that was all of my chest hair!

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Anti probably ordered a jumper in XL just so he could be swamped in it, he's so happy and is like (✿。・ω・。) as he wears it with pride because he is a loving, supportive boyfriend. :') (Dark being a lil grouchy until he sees it hanging off Anti's shoulders omg)

yes!!!!! omg anti just sitting on the couch with his legs curled up against his chest and the sweatshirt pulled down over them so he looks like a ball

or anti waking up in the morning with his hair all wild and rubbing his eyes with the too big sleeves. 💚

dark probably fixes anti’s sweatshirt so it doesn’t hang off his shoulder like that because “have some decency, anti”, but his throat locks up at the quick glimpse of soft skin before it disappears underneath warm fabric whoops 

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I just love shawn in sweatpants he looks so comfy and cuddly and i just wanna Hug him so bad!!!! It makes me thing of him resting his Head on my chest while i softly Play with his Hair *sigh*

I’m sick today and this is all i want right now.

Moana Rant

Y’all, I just have to get this off my chest:

 My mother is full-blooded Hawaiian, and my father is the whitest man I know. My sister and I are both, respectively, half Hawaiian. We both have the thick, black, curly hair; the gold-toned skin; the big Hawaiian nose; we’ve been taught the folklore and some of the language…so when I saw that Moana was coming out, my heart filled with so much joy, I cried. When I saw the movie, I wept the entire time. FINALLY, a Polynesian princess (and I have to repeat that: POLYNESIAN princess, not just Hawaiian). However, there was this looming dread at the fact that this amazing cultural movie about my people was finally happening. And gotdamn wouldn’t you know I was right to be scared? 

While it fills me with so much happiness to see people love this movie, y’all gotta stop trying to make Moana look like every other disney princess because she ain’t. I respect artists and I understand that there is some leeway in the way you draw, but stop taking away what makes her Polynesian for the sake of your aesthetic. Please. I am begging you. Stop taking away her big beautiful wide nose. Stop taking away her dark golden-undertoned skin. Stop taking away her voluminous, curly, DARK hair. Please just stop. I have waited my entire life to see someone who looks JUST LIKE ME be important in media, and now y’all taking away what makes her Polynesian? Are you serious? 

And another thing: Moana is about the Polynesian people, and all their diversities. The people on Moana’s island are not all one type of Polynesian people (i.e. Maori, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan etc.) , they make up all of us. This movie mixes demi-gods and goddesses and folklores from all of our societies, and shows how truly diverse, magical, and sacred all of our cultures are. Please do not act as if you know everything about Poly cultures just from seeing this movie, and do not think that because this movie is out it gives free range for you to have lu’au or wear those cheap grass skirts and flower crowns; LEARN your Polynesian cultures. With this movie becoming influential and important, please let it remind you to be respectful of all Polynesian culture and to educate yourself on all the wonders our different cultures have to offer. Give this space to those of us who are finally having representation and finally get to enjoy our culture being on the big screen for everyone to enjoy and become a part of. 

E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe (May blessings ever be with you)

“How can you say you like intimacy if you don’t like sex”

Hold up. There is SO much intimacy that is non-sexual. Idk whether allosexuals just find everything sexual, or if they’re less experimental with other things because sex is all that matters or w/e, but here are some of my favourite things that are absolutely intimate/sensual but not sexual:

- Cuddles

- When someone rests their head on my chest/stomach/shoulder

- Cheek/forehead kisses

- Hugs with back strokes

- Playing with hair

- Holding Hands

- Sharing a bed/napping on each other

- Sharing food

- Some would also argue kissing

- Massages

- Warming up hands with hands

If you find these things sexual, fine, but they are not inherently sexual by themselves. And if any of y'all allos out there have never done/experienced these then mate it’s you missing out, not us.

psychic: *reads my mind*


psychic: what the fuck

Jack comes back from his run, bringing the cold with him. He smells like the snow on the street, crisp and a little gritty, and when he presses against the lump he knows is Bittle under layers of blankets, tucks his chilled cheeks against the back of Bittle’s neck, Bittle moans and shifts and Jack laughs, feels earthquakes down to his bones.

“Should’ve come with me,” he says, fingers slipping beneath the edges of the covers to find Bittle’s warm forearms, his shins.

Bittle squirms away, which only pushes him further into Jack’s chest. “And be frozen all over instead of just subjected to the horrific icicles you call fingers? I don’t think so, Jack.”

Jack grins against his hair, then settles more fully against the curve of Bittle’s body. “Bits,” he whines, mouth lingering at the nape of Bittle’s neck. “I thought you liked my fingers. Last night you said–”

“Last night,” Bittle says, voice rising, “you weren’t Jack Frost and I liked you just fine.”

He presses a kiss to the curve of Bittle’s neck, the warm skin of his shoulder. “And now?”

Bittle shivers and shifts, turning his head to squint at Jack in the early morning light. “Now you are a menace, Jack Zimmermann.”

“You want to warm me up?”

“Not if it means–um.” He huffs, head shifting as Jack leans over him to nuzzle at the line of his jaw. “You meant sex.”

“I meant sex.”

Bittle sighs, and Jack shivers. “Just keep your cold toes away from me, Mr. Zimmermann.”

Jack laughs, and slips beneath the sheets.

Three things I love about this tiny little clip:

1: Liv calls Robert Rob

2. Liv looks rather disgusted at whatever this hair waxing habit actually involves

3. Aaron’s little laugh. 

Please let us see inside the bathroom of Robert Sugden, it sounds like a place of wonder with £30 shower gels and hair waxing materials, what else does he have hidden inside there. 

my favorite soft clexa things:

  • baths. washing each other’s hair, kissing each other’s shoulders and necks, playing with bubbles, helping each other dry and get dressed (sometimes one touch leads to another and getting dressed doesn’t get done)
  • sweet sex. taking off each other’s clothes, slow and gentle, content smiles, giggles, foreheads bumping. they’ve got all the time in the world
  • sleeping naked. soft, sleepy kisses, lexa’s head on clarke’s chest, tangled limbs. in the morning, clarke waking lexa up with little kisses all over her face and back
  • half-dressed cuddling and napping. both in their underwear, tired after a long day. lexa has her eyes closed and clarke wraps an arm over her waist protectively
  • hugs. long, heads buried in shoulders, hands on each other’s hair, smelling each other and being so glad they’re here, together
  • cheek kisses. clarke getting on her tiptoes so she can kiss lexa’s cheek. when she wants to be silly, sloppy kisses. lexa pretending to be disgusted by them, but laughing anyway
  • forehead kisses. lexa, being taller, holding clarke and kissing her forehead when clarke needs comfort
  • nose kisses. short and playful, when the other is being too cute and they can’t resist
  • casual intimacy. quick kisses, watching the other get ready for bed. lexa reading and playing with clarke’s hair while clarke is lying down with her head on lexa’s lap. clarke drawing while lexa naps beside her. lexa sitting between clarke’s legs
  • dancing. slow dancing in grounder ceremonies, eyes closed, wearing pretty dresses and feeling the other’s heartbeat against their own. carefree dancing in the privacy of their room late at night, because clarke is bored and lexa needs to loosen up. sweaty bodies, laughs and hands intertwined
  • lexa taking clarke to see the ocean. clarke being amazed, running in the sand and tripping over her own feet, feeling like a teenager for the first time since the ark. clarke stepping into the warm water, squealing when a wave hits her. lexa, smiling, joining her. the two of them, exhausted after playing in the water the whole day, sitting in the sand to eat and watch the sunset. at night, lying down to stargaze. there’s sand sticking to their hair, skin and sundresses, but they don’t care because it’s the happiest they’ve ever been
  • holding hands. all the time. during sex, baths, naps, walks. lexa distractedly playing with the clarke’s fingers. clarke bringing their joined hands to her lips and kissing lexa’s hand
  • linking pinkies. they link pinkies in public before they hold hands. it’s low-key and affectionate, and it feels like a promise that one day they will be able to hold hands without fear
  • lexa taking care of clarke. lexa holding clarke, reminding her to eat and take a bath, brushing and braiding her hair. lexa being there for clarke, helping her love heal
  • clarke taking care of lexa. clarke tenderly wiping lexa’s tears with her thumbs, softly kissing her wet cheeks and eyes. clarke being gentle and showing her fragile, sweet little lexa how loved she is

‘No one makes me feel the way you do,’ she says into his chest, her voice muffled by his t-shirt, arms entwined in the twilight evening.

He laughs a little, runs his fingers through her hair, and looks up at the brightness of the stars, waiting for her to continue.

'It’s all your fault. When I see you in the mornings and your eyes are sleepy and your hair is still ruffled; when your roll up your shirtsleeves, or lean back and show off that bit of skin above your Calvins; when I look up from working and catch you looking at me as well, and the way you wink and carry on answering the question as if you weren’t reaching for my hand under the table that very minute- I’m incapable of anything other than longing for your touch, for it just to be me and you in that room, forever.’

He looks down then, smiles his beautiful lazy golden smile, and leans in even closer to whisper into her honeycomb curls.

'Oh, you don’t quite understand what you do to me either. You do the most incredible things to my heart, you can’t quite understand.’

—  j.f // and a new love is budding, built on a broken heart and golden smile • excerpts of stories I will never wrote @alotofunansweredquestions

all I want is a boy to hold me and call me beautiful and play with my hair and go on late night drives with me. I want a boy to go to carnivals with and movies with and someone I take can naps with my head on his chest. I wanna be able to go on dates where he can’t stop smiling because of how pretty he thinks I am and stuff but then when we get home I want him to shove me against a wall and wrap his hand around my neck while telling me what a fucking whore I am. I want him to turn me around and slap my ass, then grab it so hard that he can see my pussy spreading. I want him to ask me who’s ass it is, and then when I tell him it’s mine I want him to force me on my knees and gag me with his cock because good girls know that it’s always daddy’s ass.

yanno. casual things.

yo real talk i forgot how fucking beautiful david tennant was in broadchurch

You walk into the room
I tell you to lock the door
Get on your knees
I ask,
who owns you?
Who is your master?
You answer me looking into my eyes.

I help you up
turn you around
your back against my chest
I brush you hair to the side

I whisper ….
Are you ready?
I lead you to the bed
stop you at the foot of it

There are restraints already out
Different toys
Lit candles
A blind fold

I look into your eyes as I passionately kiss you.
As we separate our lips,
I lay on the bed
spread my arms and legs towards the restraints

I whisper……

I’m all yours my Dark Angel


Aries’s Master

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Updates Thru 9 Months on Testosterone

Month 1:

  • Hot flashes and sweating increased
  • Fuzzier knees
  • Acne increase
  • Increased libido
  • Voice cracking
  • Hungry literally all the time
  • Mood swings
  • Oiler skin (especially my chest/back)
  • Clitorus growth (this was actually the first thing I noticed)

Month 2:

  • Leg mass/shape changing
  • Increase body hair (happy trail, side burns, eyebrows and chin) and coarser feel–week 8 was when I noticed my first chin hair!
  • Weight gain (approx. 8-10 pounds)
  • Arms getting bigger
  • Breasts getting smaller
  • Voice cracking more noticeably
  • Mood seemed to start leveling out around week 9
  • Face shape noticeably different

Month 3:

  • Voice became noticeably deeper but still cracked occasionally
  • Fuzzy facial hair increasing
  • Increased acne on back/arms/chest
  • Curves around hips lessening
  • Hair on thighs and knees getting thicker

Month 4:

  • Hair creeping onto hands and thicker on arms
  • Smell changing (body odor worse)
  • Finally seem to be settling into my voice
  • Shoulders broader (some shirts that used to fit became too small)
  • First month with no menstruation
  • Many of the same changes as the first 3 months continue to develop

Month 5:

  • Sideburns more noticeable
  • My eyebrows are absurd
  • Jaw line changing (a little soreness)
  • Shoulders and legs are sore
  • Facial hair coming in a little better, but still very patchy and blonde
  • Many of my shirts no longer fit my shoulders

Month 6:

  • Acne seems to be getting better
  • Voice started cracking again
  • First time I cut myself shaving!
  • Hair increasing everywhere, especially happy trail
  • My hands and feet grew, but not noticeably probably to anyone other than myself (I only noticed because I put on shoes I hadn’t worn for 6 months)

Month 7:

  • Need to shave more frequently
  • So much hair–upper thighs/butt and leg hair is now very thick and visible; arm hair is darker and thicker; hair on feet and hands filling in; eyebrows are out of control; nipple and pubic hair is thicker/denser and has spread
  • Somewhere around month 7 was also when I noticed that the hair on my head had a different texture/was thicker
  • Overall, around month 6/7 is when the changes started leveling off and were only noticeable in pictures

Month 8:

  • Veins in hands/feet more pronounced
  • Jaw line/face shape is VERY different
  • Facial hair still patchy, but growing back faster
  • I think my voice is finally okay

Month 9:

  • Thicker hair in general
  • Adam’s apple pretty noticeable (this actually started happening around month 6)
  • Acne on back/chest coming back?
  • Black hairs developing on upper back/shoulders

These are the updates in my journal from my first 9 months on testosterone. These things are different for everyone, but I thought a timeline might be a nice reference. I have some pictures/voice comparison videos on my transition tag as well. Overall, these first 9 months have been outstanding and I’m looking forward to doing my one year reflection post. Stay tuned and, as always, feel free to drop by my ask box if you have any questions!

what’s going on behind your eyes? where does it hurt, deep in your chest or all in your head? i’ll stay up all night to make sure you’re not lonely.

it’s funny – for no one else would you catch me keeping my eyelids open with clothespins and pinching my cheeks to stay awake. but i would never leave you by yourself when you need someone. if you have no one else, at least you have me.

sleep is a long time coming. that’s okay. i’ll slip into the shadows of your hair and coil myself down deep until your breathing’s deep and even.

sleep, and know that

—  i love you // abby, day 138
The Morning After.

Marauders Era

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: James Potter x Reader || Sirius Black x Reader || Remus Lupin x Reader ||  Lily Evans x Reader || Severus Snape x Reader .

Warning: Somewhat sexually themed altho not explicitly described.

A/N: I knew that these are more than 3 characters (as stated in the rules) , but I wrote these on my own according so … Ima break my own rules. That doesn’t mean you should, but just a a note, because I probably will do this again in the future. 

Also I tried to keep the reader gender neutral, I hope I justified that idea. 

Please let me know what you all think!

Anyways Enjoy!


- Admin Blue

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Derek was sitting in the grass, wearing only a pair of dark blue shorts, and he was practically covered in flowers. He had flowers in his beard, a couple in his hair, and best of all, he had flowers in his chest hair.