that was great though holy shit

Honestly Yurio was so precious this episode??? His angry thing is seeming more and more like fun rivalry than hate. I mean. His reaction to his own great performance was

Excited and lighthearted, and though he did make a callout to Yuuri it wasn’t an attack, or a put down any more than what is normal between people competing for something.

AND BETTER YET when Yuuri was struggling with his own performance, Yurio on the sidelines


Of course he’s still not buddy buddy with Yuuri because he’s a grumpy boy. BUT THEN-

Is it just me, or is this Yurio’s weird, convoluted way of trying to cheer Yuuri up???? I mean he’s not good at it, but he actively sought out Yuuri, albeit not exactly for this, but he brings it up almost immediately. He’s trying, even if he wouldn’t admit to being friendly.

AND GIVE YUURI A BIRTHDAY GIFT. So Yurio bothers to remember when Yuuri’s birthday, and seek him out to give hie something. Not just something. Something special.

Yurio wants Yuuri to eat it now because he wants to see yuuri’s reaction, because he’s obviously thought about it quite a bit.

honestly I thought this was going to be Yurio making a crack at Yuuri about pork cutlet bowls, cause the way he waits for Yuuri’s reaction he’s waiting for Yuuri to say it.






Cute/Domestic Victuuri headcannons
  • Victor and Yuuri going ice skating in a public park 
    •  Everyone is just so stunned because holy shit they’re good 
    • Also, everyone wants to know why the fuck they can skate and make out at the same time 
    • This is why Yurio doesn’t come with them anymore
  • Working out together
    • They may not look like it but these boys are strong as shit
    • Thighs for days
    • They’re ‘That Couple’ at the gym, the one everyone loves because their so perfect and goals but hates for the same exact reasons
    • They’re great at motivating each other though and they keep one another going when all they want to do is give up
  • Victor taking every chance he gets to tell people how much he loves Yuuri
    • In an interview? He loves Yuuri
    • On the ice? He loves Yuuri
    • Talking with sponsors? He loves Yuuri
    • Ordering food at a restaurant? He loves Yuuri
    • Taking pictures with fans? He loves Yuuri
    • And Yuuri blushes every damn time
  • Makkachin is like a child to them but they know eventually they’re probably going to want human kids too
    • Yuuri tries to have the talk with Victor but Victor turns into a blushing mess which makes Yuuri blush too
    • It gets to the point they can’t even speak anymore they’re just staring at each other while red in the face
    • Yuuri has decided to postpone the talk about having kids until a later time
  • They both crave insane amounts of affection
    • They’re all over each other at first and it’s unbearable for Yurio
    • But soon enough it’s died down to just pecks and winks and hand holding and he decides maybe he can stomach living with them for a little bit longer
    • Phichit takes every chance he gets to document anything he considers even remotely cute
  • Cooking for each other…
    • They love to make food for each other
    • Yuuri makes Victor packed lunches and rice bowls and of course katsudon
    • Victor makes all kids of Russian dishes for Yuuri like Okroshka and Olivie
    • It doesn’t always go well but it’s one of their favorite things to do for each other
    • Teaching one another to cook certain dishes is a common activity as well
  • Kissing the others ring for good luck or when they’ll be separated for an extended period of time
  • Laying on top of each other on the couch to ‘save room for Yurio’ even though there’s plenty of room for him even when they don’t 
  • Arguing over who has to do the dishes for so long Yurio get’s tired and does them himself
  • Just being generally really cute and caring and healthy

ratchetclankarecute  asked:

Holy shit, that was an awesome video. I was wondering though, magnum opus on Google revealed ARTIST'S great work, like a play or a book or painting or something. I was a little confused from that, but then again, this video is a great work of art.

A legendary fight between 2 souls that were destined to in the first place, can be considered as a masterpiece.

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RFA reacting to seeing the MC in casual, more tight/revealing clothing? Like crop tops paired with high waisted shorts, etc. :D


“Wow.. Just. Wow, MC you look great. No ‘great’ is not even close to how good you look”

• so many selfies~ and he also let’s his hands wander a bit oops 

• there may and may not have been a makeout session but who knows? He couldn’t help himself. Too hot hot damn 


*sweats* you look… really good *sweats* a-aren’t you cold though *sweats* holy shit 

• he can’t stop blushing and don’t really know where to look because ohhh god they looks so amazing? Hot damn is it warm in here or is it just them being hot affff

• if they go out he will still be blushing but will death glare at anyone who stares too long at them, i know they look amazing but don’t be rude yo 


ohhhmygod.. Holy shi- okay.. Alright. bREATHE. “You look great MC” 

• their outfit makes her weak, they look too good for their own good and wow. They got legs for dAYS 

• she and MC probably has like a little dress up session and now it’s MC’s turn to be like hot damn because Jaehee is hot af too


• *raises eyebrow* “Well this was… A surprise. I’m not complaining one bit however”

• he’ll have this smug ass look on his face and kiss their cheek with his hand resting on their hip. Lots of compliments!! 

• if someone whistle or make a indecent comment about their outfit he will not tolerate you dress how you want and people gotta keep their nasty mouths shut



• he’d be torn between blushing, staring.. and not staring, wanting to compliment them but ends up stutters and it’s honestly a mess. They are so gorgeous fuck 

• will hold their hand or hand his arm around them and pull them close. Kisses on top of their head 

my thoughts on 5x10

We made it through the hiatus! Well… some of us did, at any rate. How’d you guys like that episode? Here’s what I thought (my thoughts are jumbled, so bear with me): 

  • Felicity not buying Laurel’s bullshit story from the get go: 💯
  • Felicity planning the party SIMPLY AS A MEANS TO SNIFF OUT LAUREL BEING A FRAUD: 🙌🙌
  • Felicity being all around amazing and take-no-prisoners this ENTIRE EPISODE: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💀
  • That said….
  • Oliver trying to believe the best of Laurel: 😭
  • Oliver trying to be optimistic and believe good things can happen and being open to miracles: 😫😫😫😫
  • I love him so much and his development this season is 👌
  • Rene somehow got me to love him this episode. 
  • I’m still not sure how it happened
  • Referring to them as “mom and dad” helps a LOT though. 
  • Curtis was great this ep too. Holy shit. 
  • KC should only ever play bad guys cuz she’s a LOT more believable when she’s being menacing and bitchy.
  • I even liked Adrian Chase this episode wtf. 
  • All their scenes were amazing but the one where they “argued” (still not sure if that’s what it was) was OFF THE CHARTS and they should always be this way, even after they reunite. 
  • THIS is the Olicity I fell in love with.
  • Two strong and amazing people clashing and changing each other and growing brighter and bigger and stronger and more amazing!
  • The statue blowing up was 😎👍😂. In that order. 
  • Felicity overriding the team was awesome too. Poor Oliver. But y’all know he found it hot too. 
  • Watching Felicity’s pendulum swing towards pessimism and vengeance and anger while Oliver’s swings to optimism, justice and hope… GAH. I LOVE THIS SHIP. 
  • He will light her way. He can’t help Black Siren (cuz bitch is a lost cause yo) but he WILL help Felicity and I can’t fuckin wait. 
  • It’s almost a shame we gotta go through the Susapocalypse here shortly to get there. I will be plugging my ears and going “lalalalala!!! I CANT HEAR YOU” the whole time.
  • But it WILL end and Olicity WILL reunite and if you doubt it now then I can’t help you friend, see you on the other side. 
  • “Hey pumpkin”
  • No more statue! Time to find a new BC! (what’s that? closing the door on LL’s return? YEP. BYE!)
  • Oh hai Tina. I like her. Whatever. I have no reason NOT to like her yet. Come to Star City and kick ignorant male ass, Tina. Can’t wait to know you better. 

And now, a gif of my favorite moment: 

(i swear, my life was extended, my skin cleared up, my debts were paid… this was the moment I’ve lived for, apparently… I don’t see it as Felicity punching Faux!Laurel, I see it as the Olicity fandom punching all the LL stans who’ve been such assholes about Felicity/Olicity all these years. TAKE IT, HATERS.)

I was worrying so much about this season sucking but dude, it's fucking great. We've got:

• I don’t care much about the romantic Stydia portion BUT I DO LOVE THAT LYDIA IS SOLVING THIS MYSTERY USING HER BANSHEE POWERS YES



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holy fucking shit your anons are. wild. anyway i just wanted to offer you a break from the chudley 'n' champagne hour and say that not only do i really love your art style (it's so unique and lively! and whenever i see you've posted a new doodle or piece of art i always get very jazzed) but also your sense of humor is great and very Relatable. that is all hope you are having a nice day!

i know?????!!! seriously though im used to it my anons have been this wild for like a year its just that i usually only post like 1/3 of them. i still love u guys its ok

BUT ANYWAY?? THIS IS SO NICE!!!! u are so nice thank u for following me


*Dipper playing the tuba*
Mabel: (thinking) be a supportive twin be a supportive twin

Wendy: (thinking) holy shit he’s bigger nerd than i thought

Dipper: well, what did you guys think?

Mabel: I support you bro-bro! Follow your tuba dreams!

Wendy: Yeah, you got those tuba skills man

Dipper: Great, because I have a rendition of Disco Girl I wanted to play for you. 

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I just scrolled through your entire haikyuu tag and i just wanted to say that I love all your characters. I especially love your Ushijima though. He's my favorite character and the way you draw him is PERFECT :)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much???? I’m glad you like how I draw your fave, that’s such a great compliment to get tbh!!!! *O*

Anon said: You draw the funniest tooth-rotting-sweet comics and they never fail to make my day, pls keep that in mind. I adore and admire you for that

Holy shit, thank you! Sometimes I feel like I reach ridiculous levels of silliness and self-indulgence so knowing there’s people that appreciate that actually means a lot, to me!! 

Anon said:  I hope you have a great day!

Anon said:  Love you! Have a good day!

THANK YOU!!!!!!! The day just ended here so I’ll keep these for tomorrow, but I hope wherever you are you’re having a wonderful day!!!! <3

Anon said:  Do you think Denki can charge people’s phones just by sitting on the charger.

WELP since it seems like he can charge himself through a plugged in charger I don’t see why the opposite wouldn’t work too! I might have drawn him charging phones like that now and again, actually haha

Anon said:  I love those magical bokuroo’s!! I miss them so much in the manga *cries*

SIGH I miss them so much too, anon *sobs* I was hoping Kuroo would be there when Karasuno went to check out the Fukurodani game but alas… at least I know Bo went to watch his bf play~

Anon said:  Have you ever watched fairy tail? You know I like the idea of the crossover ship kirishima x Erza , I think they have a lot in common and will look so good together

Ahhhh sorry but I’m not into FT… I used to follow the manga a super long time ago, but it’s just not my thing o<-<

200 Follower Blogrates!!!!

Rules: mbf me( @i-am-your-highlady ) send me an ask with the book you last read or the song you last listened to And reblog/ like to spread the word!! Format: URL: k cool // i don’t get it // that’s amazing // HOLY MOTHER OF GOD GIVE IT TO ME! Icon: default // that’s amazing af // can i have it? // 11/10 // im going to cry can i adopt it Theme: meh // aesthetic af // holy shit gimme the code // who did you kill? Blog: quality shitposts // aesthetic on point // fandom rules here // idek but this is great House: Gryffindor // Slytherin // Hufflepuff // Ravenclaw Following: no sorry ily though // just did how was i not before // ofc you’re gr8 // if i unfollow it’s because im dead and the last thing i wanted to do before i died was deactivate from this Hellsite Comments:

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Holy shit what's wrong with people what why would anybody be rude? I wanna say how great you are but I can't SAY ENCOURAGING STUFF CAUSE I CANT EXPRESS HUMAN EMOtIOn! I'm well great job with being stable with all them bitch anon. I'm gonna just go :")

Bah, emotions are overrated.

I think.

Anyway, thank you! No need to leave, though. x’D

Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul Appreciation
  • Have you seen him dance? It’s amazing
  • Button nose!
  • Invented cute hair
  • Also invented aegyo like holy shit h o w
  • His English is great idgaf if he’s not fluent 75% of my friends aren’t look at this baby go
  • I want to bottle up his voice so I can hear it when I’m sad
  • 11/10 a sweetie pie
  • I don’t know what this boy is but I love it
  • He’s so gay even though he’s in a country that tends to be like “nO”
  • No one knows if it’s real gay or friend gay and that’s the beauty of it
  • His smile is so bright it could light up a blackhole and that’s not even how light works
  • He’s so great he broke physics
  • His enthusiasm is contagious
  • Happy virus™
  • He seems whimsical but he has his goals in sight like no other
  • He’s a very brave person and I admire that
  • You can tell he actively watches out for people even if it seems like he’s all over the place
  • He’d make a great friend
  • Everyone in NCT loves him??? Boy u reached a new level
  • I’m pretty sure even Donghyuck likes him
  • Proportions are on point 3600% of the time
  • This is random but he’d totally be in Fire Nation
  • How do you dislike this beeb? I don’t understand I want receipts
  • Bless look at those eye brows
  • Eye smile
  • Most cute accent ever
  • He’s so sweet both attitude and personally wise damn
  • When he gets serious its both attractive and inspiring because wow look at him go he really wants to do this shit
  • He makes fun of people without going too far (doyoungs eyebrows)
  • His high voice is the best and no one can tell me otherwise
  • “Ummmmmm, yeahhhhh.”
  • He giggles when he doesn’t know what is happening way to stay positive
  • He puts himself first but sure as hell doesn’t forget about the ones around him and that’s a good freaking trait
  • Skin
  • I just really love his skin I don’t even have a reason for it I just do
  • Essentially he’s an amazing person who is dedicated, passionate, humorous, and loving.

 Stan the human sunshine Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. Case Closed.

a short subjective list of nurseydex fics

feat. very little angst because i’m sappy

  • things that aren’t discussed by ahausonfire (They don’t date so much as hook up, and it’s fine. At least, it’s fine until it’s not, but they don’t talk about it.)
  • idot (derek nurse,spoken word, 2016) by euphorion (Dex sat up fully, crossing his feet at the ankles and giving him a wry look. “You wanna come pretend to be my boyfriend, Nurse?”)
  • 5 times they definitely didn’t know by winchysteria (everyone is secretly dating but they all think they’re original and secret. otherwise known as 6 times the samwell men’s hockey team were dumb and i still loved them )

taemin seemed pissed for the majority of the night because of mic/audio issues, i felt so bad for him… even though he still did great you could tell he was really irritated :( beautiful man but i didn’t see many smiles tonight from him so sad…. so beautiful tho i love him…. 

minho was on FIRE holy shit that man never stops, he brings the hype train everywhere he goes, we locked eyes at least 5 times but i honestly think he just looked at EVERYONE because he was really feelin the energy (ALSO his english is great wow)

onew looked tired? or maybe he was a little shy? he was incredible tho vocals on point 10/10 always… super cutie love him…. also mic/audio issues did not discourage this man no sir he just kept going as expected of the king

jonghyun was jonghyun what can i say?? he was more playful than i expected also played the crowd while wiping his sweaty face with a towel oh boy… he also wasn’t as shy during the chat breaks as i thought he would be!

key…. beautiful soul beautiful man beautiful heart….. talked about watching reacting vids on youtube and doing instalives and how much he loves everybody… cried during an encore ah….. we all cried

they are so much smaller than i expected them to be!!! like skinny and shorter than i thought!!!

japan shawols did the impossible and brought hundreds of lightsticks!!!!

SHINee was greeted with a beautiful aqua green ocean and i’m so happy!!!!

the boys did so well, they were so professional and you could tell that they really appreciated the energy from the crowd. they always want to deliver the best performances and give the crowd everything they have…. it was so beautiful and i appreciate it so much… thank you SHINee!!!! T_T

anonymous asked:

Is it cool to still call you dude even though you're nb? Just asking bc I don't want to say something wrong, but I'm so proud of you for coming out! Also, that haircut is so damn fine istg

Holy shit dude is like, great. I’m waaaay MOC, so like… for me, dude is great. Thank you so much for checking in, sweetheart – you’re amazing <3 <3 <3

All my thoughts on “The Expanse” s2e8 because I have many

The last two episodes left me a little underwhelmed in the wake of the absolutely stunning episode 5 (the grand finale of Leviathan Wakes), but “Pyre” gave me so many feelings that I have to talk about it.

First, Prax. I totally get why the book-readers on my dash were getting so excited about his imminent arrival now, because he is instantly lovable and his storyline looks to be great and holy shit that scene with the dumping of the Inners was horrifying. I mean, I knew it was coming, from the way they were saying “Inners only,” (and we’ll talk more about beltalowda political extremism later) but it still hurt. Though I will say there was a wincing moment when Drummer was injured that I went, “Shit, are they going to kill two women of color in one episode?” but she lives thank heavens. So yeah, Prax, part of the team for right now, glad he’s here.

But speaking of Drummer, Johnson, and Dawes: let’s talk Belter politics. I know that half of my distrust of Dawes comes from him being played by Dr. David Robert Jones, but the other half comes from his treatment of Julie. Miller was right, he used her idealism to recruit her and then didn’t really care about her as a person, about what would happen to her. He does the same thing with Diogo this time around, and his remarks in his broadcast were intentionally incendiary to try to turn Tycho against Johnson. He’s a provocateur, a useful thing as an activist but not so much as a leader.

Yet he’s also not wrong in his assessment of Fred Johnson. Johnson is an authoritarian. We’ve seen him summarily decide to space a guy, he does hide things from his people, and he does act as if he’s the only person who could possibly save the Belt in spite of not being a Belter. At the very least that last point is a horrible PR choice, especially when he has a very competent Belt-born second-in-command right there. He absolutely can be an ally and a supporter of the Belt, but he can never be their representative. Holden’s right, the game has passed him by.

That said, fuck Dawes and his irresponsible anti-Inner rhetoric that got a bunch of innocent people murdered in this episode. I’m Team Roci all the way. There shouldn’t be any sides.

Which brings me to Holden. Last episode Dawes compared him to Miller in his stubbornness, and we see Miller brought up again when Naomi reminds Holden that Dawes was wrong. Holden isn’t Miller. He can, if he has to, force himself to assume the role of tough and pragmatic morally gray leader, but doing that is going against his grain. It’s not who he wants to be, not who he really is, and Naomi calls him out for it. Some of this, I’m guessing, comes from the show’s decision to have made Holden be very new to leadership positions, as opposed to the books, where he was already a pretty confident leader in Leviathan Wakes (my hold on Caliban’s War will be coming in at the library at the end of the month).

Also can I just say that I love that Naomi Nagata is the heart of the team as well as the brain? Usually I’d protest the loan female team member being given that role, but not when she’s a woman of color. Typically we white women get the Heart role. We’re the love interest, the moral compass, whatever. Women of color, especially black women, tend to be the Strong Woman Who Doesn’t Need a Man, and I like Naomi getting to be way more nuanced than that, with vulnerabilities and a desire to love and be loved. I’m comparing this in my head to Sleepy Hollow which basically panicked and ran in the other direction when it realized it had a similar black woman-white man pairing and I’m pleased.

As for the rest of the Roci Posse, Alex and Amos was not a thing I expected to be such a big deal this season but here it is. I don’t know who Lydia is, but I want to know why Amos considered calling her while clearly in a downward spiral after being triggered last episode (this guy so has PTSD of some kind). I want Alex to contact his family and I want to know why he’s so scared to do so and so ready to let them believe he’s dead. I want Amos and Alex to understand each other because from the last two episode there is clearly a bond of concern and protectiveness between the two of them after everything they’ve been through. Sitting down and info-duping their backstories to each other would help a lot to bridge their empathy gap.

To sum up: I am really looking forward to next episode because this episode was good and I may be making some gifs tomorrow morning because I’m off work until the afternoon.

I Love Myself Because…

I was tagged by @wrenwritesometimes

(Btw, I hate taking pics of myself and hate talking about myself even more. 😕)

1. I think I’m a pretty good mom. At least I try to be. It’s a daily struggle lol.

2. I’m a great friend. I’m supportive and understanding.

3. I love my job and even though I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be, I’m proud of myself for all I’ve accomplished.

4. I hate my anxiety and depression, but I’m proud of myself for living with and learning to deal with it.

5. I think I’m pretty fun and funny when I want to be, but also serious when I need to be.

Holy shit, this was hard!

I’m tagging @hushothermuses @imnoaingeal @frenchtherainbow @rubyrosettared

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I feel like Frankenstein was like one of those artists who will say 'oh, there's no need to fix this, it'll look better when it's colored and shaded' and then he colors and shades it and 'shit'

that’s accurate tbh holy shit??? he was like ‘i’ll just do the rough sketch it’ll look great when it’s coloured and shaded i just need the main idea down now’ and then he never actually got beyond the rough sketch and everything went to shit and he’s crying at 3 AM with a repulsive mess on his table. 

on a serious note, though, i think that kind of was his problem — his only aim was to get the equivalent of a ‘rough sketch’ down??? he knew he could create life, he knew he could construct a body, he just… didn’t care enough to actually put effort into making it look decent or function practically. yes, making your creation eight feet tall will solve the immediate problem of the body parts being too minute to work with, but what are you going to do with an eight foot tall person? he kind of just threw everything together willy-nilly because he was so excited about getting it to work, and he just. didn’t. think about the finer details. it was just ‘GONNA CREATE LIFE GONNA CREATE LIFE GONNA CREATE LIFE GO GO GO.’ no foresight whatsoever. 

Beauty and the Beast Spoilers

Belle’s dress looks much better when she’s moving and the camera isn’t focused on it, but it’s still fugly as hell. It’s even more obviously hideous in comparison to all the other BEAUTIFUL COSTUMES HOLY SHIT.

There’s “man in a dress trope” towards the end, though one of the men apparently LOVES THE DRESS and later he and LaFou dance for like 5 seconds so I’m assuming this was supposed to be Disney’s great ~gay representation~ or something.

Lots of people of color as background and minor characters, which was a pleasant surprise. However the black actresses that have the most lines spend basically the entire movie as a feather duster and a wardrobe.