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Ashley's Alphabetical Prompts

“At least you weren’t stabbed, because hello, I am bleeding.”

“Before you say that, let me pretend to be listening to music.”

“Can I make you stay?”

“Don’t touch that! You never listen!”

“Even I can see that, and I’m blind.”

“For once in your life, can you just not mess this up?”

“Great, fantastic, I’m so amazingly happy.”

“How about we scratch your plan and do this instead?”

“Imagine this, a world where fries fell from the sky. Cool, right?”

“Just kidding, I really don’t care.”

“Kill me, go ahead, don’t be upset if some very bitter people come after you, though.”

“Like, what if I did love you?”

“Man, I’m getting tired of this saving the world bullshit.”

“Nope. That’s a nope from me, goodbye.”

“Oh well, don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying the show.”

“Please, spare me the tears. I know where this is going, I’ll help you.”

“Queens don’t cry, remember?”

“Right then, that’s when I realized I was screwed.”

“So…who’s up for food?”

“Thank you, for you know, stopping him.”

“Ursula! From that Disney movie, The Little Mermaid? That’s who you look like.”

“Very glad you felt the need to share that quite personal information with me.”

“Where in the hell is my sister?”

“Xylophones are my comfort instrument.”

“You are the light of my life.”

“Zebras are such a cool animal, am I right? The stripes are on point.”



If you can’t tell by now, I have small bias towards Alya Cesaire. Words cannot begin to describe my excitement for Season 2 and the debut of Alya as the real Volpina. As a character, I like Alya a lot. I dig her strong personality as well as her relationship with Marinette.
Ever since the first season I was hoping that Alya would be one of the candidates for the Fox Miraculous so when it was revealed that she will indeed become the real Volpina, I was totally stoked. I promised myself that I’d draw Volpina Alya at least once before the second season starts so here is my first attempt at painting this lovely vixen heroine.

Not bad for my first try. I had fun painting this portrait and paid a lot of attention to the detail in the piece especially in the hair. Alya’s hair is already long and luxurious, so painting dem foxy curls was cool. Definitely pleased with how this turned out and I hope to do more future squiggle paints of Volpina Alya. Really cannot wait for the appearance of this heroine in Season 2.

Enjoy this week’s miraculous squiggle painting fellow miraculers and as always, stay tune for more star kids! Til next time! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)


And just one more for today~ Nadiv’s look hasn’t changed at all in a year, minus hiding his backpack and getting a neat bow!

Nadiv served as a Warden before pursuing his Wyld hunt, eventually picking up the mantle as -the-Commander of his group, enlisting the help of Cahalathin and others along the way. He’s polite and patient when dealing with others (and dotes greatly upon his pet Wyvern and River Drake), but ruthless and absolute in battle. Nadiv awoke from the Dream during the celebration of the Mad King and wears the phantom’s hood in honor of it, though he’d never outwardly admit just how cool he thinks the Mad King is.

Gear: Phantom’s Hood, Firstborn Shoulderguards, Firstborn Coat, Nightshade Gloves, Firstborn Leggings, Firstborn Boots

Dyes: White, Illumination, Indigo

So I gots a question...

Well it’s more of a statement.

I’d love to do something really fun on my first fic-i-versary which is March 4th.

However, it also be really cool if I hit my next milestone before than too. Then I’d have one BIG OL’ CELEBRATION.

One year anniversary AND a milestone (I haven’t celebrated a follower milestone since 4K guys, it’s time.)

But currently I’m 150 followers away from my next milestone. So I’m doing something I’ve not done before, asking for help. 😂

It would just be a really fun way to celebrate One Year on tumblr dudes.

So if you enjoy anything I do, be it Imagines, Gif Spam, or Gif Blurbs, would you mind sharing? You guys make my day, and I’d love to share these two awesome things with YOU, my AMAZING Followers!

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Hack the planet

I had about 70% of this done when Sombra first came out, only just finished it today whoops haha. I love her character so much…

here’s a cool song I was listening to while drawing to keep me inspired (x)

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yo did you have your hair up for the show last night?? Also were you with some cool colour haired person?? If so i'm pretty sure I saw you, was gonna say hi but got too shy >.<

ahhhh yess, that was me i was there with nat @stmachaches and rebecca @patienceiero!! you should’ve come to say hi!!!!!!!

the ironic thing is, the first time I played Fallout 4, I played for HOURS before I went to find Nick - I actually put it off for a while.

I had managed to avoid all spoilers, and when I heard the name “Mister Valentine” I imagined a very suave, very cool, very film noir gritty character who would be very stylish but maybe not have that much to him. I didn’t dislike the character, I just assumed he was gonna be a handsome normal human NPC - okay but not particularly interesting.

Then when I finally got round to vault 114, the first thing that stuck me was the voice, and then when I saw him I was like “WOAH! He’s a busted up old robot!”

and I know it sounds weird, but I’m just very grateful for the character.

Because, he could have been written to be very cool, but not much else. Like he could have been nothing but noir grit and sass, but he isn’t - there’s a lot of heart to him, and a lot of human dorkiness too. It really feels like he was written as a full person and character rather than “Lets have a cool film detective robot!” - real thought was put into him.

the guy who says “Goodnight sweet prince” to a downed mob boss, and quotes poe ominously while the prydwyn flies overhead is the same guy who laughs at his own joke about a trash heap, comes up with pastrami-golems, pretends to tame giant lion statues, thinks there is no way to ride a seesaw with dignity and admits that having wings “would be nice”.

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hey! i just wanted to say that i saw somebody at the mall today wearing a hoodie with your 'i am not throwing away my shot' design and i got rly excited lmao but they walked away before i could say hi :( idk i just wanted to let u know bc i thought it was cool seeing ur design in public !

Wow that’s so cool! Thanks for sharing that to me! :)

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Since you're well-versed in all sortsa mythology, do you have any favourite moments from the Song of the Nibelungs aka man dies from leaf stuck on his back?

YES, I DO, AND IT’S CALLED “KRIEMHILD FURIOUSLY WINS IRON CHEF”. ALLOW ME TO ELABORATE. Now, I’ve said this before, but the Nibelungenlied is what hooked me into mythology in the first place, so it has a special place in my heart, and I just love it so much, so I gotta give an overview that I will accentuate with the grand finale of my favorite moment, when Kriemhild wins Cutthroat Kitchen.

Ok, so what most people know from cultural osmosis is that the Nibelungenlied deals with Siegfried Sigmundson/Sigurd and how he kills the shit out of Fafnir and bathes in his blood and a leaf fucks him up in the long term, we know that. What a decent amount of people also know is that there’s this really hot valkyrie named Brynhildr and that Siegfried had a Balmung in his pocket for her. There’s a couple of versions of how the developments go, but the gist of it is that King Gunther’s sister, Kriemhild, also known by her earlier name, Gudrun, is in love with Siegfried, but Siegfried doesn’t give a damn about Gud because he just wants to carefully cultivate that valkyrie poontang with his dragonoid broadsword, which poses A PROBLEM because Gunther also lusts for the shieldmaiden. 

At one point, Odin tasked Brynhildr to shift the tide of battle in favor of one of two kings that were warring with each other, and Odin clearly preferred one of the kings, and sort of assumed Brynhildr would pick the one he wanted. She goes and doesn’t because No One Controls The Bryn.

This obviously pissed off Odin, however, which is a POOR DECISION, and Brynhildr got slam dunked in the Time Out Corner by Odin because she had been very very naughty, and by time out, I mean he trapped her in a castle in the middle of fucking nowhere that was surrounded by a massive wall of shields, and INSIDE THE CASTLE, she was surrounded by a ring of deadly fire. Odin was kinda thorough with these kinds of silly punishments. Siegfried is like “THIS IS MY TIME TO SCORE BROWNIE POINTS” and rode right into that bitch and he didn’t give a shit because he’s fucking Siegfried,so he gets there and beats the crap out of the shields and disregards the fire and, like the romantic stud he is, does this all Very Quietly so as to not disturb the sleeping Brynhildr. Get you a man like this. He approaches her and removes her helmet and cuts open her chain mail, liberating her from Odin’s imprisonment. They fall in love like the warriors they are and get very very cute with each other. Up until here, this is all fine and dandy, but THEN, UNBEKNOWNST TO SUMANAI, HE REALLY FUCKS UP when he gives Brynhildr the Ring of Andvaranaut as a sign of his love.

OK, NOW WE GET TO THE PART THAT a lot of people don’t know too much: THE RING IS BAD JUJU. The Ring of Andvaranaut is triple cursed and a terrible possession to have. Now, the ring is magical, possessed with the ability to make gold, no questions asked. If you have the ring, you are set for life. However, and this is the part everyone was waiting for, LOKI FUCKED IT UP. YES SIR, LOKI IS ALSO INVOLVED IN THIS ONE. See, Loki tricked the original owner of the Ring, Andvari, into giving him the ring. Enraged, Andvari cursed the ring, so now the ring, sure, it makes gold, but it also bring destruction and misery to whoever owns it, so Loki yelled “zoinks!” and got rid of that mamajama real fast by dumping it into some sucker who happened to be The Literal Fucking King of the Dwarves as an apology for other irrelevant things Loki did before, and that king died when his son, a fellow we are all familiar with named Fafnir, bewitched by the ring’s potential, murdered him and stole the ring from his idiot corpse. This is generally what happens when one deals with Loki. Anyways, Fafnir turned into a dragon and fucked off to a cave, where he kept using the ring to make more and more treasure, which he guarded. Siegfried then kicks his ass and that’s how he came to possess the ring.

ANYWAYS, you now know how absolutely cursed that ring is and you can probably tell where this is going: To the dumpster in a silk ribbon. Siegfried declares his love for Brynhildr and the two arrange to marry, and he says he’ll be back to fetch her, since he had to do some shit at the court of Gjuki, the King of Burgundy and the father of Gunther and Kriemhild, and this is where it gets fuckin’ nasty.

Kriemhild’s mom, Grimhild (HER NAME LITERALLY MEANS “MASKED BATTLE” IMAGINE BEING THIS BADASS) concocted an amnesia potion that made Siegfried forget about Brynhildr. Siegfried then was courted by Kriemhild, fell in love, and they both married. Also, remember than Gunther, Kriem’s brother and Grim’s son, was in love with Bryn, so she sent him to go get Brynhildr. THE PROBLEM: Gunther sux and couldn’t get past the ring of fire. Gunther was like “lag” and “siegfried give me your horse, mine sucks”, and Sieg is like sure bro here’s the keys, and he tries again and PIN PON PUN HE FAILS AGAIN because it’s not a horse issue, he just was terrible at platforming. Siegfried is like “UGH DUDE YOU SUCK PASS ME THE CONTROLLER”, fucking shapeshifts into Gunther, GETS there, courts Brynhildr as Gunther, and then they spent three days drowning in passionate, delicious valkyrie sex, BUT he didn’t take her virginity, because “he laid his sword between them”. In Norse mythos, this is a weird ass phrase that basically means “Siegfried used a Super Condom and the sex didn’t count as far as her virginity is concerned” and we just have to accept it. WHATEVER. Oh, right, in the middle of The Sex, Siegfried retrieved his Bad Ring.

So, he comes back, returns to his true form, and marries Kriemhild and Brynhildr (still a bit confused but otherwise truly in love with Gunther) marries Gunther. Now, say what you will about Grimhild and her morally bankrupt methods, but that is one mom that gets what her kids want, alright, holy SHIT.

And then shit hits the fan. Kriemhild and Brynhildr Did Not Get Along Well, and they often argued about My Husband Can Beat YOUR Husband. So one day, they are doing their bit, and Bryn says “WELL MINE RODE THROUGH THE RING OF FIRE AND GAVE ME THREE DAYS OF AWESOME SEX”, and Kriemhild laughed and said “um, sweaty ;) that was siegfried” and Bryn was like YOU WHAT, and hearing this Jousted Siegfried’s Memories, causing them to return and realizing He Had Been Had. He tried to console Brynhildr (also remembering he was deeply in love with her) but Bryn was having none of this shit. Bryn goes nucking futs (UNDERSTANDABLY) and gets Gunther to become enraged with Siegfried by telling him that Sieg took her virginity in the tower (which he didn’t, remember the Super Condom) and this Got Him Real Mad. Basically, Bryn-san wanted Siegfried DEAD. And DEAD she got him, because Gunther got so pissed that he went and– Wait, no he didn’t, because 1) Siegfried is fucking invincible and 2) Siegfried is basically his BFF and he swore an oath of brotherhood with him, which he couldn’t bear to break. He was still mad though, so he got his younger brother, fed him a potion of fury (they had potions of fucking everything in Germany) and, in his berserk rage, Little Bro went and killed Siegfried in his sleep. Before dying, however, Siegfried threw his sword and killed Little Bro, because fuck you, The Sieg doesn’t go down without a fight.

SO SIEG’S DEAD, and this gets Kriemhild so damn sad that she became emotionally stunted. Brynhildr, on the other hand, apparently hadn’t had enough, so she grabbed Sieg’s three year old by the neck and fucking killed him too. It wasn’t until Kriem saw Sieg’s corpse with her very eyes that she got out of her emotional stupor and cried her eyes out. Reminder: Kriemhild herself had no hand in any of this. Grimhild, her mom, did all the shady deals, which Kriemhild had no clue about. Yikes.

When the day of Siegfried’s funeral comes and his funeral pyre is lit, Brynhildr threw herself to the flames, burning to death alongside the man she truly loved and leaving her mark as one of the first yandere in the history of romantic fuck ups.

So fucking everyone’s dead now and Kriemhild is just confused, like, exactly what happened here? Well, she finds out, and KRIEMHILD GETS FUCKING MAD. Kriemhild was not Evil like her grim mom, but she could be mean as fuck too, and the first thing she did was predict the death of her brother, Gunther, for having had a hand in this. She tells him and then leaves, leaving him afraid of his destiny until it comes fetch him, for fear, my friend, is ultimately the strongest weapon of all, and like poison, it kills on its own. Formidable is the weapon that kills on its own. Unlike Brynhildr’s “direct action” style, Kriemhild was more of a believer of the “I want to see you suffer, for death need not come all at once” school of thought.

Kriem leaves and eventually marries King Atli, AKA Attila the Hun. So you might think “WOW SCORE!”, well, see, no. King Atli, based on Attila the Hun, was Brynhildr’s brother, and Grimhild told Kriem to marry him, and Kriem REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO, because she knew it would end in Bad Juju (Kriem had a lot of prophetic dreams), but she ends up doing so anyways. Atli kills her whole family, Grimhild included. Yikes. 

And see, there’s this thing in us humans, this thing that we don’t quite get it until we experience it, but once we do, it changes our lives: It’s called reaching the breaking point. Kriemhild Reached The Breaking Fucking Point.

Enough is enough. She was done with losing, she was done with having every shred of happiness she could muster be torn away from her, she was done with always being out of loop, yet still having to bear the brunt, the burn, the misery, the consequences from the plans of others.

Enough is enough. 

Kriemhild dons the frilliest, pinkest, cutest apron in the world, murders Atli’s two sons, mutilates them, and makes them food. During a feast, Kriemhild served an unaware Atli his two sons and gets him shitfaced with ale. Once he’s super drunk and super full, Kriemhild interrupts the feast, saying:

Thou giver of swords, / of thy sons the hearts
All heavy with blood / in honey thou hast eaten;
Thou shalt stomach, thou hero, / the flesh of the slain,
To eat at thy feast, / and to send to thy followers.

Thou shalt never call / to thy knees again
Erp or Eitil, / when merry with ale;
Thou shalt never see / in their seats again
The sharers of gold / their lances shaping,
Clipping the manes / or minding their steeds. 


Kriemhild then sets fire to the hall, which she had coated with alcohol beforehand, and kills Atli and all of his men, leaving the burning disaster behind her and disappearing.

Moral of the story: Family is cool but keep them in the loop or shit happens and then Attila the Hun burns to death after eating his children.

ID #49720

Name: Maddie
Age: 17
Country: USA

well talking about myself has never been a strong point but here it goes!!!
im 17, and i live in the united states. i love dogs with all of my heart and sunsets are entirely too important to me. i run track and play soccer, work backstage in the music department of my school, and spend too much of my time worrying about grades. this year im a junior and once i graduate i’d really love to travel and meet new people.
the idea of having a friend someone else has always fascinated me and hopefully i don’t bore anyone too much before that happens. email or snail mail would be cool, and sharing book and movie and show suggestions and lil photos or objects is totally a cute thing!!
i guess a disclaimer would be i’ve had to deal with mental issues like depression and anxiety for the majority of my short life so i can be a mess. i apologize in advance

Preferences: preferably ages around mine; more than 14 but less than 20. if you believe reverse racism is real, inequality doesn’t exist, or trump isn’t crazy then i really wish you wouldn’t and im not looking to be your friend at all

Modern AU where Kurogane and Fai find out they gotta work together or someshit, but they actually have met before.

It was like a year ago and the worst blind date of their lives.

Kurogane tries to play it cool and professional and act like they havent met before, but of course Fai wont let him do that.

Alternatively Kuro was on that terrible date with Fai’s twin bro and Fai is just pretending it was him. Why? Probably just because it is funny to see Kurogane so uncomfortable.


The Daft Punk shop closes today but luckily I was able to go yesterday! I was one of the last people allowed in before closing, and it was amazing!!! Tbh with you I’m still crying right now, everything was beautiful so I wanted to share some pictures.

in more “i wasn’t really aware valentine’s day was coming up until the day before and i wasn’t prepared” news here is an alphys/undyne valentines day headcanon post

since they watch anime, they are both 100% aware that valentine’s day (and white day) are a thing on the surface.  i wonder if alphys makes like a machine (like her grass ice cream maker?) to put together her gift for undyne?  or maybe she makes a fancy sword?  maybe they think of valentine’s day as an anime holiday, so they both wear cosplay.

it’d be kind of cool if undyne like dipped ramen (or something else alphys likes) in chocolate for her gift but the thing about melting chocolate is that you have to…really carefully control the heat?  like, put a pot over boiling water so you don’t scorch the chocolate.  undyne is morally opposed to controlled heat.

“I was going to make something, but I just went to the store and bought stuff CAUSE IT’S EASIER!  ”  *she shoves a heart shaped box at her gf*  “FUHUHU!”  

I downloaded bumble last night whilst I was half cut and actually found myself liking a bunch of guys, which felt unusual as I can go through tinder without liking anyone until I run out of men and have to add on another km of distance. There’s so many fuckin weapons on tinder though that I get bored and just go off it after five minutes because I don’t have the patience for it. I like bumble even if I haven’t figured it out yet. I don’t know what I’m doing still on dating apps as 95% of the time I hate talking on them and try sabotage it before a date is arranged. There was that boy I was talking to on Dec-Jan who lost interest before we met but frankly I haven’t taken it personally and tbh I feel for him because he missed out on getting to meet me and know me and I’m actually kinda cool so he can get it right up him.
I still don’t know if I’m ready to date or do anything with anyone. I feel like there’s something not quite right inside me and it won’t go away. It’s a psychological thing that I haven’t quite wrapped my head around but I know there’s a part of it that involves J. Of course it does. I long for closure from him but that would have to have him approach me first and that’s never going to happen. I feel like the whole thing has given me so many hang ups about dating and intimacy that I’m just stuck in a rut that I don’t see myself escaping any time soon.

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I have a brogressive friend who was all in for Bernie right till the convention, and loudly told me and everyone he was for Jill till like a month before the election when he changed to Hillary because we're in a swing state, and now he's bitching that elected Democrats aren't doing enough, and like I don't want to dismiss he did the right thing and now is cool with Hillary but at the same time he did the minimum while others did so much and he's whining

yikes, i mean yeah i’m glad he sucked it up and still voted for her, most people can’t even admit to doing that but like you said that’s the bare fucking minimum. i’m about .2 seconds away from making t-shirts that say don’t blame me i volunteered donated and voted for hillary.