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Thanks to @mindyourhelm‘s suggestion, I made my drawing into a thing! Just a fun little thank you to all of you for sharing my artwork, even your sweet tags get me through the day! I also made it to 1K followers on Instagram thanks to Jennifer Morrison sharing my drawing that now has over 95K likes which I never thought I’d say in a sentence. SO this is for you! Ignore the negativity. Stay positive. Keep creating the beautiful things I see in this fandom and lifting one another up. Have FUN. GET EXCITED. 2017 is going to be AWESOME.

art/design by me @amandanicolenycInstagram | RedBubble 
you know the drill, credit & don’t crop if you share xoxo - A. 

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list 10 of your favourite biases/characters from 10 fandoms then tag ten ppl (in no order)

  1. nct - jaemin
  2. bts - suga
  3. exo - chanyeol
  4. exo - xiumin
  5. shinee - taemin
  6. exid - hani
  7. winner - jinwoo
  8. blackpink - lisa
  9. gfriend - sinb
  10. svt - wonwoo

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kpop groups tag

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rules: pick 5 of your favourite kpop groups (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them

  1. Got7
  2. BTS
  3. EXO
  4. Monsta X
  5. BTOB

who is your favorite person from #2?

Jung Hoseok ♥ the brightest sunshine 

who is your least favorite person from #1?

pff, there is no one. I LOVE ALL MY DORKY BABIES 

what’s your favorite song from #4?

mm..hero? yes, hero!

what is your favorite era from #5?

like i have soo many fave eras but i gotta go with beep beep! 

what is your favorite otp from #3?  

this is too hard! it used to be xiuhan but..xiubaek

what is your least favorite otp from #2?

how can that thing exist? least favorite otp? that sounds stupid

how long have you been a fan of #1?

they’re my first group and i got into them like at the middle of october 2015 (im still baby kpop fan)

bias in #5:

PENINI! i mean shin peniel..

favorite music video in group #4?

does perfect girl count? it does. so perfect girl!!

how did you find out about #3?

my cousin recommended to me to listen to wolf and i fell in love with it because wolf saved kpop and we all should love wolf, okay..

favorite thing about group #4?

that’s so hard but i think, the friendship, like i thought that they won’t be that close after being in stupid survival show but they actually are hella close! plus they work really hard and love their fans so much!! and they have really really amazing music videos

most played song on your cellphone/ipod from group #2:


rank favorite to least favorite from #1, #2, #5:

hmm, was already hard to pick just five..

which have you seen more variety shows from:

Got7, i feel like i watched too many stuff with them

if you could be anyone from #4 who would you be?

i wanna be kihyun so changkyun would look at me the way he looks at kihyun but i won’t cook

who would you hang out the most with in #5?

peniel, we would talk about puppies and eat vanilla ice cream together

what would you change about #3?




random quote or saying from someone in group #2:

“i’m your hope, i’m your angel, i’m j-hope” -by actual angel, jung hoseok

would a collaboration between #2 and #5 work?

lol i mean it could? i can for sure imagine minhyuk having a rap collab with yoongi but like a group not so much..

who would you want to meet the most in #3?

i’m..zhang yixing and i would hug him real tight and tell him he’s loved and everyone cares about him and supports him so much!

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Fandom tag

I was tagged by @madhattercharlie (Thank you!!)

- Go to this website:

- Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into

- Tag five or more people

- Have fun!

Mine is: Kpop

mom/dad: Jin (Bts)

sibling: Youngjae (Got7)

grandma/grandpa: Chanyeol (Exo)

haunts you: Taeyong (Nct)

boyfriend/girlfriend: Sehun (Exo)

your ex: Jackson (Got7)

your best friend: Jhope (Bts)

proposed to you: Xiumin (Exo)

your boss: Vernon (Seventeen)

random person you meet at a bar: Bambam (Got7)

your rival: Mark (Got7)

gave you your first kiss: Namjoon (Bts)

drunk and singing karaoke with: Yixing (Exo)

played 7 minutes in heaven with: Sanha (Astro)

gave you your favorite dessert: Taehyung (Bts)

I tag: @violetnpurple, @danisonthefire, @emeraldfawn, @pine-abble, and @rainismiling You don’t have to do this!


Tagged by @chmuhlbeier to show my phone wallpapers. Kaidan for both! My best friend was shocked that my husband “is okay” with me having another guy as my background, especially a fictional character. Umm…my husband doesn’t control my phone and he just teases me about it anyway.

@mediocre-at-bestt gave me the honor of helping with a Juudai hero design for their hero au.

I kind of… ignored the quirk because you said “based on Neos” and I went “aaaaaAAAAAAA” anyway you don’t have to use it (or just use parts of it) but it was super fun, thank you!

KPOP Questionnaire Tag

tagged by @whaaaalep - thanks Shannon! This one was fun, I like all the bias questions lmao

1. What is your first ever kpop song?

If you count 2009 when I saw the Wonder Girls opening for the Jonas Brothers then Nobody, by the Wonder Girls. If not, then Gangam Style (o.o) 

and if you still don’t count that, BANG BANG BANG by BIGBANG LOL

2. Who is/was your first bias?

TOP! He was doing those nonsense dance moves at the end of bang bang bang and I was like … who dat

3. Who is your current bias?

Park Jinyoung, writer of Can’t™ and owner of my soul

4. Who/which are your fave groups?

GOT7, EXO, BTS, VIXX, Monsta X, SHINee, DAY6, f(x), BIGBANG, Winner, iKON, 2PM, NCT U, Seventeen, Twice, EXID and Taeyeon (she’s not a group but I call honorable mention)

5. How many groups are you a fan of atm?

Oh god. Um, a lot. LOL please see above, I’m complete multi-group trash

6. If your bias would be a candy what would he be?

LOL a sour patch kid. I feel like those commercials where the bear does something savage AF and then is cute immediately following were actually written about the Prince Jinyoung.

7. Can your bias dance?

Omg, yes. I think Jinyoung has a specific style; one which might not be conducive to every genre but overall he’s got the moves. A krumper he is not lol. But have you SEEN him in If You Do?

8. In your opinion: your bias is the best dancer/rapper/singer/other (mention what)

Ah, I don’t know about this one. I’m not delusional lol – but I also very strongly feel that Jinyoung is under-appreciated in most things he does. His falsetto is gorgeous and his singing always surprises people with its strength. Same with his dancing. AND he’s got mad song-writing skills (idk about you, but Can’t is one of my fave GOT7 songs)

Nvm, I change my mind. Jinyoung is the best.

9. If he/she was an animal what would they be?

A cat.

10. If he/she would be a fantasy creature what would they be?

Huh. Erm. A … sphinx.

11. Name a color that describes him/her

I think something classic but upscale, like mauve or charcoal. Okay, lmao I’m having too much fun with this 

12. In an alternate universe what would you think his/her job would be?

I want Jinyoung to be the CEO of some large think tank, and I also want this to be a fanfic starring me

13. What would your bias have been in a past life? (you may not believe in this, but just play along )

A cat. LOL

14.The song that got you into the group of your bias(es)

Just Right. I actually hated that MV at first – the little girl creeped me out. But then I just kept watching it … and here we are lol

15. The song/moment that made you a fan of your bias(es)?

Song? I love his part in If You Do. Moment? When he did an entire v app about a book … I was just like well, crap - guess I stan you now

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I was tagged by the lovely ladies @ilovecorgibutts and @whisperofttheheart, thank you so much <3 <3 This was so much fun to do!!!

RULES: only using songs from one artist, cleverly answer these 9 questions and tag 10 people!

ARTIST:  Taylor Swift

what’s your gender? Mine
describe yourself: Cold as You
how do you feel: Better Than Revenge/ Safe and Sound
if you could go anywhere, where would you go? Back to December
favourite mode of transportation: White Horse
your best friend: Tim McGraw
favourite time of day: Wildest Dreams
if your life was a tv show what would it be called? Girl At Home
relationship status: New Romantics

I tag

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note from Steve

“Hi guys! Steve here. As some of you might know, today is my and Tony’s wedding anniversary. It is our first anniversary and we both are very excited. This is why I have a favor to ask you all… Yesterday, our pre-anniversary dinner was crashed by Bucky and Sam. There was no harm done and it was fun, but I rather spend today only with Tony, and, well, I am not really sure if Bucky won’t want to tag along, like he did yesterday… So, can you help me and send a lot of questions to Bucky and Sam to keep them occupied? Thanks in advance! And don’t tell Bucky I asked you to do this! Gotta go get ready, Tony will be back soon. Talk to you tomorrow!”

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Rules: Tag 20 followers you’d like to know better

Nickname: I don’t have one but I really really want one! They’re so fun and cool

Gender: F

Zodiac Sign: Aquarious ~~~~~~~ (that’s supposed to be water)

Height: 5′1″ I’m quite tiny but I like it :)

Hogwart’s House: Ravenpuff 

Favorite Color: Indigo and Turquoise make my eyes happy

Time Right Now: 8:15 pm

Average Hours of Sleep: Six usually which isn’t enough to stop me from being grumpy all the time

Lucky Number: Sevennnn bc Harry Potter has seven’s all over the place and that makes me happy

Last Thing I Googled: Roman Numerals, haha bc after like 15 i get really confused and I stupidly use roman numberals for my apush outlines

Blankets I Sleep With: One cozy comforter is usually all I need

Favorite Bands: of course I love the shines, but also mamamoo and f(x)

Dream Trip: I really wanna visit a lot of SE Asia (really all of asia who am i kidding) but i guess mainly Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Japan?? (but also so many moreeee)

Wearing Right Now: A emo hot topic tank top that reads I Tolerate You with a heart around it (why did i buy this??)  and some athletic shorts bc comfort

Age of Blog: A lil over 3 years I think

Following: 575

Posts: 15,847 ew lol too many

What I Post About: SHINee, mainly shinee, but also sarcastic jokes and some random shit that catches my eye

When Did My Blog Reach Its Peak: tbh I think it’s alwasy been literal shit since when I try to write tags it litearlly kills my computer (and this is a new one!) so yeah my blog is shit lol but this year i’ve been gaining more followers but for the first two years it was stagnant af. So I’ll say it’s peaking rn

URL: It comes from Jonghyun’s song Wouldn’t that Be Fine from his the story album…and then i put shine instead of fine bc i post abt shinee and i thought that was a funny pun…if any of u actually got that before this explanation plz send me a message bc i’d be shocked af

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The hot guy tag...

I was tagged by none other than the amazing @norahkoskinen to do this tag, basically I have to put pictures of hot guys/gals or my favorite actors and actresses.

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Dan and Phil!!!

Originally posted by norwegianalien

Enjloras (from Les Mis) /Aaron Tveit

Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit

Boone (from Lost)/ Ian Somerhalder

Originally posted by gravebunny

Bunny (aka Grav3yard girl)

Originally posted by intern2smells

Scene from Mymusic (Lainey Lipson)

Originally posted by bookaholic5

And none other than Celaena/ Aelin

Thank you so much for tagging me @norahkoskinen I’d like to tag…

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jackbum did a serious face in their selfie so I decided to join in on the fun.

bonus: me smitten over the loml because he is so freaking adorable 💞💛✨💘

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Thank you @miss-loadedroadie and @ddarefriendsofmine for the tag! 😘

I don’t take many selfies, so you get the one of me & my friends at the Duran concert last month! (I’m the one in the white shirt)

I tag @seventhstranger, @sad–professor, @allegra0, @caitlin-mendoza21, @electric-barbarella, @georgemichaelsmullet, @minion-of-the-lord, @lolaluiggi, @retrobilliejen, and @waitingforthesoundofthunder. Have fun!


FUN FACT I ALMOST FINISHED THIS AFTER HALF AN HOUR BUT THEN MY LAPTOP DECIDED TO CRASH AND I DIDNT SAVE IT SO I HAD TO DO IT AGAIN I HATE MY LIFE (if you look closely you can see the rage in my answers)(also i forgot most of my answers so now they’re pretty lame)

I was tagged by @feverfooted, thank you sidney!

Rules: Share 11 facts about yourself, then answer the questions I’ve written below, then add 11 questions of your own.

11 Facts about me:

1: I’m currently 17 years old (I will be celebrating my 18th birthday in Rome so that’s exciting!)

2: I have a dog and a cat, but my dog is getting older so that’s not fun (sometimes she has some issues so :/ )

3: I’m a hufflepuff and team instinct, yay yellow

4: I like pink

5: My life is getting ruined by (almost always blond) fictional characters I hate them

6: I know 5 languages and I can speak 4 of them. (my first language is Dutch, I can speak French and English pretty fluently, I can understand and talk a bit German, and I can read Latin (tho it’s a bit rusty))

7: School is starting in 3 days…. My senior year…. ugh

8: Oh yeah I’m 6′1, yay 61 he.. he..

9: I have a goodreads account (it’s just chapter-61) so u should all add me just sayin

10: This blog is my life right now

11: I’m in a reading slump, I hate it

11 Answers:

1: What’s your favorite time of day?
Around 10-11pm, my parents go to bed around that time so I can eat all the cookies.

2: Do you have any siblings?
Yeah, I have a sister (12) and a brother (14). Don’t tell them but I really really prefer my brother.

3: Coffee or tea?
Neither, I don’t really like hot drinks except for soup.

4: Favorite time of year?
Normally I’d say summer, because 2 month vacation, but I’m sick of the heat. So spring.

5: If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why?
Hmmmm… Is space a valid answer?

6: What superpower would you want and why?
Shapeshifting! I’ll be able to change my appearance but also able to turn into a dragon how cool is that??

7: Who’s your role model?
I don’t think I have one? Just trying to be happy with myself I guess.

8: Favorite movie?
Hmmmmmmm…. I love Spirit. And Hachi. And-

9: Favorite book?
I will not choose between my children that’s cruel.

10: What are you afraid of?
The future ?

11: Favorite article of clothing you currently own?
I have a lot of cute dresses, but I love my onesie the most.

I was gonna tag people but then I have to make up questions and I’m salty and lazy, so I’m not gonna do that sorryyy. Feel free to still do this with the questions above, though. Thanks again for tagging me :D

So I was tagged by rebel-babe to write my favourite lyric of the ten first songs that come up on shuffle on my mp3 :) Thanks dear! ♥ I had fun doing that!

The Eagles - Certain Kind Of Fool: “ He wants to dance, oh yeah. He wants to sing, oh yeah. He wants to see the lights a flashin’ and listen to the thunder ring.”

Guns N’ Roses - Yesterdays: “Some things could be better if we’d all just let them be.”

Steve Earle - Christmas in Washington: “Come back Woody Guthrie. Come back to us now. Tear your eyes from paradise and rise again somehow.”

Sister Hazel - Your Winter: “The old picture on the shelf, well it’s been there for a while. A frozen image of ourselves, we were acting like a child.”

Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Magic: “You’re sailing softly through the sun in a broken stone age dawn. You fly so high.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hey: “ Hey, what would you say if I stayed? Stayed for a while, if I may. Say it again and I’ll come around but not for the last time.”

Jefferson Airplane - Coming Back To Me: “One begins to read between the pages of a look. The shape of sleepy music, and suddenly you’re hooked.”

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever: “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.”

The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends: “A long time ago, we used to be friends but I haven’t thought of you lately at all.” ♥

Eddie Vedder - End Of The Road: “It’s all right and all wrong. For me, it begins at the end of the road.”

I tag: highwaywitch, artrockdude, deadmensdynasty and irri-descence

@yuradeth tagged me to answer some questions! Thank you for the tag, and sorry it took me a while to get to it! :D

1. What was your favorite video game growing up? 
I used to play Command & Conquer and Age of Empires with my bro, that was fun. And then I found Morrowind and loved it.

2. Something that calms you down? 
The Skyrim soundtrack! Also the sound of gentle rain, and petting a cat. Riding in a snowy forest.

3. What words describe you the most?
Uhhh I’ve no idea?! Volatile? Fat. Unattractive. (Occasionally) spontaneous. Oh one of my friends tells me I’m jaded, so that.

4. What is one random but interesting fact about yourself?
I’m very uninteresting. Hey that’s one more word to add to the question above!

5. Do you prefer day or night?
Compromise: I like the evening. During summer it’s still like daytime and during autumn/winter it’s nice and dark and one can see the stars.

6. What’s your favorite album?
Now this is a tricky question. It’s either VAST’s Nude or Muse’s Absolution. Or Kent’s Vapen och Ammunition, ooooor MUCC’s 志恩. Can’t really pick just one.

7. What’s on your mind? 
Too many uni-related things. What to study? Where to find the time? I want to go on an exchange to Canada, but which exchange program is the best one?! And so on.

8. Things that make you happy?
Cats, horses, friends, work (then again sometimes it drives me mad), good books, video games and tv shows. Good coffee.

9. What are you excited for?
This semester/academic year. Also can’t wait for November when I go see my friend in Singapore, and we also go to Bali together for a few days.

10. What’s your favorite game/show/book? 
TOO MANY. Ultimate favourite game would be DAI. Favourite shows are Stranger Things, sense8, and The Expanse. I’ve got too many fav books…

My questions are:
1. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
2. What is your favourite place in your country and why?
3. Which characters do you identify with a lot?
4. What is your favourite song to sing in karaoke?
5. Which celebrity do you respect the most?
6. Do you ever actually vote during Eurovision? 
7. What instrument(s) can you play/would like to know how to play?
8. Are you a forest person, a mountain person, a sea person, or a city person? (Or like me, a lake+forest person)
9. Give me a prediction, what awesome and/or awful things have happened in the world a few years from now?
10. What superpower would you like to have?

Sorry for the lame questions :’)

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I was tagged by @broadcastingbooks,thank ya sweetie! ♥

Countries I’ve lived in:

Czech republic, that’s that little thing between Germany,Poland,Austria and Slovakia if you would not know. :D 
And I lived in UK for like month but that doesn’t count I guess xD

Favorite fandom:

the whole DCEU and then ofc JxHQ

Spoken languages:

Czech-it’s my born language, English and little bit German,but that’s really just few sentences and some vocabulary :D

Favorite 2015 film:

I didn’t like any tbh

3 songs from shuffling my music:

Tear In My Heart by Twenty One Pilots
Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco
Here by Alessia Cara

Last thing you bought online:

Graphic tablet 


I have a huge arachnophobia.

How would your friends describe you:

cute,could actually kill them, drama queen, sometimes pretty messed up, but they still love me because they are the only people I trust at least little bit and they appreciate that. Also I am usually nice to them and funny when I am comfortable :)

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first:

All the pop! vinyl Harley figures that exists xDDD

I tag everyone who wants to do this :) ♥

The baes @belovedharrystyles and @xxoicurlyxx tagged me. THANKS CUTIES xx

1.) What is your all time favourite song and why?
NOPE. CAN’T PICK ONE. I’m that girl who yells THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG to practically every song. I’m not sorry. There’s a mood for everything, but I’m hardcore obsessed with ABBA and Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble and Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson and Adele and Norah Jones and- I’ll stop there.

2.) What’s a thing people are doing that you absolutely cannot stand?

Not looking me in the eyes when they’re talking to me!

3.) Top 5 songs at the moment?

1. Closer - Chain Smokers feat. Halsey
2. She Moves In Her Own Way - the Kooks
3. Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammar (came on the radio the other day and forgot how much I missed it)
4. Jet Black Heart - 5SOS
5. Ride - Twenty One Pilots

4.) What is your ‘comfort’ movie (The movie you watched at least 6 times and could watch another 23)?
Mamma Mia and Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (AKA the dreams of my youth)

5.) Do you still talk to your first crush/your ex(es)?

That’s a negative.

6.) Do you believe in aliens?
I think it’s a cool idea to believe in.  The universe is so big it’s hard to think we’re the only intelligent people out here.

7.) Do you have a journal/diary?

Lots, but they never seem to get finished.

8.) Do you have songs that remind you of certain people?

9.) Are you happy?

Choosing to be :)

10.) Which of Louis’ solos is your favourite?

No Control… That one is hard to beat. <–GIRL SAME.

11.) If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
On a tropical beach, with no responsibilities and a chilled mango smoothie

I’m tagging:

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Gil commission done for @drakeaesthetics ! Was really fun to work with. Thank you for commissioning me, and sorry for the delay :)

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