that was also great

A painterly Elrond sketch cause I wanted to try putting his hair up :>

I desperately want to write, like I have the drive to write but… i… just can’t

And like this isn’t the usual procrastination, i know what that feels like, this is more like self doubt and lack of inspiration and exhaustion and frustration all in one


Julie was up dancing before work. Everyone knew her as this shy quiet girl but she really loved to dance, and she was really good at it too.

“Hana come on!”
I shuffled her way but couldn’t get into the song.
“No, thanks Julie.”
“Come on, forget about your problems for a minute!”
I shook my head and stood there. I heard her phone ring and she jogged to her room.
It was probably Custard. Well she got a makeover and was going by Cass now. It was so hard to call her Cass. Anyway Custard had been calling Julie a lot and I guess they were friends again.

I heard her shut her door as she answered the phone.
I guess I could read?

anonymous asked:

What would you say is your favourite au from Tokyo ghoul? Plus don't stress out too much! I'm sure your new fic will be great!!

thank you!! <3 uhh, i haven’t read many tokyo ghoul aus? :o you mean as fics, from other writers, or just headcanons? i think i really like the mafia au, also one that i had of haise/blackreaper/touka, both brothers and she’s there in the middle melting with their fire, haha. I would also love a game of thrones // medieval stuff au, everyone fighting for power, betraying and killing each other 🙏

i also have a Silent Hill/TG au? i’m not sure if you’re familiar with the game, but the kind of stories/characters that Silent Hill presents fit perfectly with Tokyo Ghoul. I always said that Mutsuki would be a great main character for a Silent Hill game, going to SH to fight his own demons and find out that he killed his entire family *shivers*

Gradblr Challenge: Day 16

So, first day of classes.

I had work this morning, and for the life of me I couldn’t shake the feeling that my boss was mad at me for some reason. She was very snippy all morning and literally never came out to help with things unless I called her. I also got off 30 minutes early, so I went and bought a milkshake because I was having a bad day and freaking out. After eating my lunch (which I’d brought with me because I was supposed to have a break, but never got because they had me leave early), I drove to campus. The weather had been bad since noon - at one point, the power flickered and the rain was being blown so hard by the wind that you could see it being pushed over the sides of the cars. There was also some hail, so that was fun. But I lucked out, and the weather was nice while I was driving.

I got to the parking garage, and took a few minutes to call back one of the other jobs that I had applied to when I was looking at jobs in my new city. I have an interview Friday, so wish me luck. 

As I was getting out of my car, one of my bags hit the milkshake, which was sitting in the cupholder, and spilled it all over my car, and on my shoe. I tried to clean it up as best I could, and then walked to class. 

Class itself was really good. I love my professor - she reminds me of one of my profs back in undergrad - and the class is small enough that I feel comfortable. There are enough Ph.D students in there to make me feel nervous, though, although they’re all, for the most part, first year students, which is not bad.

I then had to drive home through rush hour traffic, took out my trash, and went out to get my carpets from my car. As I was walking back in, I looked up and there was suddenly a deer in the back of my building. I’m not sure who was more startled - me, or the deer.

I spent the evening reading our first assignment for class - “Theories of the Archive from Across the Disciplines.” Pretty interesting, although the Derrida and Foucault were a little confusing (but when are they not).

Tomorrow, I have work and class again, so it should be an interesting day. 

Tomorrow’s Goals:

  • get to campus before rush hour but also having had dinner
  • stop spending money
  • do the returns I need to do
  • actually do laundry (now that I know the price per load)
    • maybe get coins for laundry tomorrow?

Rick and Morty S3E5 doodles! 

This episode made me feel kinda bad for Jerry. I really hope this loser gets to be happy. But b OI THAT ASIDE, NEUTRALIZED RICK AM I RIGHT? I’ve been blessed.