that was great though holy shit


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Make me choose: Hwang Sung Yeol or Ahn Dae Gil 

“Doctor Ahn, You’re an okay man!”

This episode was so important

Like honestly as a gay person I cannot believe that a show like south park actually includes a gay couple that’s so healthy and not stereotyped

Like I know sp does have a great track record but holy shit?? Craig was trying so hard to help and support tweek because he actually cared for his well being and actively tried to correct his behavior when he learned he was doing more harm than good

And even though they had a fight it was portrayed really well?? They overcame it in a healthy way and god I’m just so happy

Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

(Continued under the cut.)

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Richie always talking big game about his dick and one day Eddie gets fed up and is like okay asshole let's see how great it is and before Richie knows what's happening he's got a lapful of Eddie just fucking himself on Richie's cock and Richie is just so turned on by his surprisingly aggressive little spaghetti and can barely handle it all he can do is lie back and moan helplessly while Eddie gleefully rides that Richie dick like a champ


Cute/Domestic Victuuri headcannons
  • Victor and Yuuri going ice skating in a public park 
    •  Everyone is just so stunned because holy shit they’re good 
    • Also, everyone wants to know why the fuck they can skate and make out at the same time 
    • This is why Yurio doesn’t come with them anymore
  • Working out together
    • They may not look like it but these boys are strong as shit
    • Thighs for days
    • They’re ‘That Couple’ at the gym, the one everyone loves because their so perfect and goals but hates for the same exact reasons
    • They’re great at motivating each other though and they keep one another going when all they want to do is give up
  • Victor taking every chance he gets to tell people how much he loves Yuuri
    • In an interview? He loves Yuuri
    • On the ice? He loves Yuuri
    • Talking with sponsors? He loves Yuuri
    • Ordering food at a restaurant? He loves Yuuri
    • Taking pictures with fans? He loves Yuuri
    • And Yuuri blushes every damn time
  • Makkachin is like a child to them but they know eventually they’re probably going to want human kids too
    • Yuuri tries to have the talk with Victor but Victor turns into a blushing mess which makes Yuuri blush too
    • It gets to the point they can’t even speak anymore they’re just staring at each other while red in the face
    • Yuuri has decided to postpone the talk about having kids until a later time
  • They both crave insane amounts of affection
    • They’re all over each other at first and it’s unbearable for Yurio
    • But soon enough it’s died down to just pecks and winks and hand holding and he decides maybe he can stomach living with them for a little bit longer
    • Phichit takes every chance he gets to document anything he considers even remotely cute
  • Cooking for each other…
    • They love to make food for each other
    • Yuuri makes Victor packed lunches and rice bowls and of course katsudon
    • Victor makes all kids of Russian dishes for Yuuri like Okroshka and Olivie
    • It doesn’t always go well but it’s one of their favorite things to do for each other
    • Teaching one another to cook certain dishes is a common activity as well
  • Kissing the others ring for good luck or when they’ll be separated for an extended period of time
  • Laying on top of each other on the couch to ‘save room for Yurio’ even though there’s plenty of room for him even when they don’t 
  • Arguing over who has to do the dishes for so long Yurio get’s tired and does them himself
  • Just being generally really cute and caring and healthy
Damian Wayne as a Father Headcanons

A/N: Reader and Damian are adults in these. I went all out on this, so I really hope you like the structure and everything. Feedback is welcomed. ☺️

(c/n) = child’s name


Damian as a father would include:

> Damian was excited when you told him he was going to be a father, well as excited as Damian manages to express.

> He had his concerns about whether he was going to be a good father, based on his family background and upbringing he had his doubts. However after reassuring him, that he managed to change and has become a better person his worry subsided.

> Now when he goes out on patrol, he’s more cautious and careful as he now has two people to come home to and protect.

> Whilst you’re pregnant, Damian is extremely over protective with everything. You are not putting yourself in any danger and he’ll make sure of that. He understands he’s being this way and apologised, explaining he doesn’t want either of you hurt since you’re a prime target now.

> Catering to your cravings the best he can. Sort of.
“Pennyworth, we need some strawberries and hot sauce?”
“We’re currently out of strawberries Master Damian, Miss (Y/n) has cleared them out.”
“Ugh, I’ll be back shortly beloved.”
“Really? You have to leave me, I know you’re getting stuff for me but I’m kind of annoyed by that and I don’t know why.”
“Hormones (y/n).”

> Trying to comfort you when you get emotional, but since Damian isn’t the best at it he comes up with other solutions.
“I could punch you right now!”
“Beloved, that’d be a stupid move.”
“Oh really? Because I love you… a lot and I didn’t mean that!” You were still yelling and you weren’t sure why.
“How about throwing some knives instead?”
“What?! NO! That’s ridiculous and I’m actually willing to do it. You’re such a good partner for letting me do this.” By your last statement you were crying and pulling him into an embrace.

> Both of you low-key freaking out when the baby kicks and you’re just hugging each other with massive grins on your faces.

> Receiving visits from Damian’s family, all of which are super excited to be apart of it and looking forward to having a new member in the family.

> Dick encouraging Damian that’s he’s going to be a good father.

> Bruce still not quite getting the fact his son has a proper family that’s almost normal, but enjoys it none the less.
“Bruce, you know you’re going to be a granddad right?”
“Yes of course I do (y/n), Damian is going to be a father and to be honest… it all feels surreal.”
“Tell me about it. It’s gonna be great though.”
“It truly is.”

> When your waters broke, Damian was with you since he’d estimated the most likely time it’d happen. This man was prepared, he was still the son of the original Batman.

> Damian drove you to the hospital as soon as possible, not in the Batmobile much to your disappointment but understood there’d be no easy way to explain that.

> Panicking and being exhausted throughout labour and Damian telling you to breathe.

> “Holy shit (y/n)!!!” Damian actually yelped when you squeezed his hand during labour.
“You’re not giving birth Dami!”
“You’re a lot stronger than I thought.”
“Yep, comes with being your significant other for so long! Ah shit!”
“Breathe beloved, breathe.”

> With over 10 hours in labour you finally had your child and you were exhausted.
“I did it - Dami I -”
“I know beloved, you are so strong. I’m proud of you (y/n), I love you so much.”
“Love you too.”

> Holding the baby and you simply can’t believe you’ve created something so pure, suddenly you forget all the pain because it was all worth it for this child in your arms.

> Damian holds them next, and is so smitten that you know this child is gonna be spoilt. He almost cried because he thought he was incapable of producing something this innocent, his family do not have a grip on his baby and they never will.

> The rest of the Batfam piling in minutes later hoping to see their new addition.
Dick is super enthusiastic about the whole ordeal and sheds a few tears, whilst promising to be the best uncle ever which was open to dispute.
Jason was smiling more than ever, saying “It’s up to (y/n) to make sure we don’t get another demon spawn in the family. Right now though, I’m really proud of you two.”
Tim making sure you’re alright, asking about names and how much the baby weighs before checking on the others.
Bruce is over the moon and is third to hold his grandchild, he’s quick to congratulate you both and offers for you to stay at the manor so they can all help to get you back on your feet.
Cassandra doesn’t say anything, instead hugging you tightly with a wide grin on her face then patting Damian on the shoulder who remained by your bedside.
“You’ll make a great auntie Cass.” And that only made her smile more.

General Child Raising:
> Taking turns to get up in the night when the baby wakes up.

> Morning cuddles because you’re both exhausted.

> The baby getting lots of attention and babysitters consisting of Damian’s family which you’re eternally grateful for.

> Damian still being smitten as you expected, you find yourself leaning on the doorframe and watching the two interact often, a smile making its way onto your face.
“Are you alright beloved?”
“Y-yeah, it’s nice to be apart of this family.”
You soon join the two.

> Damian teaching your child self defence from a young age and you’re not too thrilled with the idea.
“Oh my - Damian! Why does (c/n) have a katana?!”
“I’m teaching (c/n) how to wield the weapon beloved.”
“Y-yeah, couldn’t you have started with a wooden one. A real one isn’t exactly safe for a 5 year old!”
“I did. At the age of 3. (C/n)’s skills have developed since then (y/n).”
“Oh my gosh. We’re terrible parents!” You yelped, throwing your hands in the air.

> Your child learning about Damian’s culture and heritage as well as your own so they know where to come from and if they want to celebrate any traditions.

> Both of you helping out with homework from school, Damian specialising in Maths.

> Having to come up with crazy explanations as to why their father came through the window in the dead of night looking like Batman.
“Is daddy Santa?”
“Uh not exactly… It’s more like the tooth fairy?”
“We are not saying that beloved, (c/n) I’m Batman - but you can’t tell anyone as this is a family secret.”
“Ok Batdad.” You’re child whispered, giggling at the nickname.

> Damian ok with them joining the family business as long as they pass his training resumés. They don’t go out if they’re sick or injured no matter what as this increases the likelihood of reckless behaviour.

> Teaching them the ways of Wayne Enterprises since they’re the future heir now.

> Your child learning about the hero business when they get older and finally accepting their father isn’t the tooth fairy.

> Giving them the choice of whether they want to become a vigilante with you supporting them 100% and Damian teaching them League of Assassins techniques regardless of their decision.

> Joking with you and Damian about becoming a villain because they’re fully equipped to do so but knowing that’s not how they were brought up.

> Them secretly having a favourite uncle but only Damian and yourself know who it is and refuse to tell the others.

> Kate Kane being the go to person for anything LGBT+ related, if your child is in fact an LGBT citizen or not.

> Generally being quite an open family that comes with a few cracks but you’re happy.

If it’s a Boy:
> “Looks like there’s a new son of Batman now.”
“Indeed there is, I hope he’ll be my successor one day.”

> Father son bonding activities, most of which included one on one training sessions. There a lot of testosterone in your home.

> Play fights all of the time, literally with anyone of his uncles that comes over. Whether it be Dick, Jason, Tim or Duke he’s going to show them the new moves Damian taught him.

> “I’m going to be the next Red Hood. You watch me!” As your son runs around with finger guns yelling ‘pew pew’ at inanimate objects much to your amusement.
“I’m going to kill Todd…”

> You’re son actually wanting to have powers like Jon, Supermans son, who visits on some occasions. Though after a long conversation about practicality with his father, (c/n) is convinced he’ll be the next Batman.
“Well Superman doesn’t have a Batmobile.”
“But he can fly father.”
“(C/n) has a point Dami.”

> Your son imitating Damian any chance he gets since he looks up to his father more than he realises.
“I am the son of the demon!”
“(Y/n), what was that?”
“Dick, do you really want to question it? He has Dami’s genes remember.”
“That’s who he reminds me of, Damian when he was younger - such a little sh-” Covering Dicks mouth before he could finish that sentence.

> Bruce saying he looks a lot like Damian and is proud of you both for raising your son so well. (C/n) has great manners at Galas when he’s older and is a hit with the ladies. Of course, for now - you’re the most important female in his life until he finds that special someone. Damian couldn’t be more proud.
“Meet my parents, Damian and (Y/n) Wayne.”
“It’s a pleasure, I hope our son is treating you well.”
“Yes, thank you Mrs Wayne.”

If it’s a Girl:
> Literally his little princess who he loves dearly.

> Cass coming over to style your daughters hair and spend time with her. Even though Cass isn’t talkative, your daughter speaks enough for the both of them.
“Can you do plaits Auntie Cass, like milkmaid ones?”
“I bet you can, you’re really good at making hair look pretty.” Cass just kisses her forehead and starts braiding.

> Finding out that she isn’t going to be a girly girl from a very early age.
“As I have Batdad, I get to drive the Batmobile when I’m older - maybe I can race!”
“I can teach you to drive now princess, I could drive by your age.”
“No! Damian, that’s illegal!”
“So is vigilantism.”

> Barbara and Stephanie coming over to help out and Stephanie even brought your daughter a Batgirl costume. Stephanie being so involved for personal reasons and just becoming her auntie not that there was any question.
“Steph, why did you buy this?”
“Why not? She’ll follow in our footsteps one day.”
“I’ll make sure she knows all the technical tricks.” Barbara was quick to add referring to her way with computers.

> Kate Kane and Harper Row also visiting to check up on you both. Kate claiming that girls have got to stick together. Your daughter thinking Harpers hair is the coolest thing in the world.
“Mommy, can I have my hair just like Harpers? With pink in it and can I have it rainbow?”
“That would look so cool!” Came the exaggerated enthusiasm of Harper.
“When you’re older, you can dye it however you want.”

> Damian gets over protective when romantic relationships come into the equation.
“Father, I fight crime with you at weekends. I’m perfectly capable of handling a romantic partner.”
“It’s funny you think they’ll even get a chance to get close to you.”
“Mom, a little help?!”

> “Touch my daughter and you’re dead.”
“You’re dad is joking right (c/n)?” Came your daughters current interest.
“Haha, uh yeah… no. No he’s not joking.”
“So what? Beat me to death?”
“More like slice you. With his katana.” Your daughter corrected.
“And that’s only if your uncles don’t get to them first (c/n)!”
“Thanks for that mom.”

So I work in a small soccer store located next to a recreational marijuana store and this just happened:

I’m helping a family decide on cleats for their 6 year old when a man walks in. Now this was not an ordinary man. No in fact I would categorize him as very out of the ordinary. Now we’ll just call this man Rasta Steve on account of everything he was wearing being a Rastafarian pattern and for the fact that he had the longest, darkest dreadlocks I had ever seen… Which was an interesting choice when contrasted to his pale almost sheet white skin. Now Rasta Steve is clearly high when he stumbles in and I know this not only because he reeked of weed, but by the fact that he is carrying the BIGGEST BONG I HAVE EVER SEEN! Not only was this a dead give away to his current state of mind, but this motherfucker still had weed burning in the bowl. Now that the scene is set, what happened next was something I’ll never forget. So he stumbles in, bong still emitting ganj smoke, while the family and I just stare in awe at what we’re seeing. Without looking around he walks up to the counter and I shit you not says,

“Ayyy brotha man, great day out right? Can you give me an ounce of Alaskan Thunderfuck?”

At this point it suddenly dawns on me that, holy shit he’s so high he thinks he’s in the pot shop.
Before I can answer though he notices the shocked family that is staring at him and says,

“Woahh you can let kids in here now? I’m all about the good healing herb, but that’s a little irresponsible isn’t it man?”

He then looks at the 6 year old boy who seems like he doesn’t know what to make of this man and says,

“Stay in school lil bro. Homework now, weed can wait.”

After this exchange we can suddenly see something dawn on Rasta Steve’s face. The realization that, no this is not an establishment to buy marijuana, but in fact a family soccer store. He then yells,

“Oh goddammit? Again? Are you serious Steve?!”

Then with a sudden burst of speed that no one expected he did a quick U-turn, spilled some bong water on the carpet and rushed out the door. And as quickly as he’d stumbled into my life, he was gone. Now I’m not sure if that was just a random guy who was stoned out of his mind or if it was an angel, but one thing’s for sure I’ll never forget Rasta Steve.

Being in the SNL Audience

You guys. Holy shit. Words will never adequately describe what it was like to watch Kenan with Sasheer Kate and Vanessa sing My Sharona to warm us all up before the show officially started. Kate (who is so small you all have no idea she’s SO SMALL) was so high energy as a backup dancer. She grabbed Vanessa and Sasheer’s hands at one point and in another she sang right into Vanessa’s face. Tons of her iconic low squats and jazz hands too. It just - she looked like she was having so much fun. 10000% in her element. And then it was over and the lights all dimmed.

And then, when I heard Live from New York…. and got to watch the opening credits on the monitors as the set was taken down and rebuilt all around me. Chills. Actual chills. I can’t say any more on it because nothing will come close enough to that moment. The emotions.

I’ve been told by @heather5280 that she heard my laugh during Louis CK’s monologue. I did totally lose it at the giraffe bit… so I believe her. Can’t wait to rewatch and check for myself. If I really am audible…. damn. That’s the coolest Fucking thing I can’t even put it poetically it’s just. I was part of it. I was THERE.

I was there with stomach cramps from laughing at Kate as Cecilia Gimenez on Weekend Update.

I was there as Louis CK tried to NOT sell us sectional couches.

And in the final sketch, when Louis broke Kate- we all rose up in a simultaneous whoop of excitement. Like getting her to lose it was a victory. And it was- it totally fucking was and I saw how our reaction made her break even more so. It was fantastic.

Completely and utterly out of this world - I was upset for a moment when I couldn’t grab her attention at the stage door and thank her for the cue card. I still wish my voice wasn’t drowned out by everyone else. But I’ll get past that because maybe it just wasn’t meant to happen that way? I’m gonna get another chance I know it (plus I WAS less than ten feet from her and did I mention she is SMALL? The cutest. Though she looked a tad overwhelmed, she was very kind to those who did manage to get her attention - lucky bastards :p. Her voice is so different when she’s just talking. Not acting or doing an interview. Less lilted and so gentle and more real. Also she said holy shit at one point and hearing her curse was pretty great).

Hope everyone enjoyed that parenthetical gay ass sidetrack lol.

Overall - I cannot believe this is really my life and I really just watched SNL live.

I’m so grateful and proud of myself for sticking it for 24 hours in the cold to get there. Fuck, you guys!

Thoughts whilst watching 6x12

- I actually feel sorry for Theo. He has no one. He came back from the dead, was forced to help the pack, bonded with Liam, but then got neglected again. He does have a really fancy Jeep so idk how that worked out but okay. 
- It’s the spiders again. Rats, bugs in wolves, spiders. Odd. 
- Can someone try out Scott’s number and see what happens? 
- Hunters? 
- Oh, come on why you gotta shoot him? he just pulled a spider out of his back.
- I wonder why Scott hallucinated. It has, as far as I remember, never happened before. Was it the shock that the bullet was Argent’s, thinking he’s killing the supernatural again with stronger, more dangerous weapons? Perhaps. Or it has something to do with the aftermath of the Wild Hunt. Liam can’t control himself sometimes, and Scott wolfed out in front of an entire squad of police officers. 
- The Sheriff is just not impressed anymore lol. Like “wop, there I go again, attacked by something I don’t know the name of.” 
- Also why is Malia running behind him? For Lydia, it’s logical, but Malia is a were-coyote. Use that super speed girl. 
- Ugh, why are they all so pretty? 
- Pack feels in the car ayyye. 
- Liam and Mason are so cute, it’s all just parallels of Stiles and Scott. 
- Those kids are so cute. I remember being hopeful in Freshmen Year that highschool would be awesome and full of dreams. (Spoiler Alert: it is filled with homework and tears)
- “Go lacrosse!” “yay sports” I CAN’T XD
- Bitch if he doesn’t make an appointment than you can’t force him. 
- “Opportunities Multiply as They Are Seized.” True. 
- lol and then Mason happily walking in nearly fangirling over his favourite peot or something. 
- that knife though. threat from the argent’s? 
- aw come on, why do the black people always get hurt here. First the black orderly, now him. He’s just fourteen, leave him alone. 
- Thank the Gods that Parrish is finally useful. You were shit in season five and 6A. Thank the Gods for making him go and not Lydia. 
- I want Lydia’s top. 
- Please, Scott should’ve known from the beginning the passport was Allison. His own passport for everything in sophomore year was Allison. 
- Oh and thank you Teen Wolf for not forgetting one of your greatest characters. Allison Argent will be forever missed. I really, fucking miss her. 
- Malia’s humour is on point btw. 
- So the name of the dead hellhound is Halwyn. Halwyn Hellhound, nice to meet you. 
- So the white haired dude is a doctor ohhhhh.
- bitch even if you do lock him up Parrish can still burn down the gate he’s literal fire. 
- Wait since when does Corey play lacrosse? And do girls still play in the team? Because you had Kira and then later on Gwen in 6A. Now it seems like there are none. CONSISTENCY, TEEN WOLF!
- Liam hold your wolf in, please. 
- Aye it’s that relative of Brett that I always forget the name of. No hard feelings, girlie. 
- Keep it in, Liam. 
- “That’s the IED I remember.” dude. not cool. wait, doesn’t Brett know that Liam is a werewolf? Isn’t Brett one himself? Or did I just read that in fanfiction? I’m so confused. 
- oh yeah he knows nevermind. 
- fuck he’s hot
- well hello Samarah from The Ring. 
- oh wait fuck is everyone dead? 
- ah, a doctor is evil. what a surprise. 
- Come on, Liam. Don’t lose it. Also, where is the black freshman? 
- ayyyye Argent please don’t be the bad guy, thank you. 
- he’s so not impressed I love him. Him and Melissa are also, clealry, not together, so why did they kiss in 6A if it had no meaning? 
- Oh, Malia. 
- “Bitch you think im getting out there? hell no.” MALIA I LOVE HER THIS SEASON SHELLEY IS DOING A WONDERFUL JOB. 
- For a man like Argent, it’s odd he even used “Allison”, as hackers often opt first for things that are familiar to the ones they are wanting to hack. Like family names, pets, dates, et cetera. 
- Fuck, man, he’s also part human. You’re a murderer. Well, he’s a hunter, actually. Now it’s just not an organised party, everyone is just killing. It’s basically season 4 only without the money. 
- wop, guess Jordan will go in hibernation then. 
- This woman fucking stayed at school for hours just to give him back that ball and threathen him or something. Jesus get a life. 
- oh fuck you. using wolfsbane is a dick move.
- Lydia fucking register for MIT odwn throw that away please. You have a little less than two hours so do something. 
- I love her ring. Very minimalistic. (gets sudden thoughts of married stydia and starts crying. trash ophelia has arrived)
- oh my God, Lydia, how much has Stiles influenced you. Like “Woopsie she caught me just pretend you’re really interested in this pack of post its yep totally not suspicious yep perfect perfect plan amazing awesome.”
- Also her banshee powers are on point. 
- Bitch he has never even terrified anyone. You have nothing to him personally but you’re acting like he did. 
- oh sure just stick a pole in his body. 
- “That’s incredible”, oh so now she’s a sadist, great. 
- oh cry cry you bitch be fucking afraid. what a dumb bitch. 
- no no no don’t go to the counsellor
- How did Liam not smell blood? Or just the stench of a body? Anyway, good job Mason. 
- Holy fucking shit. I get why the call it the most gory season yet. I’m fascinated though. 
- Her booties… I want them. 
- nononononono don’t lock Lydia up, please let her go she doesn’t deserve this. 
- great she’s probabaly having some sort of PTSD attack. great great great. -_-
- Even though I’m still against Lydia being there, her having her warrior “overcoming fears” Mulan-esque moment is so badass and inspiring. I’m here for it. 
- But you can’t just kill a hellhound. It should be a special kind of bullet. So, if the doctor puts a bullet against Parrish’ head, it shouldn’t kill him. Something’s off. 
- Even though I don’t ship Parrish and Lydia, it’s like now they’re even. he saved her in Eichen, now she saved him. It’s cool :)
- “I’m worried about you”, and in that moment, the whole scolia fandom died. 
- Scott’s look though, I’m even shipping it. He’s probably thinking of kissing her and then snaps out of it. 
- “cutesy looking down afraid of admitting feelings that have been developing since 3B” trope.
- Scott’s smile
- Yep. This is exactly how Stydia has been built up and I like it. I like Scolia. I’m here for it.
-  awww, bonding over almost being killed many times. cute.
-  cockblock!Argent
- okay even I fangirled over that “Scott is looking while she isn’t”-look. That’s a parallel to this right here motherfuckers

- oh no they found the boy - wait, what was the flesh thing then? 
- Wait but Liam hasn’t done anything to the pupils. Or have I forgotten something? 
- oh fucking hell Gerard. 
- ah, so Gerard is going to recruit a new batch of hunters, as the Argent’s basically stopped. 

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Holy shit, that was an awesome video. I was wondering though, magnum opus on Google revealed ARTIST'S great work, like a play or a book or painting or something. I was a little confused from that, but then again, this video is a great work of art.

A legendary fight between 2 souls that were destined to in the first place, can be considered as a masterpiece.

mumu (multi-muse) plot ideas

pt 1: 

  • Band members on tour
    • A four or six part band, on the road playing shows for adoring fans. Radio appearances, staying in hotels, hiding from paps or over-obsessed stalker fans. Recording sessions in the studio whenever humanly possible. A ton of ot4/ot6 vibes because there’s nothing quite like doing what you love on stage with your best friends, or exploring the world with them. 
  • Youtube friends
    • Doesn’t really matter how big your group is for this, it’ll work. It started with some mutual subscriptions. Some friendly youtube comments. Eventually there was social networking on other sites, and then a few video collaborations here and there. Fast-forward, your characters’s channels have gotten mega popular. There are joint meet ups, taking selfies with subscribers, trips all over the world (youtube videos at disney world, or on the London eye anyone?) The group are all great friends, and what’s best is that they’re having the time of their lives just recording the fun! 
  • Boarding School 
    • There are so many ways you could go with this honestly. Study groups are cute, maybe have your muses in one of those - studying super hard to keep their scholarships? Or you could have them in separate cliques, having to defend each other to their friends who have never liked that other group. Or you could have a some of your characters as scholarship kids, and the rest as rich kids, a ton of clashing and a ton of pining to be accepted into the rich circle. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Witches 
    • A modern coven maybe? I’m just thinking like some teenagers who’s grandparents had magic, but it skipped a gen or so. As a consequence they’ve got to figure out how to use it, and how to incorporate it into their modern lives. Have them convert an old abandoned apartment into a meeting place. Have them write their spells on ipads. Explore the which craft hierarchy. Have them enchant common things like their house keys (so they’ll never loose them), have them store their supplies in tupperware containers. Modern witches man, so rad. 
  • Apartment Block
    • A Friends-esqe group who all live in the same apartment block, who basically share each other’s places anyway. Really cute friendships and relationships and the sort. Everyone getting together for christmas or new years or whatever because these people are family now. It’d just be really cool okay. 
  • Sports Teams/Cheer squads 
    • A few muses on each team/squad. Lots of rivalries, lots of games where the whole team comes out to watch the match. Maybe two of the muses secretly like each other and a Romeo + Juliet subplot emerges. 
  • Secret Agents/Heist group 
    • This might be best with a lower number of muses, I’d stick with four. Lots of planning out bank heists and running from cops and celebrating once the mission’s complete. Rappelling from glass ceilings and sneaking through air vents in skintight black suits and ah the disguises they’d have, the cover stories you could explore!
  • Gangs
    • This might be good if you’re feeling a bigger group. You’d need a ring leader, your muscle men, the followers, ect. Maybe they dabble in selling drugs, maybe they have fun with them themselves. Maybe there’s a lot of power abuse, a lot of acting as if they own their city – because honestly the gang does own the city. A feeling of indestructibleness from the head honcho and utter helplessness from the ones who just want to get out. 
  • Drama Club
    • Again this could be as big or as small as you want, but I feel like this would be great for a larger group. A ton of staying late to rehearse even though they’ve been over their lines hundreds of time that day. Stages kisses not feeling like stage kisses at all, wardrobe malfunctions, fighting over roles, trying to make everything work at the last minute because holy shit we were not prepared to take on a show this big. Exploring the relationships between actors, backstage tech, costume design. Cast parties after really successful shows, hanging out and killing themselves laughing doing improv. I don’t know you could do a lot with it okay. 

Anakin getting drugged with an aphrodisiac on a mission but instead of making him want to fuck ALL THE THINGS he instead wants to cuddle EVERYONE and is high as all get out?? He cuddles Ahsoka and tells Rex that he’s his FAV CLONE1~EVA! When Obi-Wan has to get him off the ship to go to medical he wraps his arms around him and demands to be carried. (And Ahsoka is DYING of laughter because Obi-Wan is just…so resigned by this point.)

He sees Mace and goes super quiet and hides his face in Obi-Wan’s chest, like a bloody child, and when Obi-Wan explains what the hell is going on, Anakin apologizes for always fucking everything up and “maybe next time I’ll come back missing more limbs, that’ll make you happy, right?”

And Mace is horrified because he doesn’t hate Skywalker or want to see him MAIMED??? WHERE DID HE GET THAT IDEA FROM??? And Obi-Wan is like “HOLY SHIT ANAKIN”

And then Anakin sees Yoda and is all bubbly and cheery again, babbling about how he totally felt Dooku’s presence and he seemed healthy and more stable and even though they didn’t get him, he’s still alive and isn’t that great, Master Yoda?? I’m sure we’ll get him and bring him back so he stops making you so sad all the time by being a complete failure. 


And then Anakin’s just in the chambers of healing high as a kite and not letting Obi-Wan leave because he wants cuddles and Ahsoka has Important Padawan Learning to do that can’t be disturbed by him being needy. 

And during his high cuddling of Obi-Wan he ends up telling him all about his marriage to Padme and how much he loves her and wants her here because she gives awesome cuddles and he misses her so much. And maybe says some rather creepy shit about Palpatine that makes Obi-Wan’s “ALERT, ALERT, SOMEONE IS CREEPING ON YOUR PADAWAN” senses go off.

And that’s how the Speratists inadvertently saved the Galaxy. 

Ladrien Summer (1/?)

Summary: In which Nino finds out his best bro is in love with Ladybug, and jumps the Ladynoir and Adrienette ships for Ladrien summarily.

Adrien is flustered, Alya takes personal offense, and Marinette finally sees her chance to hit that.

What could possibly go wrong?

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ladrien summer tag | table of contents

“So dude,” said Nino mildly, appearing over Adrien’s shoulder as he tended to do sometimes, “were you ever planning to tell me you were in love with Ladybug, or were you just gonna leave me out in the cold over here?”

Adrien froze, heart leaping into his mouth and face going hot. “Uhh, in love with who now?”

Nino slung an arm around his shoulders. “The girl you have all over your notebook, my dude. Superheroine extraordinaire. That chick who leaps all over the city in skintight spandex. That one.”

“It’s not spandex,” said Adrien automatically, before he could stop to  think about how it’d sound, “it’s actually made out of—… Uh.”

Nino raised his eyebrows with a knowing grin.

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Heidi and Cartman got back together. Not for long, I bet.

Craig and Tweek… Honestly didn’t think they were taking the relationship seriously, but after tonights episode of South Park? Holy shiz balls. Craig is such a caring boyfriend and they seem like such a great couple. The couple before this episode was great, but it’s even better now, knowing how sweet and shit they are with each other, and how involved in their relationship they are.

No Kyle and Stan moments, but whatever, I guess.

Kenny… I want him to freaking talk more.

And Cartman… Cartman is still being a dick. Loved his song, though.

Binary Star (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,935

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

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People have made posts about how Blake needs a forgiveness arc and stuff and I totally agree but also I’m mad on her behalf, not at those people but at the writers (shocking, I know)

I just rewatched her entire Volume 4 story arc… and she got very little characterization or development whatsoever, and absolutely no character growth. I don’t doubt she feels extremely guilty for having left the team, but she got very few chances to express that (still mad about Sun barging in on her as she talked to Ghira about RWBY…. and then her parents barging in when she mentioned RWBY to Sun???)

Like the writers made a really bullshit move by having Sun barge in on Ghira but then they……..repeated it…….. like why tf can’t Blake talk about her team???? She and Sun barely even talked about the fall of beacon. Her arc was a slog the whole season and while it clearly set up our current conflict, we got NOTHING for Blake tbh. Her few interactions with her parents were nice but Sun ruined so much of her arc, I can’t fathom why he’s even there. Him getting a mild injury from Ilia was like relevant and stuff, but still there weren’t many characterizing moments in her storyline.

The members of team RWBY being separated was supposed to facilitate their growth and further develop them as individuals… but it really fell flat for Blake. Actually, it fell pretty flat for everyone except Weiss tbh. But Volume 5 is already great and delivering on defining character moments, so I’m hopeful for Blake’s part in next episode. Though it was upsetting to see that ONCE AGAIN she was interrupted while trying to talk about Beacon.

I can’t wait for the RWBY reunion but holy shit can Blake at least TALK TO HER PARENTS FIRST? Also if Sun told Kali about RWBY… I kinda wish we got to see that instead of an offscreen mention. I wanna know what he said, what he didn’t say, what Kali and Ghira already know…….

And this is without talking about the dreaded slapping scene that was apparently a result of a miscommunication between writers and animators due to the rushed nature of Volume 4. It was such a disservice to her character.

anonymous asked:

What about Marcel dresses up in costume to get Louis' attention but Louis prefers how Marcel usually dresses?

hello anon!! thank you so much for the prompt and sorry it took me so long to write it.  I just want to let you know that I wrote a very similar marcel ficlet from the opposite perspective about a year ago, which i think maybe turned out better. So you should check that out if you are interested! :))) anyway, here we go:

As soon as Louis sat down at Marcel and Niall’s table in the library he started interrogating Niall about what Marcel was going to be for Halloween.

“Is he keeping it a secret from you, too?” Louis asked, leaning forward over his psychology textbook with narrowed eyes.

Marcel fought against a smile, like he always had to when Louis pressed for information about his costume.  This time, Louis was obviously trying to take advantage of the fact the Niall was a notoriously bad liar, clearly not having also taken into consideration that one didn’t necessarily need to lie to keep a secret.  

“No,” Niall said with a lift of his chin, “he hasn’t kept it a secret from me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you.”  

Louis’s mouth dropped open and he shot Marcel an exaggeratedly offended looked.  “He gets to know, but I don’t?”

“He’s my roommate,” Marcel pointed out, still trying and failing not to smile.

Louis gave Marcel another look, like that wasn’t a satisfactory explanation, but slumped back down in his chair, ostensibly to do his psych reading.  Marcel knew it wouldn’t last long, though, based on how violently Louis’s knee was jiggling under the table.        

“What could possibly be better than Lumière?” he blurted out, less than three minutes later, throwing his hands up.   

Marcel barked out a laugh, pushing his glasses up his nose.  The year before, he’d gone to Veronica’s Halloween party dressed as Lumière from Beauty and the Beast, complete with gold sparkling body suit and makeshift posterboard candles on his head and hands.  It had been a giant hit – particularly with Louis – and had inspired Marcel, who didn’t usually like to attract attention to himself, to go even bigger this year.

Marcel was going to be Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror for Halloween, and he’d been withholding the information from Louis for the better part of a month, telling him it had to be a surprise.  Marcel liked to pretend he was exasperated with Louis for constantly asking about it, but he knew it was obvious he actually loved the attention.  It was probably depressingly obvious how much he loved attention from Louis, in general.      

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Big Day. (Father Figure!Tyler x Mom!Reader)

Originally posted by idgitimaginer

it’s backkkkk! If you haven’t read the first one, click here! 

It was a Friday and you were getting ready for your date night with Tyler after dropping Isabella off at Amy and Kathryn’s since she didn’t want to go to her friend’s house. Tyler told you to dress really fancy for this dinner so you did what you were told and wore a tight maroon dressing with matching gold jewelry, you wanted to dress respectable, sexy, and simple since you already know that Tyler is going to actually rip your dress off you like he did for the past few dates. “Are you ready, babe?” Tyler walked in your room while you were putting your heels on, “Yep. How do I look?” you gave him a playful spin. “You look ravishing.” He wrapped his arms around you, giving you a long kiss, you felt his hands lowering down to your waist and ass until you grabbed them, “You didn’t earn your touchy feely pass yet.  You still must ‘wow’ me with this date first.” You pushed away to go grab your purse, making Tyler sighed.

“Can I take this blindfold off, now? I can walk on my own feet.” You complained as your boyfriend bridal carried you, “Why are you trying to ruin your surprise! Patience my dear.”  He laughed. “Oh, believe me, I know patience! I carried life in me for nine months and then had to wait 12 hours to push her out!” you sassed before he put you down. You felt him take you blindfold off and the first thing you saw was a beautiful view of the beach while the sun was setting on top of a cliff, “Holy shit Tyler. This is beautiful.” You smiled before turning around to a candlelit dinner that he promised. “We’re eating here tonight? You completely outdid yourself, Mr. Scheid.” You walked over to your seat, “I want the best for my girl. I feel like I haven’t been Romantic lately.” He lied but you didn’t notice it, “Not been romantic lately? You’ve been the definition of Romantic ever since we started dating!” Tyler is known for spoiling you with love, he takes you shopping even though you have a great job that you can afford it without worrying, he’ll cook anytime he as the chance, he’ll go to couple baking classes with you as much as he hates the instructor because he checks you out, he’ll give you a massage when you’re stressed about work, and he makes family date night for Isabella to join in so you’re just baffled by his response. “I know but I wanted to make tonight memorable.” he smiled. Before you can say anything, a blue haired boy came over, pouring water in your cups, “Wow.” You laughed, “Wowie.” You heard Ethan mumbled, “Don’t make me get you fired.” You pointed at him as he walked away. “Here’s your salads.” Mark appears out of nowhere. “Am I on a date with Markiplier but instead it’s with Apocalypto_12.” You giggled, giving his hand a squeezed as he rolled his eyes at you. 

After eating, you and Tyler were just talking about domestic life and the future, “How many children do you want?” you asked him as you were drinking your water, “At least 2. I don’t really care about gender but I know if I had a boy, I would want him to play sports like his old man but he could do whatever he wants.” “I would like to have a son. I could be a sports mom!” You beamed with happiness. “What about marriage?” Tyler asked, “I told you, I only want to marry the man I love.” You smiled happily to him. “How do you see our future?” “Well, I see us moving into a bigger house after we get married, always having backyard/pool parties, telling Isabella bedtime stories as a family, getting another but smaller dog for Dodger play with, then having a few more babies so Isabella can be an older sister and watch everyone grow up together.” You gushed out. “Good, because I see the same future together.” Tyler stood up, “[Y/F/N], when you came into my life, I have never met anyone who made me feel so happy, loved and welcome in their life. Whenever I come over, I feel like it’s a normal family bonding, with dinner at the dinner table, talking about everyone’s day, game night, walk to the park, picking up Isabella from school together, family trips to Disneyland, and I love living that domestic lifestyle with you. I want to grow a family and live life with you! You’re beautiful, smart, talented, funny, balanced, a fantastic mother to a beautiful daughter, a wonderful friend and I want to add something to that list.” You saw your daughter wearing a pretty dress and a flower crown running to Tyler and giving him a box, "Thanks, sweetheart!” she whispers something in his ear and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He got on his one of his knee, “[Y/F/N], will you do the honor and be my wife?” You started crying while laughing, “OF COURSE, TYLER! A MILLION TIMES YES!!” you helped him up and went straight to kissing him passionately. Your daughter ran back over to you and you picked her up, “HOW LONG DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS!?” you smiled at her, “He told me after the dance!” “You kept a secret from me! I thought we had a deal!” you laughed.  The whole team was cheering and taking pictures. 

“While everyone’s here, I also have something to say but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t beat this.” You looked at Tyler.  “I wanted to tell you a week ago but I decided to make it official at dinner but…" you started crying again, “I’m pregnant.” You cried. Tyler started crying himself, “I’m going to be a dad?” you nodded and gave him a huge smile. He pulled you and Isabella into a huge hug, “I’M GOING TO BE A SISTER!” Isabella beamed. “I’M GOING TO BE A GODFATHER!” Mark came over and giving you a hug along with the rest of the team. 



  •  Amy and Kathryn had one job: Getting Isabella ready.
  •  A piece of cake, right?
  • Taking her to the mall was going to be a simple, quick trip.
  •  nope.
  •  Amy and Kathryn were on a time limit since they had to go back home and get Isabella ready. 
  • “Remember, Isabella. No fairy costumes!”
  • She went straight to fairy costume.
  • Amy literally had to drag her out of the costumes.
  • A lot of fighting to get her to try it on some of the dresses.
  • Isabella started hiding in the clothes racks
  • Basically, going on a scavenger hunt to find the lost child.
  •  They found her looking at a dress she actually likes!
  • Quickly taking her home, and trying to do her hair
  •  As much as they love her, dealing with her was like WWIII
  •  “We’ll take you to go get Ice cream after it’s done! Don’t you want to look pretty for mommy!”
  •  All Isabella heard was Ice cream and that was enough for them to get her ready as fast as they can.


  • “[Y/N], how can you do it?”
  •   “With what? Isabella? She’s usually loves shopping! She only acts out when she knows she can get something out of it.
  • The little sweetheart played them.
  •    She played them good.

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So yesterday’s post was amazing with the responses! I was smiling all day seeing people reblogging it and putting their own tags on it, it actually motivated me to keep writing so thank you! I’m glad everyone like the twist at the end because I enjoyed typing it! Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed this and the little bonus and I’ll see y’all later! (Request are always open!)