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A Place To Call Home pt 7


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 4,906

Warnings: Fluff with some smut ;), language

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long to get up, I was having some major writers block but I think I’m clear of it so the next part shouldn’t take as long. I have to thank @writing-obrien and @bows-and-glitterz for reading it over for me! I hope you guys like it! 

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[scenario] [request] snail mail

♡ Send me a member + number(s) and I’ll write a scenario! ♡

32: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
45: “Tell me a secret.”

Title: snail mail 

Member: Jihoon

Genre: angst w a good ending i promise lmao 

Word Count: 1342

“Snail mail?” You ask, raising an eyebrow at the overly eager Seungkwan, shoving you an envelope, filled with paper. He whines when you turn away, continuing to practice your dance.

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Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 26

As it turns out, the manga and I aren’t going to be great friends. Rather than spend the energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I’ll be very candid, which means there’s likely criticism and snark a’plenty about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

Things included in this summary:

  • The final battle against Wiseman/Death Phanton/Nemesis/Ryan. Why Ryan? Why not Ryan. Presumably his parents didn’t name him Death Phantom. Now his name is Ryan.
  • The conclusion to all the Crystal Tokyo shit.
  • The arc epilogue, which is where all the character-intensive stuff should happen but in case you forgot, this is a summary of THE MANGA.

Things not included in this summary:

  • My multiple literal screams.
  • At least not in audio form.
  • I’ll still scream in text though, don’t worry.

Usagi aims her love rod at an entire fucking planet which is now I guess close enough to be within visual range of Earth. I have so many questions about this, but it occurs to me that it would only make this arc longer if they were to be answered, so I keep my mouth closed. There’s a burst of light. Usagi disappears. Planet Ryan disappears. Aw, she’ll have to fight the big bad on her own, but this will be test of her mettle that will prove she’s


Mamoru joins Usagi by, near as I can tell, thinking about it real hard. Nobody else joins Usagi. Nobody else even tries. I can tell that, somewhere, some part of me wants to cry. The tears don’t come.

Neo-Queen Serenity’s clock finally runs out of snooze times, and she decides she’d better get up. She wanders her dead and deserted palace, noting her potentially dead but certainly unwell Senshi. She considers going to them, checking on them, showing any concern about them whatsoever, but then chuckles to herself. Don’t be ridiculous, this is the manga! Only one thing matters. CAN YOU FOLKS AT HOME GUESS WHAT IT IS??

I know, right? It’s so good to see Mamoru getting the kind of attention he’s due. He’s been so neglected and forgotten. :(

King Douchedymion wakes up, Holodouchedymion disappears, and he and NQS emerge from the palace. Then we get some Family Values propaganda bullshit.






And this gets even worse as things go on. I’m obviously having to rely on my translation here, which I grant is questionably accurate at best, but it’s what’s in front of me right now, so.

NQS goes on to tell Chibs that what got her to wake up was Chibs’ transformation into a Senshi. The conversation continues with Chibs expressing all this sadness and remorse for all the people she feels her actions indirectly killed and all the people she couldn’t protect. NQS says “It’s not your fault, now let’s not talk about it any more.” NOTE THAT SHE SAYS THIS WITH PLUTO’S DEAD AND SPRAWLED BODY LIKE FIVE FEET AWAY BUT EVERYONE IS FINE WITH THAT. From here, it starts to really get to me though, because the entire exchange turns to Chibi-Usa’s power. “You have powers of your own now,” NQS says excited. “We can use our powers to protect the planet together.” When Chibs tearfully confesses she didn’t think her mother needed her, NQS starts strong with “You’re my only daughter. You’re precious to me.” but then:

And it doesn’t stop there. NQS turns to the Senshi (MY GOD YOU MEAN THEY’RE THERE???) and tells them that when she ascended, she “lost almost all of [her] powers to fight as a soldier”. And some other shit I think may be translated wrong but doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme. The important part is that she tells Chibs she has to use Pluto’s powers (WHICH I GUESS SHE CAN JUST DO NOW) to find Sailor Moon and Tux, and use her power to help them take Ryan down for good.



I’m going to skip ahead a bit to complete my thought about NQS here, but later in the chapter she powers up the Inners with the laughable “You’ll be able to fight alongside Sailor Moon with ease” like yeah, I’ll believe that when I fucking see it. She also powers up Sailor Moon from across time and space, and gives her a new brooch and toy from Bandai, AND OKAY WE’RE COMING TO MY POINT NOW.

Which is, EVERY GODDAMN THING ABOUT NQS AS SHE RELATES TO ANYONE NOT ENDYMION IS ABOUT POWER. And this CREEPS ME THE FUCK OUT. Her entire exchange with Chibi-Usa isn’t about Chibi-Usa, it’s about how now Chibi-Usa can fight. The fact that she didn’t wake up until Chibs could transform upsets the shit out of me. There’s no part of their interaction that, in a sincere way (and no I don’t count the easily tossed out “You’re my daughter, you’re precious” platitude as none of her interactions with Chibs over their 900 year relationship demonstrate these feelings in a way recognizable to Chibs), show NQS has any interest in Chibi-Usa whatsoever UNTIL SHE HAS POWER. She LITERALLY does not wake up and hug her daughter for what last issue suggested was the first fucking time until Chibi-Usa is a Senshi.


God, anyway, then Usagi and Mamoru spend five pages or something telling each other that they’re the bestest and Mamoru is just as important and powerful as Usagi.

Because again, what does female empowering mean if not “reassure the male romantic lead he’s on equal footing with the titular female lead character”.

Somewhere in the 30th century, the Senshi are filling out their resumes.

Chibs shows up, and she and Usagi destroy Planet Ryan, which is sure to send debris hurtling to Earth and upsetting the delicate climate balance that hahaha no of course not, everything’s fine.

NQS then powers up the Senshi, a move she couldn’t have done a few minutes earlier and then sending them off with Chibs to have anything at all to do with the final battle, because why, honestly. Why. Just why.

Everyone returns to Earth, and Usagi angsts a bit about not getting to meet her future self, which she can’t do because all of space and time will unravel and it’ll be very bad. Neo-Queen Serenity is angsting about it herself. It’s all so sad, so very sad, so much sadder than poor dead Pluto still lying there going through various stages of rigor mortis on her first outing in about five thousand years.


But honestly, who has time for any of that when Usagi is sad? SHE WANTED TO MEET HERSELF YOU GUYS AND IT’S HEARTBREAKING THAT SHE CAN’T IT’S TRAGIC THE MOST TRAGIC THING TO HAPPEN ALL DAY, manga!Usagi is thinking to herself as she steps over Pluto’s body still-warm body.











“Wow, Chibs, your mum’s a bitch,” Minako says. Chibi-Usa just emphatically nods.


Ugh, fuck, let’s get this over with. Chibs is packing up and leaving, and Usagi is all “YOU DON’T THINK ABOUT MY FEELINGS”, as though anyone else is allowed to have feelings to ever be considered. She goes to the park to travel home. Only Mamoru is there. I can’t even pretend to be anything but resigned at this point. But don’t worry, because the Senshi have a whole long panel!

Rei is comforting that fan club president she knew for a couple of hours! Makoto receives a hug from the guy who talks about Mamoru 98% of the time! Minako greets Motoki who looks terrified! Ami is just there because like I said back at the beginning of this arc, she has absolutely no other character at all to connect her to!

God, aren’t you bored with all this attention on the Senshi? TAKEUCHI SURE IS BUT DON’T WORRY HERE COMES MORE MAMORU AND USAGI. They talk about how their future is already planned out, and are somehow romantic and wistful about it. And then surprise! Chibi-Usa is back!

Neo-Queen Serenity will finally, after 900 years, get to see her daughter grow! God, how terrifying. HEY FOURTEEN-YEAR OLD ME PLEASE RAISE HER LIKE YOUR DAUGHTER I SPENT LIKE HALF AN HOUR WITH HER AND IT WAS TERRIBLE KTHX ♥


Politics [Bucky Barnes AU] (Part 4)

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Series Title: Politics (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Warnings: Mild swearing/cursing
Word Count: 1,397
Requested: By all of you to keep writing, so technically, yes xx
Short Description of the story: Your father is running to be the state senator of New York City. James Barnes, your childhood nemesis, is an egotistical playboy who is the son of your father’s opponent. The both of you plan to make your fathers’ campaigns living hell together.
Short Description of the chapter: Your plans to get the media’s attention by releasing a sex scandal with Bucky start to come together. You and Bucky go out together in public, only to argue about your high school lives in private.

Disclaimer: not my gif, I have never seen “Political Animals”, which I know Sebastian Stan appears in as an important character, so this isn’t based on Political Animals

[Y/N] = your first name
[L/N] = your last name

A few days after your father’s event, you and Bucky met up one more time. Bucky had left an anonymous tip to the paparazzi that you and Bucky would be meeting up in secret, allowing them to follow the both of you there. You were wearing a very 70s inspired outfit, in a denim button up mini skirt, a long sleeved white top tucked into the skirt and a pair of tall, tan boots that reached just under your knee. It was just casual enough to pass for everyday wear, but it was a little more than you usually wore, so you knew that if the paparazzi got pictures of you and Bucky, they would comment on that.

“What do we do now?” You whispered to Bucky when the both of you were hoarded outside of a relatively private coffee shop in Manhattan. All of the reporters and photographers were making sure you couldn’t move from the crowd.

“Just follow my lead,” Bucky whispered back before taking your hand gently in his and starting to walk, acting like he was shielding you from the paparazzi and cameras. “Please respect our privacy!” he added loudly enough for them to hear. You had to hide your smirk, knowing that there would be plenty of speculation after the words fell from Bucky’s lips. 

“Nicely done,” You complimented once the both of you were safely inside the coffee shop you had planned to meet up in. The both of you found a table near the far corner of the shop, as far away from the paparazzi outside as possible. “All right. So, what’s the game plan?” You questioned Bucky, who was looking at the menu in the café.

“Well, now we have their attention,” Bucky reminded you, a smirk on his lips. “We can release the pictures as we planned.” This made a little bit nervous. Bucky’s plan was to release intimate-looking pictures of the both of you on his Instagram, allowing some people to see it, take screenshots and so on, then delete the picture, acting like he had accidentally posted it publically instead of sending it to you. This would surely take all of the attention the press had away from your fathers’ campaigns.

“But, that means we have to physically take the pictures,” you stammered slightly. 

Bucky raised an eyebrow. “You’re not chicken out now, are you?” he asked you, seeming like he genuinely thought you would. “We’ve barely even gotten started, Y/N.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I know. I’m not giving up, don’t worry yourself, Barnes.” You told him, trying to play it cool and as if you weren’t actually freaking out.”

He nodded back at you. “Good,” Bucky said before looking at your legs with a smirk. “I just love that skirt of yours.” He admitted, his eyes raking down the length of it.

You rolled your eyes. “Well, if you love it so much, you can borrow it some time.” You replied back sarcastically. “You do have the legs for it,” you added as a joke, making Bucky grin, before waving a waitress over.

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Hurt - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Words: 1069
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Scott Lang, Clint Barton
Warnings: swearing? Needles/stitches, hurt.
Requested by anon
Could you do a Bucky imagine where he comes back from a mission heavily injured and the reader (whom he is already good friends w/) is put in charge of stitching up the deep cut on his abdomen? And there is no anesthesia. And Bucky is actually terrified of needles (not because of HYDRA) but the reader knows she has to or else he might die? (Weak/crying Bucky) and at the end he confesses his feeling towards the reader?? JUST FLUFFF/HURT/COMFORT/ANGST I APOLOGIZE IF THIS WAS WAY TOO CONFUZZLING
Author’s Note: I thought this was fun to write, hopefully it fulfills everything in the request! :) ( @myfandomsarecooler here’s some bucky fluff you wanted)


“We’re on our way back.” Steve rang through on the radio.

“Already?” You asked.

“Yeah, Bucky got hit a few times…it’s an emergency. You ready to take care of him?” Steve sighed.

“Oh gosh, is it going to involve needles?” You asked, hesitantly.

Steve sighed and you heard a groan in the back. “Most likely. He’s hit really badly, right in his abdomen.”

“I’ll have my lab ready. Bring him in as soon as you get here.” You said and turned off your ear piece.

You started to set things up, but a million thoughts seemed to start running through your mind.

Bucky Barnes is your best friend, and you hated the fact that he always seemed to get hurt. But usually, it was nothing a little ice and a wrap couldn’t fix. And lucky you, today Bucky was hurt even worse.

Bucky hates needles more than anything. It was something that seemed to follow him since, what seemed like, forever. It wasn’t just because of what he went though with Hydra, it was something he truly hated.

You wished you didn’t have to do this to Bucky, but you also didn’t want to risk the chance of losing him to something that you could have prevented.

One of the cons of being on team Cap is that you didn’t have any of Tony’s advanced medical tech. Luckily though, you were pretty good at what you do. The only thing that hurt the thought even more, is that Bucky would have to be awake for the whole thing.

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My Full Attention

You wake up with George in bed beside you (youve been together for a long time & got it on again last night) George says things that are cute & cheeky about last night, the 2 of you were going to lay in bed all day but he gets an owl from Fred saying he’s needed @ the store. He apologised & has to leave, reader lays in bed for a while until it starts raining outside & she sends him an owl saying she’s cold in bed without him 

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling 

Masterlists Here (x) (x)

You wanted to curse the sun for waking you from your slumber. There wasn’t a way to banish the sun by closing the blinds as your wand lay among the clothing shed in haste to be with George. Even if your wand lay on the nightstand, you were afraid that moving would awaken your beloved. You covered your eyes with a pillow and prayed that sleep would claim you once more.

Several moments passed and you started to feel the pull of sleep. Just when you started to nod off, you felt soft kisses on your shoulder leading to the sensitive region of your neck. Arms tightened around you pulling you into the warmth which was George Weasley.

“Morning Love,” George greeted in his husky morning voice that you knew so well. “Can you show me those gorgeous eyes of yours?” Reluctantly you tossed aside the pillow allowing the sun’s rays and George to look upon your face.

“Better?” you asked turning to face George.

“Much better, now that I can admire your complexion which envies all the goddesses,” he purred moving your hair out of your eyes. “I’m the luckiest man since I get to spend all day with you. Shall we revisit the events of last night once more?” Before you could question which part of the night he was referring to, he was hovering over you. George was smiling his signature crooked grin while scanning your exposed body with his copper eyes. His fingers traced over your curves slowing down before meeting the areas that made you tense. When his fingers finished their adventure, it was his lips’ turn to highlight their favorite parts of you. If you were feeling groggy before you were wide awake now. Could such pleasure be given so early in the morning? You hadn’t even left your bed and your heart was already racing. You could feel your heart beating rapidly against your chest and hear it thrumming in your ears. Come to think of it, your heart sounded a lot like tapping, an owl’s tapping. You glanced at the window and saw there was a familiar owl pecking on the glass. You tried to ignore it but the bird’s tapping grew even more rapid.

“George, can you answer the poor bird,” you sighed. Reluctantly George pulled away from you but instead of looking disappointed at being sent away he looked rather smug.

“Are you sure you’re not just using the bird as an excuse to check out my arse,” George hummed. He kissed your lips softly and smiled at the slight blush forming on your cheeks. “Ignore the bird, I’m sure it’ll go away in time ,or perhaps I can distract with something more urgent.” You tried to focus on the kisses once more but the tapping was driving you up the wall.

“George, the bird is very persistent and besides, if I wanted to have a look at your backside I think I’d be more direct,” you replied. “Let’s see what your brother wants and then we can pick up where we left off.”

“Fine, but I knew deep down you just want an excuse to check me out Y/N,” George winked. George quickly untangled himself from you and went to greet the bird. As he read the bird’s message you could see his face fall.

“Is everything alright?” you asked.

“Fred needs me to come into the shop today. Apparently our assistant miscounted the inventory so we need to do a recount today,” George sighed. “It won’t take too long Love. We’ll still have the day together; it’ll just be a little delayed.”

As George started to get dressed, you scratched breakfast with George off your list. You could catch up on sleep while he was away but it would take some time to relax your excited heart.

“Promise you’ll be back as soon as you can,” you pouted. George quickly closed the blinds and walked over to you and tucked you back into bed.

“I’ll try my very best to get it done as soon as I can. Fred will receive an earful from me I can tell you that,” George informed. “I’ll be back before you wake up. I want you to be well rested for what I have in store for you today.” You nodded in agreement and tried your best to fall back asleep.

In time you were able to nod off and dream of how your day could’ve gone with George. You were having a wonderful date with George until you were rudely awakened by a large boom coming from outside. There were no longer sun rays trying to sneak into your room. Instead the sound of rain and thunder filled your room and the warmth you felt earlier was long gone. No amount of blankets could warm you up and your dislike of storms was going to make it impossible to get to sleep. You needed George to come home and make you warm again. You quickly hopped out of bed and scribbled out a letter of love of how much you needed him to warm your bed again.

After you sent the letter you expected him to write you back an excuse but a few minutes later you heard a loud pop followed by footsteps. George was back in your room again grinning madly.

“You called for me and I came running. I can’t keep my girlfriend waiting if she’s cold now can I?” George confessed. “I brought you some warm tea and toast seeing as you were cold. I also brought you me since that’s what you actually wanted.”

“You’re the best boyfriend George. How did I get lucky enough to date a guy like you?” you smiled as he crawled into bed with your breakfast.

“ I should be asking you the same question Love. Now are you feeling warm enough yet or do you require additional attention?” George teased as he wrapped his arms around you.

“I can always use attention George, considering you were gone for a few hours. I do want to make up for lost time,” you joked.

“Alright, I’ll make it up to you but first finish your breakfast. I don’t want you to be  hungry to participate in what I want to try with you today,” George whispered into your ear. “I promise you won’t be cold for much longer.”

Out-Of-Body Experience - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said: Can you do number 11 with Sebastian please?

011) “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

It was the weirdest sensation, indescribable and inexplicable. You couldn’t actually believe what was happening, yet it was, or maybe this was a dream, but how could you dream something in such detail? You were there in your hospital bed, and yet you were also stood next to the hospital bed, watching as you slept.

The hospital room is as devoid of beauty as you are of hope. Its walls are simply cream, not peeling or dirty, just cream. There is no decoration at all except beside your bedside where an array of flowers had been placed, you guessed they were all from Sebastian because he knew how much you hated hospitals. Limp curtains separated your bed from the three others there. The curtains were perhaps once the kind of green that reminded people of spring-time and hope, but it’s faded so much that the hue is insipid. The room has an undertone of bleach and the floor is simply grey. At the far end are windows in brown metal frames, only openable at the top. Everyone else in the room mirrored how your body was, they were sleeping to pass the time, though one or two visitors seemed to be staring at nothing at all just to pass the time. There are stands for intravenous drips and monitors. At the door are dispensers for rubber gloves, hand sanitizer and soap; these items only reinforced your fear of germs, they are so ubiquitous here that cleaning is mandatory every time a doorway is passed or a patient is touched. But maybe the nurses will forget, or not wash properly, then what? Will you get even sicker, could it possibly even get any worse than being in a coma after a car crash?

Maybe this out of body experience was actually a sickness, god you hated this.

A sound at the end of the hallway alerted you and you watched as Seb entered the room. He looked tired, and pale. “Oh my god,” you gasped, walking closer to him. You’d already realised that he wouldn’t be able to hear or see you, but that didn’t stop your natural inclination to be as close to Sebastian as you could. “Why the hell isn’t he in a hospital bed, he looks more sick than I do!” You yelled out to no one in particular.

“Hey,” he hummed as he sat down beside your bed, taking off the backpack he’d brought with him and then reaching out so he could hold your hand in his.

“Hi,” you replied, sitting on the end of the bed. You didn’t mind crushing your own feet, it was weird though, knowing that something was physically touching you but not being able to actually feel it. Especially now, when you’d do anything to feel Seb’s hand in yours for just a second.

He seemed to take a moment for himself to take you in, but you really didn’t enjoy that seen as you looked like you’d been in a car crash. Which you actually had been. Cuts and bruises covered your face and you had no doubt it mirrored the rest of your body. “I brought you some stuff from home that I thought you might like,” he began, releasing your hand so that he could go through the backpack.

“Oh that’s so sweet of you, please tell me you brought our teddy though?”

Just as you said that he took out the fluffiest white polar bear teddy and placed it by your side. The teddy had been won at a fun fair years back, though you had won it, Seb insisted that you share the parental duties of the teddy bear and so it soon became like a child to the both of you. It always slept in the bed as well.

The next item he brought out was a book, your favourite one of course. “I thought I could read you this, you always did love Green Eggs and Ham and I don’t know, the rhymes might drag you from wherever you’ve gone.”

“I’m literally right in front of you,” you were trying to be sassy but it was hard to keep the sadness from your voice. He just looked so done with everything, like he’d lost the will to live. And the fact that it was your fault made you feel even worse.

“Next I brought some food in case you wake up and I’m not here when you do, because I know you won’t eat any of the hospital food. I’ll hide it in the bedside drawer for you.” He looked around him before hiding the food away. “And lastly, I brought a picture of me.”

You laughed loudly, feeling much more pleased by the fact that no one could see or hear you as that meant there was no judgement on the way you snorted. The picture he’d brought was the one that you kept on your phone as a lockscreen, it was him topless and covered in oil. Seb absolutely hated it, but you suppose he was being a little more sympathetic now that you were in a coma.

Once that was placed down facing your body he returned to taking your hand into both of his, he opened up your palm and began to write letters on it. “I talked to your parents, they want to come down but they have to find someone to look after the dog.”

“Fair enough, I doubt the hospital would really like Bobby coming in. He gets way too excitable and chews everything, he’d probably end up chewing a needle.” You’d leaned back on the bed so that you rested on your elbows. In your mind you figured that a one sided conversation would be better than not being able to even see Sebastian, you weren’t sure how long this out of body experience would last and so you’d like to take full advantage while you could.

“The cast send their best wishes, they all wanted to come today but I’ve had a hard enough time getting in myself seen as we’re not married.” He frowned and sent a swift glare towards the door, then he turned back to you and his hand squeezed tighter around yours. “I swear to god Y/N once you wake up we are getting married, I don’t ever want anyone telling me I can’t see you when you’re in this condition again.”

“I’m so sorry,” you reached out to soothe him but quickly recoiled after remembering that your touch would have no effect. So instead you resorted to also sending a glare at the door, maybe one of the nurses would get chills and feel like they are being watched by a ghost.

“You will wake up, won’t you?” He leaned forward and began to press your hand against his lips, he was trying so hard not to break down and cry. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.” He confessed, now using your hand to cover his eyes. Though you still couldn’t feel anything, it was obvious he’d begun to cry.

His tears coaxed you to get off the bed and embrace him, he didn’t feel you and you didn’t really feel him. You just knew that you were suppose to feel him and therefore your mind filled in the blanks, “of course I’m going to wake up. How dare you even suggest that I’d leave you, you’re my Sexy Sea Bass.” Though you were trying to remain light hearted the tears that had probably always been behind your eyes began to exit through your eyes, except they didn’t fall down your cheek. Instead they fell down your bodies cheek.

It took him a moment Seb also noticed this and he released an audible gasp as soon as he saw it, “Y/N?! Oh my god, Y/N?!”

“Sir, can you please quiet down.” A nurse abruptly walked in, ruining the very emotional moment for both you and Sebastian.

He stood up and pointed at your face, “she can hear me, she heard what I said and started crying.” The nurse looked between your body and Sebastian before turning around and mumbling something about going to get a proper doctor. Seb seemed unperturbed and on a mission as he rushed to be back by your bedside and holding your hand. “Okay Y/N, you listen to me.”

“Aye aye captain,” you mumbled, feeling rather elated by his newfound glee. Seb was happy, that’s all that mattered.

“You need to hang on for me because I love you and I swear to god the moment you’re able to walk I will be taking you down an aisle, I’m also never letting you drive again. I don’t even care okay I will become your personal taxi.” He kissed you on the lips, repeatedly. So many times that you wondered if he was just doing it so that you’d eventually get the sensation of kissing.

“Oh my god Seb, I love you so much.” More tears fell from your bodies eyes, and he smiled so brightly that it seemed to light up the whole hospital room. The curtains seemed to get their green shade back and the floor wasn’t just grey, it was a dirty white with speckles of colour thrown in to give it a marble-looking effect. And the people in the room weren’t sleeping or staring at nothing to pass the time, they were all dreaming and thinking of miraculous and wonderful things.

Imagine Jared accidentally sending you a dirty text

We ask the waiter for another cup of coffee, never failing to find new topics to cover. Emma talks about work and endless trips, I fill her up with my love life and a bit of work. We laugh and talk for a good couple of hours, forgetting that we are in a public space and we shouldn’t be laughing so loudly.

“You should have seen his face” Emma continues laughing, “We were all trying not to crack up, and there he was, with his face red as a tomato”

“What the hell was he doing naked in the woods?!” I ask, not being able to breathe properly due to my laugh.

“Oh, God, I don’t know. None of us wanted to ask”

My phone rings one time, letting me know of a new text. Jared’s name appears on my screen and I show it to Emma.

“Speak of the devil!”

I open the text, feeling my jaw drop as I read through the lines.

“Jesus…” I mutter, feeling my cheeks blush.

“What’s going on?” Emma asks, and I just react by handing her my phone.

Emma reads once, letting a loud laugh out when she finishes. I reach for my phone, but she moves away, holding one finger up, asking me to wait.

“Ok, just one more time” She says.

The laugh continues, and I want to laugh too, but I’m not really sure how to feel about this.

“‘My enormous manhood’” Emma starts reading out loud, “'On your perky…’”

“Emma!” I shut her up, reaching quickly for my phone, “I’m sure it’s not for me”

“Obviously” She tries to stop laughing, but failing to, “Oh, God, Jared really needs sexting classes, that was the worst sext I’ve ever read”

“What do you know about sexting?” I ask her, noticing how her cheeks start to blush.

“Not much” She says, as we hear a new incoming text, “READ IT!”

I open the new text, feeling a smile appear on my lips.

“It’s full of apologies” I say, as I get a new text, “This one too, poor Jared”

“You should go see him” Emma suggests.

“What? No, he’s probably freaking out right now” I mutter, “I would be freaking out too”

We try to continue with our evening, but Jared’s text changes the mood and Emma just couldn’t recover from it. By the time I leave her home she’s still laughing about what happened.

“You should at least text him back” Emma says trough the passenger window.

“What the fuck, Emma?!”

“Not the dirty text, the apologies” She corrects herself, starting to laugh again.

“Maybe, I don’t know. I’ll see you next week”

“Call me!” She shouts as I start to drive away.

As I drive home, I receive a couple of text from Jared. At first just one, and then three in less than a minute. I park in the middle of nowhere to read the texts.

“I can’t believe I just sent that” The first one starts, “I’m so sorry, I know I’ve said it like three times already, but I really am. Maybe it was my unconscious trying to tell you how I felt about you?”

Wait, what?

“Oh, shit”, Is all the second and third one say.

“UNREAD THAT, IMMEDIATELY”, the last one says.

I read the first text again, and again.

How he feels about me? Jared has feelings for me? Oh, no.

I let the phone on the seat next to me, trying to erase the words from my mind. I thought the dirty text was traumatic enough, but… feelings?

Once I get home, I notice Josh’s car parked outside. Great, my boyfriend is home when I have my mind made a mess thanks to Jared. Before getting out of the car I grab my phone, scared of finding another text from Jared, but I find nothing.

I breath calmed, taking my bag and jacket. But all my calmness ends up in the trash when I see Jared sitting on the porch stairs.

“Hey”, he says, standing up.

My bag, phone and jacket end up on the floor, and I lead my hands to my hair, running my fingers through it, trying to calm myself again.

Jared walks towards me, taking all my stuff and handing them to me. I receive them, keeping my distance from him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I wrote something, this way I can’t fuck it up again” He mumbles, giving a quick look to the house, “I’ll be quick, I promise”

I nod, grabbing all my things tighter, as if somehow that would help me in any way.

“Ok, here I go” He says, taking a deep breath, “I fucked up”

“That’s it?” I ask him, when I notice he’s not continuing with his letter.

“I was just taking a break” He mutters, “This is hard… Ok, bad use of words”

“Just… go on, Jared”

“Ok. I fucked up” He reads again, “I’m not going to say I’m sorry again, because I’ve done it too much already and you’re probably bored of it. I also said I had feelings for you, and that’s true, but we better forget about that because you have a boyfriend and I’m a weirdo who doesn’t know how to send dirty texts”

He ends with an awkward smile and I can’t help but laugh.

“You done?” I ask, laughing still.

“No” He says, and I can notice his hands shaking a bit, the awkward smile still on his face, “Please don’t tell Josh that I said I have feelings for  you, or he’s going to break my jaw. I’m sorry, for the 100th time, and let’s forget about all this. Please”


“Yes, I’m done”

“I’m gonna forget about the dirty text, don’t worry about that” I laugh, getting closer to him, “And about the other thing… Josh and I have been together for a while, you know that”

“I do” He whispers, folding the note to put it in his pocket.

“Things may change, we don’t know what could happen tomorrow”

“Wait…” He interrupts me, holding his index finger near to my face, “You’re giving me hope or leaving me in the friendzone?”

“Neither” I laugh, “I have a boyfriend now, but things may change. I just hope that if something happens, you’ll still have me in your heart”

The silly smile comes back to his lips, and I end up smiling too.


We both look to the house, Josh is standing on the stairs, holding a cup of coffee on his hands.

“Oh, hey Jared” Josh greets him with a smile, “Wanna come inside?”

“Nah, I’m good” Jared says, with the smile getting wider by the second, “Good seeing you, buddy”

“You too” My boyfriend says, changing his sight to me, “Come inside, it’s getting cold in here”

“I’m coming” I say, letting Josh go inside first, leaving me alone with Jared, “I’m not giving you hope, ok?”

“I know” He laughs, “And don’t worry, you’ve been in my heart for a while, I doubt you’ll get out of there any time soon”

Jared leaves, with the smile still on his face. I watch him go, only entering my house when I’m not able to see him anymore. Josh is waiting for me, another cup of coffee on his hand. I receive the cup, facing my reality after that confession.

Almost is Never Enough Part 2

Summary: After finding our that Jinyoung is in love with you, too, you spend your entire flight trying to figure out what to say to him. Being in another city makes you wonder if it is it already too late.

Genre: Angst

Length: 2420

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Text her back and tell her it was a joke,” Jinyoung said. He was pacing back and forth in JB’s apartment, tugging on his hair and trying not to have a panic attack.

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Now, I’m really not usually one to swear, but I’d like every TRUE SasuSaku fan who is currently hyperventilating/losing hope over the possibility of the SS ship ever becoming canon to kindly sit the fuck down and READ THIS.

READ THIS, because we’ve all been reading Kishi’s manga for long enough to recognise when symbolism and hidden meanings rear their controversial heads.


So last night, before I went to bed, I kind of half-heartedly hoped for a SasuSaku scene in Chapter 693. I have to admit, I got a little more than I bargained for, and my initial reaction was RAGE. I mean, I’m not going to lie, the first time I read the chapter, I was like, what is this SHIT I’m reading. Sasuke you BRAT. You bastard. I hate you forever, I HOPE YOU DIE IN A DITCH SOMEWHERE AND ROT ALL ALONE YOU LITTLE UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF SHIT.

I thought it was surely OVER for a second. And I genuinely was ready to give in and concede defeat.

But then I read it AGAIN. And I realised something.

Kishi is trolling us hard, yes - but he’s also sending us mixed signals which DON’T MAKE SENSE IF SASUKE REALLY DOESN’T GIVE A TOSS ABOUT SAKURA AT ALL.

Why all this sudden increase in drama for the Sasuke and Sakura dynamic? It’s been happening for multiple chapters, not just a one-off.

Why waste all that panel time bringing Sakura’s feelings back into the spotlight, Kishi? If it really means NOTHING?


I’ll do a panel by panel commentary to show you what I mean. This is the mangastream translation, by the way.

External image
I knew the moment I saw this, that Sakura was going to do something or say something to Sasuke in desperation. The HEARTBREAK in her eyes, it just made me so sad. And the way NARUTO AND KAKASHI SEE AND RECOGNISE her pain, too… THEY KNOW HER SO WELL. THEY KNOW HOW MUCH THIS HURTS HER, to see that idiot Sasuke continuing on the destructive path he is so insistent on following.

External image

HERE is where it gets interesting.

So Sakura ONCE AGAIN confesses her undying love. She tells Sasuke, ONCE AGAIN, that even now, despite all the shit he’s done, and how he’s completely torn her heart to pieces, she can’t help but LOVE HIM. BLINDLY, ABSOLUTELY, UNCONDITIONALLY, EVEN WHEN SHE KNOWS IT IS UTTERLY PATHETIC. EVEN WHEN SHE KNOWS HE REDUCES HER, TO THIS DAY, TO A WEEPING, EMOTIONAL MESS WHICH COMPLETELY MAKES HER FEEL POWERLESS.

Can you imagine how frustrating that must be for Sakura? All that TRAINING… but one look or harsh word from Sasuke and she breaks down. She KNOWS it’s PATHETIC. She even says it here. But can she stop herself? No. WHY? BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM. Time and time again, she throws her pride out the window and is left WOUNDED by this SON OF A BITCH, who frankly, let’s face it, DOESN’T DESERVE HER DEVOTION.

I’m sorry to write it. Yes, I am a SS shipper and always have/will be, but I’m also realistic, and when I say Sasuke doesn’t deserve her, I mean HE IS NOT WORTHY. NOT BY A LONG SHOT. AND SASUKE SEEMS TO KNOW IT TOO, BUT WE’LL COME BACK TO THAT IN A BIT.

Anyway, back to this page. Look at NARUTO’s FACE. There is NO PAIN because he’s in love with Sakura himself - because he ISN’T. This panel of him is PROOF of just how much Naruto has grown and accepted the fact that Sakura was no more than a crush. He loves her - but more like a SISTER.


MAYBE KAKASHI is thinking of RIN, of how he pushed her away. The regret he lived with ever since. He doesn’t want Sasuke to feel the same way.

Or maybe he is so EXHAUSTED. poor thing. So SAD that even after they saved the world together, Sasuke refuses to turn to them. He just wants them together, like Sakura does. Like Naruto does. They’re all SO TIRED of this drama, of having to chase Sasuke down, only for him to throw CRAP in their faces.

But that isn’t even the most significant part of this page. We KNOW Sakura is in love with Sasuke. Kishi has been shoving that in our faces an awful lot lately, and really putting her feelings in the spotlight. We already know. And as HEARTBREAKING as it is to see Sakura like this, pleading with him again, it’s not a shock. Sure, it made me angry, because Sasuke is once again being a JERK and disregarding the love and care and happiness that is being FREELY offered to him on a golden platter. But this is SASUKE. What the hell do we expect?

I find it interesting that Sakura says, “If I still have a place somewhere in your heart…”


We’ve gone from Sakura thinking Sasuke doesn’t care the slightest for her, to her telling him if there is STILL a place in his heart for her?

Did something give her reason to believe there WAS a place for her there at the start?

But she always thought he thought her annoying - right?

That was an interesting little piece of dialogue, but what got me was this next bit.


I mean, it says SHAKE next to his foot up there. He was LEAVING to go fight with Naruto. What happens when Sakura starts confessing all over again?





Now, tell me this, SS fans. Did he HAVE to listen? Did he HAVE to wait? And what’s with the hesitation? Not very Sasuke like, is it? WHY WOULD KISHI WASTE A PANEL WITH THAT IF IT DIDN’T MEAN SOMETHING. HE WANTS US TO SEE SASUKE HESITATE.

For someone who just wants to get this battle over with, it seems like a bit of a waste of the mighty Sasuke’s time to spend five minutes listening to this silly girl he doesn’t even care about.

LOL, did I say he doesn’t care about her? Oh wait. LOOK AT THIS NEXT PAGE.

External image



I thought he actually KILLED her for a second. I’m not going to lie. I PANICKED.

But then I read the following page, and realised KISHI THE ULTIMATE TROLL had struck again.

Let’s go back to the first panel there. A whole MASSIVE, detailed panel of Sasuke’s reaction to her words. And here is why THIS PART if the most SIGNIFICANT for us long suffering SS shippers.


Look at his EXPRESSION. Look at the tired/sad tilt of his eyebrow. Look at how it CONTRASTS SO GLARINGLY WITH THE SLIGHT SMIRK OF HIS LIPS.


I’m sorry, that IS a smirk. Compare it to the one Sasuke gave her when he called her annoying before he knocked her out when leaving Konoha, and this SMIRK is MORE obvious. It just looks pained.

Why would Kishi make him look PAINED? Why the dark lines under his eyes? Why would he give up an entire panel to express such an emotion? This is RAW emotion from Sasuke. It’s genuine - and what is even more mind-blowing is that he REMEMBERS the last time she said similar words to him and professed her love.

What does he do? The little smooth SHIT shows her he remembers - by using those same words he gave her last time - but a more emphasised version.


Meaning, she’s even MORE annoying than she was before.

It’s like his expression and words are saying: SIGH. SAKURA. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH YOU?

Oh, I know you’re going to get in the way, SO I’LL KNOCK YOU OUT AGAIN because FUCK, I can’t DEAL WITH YOU any better now than I could when I was TWELVE.

It’s like that’s their little secret code thing between them, and Sasuke has NEVER forgotten that night when she confessed the first time. He even remembers how to reply in the exact same manner he did back then.

The sadness in his face suggests he was HOPING she had known better and moved on. Given up on him the way he has clearly given up on hope for himself. Maybe there’s an element of GUILT, somewhere deep down where he doesn’t want anyone to see, that she is STILL hanging onto him so loyally, after EVERYTHING he has done to her. Maybe he just doesn’t feel WORTHY.

But then there’s that smirk. It speaks relief. It’s almost AMUSED, because he clearly never forgot her first confession, and he didn’t expect to hear it again. Like deep down, he’s so RELIEVED to know she still loves him, despite how wretched he has become. It’s like an exasperated look of indulgence. Or fondness, almost.

Sasuke: You love me, Sakura. Heh. Still? Tch. So annoying.

He could have said it with a hateful glare. He could have just knocked her out right away without saying anything at all. But he doesn’t. He almost smiles - but it’s a sad, pained smile. Almost regretful. Instead, Kishi stresses the memory of the last love confession, and makes a direct parallel scenario here. The difference is, Sasuke’s face is much more EXPRESSIVE.

Compare Sasuke’s face HERE to the blank one he gives Naruto/everyone else. This is a genuine SMIRK. Sakura’s words have once again REACHED HIM. No argument about it. Once again, he LISTENED.

Also, this is significant because Naruto and Kakashi are bystanders. They don’t even realise the weight of “You’re annoying”. It’s a moment and exchange between SASUKE AND SAKURA ALONE. She remembered him saying thank you to her in an earlier panel. And Sasuke lets her know, in his own way, that he remembers that night too.

Did he have to use those words? NO. But he speaks them on purpose, because he KNOWS Sakura knows them - and he knows what they mean to her.

It’s like he doesn’t WANT her to love him anymore, and half-hopes she will move on - but at the same time, he says things that keep her prisoner to him and him alone. Almost like he’s contradicting himself constantly and sending her mixed signals.The sick, twisted little BRAT.

Which makes the next panel even more heartless. We don’t get a chance to see Sakura’s reaction. Sasuke’s rinnegan hits her with an illusion - and it’s a harsh, cruel one.

Only SAKURA sees this - her supposed death at Sasuke’s hands. Everyone else doesn’t see this illusion. It’s pretty obvious from the lack of response from Kakashi and Naruto that they haven’t.


He pierces her in her HEART. As if he wants her to STOP. To LET GO. This is so cruel, and he knows this is Sakura’s greatest fear - losing him, dying before she could save him. But he does it anyway. Why this particular vision?



Now Sasuke, recognising how much SAKURA loves him (which reminds him of his unconditional love for his family, later on, and how much THAT hurt him), does the same to the girl who is so hopelessly in love with him. To get her to hate him - to maybe make it easier should he die at Naruto’s hands?


He makes her see something that will horrify her so much, so that she DOESN’T WAKE UP AND INTERFERE. So that she CAN’T wake up from the trauma.

Because maybe he KNOWS, if she gets in his and Naruto’s way, he will have to STOP.

Once again, Sasuke’s actions betray him. He knows Sakura’s weakness is him - and he exploits it here to make sure she will stay down.

External image

Again, if Sasuke didn’t give a toss about Sakura, why would he bother knocking her out to keep her out of harm’s way? LOL Anti SS fans. What U GONNA SAY TO THAT. HAS MY POST SHUT YOU UP YET. NO? WELL THERE’S MORE, BITCHES.

Naruto is furious, of course. He and Kakashi only see Sakura suddenly losing consciousness. Again, they don’t SEE what she has seen.

Kakashi, bless his heart, is clearly pissed off and starts guilt-tripping Sasuke. I LOVE KAKASHI. HE IS SUCH A SWEETIE. SO PROTECTIVE OF SAKURA. A TRUE SS SHIPPER.

NOW HERE IS ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT PART. Sasuke says he has no reason to love Sakura. Actually, I can’t believe Sasuke is even talking about this subject, it’s so bizarre.




He didn’t mock Sakura like this when she was awake. Isn’t that interesting, guys? As usual, Sasuke and Sakura’s moments happen privately between them (like 685) and in front of the rest of the world, he says something different.

Maybe I’m being blind here. Maybe he really does feel nothing for her. And he’s right, he has NO REASON to love her. That doesn’t mean he DOESN’T or CAN’T EVER GROW TO LOVE HER. As Kakashi says, love doesn’t need a reason.


External image

Kakashi continues to fight for Sakura’s honour, and Sasuke continues to act like he doesn’t give a shit.

But then he THINKS OF HIS FAMILY. The strength and purity of Sakura’s love reminds him of that. Do you REALISE how significant that is, again? He knows what it’s like to love so much that your heart gets broken. HELL, HE UNDERSTANDS. THAT IS WHY HE CONTINUES TO PUSH HER AWAY. HE IS SO AFRAID OF THAT PAIN, A PAIN HE COULD NEVER GET OVER, THE PAIN OF LOSS.




I find it REALLY weird how Kishi is focusing on Sakura’s feelings, taking up all these panels and even getting KAKASHI to lecture Sasuke about her. TO WHAT END? To confirm that Sasuke doesn’t give a crap about Sakura, when his actions betray otherwise? Kishi didn’t need to have Sasuke listen to all this. He could have knocked her out and left right away.

Instead we have Kakashi telling Sasuke that Sakura just wants to be HIS and that he is continuing to break her heart. Sasuke’s response is quite distracted… he thinks of his family and his words almost seem to be an afterthought.

External image

Kakashi is clearly startled at how suddenly Sasuke takes off - as if he doesn’t WANT to hear anymore. Then we have Naruto, who I LOVE SO MUCH, be the number one SS shipper again and PROMISE to return Sasuke to Sakura.

If it was so hopeless, if Naruto didn’t believe there was a CHANCE for Sasuke and Sakura, why would he hold onto his promise for her?

The rest of the chapter mentions hate turning to LOVE. A sign of things to come?

I think this chapter doesn’t kill SasuSaku at all.

1. Sakura’s feelings are confirmed.

2. Sasuke references the last goodbye scene with a pained smirk.

3. He knocks her out with an illusion that he KNOWS is her worst nightmare to KEEP HER SAFE.

4. He says he has no reason to love her (and she has no reason to love him - he KNOWS he is a screw up) - but SAKURA DOESN’T HEAR HIM.

I think Sakura, being a genjutsu type, (which Sasuke KNOWS), will surely break out of the illusion. Hopefully she will punch Sasuke’s stupid face.









"Phil... three" - Oneshot

I thought this up an hour before school oops..
Basically Dan fucks up and Phil finds it hilarious.


“Siri… I don’t need to say that, let’s try that again… idiot.” Dan says, iPhone in hand as his eyes quickly scan the chat for an interesting comment, finding none, he continues.
“Text Phil.” He hears the weird noise that iPhones make and laughs awkwardly at how long it’s taking. He throws in a weird eye stare at the screen for good measure.
“Okay, what would you like me to say to ‘Phil.. three’?” Dan’s eyes widen slightly as he realises he has a heart at the end of Phil’s name. He glances at his phone then at the chat which seems to have exploded over this. He quickly thinks up a solution for the trouble he just got himself into.

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Still Into You | Pt. 6

(Taehyung x Reader) ANGSTANGSTANGST

Originally posted by myeong-su

Part: Video Trailer | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Genre: Angst.

Warnings: Profanity.

Characters: Taehyung and Namjoon.

Summary: After making a horrible mistake on new years eve, taehyung breaks it off with you.

A/N: Almost a month later omg i’m so sorry for the long wait!! Here you go! ‘Still Into You | Pt. 6′ I hope you guys like it! Hope it wasn’t too confusing and well feedback will be greatly appreciated! Side note: I only have one week of uni left so I plan on writing a lot! Yay! Also I have a giveaway going on so check that out~

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Confessions of the Human Secretary (Platonic AkaKuro Fanfic) -PART 2-


Read Part 1 on: Tumblr | AO3
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Again, delete all vampire tropes from your head k? ENJOY!!!! ^3^

Entry #133

Just went grocery shopping with the big man. It was interesting. 

I swear he’s never eaten human food before.

New name for him: The Tofu Devil.

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High School Sweethearts

 "Back in high school we used to take it slow" - Out of My Limit by 5SOS


“Hey babe!” Startled from your current task of loading your backpack with text books, you looked up to see your boyfriend’s lanky frame leaned carelessly against the locker next to yours. “Hey stranger,” you responded, pausing to press your lips against his, “Long time no see.” Luke pouted, his pink lips tugging lower as he thrust his palm against his chest as if to mime the clutching of his heart as he felt you part from him much too soon, “I haven’t seen you in forever! I’m suffering from Y/N withdrawals. I hear the only cure is for plenty of cuddles and kisses. Lots and lots of kisses.” Smirking at the antics of your overdramatic boyfriend, you hoisted your backpack over your shoulder and shut the locker door. “Over exaggerate much? I saw you this morning,” you responded good-naturedly, as you began walking down the hallway. Falling in step beside you, Luke entangled his lanky fingers with yours before careening his body in front of you, forcing you to collide against his chest and stop. “That was only for like one minute! We saw each other in passing and I had to share you with our friends!” Switching his tone of outcry to a more subdued declaration, he leaned his forehead down to rest against your collarbone before letting out a whimpered, “I miss you. I just want to spend time with you.”  Softening at his words, you placed a warm hand against his cheek. “I know we haven’t seen much of each other. I’ve been busy with this stupid valedictorian speech and you’ve busy with your obligations for student body president and organizing prom. I promise I’ll make it up to you this weekend. I’ve missed you too, y’know.” On par with his current state of neediness, his desire for you overwhelming any insecurity he may have about appearing clingy or how he was perceived by others, he pulled you impossibly closer to him, abandoning your collarbone to bury his face into the crook of your neck, “So we both miss each other. Let’s solve that problem. Come have lunch with me.” Mentally reiterating all the tasks you still had to complete, your internal monologue reminding you that you still had to speak with Mr.Matthews about your recommendation letter and recalling that you had yet to speak to the counselor about your summer internship, you began to hesitate and prepared to mournfully inform Luke that you just didn’t have the time. Big mistake. One look into his eyes and you were a goner, momentarily forgetting about all the errands you had. “I guess I could use a break,” you said, processing the smile that threatened to overtake the width of Luke’s face, “and I am pretty hungry.” You began to turn towards the cafeteria before being halted by Luke once again, this time by the pull of his hand on yours, leading you towards the doors by the Parking lot instead. Responding to your questioning gaze, he answered “The lunch lines are long and I don’t particularly feel like sharing you with our friends today so I packed us a lunch and figured we could have eat in my car. The chef, that’s me, has prepared a delicious cuisine of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cookies for dessert.” Smiling fondly at the mention of Luke’s jeep, a getaway for the two of you when his house lingered with his mother’s presence or yours with the abundance of your siblings, you two would always escape to Luke’s car when the world got a bit too hectic. “You planned this, didn’t you? You knew I’d give in to you.” Having the decency to look sheepish, he wordlessly lifted your backpack from your shoulders to relieve you of the heavy burden and pushed opened the doors, “I didn’t know. I was just hoping you would.” Pausing to capture his lips against yours, you kissed him briefly, hoping you were able to convey your sense of gratitude and adoration before pulling away (once again, too soon in Luke’s opinion). “As long as those sandwiches have the crust cut off and the cookies are chocolate chip, then I’m happy.” Wrapping his arm around your waist as the two of you waded through various cars in the parking lot, he lowered his head to look into your eyes before responding, “As long as I have you, I’m happy.”


“I am so glad we’re done with this whole anticipation spiel,” you sighed in relief, plopping in the seat next to your boyfriend, who you found hidden behind the stacks of books in the library, before continuing, “We’ve filled out our applications, sent them in and got our acceptance letters. All that’s left is to pick a college and just graduate already.” Lifting his head from the textbooks his eyes had been perusing through, he greeted you with a crooked smile and tilt of his head. “No hello?” he questioned. Neither of you an advocate of public displays of affection, you shifted your chair so that your thighs were touching and pressed a swift kiss to his cheeks, moving to kiss him on the lips, before pecking him on the nose for good measure. “Hi,” you greeted formally. Scrunching his nose, he joked, “I think you missed a spot. My other cheek is getting pretty jealous.” Straightening your posture to a more rigid position, you adopted a more serious aura. “You’re gonna make me forgot why I came here. I needed to talk to you about something.” Slightly anxious at your words, Ashton mimicked your serious vibe. “Talk about what?” Placing a gentle hand against his arm, encircling his wrist with your slender fingers, you stated, “You know you can tell me anything, right? You were acting pretty weird at the assembly this morning. And earlier today when we were all talking about going off to college, you were behaving…off. What’s bothering you? Is it about college?” Fidgeting at your words, Ashton fought to maintain his composure and to prevent his overwhelming sense of nerves from being physically displayed. Forcing himself to look up into your eyes, he mustered up the courage to tell you about the thing that had been haunting him for the prior weeks. “You’re right,” he conceded, “something is bothering me.” Heeding the look of concern that overtook your face, he continued, “It does have to do with college. It’s nothing major…it’s just. It’s just that I’ve decided that maybe going Austin University isn’t right for me.” Not expecting his confession, your voice was laced with confusion as you treaded cautiously, “Oh? I thought you were set on that school though. What changed your mind?” Swallowing thickly, he soldiered on, determined to tell you the truth. “I mean it’s a great school and all but I’m thinking that maybe…maybe A&M University will be better for me. It’s got my major – music tech – and it’s a great campus, they have a great student to teacher ratio, they’ve also offered me a scholarship and…” he paused once more, braving to look into your eyes before completing his thoughts, “and it’s closer to you. Only a one hour drive from your school. I could drive up to see you pretty often.” Widening your eyes at his words, he interjected before you could speak,” I just didn’t wanna freak you out. I know how you are with commitment and I don’t wanna seem like I’m suffocating you or being overbearing and…hell I don’t know what to tell you. I love you and I’m committed and I can’t imagine being without you. Please say something!” “I would if you gave me a chance to talk, you goof.” You placed your hand over his in a comforting manner, “How could you possibly think I wouldn’t be happy. This is great news! It’s just that…are you sure that choosing me is important when choosing a school?” Relieved to hear you felt the same way, he abandoned his prior anxious state and engulfed you into his arms. “I didn’t choose you,” he corrected, as you nuzzled against his sweater clad chest, “I chose us.”


Calum felt like every nerve in his body, all of his neurons were sending off signals, causing him to almost literally buzz from anticipation and anxiousness. Throwing his head back in defeat, his skull faintly colliding with the door of his locker, he massaged the small pain away as the sound echoed through the small proximity of the boys locker room. It was the last game of the season and the stakes were high. A lot of people were counting on him, the whole team expected him to be strong as he was the captain and his coach had informed him earlier that there would be college scouts out in the crowd. In his frenzied state, he almost didn’t notice that he was no longer alone in the formerly vacant locker room. “It kinda stinks in here,” you spoke, breaking the silence and alerting your boyfriend of your presence. Shaking out of his tense state, he stood up quickly, surprised to see your small frame within the confinements of the odorous locker room. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” He paused to take in your appearance, as you were currently wearing one of his old jerseys, the name Hood and his lucky number 24 boldly and proudly stretched across your chest. “I’m your luck charm, remember?” you joked before sitting down and pulling Calum to sit beside you. “Luke told me where you were. Said you seemed really worried. The game is set to start soon, you should get out there.” Weighing his options and concluding that if there was anyone in the world he could talk to at this moment, it would be you. He already trusted you with his heart; he might as well trust you with his thoughts, and more importantly, his fears. “I’m scared babe. There’s a lot that relies on me winning this game.” He pulled you closer to him, draping your legs across the seat and pulling you onto his lap, your arms automatically encircling around his neck. Fiddling with the jewelry around your neck, a locket that Calum himself had gifted you with for you one year anniversary, he twirled the chain around his fingers. “I just…don’t know what I’m gonna do if I lose this game.” Placing a crooked finger under Calum’s chin, you forced his face up took look to yours. “It’s just a game Calum. Whether or not you win or lose, you’ll still have all these people who love you and you’ll still have all of other games you’ve won to be linked with your name. This one match isn’t going to define you.” Dropping his head to rest against your shoulders, the two of you carrying the weight of his fear together, you ran your fingers through his dark hair. “I’ll be there in the audience, making a fool of myself and cheering you on,” you continued, “and I’ll be there after the game, to congratulate you on a game well played regardless of the final score.” Lifting up his head to look into your eyes once more, you offered, “No matter what happens, you’ll always have me.” Comforted by your words, he drew even more closely to you, his chest against yours leaving no space in between. “What would I do without you?,” he murmured against your skin. Placing a kiss on the softness of the skin on your neck, he stood up with a more confident aura, extending his arm out to help you stand as well. “As long as I have you,” he confessed in hushed breath as his lips hovered near your skin, his words heating the surface of your cheeks, “I’ll always be a winner.”

Shuffling papers and shifting through your notes to pass the time, you were interrupted by the scraping of a chair as Michael took the seat across from you. “Ready for our last tutoring session ever? Bittersweet, isn’t it?” you inquired, while rummaging through your backpack in order to get the proper material needed. Michael ran a tremulous hand through his hair, dyed as dark as raven feathers as he was warned by the Principal that he would not be able to walk across the stage to get his diploma if his hair was flaunting yet another ostentatious color. The school year was dwindling down, the amount of homework steadily declining, the amount of care expressed be teachers were plummeting as more movies were shown in class than actual learning taking place; the promise of summer was in the air, almost palpable. Everyone was excited at the prospect of lazy days, beach trips, and summer adventures but Michael wasn’t quite ready to let go. It was irony, he decided, a word that you actually taught him during one of your study sessions for English class. It’s ironic, he thought, that he was once the boy who loathed learning and the very essence of school yet now he yearns for an extension. It wasn’t because he would miss the face of orthodox teachers, or the endless amount of unnecessary work or even his classmates (because honestly, he had his bandmates and their friendship was worth more than the entire grade 12 combined); he would miss you. He would miss his study sessions with you, the way your eyes would glow with passion when the pair of you discussed your favorite book, the light from your excitement causing your brown eyes to resemble the hue of honey, simultaneously capturing Michael’s eyes and his heart. He would regret not having the chance to sneak peeks at you, surreptitiously glancing at you over the brim of his textbook as you would dutifully highlight passages and he would abandon the words of Shakespeare because he found poetry written on the soft of your skin and could write sonnets about the way you moved. The end of the school year meant the end to the times where Michael could graze his hand against yours under the guise of pointing at something in the book, when in all honestly, he just crave the friction of your skin against his. If he were to be truly honest, Michael didn’t genuinely require help, he could have passed English if he put his mind to it. But when he found out that you were a tutor, he purposely demolished his English exam so that he would be sure to be assigned as your new protégé. Reflecting upon the past, he reached an epiphany (another term that you taught him). You had a boyfriend, you had a beautiful brain and a kind soul, you had ambitions that would get you somewhere in life. All Michael has are farfetched dreams of playing in a band with his best friends and a broken heart that functioned only to love you from afar. So rather than say his prepared speech (the same speech he practiced in front of Calum, asking for constructive criticism; the same speech he spent an endless amount of time rehearsing in front of the mirror; the speech in which he professes his love for you, the one where he releases his guarded heart in order to spill his love for you, the one where he was ready to hand you the keys to his soul if you were willing to be the keeper. Instead of all of those things, he opted instead to tighten the lock around his heart, hindering the beating of his organ, because he felt that a girl like you could never love a boy like him. Tilting your head to question his silence, Michael forced a smile to paste upon his face, the ends of his lips not quite reaching the crinkles of his eyes. “Yeah,” he responded hoarsely, his words choking in the presence of all the things he wished he could say like “I love you”, “I want you”, and “Please want me back”. Pushing aside his feelings to expense your own, he finished with an odd sense of finality in his voice, “It sure is bittersweet.”

Mads’s interview on Episode magazine – translation from Turkish

 “Hannibal will never leave me” – Mads

Is Hannibal an angel fallen from the heavens or the smartest psychopath of the screen? We met Mads Mikkelsen, the star of Hannibal, the show that upset us greatly for ending so soon, and discussed the details of psychopathy.

The chef of the most delicious and at the same time revolting food on the screen, the smartest, the most elite, and the most sophisticated of psychopaths, Psychopath Psychologist Hannibal Lecter. We thought as if nobody could ever replace Anthony Hopkins’s place, who made us question ourselves with his Oscar winning 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs, but NBC’s Hannibal tore this thought into the ground. Mads Mikkelsen brought forward such a Hannibal Lecter character and the production of the show was so successful that the show’s being cancelled before getting a season 4 approval shocked us all.

The truth was the producers of the show could not get the rights of Thomas Harris’s 1988 dated books Red Dragon and Hannibal. We are not the only ones having trouble to admit the fact that the show is over. Mikkelsen, whom we had the chance to meet and interview at the European gala of his film Doctor Strange, also believes that the show will continue on another platform after some time. Although Netflix and Amazon Prime rejected it, but we won’t give up hope. Mikkelsen made a return to cinema after 3 years of tv experience. He lately played Kaecilius, the villain of Doctor Strange. We’ll also see him as Galen Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars story next, which we’re enthusiastically waiting. As the topic is tv series and our minds are still stuck on Hannibal, our conversation with Mikkelsen revolved around Hannibal too.

Q: It must be a huge responsibility to recreate a character Anthony Hopkins played before. Did you ever contact him?

A: I’m sure he’s seen the show, he sent me his best wishes in the very beginning. But we’ve brought to life different lifetimes and different aspects of Hannibal. Unlike him I didn’t wink at the policemen behind bars as I wasn’t in jail, instead I was making real friends outside.

Q: Did you watch the films again before shooting?

A: No, instead I read the original book that is Red Dragon.

Q: What did you bring to the character from the book?

A: For Hannibal, psychopaths are boring, ordinary. They all have valid reasons to kill. Take for example a troubled mother or a father, or a trauma. For me, Hannibal is an angel cast out of heavens. He is the devil on earth. He’s someone who sees beauty in things we look in fear. Or, at least, this is what I see at the core of Hannibal.

Q: The food in the show – though we know the main ingredient – seem extremely mouth-watering. Did they really taste that good as well?

A: We had a food stylist who prepared all the food in two different ways. Each food was made with pasta or meat – though I should point out none had real human meat in them! Foods with meat tasted incredibly delicious. I can confess I looked forward to shooting dinner scenes.

Q: Your brother Lars Mikkelsen plays the bad guy in Sherlock. You seem quite the expert in playing the bad guys as a family. Do you ever talk about the continuity of shows? For example, what do you know about Sherlock that we don’t yet know?

A: Well I know a thing or two but it’ll spoil the surprise if I tell you know. I can just hint that the new season will be even more dramatic. I didn’t watch Sherlock all the way through the end but as far as I’ve seen, it’s a very unique show. Almost like a David Lynch work, but British.

Q: Both Sherlock and Hannibal dress well in kind of an obsessive way. Which one do you think is the more stylish?

A: When Sherlock focuses on a case he forgets himself. In Hannibal, there is no such thing. His three piece suits are as important as the work Hannibal does.

Q: The rumors that Hannibal won’t continue have been there since the first season. Wasn’t it difficult working with such uncertainty?

A: It was hard for all of us but in the end it was a surprise too when it finished. We thought we couldn’t go on at the end of seasons 1 and 2 and we were ready for it, but after season 3 we were relaxed and started thinking it won’t be cancelled before we had a chance to conclude the whole series. So in that way it was a surprise.

Q: What is the best way of acting such a unique character?

A: We worked with some very talented names. From the top to bottom everyone was incredibly professional and talented. You think you’ll get bored when you act the same character for a long time, but it never happened. Hannibal was a role I was very happy to be in. Spending three years of my life with him was an amazing gift. Hannibal will never leave me. At least my actor reflection will always be with me.

Headers: Doctor Strange

When they called him first for his role as Kaecilius in Marvel’s last marvel (and one of the truly best superhero films) Doctor Strange, Mikkelsen asked “Is there karate and taekwando in the fight scenes?”. When he heard that there was, he accepted the role without reading the scenario. Because since his childhood he was interested in the martial arts, but never had the chance to transfer this interest into cinema. “Doctor Strange was the hardest film I’ve ever done so far and I’m 50. I could jump very quickly and twist and turn when I was 20, but that’s luck, this role came to me when I turned 50. I loved every second of shooting. Even the moments I got injured.”

Header: Thief of the Set Mikkelsen

Q: Is there anything you took as a memento and hide from the set of Hannibal?

A: Whenever I do any work I try to steal something from the set. The clothes in Hannibal were fantastic. I tried to steal one of the suits. The one with the grey-red checkers. A week after my theft they called me and told me they wanted to give me one of the suits as a present and asked me which one I wanted. “The one with grey and red lines,” I said, and they said “Okay, we’ll send it to you.” I said “No need, I’ve already got that” and saved myself from being branded as the thief.

Northern Star

I wrote and posted this a while ago but I’ve edited and changed it, first sort of writing thing I’ve ever done let me know if you want PART 2 cause that would be awsome THANK YOU

First day at a new school, well a new country, here is to a fresh start and all that over crap adults give you. I don’t see how my Mother thought a change of setting would affect my behaviour. My attitude towards life had gone bad a little too long ago; I believe I’m past the point of change. The plan is to just keep my head down, and not get caught up in anything, even if the isolation kills me. Sure I’m still going to continue my ‘little dirty habits’, I just won’t get into trouble like last time.  The only good think to come out of this is I won’t have to see him anymore. He wrecked me. Before him I was an A* student, never had a single problem. How can someone go from that, to a low-life in two months, well somehow I did?

I was walking down the hall going to where I thought the reception was. Staring down at my creepers, just concentrating on the pattern of the lace ruffle on my black socks, I just couldn’t stand looking at all the preppy girls being re-united after the too short, 10 week break.  Sadly I could still her there excited squeals, and stupid bitchy gossip they needed to catch up on.  Unexpectedly my shoulder collided with something. “Watch were the fuck you’re going!” they yelled.

I looked up to see a tall slim boy over towering me. He had dirty blonde hair stuck up into a sort of messy quiff; he had two silver lip rings on his left corner of his fat bottom lip and an eyebrow piercing. I found myself looking at his eyes they were so blue and entrancing.  I blinked as I was about to return looking at my feet, I noticed a few bruises and a tattoo on his lower right arm. The tattoo was a black compass. I must have been staring for a while because he noticed and hastily pulled down his previously rolled up plaid shirt arm. I was that caught up looking at this boy I didn’t notice his 3 friends stood behind him.

One of them stud there with a blank expression on face, his eyes slightly red. His hair was black with random red streaks scattered everywhere. An oversized black and white stripe jumper was clung to his shoulders paired with black skinny jeans and black worn-out black boots. He also had a silver eyebrow piercing on his left eyebrow and a little anchor and cross tattoo on his hand. The boy next to him had really big brown eyes and pouty lips, they were so distracting. A grey beanie covered his head with a couple dark curls flicking out the front. He was just wearing a plain white top with skinny jeans and some dirty vans. His rucksack hung off his back. I was now looking at his small black stretchers in both ears. There was one last boy stood at the back, I could see hate in his hazel brown eyes. I couldn’t help but wonder was that hate for me. He had scruffy light brown curly hair that he was currently running his hand through; I noticed a silver ring on his left hand, middle finger. Unlike the others he had no tattoos or piercings, the only jewellery on his body was that single silver band. He was repeatedly starring me up and down as though he was about to attack me.

“Well, hey there Princess. You must be a newbie, I’m Luke.” He was very cocky, and had already begun to irritate me.

“My name’s Scarlett actually, Lukey.” I spat at him. My remark made him look quite shocked at the fact I could play the same game as him. His friends began to snigger and laugh. Until Luke shoot them death glares which certainly silenced them. “Whoa, seems as though we have a feisty one on our hands lads.”Luke chuckled. I rolled my eyes at him and tried to walk past them, but Luke leaned his arm out in front of me and rested it against the wall as an attempt to block me. I tried to move his arm and he shook his head from side to side and tutted. “You aren’t going anywhere Princess,” the way he called me Princess sickened me and he was fully aware of it, “not till you’ve answered my questions.” I stood in silence. “So were you from cus’ with that accent there’s no way your American?” I slowly, sarcastically applauded him, earring a few smirks from his friends. “Well done, genius,” I stated rolling my eyes, “Why what’s it to you, Lukey?”

“Hey, it’s me who gets to ask the questions here.”

“Well why don’t we play a game, how about for every question I answer I get to ask you one, okay.”

“Fine, “he sighed,” So where you from?”He said impatiently.

“Chelsea.” He looked puzzled.

“Where’s tha-“I cut him off.

“Nope, it’s my turn.” I stated with a slight grin, he let out a heavy breath and glared at me, “How’d you get the bruises on your arm?” Somehow it looked as though this little question had stroke something inside him. He had become very angry. The lads behind him exchanged worrying looks to one another before returning their eyes back on me. Clenched fists rested at his sides. 

He grabbed my wrist lifting my arm up into the air. He moved his head into my neck. I could feel the heat from him breathing against my neck sending tingles through my body. “I don’t want to play this game anymore; you’re going to play my game, by my rules.” The tone in his voice actually made me fear him, even though it was only a whisper. He moved away, my wrist still in his grip. “Got it Princess.” He smirked. I pulled my arm down out of his tight grip. I looked down and I could see his hand print had left a large red mark. I looked up at him in disgust. He smiled, before reaching his hand out to my face and taking a piece of hair from my face and putting it behind my ear. “You should smile, it’s good for you.”He looked me up and down. Then him and his stupid mates left. 


true confessions [short]


From the moment we confessed our feelings for each other, we’d agreed to pretend for a little while thinking of a good plan on how to tell our parents. Other than that, we’re just two normal people in a new relationship. Though it’s more like making up for the time we refused to cave in our feelings in the past if I may add.

We’ve spent the last twenty-four hours together doing nothing but talking. Kissing. Lots and lots of dreamy, long and delicious kissing. Which of course leads to touching and then that leads to sex.

Lots and lots of sex.

We haven’t left his apartment since he came to pick me up from my shoot. I already shot my mom a quick text and she asked if I was with Chris and I told her yes. Of course she didn’t object. If only she knew what we have been doing…

Conflicted—we all feel that way, I think.

But I pushed the conflict aside and focused on the positive. Chris with me. Over me. Inside me. Whispering hot words in my ear when he pulls me in close. How he touches me so reverently, the way he holds me when we sleep. Not that there’s been much sleep going on…

Being with him constantly like this, I can’t concentrate. Since he admitted his feelings for me, I’ve been in a constant state of arousal I can’t control. I have never been so…needy. I look at him and he’s all I can think about. Funny how I believed for a fleeting moment I was interested on some other guys.

The way I feel for Chris can’t compare to any glimmer of attraction I’d had with my past boyfriends.

We’re at a restaurant now. He ran out of food in his apartment and we were starving, so we finally made our escape. Plus, I thought it might be good to be out in public with real people versus naked and rolling around in his bed all day and night.

Staring at him from across the table, I realize pretty quickly being out in public like real people is totally overrated.

“What do you want to order?” His head is bent as he reads over the menu. His hair getting my attention. I wonder when he last got a haircut. I like his curls longer though. It’s easier for me to run my fingers through and grip when I kiss him.


“I don’t know.” I sound breathless, I feel breathless, but he doesn’t notice. He props his elbow on the table, absently scratches his temple with his index finger, and I remember exactly what that index finger can do. How he circled my nipples with that finger, how he slipped it between my legs, drenched it with my wetness and then brought it up to his mouth, licking it, tasting me, his gaze never leaving mine…


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Letters never sent

Summary: Phil writes dan letters, but he never sends them
Warning: none!
Word count: 1.5k
An: I’ve posted this before but I deleted it so it’s back.

October 20th, 2009
Dear Dan,
You had to leave yesterday, and as I sat in the tube riding back to my flat, I might have cried. I’m sorry I was so nervous when you got here, I just didn’t know what to do. We had been talking so much over fuzzy Skype calls it was amazing to see you in person. On The Eye I was dying inside because I liked you and really hoped you liked me too and when you kissed me my heart felt like it flipped over and it had never done that before. I miss you already and its only been 12 hours. Yes I have been counting, and I regret nothing. Please come back soon so we can sit on my couch with ice-cream and watch spirited away or totaro over and over again. Or not watch the movies, if you get what im saying XD.
I miss you bear

January 30th, 2010
Dear Dan,
Hey! Today is my birthday! Thank you for everything you sent, its awesome. I have an idea that you may or may not be down with. We should move in together. I have my own flat here in Manchester, as you know, and even if you just wanted to stay for a week to see what its like I’m ok with that! I was looking through our Skype call logs earlier today and noticed that we spent 11 hours and 39 minutes talking last monday. Thats most of the day! Time really flies when I’m talking to you I hope you know that, and I really hope you say yes to moving in with me so I can hear your voice all day long. I hope you can come down soon bear.
I miss you so much.

February 14th, 2010
Dear Dan,
You are in India and I had five hours with nothing to do so I made you something. Ill just text you the link.
Please come back soon bear.

April 22, 2010
Dear Dan,
YOU SAID YES TO MOVING IN WITH ME!!!! This is probably the greatest day of my whole life. I spent all week getting the house ready for you! I even cleaned the bathroom, and I haven’t done that since, well, I moved in. I cant wait till were staying up till 3, laying on my couch, maybe cuddling, watching attack on titan whenever we want. 2 More days bear, 2 more days.

December 9th, 2011
I havent written to you in a while have I? I have something to confess, I am falling deeply in love with you, and i never told you till just now. The fans are starting to suspect, well, they’ve suspected this whole time, and I feel like I’ve been lying to them this whole time by not telling them. I know you want to keep it a secret, but its hard not to grab your hand in public, or kiss you while we wait on the platform for the train back to my parents house for the holidays. I mean, I dont think telling our parents is enough sometimes. I want to tell the world how much I love you, but I’m to scared to tell you. I feel like I’m rambling on about nothing, but I also feel like this is very important. I don’t know anymore.
Well, I love you bear.

September 22, 2012
You stormed out today. I didn’t mean to upload the valentines video from so long ago, I didn’t even hover over it for christ sake. I went to upload a new video that I spent all day editing and youtube glitched and uploaded that one to the public. I promise I didn’t mean to. Please don’t leave me Bear. You are my world and I couldn’t deal with losing you, because of some stupid mistake that technology made. I love you more than anything in this world and I hope you know that.
I cant lose you Bear

December 25, 2013
Dear Dan,
I’m writing this to you after you have gone to bed. I finally said those 3 words I’ve been scared to say for so long. Daniel James Howell, I love you more than anything on this earth. And you know what made me the happiest when I said those 3 little words with such an important meaning? You grabbed my face and kissed me and whispered onto my lips, “I’ve been waiting to hear those words since the say I got off the train platform”
I don’t know why I was so afraid to say it, I guess i thought you would leave. Well if id known id get this reaction i would of said it earlier. You are my life.
Sleep well bear

July 19, 2014
While I was at Tesco a girl came up
to me and pointed out I was wearing your jacket. She then continued to start shaking and made a noise like a mouse or something. I think she said “phan is real” as she walked off, but I’m not 100% sure. More and more people are suspecting us Bear, and its not gonna be long before we are caught doing that will out us to the world.
Well, what ever, i love you bear.

March 23, 2015
I want to marry you. I mean hell (sorry) we’ve been together for 6 years, and I’m 28 years old. I think I’m ready, and I hope you are too. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I want you to know that I love you more than I love myself. Daniel James Howell, you are my everything, and my only.
Please say yes Bear

June 26th, 2016
Daniel James Howell (and in a few months, Howell-Lester)
YOU SAID YES. I know I decided I wanted to marry you so long ago, but I only got the guts to ask you today. Sitting out on the same fountain as we did that Halloween in 2009, I was physically shaking, and I could tell that you noticed. And when Louise sent Darcy out you looked so surprised and confused, I almost laughed, but the nerves prevented me from do just that. Oh and little Darcy, she did so good! She ran up to you and yelled “Uncle Dan!” and gave you a big hug, then handed you the little box, and ran right back to Louise and Matt, just like she was supposed to. You looked at me with tears in your eyes, and you knew exactly what was coming. I stumbled as I got on one knee, and you chuckled, while I blushed uncontrollably. You hadn’t even opened the box, and you said yes. You didn’t even let me stutter through the 4 short, but life changing words, you impatient bastard. This is the happiest I’ve been in a while.
We are forever, Bear

December 7, 2023
Katherine Elizabeth Howell-Lester. Our own baby girl. Our child to take care of and protect from the boys that will break her fragile little heart when she’s older, our own child to cradle when she has a bad dream at 4 am, our own child to walk down the isle when she meets her perfect match. Our own child to teach not to be a huge ass to people of other race, religion, or beliefs. You’re gonna have to cut down on the cursing though, I mean she’s 3, and you know how kids that age repeat everything. She’s so perfect Dan, just like you.
We have a little Bear cub now I guess.

Phil thought he had been carful when hiding the letters he never sent, but obviously not careful enough, because when Dan was packing up the flat when they moved out of the city, he found the little box that was hidden under the mattress. When Phil went to open the box again, to relive some memories, he found a little note on top of the rest, the scrawl not matching his own.

February 26th, 2025
Dear Phil,
All of these years I have loved you more than anything, excluding Kat. When we weren’t together, back in 2009, I hated not seeing you. All these years later, finding that you’ve had these letters you never gave me fills me with so much love and hope. Hope for us, for Kat, for everything we’ve been through together. If I had known you had loved me for so long, I would of married you sooner. It kinda upsets me that we didn’t come out to YouTube sooner, I mean, they were so supportive of us! And now that our baby is in school, and now that we have so many friends, I’m genuinely the happiest I’ve ever been. Thank you for everything, and I love you so much. Nothing in the world compares to the love I have for you and out “bear cub”.
I wish you had shown these to me sooner, Lion.

(Not) Too Deep

Hi guys! I’ve been working on this one-shot for a while and last night I finally finished it. It is based on a prompt the amazing @tvfreakinabox sent me (something like Grace and Hannah doesn’t know each other and Grace invites her to record a Not Too Deep and they click, which leave them wanting ‘more’) and I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope you have fun reading it too.

Hartbig AU. All lies and all that jazz. SFW. SFF. 4360+ words.

“Hannah, come here. You need to watch this video.”

Hannah turns her head to look at Linnea, raising her eyebrows when she spots the large grin on her face.

“Sure dude.” She places her laptop over the coffee table and stands up, the sound of her bare foot hitting the ground echoing through the small living room. She places a hand over Linnea shoulder, peeking over it and frowning deeply when she notices which video her friend was talking about. “Grace’s August favorites are that funny?”

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