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MC sneaking videos of RFA + Vanderwood

This was very broad, so we hope this is what you wanted? 


  • You were constantly taking sneaky videos of him
  • But still, he could never tell when you would start
  • You always waited until he did something attractive like flip his hair or unless you caught a good angle
  • You’d record for a few seconds before saying in a loud voice, “Ohhhh, look at Zennyyyyy~”
  • The first few times he was caught off guard
  • But it started to become a thing
  • You’d catch him while you two were cuddling, when you two were waiting in line for food, while he was cooking
  • Eventually he gives you that annoyed eye-roll and start whining, “MC, stop!”
  • But he doesn’t do much else
  • He actually finds it a little endearing


  • You often tried to sneak videos of Yoosung
  • But you didn’t save too many of them
  • It was either because he caught you or he really didn’t do anything interesting
  • One day, however, changed everything
  • You heard some music coming from another room with the door cracked open
  • You grabbed your camera and slowly ventured inside
  • You would’ve expected a lot of things
  • But Yoosung in his boxers, a tie around his head like a headband, and puppy socks wasn’t one of them
  • He was blasting music and dancing with a broom
  • What was he doing to the broom??? RIP broom
  • It didn’t make sense at all until you saw the beer on the table
  • You saved the video and said nothing…until weeks later
  • He was in the bathroom with his phone when you decided to send it
  • You crack up laughing when you just hear a high pitched scream coming from the toilet
  • He was so mad and made you delete it


  • She was surprisingly flighty
  • So you loved to take sneaky videos where you would just shout in the middle
  • She makes this cute squeaky noise when she jumps
  • And it’s hilarious because you literally get her every time
  • She didn’t even know you were taking videos of all this until thirty videos in
  • But that’s not the only videos you take
  • You’ll wait until she’s talking or cooking
  • And then you’ll start recording, but adding filters on her face
  • Some of them are cute
  • A lot of them are those funny ones that distort the face
  • Most of the videos end with her looking at you and gasping, “MC, are you recording me again?”


  • You love to capture random soft moments
  • Like when his fringe gets in the way so he’ll tie it up with a ponytail holder
  • Or when he comes out of the bathroom with his toothbrush still in his mouth, and his words are all muffled
  • You also capture moments with him and Elizabeth
  • Like him laying on his back with Elizabeth on his stomach and they’re just playing
  • And he makes a high-pitched pet voice as he talks to her
  • Eventually, he catches you, so you show him the videos
  • He’s slightly amused but he swears he’s going to get you back
  • It doesn’t really work because all the videos are blurry


  • He hates it
  • Mostly because you insist on getting him in the most unflattering moments
  • One time, he was just walking around with a cat ear headband and a nose strip
  • He was talking to you for a good three minutes before he noticed your phone directed at him
  • Or you pop into the kitchen with your camera on and catch him with whipped cream spilling out of his mouth
  • If you don’t catch him in an unflattering moment, you’ll make it unflattering
  • You two will be sitting on the couch, and you just sneak a video from a double chin angle
  • Or you’ll quickly tie up his hoodie arms while he’s trying to pull it over his head
  • You just record him struggling with muffled yells directed your way
  • You would feel bad for doing all this to him, but…
  • He does the exact same things to you, so you have no remorse


  • You can’t sneak up on him ever
  • It doesn’t matter if you hide under a pile of blankets
  • Or had the best camouflage
  • He always sees you and will stare directly at the camera
  • Eventually you give up
  • But you do make a compilation of him just glaring at the camera

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(anon requested baby aizawa) So I watched the Jojo episode with the age-regression stand, and also this fic, in the same day, so here we are :’)

@koujak-ass (I dunno whats with tumblr not doing the @’s properly recently, sorry!) - Thank you so so much!

@anon GOSH? LIKE SOFT CLOTHES?? That’s the dang sweetest ahh! I really love drawing everyday situations over drama and action tbh, I’m super glad it comes across as interesting! I worry my stuff might be a bit dull sometimes ;)

@eijirouskirishimas EYyy thank you my dude :O! Drawing lovestruck Hizashi is honestly my fav thing to do.

@anon your message is the biggest blessing to mine! Thank you

Persona 3′s Fuuka Yamagishi is transgender.

This is one of my favorite headcanons I’ve ever had for a character, and especially as a trans person myself, seeing all of the evidence stacked up in favor of it just makes me genuinely happy. I’d like to first start with her looks, which is one of the first things you’ll notice about the navigator.

I want to draw attention to her hair. It’s unevenly cut, with strange layering and odd looking bangs. This is an interesting character design, especially when weighed against the other girls in the cast.

Yukari Takeba and Mitsuru’s hair look extremely different in comparison to Yamagishi’s hair. They flow like waterfals and end very softly, unlike the latter’s harsh haircut, and I obviously have to bring up the other girl in the roster, Aigis.

Her hair does look similar to Yamagishi’s, but even as an artificial human, her hair looks leagues better than Fuuka’s. And this is where speculation comes in. A lot of trans people change their appearances themselves to suit how they want, sometimes due to their parent’s limitations. This actually brings me to my next point, Fuuka’s home life.

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I always get worry when kids are brought in, especially on PD, so if it’s only a challenge for Antonio since Eva is living with him and he’s working a lot, I’ll be good with that BUT if they try to hurt Eva, I’ll be so mad. It’s so unrealistic that the detectives and a Sergeant kids keep getting hurt or killed.

ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT ANTONIO IS APART OF THEIR FAMILY?? I mean they never mention Antonio in the storyline between Gabby and Ramon so I thought they were gonna keep playing with the whole ‘I hate my father and wanna kick his ass’ so they can keep him out of it. Can’t wait to see them add Antonio in this finally. And of course I am so excited to see Brettonio again.

All I can really hope for though is they at least talk and it isn’t forced back together fast without a single talk. That is a recipe for disaster and one I’m not sure any Brettonio fan will be comfortable with. I understand with the difficut situation, they realize they want to be back together BUT I want them to stay together, not break up again when they decide to bring Laura back in. Make them stronger together and realize their mistakes.

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Okay I see where you're coming from, and yes them *just* being related is boring, but I do think there's more to it than that. Have...have you actually read the books? Because this totally looks to me like a Jaina/Jacen scenario, and they DEFINITELY weren't boring.

Nope, I’ve not read the books and have no interest in doing so. Star Wars is movies, for me, and I’m basing all of my Narrative Conjecture on the way movies tend to function. So idk, maybe you’re right? I can’t speak to that. But like. here’s my alternate Take on why I think they’re not related, and it’s actually not about Rey or Kylo. It’s kind of subjective, so take it as you will, but basically Star Wars movies have a deliberate forward trajectory to them I think we can apply to The Mystery of Rey’s Parentage.

Like, if she’s Han and Leia’s daughter/ Kylo’s sister, here’s the thing: we and the characters have to emotionally rehash the entire Han debacle with this new emotional lens. Rey has to angst about why these two amazing (in her limited, idealized understanding of Han and Leia) parents left her for dead on Jakku (even if it was something outside of their control, that is an emotional beat that would have to be hit). And Rey will be pissed as hell at Kylo for killing Han, which…… she….. already is?

We don’t gain anything from that reveal except a mildly interesting layer to the Kylo/Rey relationship, and we have to dedicate what is a not- insignificant amount of time to process these things we’ve already processed. Rey has already angsted about some perfect family not coming back from her, and emotionally moved past it. We have already suffered the devastation of Han’s death, and Rey is already ready to throw hands about it. We have to have a second, even more protracted + meaningful Leia/Rey hug (which i’m not AGAINST, I’m just saying: we’ve done that.) We have to have Leia having a Traumatic Realization that she’s failed as a parent, again (even if it was somehow by accident this time).

In another, more introspective series, this might not be off the table. But Star Wars, the blockbuster movie series, doesn’t really do that, especially not with this “THE PAST IS DEAD” theme they’ve got going. Han’s death is over, and what matters now is how it’s rattled Kylo and bereaved Leia (a la owen and Beru’s death for luke) and how it’s forced Rey and Finn to move forward without a mentor (a la Obi-Wan’s death for luke). Doubling back to paint EXTRA TRAUMA over it strikes me as a waste of time for a series that needs that time to showcase as much CGI explosionery as possible.

I really don’t believe she’s lukes daughter either, mostly because I think we’ve now got a good, not-deliberately-misleading understanding of how Luke is and treats her when she gets to the island, and it’s distinctly not like a long lost daughter, not even a long-lost-daughter you’re trying not to let know is your long-lost-daughter. This would also force the story to address and then quickly write off Rey’s mother, another emotional pitstop I don’t see the movie taking the time to do.

Based on where I predict the movies are going to take Rey’s arc, the ironclad belief I have about how her parentage is gonna go down is: Rey’s family won’t matter- and therefore won’t be anyone we know. The reveal about who her family is will be overshadowed by some other revelation, probably about how she’s connected to Kylo (still convinced he’s the one who left her on Jakku to protect her from Snoke), and her family will either be long, long dead or she’ll be some kind of miraculous Force-based science experiment/ miracle birth.

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What annoys me the most is that Clary never gets called out for her mistakes. Like in 2x13, Clary asked Simon for his hair like Alec asked for Magnus'. But we only see Alec be called out on it and realize his mistake. This thing of having a character do stupid stuff and never adress it that it was wrong or stupid always makes me lose interest in the character real quick. I'm trying to like Clary but it's not happening

Yeah, same. Though I have to say that it was worst in 2a and s1. I dunno if I just got used to it or simply was over Clary in general, but it was bearable in 2b. Though I am still so ??? when it comes to Clary and the way she acted. Like I mentioned before, I had some sympathies for her in s1 but in s2a she was not tolerable in my eyes. Especially since the only person who at least called her out on her BS got silenced with Alec “killing” Clary’s mother and suffering under that much guilt now.

Then again, the way Clary is written in general is quite problematic. The symbol of any YA heroine. Ugh. She never gets called out on her BS and faces consequences. Which is… lbr, ridiculous. She is in that world for like 6 weeks now but acts like she is the best shadowhunter who knows it all. When there are Alec, Izzy and even Jace who know more than her. Or her fighting skills…. I am sorry I can’t take her serious. The only time where I really cared for her and was like… that I can buy, was when she all went stabby stab in 2x20. But most of the times I am just like… *rolleyes* 

Apparently, a new demo for Kirby: Battle Royale will be dropping today on European eShops. Thus, I’ll be datamining it! I can’t really promise anything interesting; they may scrap everything, but it’s highly unlikely that they’d go so far. At the very least, we should figure out a lot of the internal things, and I can start seeing how modding this game will go. 

A fair note, it may take a while to start, as I have no access to the EU eShop, only NA and JPN. I’ll see what I can do about that. If any comes out of this, all spoiler content will be tagged as such. (#kirby spoilers, #battle royale spoilers)

If anyone remembers, a couple months ago I made a post about how I’d started working for this rich old lady on the upper east side. Well, I still work for her, on occasion. I’ll spare you guys the long sappy story, but she’s turned out to be one of the kindest, most generous, and most interesting people I’ve ever known. I feel very lucky to have had her come into my life. Unfortunately, that rich old lady (whose name is Mrs. Heller, btw), has been really sick recently. She’s been in the hospital for almost a month now, and when we talked on the phone today, I think she may have implied that she doesn’t have much time left.

I’m not just posting this to be a bummer, and I’m not asking for sympathy or notes or money or anything like that. The thing is, towards the end of my conversation with Mrs. Heller, she asked me to put her on any prayer lists I know of. She asked me to ask my parents to put her on any prayer lists *they* know of. She said she just wants to be sure that whatever time she has left is happy and well spent. The thing is, I am not a religious person. My parents are not religious people. I have maybe one friend who prays, and that’s it. But this woman has done so much for me, in such a short amount of time, I didn’t want to just dismiss her request.

Look, I’ve never been a big fan of those “send your thoughts and prayers” types of posts, mainly cause, like I said, I’m not really religious or spiritual, and religion and spirituality tend to make me uncomfortable (and on that note, sorry if this post offends anyone; obviously not my intention). However, if any of you guys happens to be religious or spiritual, and are comfortable praying for a complete stranger who you heard about through a tumblr post, then it would be great if you could pray for Mrs. Heller. If you’d rather send good thoughts, then please do so. If you don’t wanna do anything, then that’s fine too. I just wanted to get this message out there. I figure it’s the least I can do (literally, it’s the least I can do, considering all this woman has done for me).

Today is the 1st anniversary of the Sanders Sides and I really wanted to do something for this. I wanted to write something, but I didn’t know any good plots, so I decided to make a post about how Sanders Sides influenced my life.

I watched Thomas’ videos way before I got involved in the fandom and I’ve loved the Sanders Sides ever since I saw the first video. The concept was so interesting and original. At first, I thought it was a one time thing, but the videos kept coming and they only got better. I loved every second of them - and I still do. 

I only started following more blogs around the time Becoming A Cartoon came out, and that was when I got more involved in the fandom. I read fanfiction, even before that, but that was the time I realised there was a full fandom online dedicated to the Sanders Sides. Seeing the theories, the art and fics only boosted my love for the videos. The fandom was an incredible support, especially in the week between Accepting Anxiety Part 1 and Part 2. 

But one of the most important things that the Sanders Sides videos gave me(and Thomas Sanders in general), was a groupchat. Th nice group of nice ppl, which is a groupchat with about 50 Fanders who are all amazing and I’ve made some amazing friends in the two months the chat has existed. And I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent in that chat. In just two months, we created stickfigure children and an entire fandom dedicated to them. We made inside jokes and a bond that is so fucking strong, even though some of us barely talk. Others have just been there for a few day, but I still love them so much. I love everyone in that chat so fucking much and I can’t imagine how I would survive without them. To everyone in the chat: I love you so fucking much and I’m so grateful to have you guys in my life. 

Another thing that I owe completely to the Sides, is my fics. I love writing and I spent the majority of the past few months writing, but before I started on What Lies Beyond The Shadows, I hadn’t written anything in over two months. After the Sanders Sides make-up video, I talked to some friends form the chat and I got an amazing idea for the fic and I started writing it. That fic reminded me of how much I love writing and well… I’ve written a lot since then. And I couldn’t be happier about it. 

Long story short: The Sanders Sides videos have given me some great things that honestly have helped me so much in my life and I’m so glad that the videos exist. Not only are the videos amazing, in execution, narrative, editing and acting and they have made my life so much better. They have honestly helped me with some problems in my life. I’ve gotten some amazing friends because of the videos and some great story ideas. I can’t imagine what my life would look like if I hadn’t discovered Thomas. 

I’m so grateful to Thomas for creating the Sides and for Joan and Talyn for contributing so much to these amazing videos. 

@thatsthat24 @tallykat3 @thejoanglebook, thank you guys for creating the best YouTube videos I have ever seen in my entire life. 

a kinda, sorta, not really goodbye?

hi i’m posting this late and it’s going to seem sudden and just random, but a couple days ago i said how i’m going on hiatus because i want to focus my time on other things, and already i can say i just don’t think i’m coming back in general :-( simblrs are so fun but just … my interests have changed i guess? i love this community but i’d rather focus on my actual life than a bunch of pixel ones. ps i’ll still be here creeping and keeping up with the legacies i follow, just not posting. if you want to unfollow, i 100% understand. I LOVE ROY HARRIS W ALL MY HEART but, it’s just not for me right now. maybe i’ll be back one day! i’m sorry this is sudden, i know i had quite a few people actively following the Harris legacy. but i won’t be a stranger, promise.

I am doing so terrible with tumblr right now I just… I can’t even. This is that double S thing for @the-news-nerd !

One nice thing: I was saying the same sort of thing to Susan. You create RP for others, you made a little world and dared people to populate it. You took an interesting idea that was something you were passionate about and you turned it into a space where other like minded people could come and feel welcome. That’s really something special. It’s the stuff like that that makes me want to come over Blue side to hang out with you wonderful creators and fantastic writers.


One more nice thing: You’re a really nice person. We’ve been in a couple of RP groups together now and I never saw anything other than you trying to reach out or hang out with people. You’re super friendly, and play across the other side of the isle. It speaks to who you are as a person that you have not only your faction loving you but mine too. Me? On the same level of networking as you? Pah-lease, you blow me out of the water <3

Decisions, Decisions

A.K.A Things I Miss

I’ve been playing a lot of GW2 lately, and have barely looked at SWTOR. I’m sad about this, and am now coming to the time to make the final decision to stop my subscription to SWTOR and put the money into the GW2 gemstore (so many shinies!).

SWTOR was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. It rekindled my writing interests for quite some time. I met some awesome people through it, a few of whom I now consider close friends. I spent a lot of time immersed in the different stories and created lots of alts to interweave together and check out the different story lines with.

But now I look at SWTOR and see only what I miss most about it. I miss the different and branching story lines. I miss having my different characters actually being… well, different. They all go through the same things and end up in the same places thanks to KotFE and KotET. There’s no replayability. Once through that storyline has been enough for me, and what’s worse is that I haven’t even bothered with that last patch yet. I miss having fun.

I miss my groups. I miss my friends. I miss being able to do stupid stuff together. I miss RP and taking screenshots in new and beautiful places. I miss exploring and not simply feeling like I’m being led along one very limited path. I miss the open world and discovering small but interesting things.

I miss SWTOR.

So now I play GW2, which has nowhere near the depth and choice of storytelling vanilla SWTOR had, but it does have that sense of exploration and open world. There I can find new and interesting details to gush over. It’s not SWTOR, but it’s something.

I at least managed to get my husband to play GW2 with me, but it’s still not the same as the glory days of SWTOR. I’ve stayed subscribed to SWTOR because I at least wanted to see things through to the anniversary - and in some scant hope that the game will magically become that which it used to be again, I guess. But it won’t, will it?

I has a sad.

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Are you still into de KH AU? I loved seeing Lance in the organization... Wait... So if Lance is a nobody who's the original?

I’m into all my AUs but I have so much things to draw

and so much interest I want to draw - and no time. I can’t come after all hahah I am sorry.

But I never thought so far. Maybe the 80ties Lance xD No he would be the same actually. He should have another name in the organistaion…

Lxcean for Lance xD
and Khteix for Keith? .. omg no. But they would look and be the same. I just wanted them to be in the organisation, because my heart belongs to Roxas and Axel.

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How important do you think shared interests are in a potential relationship? Also, how do you know if you're "talking" or "texting" or whatever it is that leads to a relationship? How is it any different from a regular friendship, especially if you've been friends?

I don’t think it’s the end of the world when it comes to shared interests. Because I think there are certain things you are going to want to do alone, and same with the other person. I think it’s rare to have someone be the same as you when it comes to all interests. I think 1 or 2 is a good amount. I have a cousin and he married a woman and now they workout and sponsor workout gear together. And they bond that way. But they aren’t super similar in other things. For me personally, a couple things that we can do together is good. I don’t need someone to like everything I like. Or want to do everything I do. Give me space. Ya know?
As for becoming more than friends, I think that ship sails once you’ve started flirting. Or obviously when someone admits their feelings. But one way to tell is they start treating you differently, more attentive and they want to be around you. Or they compliment you or want to do things for you. I could go on forever, the ways in which people can show they like you is endless. Flirting is something I’d mostly look out for.

rekdreams247 replied to your post “LISAAAAAAAAAAAAA DID YOU SEE THE NEW SNEAK PEAK FOR SEASON 5? it looks…”

Am i yhe only one who doesn’t care if Ivar gets a romantic interest or not? I love this show. Not jumping ship for any reason

Hey, to each their own. But here’s the thing - literally every single great character on this show has been ruined by a penis. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

And this is the point we’re at with Ivar:

- He’s just murdered his brother

- He’s apparently starting a war with the rest of them

- He’s sworn to avenge his mother and kill Lagertha

- He’s joined cahoots with MurderBro!Harald

- He’s not even yet come to terms with his own inward issues

So after all this, the show’s gonna throw some princess looking chick at him and he’s just gonna be all -

Originally posted by kasugano

Does he really have nothing else to worry about?? It makes noooo sense. And guarantee it’s because they’re taking advantage of having a good looking actor with a fanbase that would lick the sweat off his body if given the chance. 

It’s the kinda lazy plot line that almost had me quit the show when - I can’t believe I have to BRING THIS UP - 4A happened!! I do not speak of 4A! I almost quit watching and then here they introduce Ivar, rope me back in because he’s an incredible fucking character, and here I am a year later still totally digging it. And I am potentially going to watch that all get thrown to shit over some sex??

No thanks.

PS I hope that didn’t seem like a personal attack in any way I am just PASSIONATE about this character.

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"I-I guess I'll trust you. A lot of the time when people are being vague to me, it's something scary... But, with all your amazing skills, there's got to be something you like that I do too! As long as you're okay with being much better than me, I'm not too good at a lot of things. I still enjoy myself though!"

 "Well, to be frank with you, buddy, I’m not sure if we’ve even got that much in common in terms of interests: what I could and would call ‘fun’ is probably far different from what you’d enjoy. We’ve got different tastes in entertainment, ya know. But that’s besides the point there. There’s tons of things you’ve got an upper hand at compared to me; don’t doubt yourself, pal. But hey, if you’re willing to come up with… something we could do, I’m all ears.“

17. Jubilant (Inktober 2017)

And now for emotional whiplash day 3… :P

The whole thing with Monster of the Opera is from one of Zen’s spaceship thoughts, and also because he would totally sing All I Ask Of You to MC to be romantic, let’s be real. (If anyone wants to listen to the music while reading, be my guest. I personally recommend the 25 anniversary recording because I love Ramin Karimloo but feel free to pick your favorite Phantom!)

Carina belongs to @cherieofthedragons and Eunbyeol is mine. :D

For anyone who is interested in a proposal featuring my personal MysMes OTP though honestly, it might just be me lol, it’ll come at some point after Inktober is over so I can write as much as I want to about it (I say, in spite of the fact that this current ficlet is about 2k words).

….if anyone is going to point out the time, I’m just going to point at the word length. :P

AO3 Link || Masterpost

Zen has been a bit too fidgety all day.

Sure, as a musical actor, he’s got near boundless energy, but this is another level entirely; Carina would almost suspect it to be nerves if it isn’t already the closing night for the Monster of the Opera and if Zen hasn’t already brought the house down in every single performance in the past two weeks.

Thanks to Jumin’s finagling, the RFA has the best seats in the entire hall, front and center. When she tried to protest the placement, he only cut her off with his usual cool detachment, though she still suspects she saw something—amusement?—lurking deep in his normally unfathomable gaze.

Beside her, Eunbyeol is nearly vibrating with excitement, clutching the program listing Zen as the titular monster so tightly that she’s not sure whether the paper will even be legible by the time the musical starts.

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  • Hufflepuff: Hey, how are you today?
  • Ravenclaw: Eh
  • Hufflepuff: The weather has been nice and sunny at least!
  • Ravenclaw: meh
  • Hufflepuff: Well I hope you enjoy your day!
  • Ravenclaw: kay