that was hilarious



You have something on your neck,“ he observed.
Alec’s hand flew to his throat. "What?”
“Looks like a bite mark,” said Jace. “What have you been doing all day, anyway?”
“Nothing.” Beet red, his hand still clamped to his neck, Alec started down the corridor. Jace followed him. “I went walking in the park. Tried to clear my head.”
“And ran into a vampire?”
“What? No! I fell.”
“On your neck?
—  City of Ashes

Just….domestic hamburr. 

That’s all.

The amazing @Squirreltastic submitted to my blog a Scarecrow version of the “No Fun Allowed” meme. This is perfection and I love it. 😂 💛

This is going to be my new reaction image for anon hate