that was a freaky dance though

playing games || theo raeken ft. scott mccall

description: in which you convince your boyfriend to let you play with an alpha

warnings: m/f/m threesome, slight daddy kink, overstimulation, biting, oral (male on female, female on male)

notes: just so y’all know, theo n scott are bi/pan as fuck in this and totally into each other. sceo is REAL.

“He’s pretty. I wanna play with him.”

Despite the deafening volume of the music, the sound of heartbeats and bodies clashing together, the noise of voices and clatter of overfilled shot glasses knocking against the bar, Theo caught the words you spoke. 

He was right beside you, arm slung loosely around your waist as you leaned against him, eyes scanning the crowd of sweaty bodies meshing together. Theo nuzzled your neck, still eyeing the sea of people. 

“Which one? Almost all of them are pretty.”

“You know which one. That pretty little Alpha over there. The only Alpha in the whole building, duh.”

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BTS x reader (GN)

Words: 0,5 k
Summary: They all in love with you.

A/N: I’m sorry, idk what this is, I was writing it as a male reader but it came out as it actually could be gender neutral? Hope you don’t mind, anon, I tried, but all of them being in love with one person is kinda sad ahah  💞 (still hoping you like it ahah) ♥

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Party Panic (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by stanxstan

It was just another from Tony’s parties. You were by now used to them. You were by the bar, drink in hand looking at the people having fun, a smile appeared on your lips and didn’t even see the man who approached you.

“Can I get you a drink?” the man asked you, snapping you from your thoughts. “Uhm, I already have one.” You said showing him the drink in your hands and smiled awkwardly.

Even if he seemed rather attractive, since you had joined the Avengers your mind was entirely to another man. Bucky. You didn’t know what drew you to him. Perhaps it was the mystery, the pain in his eyes, your will to redeem him, to help him make peace with the one he had wronged when others controlled him. And of course to help him make peace with himself.

As time passed, Bucky was finding more and more of his real self as Steve used to say. And this self of his was funny, teasing, dorky, playful with a boyish grin plastered to his face the whole time. You liked that Bucky. But, you knew that when he returned to his bed at nights, his old, pained, self-loathing self, haunted him with nightmares and freaky memories.

You sighed, as the man next to you spoke again, while you tried to find the boy that held your heart in the crowd.

“You know we could have so much fun on the dance floor.” He suggested. “I don’t dance.” You cut him. His persistence didn’t fail, though, as he threw his arm over your shoulders forcing you to be closer to him. “Or perhaps we could have fun somewhere else.” He whispered in your ear, sending shivers down to your spine.

Bucky felt for you things that he hadn’t felt over 70 years. You made his heart flutter. Your bubbly personality and your optimistic view on everything made him think of the future with a smile.

He loved spending time with you. When you watched movies and series together, you cuddled to his arm or you played with his hair. When you cooked together, everything turned into a mess and Tony would be yelling about his kitchen, but you two had the fun of your life. His favourite memories were the ones you built together.

He had mastered the courage to attend to this party of Tony, even though he knew how people would glare at him and his metal arm, how they would murmur when they thought he didn’t listen, how they would scoot further like he would snap their necks at any moment.

But, (Y/N) would be there. And he wanted to spend time with her.

He scanned the room, fiddling his hands nervously. And then he saw you pushing a man from near you and walking fast outside to the balcony.

He fought the urge to punch the man in the face and ran after you.

“Hey, are you ok?” he said touching softly your shoulder. You recognized his scent before he even spoke and as soon as his hand was on your shoulder, you turned and buried your face in his arms.

“I am now.” You said after the warm embrace. You looked at him with starry eyes and with the courage the alcohol had given you, you pressed your lips to his. His eyes were open wide from shock and before he could melt into the kiss, you had broken the kiss.

“I am sorry. Buck. I am sorry.” You ran off. A girl found her chance and got in front of Bucky.

“So, you are the Winter Soldier?” she smiled and blocked his way.

“Sorry, ma’am. I am currently unavailable.” He said taking her by her shoulders, putting her aside. The girl pouted for a moment but then spotted Steve in the crowd.

Bucky ascended the stairs he had seen you go a few moments ago. His eyes frantically searching for you. He had to find you. To let you know that he was ok with the kiss and that he wanted more, if you felt the same.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., where is (Y/N)?” he asked finally. “She is in her room. Do you need me to remind you the floor Mr. Barnes?” the AI asked back. “No, thanks, F.R.I.D.A.Y. I got this.” He said as he called the elevator.

Bucky arrived at your floor and with hasty steps he got to your door. “(Y/N)?” he knocked softly. Even if the party was frantic, on the upper floors it was rather peaceful.

“I destroyed everything, didn’t I?” your voice sounded from the other side of the door. “Is this what you feel?” it was Bucky’s turn to reveal the hurt tone in his voice. “Yes.” You simply said. “So you didn’t mean what you said with that kiss?” he asked again.

“I-I like you, ok?” you broke from the other side. Bucky sighed in relief. “Then open the door dumb-dumb.” He smiled to the wood. You did as he said, not knowing exactly what he meant to do. If you lost him from a friend, you couldn’t bear it. He was the best and most interesting person you had ever met. You couldn’t afford to lose him.

As soon as you opened the door that separated you, Bucky jumped into your arms, purring softly as he took in the scent of your perfume.

“I like you, too. I am in fact in love with you.” He smiled at you, staring at your gorgeous eyes, that could make him weak any moment.

Your eyes widened and it was his turn to crash his lips to yours. You immediately melted into the kiss, moaning a little. He smirked and continued kissing you.

peromy-march  asked:

Short essay question: in the following tickle fights, which participants would win? Dean vs Sam, Cas vs Dean, Sam vs Cas? For bonus points, in a three-way fight, what alliances would form against whom?

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A few years ago I started writing a story told from the point of view of a competitive bodybuilder. I abandoned it pretty quickly, but a fellow writer friend has persuaded me that it might be worth sharing again. I’ll probably use parts of this for a future story! 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional bodybuilder? To live every single day of your life as a monstrously huge 220 lbs muscle man with biceps bigger than the average mans head? To walk down the street and have everyone stop, stare and shriek at your excessive size and freaky appearance? Have you ever imagined what goes though the mind of a bodybuilder when he’s standing on stage in front of an adoring audience, in nothing but a pair of skimpy posing trunks, plastered from head to toe in competition tan, every single inch of his body huge and pumped and exploding with ripped, carved out, superhuman muscle, hitting pose after pose after pose, making his enormous muscles expand, flex, twitch, dance and blow up to a thousand screams of approval?

My name is Shaun “The Freak” Henderson, I’m a 30 year old, professional, British born bodybuilder, and this is a no holds barred, completely honest, sometimes shocking reveal of exactly what it’s like inside the mind of a man who has taken his body to the absolute muscle extreme and has transformed himself into nothing short of a muscle freak. An excessively muscular, superhuman sized, God-like muscle freak.

This is my revealing journey from the skinny teenager, who used to sneak into his older brother’s bedroom when he was home alone to use his dumbbells because he was too embarrassed to let anyone know he secretly wanted to be muscular, to one of the biggest and most monstrous muscle men on the planet, who causes gasps, shrieks and cheers of applause just from simply standing on a stage, naked except for a small, shiny, brightly coloured posing pouch.

From my first, humble experiences of muscle growth and the reactions I received from other people who were shocked and impressed by my growth, to possessing twenty inch biceps and thighs so big that I have to buy my pants from specialist stores and clothing companies and being unable to walk to the grocery store without having people literally stop to stare at me.

From being scared and intimidated to talk to bodybuilders at the gym, who had competed in a couple of local amateur competitions, to forming friendships with some of the biggest and most well respected bodybuilders in the world.

From the first time I nervously stepped on to a bodybuilding stage, wearing nothing but baggy posing trunks, and a facial expression which resembled a rabbit in a headlight, to stomping and strutting around stages at some of the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world, in trunks which completely failed to cover up the outrageously huge, hard, muscular buttocks and had no choice but to reside in my crack, flexing my incredible, otherworldly muscle mass while contorting my face into the most outrageously arrogant expressions imaginable.

Before I start, I should describe what I currently look like. I’m 5’ 9 and 220 pounds of densely thick, freakishly carved out, monstrously massive muscle.

My bull like traps are so big and pumped it’s a miracle I haven’t gone deaf. Every time I crank out one of my insane muscle popping crab most muscular poses, the half watermelon-like muscles resting either side of my neck explode up to my earlobes like they’re trying to rip clean through my freakishly thin, tan painted skin.

My insanely monstrous boulder delts look like they’d destroy any door frame I came into contact with. My skin is wrapped so tight around those hard dense shoulder muscles I fear one day I’ll flex too hard and it will rip. And each of my grapefruit sized delts are decorated with the craziest, freakiest striations. When I’m competition conditioned, I don’t even have to be flexing; I look down and the striations are just there, making me look like I’m some kind of overly muscular, lab mutated freak of nature straight out of a superhero film.

My pecs look like two insatiably thick, full to burst balloons of flesh and beef exploding off my chest. They’re so dense and juicy they literally look like they are in battle with each other for space on my torso. They twitch, and jump, and dance and wriggle at the slightest of movements, like they have a mind of their own, and both pecs are separated by a groove so deep one could lose all ten fingers in there for a week.

Each of my two biceps look like softballs, which have been surgically implanted underneath my paper thin skin. When I bring my arms up and flex out a front double bicep pose, every audience of every show I compete in erupts in loud applause, cheers, and gasps. Each bicep has a freaky, snake like vein running down it, and to compliment my rock hard, marble to the touch guns, are my flat out freaky looking, horseshoe triceps, which erupt in lines when tensed to maximum effort, to match the crazy striations in my shoulders.

My insanely tight midsection is made up of six outrageously thick, slightly frantically shaped, wavy lined blocks of abdominal muscle, which burst through my stomach like they’re trying their damn hardest to escape from the prison of my inhumanly thin, Saran wrapped skin. All six of my incredible abs are separated by the deepest lines. The closer I get to competition day, the further my abs pop out of my stomach, and the deeper and more prominent the lines separating them become.

My inhumanly thick, impressively flared quads are so wide it looks like someone’s sprinkled magic fairy dust on two tree trunks and they’ve sprung to life. Not only is every thick, rock hard muscle on each leg separated by the deepest, most insanely prominent line to match the lines separating my ab blocks, but each muscle is splattered with the thinnest, craziest, freakiest looking veins.

And then, of course, there are my glutes. To say my glutes are thick is an understatement. A fellow pro bodybuilder once said in an interview that I was the only white man he’d ever met with a bigger butt than him. I won’t always be the biggest guy on the bodybuilding stage, but one thing is almost guaranteed, I’ll always have the biggest and most freakishly striated glutes. Not only does my arse look like two bowling balls blowing for miles out of the back of my shiny posing trunks, but when I tense and flex, my glutes shrivel up and erupt with a thousand freaky lines and striations. There are more lines on my arse than on an average fucking train track.

Like most well known pro bodybuilders, there are a number of things that I’m famous for. I’m famous for being one of the most successful British bodybuilders of the past decade, I’m famous for my stage presence, my playful, animated, quirky posing routines, and my outrageously cocky posing, I’m famous for having one of the biggest and best asses in the business, and I’m famous for my conditioning. My flat out freaky, beyond shredded, barely human conditioning. When I’m on that stage on competition day, I’m so fucking ripped that almost every member of that audience will probably be wondering whether it hurts. I always, always compete in the most insanely shredded condition possible. I won’t step on to that stage unless I’m sliced and diced to perfection, and every single body part looks like it’s been razor cut with an incredibly sharp knife. I may not always be the biggest, but I’ll be damned if I’m not the best conditioned, and most inhumanly ripped dude proudly standing on that bodybuilding stage, wowing the audience, and shocking the world with my alien-like rips and cuts.

  • Mayor: I don't like 'em
  • Boy: He ain't do nothin' tho
  • Mayor: I don't give a fuck
  • *walks into mansion*
  • Mayor: The fuck is that?
  • Maestro: boo lol
  • Townspeople: SHIT!
  • Maestro: did I scare you?
  • Mayor: I ain't never scared
  • Maestro: lol you ain't gotta lie
  • Mayor: you scary, weird, freaky lookin' freaky-freak!
  • Townspeople: What he said!
  • Maestro: lol Y'all hatin
  • Maestro: Wanna play a game though?
  • Mayor: Fuck no
  • Maestro: Bitch, don't be rude
  • Woman: You real cool and all but I think imma leave
  • Maestro: lmao stay your ass right there
  • *giggles* is this scary?
  • Townspeople: you ain't funny
  • Maestro: IS THIS SHIT SCARY?!?!
  • Townspeople: OH SHIT!
  • Townspeople: We wanna go home!
  • Maestro: lol too late
  • Maestro: ~*MEET DA FAMILY*~
  • *ghosts and ghouls materialize*
  • Maestro and friends: ain't nobody fuckin' wit our clique
  • *starts epic dance routine*
  • Mayor: that don't phase me
  • Maestro: o rlly?
  • *turns into skeleton*
  • Townspeople: aw damn
  • *turns into super ghoul*
  • Townspeople: AW SHIT
  • Mayor: wtf
  • Super Ghoul: lol you's a lil bitch
  • *possesses mayor and makes him dance*
  • Townspeople: ayyyyye lmao
  • Mayor: STOP THIS SHIT!
  • Possessed Mayor: lol i'm a lil bitch
  • Townspeople: That ain't cute
  • Mayor: Damn is this shit over??
  • Maestro: lol not quite
  • Maestro: Y'all want me to leave?
  • Townspeople: nah you straight
  • Mayor: bye bitch!!
  • Maestro: fuck you then
  • Maestro: I'm out
  • *turns to dust*
  • Townspeople: nuuuuuuuuu
  • Mayor: lol bye
  • Maestro: LMAO HAY BITCH!
  • Townspeople: yaaay it's over!
  • Boy: das what u think

After reading the description of the new Monster High: Dance the Fright Away collection, I believe the new looks are kind of like a flashback from the current Monster High. They mention how they are opening Monster High, and they are celebrating it, which makes me think Monster High is planning on explaining the past of what we had since 2008! I could be wrong, but this could be a possibility. Also, the dolls/movie have a more ‘younger’ look to them, right? I still dislike them though… Thoughts? Here are the descriptions below:

Frankie and Draculaura -
The students of Monster High unite to revel in the opening of the iconic high school, and the ghouls are wearing their beast for the celebration
Draculaura and Frankie Stein dolls are flawsome in party dresses with metallic details, fancy shimmer and glam ghoul makeup
Each comes with three photo Booth props for each mean lots of photo ops
Includes fashions and freaky fabulous accessories
Collect all of the Monster High character dolls!
Long Description: In the new Monster High story “Dance the Fright Away,” the students of Monster High unite to revel in the opening of the iconic high school, and the ghouls are wearing their beast for the celebration! Draculaura and Frankie Stein dolls are flawsome in party dresses with metallic details, fancy shimmer and glam ghoul makeup. Three photo booth accessories for each mean lots of photo ops. Draculaura doll, daughter of Dracula, is to-die-for in her signature pink and black with a metallic shoulder piece and vampire details, a web-themed hairpiece, black shoes, heart-shaped makeup and three props for photo booth moments that include a Skullette. Frankie Stein doll, daughter of Frankenstein, is voltageous in her signature plaid in lightning bright metallics, bolt-detailed heels, lightning-themed makeup and three props for photo Booth fun that include a lightning bolt.

Clawdeen, Cleo and Lagoona -
The students of Monster High unite to revel in the opening of the iconic high school, and the ghouls are wearing their beast for the celebration
Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile and Lagoona Blue dolls are flawsome in party dresses and glam ghoul makeup
Each comes with three photo Booth props for each mean lots of photo ops
Includes fashions and freaky fabulous accessories
Collect all of the Monster High character dolls!
Long Description: In the new Monster High story “Dance the Fright Away,” the students of Monster High unite to revel in the opening of the iconic high school, and the ghouls are wearing their beast for the celebration! Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile and Lagoona Blue dolls are flawsome in party dresses and glam ghoul makeup. A photo Booth accessory inspired by the ghoul’s legacy means lots of photo ops. Clawdeen Wolf doll is fierce in a dress with moon, zipper and animal print details, green crescent moon makeup and wolfish photo accessory. Cleo de Nile doll comes alive in a red dress with a blue and gold wrap, Egyptian prints, snake-detailed shoes and jewelry, gem makeup detail and a golden symbolic photo piece. Lagoona Blue doll makes waves in dress with sea-themed print, floaty ruffles, pearly starfish on her shoes, starfish makeup and a star mask accessory for the photo booth.

So…I wanted to watch Freaky Friday when I got home but they took it off of Netflix. I have the DVD, but Netflix was so much easier. I needed Chad’s face on my screen and Netflix just ruined it. I still love it though. I might just watch House of Wax in a little bit instead. I have the DVD so I’ll just do that and since I bought myself snacks before coming home I’ll be all set for this. Right now I’m going to dance.

Can We Talk About How This OTHER Conversation Should Have Gone Something Like This...

(sequel to this post

“The time for making deals is done. Just as I am done…with you.”

“Wait! You can’t be done with me. Because it will take me a long, long, long time, but eventually, I will open myself up wide enough to fall in love with you. I promise I’ll teach you about Jell-O, I’ll save you from a freaky shadow, I will give you my first dance at my first royal ball, I’ll touch your face a lot, (I mean it. A lot.) I’ll constantly tease you about how old you are, I’ll give up my magic just to feel you breathe, I’ll drink rum with you, I’ll make sure you know you’re a hero, I’ll watch Netflix with you, I’ll constantly, constantly worry about your safety, I’ll tearfully kiss you goodbye even though that’s not my thing, I’ll learn to trust you, I will never abandon you a second time, (sorry about the beanstalk) I’ll always quote things to keep you on your toes, I will absolutely not let you spend a night in a New York prison, I’ll snuggle against you for warmth, I’ll stick up for you when my parents doubt you, I’ll make sure you’re safe if you ever find yourself in the hospital, I will tell you everything, I’ll hold your hand, I’ll walk down the street with my chin on your shoulder, I’ll sigh with relief when you walk through doors, I’ll introduce you to my son, I’ll ride a horse with you, I’m a really tough person, but nevertheless, I’ll frequently need you to hold me, I’ll teach you how to sword fight if you ever forget how, I’ll come outside to see you when I know you’re feeling alone, I’ll reassure you whenever you’re feeling freaked out, I’ll never actually go back to anywhere where you aren’t, (even if I continuously say I will) I’ll ask you out on dates, I’ll heal you whenever I can, I’ll have coffee with you in the mornings, I’ll hold onto your coat lapels very often,  I’ll always choose to see the best in you, I will tackle you and make you giggle and knock you over, you’ll always be on my list of reasons, I’ll always lean in after we kiss, (Just a little more?) I’ll cry rivers and rivers of tears over you, I’ll always listen, I’ll hold onto your hook and treat you like you’re whole, (because you are) I’ll sit next to you and stand next to you and ugh, I’ll just love being next to you, I’ll make you jealous, I’ll believe you when you tell me you’re a survivor, I will try so, so, so, hard to make sure that you are, I will split my heart in half for you, I’ll let you break down all my walls, one by one, I’ll put my hand on your chest all the time, just to make sure you’re okay, and I will fight for our future harder than I’ve ever fought for anything in my entire life. So no, pirate. You are not done with me. I hope you never will be.”