn’t seem to think it sounded stupid, though. He tilted his head and said, “In what way?”

“I dunno, it just seems like he’s been taking every opportunity to touch me…like, yesterday, I was walking backstage before the show to meet up with Andy, and he bumped into me in the hallway and grabbed my ass. Like, actually grabbed it, not just brushed it. And it’s happened more than once,” you explained, sighing heavily. You didn’t want to be making a big deal out of nothing, but you were beginning to grow tired of being harassed.

Ashley frowned. “Really? I wish I knew…do you want me to say something to him?”

“I don’t really see what that will do. He’s not going to listen to you; I’ve already asked him to stop, but he hasn’t,” you groaned, rolling your eyes. “I just want it to stop,” you whispered the last part, pressing your lips together.

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” Ashley assured you, coming over to you and hugging you. .You hugged back, glad for his support. “I’ll tell Andy, and he can-”

“No,” you interrupted, pulling away and looking into Ashley’s eyes. “You can’t tell him. I don’t want him to know.”

“Don’t want who to know what?” you heard a voice say. You jumped in surprise and turned to see Andy standing there, crossing his arms. He looked accusingly at you and Ashley, and you suddenly realized what he thought must be going on.

“Nothing,” Ashley said, shaking his head.

“Really?” Andy asked. “Cuz if you don’t tell me, I’m pretty sure I can connect the dots on my own.”

“Ash, it’s okay. I’ll just tell him,” you sighed, not wanting Andy to think that you were cheating on him.

“Okay, I’ll let you guys talk things out,” Ashley muttered, going back into the bus and leaving you and Andy alone.

“What’s going on, y/n?” Andy wondered, moving closer to you.

You took a deep breath before explaining everything that you had just told Ashley. Throughout your explanation, Andy’s facial expression depicted rage.

“How come you didn’t tell me that you were feeling uncomfortable?” he asked. “I could have done something to prevent you from feeling like that.”

“I didn’t want you to do anything you might regret later,” you explained, shrugging.

“C’mon, y/n. I’m never gonna regret keeping you safe.”

You blushed and nodded, realizing that there was no reason for you to worry in the first place about Andy knowing.

“First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll go up to Steve and ask him to stop. If he doesn’t agree, he’s gone. How does that sound?” Andy offered.

“Great,” you smiled, hugging him. “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” he chuckled, hugging you back and squeezing you lightly.

I didn’t really know how to end this?? I hope this is sufficient…

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Western AU Prompt :) Darcy/Steve Darcy's family owns a horse breeding ranch. Steve moves into the neighboring ranch & decides to buy a Friesian horse from Darcy. Darcy & the horse cared deeply for each other so the horse kept running back to Darcy until Steve finally decides to ask Darcy out :D

When Cupid Has Hooves

 The sky was darkening as Darcy finished up with her daily chores at the ranch. Winter was just around the corner, which meant that the air already held that bone-chilling nip. All she could think about was locking up, dressing down, and slipping into a hot bath. The sound of trotting and an excited huff behind her promptly nixed that idea. She sighed and turned around.

 Bear, otherwise known as the most annoying horse in the world, trotted up to her. He reached down, placing his nose firmly into her hair, knocking her hat off. She had trained Bear herself. He was the finest Friesian their ranch had ever bred, and she had known that he would fetch a pretty penny. Which was why, even though she loved the stupid horse, she had sold him when the offer came.

 Of course Darcy never would have simply let him go to just anyone. So many of the people who came out her way were rich bitches looking to fulfill their childhood dream of owning a pony. To them the horses were nothing more than an accessory to stuff in their Barbie Dream Ranch. They didn’t understand that horses were a commitment, even more so than dogs. They weren’t pets, they were companions. Bear’s owner though understood this, being an honest to God cowboy from up in Wyoming.

 He had waltzed onto her ranch, took one look at Bear and knew he had found his horse. Too bad Bear didn’t see it that way. Rogers lived on the neighboring ranch and had moved Bear there after the purchase, not that he stayed there. Bear had been with Rogers for three months, but every night it seemed that Darcy had to trot that stupid beast right back to his new barn.

 With a shake of her head she took off towards Rogers’, safe in the knowledge that Bear would follow after her like a puppy.


Steve was just sitting down to his meal when he noticed movement from out of the window. He shook his head when he noticed the petite woman being followed by the overgrown puppy that was his horse. He couldn’t help the small laugh when Bear gave a “gentle” nudge to her back, tripping the woman slightly.

 When Steve had bought this old ranch, this was not what he had been expecting. He had grown up on a ranch in Wyoming. After his parents had died, leaving him with no relation to care for him, the Barnes, family friends, and taken him in. He had only been seven at the time. He had lived with them, learning how to be a cattle rancher, until he was eighteen and joined the army.

 He had signed up with his best friend and brother Bucky, only Steve was the only one to return. After everything, Steve didn’t feel as though he could continue to live with the Barnes. Too many memories, too much guilt. But he was a cowboy at heart, and it seemed you just couldn’t take that out of him. When he had found this old ranch in Colorado, he decided that maybe it was time for him to start out on his own.

 The first thing he did was purchase himself a horse. He had a truck back in Wyoming he planned on driving down someday, but what he really needed was a horse. He had spoken to the people in town, all of them directing him to the ranch beside his, Silver Lightening Cutting and Draft Horse Ranch. He had expected it to take a while, but the moment he set eyes on Bear he knew he could never own another horse. The problem was Bear didn’t seem to like him very much.

 Steve walked out onto the porch, leaning against the post as his neighbor stomped up in front of him. Miss Darcy Lewis was a couple of years younger than him, and more than a head shorter. Not that any of that mattered, the woman was a force to be reckoned with. And boy, if he didn’t want her. She was feisty, smart, and beautiful as all get out. He had almost asked her out the moment he purchased Bear. The lack of date hadn’t been his nerves, but the tall, dark British man that had slunk his way into her office.

 Loki or something, had been a professor of Shakespearian literature on loan to Colorado State from Cambridge. He also so happened to be Miss Darcy’s boyfriend. At least he had been. Last he heard the man had returned to England.

 “Got a present for ya.” Darcy pointed her thumb behind her. She had no need to look, she could feel the stupid animal’s breath on her neck. Instead she looked up at the man on the porch. If there ever was a man where you could see God’s work, it was him. He stood leaning against a post, legs encased in denim, and his flannel shirt untucked and unbuttoned almost halfway down his chest. Darcy didn’t normally like bearded men, but Rogers somehow made it work.

 “Gee, thanks.” Steve laughed and hopped down off the porch. He took up the reigns and gave a gentle tug. “Come on you dumb beast.”

 Darcy laughed when Bear stood his ground, tugging in return. Steve just shook his head before straightening out his hat.

 “Sorry again for him. I’ve even added extra locks on the barn, but he still figures his way out.” Steve pushed behind him when Bear nudged his shoulder.

 “Guess I should have mentioned he was an escape artist before you bought him. He used to do this all the time. Used to wake me up in the middle of the night whining beneath my window.” If the creature had been human, Darcy would have called him lovesick. Something that she was sure could be used to describe herself when it came to the man before her.

 “Makes one wonder why you parted with him.” Steve nudged back when Bear once again pressed against his shoulder.

 “I knew he would be in good hands.” Very nice hands, big hands… hands that were currently on her trying to keep himself up after Bear had pushed him too hard.

 “Shit, I’m sorry…” Steve sprang up and moved back, his face growing hot as he realized just where his hands had been.

 Darcy straightened her shirt, her own blush rising on her cheeks. “That’s alright.”

 For a moment the two of them just stood there, neither looking at each other or knowing what to say. Bear shook his head, stomped his foot, and once again nudged Steve in the shoulder. Though with less violence this time.

 After pushing the horse back, Steve cleared his throat. “Hey, there’s supposed to be a dance over at the community building this Saturday. I was wondering, well only if you wanted to, that is, would you like to accompany me?” He could have kicked himself, he sounded like some wet behind the ears little boy.

 “Um, yeah, I would love to.” Darcy beamed up at him. “I would like that at lot.”

 “Good, good.” Bear huffed behind him, bringing his attention away from Darcy. “Uh, I should probably get this idiot back to the barn.”

 “Probably. Night, Steve.” Darcy waved as she headed back home.

Steve stood watching her until he could no longer make her out. Bear, behind him, huffed again. And had anyone been looking they would have sworn that the horse had rolled his eyes in fond exasperation.


 Author’s Note: Wow, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize that this was still hanging out unfinished. Sorry that this took so freaking long to finish. Hope you still enjoyed it, even if it was late.

     Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.  


Author’s note: Inspired by @wigglywormy post
AS PROMISEEED. Dang, y'all were thirsty for KenHina lol. This was in my drafts for sooooohooo long though omg. I think I started writing this, like, three or four months ago and I was finally able to finish this I’m so happy alsdfjasdfsd

Summary: Hinata keeps losing at his videogame and Kenma has an idea on how to get him more focused.  

Usually weekends were filled with endless hours of sleeping in, hanging out with friends, watching movies, generally pretending school didn’t exist and trying to beat your boyfriend’s highscore. And failing.

Hinata was no exception as he was sitting in said boyfriend’s living room, aggressively pressing the buttons of the PS4 controller and yelling at the screen. The aforementioned boyfriend, Kenma, was sitting on the couch behind him (Hinata had decided to sit on the floor to get closer to the screen), playing his own game on his phone and sneaking in a few glances every now and then.

Both of them were well aware of the fact that Hinata was a very talented person. When it came to volleyball that is. It wasn’t like he was bad at gaming per se—

“Ack! I died again!”

Okay, yeah, he was pretty bad. Hinata was stuck on level 3 and Kenma didn’t really know what else to do other than to sit there and watch. This time he was going to try to figure out why Hinata kept dying in this level so he locked his phone and laid it down on the couch.

Like he did every time he lost another round, Hinata fiddled around with his controller a bit, shook his head, let out a loud battle cry and pressed the “start again” button. His character calmly stood in the middle while the monsters started appearing around him and Hinata did this cute little thing where he leaned closer to the screen as if he was trying to intimidate it and mumbled something along the lines of, “Bring it on, I’m ready for you.”

Kenma barely noticed the corners of his lips curling up at the scene.

“START!” appeared in the middle and Hinata cried out again as he started attacking the buttons with his thumbs. The protagonist ran towards a random monster to the right and started attacking it with their weapon, blatantly hitting it over and over again until it ran out of HP. Meanwhile, the other monsters kept hitting him as well, causing Hinata to constantly lose HP and Kenma frowned.


“Yeah?!” Hinata yelled as if Kenma wasn’t sitting right behind him.

“Use more magic and don’t focus on just one monster.”

“Got it!” 

Eh, at least it helped to a certain extent. Instead of dying after one sloppy minute, he kept dying after a solid two. But Hinata being, well, Hinata, refused to give up and decided to keep trying. Kenma leaned back with a sigh, on one hand admiring his determination but on the other hand annoyed at himself that he couldn’t help him.

… Wait.

From the corner of his eye, Kenma saw a blinking blue light coming from Hinata’s phone and that Hinata kept looking at in between hits. So that was the real reason he couldn’t win this round. It was true that Hinata was easily distracted, hell, sometimes Hinata got distracted when they were kissing because of a bird flying by (“Ooooh! Did you see that, Kenma? It flew by like whoosh, wow! I wish I could fly like that!”).

It was a serious issue so Kenma would probably need to take drastic measures. 

“GAME OVER” bright yellow letters screamed for the umpteenth time and Hinata threw himself onto the floor with a dramatic sigh.

“You’re distracted,” Kenma spoke up and Hinata looked up at him without moving his head, silently asking him to continue. “I’ve an idea on how to get you more focused.”

Hinata practically jumped up and bounced over to the couch. “For real? Tell me, tell me!”

“I noticed that other things keep distracting you so you gotta make sure the game is your number one priority no matter what. It took me a while before I could talk to others and game at the same time and I’m sure you can do that as well, but you’re not at that level yet,” Kenma explained quietly and Hinata nodded every few seconds with a little hum. “So I’m gonna test if you can zone in on the game no matter what. See it as a training of some sorts.”

“You’re so observant, Kenma!” Hinata marveled, his eyes almost popping out of his head. “Yeah, let’s do it! I got this!”

As usual, Hinta was obviously very excited to try this so he sat back down, ready to start a new round. The small smile was back on Kenma’s face as he got up from the couch to sit behind Hinata who seemed confused at this, but didn’t say anything. He made himself comfortable by spreading his legs and aligning them with his boyfriend’s and pressing so close that their bodies were almost touching.

At first, Kenma just watched Hinata play for a while, waiting for the right moment to strike. Just like Kenma had advised him to do, Hinata used some magic and tried to hit multiple monsters at the same time while also jumping out of the way.

Then, Kenma laid his hands on Hinata’s bare knees, startling him.

“O-oi…” was the small mumble he got in response, but Kenma didn’t say anything in return.

Anticipation was also part of his plan, after all. His hands simply stayed there, not moving one inch. Hinata hadn’t lost yet, which was definitely a good sign, and Kenma liked to believe it was because he was trying even harder now since he knew he was being judged.

Very thankful for the fact that Hinata was dressed in shorts, Kenma slowly moved his hands down to the back of the knees, making sure that his nails lightly touched the skin while he did so, and as expected, a loud shriek filled the air.

“Gah! That really tickles!” Hinata huffed and tried to shuffle away, which Kenma had also expected so he quickly wrapped an arm around his middle to pull him back against his chest.

“That’s the point.”

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soulmate! doyoung

i feel a little biased cause like all my posts r about the same people bUT IN MY DEFENCE no ones requesting any other members ;’’’)))


- hmmm ok

- so this is the soulmate au where you have a timer on ur wrist and it counts down the time until u find them

- so when you’re young you don’t rly know whats going on

- like u look at your parents but they don’t have timers

- “mom? whats thi-”

- “omG YOU R SOULMATE TIMER~!!! but you’re so young! it usually doesn’t come until your 19?”

- see, you’re like 13,,,,,and your timer says you’ll meet your soulmate in 3 days 

- aka the first day of school

- you’re pretty hype but you don’t rly know what happens when you meet them

-so for the next 3 days you practice how you’ll introduce yourself to them

- “hey! I’m y/n and you’re my soul- ahhh thats cheesy”

- “are you my soulmate? cause my timer is goi- that sounds like a pick up liNE”

- anyway time skip 2 the first day of school

- u be sweating because it says 1 minute and you’re all sitting in class waiting for the last student to come in

- anD BOOm

- a cutie patootie walks into the class and is like 

- “hello im doyou-”

- he stops cause you guys make eye contact and both of ur timers go off

- in front of the whole class

- the teacher is all like ;)))) and lets u guys sit beside each other

- but its suppperrr awkward

- like 

- “uh,,,,,,,,,hello,,,,,soulmate”

- like the whole class is watching y'all for some drAMa

- but there is none

- like you do admit, doyoung is hELLA cUTE

- and he thinks that about you too

- y'all become rly close but don’t rly “date” cause you’re too young


- all ur friends r jealous cause they haven’t gotten theirs

- time skip 5 years

- you guys r 18 now

- and almost all your friends have found their soulmatezzz

- you n doyoung haven’t rly officially started dating yet



- !!!!!!!!

- like you guys hold hands n cuddle

- but u haven’t gone the extra step

- actually,,,,both of u haven’t even kissed yet


- its ok tho!!! cause doyoung is preparing something big 4 ur 19th bday

- he’s been practicing for months and he’s so ready to show u

- time skip 2 ur bday

- you don’t see doyoung like anywhere and you’re hellA confused

- so like u walk onto the sidewalk and sEE

- doyoung in the streets with a bunch of his friends

- been the curious kid u r, u go over and see whats happening


- doyoung like strumming his guitar but then notices u 

- “this is loongng overdue but i hope you can’t accept it”


- then doyoung starts singing and wow!!! you’ve never heard that voice b4!!!

- u then take in the lyrics and realize that he’s taking about you

- an d how grateful he is to be your soulmate

- and how happy he is 

- because out of 7 billion people, its you thats his soulmate

- he couldn’t be any happier

- so at the end of the song when you’re low-key tearing up,,, he looks at you with so much love in his eyes anD UghgHGughUGhu

- “y/n, i love you so much, please be my girlfriend”


- you guys like hug an,,,,d



- it was so sweet n perfect like doyoungs lips moulded perfectly with yours

- low-key the passer byes were disappointed cause they thought he was proposing or smh but nevertheless!! they were happy :)

- its kind of funny, cause you guys met when u were 13 but didn’t rly consider the fact that you guys were soulmates. it was like a normal middle school crush but much more than that + you knew that he liked you back

- u nd doyoung are actually perfect for each other, like thats probably why y'all r soulmates ;))))))))))




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Into You (Ben x MC)

Summary: What if you and Ben knew each other back in university? Here’s how you could possibly have met back in Grantmore.

Author’s note: Thanks to Anon for the prompt: “How about a story if MC and Ben met in university? How they met etc :)“ I’ve had this fanfic in my drafts for over a month now, but couldn’t get it to go anywhere. Thanks to Anon’s prompt, I tweaked the story and it seemed to work. Let me know what you think! (Rating: T)

Into You (Ben x MC)

I was walking briskly towards the university’s newsroom, frappuccino in hand. If you’re on time, you’re already late, I reminded myself, picking up my pace. The whipped cream in my frap looked so tempting, I couldn’t help but bow my head and take a sip.

That’s when I slammed into a wall (or what at least I thought was a wall) and my frap exploded all over my shirt. Or maybe that’s when the wall slammed into me. “Oh sh…,” I cringed, feeling the whipped cream and the coffee seep into my shirt. 

“I’m so, so, so sorry,” the wall said. I looked up. Damn, the wall was cute. Tall guy, broad shoulders, black-rimmed glasses. Geek chic. He looked familiar. I shook myself out of that unnecessary reverie and gestured to my soaked shirt.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Cross. How long did it take for you to get to where you are right now? With loads of people asking for rec and awaiting your new story eagerly? I write too and sometimes I feel like my writing is not good enough, my idea is too dumb. I just feel so sad sometime and want to stop. I sound like a whining bitch right now but sometimes, a little validation can make a writer's day a whole lot brighter. I'm sorry I flood your ask with such negativity.

It’s been several years I think. I’ve had this tumblr for quite a while now but I think it only got popular through the Bleach/HP/KHR fics I started writing back in 2012 (wow it really has been a long time, I haven’t really noticed). And I tend to read a lot of fanfiction so ppl eventually started dropping by to ask if I recognized this or that fic (even tho this isn’t actually a finding rec blog lol).

As for feeling like your writing isn’t good enough, I think everybody feels that way at some point, often more than just once. In my experience, even if you think your plots are stupid or too cliche or your grammar’s not that good or you have writer’s block and you feel like chucking your laptop or notebook out the window, you should, well maybe take a break first, BUT you should still keep writing anyway. If writing’s something you enjoy, whether that’s worldbuilding or characterization or just fixing all the canon fuckups that you can’t bear to leave alone, then go for it. Maybe your first attempt really isn’t that good, or your second, or your third, but you can’t get better if you don’t keep writing. Try out different ideas, write your characters from different perspectives, throw them into different situations, and if you post your works, maybe ask any readers for some tips on what was good and how to improve so long as they’re not dicks about it.

Sometimes, I look at some of my writing and think it’s a piece of crap. I’ve scrapped more than one draft, and even looking back at some of the works I’ve posted, there are bits that I feel could’ve been a lot better, but I’d like to think my writing’s improved because I’ve written so much since I first started.

In my experience, if I get stuck on something or I feel like I just can’t continue a piece of writing because it’s just that bad, I usually put it away or set it aside and start on something totally new, with a totally different plot. Start fresh. And on occasion, weeks or months down the road, I might go back and pull out that piece of writing I didn’t like, and there’ll still be some parts I absolutely hate, but I’ll also see parts that i can salvage and rewrite, and it might evolve into something better.

But bottom line, keep writing. If you like it, if you want to write, then write. And you’ll get discouraged because you don’t get a whole lot of reviews for your fic or you’ll want to stop because some part of your story just won’t turn out the way you want it to even though you can see it perfectly in your head, but you have to push thorugh that and keep trying. Keep writing. Take breaks, read other people’s fanfic, chat about whatever is frustrating you on tumblr or with your friends, but don’t ever stop writing.

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Also on A03!

It’s after kissing Bitty for ten minutes straight under the popping and sizzles of color in the clear Georgia sky that Jack realizes that he has to say something.

The thing is, he doesn’t want to. He’s perfectly content in lying down on the layers of a Bittle family quilt and two sets of pillows, feet propped up on the hood of the truck. The last of the fireworks spit and sputter, like falling stars, and Jack imagines the guests still clustered outside the Bittle’s house applauding, then murmuring their goodbyes. His parents will be expecting us home soon, Jack realizes, wondering how long they can stay out in the blue pickup truck until someone came looking for them. Bitty hadn’t dared to simply drive off with his father’s car, but had received the keys with a gruff, “Take care of her,” after he’d asked to borrow it to show Jack around town.

Instead of a tour, Bitty had driven to an empty field, then pulled out a picnic basket filled with two bottles of his grandmother’s homemade root beer and two mini apple pies from the blanket-padded trunk trunk. “Happy Fourth,” he’d said, with a shy smile, and Jack kissed him for the second time. They’d only broken apart with the loud boom of the first firework, and only briefly stopped to eat the pies and drink the still-cool root beer. For the longest time, they simply just watched the fireworks burst in reds and blues and whites and all sorts of colors, not saying a word.

Bitty’s head is now on his chest, arms wrapped around him. If this was Canada, Jack would have draped his jacket over him, but Georgia’s hotter than any place he’s been in his life. 

The whole time, Jack had wished for an ice rink.

Bitty had only laughed. “It’s only going to get worse from here on out. Why do you think we’re going to the lake today?”

The afternoon had been pleasant, if a bit crowded and loud. The Bittles had invited all their friends and family, potato salad and burgers as far as the eye could see. Jack had talked to someone who’d fought in World War Two and another whose mother had been a nurse there, too, before someone in the Bittle clan roped him into the annual football game. Bitty’d only played a little, immediately leaving to chat with his grandparents after a particularly nasty tackle that left both of his knees skinned, though Jack suspected it was from the chirping that had been going on all day: at least you’re in a real sport now, eh, Eric? and you do look a bit less girly now that you’ve beefed up some. Jack had opted out of the next round, and he’d joined Bitty and the younger cousins in the lake, splashing each other and trying to skip stones before toweling off to drive back to the house for dinner and fireworks. 

Their skin and clothes still sort of smell like lake water and ketchup and dust, which isn’t exactly pleasant, and there’s dirt and small pebbles in between his toes and in his socks. His muscles still ache from practice three days earlier, and he has a six AM flight back to Providence in the morning, where he’s going to spend all day and evening in conditioning, PR training with Georgia, and brief on the ice practice with the team.

Here with Bitty, though, it doesn’t seem to matter.

But Jack still needs to tell him.

“Bits,” he whispers, then gently shakes his shoulder. “Hey, wake up.”

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ok so let me tell you about a little ship called lomre

yep thats there shipname, its great i know 

so according to @thesecretdetectivecollection this is how it started 

“First, we signed Emre. He was lonely because he had nobody to speak german with. Then we hired Kloppo who immediately adopted Emre as his new son. But Emre was still lonely. Kloppo wondered how to make him feel better. So he got him a NEW GERMAN KEEPER TO BE HIS BEST FRIEND. And that, kids, is how I met your (other)father.”

and that my friends is how lomre came to life

anyway lomre is loris and emre and there friendship is slowly on the rise and im living 

ok so it all started at lfc initiation when marko grujic took a selfie with them, like the actual blessing he is, 

 i just wanna thank marko for the absolute blurry masterpiece that this picture is, 

i mean the fact that loris and emre were becoming best buds right from the start of the season actually has me sobbing 

This right here is the second reason i died, I MEAN LOOK AT IT, JUST LOOK, look at them in all their toxic green glory, how they make that horrendous colour work ill never know

IF U DONT THINK ITS THE BEST THING EVER THAN UR WRONG, them being bus buddies is very important, ok very important, 

this ship is just starting out but they seem to be spending alot of time together as we can see here, and i love it sm, (also bonus demre ur welcome)

i mean if this isnt convincing you about them JUST LOOK AT THE MASTERPIECE BELOW, get a paper bag u may start hyperventilating 

and if being bus buddies wasnt enough they are also AIRPLANE BUDDIES, do i need to say more, this is just perfection, 

an hour or two in a small place with nothing but music and good old conversation what could possibly go wrong, 

(yh yh i know hendollana are being dorks in the back but just take a moment to appreciate the lomre, cus wow they look so good here)

and if that isnt enough just look at them being smily babs in training!!!!!!!!!, ITS SO PRECIOUS, look how happy they are, LOOOOOK, THIS IS MY ALLTIME FAVE LOMRE PICTURE,

 P U  R E   G O L D 

its so magical

and this picture happened and all i can imagine is the conversation going like ‘i brought you a tie emre and all u get me is a BATHROBE, WTH’  

emre- ‘ a fucking tie????that is the worst present in the history of the world’ 

they both eventually agree that they brought awful presents

and if that doesn’t convince you just look at them, if two sexy germans in very nice suits, looking like a million dollars isn’t something special, i dont know what is,

listen all this stuff has happened in a matter of like a couple months, and its prolly gonna get better so ill im saying is come join my little ship and die with me 

anyway lomre is lit so come join the ship, that rhymes haha