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It says a lot about the fandom’s priorities where the biggest f/f ship is judged harshly and treated like the shipping version of Hester Prynne, but the two largest ships supported by fujoshis doesn’t get the same amount of scrutiny and treatment.

Okay, guys. We know that:

a) in Empire’s End it’s mentioned that Jakku used to be a green planet centuries ago;

b) Palpatine said in Life Debt that something, which was buried on Jakku centuries ago, was important then and it will be important in the nearest future;

c) in Empire’s End it’s said that Palpatine has built an observatory on that planet;

d) Rey has some distant memories/dreams about some beautiful green place(s);

e) Kylo has never met Rey, but he heard a lot about her (as J.J. Abrams said);

f) the Awakening of the Force happened around the time when Rey left Jakku - and according to Pablo Hidalgo, Kylo’s “It is you” said by him to Rey in TFA’s novelisation refers to Rey as the Awakening of the Force.

(Correct me, if I’m not right in some of these points.)


…what if Rey is some extremely powerful ancient being, which was born/created on Jakku centuries ago (when this planet was still green) and was so powerful/dangerous that she was buried there (until her time would come)? What if it’s Rey’s power that turned Jakku into a desert? What if Palpatine, Snoke and/or Kylo know about it? What if she was awakened by some people working in Empire’s observatory, who adopted her and decided to leave her after realizing whom she really is (cause they couldn’t kill her)? What if Unkar Plutt was told by them to not let her leave Jakku (and that would be the reason, why he’s following her to Takodana in the novelisation and in the deleted scenes)? What if Jakku was disabling Rey’s powers*? 

What do you think about it?

* someone else - I don’t remember who - has alread pointed it out in the past

you can tell a lot about a vld villain lover based on who they like best:

-zarkon: usually a really nice chill person? with good theories etc

-haggar: similar to zarkon. also has a great appreciation for interesting female characters

-sendak: Furry with a capital F

-lotor: bad taste

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This isn't really relevant to this blog so feel free to ignore it buuut favorite ships besides Griffguts?

Everything about Berserk is relevant here :D

Casca/Farnese is the main one tbh, I genuinely think based on their feelings now, when Casca comes back properly (assuming Bad Shit doesn’t happen which is a huge impossible assumption but still) they could easily transition into a tentative, positive relationship. lbr right now Farnese is the only person who’s earned Casca’s trust and affection, and helping Casca has helped Farnese grow as a person so it would feel fitting if Casca continued helping Farnese grow except maybe by like, teaching her the sword or something once she doesn’t need a babysitter. Also this which is too damn real.

Also I semi-seriously ship a lot of minor characters.

  • Jill/Rosine because duh. Also they have some teenage f/f version of guts/griff vibes.
  • Charlotte/Anna bc lbr here Anna is the only person who genuinely loves her
  • Jill/Theresia by virtue of being two kids with close relationships to apostles that Guts hung out with and traumatized, they have a lot they could bond over
  • Schierke/Sonia bc they’re the same and clearly mutually crushing based on their one afternoon together and also another solid potential Guts/Griff parallel
  • @jyuanka suggested Serpico/Silat to me once and I hopped completely on board because Serpico desperately needs a boyfriend and I feel like his chill go-with-the-flow thing would actually really complement Silat’s prideful obsessiveness, plus they’re both like, intelligent and practical and cautious about things and idk I just think they’d click.

now if we’re talking sexy encounters and one night stands rather than actual relationship potential i want to add:

  • slan/farnese. slan taunting farnese about her sadistic tendencies. farnese driving her silver dagger into her and slan calling it foreplay. okay honestly slan/any woman ever. honestly, slan. give me the lesbian fanservice miura.
  • guts/serpico. serpico needs to get laid, serpico has interesting mixed feelings towards guts, serpico thinks about how guts’ intensity (heat) has affected him, serpico feeling a little lost while farnese is so busy with others, serpico’s obviously into manly soldier types, and guts needs to have sex with a slim blond dude he keeps dueling and then feel maudlin and weird about it.

okay i’ll stop here lol. ty for the question this was fun.

Elephant In The Room // Spencer Reid

wow sam you actually posted the second part of the professor series?? (make sure you read the first part. it’s tagged somewhere.)  its only been a month (may 9th is when i posted the first part.). this is really short but the next part will be better/longer (hopefully). also thanks for everyone who has followed me, reblogged, and liked my stuff it means a lot. so enjoy. 

also @gubler-cm you wanted to be tagged in the next part. sorry it took so long. 

warning: swearing 

(Y/F/N) = Your friends name

(Y/R/N) = Your roommates name

part 1

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You ever thought of writing Fanfics or something? Your analysis are deep and you expand or defend lesser known characters. I'm down for a F!Corrin/Rhajat fic. Heck, since you're also known for text posts, maybe they can be here or on a video or something. Like MaxHP's FE videos, specially Ephemeral Bonds series.

Originally posted by sehrawrsome

I… actually write a lot. Like, really a lot. I have several files over 150 pages long and two big original writing projects I’m working on atm. But I don’t trust my English enough to translate and post anything I write (and since I’m the kind of writer who writes 15 pages long intro before the actual main thing is even introduced, I’m not brave/patient enough to translate the whole stuff). Plus I’m sorta sure no one would actually be interested in my dumb writings, hahaha. Especially since I’d only write about unpopular characters like M!Kamui, Rhajat, Caeldori… and I have a particularly messy/complicated alternate AU for both Awakening and Fates involving either my MUs or the default avatars (or both at the same time), so… yeah.

If you really wanna have a taste, then try checking this ghost of a side blog with a really, really fitting name. But you’ve been warned.

Anyway, thank you for this nice ask, it made me happy :’D



Hey, I know you don’t really keep up with Shingeki…

this is so surreal because i remember the intensity with which we all were into snk but not exactly… why, nothing about the newest content seems appealing anymore

honestly…. surreal is the best word for it. thinking back to that intensity and asking myself “why” is like trying to remember a half-forgotten dream. 

for me, it seems like kind of a “you played yourself” deal. I read so much into the characters and story. probably way too much. 

also, like, there’s something to be said about its timing. relatively quality LGBTQ-positive content (at least in some parts of the fandom) with Historia/Ymir and Bertolt/Reiner and Armin/Eren/Mikasa and nonbinary Hanji. and Historia/Ymir was an Actual, Canon™ f/f ship in the pre-korrasami + SU times…so, really, I bet a lot of us were starving for representation and latched on. I know I was.

also also, it was one of the first big post-homestuck heyday fandoms to get huge iirc. I was always pretty marginal/arrived pretty late in hs fandom, but I felt the downturn after the pauses/hiatuses really hard. so snk fandom’s level of activity was a good substitute.

but to be fair there were SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE INVOLVED WITH CREATING ART AND FIC BACK THEN!!! which is the case with most huge fandoms tbh, but I was so lucky to settle in the circle I did and follow the people I followed (like you!!!). kind of created a feedback loop of Quality, Impassioned Content that kept me more invested in snk than snk itself actually did.

JeanMarco Month Day 17: Generator 2 |AO3|

@jeanmarcomonth Had to skip the last prompt cause I had quite a lot on my plate (and am watching f//ma again to compensate), but I hope you enjoy this, at least!

Prompt: warlock!Jean and royal!Marco are teenagers and dating since a few days back. They are stargazing.

Rating: G

Word Count: 475


In the fields away from the castle, away from his party and his doting admirers, we can just be those children again, lost to the blue moonlight and the darkness.  He grabs my hand and a new warmth flows through me, gentle this time, and now my heart thrums for a different reason.

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A - Age: 15

B - Birthplace: the Netherlands

C - Current Time: 22:10

D - Drink You Last Had: Fanta? or water

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: that one friend that I care for a lot?

F - Favorite Song: u h m.. that’s like spilling my soul, but I think at the moment either Love Runs Out or Bury It

G - Grossest Memory: dunno, don’t think I have one realy

H - Horror?: Well, it’s either too predictable or I can’t sleep for weeks. Or I’m cheering for the horror to kill the others?

I - In Love?:  I have a crush, and, well, it’s crushing me

J - Jealous of People?: those who admit their crush and then teir crush likes them as well and wow goals

L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: can be both? idk

M - Middle Name:  há! you think I’d reveal my weakness?

N - Number of Siblings:  1

O - One Wish:  Enjoing life even when I’m a grownup

P - Person You Called Last:  Mah poof sarah

Q - Question You Are Always Asked: Wow where did you get your hair dyed

R - Reason to Smile: Vox Machina

S - Song You Sang Last: uhmm, I think Gold Dust Woman

T - Time You Woke Up: 7 am?

U - Underwear Colour: dark blue or pink, idk

V - Vacation Destination: somewhere quiet with trees

W - Worst Habit: I caaaan’t say no to anything

X - X-rays: uhm? never had that? but it looks cool! I want a pic of my skeleton

Y - Your favourite food: black liquorice (or however you spell it)

Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus

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I call upon the power of the Pentagram. Azazel, I summon thee. From within our realm, into this mystical confinement, I summon thee. You seek the mortal cup, we seek the return of our friend. For this exchange, I summon thee.” 

Also I’ve said it a million times but Lito, Hernando and Daniela’s relationship is one of the absolute best.
They manage to keep Lito and Hernando’s status as proud gay men while having Daniela as a platonic partner in which she is just as important.
Like they went freaking house hunting and the bath could fit all three of them and the only way they could afford it was for all their incomes combined. Like I just love it, they are all family and its so non traditional and i just ugh.

Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol