that was bad i need to practice

My moodle loo I keep drawing her lol I’ll go back to drawing diff ocs soon. I wanna try more dynamic poses @ - @ I need more practice with anatomy and perspective so yea idk I think this looks wonky a bit but GOTTA START SOMEWHERE U KNOW. My arts so pink and fluffy what the heck I want it to be darker to reflect my soul.


{ March 23rd 2017 } - 4/100 Days of Productivity

I cleaned up my room today and sorted my schoolwork into the magazine files I ordered from Muji! (Bad news: they don’t fit on my bookshelf, but I’m hoping to install some shelves above my desk soon so that shouldn’t be a problem for long!) I went onto handwriting practice since I want to become better at cursive and my regular letters need some work. Finally, I started my masterlist of poetry themes, context and links with Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes as I think it’ll help my analytical skills but also know what poems go well together!

Link and his cute Zora bf!

( i will make this into charms soon i think, if enough people are interested! ^ v ^ )


I’ve been wanting to draw, but haven’t been able to draw any of the other R!kids (or robots lel), so i decided to do this R!human Mondatta??? Insofar as there’d be a reverse!Mondatta at all haha

He and Zenyatta have a weirdly strong family resemblance (despite not being biological brothers). He’s very down to earth while retaining the same natural charisma as Zenyatta, but if Zenyatta’s charm is like refined sugar then Mondatta’s is like just-cut sugar cane.

Then pair are almost never in each other’s vicinity, but when they are, Zenyatta starts to feel distinctly forged beside his brother’s authenticity (though they used to be more complementary when they were younger). Mondatta still cares a lot about his little bro and is a perennial worry wart when it comes to him. Tends to flip between this and incessant teasing whenever they come in contact (or the doubly irritating tease-worry combo).


Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)

just a witchy reminder

⭐️when my room isn’t clean, i feel my energy is trapped and muddled. take a moment to just tidy at least one thing in your room today.

⭐️make sure you’ve washed your face today. feel the air on your skin, and remember your skin requires care too. healthy skin = a healthier you.

⭐️it’s okay to take that nap today. sit your crystals under your pillow and let them charge with you. you need a break to recharge just like your crystals do.

⭐️thinking about going to the gym lately? do it today, even if you just walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes. come home, take a nice shower, and feel proud of yourself.

⭐️don’t feel bad if you haven’t practiced in a while. we all have busy times, low times, and slow times. your time to shine will be here again soon.

i love you guys, if you ever need anything, i’m here to chat!


8.1.17// Lazy day. I got a bad cold and I had to turn down my usual yoga practice and sunday brunch. Now I’m just lying in my bed (yes, at 12.14! ), slowly reading an essay for my Referat on Calvino.
Outside it’s damned cold and incredibly snowy.
All I need now is some warm tea and a cozy chimney.  

trashhaywood said: shiro and pidge!

Shiro is the tallest of the group.
Pidge is the shortest.
Together they are a fORCE TO BE RECKON WITH.

idk why my first thought was Pidge on Shiro’s shoulders like this… Pidge likes to feel tall.

Send me Voltron Doodle Request to help me practice drawing these space nerds!

This isn’t my fucking week…

The job I really want loses my ONLINE application.

I have to pay $800+ out of pocket for rent and I don’t have a job to gain money back so I’m practically broke.

And my glasses fucking broke, not a huge deal, but I’m basically blind. I can’t see two feet in front of my face so I’m fucked.

If anyone feels generous my PayPal is

Anything will help. I hate asking and I’m so sorry.

Advice for Beginners of Astrology

• Do a lot of research. Books are probably your best bet for learning astrology - the best astrologers have written books filled with information you probably won’t be able to find online.
• Take it one at a time. Don’t mix different parts of astrology together until you’ve mastered one part first. Signs > planets > houses > aspects is how I learned.
• Incorporate it in your daily life. Practice on your friends. Practice predictions on yourself.
• Keep a note journal/write notes in your phone. I do this because I usually find myself having random astrology related epiphanies throughout my day and forget them later. Keeping a log of how you feel under certain moon phases/signs is useful too.
• It’s okay if you need to google something when answering a question, doing an interpretation or if you just forget. No one really knows everything about astrology. We are all still learning. Don’t feel bad if you need to fall back into a resource, we all do sometimes.

Ok two things:

1. You can’t tell me percy didn’t dye his hair blue
2. I don’t know how to paint dyed her

one more thing: I’m going to be doing a lot of this bc 1) the art is SOOO good 2) I need to practice shading/coloring methods and I’m actually too lazy to draw LMAO

lineart by @bibinella



Ohhh my gosh??? Oh my gosh….oh my…GOSH OHHH GOsh

(Translation: I made the stimmy dough from strawberryslimes’ recipe and it turned out great!! It’s super soft and really easy to make, and it smells great too! I couldn’t stop smelling my hands for hours after I played with it haha)

(I’ll take a better quality video later, I was just so excited that I had to record this!!)