that was a good period in my lifetime

1. You make me laugh. You always know exactly what to say when I’m tired or angry or sad. you’ll sit there and hold my hands and tell me stupid jokes and stories until I laugh so hard my sides hurt. You’ll tickle me until I’m shrieking and pick me up and spin me until I’m too dizzy to stand. You can make me laugh, and that’s almost as good as being able to make me do anything.

2. You respect me. You let me have my space when I’m angry and come back to it when we’re both ready. You’re patient when I have my period mood swings and bring me the things I want, knowing it’ll pass. You know that no means no, and pushing my temper means inevitable screaming. You put up with me through everything, and for that I owe you a lifetime.

3. You get me. You know what I like, what I hate, what makes me tick, what makes me glow, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry. You know what I need in certain situations, and get me the best presents. You know my preferences; dogs over cats, chocolate over vanilla, pizza over burgers. I could rant to you about something stupid for hours, and you still wouldn’t mind. You understand me like a best friend, and that is all I could ever ask for.

4. Every time I thought you would leave, you stayed.

—  reasons why I love you

My history crush is Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de Lafayette. I never even heard of him until I got the complete series of Liberty’s Kids on DVD in 2014 and I have been obsessed with him and that time period ever since. He would be involved in two more revolutions in his lifetime.

He was a remarkable man….and he looked good in uniform too.

The First Time In Forever - Two

Part one is in my masterlist!

Spencer x reader

“You coming?”

A pair of fingers snapped in front of your face and you blinked, refocusing your attention on Penelope.

“Y/N! What is with you recently? Are you coming to lunch with me and Derek or not?” she asked you, following where your gaze had been and squinting her eyes at the subject.

“No I’ll stay here… I’ve got paperwork to be catching up on.”

“So it’s nothing to do with the fact that Spencer is staying behind too?”

“Huh? What? No… Course not.”

She grinned and you felt your cheeks flush.

“Sure, sure. You sure you two haven’t started to go a little bit Dawson and Joey? Because I’ve noticed the long lingering looks, and if I’ve noticed then you can sure as hell bet that Derek has.”

“Dawson and Joey?” you screwed up your face, trying not watch Spencer over her shoulder. He was chewing absent mindedly on the end of his pen and my God, the actions were doing something to your insides.

“You know.. Two best friends, falling in love with each other…. ”

His lips pursed around the pen and you could see that he was sucking it in and out of his mouth slowly.

“Y/N! You’re not helping your case here…”

“What!? No!….. I was always a Pacey girl anyway.”

She grinned at you again, nodding her head and saying her goodbyes, leaving you to your files and your salad that you’d bought in.

It had been three weeks since the incident, as you now referred to it as. The incident involving your colleague and best friend giving you your first orgasm and you repaying him by sucking his cock into your mouth…

Things had been….weird. For you at least. He’d stayed over, you passing out in the your bed after the mutual leakage of bodily fluids. The next morning had been okay too. You’d gone for breakfast and everything had been normal and NOT strange. And then you’d got to work on Monday and had found yourself looking at Spencer when no one else was, admiring his butt in his close fitting pants, enjoying the sound of his voice as he rambled. Then you found yourself getting increasingly distracted by his mouth. A mouth you’d never realised was so prettily perfect before. A mouth that had been on your chest and could have so easily been between your legs.

To an extent you guessed Penelope was right. You had developed what appeared to be a crush on Spencer Reid. Was it that you found him genuinly alluring or was it just because he’d given you your first earth shattering, knee trembling, sticky clear fluid moment? Who knew… But whatever it was, it was frustrating the hell out of you. Because you struggled to be normal around him. Yet he didn’t seem to be that affected by it. He acted as if he hadn’t had his fingers in your most intimate areas, as if his hands hadn’t tangled in your hair as your slid your lips up and down his cock. His very nicely sized cock….. Oh fuck, don’t start thinking about it.

“Got any plans for the weekend, Y/N?”

You jumped, dropping the fork you’d been using into your salad box. You’d been daydreaming again.

“Fuck!” Glancing up, you saw the object of your daydreams perching on the edge of your desk, his hands twiddling with the end of his tie.

His hands, his fingers…. Don’t look at his fingers Y/N. Don’t do it.

“Someone’s a big jumpy today,” he commented.

“Sorry…. Late night.” Yes, late night. Spent replicating his actions from that night and definitely NOT imagining that it was him doing it rather than you.

Spencer smirked as if he knew and then you had a sudden flashback to the conversation you’d had about what people did when they were unable to sleep. Your cheeks burned again, something that rarely happened before but over these last three weeks, seemed to happen a lot.

“NOT that sort of late night….” Lies, all lies.

“How’s that… Erm… Coming anyway?” He asked, his lips still twitching upwards into that smile of his. The smile that up until recently you just thought was sweet but now made your lady parts tingle.

“It’s coming fine, thank you very much,” you muttered, looking around to check that no one was in ear shot.

“Just fine? Fine doesn’t sound very good Y/N….”

“Fine is fine.”

“Alright. Well, just remember what I said. I’m happy to help again.”

He turned to walk away and you called his name, a sudden idea forming in your brain. A terrible one, which as the words left your mouth your brain was screaming at you, “liar liar, pants on fire.”

“Spencer…. Alright. Fine isn’t good. Fine is terrible.”

His eyes flickered to yours and his tongue quickly poked out and swiped over his bottom lip.


“So…. Do you want me to come over for another… lesson?”

“Erm…..only if you want to. I’ll…. I’ll pay you back again?”

“Y/N this isn’t like you’re borrowing money off me… You don’t have to ‘pay me back’ everytime. You’re my best friend and I like being able to help you with something. Regardless of what it is.”

You opened your mouth to speak but he continued, “But…. I’m definitely not going to argue. For someone so inexperienced at um….. DIY, you sure know how to…… handle the tools?” Spencer looked both amused and horrified at the euphemism that had come out of his mouth and you laughed.

“Well, I did tell you I was an expert at handling other certain tools… It’s just some that I find tricky to deal with. Which is a shame because they wielded amazing results last time they were used correctly.”

Seriously now. When the hell did you start flirting with Spencer Reid? Oh it was such a good job the others had gone out for lunch.

“Amazing results…. ” he raised his eyebrows at you.

“Don’t let that go to your head, Reid.”

“Well it’s hard not to. I mean, I knew I was good. But amazing…..”

“What I want to know, is how did sweet little Spencer Reid, who rarely is seen talking to girls outside of his work colleagues, how did he get so good at something like that?”

Just continue to boost his ego some more…Why not eh. It made his eyes shine and that made him look prettier than he already was.

“Eidetic memory. Being able to read 20,000 words per minute. Think of all the things that I’ve read over my lifetime, all of the techniques. Girls don’t tend to go for the geeky genius, unless he’s really really good at something. So I just made it so I was really really good at that something.”

He’d moved closer again now and his voice had dropped to a deliciously sexy low tone.

“Well then….. I guess, I guess it’s a shame for those talents to go unused for long periods of time.” You words came out in a croak, and you were now feeling uncomfortably warm.

“Such a shame…. So, shall I come round at eight thirty? Maybe watch a film and drink some wine before…. ”

Before. Oh god.

You nodded, not sure if you’d be able to form a coherent sentence and mentally running through all the things you’d need to do at home first.

He grinned again. “I’ll see you later then Y/N. Maybe this time, you’ll let me use some other….. Implements.” He licked his lips before turning away and walking off.

Sweet holy Jesus. This was not good. But it was good. But it wasn’t.

Not only had you lied to him about not being able to replicate what he’d shown you, but you were fairly certain you’d have a damp patch in your underwear from just thinking about what that last comment of his implied.

Spencer was your colleague and one of your best friends. But right now, you really really REALLY wanted to have him fuck you seven ways from Sunday.

Oh Lord.

My Legs Around Your Waist

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Warning: Smutish

A/N: It’s just a short little something I came up with. Might be continued but it also might not. Depends on how things are with my health.

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

“Have you seen Raw last night?” My co-worker asked me.

I smile politely at her. I mean, who hasn’t? Finn threatening Bray? It’s also not like I get to choose what to watch on Monday evening if I want to see Finn on my screen, even if it’s only for a short period of time.
“It was good.” I replied.

“Oh god, if it wasn’t your man, I would try my luck with him.” She winked at me before she popped out to the next meeting.

If Finn wasn’t mine he would certainly not be lonely for a day in this lifetime. They would all make sure of that. I haven’t seen him since Friday, actually. He’s been busy with the house shows and I couldn’t go out to see him because of my own busy schedule. Maybe I’ll see him tonight if I will ever get off work, looking over to the pile on my desk it will probably not be any time soon if I don’t start clearing this up.

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anonymous asked:

How do you live?

I try to live a day at a time, moment by moment. Appreciating the present without being so lost in what might be that I never realize what’s in front of me. Because what might be also might not be. Understanding that looking forward means preoccupying myself with myth, grasping at something that does not quite exist yet. But by focusing on the present, I can ensure certain things follow a course of action.

I live by accepting that I’m not perfect and that I’m allowed to make mistakes. I take those mistakes and learn from them to do better and be better. And I accept that others, like me, are allowed to make mistakes too. That nobody is perfect, that some people may come close but perfection is subjective and ever-changing. And slightly overrated.

I live by accepting and respecting myself the way I am and acknowledging that nothing is set in stone. That the universe has set me on a path and that whether or not there is a greater plan, I’m also in control of a great number of factors and experiences.

I live by looking forward to experiences and shift my focus away from material. Materials can be replaced, memories cannot.

I live by forgiving my past. By accepting what was for what it was and what is for what it is. Treating certain periods of time as their own individual lifetimes and honouring them as they were.

I don’t know how to live. There’s no definitive way, that’s for sure. But I try to keep it simple and start with what I have control over and try to keep a positive outlook (on most days). Some days are harder than others. But life is good.

Live on.


An open letter to the boy I’ve fallen in love with:

It’s hard to find the words to describe the boy that I have fallen in love with. On hot summer days, I find myself starring at the pictures we took and reminiscing on all the fun times we have had together. In a short period of time, I found myself falling for not only his good looks but his eccentric personality. I find myself making playlists to communicate how I feel about you, scrapbooks of all our pictures, and a diary of all my letters to you. With each passing day, I open my heart more to the idea that love is something you experience with someone who feels the same way; that love is but a dream that you find with a specific person in your lifetime. You’ve made me realize that growth and compassion come with time. You’ve helped me to become more secure and confident in myself.
Gabriel, you are literally a light in my life. You’re the only person I’ve known to make me feel this way in such a long time. I’m relieved and happy to call you mine. You don’t understand how much my love is growing for you and how much you mean to me. Meeting you for the first time made me want to cry. You held me for so long and I couldn’t believe what was actually happening. From the moment I saw you I felt relief. I have never imagined myself diving back into relationships after the countless things I’ve gone through with so many other people. You captured my heart, soul, and mind all in one. Some days you’re all I can think about.
This may be poorly written because I cried a little writing this, but thank you for everything you make me feel. You teach me more and more about myself each day and I love every second of it. Thank you for teaching me to open my heart again. I love and thank you Gabriel. @shin-phantom

The Sith Rise

All those pretty faces
in the mirror
running late for work
for the doctor
for the Saturday Couch

don’t need make-up,
that just builds
on their pretty
make-up does not
make up

All those men
who view the right path,
know what to do
choose not to
what they should
why they should
when then should

The dark side
is not a metaphor

Words shoot
to your heart like
Palpatines lightning
chokes the life out
of you in a launch hall,
Tatooine’s surface
burning below the
abysmal wibdow

Over here, we feed
on our own. We topple Gods
like they were never there
like a child left in the crosswalk
and a parent who hasn’t
stopped drinking since

but will one day soon

he, she, everyone feels the force
Poetry, Art, Heart, The Dark

We don’t need lifetimes of classes
to control our souls
We have already aced tests,
skipped class, smoked weed
in the bathroom during third period
our senior year.

Why control who you are?
Give into the Dark.
Let the Light do
as it pleases,
Nietzche was right

some things are
beyond good
beyond evil
we start fights

we finish them

we finish ourselves
without your help


So I know that I have a lot of followers who re inordinately fond of the Cardassians, so if I might make a reading recommendation to them:

Now I have read a lot of Star Trek novels in my lifetime, and I must say, this, in my opinion, is the single best of them: it is not just a good Star Trek novel; or even just a good science fiction novel; it is a good novel. Period. This is the only work of licensed franchise fiction that I have ever read which I would unashamedly describe as being a work of “high literature.”

The novel’s protagonist is Rugal, the Bajoran-raised Cardassian boy who was introduced in that one episode of Deep Space Nine; it starts immediately after he is transferred to the custody of his biological father, and then traces his life through the next ten years of Cardassian history from the perspective of an ordinary person who is just caught in the thick of things as everything goes to hell, including the fall of the Obsidian Order, the Klingon Invasion, the Dominion War, and its aftermath. The characters are believable, it offers some wonderful social commentary, there are some nice bits with some notable Cardassian characters from the series (including Dukat, Garak, and Ziyal), it really fleshes out Cardassian history and culture, and it is just really well written and you should just bloody read it already oh my god.

Seriously; I cannot recommend this novel strongly enough.

11 Questions

thank you so much for tagging me @svtstudying!! ❤️❤️

Rule: answer the 11 questions you were tagged in, write 11 of your own, tag 11 people!

@svtstudying questions:

1.What are three things you want to do before you die? travel (doesn’t really matter where), have a kid(adopted or not), help (i know it sounds silly, but my lifetime goal is to do some good, idk, change the world, or the place where i live in good.)

2. What’s one word that describes you? Creative? 

3. What are your top five essentials you must carry with you at all times? phone, my cross necklace, some sort of book, my wristwatch, my two breacelets from my aunt

4. Do you like traveling? If so, where? What’s your dream vacation? Yes, but not for very long periods of time. I don’t have a specific place but my dream vacation would be a couple of days in Florence, Italy. 

5. What is one movie from your childhood that you will always treasure? Lord of the rings. Duh.

6. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate.

7. What do you value most in a friendship? Trust.

8. What’s a personality trait you admire? Being able to sacrifice yourself, your well being for someone or something you believe in. Selfless. That’s the word. 

9.  What never ceases to make you smile? Animals or babies/children.

10. Do you have any advice for your younger self? Be more talkative and open to new friendships. Sometimes it’s okay to let out what you feel (this is more advice for the “now me”)

11. How do you feel about pineapple on pizza? Never tasted it. But it doesn’t sound so bad, I guess.

Now, time for my questions:

  1. Do you like what kind of person you are? If not, what’s one thing you’d change about yourself?
  2. Favorite memory.
  3. If you were to switch bodies for a day with someone, who would that be and why?
  4. What it is your moral code that you can’t break? 
  5. Favorite food.
  6. What’s something you want to try, but you’re too scared to?
  7. Do you have pets?
  8. What makes you happy?
  9. Chocolate or candy?
  10. Do you make friends easily?
  11. A song that makes you cry every time you listen to it.

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Kashuu Kiyomitsu
External image


I am Kashuu Kiyomitsu. The child beneath the river, the child of the river banks, I suppose. I may be hard to handle but my ability is top notch. I am always looking for people who can use me well, shower me with affection, and dress me beautifully.

俺、加州清光。川の下の子、河原の子ってね。 扱いにくいが性能はピカイチ、いつでも使いこなせて可愛がってくれて、あと着飾ってくれる人大募集してるよ


Uhh. I’m the child beneath the river. Kashuu Kiyomitsu. I may be difficult to handle, but my performance is good.

Kashuu Kiyomitsu is forged in the Edo period 1684 CE with a 73cm long blade, and has the same name as his swordsmith. Kiyomitsu was a master of his craft but was stricken with poverty during his lifetime, barely able to feed himself.

He lived in the slums of the hijin(非人) by the river bank, who were part of the untouchable burakumin, an outcast group at the bottom of the Edo social order due to their “unclean” professions such as butchers, tanners and entertainers. These people suffer from severe discrimination and were hurdled into specific poor communities away from the rest of the society. The hijin were not allowed to work on rice fields so they lived by the river bank that was unsuitable for agriculture, thus they were also called people of the river bank(河原者). This is what Kashuu means when he calls himself a child of the river bank.

He was born in the poorest and most oppressed part of Edo society, therefore he takes such great care in adorning himself and presents himself as a refined beauty so that his master would shower him with love and he would never have to be reminded of the poverty where he came from.

Kashuu’s most famous master was Okita Souji of the Shinsengumi in the Bakumatsu period(1853-1867), who was a prodigy in swordsmanship. Both Kashuu and Yasusada are swords who are difficult to handle but can be unleashed to their full potential in the skilful hands of Okita, he is their source of pride and rivalry. Yasusada has a much stronger loyalty to Okita while Kashuu wholeheartedly welcomes any new master who would love him, it might be partly due to their differing backgrounds, Yasusada was not born into the poor outcast community like Kashuu was, where he would fight for any shred of love. When you take them to the shop, Yasusada comments that Kashuu would be frolicking if he were there, and Kashuu really would be quite pleased when he is taken to a shop.

Okita took Kashuu into battle with him in the Ikedaya Incident(1864) where the Shinsengumi went into armed conflict with the opposer of the Tokugawa shogunate, the joui shishi. It is said that Kashuu’s tip was broken during the battle and he was deemed unrepairable, thus abandoned by Okita. That is why Kashuu becomes so insecure when he gets battered up due to fear that he would be unwanted if he becomes anything less than the usual beautiful image and top-notch condition.

Also since Kashuu was born in a poor environment, he cares a lot about his appearance. He thinks having a clean-looking appearance will earn him his master’s love. The mole by his mouth shows his indescribable, bewitching beauty.

Starter Sword - Uchigatana - 🌸🌸 medium rarity - #85
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hallwayperson  asked:

9 for the Drabble Challenge. It made me laugh!

9 – “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

“Come on, Scully – you’ve never thought about it?”

“Mulder, for the love of God, please shut the hell up.” She cracks one eye open to level a glare in his direction. “Go to sleep already.”

She covers her head with a pillow, and he grins down at her. “I’m not tired.”

“Well, I am,” is her muffled response, her voice laced with irritation. “And I’m not interested in whether Elvis Presley was an alien.” She throws the pillow aside in exasperation. “Seriously, where do you get this crap?”

Aha. She’s awake and ready to argue.

His face lights up, and he sits up straight in bed. “Hey, I never said he was an alien. I simply stated that there is a documented connection between Elvis and UFOs. His father is on record as saying that he saw strange light phenomena in the sky shortly before Elvis’ birth, and – “

“Mulder,” Scully throws her arm over her face. “Stop talking. I am not having this conversation. It is two o’clock in the morning.”

“It’s one thirty,” he corrects her. “And since when do we keep normal hours?”

She rolls to face away from him. “I wouldn’t entertain this idiocy at any hour. I’m tired. If you’re not, go watch TV or something.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll live.”

Mulder grabs his chest in mock despair, even though she can’t see him. “You wound me.”

“Not yet. Keep it up.”

“Okay,” he smirks. “I will. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.”

Settling back against his pillow, he clears his throat and continues. “Elvis himself said that when he was eight years old, he was telepathically communicated with by an alien being. This alien, wearing a white jumpsuit, appeared to young Elvis, and showed him a vision – “

This time, the pillow is hurled at his head. “Get out.”

“Excuse me?”

When Scully sits up, her hair is tousled, and the look on her face is pure exasperation.

Even pissed off and sleep deprived, she takes his breath away.

“I said, get out. I am going to sleep, Mulder. I have to be up in four hours. You can awe me with the life and times of Elvis the extraterrestrial tomorrow.” She glances at the clock, then corrects herself, “I’m sorry, later today.”

He opens his mouth to protest, and she repeats herself again, through dangerously clenched teeth. “Out.

He frowns, his full lips moving into a pout. “Hey, you can’t banish me! This is my bed!”

One perfectly groomed eyebrow shoots straight up.

“… too.” He quickly adds. “It’s my bed too.”

Scully smiles slowly.

Uh oh. That can’t be good.

“Are you suggesting I go sleep on the couch, Mulder? Because if you don’t, I will. Is that something you’d like to see happen?”

Yes, Scully, I would very much like to not get laid for an indefinite period of time.

“No,” he grumbles, grabbing his pillow and standing. “You’re mean,” he adds petulantly.

“Good night, Mulder.” She snuggles into the covers, her fiery hair fanning out over the white of his pillow.

“Good night, Scully,” he smiles softly, leaning down to press a kiss against her forehead.

One night on the couch, for a lifetime with this woman? Deal.



-Most common request I’ve had!

It was your first day of high school and you were shitting yourself, but after all you’d been through to get here, you weren’t gonna let it slide through your shaking fingers. Reaching your locker, you struggled with the combination and the small mountain of books you were trying to hold up.

It was already half way through the semester but you were just going to keep your head down and cram your studies. You didn’t have any friends at your old school, but- despite how much you wished for it- you doubted you would find any here.

But apparently someone was looking down on you at that precise moment.

“Do you need a hand with those?” A kind voice asked behind you.

Turning around, you saw a tall -seriously tall- boy with chin-length dark hair and warm brown eyes smiling down at you. “Oh, umm, that would be great, thanks,” you smiled in relief, handing him the stack of books as you returned to trying to work out the combination. “Sorry, I only just moved here, new to the school and everything, you see.”

Finally managing to open it, you turned back to the boy and accepted the books back off him. “Thanks,” you thanked him. “Hey, I didn’t catch your name.”

“It’s Sam,” he offered you with a big smile, shaking your hand and fixing his shoulder strap. “Sam Winchester, nice to meet you.”

“You, too,” you returned. “I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“It’s a pleasure, Y/N By The Way.” Another voice greeted you, by your shoulder.

Twisting awkwardly, you saw another boy- taller than you but not taller than the dark-haired boy- who had lighter hair, twinkling green eyes and a splash of freckles over his nose. “Oh, umm, sorry…?”

“Dean, Winchester,” he introduced, taking your hand firmly. “Sam’s big brother and saviour.”


“Oh, haha, Dean,” Sam scoffed, rolling his eyes. “Very funny, now come on, she’s new, let’s introduce her to Cas and Gabe.”

He led you over to another row of lockers where two shorter boys stood, arguing over something. At your presence, they stopped abruptly and grinned at the brothers behind you.

“Hiya, Dean,” the shorter of the two greeted. He had hair the colour of caramel and a mischievous glint in his hazel eyes that made you immediately wary of him. “Who’s this?”

“This is Y/N,” Sam introduced you. “Y/N, this is Gabriel and Castiel.”

“Oh,” you smiled, “Biblical?”

The one you assumed was Castiel gave you a small quirk of his lips, replying, “Yes, our parents seemed to think that a lifetime of religious-based teasing would be good for their two sons.”

You chuckled and watched as his blue eyes creased in amusement. He had darker hair that looked as though it had been bleached somewhat in the sun, and a more sensible stance that seemed to scream I am not my brother, please do not base anything he does on me- which made you stifle a snort.

Suddenly the bell rung to signal first period.

“What have you got first, Y/N,” Gabriel asked you.

“Umm,” you mumbled, routing in your bag for the timetable you’d been given. “Double French?”

“Brilliant,” Dean exclaimed, “Me and Cas have double French too, you can walk with us. Catch you up at lunch?” he called to his brother and Gabriel.

“Sure thing,” Sam nodded before turning and striding off in the other direction with the much shorter boy at his heels.

Huh. Maybe this school wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Nonmonogamy is not the solution to monogamous relationship problems

I see this kind of thing in a lot of online fora:

Troubled person: Me and my partner have been together for a while now, and [because of this perfectly good reason] it’s become apparent that one of us wants more sex than the other. It’s an imbalance that makes me feel uncomfortable. What do I do?

Advice person: [Blah blah generic but good advice to communicate, etc.] Also consider nonmonogamy.


What is this about? I mean, a few years ago it just didn’t happen. Blimey, I advised people of this a couple of times and felt like I was the only poly person on the planet judging by the reactions I got. But now I never do suggest it, because it sends a slightly disturbing message. It implies that relationship challenges can be overcome using nonmonogamy.

Undoing the crap taught to you by an adult lifetime (however long that might be) of standard dating-and-romance conditioning takes a hell of a lot of work. A sex imbalance is for many people not a big deal as long as you have a good honest conversation about it. Suggesting nonmonogamy to a monogamous couple who’ve only been together just long enough to find out that they have a libido imbalance is like that time that someone proposed I have babies to see if it might fix my painful periods. And what if it didn’t work, huh? I’d have painful periods and a child.

The same logic applies here. Yes, there is a small chance that the couple are very well suited to nonmonogamy and will be very grateful for your suggestion. For some people the libido probably is a quota that can be met by sex with anyone at all. But even so, there may still be an issue - because “my boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex with me very much” could very well turn into “my boyfriend still doesn’t want to have sex with me very much, and I’m allowed to sleep around or get another boyfriend but I don’t want that. I want to have sex with him.

When monogamous people get together, most of the time it’s because they want to be just with each other. Proposing a solution that involves extra people to an exclusive couple is like offering cake in a locked box to someone who is thirsty. Adding people is a lot of work for something that does not remove the problems between the original couple.

The only problem nonmonogamy solves is “I don’t like being monogamous.”

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what's your opinion on true love?

Alright.  So I am taking a lot of time to thing about my response before I submit it.  Prior to this year, I thought it was bullshit.  I thought that there was no true one love you could have, but several each fufilling different needs you will have in your lifetime.  Now with this year, something different has happened.  During an extremely dark period in my life, I met the sun.  I met someone who knows exactly what i’m thinking, and how to make me happy.  We can joke with each other, love each other, and we know each other.  So no, prior to this year I thought the idea of true love was complete utter bullshit.  Until now that is.  Maybe that is cheesy, who knows.  But good god i love him.  He is my fucking life and sometimes that scares me how much I care about him. The fact I would literally take a bullet for him. That I can’t see myself without him. Even if things somehow end up not working out, he will hold a place in my heart like no other.  

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Hi, I really want to start painting because it looks like such an amazing outlet and looks like so much fun but I've been getting really discouraged because I am not very good and don't know where to start. Were you not very talented when you first started? Do you mind showing some of your first paintings to us?

Well I don’t do a whole lot of painting, mainly just because I’ve completely run out of room to store canvases haha. But all art forms are essentially the same in terms of skill development over time, so hopefully these mostly-pencil drawings will convey the same point. I used to make a point to do a self portrait every few years. Since the subject is the same in each of them, these should hopefully be good evidence of my own artistic evolution through the years. I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not I was talented at the beginning… I personally feel that I’ve never been as good at art as I’ve wanted to be (even now), but I’ve definitely gotten better throughout the course of my lifetime thus far. Age 5:

Age 8:

Age 12:

Age 13:

Age 15:

Age 17:

Something worth noting is that the biggest skill jumps occur during the times that I’ve produced the most artwork. There’s a big difference between the age 15 and age 17 portrait, largely because I did more drawings between 15 and 17 than any other two year period in my life. So in the end, it really is something that you get better at with practice. (Though ‘better’ is perhaps a misleading term - there are a lot of people who like my abstract 5-year-old portrait better than my most recent one). Either way, the more art you do the faster you will evolve as an artist. So don’t be discouraged!