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Someone In The Crowd


chapter one: another day of sun

summary: Phil’s an aspiring actor with more than a few years of living in LA with no avail. Dan’s a jazz pianist stuck in daydreams and a pile of bills. They see right through each other from the beginning but can they make their dreams come true together? aka the La La Land fic no one asked for

words: 2k

warnings: swearing and eventual smut 

authors notes: this is the product of my interest in la la land and dan and phil. my friend caitlyn likes it. i will try to update on mondays. hope you like it. this first chapter is sort of short but you get the idea. 

Under appreciated Sangwoo theory

Sangwoo might be a gardener in his spare time. Or at least, he use to practice it. 

In chapter one we’re shown his tool box, the first removable section having an assortment of florist materials in the compartments. From what I can tell he has stem cutters, floral tape, stem tape, and maybe corsage pins. I can’t quite make out what’s in the back sections but from the yellow color, I think it’s safe to say it may be floral materials. 

This kit includes similar items! However it excludes an important tool, the stem cutters. His are yellow, which means that they’re Oasis brand, aka one of the top brands in the florist community. 

In chapter four we’re shown a briefing of his pantry. 

In the top shelves, he has what looks like floral foam and what could possibly be plant feed or pesticides. 

The hue even seems to match the Oasis brand of floral foam (seeing has how many brands differ in color), though that could be a bit of a stretch. 

Just a bit of icing on the cake, but in many images Koogi has given to us of Sangwoo (our newest one being the teenage Sangwoo), there are depictions of flowers. 

This could also be something he use to do with his mom, seeing as how all of the plants in his home are dead - and he still holds onto a lot of things from his childhood, so why not this?

I could of course be wrong, but seeing as how a lot of the arrows point to this, let’s cross our fingers to see some more insight on this in season two!! 


Makin’ Magic Apothecary Todd Cart WIP

So I’ve always intended to re-make the Apothecary Todd Cart for the Sun&Moon Apothecary Set as a bonus item. Whelp, I couldn’t resist keeping it in the closet until then with GOS doing a Makin’ Magic revival theme so I’m finishing it up and will be posting it there for everyone to get before the rest of the set. It’ll be included as a Bonus Item when the rest of the set is done however as well.

Like dragon wagon, it’s going to be broken up into 4 parts: The Main Cart With Fancy Detail, the shutters and stairs as an open/close pair, the hanging shelf as a functional magazine rack or bookcase, and I’ll also be making an open/close awning to “close up the cart” at night.

A little bit of artistic interpretation to account for 3D but I think I did it well, you don’t get to see that yet because surprises are fun! The cart also as a full on interior space that will be large enough for sims to stand inside of.


im sorry TvT I couldn’t wait to upload all of them all together but here is the most beautiful wife ever,, I couldn’t decide on which hairstyle bc I love both so???

- inspired by @godd707 and @gayhee bc I am completely iN LOVE with the coven AU

Part 1 out of 6