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Thoughts on Hyperventilation (up to ep. 4)

So basically this is just the things that went through my mind in the past 48 hours or so after watching 4 episodes of Hyperventilation. I kinda suck at writing down my thoughts because I can be all over the place. I’ll try to be concise, but I can’t promise you anything. So yeah, get ready for this hell ride I guess.


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(doin’ this for one unit and I’ll do the others per request as usual)

Vocal Unit’s reaction to having a crush on a guy for the first time 

Joshua/Jisoo: he would feel conflicted. Naturally, his religious afflictions would come into play; being told his whole life that the God who loves and protects him also wouldn’t approve of his newfound feelings, it would churn his stomach and certainly make him think twice. At first, he would try his hardest to ignore these feelings in hopes that they would go away, and after that didn’t work, and with some counseling from a good friend, he would come to see his feelings as normal and healthy, and perfectly in line with his religious beliefs. He would be shy and blushy around his crush, always laughing nervously, and just might die if he came into physical contact with you. 

Jeonghan: he would feel exceedingly natural with this. Having a crush in general is difficult, and when the reality hit him, like the smack it does, he was actually quite okay with it. He would treat the whole thing gently, acting normal around his crush, maybe even flirting with you a bit to try and communicate his attraction. He would be smooth and sincere as ever.

Woozi/Jihoon: Lee Jihoon does not have feelings. No matter if they are for girls, or guys - he simply does not feel. This even coming to his mind was not an option. It was not an option for him to feel red creeping onto his cheeks when he was around you, it was not an option for him to spend his every waking moment thinking about you - and then his damn dreams too. He fought his feelings so hard, pushed everything down his throat, and tried his hardest to ignore the very existence of his own heart.

DK/Seokmin: he would be in love with the idea of love. He would spend a long time obsessing over other couples, romance movies, love songs, wishing that he could experience it all for himself. When he met you, laid his eyes on you for the first time, he knew this was his chance to take part in his own whirl-wind romance. It wouldn’t at all phase him that you’re a guy, he would take this in stride, taking it as a plot twist in his story. 

Seungkwan: he would be very intimidated. He wouldn’t really know what to do with himself; it would take him a long time to even come to terms with the fact that his feelings were of a romantic nature, and he wasn’t just having weird thoughts because… hormones. But when it came into his mind true and full, it would be a very big deal to him. He would feel nervous around his crush, anxious, and make it the most painfully obvious thing in the world that something had changed between you two. 

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What're You Doing?

* Lafayette × Reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: Lafayette x reader, where the the reader’s in theater, and they have avoided telling the group in general about it because they’re worried about the Hamilton group’s reaction. But one of them catches the reader rehearsing lines for a musical/play.

A/N: it’s done! By the way, The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie is amazing. I recommend seeing it if you have the chance, if not then read it. It’s a murder mystery at a bed and breakfast. I was careful not to spoil it. But yeah, this was a fun one. I hope you guys enjoy!

Word Count: 1,650


’“Mrs. Ralston, is your husband about? I’m afraid the pipes of the— er— the downstairs cloakroom are frozen.”’ Theodosia read from her script of The Mousetrap.

You paused for a moment, trying to remember your line. You huffed, gave up, and glanced down at your book. “‘Oh dear. What an awful day. First the police then the pipes.”’ You finally said. You had been in theater for a few years now. You finally landed you spot as a lead, playing Mollie in Agatha Christie’s, The Mousetrap.

The whole cast was trying to get themselves off book. You could still have your script with you but you were encouraged to try and go without them. Still, being a lead meant a lot of lines. You scowled as you heard George Fredrick scoff at your use of the book. He was playing the male lead of Giles, or Mollie’s husband. He spoke in a posh British lit that you hated and was more experienced than you by a few years. He had been off book for about a week.

You got through the rest of rehearsal fairly easily. Your director stopped you before you left. “Y/N I know we aren’t off book yet but I want you to work on those lines. You’re the lead, you are an example to the cast.”

“I know. I know. I’m going to keep working. This is my last week with the script.” You vowed. You director nodded in appreciation and walked off.

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I just watched the Netflix original movie called, “What happened to Monday.” And I just wanted to give my no-spoiler thoughts.

It’s a thriller based in a sci-fi dystopian world with a one child policy that is rigidly enforced. In this world there are 7 septuplets that live in hiding by existing under a single identity. They are given names based on the days on the week Sun-Sat. As you can guess from the title something happens to Monday and that sets off a whole chain of events.

Over all I really enjoyed the movie. I thought the concept was interesting and well executed. The action and acting were great! And I don’t have any major complaints for it.

That being said, there were a few somewhat plotholes that bugged me, but nothing you couldn’t wave over.

The biggest issue with the film is honestly that the big plot twist of the movie is so obvious. Within thirty to forty minutes I knew what the big plot twist was going to be. Honestly it was so obvious to me that I assumed the characters were going to make the same assumption at the moment I did. Nothing in the movie was particularly surprising, except one moment at the end.

Over all a really good action thriller with an interesting premise and I’d recommend it if that’s something you like, but yeah those are my thoughts.

Watch the movie if you want. Or don’t.


Oh, Outo. Precious Outo.

There is so much to say about Outo that it would almost be faster to list what I can’t say about it. I’ve been putting off writing this post precisely because there is so much crammed into it. So much. It is magical. It is a gift. And it will destroy you.

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Before seeing the Force Awakens: I’m really excited to see a black jedi be the protagonist of the film! The idea of a stormtrooper changing sides and becoming a jedi is very interesting. How poetic would it be if the downfall of the First Order is at the hands of someone they trained themselves.

After seeing the Force Awakens (first time): Dang, I was really hoping Finn would be the main character. Rey is cool I guess. She’s probably Luke’s daughter. The romance between her and Finn was weirdly obvious… That’s not really like a Star Wars film.

After seeing the Force Awakens (second time): Wow, I really love Rey. She is so strong and adorable. I don’t know why it took a second time seeing it for me to fall in love with her character. I can’t wait to see what is in store for her character in the upcoming films.

Joining Star Wars fandom on Tumblr: All this amazing fan art and theories! *Sees Reylo* Huh, that’s weird. Aren’t they cousins? *Reads well thought out Reylo metas* Rey Skywalker is a bit obvious isn’t it? Star Wars is known for their plot twists. Her being Luke’s daughter isn’t much of a twist.

Seeing Ant* Posts: Wow, these guys are being really aggressive over a fictional ship. *Reads more Reylo posts to see why it is deserving of so much hate* Ummm…. *Isn’t able to find why it deserves so much hate* Hmmmm…. *Digs deeper into Reylo community and starts to ship Reylo* heheheheheheee……

Being a Reylo shipper (current): I really think this would be an interesting twist for this trilogy. Quite a few people are expecting Rey to be a Skywalker, they wouldn’t see it coming! I don’t need her and Kylo to get together, but it would be nice. I do, however, REALLY want a Kylo redemption arc. Han can’t have died for nothing!