that was an exaggeration but

little klance thing i’m hung up on today:

“listen, Keith. we can’t just go in and blow things up like a psycho. planning is important.”

and he was super impressed and proud when lance presented his plan!

but not only that, Keith took it to heart:

“i don’t understand your plan but i’m gonna make my own one”

“are you seeing this, lance?”

“lance, i did it, i made a plan!” 

“isn’t that amazing, lance?”

“i’m so proud of myself rn, i listen to advice”

“i’m gonna go up this ladder and sneak towards my target, be proud of me, lance!”

scrolling down my dashboard is like:

  • oooh fanart queue that
  • fanart again
  • same fanart again with a comment
  • two comments
  • three comments
  • a textpost!
  • nvm seen it
  • images aren’t loading could people be a little less aesthetic rn
  • meta that’s woefully wrong, could someone get this out
  • oh boy cute convo
  • i do not like seeing this convo over and over with one less response each time
  • “stop scrolling!!!” i’m looking for hcs so let’s keep scrolling
  • “if you don’t rb this ur an asshole!” my blog is rlly gay and im gay so i’ll be an asshole. better than having my head stuck up of one like u, unneccessarily mean user
  • aw mutual having a shit day, better send them something
  • *remembers those images that wouldn’t load* nvm
  • mmm rb that fanfic again it doesn’t have enough notes
  • ooh my sense of humor queue it
  • is my inbox empty? yes
  • meme
  • another meme
  • loading….why is life
  • smut fic, how about nope
  • not my fandom
  • not my fandom
  • why do you feel the need to rb 10 gifsets in a row. who hurt you
  • wait is that…shit spoiler
  • oh look the popular blog is answering asks. i’d love to do that someday
  • oh look the harrison ford post is back again
  • and the “rb if you’re not a muggle” one
  • someone needs money i’ll rb
  • new content! wait imma get spoiled gotta go to youtube fuuuuuuu
  • ooh good headcanon let’s reblog that
  • the same post on x social justice issue 12 times
  • literally reblogged that yesterday
  • “Time to get off of tumblr.”

Couples Costume Idea (someone help, i never quite got that meme but i LOVE it)

anyways i love these bois,,, i rly tried while taking these,,,, but well surround yourself with cute people and even the ugly will look good! right?
no, i’d never heard that before. i just made it up :/

anyway i’m eli and this november i’m on time™ for aroha selca day!!!! truly a date for all of us to remember :’)

anonymous asked:

Dream date concept: Paul Anka’s “put your head on my shoulder” plays as we dance in Christmas pjs that match, our coco cooling on the counter, a film playing, me looking at you with love in my eyes. A tray of cookies as huge as your eyes sit next to the mugs, bc I bought them all I didn’t know what you liked. I ask for permission to kiss you. You tell me I’m dorky when I get a yes and still can’t make a move and kiss my yourself. We are happy, we are here, we’re alive.


Tom Holland always ends up on a positive note whenever he’s sharing something. He’ll be like “I was wearing the tight spider-man suit and I had to hold my pee for 11 hours and I was really sweaty but it was great! I loved it!” “I got major migraines after being upside for a long time when shooting the Washington monument scene but it was a learning experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! :)” “Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan make fun of me and I cry at night but it’s all fun! Loving life!”


Not cleaning your room for six months and then hyperfocusing and cleaning it perfectly (including washing the walls) at 2:00 in the morning is ADHD culture.