that was an irl adventure

Barry is banned from the kitchen because he threw eggs with parachutes off the second floor:

“Why in the FUCK would you waste my organic free range eggs??!!?” Lup asked,

Barry only nodded solemnly, quite drunk and under the influence of at minimum four (4) psychedelic substances, and then said,

“For Aerodynamics!” 

Oh my GOD so I have to tell you about this customer at work a couple days ago who made me so angry

I was helping him load a lawnmower and a snowblower into his SUV and he was like “I don’t think you should be doing this kind of work.”

and I was just “Really?”

and he was like “Yeah, I’m a disability inspector and women’s bones are different. They just aren’t meant for this.”

and externally I was just “Well, I strongly disagree.”

INTERNALLY I was like, “FIRST of all, asshat, humans are NOT a sexually dimorphic species. I may have womanly hips but I also have manly shoulders. I’ve had AMAB friends who I’ve accidentally crushed with my bear hugs, and that was before I started working here, and approximately tripled my arm strength. If the average AFAB person isn’t fit for this work, and I’m not saying they aren’t, Mary Ann who is a tiny great-grandmother who smokes like a chimney can do this job just as well as me, but even if there were truth to that, I am well outside the AFAB average and have PLENTY of the right bones for this job.

"SECOND OF ALL, the differences in bone structure ON AVERAGE between AMAB people and AFAB people, if it does have any significance to weight-bearing tasks, should lean IN FAVOR of AFAB people bearing weight, since we are evolutionarily predisposed to being able to carry an ENTIRE OTHER HUMAN around with us CONSTANTLY. And if we’re talking about the effects of pregnancy on bone DENSITY, well, that doesn’t apply to me, seeing as I’ve never been pregnant! And modern pregnant people know how to keep up their calcium intake, so it’s usually not even much of a factor. Now, when it comes to knees, there are some differences ON AVERAGE, but the science only recommends that as a basis for TREATING INJURIES DIFFERENTLY, not for any kind of recommendation that women stop LIFTING things! In fact, one of the biggest pieces of advice for AFAB people who want strong bones is to USE them! Use them to bear weight! It’s GOOD for our bones!

"THIRD of all, and even though you said bones I’m gonna explain why other arguments wouldn’t be valid, natural testosterone levels are not consistently higher in AMAB people than in AFAB people, and, in fact, the evidence is there that I have very high natural T levels for an AFAB person. Not that I think there’s really so much of an advantage to that in this job, but I’d almost like to rub my chin whiskers up against you JUST to make you uncomfortable about my gender.

"FOURTH, Mister Disability Inspector, how is this even your area of expertise? Healthy women do not go to the disability people and say, ‘Help, I’m a woman, it’s such a disability, suddenly I can no longer work!’ So what the hell kind of expertise are you even calling on?

"IN CONCLUSION, fuck you sideways.”

ANYWAY I tried to tell him three times that loading his machinery into his vehicle sideways could lead to them leaking oil, but he sidetracked me once and interrupted me twice, so I don’t know if he got the message. Hope motor oil leaked out all over the nice carpets of his SUV tbh.


When I started drawing Lesbo Mum Adventures on some scrap paper, I never imagined that in a few short weeks it would amass such an incredible following. ~ But holy heck, look at you all !! ~ Obligatory 500+ follower post with additional IRL photo bomb of my gorgeous little family! 

Seriously, thank you all so much`~   !!  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ❤ ❤ ❤ -Mayticks