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Hey! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! I was just thinking what about the missus telling Harry she’s pregnant at a concert. Like maybe while he’s singing Kiwi, and she gets fans involved and has them hold up signs that say “Harry y/n is having your baby.” And he gets all confused but eventually he realizes what’s going on. Idk, it was just a thought! (: thanks love! Love your writing!

Drabble #13

Finding out that you were pregnant was one of the most magical things you’d ever experienced, aside from peeing on a stick, finding out there was a little human growing inside of you, for you and Harry to love and nurture, was truly indescribable, and you wanted Harry to feel the same when he found out. You were nervous about telling him, you knew that it was something that he wanted, but you hadn’t exactly been trying and now was not a great time, so the way you told him had to be extravagant enough to make him the same way you did.

You knew the perfect opportunity would be during Kiwi at one of his shows, so you got a few friends together and made a plan to surprise him at his London Show. You knew the fans would be keen to get involved too so you and your friends went to the venue early and met with the fans who had been camping out for days and asked them to help you.

The show was going great, Harry was having a great time up there and you were glad to finally be seeing him perform live, you’d been so busy with work that you couldn’t get enough time off to travel all the way to America to see his first solo shows and as much as Harry reassured you that it was just work for him, and he didn’t mind that you couldn’t make it to his first few shows, you still felt guilty.  

Tonight though, he was very glad to have you there and with every chance he got he would wave or pull a face at you. As the final notes of What Makes You Beautiful sounded and he sang the opening to Kiwi you felt the butterflies in your tummy appear again, he was about to find out about the little Styles growing in your belly. As he reached the chorus, you and at least 200 fans held up signs that read Y/N’s HAVING YOUR BABY and chanted ‘She’s having your baby’

“Stop, stop stop” he yelled, and the band stopped playing “What’s uh, what’s going on” confused, he read out the sign “Y/N’s having your baby?” he found your face in the crowd, made eye contact with you “Y/N?”

“I’m having your baby Harry” you yelled, feeling the tears well up in your eyes, and watching as Harry asked the security guard to help you up on stage.  Security lead you to the side of the stage and allowed you up the stairs.

“I’m just gonna go help her” Harry said into the mic as he clipped it back onto the stand and rushing to the side of the stage to meet you, embracing you in the biggest hug he’s ever given you and placing a hand on your belly

“There’s really a baby in there?” he whispered

“There’s really a baby in there” the tears were streaming down your face now and he grabbed your hand taking you over to centre stage

“She’s having my baby!” he yelled into the mic, clearly just as excited about the news as you were. The crowd cheered louder than ever, Harry hugged you again and they went even more wild. He was beside himself with excitement, but he could see Jeff on the side of the stage telling him to hurry up because the venue has noise restrictions and the show must be over by 11.

“Alright, I’m going to be a dad, but the show must go on” he said into the mic and squeezed your hand. You kissed his cheek and turned around to headed over to Jeff “She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, give it up for Y/N”. The crowd cheered for you and Harry watched as you thanked them by waving and blowing kisses, the same way that Harry does before you made it to side stage with Jeff who hugged in congratulations.  

“Watch it Jeffery, there’s a baby Styles in there”

I know this is kinda similar to one I’ve posted before, but it’s still cute, so thank you so much for your requests 

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Fireproof // Part 8

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Summary: Supernatural Half Blood Boarding School AU where students are paired with a human counterpart to help them adapt to the human world outside their supernatural communities.

Back at school, things don’t change much from the long weekend. The two of you are extremely close and make out every chance you can get. In fact, Shawn can’t keep his hands off of you most days. He had all but given up on appearance class because his tail just was not going away anytime soon. There was only so much you could do to help him hide it and he didn’t even want to anymore. Ever since the long weekend Shawn had been much more confident in having it out around the other half bloods and partners. It was like he finally realized that it didn’t matter what everyone else thought. It only mattered what he thought. And you of course.

“Shawn, you have to at least try to pass the test today,” you groan.

Shawn is standing, arms crossed, eyeing you up and down. He didn’t wear the cargo pants today like he was supposed to. He didn’t bring his hoodie like he was supposed to. If he had gotten up when you did, then he would have had both of those things with him. But he didn’t get up when you did. He stayed in bed while you showered and went to breakfast. You suspect he was getting himself off in favor of breakfast because the groaning you heard while in the shower was not his regular “I don’t want to get out of bed” groans.

He wasn’t prepared for the test today at all. Mr. Tempe was bringing in three human ex-partners to assess the student’s progress and they would be graded accordingly. The other students showed up looking every bit as human as their partners and if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t have been able to tell which of the pairs wasn’t human. Then there was Shawn who strolled into the gym in his goddamned black skinny jeans, tail out. He didn’t even wear a long sleeve shirt to cover the scales on his forearms. “I’ll be fine,” he says with a smirk and you shake your head. He was NOT going to be fine.

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EXO Reaction when their crush says no guy will ever love her

Xoxo, Admin A~

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*It would break his heart, hearing you say those things* “If she knew… how much I love her… how much I dream of her… will I ever be able to tell her? Will I ever be worth of her heart?”


*He’d be moody all day, no one knows why* “I hate it… hate when she thinks so low of herself. How can I change that? How can I make her see what I see in my eyes, how perfect she is… I want to make her happy”


“I’m sure there will be someone… who will stay by your side forever. Someone who will treasure your heart as his own. I know there will be someone… who will love you forever” *He meant every single word that left his mouth*


“When I look at you I see this beautiful girl. This girl with the sweetest heart and warmest smile. If no one falls for that, the all the men in the world are complete idiots. Because honestly, it takes just one look… to fall in love with you” *That stare says it all*


“You! Stop joking around! You realize you are the most perfect girl in this world right? Just being by my side you make me happy. And I want you to be happy too so no matter what it takes, I’ll do what I can do make that happen. Just wait, you’ll see”


*He’d be a little nervous. Scared of saying something wrong. But he wants to help you feel a little better, help you feel you are loved* “Maybe… you will find one day that man… but until then… remember I’m by your side. I will hold you and protect you, you are important to me in ways you can’t imagine… so I’ll work hard on keeping that smile untouched”


*He’d go into a depression mode that only you can heal his heart* “Why… why can’t I make her happy? Why can’t I be that man… that man her heart beats for… She wonders when she’ll be loved but the thing is… that she already is… will she ever see me? Will I ever be able to hold her… and give her my love?”


“Please… don’t cry. If you do I might not be able to contain myself. It hurts you know? Seeing you like this… because I care… I care for you… and I wish I could be the one that gave you what you want… what you ask…what you wish and dream of…”


*He’d be that friend in love that is always there and always manages to put a smile on your face* “Hey… you look pretty when you cry but… I like your smiling face better. What if your prince charming passes while you are crying… so smile okay? Your smile is unique and anyone who doesn’t see it is blind, remember that”


*He’d think for days what to do or say, wonder how he can make you happy, how he can be worth of you* “You deserve the world you know? You deserve being loved and cherish… and all I wish is for you to get that one day… I just want to see you smile… tell me, what can I do? Tell me… how do I make you happy? Tell me…”


“Say… until you find that man… can I stay by your side? Can I catch you when you fall, hold you when you are cold, heal you when you are hurt? Would you give me a chance… to show you how much you are worth fighting for, to show you… that the world is yours… and your heart is the most beautiful thing in it?”


“You know what my only wish is, every year? For you to be happy… it’s curious how your smile makes me happy. So please don’t say things like that… because even if you don’t see it now, you’ll find love one day… there will always be someone who will give his life for you. I’m sure of it… don’t worry… and don’t be sad”

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Dear Vincent Kennedy McMahon,


You’ve heard of him right?

Longest reigning NXT Champion, winner of the first ever Dusty Rhodes Classic with Samoa Joe, the first ever Universal Champion, the man that every single his music hits the entire WWE Universe goes batshit crazy and all at once in unison does this….

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That Finn Balor???

And yet….

Your old dementia riddled mind seriously wants to sit there with a straight face and have us believe that the reason you will no longer push him is because “he’s not over enough with the crowd.”

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He’s just not “over” in your eyes.

more trans!neil

@menoti asked me for more trans! neil josten and its all ive ever wanted to hear

  • allison doing make up on neil to make his face more masculine
  • at first neil feels ridiculous, but allison knows what shes doing and he ends up looking pretty cool. even andrew thinks he looks hot, but shrugs it off bc he thought neil was hot before
  • as much as the foxes defend him, the guy can handle himself. he doesn’t stop correcting transphobes even on small things and hes like “[deadname]? i dont know her”
  • andrew correcting people on neils pronouns and refusing to let them continue what theyre saying until they correct themselves like “josten, shes a-” “he” “uh yeah anyways shes a great striker bu-” “he is a great striker” “hm uh but i really thi-” “say it” “what?” “neil, he’s a great striker and what?” 
  • andrews kinda terrifying so it works
  • when he first came to palmetto, he was super anxious about passing so wore his binder to his first game, another playing slammed him into the wall, bruising his ribs and punching breath out of him. kevin threatened him, telling him never to wear it again while playing
  • he poked neil’s chest after and said, “this. this better never interfere with your play, because its not what makes you a man, you being 5′3″ and forcing a raquet out of a 6′6″ 250lbs guy’s hand. that makes you a man. don’t fucking injure yourself trying to be what you already are.”
  • imagine andrews eyeroll when he says “doesnt mean i wouldnt blow you” and neil replies “but youre gay” 
  • because the only thing andrew cares about being in neils pants is his hand
  • riko tells neil that hes living a lie and that he knows who neils true self is, and neil just tells riko that hes more of a man than he’ll ever be

So, today has  been a day from hell. The BF discovered that he’s lost his driver’s license, all his medical insurance cards, voter id, AND … wait for it …. HIS SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. All. at. once. 

So, in theory, someone could have all they need to steal his identity. And he doesn’t know when it happened – last we saw those items for sure (because I saw them) was in Sept. 


And, to make it even better, to get into the SSA website, or the credit reporting agencies, YOU NEED YOUR FUCKING DRIVER’S LICENSE!  So, he’s managed to lose the things he needs to get the other things he’s lost. 

Awesome job on that. 

I have a massive headache. I’m so done.

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do you ever look at something you made and hate it so goddam much 

Henry's Unfortunate Ink-antation Part 6

[submitted by: @the-elusive-blue-skittle]

Day 2 

In the morning, the smell of coffee wakes Henry up from a nice, restful slumber. He sits up in bed and rubs his eyes, soon finding that Bendy had curled up next to him in his sleep. Henry shuffles out of bed, stumbling as he has to get used to his noodly legs all over again. Slugging over to the nightstand, he finds a note with his name on it next to an inkwell.

  To Henry…

         In order to keep your strength up (you were melting when I found you in the music department last night…), you need to drink this. It may taste funny, but you can’t go on without drinking it forever.

  • Joey

Henry winces. He doesn’t want to drink it! God, it’s the most disgusting thing he’s ever heard of, and he HAS to do it. The little toon whines,

“I don’t wanna drink it…”

Bendy rolls over and opens an eye, muttering to Henry. “Quit whinin’ an’ just do it, ya big baby…”

Henry rolls his eyes and uncorks the bottle. Grimacing, he plugs his nose with one hand and chugs the black fluid. Once he’s finished, he coughs a small amount of the liquid up and into his hands.

“Oh, gross!! So disgusting…”

There’s a mug of hot coffee also sitting on the nightstand, poured into Henry’s favorite mug, which is ironically labeled:


And if it’s in HENRY’S MUG, it must be for him. He picks it up and looks inside, tilting his head a little. Aren’t toons not allowed to drink coffee? He takes a sip…

Ew, decaf. Well, it’s better than nothing to get the taste of ink out of his mouth. The little toon wanders out into the rest of the studio, where people are waiting in line to punch in for the day. A few employees stop what they’re doing to gawk at Henry, and it makes him feel two inches tall…

Maybe in heels.

He gets nervous, legs quivering beneath him in a comical fashion. “Wh-What’re you all starin’ at me for?”

Oh, right. He’s a toon. Perhaps he’s getting a little TOO used to this. His co workers continue to stare at him, making the toon unbearably nervous.

“Hey, stop that, would’ja? Please? It’s not polite to stare!”

At Henry’s escalating frustration, the majority of employees quickly glance back to their work, though some of the older individuals still raise an eyebrow in confusion.

Henry pouts, waving them off. “Feh.. To heck with you all…”

Chugging the rest of his decaf coffee, the toon makes his way to the staff lounge to put his mug away. Before long, he fails to pay attention to his surroundings and proceeds to run straight into one of his co workers, knocking his glasses off his face in the process.

Uh-oh. He can’t see without his glasses. LITERALLY. Everything is black around him, unable to see who he ran into.

“Oh, my, Henry, I’m so sorry! Here, let me help you…”

“S-Susie? Is that you? I can’t see a thing!”

The blonde-haired woman notices Henry’s glasses on the floor in front of her. She helps the little toon to his feet, and carefully pushes his glasses onto his face with a smile.

“There. That better, sugar?”

“Yeah, much better… Thank you, Susie.”

“It’s no trouble! What happened, by the way? You, uh…”

Henry sighs. “Pranks happened.”

Susie snorts at how high-pitched and Bendy-like Henry’s voice had become. Though not quite on-par with how he usually MOCKS the little devil, the pitch is nearly a perfect match. She’d know about that kind of thing.

“Hey! What’cha laughing for?”

She waves him off. “Oh, n-nothing, I just- eheh- I was just thinking about somethING-”

Susie gets thrust into a full-blown laughing fit, though with no ill intent. “I’M SORRY, I CAN’T-”

Henry seems terribly confused. He’s gotten more into the mind of a toon, so when Susie started laughing at him without him having done anything funny, you can bet the little toon would be met with befuddlement.

“No, really, Susie, I don’t get what’s so funny!”

Susie wipes a tear out of her eye, going back to meeting her co worker’s gaze. “It’s just… Heehee… I’ve never heard that voice before! Are you doing that on purpose?”

“No, I’m not doing it on purpose! It’s stuck like that!”

“Oh, Henry, you’re the second cutest thing I ever did see..”

“What’s the first?”

“Ah, well… I won’t say a word!”

Susie looks at the clock. It’s already eight-thirty!

“Oh, golly.. Look at the time! I’ll see you around, Henry. Take care, now!”

Susie wanders off, humming to herself as she goes to her own department for the day. Henry blinks.

“What just happened?”


Norman stands up in his projector booth, joyfully drumming his fingers to the beat of the band playing down below, when Sammy Lawrence bursts in and shouts,


The violins screech to a halt as the trombone honks pitifully.


The music director throws down his clipboard in a small fit of rage, stomping down the stairs to confront and conduct the band himself. If it can’t be done right…

Meanwhile, Henry’s having a chat with one of his co workers over a cup of decaf coffee. The toon is standing by the door, finding it too difficult to squirm up and onto one of the high-up chairs in the break room.

“And that’s when I said: ‘How are we gonna get that many cucumbers this late at night?!’ ”

The other man in the room, Shawn Flynn, laughs boisterously. “AHAHAHAH, AH WOW…  Henry, you are a RIOT!”

“Thank you kindly,” Henry replies with a smirk, adjusting his tie in a conceited fashion.

Just then…

SLAM. Sammy storms in the room with a bitter scowl, with Susie following close behind to try and talk some sense into him. Shawn stares at the door in disbelief as Sammy shouts at the top of his lungs about the clarinet players.

“Uh, Sammy-”


“Sammy, I-”



“Oh, for the love of.. WHAT, SHAWN, WHAT?!”

“Henry was behind the door you were slammin’!”

Sammy turns around to look at the entrance, where a half-splattered Henry peels himself off the wall and lands on his face on the hardwood floor. Susie gasps, and turns to Sammy with an intense stare.

“Sammy! Look what you did!”

“But Susie, I-”

Susie approaches Henry with a panicked expression.

“Sugar, are you okay?!”

Henry, feeling the most nauseous he’s ever been, can’t seem to find the motor skills to open his mouth and speak, not to mention that his voice hasn’t exactly found its way back to his body. The toon nods, soon slapping a hand over his gooey mouth. He feels like he’s going to be sick.

Susie turns back to her partner. “Sammy, if you hadn’t been waltzing around and slamming doors, this wouldn’t’ve happened!”

“He had it coming to him!! Maybe he shouldn’t have been standing behind the door!”

“What if he was about to leave?!”

Henry stumbles to his feet with the help of Susie. The toon wobbles, holding a hand to his forehead as he adjusts his glasses with the other.

“Hooh, wow-wie… That’s less fun on this side of it…”

Just then…

SLAM! Bendy bursts in the room, frantically glancing around. “Where’s Henry?! Is he okay?!”

Shawn is trying his hardest not to bust out laughing. The door slowly swings shut, revealing a re-splattered Henry all over the wall.


The little devil panics and produces a giant spatula out of nowhere, proceeding to shove it underneath the splattered animator to pry him off the wall. After successfully peeling Henry off, Bendy carefully and fearfully coaxes Henry to reform.

“Aaaaalright, nice and easy.. Find yer face, pally….”

Henry slowly forms a body of pure black ink. He rises to… Whatever replaces his feet and stumbles. He can’t see a thing! The splattered toon tries to communicate this problem, though only soft squeaks and growls come out of his half-formed mouth. Henry almost immediately goes into panic mode, and Bendy has literal alarms going off inside his head.

“H-Henry, ya gotta calm down! Yer fine!”

The taller toon shakes what could be perceived as his head as he grasps at what could be perceived as his throat.

“Yer throat? No, no… Yer voice? That’s gotta be it! Henry, yer voice is gonna come back, don’t worry, but right now, ya gotta focus on the rest’a yaself!”

Henry gurgles and coughs, seeming to nod in understanding. Bendy goes back to gently coaxing the other to reform, small bits at a time.

After about half an hour, Henry is mostly reformed, but still fairly blackened and goopy. At least he’s got his face, body, and hands under control. His little friend carefully helps him stand up once more. The taller toon coughs hoarsely into his hands, threatening to keel over again. Bendy pats his back softly with a small smile.

“Easy now, pally… You got this..”

Henry shudders. Everything is cold, his inky hair won’t stay out of his face, and he can’t stop shaking. He glances down at Bendy for a moment before swiftly, though wobbily, scooping him up in a big hug. The little devil opens his mouth to tell him to put him down, but this time…

He doesn’t quite mind.

Bendy smiles big, wrapping his arms around his beloved animator in a tight squeeze.

“Eheeheehee… You’re welcome, Henry.”


((THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER PART, I’m sure people will appreciate this after all the Pain ‘round here lately. I mean this chapter’s a little sad too, but it’s got some cute in there still.))

“That period of time, he was living with us in the most mundane suburban situation. No one ever found out, really. Even when we went out for a meal, it’s such a sweet family neighborhood, no one dreamed it was actually him. But he made our house a home. And when he moved out, we were gutted.”

say what you want about ben but he really does love harry and gave harry a home and family life and all of that when he could and it’s so sweet :( and so clear how much harry really does like being surrounded by love and families and maybe perhaps is scared of being alone idk

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Hey Admins! How would the (1p!) Allies react to their s/o who has kids from a previous relationship (And they already knew about their s/o's kids) and their s/o asks them if they want to meet their kids? (I'm so awkward haha-)

America: “Dude, I’m down!”
Alfred wouldn’t mind at all if his s/o already had kids. He would love to be the cool older brother to them or at least someone for them to go to if they ever needed help. He would bring them gifts all the time and would play with them every time he was over. 

England: “Oh…let’s hope they don’t hate me…”
Arthur knows he isn’t the best with kids…as much as he loves them, he always seems to be too strict and they never like him. So if his s/o already has kids, he would be terrified that the kids would hate him or find him to be too much of a buzzkill. He would try to bring the kids gifts and be there for them if they ever needed words of advice or someone to vent too. 

France: “They will learn to love me, oui?”
Francis would be slightly nervous, but he wouldn’t really mind if his s/o already had kids. It wouldn’t bother him..he’d just be worried they wouldn’t like him. He’d want to bring a present to give to his s/o’s kid(s), just to start off on a good foot with them. Overall, he’d think they’re adorable and want to raise them like his own…he’d just hope his s/o would still want to have one baby with him down the road.

Canada: “I hope they like me..”
Matthew would be afraid that his s/o’s kids wouldn’t warm up to him, or just wouldn’t like him..but as soon as he met them, he’d start to talk and have fun with them. Matthew is great with kids, so it wouldn’t take that long before he adores his s/o’s kids, and they hopefully adore him back.

Russia: “They won’t be scared of me?”
Ivan would expect his s/o’s kids to be a bit scared of him at first..but if they weren’t, he’d be relieved. He wouldn’t really care if his s/o had kids from a previous relationship..if anything, he’d rather take the place of their dad than try to have his own.

China: “Aw! I love kids!”
Yao loves kids and wouldn’t mind at all if his s/o had kids already. He would treat them like his own and would always be there for them. If they ever needed help or someone to talk to, he would be right there. Not to mention, he would sometimes make them cute little gifts when he would come over and would always play games with them. 

You know what I want?

I want a reversed version of injustice, where BATMAN is the one to snap and become a tyrant, and Superman is the good guy. Because Evil!Superman is always really out of character for me (though hot), but Batman is always one step away from the edge, and if he ever falls over - there’s a reason the Dark Knights of the Metal Crossover are so terrifying.

Just picture it though - the Joker does to Batman what he did to Superman in injustice canon, and Bruce watches as his city explodes, with his kids and Gordon and Alfred all in it. He snaps, and kills the Joker - and then he plans.

Because this can never happen again.

He uses his brain and detective skills to figure out who would be open to helping him run the world properly (which would be a great way to bring in Lex Luthor), instead of the mess it is now, and makes overtures - those of the Justice League that wouldn’t (like Superman) are sent away on a wild goose chase in space, and Batman takes control of all the technology and weapons in the world, and sets his people - and possibly robots? - in place as a police force. When the other members get back - well, he has ways, non-lethal but hard hitting, of taking them down until they can see that he’s doing the right thing, and join him (he has no doubt that once Superman stops looking at so betrayed, he will join him.)

Superman in a krptonite collar, silent and hurting, staring at Bruce with big, betrayed blue eyes - and you’re working with Luthor, Bruce, really? Luthor!? - and Batman always standing a little to close, staring a little to hard at Superman’s mouth…Bruce is finally going to get everything he ever wanted.

(For bonus points, Luthor ALSO creeps on Collared!Superman, because I am a multishipper, and also really like the mental image of them sharing him.)

Eventually, Superman gets away and starts an insurgency - but he can’t out-think Batman.

For that…he’d need another Batman…

I had a thought where Yuuri fills up his apartment bathtub with squeaky toys and bags of salt so that when mer!Viktor comes over [for whatever reason], he can somewhat survive in the Human world. Viktor splashing his tail and creating a huge mess on the floor, Vicchan swooping in with a mop attached to his tail as he cleans the floor, and Yuuri is doing his best to conduct order but frankly, it’s a bit hard when there’s an excitable Viktor in the scene.

The bathtub is cramped, there’s no room for Yuuri, Viktor has tasted more shampoo than he ever wants to know, and Viktor can barely submerge himself because his tail takes too much space. But despite these shortcomings, Viktor enjoys his time with Yuuri. Squeaks and chirps flutter from his lips, his hands moving a mile a second with charades and all the words Viktor wants to say but he can’t.

After a while, Yuuri does his own squeaks and chirps in the bathroom acoustics. Despite the mess and chaos, they had fun. Even Vicchan had fun too because he got to make a mess! [i.e. jump into the bathtub and spray everyone with water when he shook his fur]

hc where will comes out to eleven by accident so he asks her to not tell the rest of the party. “wait, you knew?” mike asks her “you knew this whole time and didn’t said anything? what happened to all that ‘friends don’t lie’ bullshit, huh?” “i didn’t lie” “no, you just hid the truth” eleven looks at mike as he keeps walking in circles on his basement “is that bad?” “that you didn’t told me-” “will likes boys, is that bad?” “no? i-i don’t know” “do you, mike? do you like boys?” “i like girls” “so you like both?

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Hi! Could you maybe do headcannons for Anti with an SO who gets flustered really easy ? Thank you, and your writing is fantastic!!

Oh you bet your beautiful booty that he is going to take full advantage of this tiny quirk of yours. At random times, even when you are talking to someone, he will glitch right next to your ear and whisper into it how much he wants to just wreck your beautiful body into the floor right now. Oh, and dont try to be too obvious about your blushes! You wouldnt want the other egos knowing would you? He would have to punish you if you did that~

Trust me when i say that he just loves to see your beautiful blushing face, often times pressing a soft kiss into it before glitching away. It just makes you look SOOOOOOO adorable, like a strawberry! If he ever goes too far just tell him, he may be a jerk somtimes (….ok- almost all of the time) but he still loves you.

Anti on the horizon?

So i had a realization upon looking for evidence…

Does everyone remember the Antipocalypse and how literally no one saw it coming because it was such a bizarre time frame?

Well the October not build up got me thinking and i think that, despite all the progress we might have  learned from the pumpkin video, it still wasn’t a fully formed appearance.

Meaning that Anti isn’t desperate enough to show himself for attention.

He showed himself because he wanted to and he’s stronger than ever now.

Anti has been known for his unpredictable tendencies, and as such, it seems to me that he’s adapting to the point where he recognized his “unpredictable” nature and acted accordingly (i.e, the subtlest hints possible and no zalgo text or glitches).

So where am i going with this?

Well let’s not forget that now nothing is safe from speculation, as Anti’s adapted and assuedly will continue to adapt his format in order to throw us for curve.

so with Thanksgiving nearly come and gone and Christmas and New Year’s quickly on the horizon, i want everyone to remember that Anti himself told us “This isn’t over”

We’ll see him again, and with the commotion caused by today’s thumbnail, i’d said he’s in this for the long haul and thinks there’s no need for attention grabbing.

Why not you ask?

because he’s got all the attention he wants, when he wants it.

We’re still his obedient little puppets after all…

The weirdest showmance in the history of entertainment and showbusiness

Hello fellow skeptics, what do you think, will it ever end or will it go on for many years to come? I am just asking your opinions. 

In my opinion BC arranged himself with the situation and does not look like he wants to change anything in that regard. He looks healthy and in a good mood and he wears his wedding ring proudly all the time. Maybe to him it looks all real now. The general public does not ask any questions. They believe it all is real and normal.  

@annashipper   , @catandsomething, @nailwrap, @nuttyarcadestarfish, @omg-cyberbatch, @khanspets, @twowaypr just for example. Other opinions are welcome, too. 

thetalkingcrocus  asked:

animorphs cassie/jake, something involving homemade gifts maybe? only if you want of course!

Jake never knew what to get Cassie for her birthday. He asked Rachel for advice, and she’d suggested a new pair of Timberlands, which Cassie would love but would cost Jake all of his allowance for the year, and he already spent enough of that on spare clothes to stash around town for when he needed them after a morph.

So he came over to her house and said, “I know how to cook one thing. But I promise it’s good.”

He’d only ever done it with his parents. By himself, it took three and a half hours. But that gave Cassie just enough time to do all of her chores and homework, and when she came down to the kitchen table, there was a plate of latkes with applesauce waiting for her. Jake sat down with his plate across from her, his hands wrinkly from washing all the potatoes. “Happy birthday, Cassie.”

Can we talk about two of our lovely female coaches?

The coach of Tengawara, a team famous for their rough plays and aggressive team members is none other than the most sweet and innocent looking lady you’ve ever laid eyes on

LOOK AT HER? She really leads this team of rough boys? I bet she’s terrifying when she’s angry… She looks like she makes homemade onigiri for her boys and gives them cuddles when they get hurt

I bet the team forces Kita to ask when they want anything, since he’s the best behaved

Next we have this B A B E from Arakumo Gakuen!

sorry the pic is so small

LOOK AT HER? IS SHE A MODEL?  LOOK AT HER EYELASHES! I bet all the boys have crushes on her. Except for Hinano because he has a crush on himself. I bet she’s strict. 

Hinano is her little pet and she lets him get away with everything. Taiyou too. Taiyou gets away with murder.

She looks the same age as Endou and the others…

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Hi! Two questions! 1. Could you tell us a little bit more about Jacob's backstory? I just went back to the beginning and I don't think I really found anything about him.... but I'm super curious about him! 2. Would you ever consider uploading Jacob to the gallery? :O Love what you've done with your legacy! Just spent my night reading it all and going back so I could catch up on everything, haha :)

Ah! I can’t believe you went back and read it like god bless you there were like 5 weeks where I didn’t even do captions.

Also, he’s technically not mine? I downloaded him off lilsimsies gallery, but I did edit him a bunch so idk. However! I can upload him later tonight to mine, if you want? I’ll probably do a separate post to put him, Finley, Rosie, and Benny up there, so keep an eye out either today or tomorrow!

BUT YES JACOB! My handsome boy I’ve missed him since generation 2 started :^(

Fun facts about Jacob Rowell

  • So he’s a chef at a local restaurant, and he secretly loves it, even though he won’t stop complaining about how his hands always smell like garlic and how Finley always ends up having to wash tomato sauce out of his good pants
  • He grew up in Willow Creek and was going to go to college on a football scholarship, but he broke his leg his senior year and had to take a year off because of it
  • Still ended up going to school, but lost his scholarship because of said gap-year. Decided to go to the local community college to get some basic classes done because he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life now that football was out of the question
  • Took a few classes and hated them all but then got roped into volunteering at a soup kitchen in the same city by his friend and ended up loving it
  • Because he loves the people and seeing the kids and the parents and he loves cooking, even though half the time he ends up chopping lettuce for taco salad for four hours at the soup kitchen
  • Was out to drinks with his friends in order to celebrate getting into a small culinary school when he saw Finley and literally fell in love at first sight
  • Like it was such a gross cliche can you believe it like he saw her and turned to his friend and was like “Yo, that girl? I’m going to marry her”
  • His hair has been 4 different colors - his natural dark brown, hot pink [which he did on a dare when he was in high school], bleach blonde when he was doing his gap year and his early community college days, and his final teal [which he will tell people to this day is his natural color, even though no one believes him and rightfully so]
  • If he didn’t find cooking, he wanted to go into teaching, like maybe a para-professional in an elementary school or a special education teacher because he loves kids so much
  • Once sat on his couch and marathoned the entire sons of anarchy show because he told Finley he liked it even though he’d never watched it and he was afraid of disappointing her, so he forced himself to watch it all, even though all the violence scared him every time