that was hard om g

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Link and Sidon come up with combat strategies together. Link using arrows during a lightning storm while Sidon fights close-range that way he'll be safe from the lighting. Sidon throws Link high into the air so he can attack from above. Or alternatively, Sidon just fucking throws Link as hard as he can at an enemy while Link uses Daruk's Protection


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This ask made me laugh so hard om g. I love the idea of them strategizing together.

And then just going ‘fuck it’ and chucking link at the enemies like a fucking bomb

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FUCK dude that one bendy doodle makes me laugh everytime I see it gdi it's beautiful tho. but now I can't stop thinking of that face replacing the sketch you see on henry's workbench in the game (the one with the bendy doodle and "NO" written next to it). btw ur art is great.

THAnk You om g

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/post/106109317593/ can i know what was in haise pockets ?

You mean in this gif?

Well anon, I think you need to have a closer look at the gif to find out

And there you have it. Actual canon dialogue and all.

I love @mywaay ’s hp au with all my heart but I realized I headcanon some of the characters’ houses to be different so I thought I’d share my own opinions before I go to bed, hah

Buster Moon: Slytherin
He’s cunning, has broken laws for his own interests, he’s ambitious. Need I say more?

Eddie: Hufflepuff
I know puffs are supposed to be hardworking but he is also a very loyal friend and is so dang patient with buster lmao

Rosita: Ravenclaw
She has built a complex machine from scratch. She was head of the “renovation” of the theater. Gunter literally said that she thinks too much with her head

Mike: Slytherin
Same reasons as buster tbh

Johnny: Gryffindor
He’s brave and has a heart of gold I dont need to explain myself
Also I loved the hc that he’s the first gryffindor in a family is slytherins om g

Gunter: Hufflepuff
He’s passionate and works hard on what he loves to do aka dancing

Meena: Hufflepuff
Like gunter she’s very loyal and hard working and passionate about music

Lance: Slytherin
He’s not afraid to shove his gf to the side so he can be the main singer, he’s ambitious and manipulative

Ash: Gryffindor
unlike lance she never showed ambition, just a lot of passion and nerve and was brave enough to face her feelings and write them in a song and sing them in front of a crowd alone for the first time

I dont know enough about the other characters to have a clear idea of their houses so I’m gonna agree with mywaay on those!
Also this is in no way meant to diss on their headcanons, everyone has their own interpretation of the characters, I just wanted to share mine ^^

Cold Hands, Warm Heart // 25,000 words, a stonelions & spicyshimmy collab

Cullen and Dorian’s friendship deepens. Cullen is a romantic. Dorian is literally cold. Cullen is no longer certain what he would consider surprising. Mages and Templars working in perfect cooperation, perhaps. Evil and corruption disappearing into the ground along with the blight, blood magic falling so far out of favor it ceased to be. A united Thedas: that would be a surprise.

Crystals glitter in the air. Cullen notices this in stillness, near the cooking fires. Snow wisps around them, and his nose runs, one ungraceful drop after another falling to dot the armor plate on his chest.

The Tevinter mage has his left side angled toward the largest fire, unsurprisingly–his bare shoulder must be chilled to the bone. He’s hunched forward, breath hanging in white clouds in front of him, and he looks halfway asleep, which isn’t surprising either given the circumstances of his arrival.


Haunted Tomb is just that; A catacomb of a world that’s deep, dark, and ancient. Dogs are the guardians of the decorated tombs, with carvings and paintings on nearly every surface and gold decorates the resting places.

{ he is } ;; [ seventeen. ]

part ii.

seungcheol is late night talks. the ones where there’s weariness in voices. the ones where you fall asleep to his stories of the idol life. 

jeonghan is dances in the rain. the ones that are forever sweet and never leave your memories. the ones that have you laughing even when his lips meet yours. 

jisoo is the calm after the storm. the one where reassurance is often found. the one that slows your wild heartbeat and puts your mind at ease.

junhui is laughter. the one where you find yourself to the point of tears. the one where a smile crosses your lips and lets you forget the bad day.

soonyoung is the ocean. the one that you could listen to for hours and finally surrender in the fight against sleep. the one with graceful movements that you will always find beauty in.

wonwoo is butterfly kisses. the ones that linger on your skin even when he’s gone. the ones that make adoration swell in your heart. 

jihoon is midnight walks. the ones where you spill your hearts out. the ones where the weight of the world leaves heavy shoulders.

seokmin is oxygen. the one you need so desperately to fill you with life. the one that allows you to keep going.

mingyu is warm cafes. the ones that are always welcoming. the ones where it’s always busy but everything is in the background and it is only you that he focuses on.

minghao is hugs. the ones where solace is found in his arms. the ones that make you feel safe and sound.

seungkwan is sneaky glances. the ones where he makes sure that you’re alright. the ones where he loses himself in your beauty but finds himself embarrassed and forces his gaze away.

hansol is the city. the one where it’s busy and bustling, but there’s a sense of comfort that lingers. the one you always find fascination with.

chan is good mornings. the ones that brighten your day right from the beginning. the ones that let you know everything will be alright.