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hey, this may be a random question, but, what does love feel like? i wanted to ask this to some one who is engaged and already in love, because you have experience. but, i feel like whenever i read a fan fic or a romance novel or something, it feels... unrealistic. like it's just exaggerated to the point where its not real. this may seem weird but, i wanted to ask you this because i don't want to get my expectations too high and get disappointed when i actually feel it. thank you and bye :)

ooooh it’s such a hard question, because I feel like everyone experiences love quite differently? We all are unique, so one may express their love in such a way another person will not understand it but!! I think I can describe what it’s like for me?

It’s like. To be honest it feels unreal sometimes for me too, because I never really knew something this great and amazing can actually happen to someone (especially me?? wha???)

It’s this feeling of protection and security and peace, when you know you can always no matter what rely on someone. You know you can trust this person, tell them your deepest fears and regrets and just things about yourself no one quite knows about and they will not judge you. It’s like friendship but on a somewhat deeper level? (not to degrade friendships here!) 

It’s going home and knowing someone is always waiting for you. And it’s waiting for someone to return and the feeling of home whenever you’re with that person. You want to make them happy.

Love is a lot of cheesy things that make you feel really warm and content inside. But also going through hardships together and like, I know how cheesy that is, but sharing those troubles and burdens together is always so much easier.

I don’t know I just feel so content and good and just happy? I feel like love is just looking at someone’s soul and connecting with it. If soulmates exist I feel like Sasha is mine. 

As for expectations, I feel like for me it exceeded and surpassed them all? I never had such mutual understanding with probably anyone. BUT what I can say, in fanfics it’s such a common thing for people to have constant heart squeezes and leg shaking and all that stuff, and I feel like even if there is something in the beginning it doesn’t guarantee the relationship will last. When I had crushes before it was almost painful in that way, but..uh. I never felt GOOd. It was all the shaking that I thought was love but now i know it wasn’t in the slightest. So..feeling content and protected and to feel the same way about someone else is what love is, in my opinion. Love is looking through the looks and seeing the true human soul and heart:”)

I’m sorry, I tweeted that before but I’m a sap and you could call me a homosappiens.

I literally had this conversation with my best friend the other day

Me: *sitting watching Kara and Lena scenes*

Friend: *walks in, looks at the screen* ugh, now what lesbian show are you watching?

Me: wh–I… Just—ugh now I’m so mad… *tries not to scream*

Friend:…um… what’s happening?

Me: *takes a deep breath* neither of them are gay, and she—*points to kara*–has a male love interest.

Friend: Are you serious? *sits down to watch* what the–SHE JUST BIT HER LIP WHAT THE HELL


I’m both loving and am terrified of Hallucination!Jack. 

He starts looking exactly like our favorite samurai, but with a bit more of a temper.

In the very next episode, he’s exaggerated. Longer limbs, crazy face, a much more erratic way of speaking, and acting menacingly. I hope that he gets crazier with each subsequent appearance.

But do you want to know who he’s starting to remind me of?

Long limbs, crazy expressions, speaking erratically…

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Hello! Just dropping by to say that I check your blog religiously and worship you, the actual Scenario Writing Goddess of every century ever. I love your characterizations! It's like, they're not so obvious sometimes, they don't fall into the exaggerated stereotypes that certain idols have attached to them and it's so refreshing! Thank you for sharing all your lovely writing with us all! I was hoping you'd write a small wonho au if you have the time or inspiration? Thank you! 💕

that’s,,,,,such a nice compliment im ????? floored,,,,,thank you for liking my writing so much, it means the world to me~~

  • tattoo artist!wonho 
  • loves doing full color, vibrant tattoos,,,,,especially of animals
  • always pays great attention to detail and loves putting his own style into his drawings which make him really popular among younger people who are looking for something unique
  • and it’s kinda cute because his style is so so SO much more different from the kind of tattoos he has on his body
  • which is mostly black and grey quotes and flowers. some traditional korean elements incorporated in his sleeve
  • has got the intimidating, muscular tattooed guy look if he’s frowning
  • but the minute he smiles it’s like,,,,,sunshine???? pure angelic??? sunshine????
  • and he’s always so sweet and gentle with people who haven’t gotten tattooed before,,,,,he’s always got water ready and asks if they need breaks and tries to distract them with nice words
  • people don’t expect it, but he gets super embarrassed when people compliment his art he’s like,,,,,,i wish i could be better!!!!! and he hides his face,,,,,,this actual CUTIE
  • you’re actually an apprentice under another artist there and while your artist is kind of demanding and stern
  • and very very,,,,,,,,not rude but,,,,,,straightforward with his criticism
  • wonho is always there to motivate and encourage you about your own art
  • and he’s always staying with you even after everyone’s gone to go over your portfolio and to clean up your teacher’s station
  • and since the shop closes super late, around one am every weekday, wonho always offers to drive you home
  • and it’s just,,,,,something you two do. he’s being the considerate friend 
  • but one night as you’re making way to wonho’s car you run into a friend of his and the friend is like “where are you going with this cute person wonho?” and wonho is like “im driving them home”
  • and the friend winks and is like “you’re totally his type, i can see why you’re dating”
  • and you and wonho look at each other and wonho’s ears go supER red and he’s like “i-uh we’re no-”
  • and the friend is like “sure,,,,,,who else drives someone home if not a boyfriend? anyway, there’s another party across town i need to go to, don’t have TOO much fun tonight love bird~”
  • and with that they’re gone and you and wonho are on the sidewalk, two blushing messes
  • can’t even look at each other again until you turn and see his profile under the street light and ,,,,,,,, there’s no denying it,,,,,, he’s handsome
  • and the way he takes care of you,,,,the way his laugh brightens up anyone in the shop,,,,,,,,,,it’s,,,,,hard to not fall for
  • and wonho is like “im,,,,,,sorry about my friends they always-”
  • and you’re like “it’s ok,,,,but um,,,,,,”
  • and you shyly put out your hand and wonho looks at it before biting back his lip and taking it in his own
  • and silently you two walk to his car, holding hands like a couple for the first time
  • and it feels so right,,,,,like something that should have happened long ago,,,,,,
  • in the morning you and wonho arrive to work together and kihyun is like “they finally did it, the finally started dating” and the whole shop goes into cheers
  • until your artist is like love is great but GET OVER HERE AND DO YOUR JOB
  • and you’re like yikes, but lean up to give wonho a kiss before hurrying over (A kiss wonho thinks about the whole time he’s working and sneaking peeks over  at you)

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//As a person who no longer follows what is happening on SU (planning on maybe watching it once it has been finished or at a later point) could you elaborate on what you meant by that last su post? (about breaking face models?)

so, like, steven universe does have a history of having shifting art due to multiple storyboard artists taking turns at outlining episodes. in the first couple seasons, this did lead to a noticeable shift in character expressions, but overall the characters were still proportionally about the same.

steven’s face for example would have more exaggerated expressions or more frequent comedic model breaks depending on the artist, a good example is “together breakfast” (i think it was called that its been a while!!) and the frybo episode.

but, the recent season in particular is struggling with lending storyboard artists too much obvious off model drawing. while old episodes retained a sense of scale, from how steven interacted with stuff at home to how much garnet towered over everyone and the various characters with their body types, recent episodes have lost that. steven interacts with the environment in inconsistent ways, he now needs a step stool to reach counters he was able to freely use in season one, peridot’s height is varying wildly, lapis’ hair is an enigma, neon bright skin is popping up everywhere, belly pudges are disappearing left and right, everyone is turning into what used to be just cutesy figures used for distanced shots.

it feels like there’s no longer a desire to make a cohesive work. the charming light differences in early episodes were charming because the drawing difference was just enough to hint towards an artist, overall the art direction felt solid.

now characters feel like neon stickers stuck in from a child’s chibi collection. poses are more stiff, heights mean nothing, proportions are wildly different just between camera shifts, body types are vanishing. i’m frustrated, since there’s a difference between streamlining art for more rapid production, and simply being inept at keeping consistent character modeling.


Here’s a coloring guide, inspired by @ultraboys‘s post (x).

I understand that in some situations it’s difficult to color Jax with some of the show’s lighting choices and especially as Firestorm, so here’s a quick color reference.

These are unedited screencaps. Save for Firestorm, he stays around the #714c3d range, that being the highlight and lightest portion of his face in normal lighting. Direct light creates darker shadows. As Firestorm, with flames and a very bright background/direct light, it makes him yellow-orange (although it is possible to color correct). Generally, this is a good rule:

Not an exaggeration I’m afraid. My personal rule is that if any of the highlighted portions of his face look white as in #ffffff, he’s too light. It’s also always better to go warmer in tone than colder. Hope this helps!

SSS - Dandelion in Darkness

So, it’s finalized. Three Acts (like Ancient Greek Plays).  First Acts goes up for Love in Panem (there are a few days left in the month!).

Hades!Katniss/Persephone!Peeta. Complete genderbend.  And much longer than it was supposed to be.

Hope you enjoy!


“You have the look of Death about you,” Katniss teased.

“There is no way to avoid it in this place,” Madge parried, smirking all the while.

It or him?” Katniss continued.

Madge stretched in exaggeration, smoothing back her tousled hair. “You know all my secrets. And I know yours.”

“I have no secrets. And the ones I do have, everyone appears to know them before I do myself.”

“In this, you speak true. You pine,” Madge said.

“I do not!”

“Thresh is never mistaken. On your last visit to Prim, he said you fairly reeked of longing. He is an expert, you know.”

Katniss pursed her lips, feeling the scowl overtaking her face. Madge laughed at the fierce look, which displeased Katniss even more.

“You would not be the first god to become infatuated with someone. You act as if it is not possible for you.”

“I tire of this discourse,” Katniss retorted.

“But you do have a challenge,” Madge continued, as if Katniss had not spoken. “The young man’s father is possessive and powerful. He will not part with his children under any circumstances.”

When the antis, who claim to be against violence and abuse, rejoice when Mon-El’s mother slaps him.

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When the antis, who claim to be against sexism/racisim/discrimination against a sexuality literally hate Mon for being a “straight white male,” (actual thing i’ve seen), and then cover their bias with a bunch of over exaggerated or false reasons which they wouldn’t have used against anyone who isn’t a straight white male because they can’t look like hypocrites.

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Tooth rotting Daddy!Jon snippet anyone?

Snippet from the next chapter of ‘Whispered Words’….

Sansa’s heart swells inconceivably when Evelyn starts to babble and coo at around two moons of age - even more so when she happens upon Jon partaking in a hushed father-daughter conversation as he sits by the hearth, holding Evelyn on his knee.

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I just wanna say, that bonus chapter was the most AMAZING thing I think I've ever experienced in a video game, perhaps EVER. That was... so good it's beyond words. I may sound like I'm exaggerating but I'm serious when I say that THAT, was the best thing ever. Good job to everyone who made that. And thank you so much.

aaaa I’m so glad you like it so much! <3 we put a lot of love into it

Shock and Awe

So, Juni throws fits. Some smaller ones where she cries LOUDLY, wails and gnashes her teeth. Other bigger ones which include rage screaming, shaking her fists and flailing about. Occasional dramatic floor flopping or trying to pinch/scratch/bite/hit me and S. She has thrown these since the day she came into our lives. Once they were like 15+ a day. Now after almost 2 years, we average about 3-6 per day, sometimes less, rarely more. Drastic improvement, guys. 

They used to be worse in the sense that her cry sounded like a literal donkey. I am not exaggerating here. The first time I heard it she was in another room and I was literally like “WHAT IS MAKING THAT DONKEY SOUND. DID THE NEIGHBORS GET A NEW ANIMAL. Oh, it’s my (foster) daughter. Hm.” To cope with this we have named her Donkey Cry “Nester” (after Nester the Long Eared Donkey) and it really works. (Yes, I know this was from trauma, etc, but you have to cope somehow.) Instead of “Omg she’s throwing a fit again!!!! *internal rage*” It’s like “Aw, Nester came to visit!”, said with a smile. She rarely cries like that anymore and occasionally I find myself missing Nester. Key word here being Occasionally. She still cries, it just sounds more like your typical kid. Again, progress.

Today was a Bad Day. I teach her Preschool Worship class (like kids church during the adult service) on rotation and I rotated in today. She normally does great when I am in there. Not today. By noon we were up to 5-6 fits and she had earned a nap. By about 4pm we were well beyond our typical 6 fit limit. I had tried taking away her tablet, positive praise, earning rewards. Nothing was working. 

I was desperate. She was on fit number 10 or so with increasing decibels and rage. 

So, out of options, I told her throwing a fit was a privilege that she had lost, and that she was not allowed to throw anymore fits today. 

It. Worked.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why but thank all the higher powers that exist IT WORKED.

She immediately ceased the fit, pouted that she lost it and cleaned her room up. She followed the rules and kept the defiance and sass to a minimum the whole rest of the day/evening. No time outs, no other punishments. It was a…peaceful evening. At one point S reminded her when TV time was over she was not to throw a fit and Juni looked at her like “…duh, I lost that today.” 

New tool in the tool belt? CHECK. 

i’ll be honest it’s hard for me to put any care or thought into any series that isn’t MHA

like i’m not even exaggerating and i’m 90% sure it’s my ADD doing this but if someone asks me a question about another series that isn’t MHA, even if i happen to like that series, my mind basically goes “uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh does not compute” and it’s like trying to walk through 4ft of mud to answer the question b/c my mind just refuses to think about it