that was a terrible joke i apologise for that


Wonderfalls (2004)

Pushing Daisies (2007 - 2009)

Hannibal (2013 - 2015)

Okay, I apologise for the terrible editing and all but just really wanted to highlight one of the more underrated running jokes from the fullerverse that absolutely cracks me up.

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It's so good to see you back!^-^ I hope you enjoyed you break, everyone needs them every now and than! So~ what I wanna request is what nickname(s) would the s/o of (Kashuu, Yasusada, Mikazuki, and Kuniyuki) use for them and what nickname(s) they would use for their s/o. I love your blog by the way! Your really awesome!(:

Ty anon ❤ ah so kind.

I just went with what they would call their s/o because I’m sure everyone would have their own things to nickname the boys. Each of my own names for them as an example are Cashew Nut, Yasu, Stupid Gorgeous Old Man, and The Dumb Love of My Life.

• He’d mostly stick to first names and shortened versions of his partner’s name with “chan” on the end. Using pet names embarrasses him.

• He less uses nicknames more just addresses you slightly possessively and calls you his.

• He’s kind of extremely affectionate and straightforward opting for things like “darling” and “my love”.

• He likes to use shortened versions of your because he’s too lazy to bother with long names. He also will occasionally drop horribly lame pet names like “honey bear” or “cuddle bug”

V for Vendetta: Valerie’s Letter

I don’t know who you are. Please believe. There is no way I can convince you that this is not one of their tricks. But I don’t care. I am me, and I don’t know who you are, but I love you.

I have a pencil. A little one they did not find. I am a woman. I hid it inside me. Perhaps I won’t be able to write again, so this is a long letter about my life. It is the only autobiography I have ever written and oh God I’m writing it on toilet paper.

I was born in Nottingham in 1957, and it rained a lot. I passed my eleven plus and went to girl’s Grammar. I wanted to be an actress.

I met my first girlfriend at school. Her name was Sara. She was fourteen and I was fifteen but we were both in Miss. Watson’s class. Her wrists. Her wrists were beautiful. I sat in biology class, staring at the pickled rabbit foetus in its jar, listening while Mr. Hird said it was an adolescent phase that people outgrew. Sara did. I didn’t.

In 1976 I stopped pretending and took a girl called Christine home to meet my parents. A week later I enrolled at drama college. My mother said I broke her heart.

But it was my integrity that was important. Is that so selfish? It sells for so little, but it’s all we have left in this place. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch we are free.

London. I was happy in London. In 1981 I played Dandini in Cinderella. My first rep work. The world was strange and rustling and busy, with invisible crowds behind the hot lights and all that breathless glamour. It was exciting and it was lonely. At nights I’d go to the Crew-Ins or one of the other clubs. But I was stand-offish and didn’t mix easily. I saw a lot of the scene, but I never felt comfortable there. So many of them just wanted to be gay. It was their life, their ambition. And I wanted more than that.

Work improved. I got small film roles, then bigger ones. In 1986 I starred in “The Salt Flats.” It pulled in the awards but not the crowds. I met Ruth while working on that. We loved each other. We lived together and on Valentine’s Day she sent me roses and oh God, we had so much. Those were the best three years of my life.

In 1988 there was the war, and after that there were no more roses. Not for anybody.

In 1992 they started rounding up the gays. They took Ruth while she was out looking for food. Why are they so frightened of us? They burned her with cigarette ends and made her give them my name. She signed a statement saying I’d seduced her. I didn’t blame her. God, I loved her. I didn’t blame her.

But she did. She killed herself in her cell. She couldn’t live with betraying me, with giving up that last inch. Oh Ruth…

They came for me. They told me that all of my films would be burned. They shaved off my hair and held my head down a toilet bowl and told jokes about lesbians. They brought me here and gave me drugs. I can’t feel my tongue anymore. I can’t speak.

The other gay woman here, Rita, died two weeks ago. I imagine I’ll die quite soon. It’s strange that my life should end in such a terrible place, but for three years I had roses and I apologised to nobody.

I shall die here. Every last inch of me shall perish. Except one.

An inch. It’s small and it’s fragile and it’s the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us.

I don’t know who you are. Or whether you’re a man or a woman. I may never see you or cry with you or get drunk with you. But I love you. I hope that you escape this place. I hope that the world turns and that things get better, and that one day people have roses again. I wish I could kiss you.



earned it


Rough Yoongi smut where he chokes, slaps and spanks you. Teases you in front of the boys until you two get hot and heavy when alone.

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Yoongi plays with the cuff of his sleeves on his shirt before rolling them up, taking time to fold them up just at the elbows. He maintained eye contact with you as he undid the top two buttons, revealing the slender column of his pale throat. His tongue swipes his bottom lip as he runs a hand through green strands, pushing the hair back before letting it fall in place.

And you’d be damned if the sight didn’t make your throat dry.

Min Yoongi was a fine piece of man, especially in a crisp white shirt and black slacks, his dark eyes hooded and trained on you; he knew full well what this look did to you and couldn’t help but smirk and tease you throughout the night.

Before the two of you left, you froze at the sight of a semi formal Yoongi, trying to pull him back into your bedroom but he carefully removed himself from your grasp and merely muttered,

“You’ve got to earn it, sweetheart.”

Only, you didn’t know how to earn it.

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Oushitsu Weekly Review!


This episode is so serious and mysterious. Like even the music. I’m so engaged and I feel like the review will be short. I apologise in advance.

He was a cute child


He saved Heine


You’re joking. I will not cry I will not cry. I promise I will not cry

*cries whilst singing* But jokes aside I am terribly sad. I really dont want him to leave. The last episode is in 1 day 2 hours 40 minutes. Good luck to my heart.

BTS playing the roles of Superheroes/ Supervillains:

A/N: I haven’t actually seen Suicide Sqaud yet (I know, SHAME on me), so I changed this up, and made it about superheroes/ supervillains in general. I hope you don’t mind, sweet anon. There’re still some Suicide Squad characters in here <3

Jin: [Superman]

You were so proud when your boyfriend landed the lead role in the latest superhero film. To think that he would be up on the big screen for all the world to see filled you with a tingling happiness. Of course, you would do all that you could to support him - practicing through his parts with him, giving him some TLC when he got stressed, and basically just making sure that all he needed was taken care of. But despite your best efforts, when the first day of shooting dawns, Jin is still nervous. You find him in one of the trailers on set, his hands wrung white, and his script scrunched in his fist.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” you scurry over to him and tuck your arms around his torso.

“What if I mess up my parts?” Jin’s voice is indistinct as he mumbles into your hair. You know him well enough to understand what he said, even if the words were a bit unclear.

You nuzzle his chest, rubbing your nose back and forth on the fabric of his shirt. “You won’t.”

“What if they cast the wrong person?” he asks.

You break away to gaze up into his eyes. “Jin, listen to me, you’re an amazing actor. I know, because I’ve seen you rehearsing your lines all these weeks. Heck, you’ve been staying up till two in the morning learning off the script most nights. You’re so dedicated, and so hard working, it would have been a mistake not to cast you.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m one-hundred, no, one-thousand percent sure,” you say, reaching up on your tip toes to envelop his lips in a tender kiss. As your mouth melds with his, he slowly begins to relax into your arms, moulding like clay against your curves. If there’s anyone he’ll listen to, it’s you – you’re his kryptonite.

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Yoongi: [El Diablo]

“You look good with tattoos.”

Yoongi jumps, and swivels around to find you leaning in the doorway, two cups of coffee in your hands.

“Y/N!” He quickly grabs a hoody, pulling it to cover over his exposed back, elaborately decorated with temporary tattoos.

“Aww, no, don’t cover it up,” you pout.

His eyes flicker dangerously. “You can see it later, but sadly I’m busy right now.”

“Right,” you swing into the room and place one of the steaming cups into his hand. Now that one set of fingers is free you can begin brushing his black hair out of his eyes, “I brought this for you, before you begin filming.”

“What would I do without you?” He places a kiss on your forehead, while his makeup staff sneak out of the room to give the two of you some privacy.

With some sidestepping, you manage to get your cup of coffee on the table. Now both hands can get back to Yoongi, hugging him closer, tracing lines up and down his arms. When your hands reach his wrists, you catch up the cuffs of his hoody and with a smirk, pull up the loose sleeves. There are those fake tattoos that caught your eye – all a part of the deal when it comes to playing El Diablo.

“Why are you so interested in these things?” Yoongi asks, as you run your fingers along the detailed lines.

“I don’t know, they just kind of suit you.” You pick up his hand, and place a kiss on the wrist where the tattoos begin. Then you work your way up, and up, and up until you reach his neck.

Yoongi’s breath comes out a little gushy, betraying his feeling. “If you like them that much, maybe I should get a real one.”

Your lips are on his chin, then his lips. “Yeah?”


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Hoseok: [Deadshot]


Hoseok sets down the phone, and spins to where you are standing, bouncing on expectant toes, “Did you get the part?”

To answer your question, he scoops you up in his arms and spins you around, so that the familiar wallpaper in your hallway spins in a galaxy of colour. “I got it! I got it!”

He finally sets you down, and you collapse into his arms - partly because you’re so dizzy, mainly because you’re so happy. Getting a role in the newest superhero movie is a solid step down the path of success, and you can feel your chest swelling with pride for him. This feeling trebles when you gaze up into his beaming face, set in a smile of sunshine.

“What part did you get anyway?” you ask, peeling yourself away, although your hand stays stuck in his.

Hoseok points his grin your way. “Deadshot.” With his free hand he makes finger guns at you, and whenever he shoots, you pretend to swoon. Giggly, he catches you, and your lean all your weight into him, holding onto him like he’s the most important thing in the world (which of course, he is).

“I guess I’ll be a ‘deadshot’ in your heart,” Hoseok says, and all you can do is groan at the terrible pun.

“Ah! I really can’t believe you sometimes,” you say, wriggling out of his arms, “No more hugs for you until you apologise for that awful joke.”

“Aw come on, it wasn’t that bad, was it?” Hoseok tries to sound sincere, but ends up snickering, and soon you’re cracking up too, falling back into his arms. Of course, you’ll never make him apologise – bad jokes are just a part of the package, along with shining smiles, caring hands, late night conversations, and constant love. It’s a package you can’t resist.

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Namjoon: [Rick Flag]

Namjoon didn’t really understand your obsession with superhero comics. What he did understand was that if you were happy, he was happy - and the fact that he would be playing a part in the newest superhero film thrilled you both, albeit for slightly different reasons.

“Okay, here’s all you need to know about the Rick Flag,” you say, setting down your collection of DC comics.

“Can’t I find out all I need to know from the script?” Namjoon runs his fingers through his hair, eyeing the mountainous pile of pages with some hesitation. It would take a long time to get through all of your prized collection.

“But then you wouldn’t understand his backstory,” you huff, “Think of this as research.”

Namjoon sighs, but picks up a comic and begins flicking through it. “Alright, but I’m only doing this because I love you.”

You roll over in bed. The light is still on, and Namjoon is still reading, and it’s… you stretch to see the clock past Namjoon’s head – it’s two AM? “Baby, it’s late, you need some sleep,” you murmur, your hand traversing up his chest, coming to rest on his heartbeat.

“Just a couple more pages,” he mumbles.

“What are you reading anyway?” You grab onto his hands, and pull the pages down to read along with him. It’s one of your comics.

“Oh my gosh, Namjoon,” you giggle, “Are you actually enjoying my comics?”

“What? I just want to see what happens…” Namjoon defends, but when you start poking him, he relents. “Okay, okay, I’m enjoying them, alright?”

“Yes!” Leaping up, you begin bouncing up and down on the bed, “Who’s your favourite character? What’s your favourite arc? Have you got to the part where they – oh no, I can’t say in case I spoil it!”

Namjoon’s smile widens at your excitement. “Want to read together? Just a few more pages?”

“Heck yeah!” You scramble over him, and find space against his chest. Taking up his hands, you pull them over, so that his arms rest around you, the comic in your sights. Namjoon plants a kiss into your strawberry scented hair, and the two of you turn to reading.

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Jimin: [Loki]

“I’m not so sure about this,” Jimin mutters from his seat, riffling through a script.

“What’s the matter?” You lean over his shoulder, arms swooping around his neck. You can’t understand why he’s so hesitating – when you heard he would be playing Loki in the new superhero movie, you’d been so excited, and it was all Jimin could do to hold you still. But now that Jimin is frowning down at the script, you’ve adopted a more serious tone. If something is bothering Jimin, you’ll do your best to fix it.

“It’s just…” Jimin reaches over his head to pull you a little closer, his hands folding on the back of your head as you lay your chin on his shoulder. Now that the two of you are more comfortable, closer together, more sweater sleeves brushing against skin, Jimin continues: “It’s just… I’ve never played as a villain before. I’m not sure how I feel about it.”

You sling yourself to Jimin’s other side, so that you can see his face. “Serious? That’s why you’re worried.”

He nods.

“Jimin,” you lower yourself into his lap, framing his face with your fingers, “It’s only a role in a movie. It has nothing to do with your personality. Everyone knows that you’re an adorable cinnamon roll, and you acting as a villain isn’t going to change that.”

“An adorable cinnamon what?”

You giggle and run a hand through his fluffed-up hair. “I just mean you’re super cute.”


“But I’m kind of excited to see what you’ll be like as a villain,” you add, “I think you’ll do a good job. Like, you’ll be the heart-throb kind of villain that all the girls know they shouldn’t like, but they do anyway.”

“The important question is: Will you like me?” Jimin asks.

He’s answered with a chuckle and a light brush of your lips against his. “Do you really need to ask?”

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Taehyung: [Joker]

So, your boyfriend will be playing the part of the Joker in the upcoming superhero movie… Somehow you can’t imagine your lovable, excitable, huggable Taehyung playing the part of a psychotic villain - the two images don’t want to overlap in your mind. All the same, it’s only acting, so it shouldn’t really matter. Under all those layers of make-up, Taehyung is still Taehyung, and at the end of a long day of filming, you know he’ll come back to you, make-up rubbed off, and lay himself down beside you, arms entwined around you, mouth on skin. What does matter are the long hours he has to spend away from you. You’re used to his schedule being packed, but it has never been this bad before. You have never missed him this much before.

You sit on the sofa, alone, phone in your hand, while the evening light fades outside. You want to call him, to leave him a message, to ask how his day was. You want connection, to remind yourself that he’s waiting too – until he can return home. But no, you can’t, he’s busy. Still, your finger hovers over the call button. Don’t do it. You do it. His tone sounds, again and again, but he doesn’t answer. Of course - he’s busy.

What you need is something to do – to forget that the house is missing a certain boxy smile. So you scour the shelves in the living room, find a book, read a page, fling it down, make yourself a cup of tea, leave it sitting till it’s too strong, roll about on the floor, go crazy. You miss him so much, so much. Maybe you should just go to bed. At least under the covers, you can give yourself up to dreams and forget he’s missing. Then when you wake up he’ll be there, filling up that gaping hole beside you. Yes, bed is the best option.

But while you’re brushing your teeth, wrapped in your fluffiest pyjamas, you hear keys in the lock. You burst into the hall when Taehyung’s voice sounds: “Y/N?” Dropping your toothbrush, you fling yourself into his arms, only to be greeted with a torrent of questions: “Are you alright? Are you okay? I missed your call, was it important? Was it an emergency?”

“You left work because I called you?” you ask, guilt pouring into your belly.

“Well of course, I wasn’t expecting a call.” His face, you notice, hasn’t been cleaned as meticulously as usual before he rushed off – there’s still some black eyeliner clustered around his lower lashes, and a dash of lipstick staining his cheeks where the iconic Joker’s smile had been drawn.

“Oh, Taehyung, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you. I just called because I missed you. There was no emergency.”

“You missing me is an emergency!” he says, his hands working up and down your back.

“Won’t you get in trouble?”

“No, I’ll just say it was a personal problem. Which it is! My girlfriend is in desperate need of some love.”

You laugh, and stretch up to kiss the rouge stain that still haunts his cheek. He looks down at you, and then realisation dawns: “I still have make-up on my face, don’t I?”

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Jungkook: [Ironman This kid would’ve had a fit if he wasn’t cast as Iron man]

When you get home, you feel something is… off. There’s an odd smell cloaking the air - a smell of rubber, and metal, and is that… yes, that is definitely sweat.

“Jungkook, what’s all this?” You erupt into the living room to find he’s converted it into a miniature gym in your absence. Weights of all sizes are scattered about the room, a mat lies rolled up in the corner, and a punching bag is suspended above your couch. On the floor, Jungkook is in the middle of a series of push ups. Blocking up his ears are his earphones, blaring music which drowns out your complaints. You walk over, and poke his strained arm with your toe. He collapses to the ground, only to scramble up again, crying, “You’re home!” before he rivets his arms around you and lifts you off the floor.

“Ew no, Jungkook, you’re all sweaty!” you giggle, but really, you don’t mind.

He drops you back onto the floor, and allows you to brush his damp hair out of his clumped eyelashes. “Who gave you permission to mess up my living room while I was gone?”

Our living room,” Jungkook reminds you, “And I needed to set this up because something very exciting happened today.” Underneath your hands he begins to squirm, like a puppy that’s just heard the word ‘walk’.

“Yeah, what’s that?” You raise an eyebrow.

“I got a part in the new superhero movie,” he squeals – yes, he actually squeals.

“Wow, Jungkook! No way!” That’s your cue to stretch up and place a steam of kisses across his nose and cheeks.

“I’m going to be playing Ironman, so I need to be in shape for the role,” he tells you, or at least he tries, but it’s very hard to get anything out under your barrage of love.

You pull back for a moment: “But Jungkook, you’re already in shape. And besides, you’ll be under a suit. No one will know.”

“I’ll know,” he bounces back, “Besides, I like exercising.”

“Okay, okay,” you roll your eyes, “But that still doesn’t give you an excuse to lay out all your junk in this room. There’s no way I’m cuddling you on the couch when there’s a punching bag third-wheeling above us.”

“It won’t interfere that much.” To demonstrate, he nudges you over to the couch, where he flumps down, and then pats his chest for you to join him, which you do. “See, the punching bag’s not a problem.”

You really ought to stand your ground, but Jungkook’s so warm, and so soft (despite his muscles), and work’s been so hectic. Lying here with him slung around you, you decide a few minutes of loving won’t hurt. But only a few, okay?

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Katie Hopkins. You belong in Jail.

I’ve held my tongue on this terrible, terrible shitbag for several years now, in a bid to not give her any of the attention she so desperately craves. Insulting her publicly only further contributes to the wood in her fire of toxic hate and mucus. 

But now that the UN’S Human Rights Chief has spoken out about her, accusing her of inciting hatred, I feel as though she now has the world’s attention anyway. She’s being used in the same sentences as actual Nazis now, and being associated with those behind historical genocides. So what harm could my tiny little blog do now? I have to say something for my own sanity.

She said in her most recent abomination of human kind column last week, that she didn’t care if migrants died on their crossing of the mediterranean, that they are similar to cockroaches and that gunboats should be used to deter further arrivals. She added, “No, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad, I still don’t care.”

Obviously Katie must think these asylum seekers are coming to Britain for our beautiful weather, cheap housing prices and friendly attitude. It can’t possibly be because they are terrified for their survival in their own countries. These people are escaping poverty, corrupt governments, murder abuse and rape. Are you REALLY telling me Katie, that if you and your children were being sexually assaulted and terrorised and your lives were at risk, that you would stay put where you were in the name of “propriety?” Would your fear of disrupting another country’s financial stability stop you from trying to save your own life, and the lives of your children? Or would you get on the FIRST boat the hell out of there?

It worries me for her children that she has no apparent maternal instinct. It worries me for her children that she is their mother full stop. What is she filling their heads with? What legacy are they going to be left with when she is gone one day? What will their family be smeared with because of her ignorant abuse on society, and essentially, humanity?

Now don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a joke when I hear it. I’ve even laughed at some of the things she has said in the past. I loved her to pieces on the apprentice. But she took that amusing caricature and has chiselled it into a sword she is using to try and destroy our society. Her xenophobia is so dangerous. She is an enabler. She enables people who can’t take responsibility for their own short comings and problems, to look outside themselves and blame it on other people. Like foreigners. Somehow I don’t think British people deliberately choose foreign people to work for them specifically over “our own.” Especially within the labour industries. I’m sure if british people took the jobs of the construction workers, cleaners and handymen first, they would have all those jobs by now. Katie Hopkins encourages the blame game. Which is such an unhelpful stance to take in the name of progress.

“I’m poor because of the Pakis.” isn’t a mentality that’s going to get you anywhere in life.

Pointing the finger at everyone else is a wonderful way of avoiding the finger being pointed at you. It’s the name of her game. Sometimes I think she does it on a personal level. By constantly picking on and highlighting fat people and foreigners and rich people with funny names and muslims… she fucking hates muslims… it means less people will look at what’s wrong with her. This woman has clearly been bullied her whole life. She even gets the most hurtful personal comments I’ve ever seen on her appearance made to this day, even as I type. God knows what school was like for her, or what she had to do to find some self esteem as an adult. Abuse is almost always at the heart of people who are this full of hatred. I can’t bear to think of what must have happened to her to create such a monster. What must be going through your head to live your day to day as a panto villain, as a puppet for the Sun, and This Morning,  to generate publicity at any cost. They will dispose of her without blinking when she no longer is of use to them. She’s a pawn in the saddest game I’ve ever heard of. I almost want to give this woman a hug. ALMOST. 

Look many people say stupid things, God knows I have. I remember in my first month of being on twitter, making joke about menopause in relation to Catherine Zeta Jones’ reported Bi Polar condition. An outrageously stupid thing to do. Having come from a family that contained many mentally ill people, I had a flippancy towards the topic of mental illness that came across SO irresponsibly to those who didn’t know my experience. But what I said was a joke. One that i had the presence of mind to still delete and apologise for in under a minute. And I was only 22. This woman is a mother in her fifties. And I’m terrified that she might actually mean the terrible things she says.

Hate crime is the scariest thing in the world. Being born as a middle class white woman in one of the most developed and civilised countries in the world has perhaps not armed her with any compassion towards ANY other people. I have no idea how Katie would feel were the shoe on the other foot. It’s arrogant and ignorant attitudes like hers that allowed british people and caucasians  to come into other countries, rape the women, steal the culture and take the people as slaves. She’s upset that foreigners are coming to our land? Maybe we shouldn’t have gone to their in the first place and fucked everything up for them. Maybe Pakistan and India didn’t need that partition. Maybe Africa was ok without white supremacy and slavery. The world and it’s people have been bed hopping since transport was invented. Britain is getting a taste of it’s own invasion, only the asylum seekers aren’t trying to take over our land and pillage our women and children and take our houses, they just want somewhere safe to live, and get by in peace.

Look. I’m a second generation asian citizen of this country. I am proud to live here. I am so grateful to live here so that I grew up in this wonderful land of freedom. I’m glad I’m here, and I think I am a hell of a lot more worthy of living in a free world than Katie Hopkins, who doesn’t even believe in one. What good does she contribute? She just projectile vomits evil nonsense at us on a daily basis.

Please don’t buy into her propaganda. Don’t spread this malevolence. Don’t let it into your life. I beg of you. We are a great nation who have been in financial hot water due to many of our own misdemeanours. Tax fraud wasn’t made my foreigners. Foreigners didn’t make the government over pay themselves. Foreigners didn’t make people like Gary Barlows accountant to not pay MILLIONS to our country. Foreigners didn’t make us spend all that money on the Millienium Twatting Dome. It’s not only foreigners who use benefits, a large portion of our benefit fraud comes from our own people. Britain has been scoring own goals for over a hundred years. We can’t just blame the brown people.

It appears she is now actually campaigning for xenophobia and racism. Her columns are daily starting to read more and more like an idiot’s guide to Mein Kampf. I think she should be prosecuted for what now feels like a crime against humanity, put in a cell with all the other hateful and damaging people of the world.

Congratulations Katie Hopkins, you will go down in history after all. You will be remembered forever… in the elite alumni of the biggest, dirtiest arseholes Britain has ever created. Well done us for giving this cretin a stage. SLOW CLAP BRITAIN.

And Katie, it takes a cockroach to know one babe. xxx

[UPDATED ON 140129]

So in my previous post about this game, I mentioned that I met EXO’s Chen, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo. I also came to the disappointing (AND WRONG) conclusion that they were FAKE because I did not get the banner saying that I’ve won against a real EXO member. But I did! Keep reading to find out more~


(Note: I sometimes use my brother’s account so the user dp is sometimes different in the following images.)

  • I’ve met leader Suho too many times already. We both lost the first time but I won the second time. My brother also won against him. He’s almost always online playing with fans.. just not winning though keke :> Hard luck grandpa junmyeon! 

  • I was extremely unstable when I met Kai as he appeared right after I raced with Suho. And my luck continued since I won against him too! I met him a few more times after that. One time I got to team up with him in the team races! We lost though but Jongin you did well ^o^

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