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James: Hey, could you hold this for me?

Aleks: Yeah sure.




Aleks: That’s your hand…

Anon Said: Exo reaction to crushing on someone who is studying abroad and will therefore eventually be leaving South Korea? Thank you!

I’m going to do this request, then the other request you sent in because they coincide with each other relatively *shrugs*. ALSO! Good morning to those who have similar time zones, and good day to those who have hecka different time zones. :) Also, I’m going to go with you having known them since like, your first week in Korea, so you guys are really good friends.

It would be really hard on him, and he’d be really sad about the fact that you were leaving. Which in turn would make him mad at himself. He would spend as much time with you as possible, but he could never gain the nerve to ask you to stay – if only for a couple more days. He’d drive you to the airport and give you a teary kiss on the cheek and a sad smile before waving you off. Expect constant ‘I miss you.’ text messages over the next couple weeks. Are they drunk texts? Who knows?

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He’d show you the best last couple days in Korea. He’d bring you to all the amazing tourist spots he knew of, and even some of the secret ones that only he knew about. Plus he’d take you out to dinner every night and pay for everything, despite your protests. You knew that even as an idol, he didn’t make a lot of money, and it wasn’t fair to him to spend all that money on you. He’d order a taxi for you to drive you to the airport (because he couldn’t manage to watch you board a plane) after giving you a tight hug. “I’ll miss you.”

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He’d be the most understanding in you having to leave. You were only there to study after all, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to come back. He swore to himself that he wouldn’t address the matter at all as he spent the last few days with you, and that he’d just show how much fun living in Korea could be. When it finally came down to driving you to the airport and hugging you, you tried to pull away he held on tightly. You could feel him shake slightly as he tried to hold back tears, “Promise me you’ll come back.”

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He was determined to make you miss him and Korea with your whole being. He spent the whole day prior to your leave date with you. He brought you breakfast in bed (he probably got Chanyeol to pick the lock), and waited for you to finish before he demanded that you get dressed and spend the day with him. He made a lot of jokes about you staying with him, but you could tell he wasn’t joking. The day was exhausting so you passed out as soon as you got back home. He ended up spending the night with you and you woke up to his cocky little smile, “Good morning, (Y/N). Are you ready to go?” (Would be totally heart broken if you said yes…)

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As soon as he found out you were supposed to leave, he didn’t know how to react. He couldn’t bring himself to talk to you because he was scared he was going to get emotional and beg you not to leave. Once he had gained strength, he texted you and asked you if you wanted to hang out. He didn’t plan that far ahead, so you guys just ended up walking around Seoul without a destination. He ended up holding your hand and intertwining your guys’ fingers when he walked you home. When you finally looked at him, he had tears on his cheeks and a forced smile on his lips, “I don’t want you to go…”

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Like Lay, he’d be pretty understanding of you having to leave, but like Baekhyun he’d want to make you miss him and Korea, which would eventually entice you to come back for him. Your last day in Korea, he’d take you from your place and bring you to the studio and show you the song he wrote for you, and then he’d take you out for a late meal. When he walked you back to your place, he cupped your cheek and offered you a warm smile, “You know how important you are to me, right? You know how much I’m going to miss you, right?”

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He’s the one who acts like it doesn’t affect him, even though he hated the idea of you not being a phonecall away. Having to deal with emotions that he didn’t face daily was too much work for him, and he’d like to avoid it at all cost. He’d hang out with you normally, like the idea of you leaving wasn’t killing him, and he’d even drive you to the airport and waved to you as your boarded your plane, but the moment it took off, he’d break down, “I wish I could’ve told you not to go…”

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He would be so distraught that he would tell you that he didn’t have the time to see you, that he was going to be busy until the day you left. How could he say goodbye to someone who has had such a strong impact on his life? He would spend the next couple days locked in his room pouting over the fact that he wasn’t even strong enough to say goodbye to you. He would show up to your place the next day with a car and tears on his face, “I know I’ve been a bad friend the past couple days, but I can at least drive you to the airport and see you off, right?” He’d grab your arm before you got in and give you a vulnerable expression, “You’ll come back for me, right? This isn’t permanent?”

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He’d be the most hurt. He cared about you so much, and you were just going to leave? You weren’t even the one who told him that you were leaving; he heard it from one of the other members. He rushed to your place and angrily knocked on your door. When you answered the door, he immediately pushed passed you and looked at your packed home, “You’re just going to make me fall for you, and then leave like this?” You stare at him in confusion and before you can mutter a defense, he pins you against the wall and kisses you deeply. When he pulls away so you can take a breather he mutters, “I don’t want you to go…”

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He’d have a similar reaction to Sehun, charging to your house, and angrily pounding on the door. Once he saw you sleepily rub your eyes and question why he was there, his fuckboy side took over and he pulled you into him by your hips, “I’ll make sure you don’t wanna leave.”. He kissed you deeply and pinned you against the door frame. You slowly made your way to the bed. When you guys woke up in the morning, he looked at you with big tired eyes that were filled with sadness. He nuzzled into your neck and let out a shaky breath, “I’m not ready to let you go…”

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Good morning, (Y/N).” He struts into your room and looks at you with an angry expression on his face. You question why he’s here and why it looks like you killed his cat, and he has to explain to you that you drunk called him and he had to come take care of you. Not only that, but you spilled the beans about the fact that you’re leaving. He was angry that you didn’t tell him earlier, and he was angry that you were so stressed about it because you thought he would hate you for leaving. He laughed and flopped down on your bed next to you before pulling you into a side hug, “Distance doesn’t mean anything. If we need each other, I’ll come to you.”

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He didn’t want you to leave, but he knew you had to (for many reasons). He knew you were stressed about leaving because he understood and knew what it was like to move countries, and all the friends you made here have to stay here. When you broke down crying in front of him, he didn’t know how to react so he just wrapped his long arms around you. He rocked you a little bit until your tears stopped. He cupped your face and made you look at him, “I know it’s hard, but I will ways be there for you. Plus they make so many ways to talk with people across the world. We’ll find a way to talk, okay?”

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I don’t know why the last couple sound kind of different, but oh well. I’m having an off day, and it was really hard to actually finish this because I’m in a similar situation, and it really hurt to type all of those, “I don’t want you to leave”, “I wish I could tell you how I feel”, “I’m not ready to let you go” responses, and that’s why it took so long.
I didn’t think it would be a problem, but then I decided to make it angsty *shrugs*. I hope you like it. :’)

My French oral assignment was super easy. Short and sweet. So that’s done. Go me.
I jumped on the planner bandwagon and made a couple of pages all prettied up and made some daily goals and who knew that having some slightly higher expectations for myself would spur me to action. But there we are. Quite pleased with me.
We watched part of a series from 2002 called “Klondike: The Quest for Gold”, and the first half is the folks going up the Chilkoot Trail and that’s turned into a whole lotta nope for us. We’re too damn old and a little too brokedown. 😊 But it’s a really good show at least.
I’m in a hecka good mood.

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do you have any hc for luke/tyler that show them in a softer way than "i'm going to kick your ass if you hurt __"? i love those but i really like to see the less 'stereotype' (i guess? they're both very strong looking and stuff so..) of them (and others)

ah yes I see what you mean. I was kinda just writing from the top of my head, I’m very tired.

-Tyler loves hugs more than most things and will walk up behind any of the guys and kinda just cuddle them. He’s also super happy when receiving a hug. If he’s ever sad that’s the guys’ #1 way of cheering him up again.
-Luke treats his boys hecka good. Compliments and jokes and surprises them w/ tickles and kisses. He sometimes comes home with little things he brought while out like stuffed toys or books or snacks.
-Tyler leaves little post-it notes around the house with cute reminders and compliments and sometimes jokes and pick up lines for whoever finds them. For example, “You’re looking cute today.” “!Free Hug Token!” “I wanna see you smile today :)”

RWBYrsWeek 4.2: Neo & Fox

Adopt AU because kids are hecka cute.

Title: Good Listeners (shit tier title but hey I can’t think of anything rn pleh)

Neo figured living at the orphanage wasn’t too bad. Even though she was mute everyone there was very supportive towards her. Sometimes they were a bit too helpful. She wished she could talk, if only to say to certain people that she was mute, not brain dead.

It was hard sometimes, trying to play with the other kids and not being able to quickly communicate with them was troublesome to some degree. 9She had to carry around a notebook and pen, scribbling in it the best she could to get a message across. However most of the other kids were often too impatient to give her time to write out her thoughts.

It was frustrating not being able to talk with them normally, and with the younger ones not able to read very well yet it was kind of lonely.

One of the adults at the orphanage noticed her plight and took matters into his own hands.

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@a-millionworldsapart ahahaha those are very different shows!! But my goodness I loved Once too (even more than Newsies)!! The cast and everything was so good and the story was hecka emotional. Also I really loved how the show began with the cast warming up onstage and the lights slowly dimming, I think I died when the Girl started walking up the aisle and I realized that the show had started. 

Anyway, it was just so mcfreaking beautiful and I’m really glad you like it too!!!


tfw u get troubles trying to update ur studyblr because of the Great Firewall of China but then u succeed with the help of a good vpn (hecka u china)

so hi pals, i’ve finished studying my first semester here in beijing so far and now i’ve been enjoying my winter break since january 17th. the new semester will start for me on march 6th and i’m planning to take ‘introduction to chinese-japanese translation’ as one of my elective courses! which means i gotta brush my japanese game and get back to those high levels of fuji mountain once again noice desu ne


Telephone art collab!! Started this a while back, before weirdmaggedon n such and the theme was to have Dipper and the space rift :3c
Artists in order of appearance are:
1.) @luminovia​/@luminovia-art
2.) @purin-pyon
3.) @arsonlsts
4.) @sharkcuddle
5.) @marmawashere
6.) @what-a-frickin-nerd
7.) @etcgirltheseacow
8.) @hxcl
9.) @farrenlux
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