that was good

so i bought light up sneakers last night and i come to school super excited about it.. and then this boy (who also likes light up sneakers) is like WAIT i just bought light up sneakers last night! so it turns out we both bought light up sneakers off the same website at the SAME TIME for like the same amount of $$$ ….. you could say that we are … sole mates

Man I was so touched by John’s laughter of relief in the end! He tried to act totally calm and unfazed all the time with the collar around his neck, but in the end he was just so fucking reliefed he laughed and laughed and couldn’t/didn’t hold back. It sounded as if he was finally free (and not only in the literal sense of the collar). He realized he still loves life, and still wants to be alive and enjoy life, no matter what happened to him in the past. Yay for character development!