that was a fantastic well deserved slap

Fic: Piece of Cake

Summary: Anonymous said: Kurt’s had a stressful day and really needs cheesecake. He’s in line at his favourite bakery when the really cute guy in front of him buys the last cheesecake…

A/N: I seem to have misplaced my writing skills and in an attempt to find them I thought it would be a good idea to try and fill some old prompts. This is what happened.

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It’s been a long week. A really, really fucking long week.

And now it’s the weekend, and instead of sleeping in and getting to relax Kurt has been up since six-thirty to meet up with a study group that couldn’t meet any other time of the week, spent two endless hours back at the loft practicing with Rachel for their duet assignment, and then worked a six-hour shift at the Spotlight Diner where one customer spilled coffee all over him, another one tried to grope him and then called him some very unflattering names when Kurt slapped his hand away, and his boss just informed him that he’s gonna have to come in tomorrow as well because apparently Dani has the flu and has called in sick.

It’s … not been the best day. Not the best week before that.

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