that was a hot rod quote

And now, a bunch of random headcanons no one asked for

(Part One: Transformers - any and all continuities)

♢Optimus Prime has actually memorized every inspirational speech in movie history. He is constantly in awe of how humans, fractious and often disagreeable though they are, have nearly made an art form out of encouragement.

♢ Arcee actually has a degree in science and history she got by taking online college courses once when she was stuck in the med bay for an extended period of time. She’s planning on going for a doctorate as soon as she can make a convincing holomatter avatar.

♢Prowl secretly watches vintage Cybertronian cartoons. He has all six seasons of Recordicons and he will kill you if you take them without asking.

♢Jazz can quote The Mysterious Affair at Styles ) from memory. He prefers poetry though.

♢Hot Rod got completely lost once and accidentally revealed himself to a group of humans. They started to freak out, and he blurted out the first thing that came to mind, which happened to be part of “The Schuyler Sisters” from Hamilton. Long story short, Hot Rod now has twelve new friends and they meet every other weekend for Broadway shenanigans.

♢Bumblebee is deathly afraid of the movie Labyrinth. He and Miko watched it at 3 in the morning once while Bumblebee was recovering from a mild virus and a half-awake Miko made an unfortunate comparison between the Goblin King and Starscream, which led to both of them indulging in a series of half-baked conspiracy theories and now Bee can’t see a Seeker without thinking of goblins