that was cute ok

OH come! Gather up people come see hypocrisy first hand.

Suddenly everyone loves autism. Or will love autism.

The amount of “omg my baby protect him” I’ve seen in the good doctor tag. 

Funny how in real life people people find us annoying, weird, not suited for friendship, etc… The amount of times people turned their back on me.


happy munday???? i’ve been postin for munday a lot but that’s only bc so much stuff has been happening ooc!!! like c.omic c.on. it was so fantastic. these are only a small handful of my pics but that’s me in the x-wing pilot suit!!! (pics w st.arlord, st.eampunk r.onan, a mary poppins/yondu hybrid, and a bunch of sw pals bc everyone was so FREAKIN AWESOME)

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greg universe and carol swapped outfits? or greg and carol dating? i wanna see the good parents together tbh

“I’m really sorry that my son wrecked your dojo while fighting that monster! Y’know, gem stuff. Hehe…”

“Don’t worry about it, Mr. Universe! That’s nothing new here in the plaza. Sorry about my baby breaking your van…”

“Hey, it’s fine! It’s seen worse. How ‘bout we take these two shtoo-balls for some after-monster-fighting treat?”

“That’s a great idea! C’mere, baby, We’ll take us out for ice cream!”