that was for no reason

Honestly I have a lot of issues with people who say Fenris needs to “get over himself” or otherwise leave his abuse behind

Because do you know how hard it can be to get angry about your abuse and how hard it can be to accept that what happened to you wasn’t even your fault, wasn’t because of something you did, wasn’t justified under any circumstance

And we meet Fenris when he is angry

So so very angry

And yes his character does develop and become less bitter and violent

But that isn’t because he just “got over himself” it’s because he faced what he went through and got that catharsis

That’s the only way he got that closure

Tldr don’t tell an abuse survivor to get over themself and don’t act like Fenris is irrational for being angry and violent

he silently judges people

i don’t think some people get why seeing a band live is so important to others. 

ex. ive been a fan of many different bands for more years than i’ve been alive (combined years i mean, or else the counting would be pointless)

i can’t see fall out boy on the mania tour for a fuck load of different reasons:

- i’m poor to the point where my family can’t afford food most weeks

- i live in an extremely controlling environment (my mom controls both my brother and i’s funds, and when we are and not allowed to go to events, or even just hang out with people- she will also forbid me from going out if any of my grades slip below a b+ and i’m a c average stuent)

- i’m a student in school, and missing a day can put me back an entire weeks worth of homework

i’m sorry if some of us come off as dramatic? but these bands mean a lot to us, and not being able to see them is really hard. I almost saw fob in 2015, but i was living in shitty conditions where i was not allowed to leave the house the entire summer for anything other than the grocery store, and church. think about the reasons why we can’t go and why we are upset that we can’t go before freaking out :/