that was hard om g

{ he is } ;; [ seventeen. ]

part ii.

seungcheol is late night talks. the ones where there’s weariness in voices. the ones where you fall asleep to his stories of the idol life. 

jeonghan is dances in the rain. the ones that are forever sweet and never leave your memories. the ones that have you laughing even when his lips meet yours. 

jisoo is the calm after the storm. the one where reassurance is often found. the one that slows your wild heartbeat and puts your mind at ease.

junhui is laughter. the one where you find yourself to the point of tears. the one where a smile crosses your lips and lets you forget the bad day.

soonyoung is the ocean. the one that you could listen to for hours and finally surrender in the fight against sleep. the one with graceful movements that you will always find beauty in.

wonwoo is butterfly kisses. the ones that linger on your skin even when he’s gone. the ones that make adoration swell in your heart. 

jihoon is midnight walks. the ones where you spill your hearts out. the ones where the weight of the world leaves heavy shoulders.

seokmin is oxygen. the one you need so desperately to fill you with life. the one that allows you to keep going.

mingyu is warm cafes. the ones that are always welcoming. the ones where it’s always busy but everything is in the background and it is only you that he focuses on.

minghao is hugs. the ones where solace is found in his arms. the ones that make you feel safe and sound.

seungkwan is sneaky glances. the ones where he makes sure that you’re alright. the ones where he loses himself in your beauty but finds himself embarrassed and forces his gaze away.

hansol is the city. the one where it’s busy and bustling, but there’s a sense of comfort that lingers. the one you always find fascination with.

chan is good mornings. the ones that brighten your day right from the beginning. the ones that let you know everything will be alright.

i just started laughing rlly hard because i just remembered that when i was in the hospital a couple years ago they gave me this notebook to write in that they would take and read at the end of the day and i never wrote it in but they kept giving it to me and it made them so mad so one day i just wrote all the lyrics to elton john’s Tiny Dancer over and over for like 20 pages and then they never gave me the notebook again oh my go d