that was a really good looking period for both kaner and tazer

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Hi sorry to bother you. Do you have any favorite Kane Toews moments from the Olympics? I've seen the handshake hug a million times and love it, but do you have any others? Thanks!

Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me!! I’m often slow to respond, but I love receiving asks. :)

So, favourite Olympic moments… 

I thought I’d just lay out the Olympics moments we know, since there weren’t that many (or it didn’t seem that there would be before I started compiling this…). I’m not sure which ones are my favourites.

Am I missing any moments?


1) They shared a cab to see their parents:

Before meeting in Sunday’s U.S. vs. Canada showdown, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane shared a cab (cue obvious Kane jokes) here in Vancouver. Toews said it had only been a couple of days since they spoke but “it felt, like, really longer. I don’t know why.”

All four Hawks playing in Sunday’s grudge match have talked during the games. Kane and Toews shared a cab Friday as they went to visit their parents at a downtown Vancouver hotel.

I wish we knew whether they spent time together to see both their parents, or whether they separated and spent time with their parents individually.

2)  Kane said, before the USA vs. Canada gold medal game, “Toews actually just texted me and said Good luck tomorrow. Whatever happens we’re still going to be friends at the end of this and we’re still going to get back playing together and dominate on the ice.”

3) They chirped each other on the ice and then talked about how they chirped each other (without them telling us they did this, I’m not sure whether we would have known…were they wearing mics?):

“I remember lining up against Duncan Keith and we kind of just looked at each other and started laughing, and then I remember me and Johnny [Toews] being so competitive at the end of the first period of the first game. We were chirping at each other about something. It’s different, but I think once you get on opposite sides of each other it’s almost like you’re not even teammates.”

Patrick Kane: Jonny, the last time we played against each other, in the 2010 Olympics, we got into it. I don’t know if you remember.
Jonathan Toews: Oh, I remember. Wasn’t it inside your blue line, along the far wall? We were just horsing around, weren’t we? No?
Kane: I thought it was pretty serious.
Toews: You were worked up.
Kane: That’s because you came over and said something. I don’t remember why we were chirping back and forth, but it sent me over the edge. Do you envision that happening again if our teams meet in the Olympics [in Sochi]?Toews: We’re probably safer being on opposing teams than we would be playing on the same line or sitting close to each other on the bench.

4) We know that in 2010 the first time they faced each other, Kaner told Jonny after:

“I thought [Toews] played really good so I just told him that,” said Kane in reference to that moment. “It was real quick, real short that’s pretty much it.” (x)

5) The chin strap tugging moment ended up not being exactly that

(The picture was taken at the perfect moment to make it look like he was tugging Jonny’s chin strap, but his hand was just moving forward to touch Jonny’s shoulder.)

6) I’m still annoyed that this cut off JUST AS Jonny was approaching Kaner in the handshake line. Does anyone know what they did???  (Is Kaner friends with Luongo? They also hugged in the handshake line.)

7) Jonny wants to win with Pat <3

But when it was suggested to him that Toews v. Kane seems likely to become a sidebar to every future international hockey tournament, he smiled and said: “I’d like us to win something together, too.”

Just…that entire article is really great and shows the respect between them, including these parts:

In case there is any doubt that the only international hockey match-up that matters any more is Canada versus the United States, consider Toews’s statement about how his Olympic gold medal - the one shared with Blackhawks teammates Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook - is now officially off-limits as a joking matter in the Chicago dressing room. Somebody wants to mention it to teammate Patrick Kane? He’ll have to go through Toews. 

“I don’t see it as a joking matter between the two of us,” Toews said Sunday after Canada’s 3-2 overtime win over the U.S. in the gold-medal game at Canada Hockey Place. Toews and Kane were among the best players on the ice. 

“I think I will definitely be very, very respectful of what their team did in this tournament and what he did,” Toews added. “We were this close to coming out on the losing end too, and it wouldn’t have been a good feeling. So you got to give it to him for the way he played and leave it at that.” 

Toews is an old hand at the business of representing Canada internationally and is also a Winnipeg native - even better, since we’re feeling all Canadian this morning. Named to the Olympic tournament all-star team, he has won two world junior championships, a world championship, and now an Olympic medal. Included in that haul are three shootout goals to beat the U.S. in the 2007 world junior tournament, when Kane was also on the losing side. 

Kane was the best U.S. player not named Ryan Miller on the ice yesterday. The Canadians knew that would be the case, Toews said, and their coaching staff focused on him. Fat lot of good it did. Kane owned the puck in the Canadian end and even back-checked to interfere with Sidney Crosby on a breakaway late in the third period. 

“I will talk to him about that,” Toews said with a chuckle. 

8) Here are a few pictures of them with their medals afterward:

They also went on Jay Leno, though I think that Jonny should have been sitting next to Patrick. :P

9) BONUS: before the Olympics

They participated in a popsicle-eating contest to promote Canada versus US:

Jonny and Patrick could not stop interacting with each other, while Ladd and Byfuglien pretty much did it in silence.


1) They posed for a magazine together

2) They were used in publicities/billboards 

3) Kane and Toews flirted with each other through the media by talking about Phil Kessel.

4) Here are some on-ice images of them:

5) Jonny was supportive and Pat couldn’t make eye contact yet stared after him:

6) Kaner told Kuc what Jonny told him:

7) Pat’s interview after the game:

People talked about the difference between how he reacted to Sharpy and to Tazer. Does anyone have further thoughts about that?? (I don’t think I agree with the dad vs. bro, not close/chirping vs. genuine affection argument…)

8) Mark Lazerus wrote hurt/comfort fanfic about them:

As he spoke in the moments following Canada’s tense 1-0 victory over the United States in the Olympic semifinals on Friday night, a triumphant Jonathan Toews walked by, no hint of glee or gloating on his face, and briefly put his hand on Kane’s shoulder.

Brothers always. But rivals on this day.

9) BONUS: before the Olympics

Jonny’s fond eyes were out in full force when he said: “We know we’ll have – maybe — a couple of guys in here, at least Kaner so far, who will be at the Olympics.”