that was an exaggeration but

listening to ppl who were born into wealth talk abt their “struggles” really is so simultaneously funny, irritating, and concerning like they really will tell you shit like “i didn’t learn how to do laundry or get a job until i was in my 20s and only did so bc i was bored.. the car my parents gave me @ age 16 was technically a year old when they gave it to me rather than brand new ): everyone hates me for having money and i don’t understand bc it’s not like i chose it and my parents have worked ): so hard for it ):” w/ a straight face and like.. half of ‘em (more than half, probably) truly believe that’s something they deserve pity for

{Okay but for reals though. Speaking of competition headcanons. I don’t think Leo would be a complete sore loser. Or at least show it publicly. While he can get invested in things like chess or heck even volleyball - losing just means he needs more practice. And depending on how invested he was in winning in the beginning is a good indicator of how he feels should he lose. 

So in the end - he’d just need to practice more. He’d find his faults in his loss and tries to correct them. Maybe the snide or passive aggressive comment to the winner now and again. But he’d never be so open about his loss.}

im always shocked that ppl really genuinely love and care about hux from star wars because while i was watching the movie my literal ONLY thought about him was “god that guy is ugly” and then after the movie i saw all this shit about some dude named hux i didnt even know who the fuck he was i had to look him up on google dot com like what the fuck movie were y’all watching that this was a character that mattered even for a second cuz it sure wasnt star wars the force fucking awakens jesus christ 


Last night I started thinking about the very real possibility of a klance hug happening in the future and then. i. couldn’t. stop. thinking. about. it.

  • me: *makes one post saying i'm more worried about jewish people in the current political climate, than i am of pewdiepie potentially losing money after making antisemitic jokes*
  • you demons, flooding my inbox: pewdiepie is an innocent 27 year old child, and if you watched his videos instead of listening to all the lies the evil mainstream media feeds you you'd know this! he wasn't being antisemitic, he was just paying poor foreign people to humiliate themselves by writing antisemitic hate speech on a sign! all those times he made antisemitic jokes in the past doesn't count, because they're just jokes! he even made a half-assed apology video were he spent half of the time whining about how unfairly the media is treating him, what more do you want? also here's an endless amount of #standwithpewdiepie videos you have to watch where famous youtubers defends him, never mentions the recent rise in antisemitism, and plays into the alt-right narrative that all mainstream media is fake news! so as you can see, pewdiepie has never done anything wrong, and if you as much as imply otherwise you're being a mean bigot who need's to be taught a lesson in respect™ from markiplier :)