that was a bit unfair

the signs feeling intense anger

Every sign can reach the stage when the mind just ‘quits’, no matter how laid back they are. check mars and moon!

Aries: She feels no anger. She feels rage. The intensity, the strong, sometimes short but intense feeling of emotions was something she was familiar with, but what she did hate was the feeling of anger she could mostly never shake off. It was always there with her, she let her rage out and it seemed like an exploding volcano. All she saw was red, there was too much energy flowing inside her bones that she could not get rid off and so she let out her anger, and she did not care who would see her like that. ‘I am fire and you will get burned.’

Taurus: He was angry. Angry with the world, angry with this unsteadiness, angry with the fact, that he could not do anything to stop the current situation. Long, slim hands pulled him out of his nest and threw him hard on the ground. He flinched as a cold breeze came and took away all his warmth. “No, do not take everything away from me!!”, he screamed but the dark did not listen. Gritting his teeth he felt his temper raging, long horns started to grow out of his head and he shook his head, trying to get rid of the feeling of losing himself. 

Gemini: Emotions were an construct. A map with a thousand of points, connected with each other by a small, small string. No there was a knot in the strings, there and there was nothing else he could do to untie them, to clear up this mess in his head. It was like the road for his thoughts was blocked and now everything just piled up. Irritated he shook his head, even communicating was hard and the knot in his head slowly transformed in his whole body. Then his mind just quit. Rash action. 

Cancer: She could not tame herself anymore, she got hotheaded again and knew the will easily fall in an tantrum again. Followed by this feeling of guilt: why me? Why this unfairness? Why the need to upset others and be upset? In the end a wave of intensity and sadness washed her away before she could get a hold of herself again. And getting back to the surface after being pulled down by the ocean would cost her a lot strength. Strength and a long time of swimming through these endless waters. 

Leo: “I do not like this”. It all started with the feeling of unfairness, adding a a little bit of hurt to the shattered self that lay on the ground. “I cannot let them now I am hurt! I will not allow them to touch me gain that deeply.” She opened her mouth and showed her long, sharp fangs. She roared. It was loud and vibrant. Whetting her claws she narrowed her yellow, fiery eyes. “Pray for yourself”, she whispered before sprinting to her prey. 

Virgo: The head was a like a working space. There were many files and papers he read, worked with, analysed, only to put them into a new file that was stored somewhere in his office. “Wh- what is this?” This certain piece of paper  was not like the others. Unreadable. Impossible to put somewhere, therefore it was just out of order. “I..I have the control..”, he said, his hands starting to shake. “I..I have the control over it…I have the control..”, he repeated unsteady before standing up and shredding the unknown paper. He started breathing hysterically, what was that? This brooding fear inside of him? “Control…”, he said one last time before shattering the mirror and flipping his precious work desk. 

Libra: These thoughts. These worries. These fears. She did not know what to do. How was she supposed to handle? “It is their fault!!”, she cried. But at the same time is was her own fault. She cried quietly, feeling like she wanted to let everything out, but couldn’t reveal herself, because everyone next door was sleeping. She did not want to disturb them with the mess of feelings. “I will ignore it. Swallow it.” But it was far too much to keep on pretending. She felt like being on fire, but she still smiled. A poisonous, deadly smile. Everyone should feel her poison sting inside their veins. 

Scorpio: His anger is intense. It’s like a thunderstorm with roaring thunder inside of him. His heart is beating and he wants to destroy, cry and scream. He wants to let out his darkest thoughts, he wants the world to feel his pain, transformed out of the bitterness. But in the end, he remains silent and waits till everyone left. He could hurt anyone right now, but he know it’ll be no good, knowing that he will destroy for sure if he demonstrates his power. So he balls his fists and closes his door. Outside of his bedroom you can her the thunder roaring. 

Sagittarius: ‘Do not stop me’, was all she thought. These feelings were caging her. No matter what she did to distract herself, the anger would haunt her after all, so the minute it became to much she snapped. She could be free spirited and joyous but deep emotions were something completely different, especially anger. Because she was not only the laughter of joy but indeed the stomp of a herd of wild horses swirling up dust as they made their way through the steppe. There was raw force and energy inside of her and that needed to get out, now. 

Capricorn: Get a hold of yourself. Get a hold of yourself. Now. But there was no way to get himself under control. There was this dam inside of his head that stopped this enormous river of feelings of overflowing. Now, there were little cracks in the once so strong concrete and each of them plainly showed the nerves he lost from time to time. He sat at his desk, swallowed and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the dam broke. The raging float of dark water swallowed him completely. 

Aquarius: She saw it often on other people. Anger. She watched them live it out, stomping with their feet, raging, screaming, shouting. Now? She felt it herself. “I know this, this familiar”, she explained to herself. But familiar did not mean good. She knew her temper tantrums for when she was young. She knew that destructiveness could be a part of it. “I do not want that. I will not.” Suddenly a dark, whispering voice talked to her: “You do not choose to be out of touch. You are not your own master.” She widened her eyes anxiously. And suddenly, it was like she was 7 again. 

Pisces: Anger? Anger, he felt it so deeply, anger and the need to cry out of frustration, he did not want to feel it anymore, the worst thing that ate him alive right now. So he grew bitter. “I can turn nasty”, he thought. “I will be the worst if you make me feel this again.” And so he did. So he became the feeling of anger and bitterness himself. As he looked in the mirror he couldn’t recognize himself anymore. Dark, red eyes starred at him, tears flowing. 

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so.. whos the top?

the one w the top score in Mario Kart is me, yes. It’s completely biased tho cause she’s never played video games and i’ve clearly been in a cave my whole life addicted to games growing up so yeah it’s a bit unfair But she beat me a couple of times so shes had the top score on those instances. you know, that being said, who cares who has high scores, we all know it’s about that time stamp on who can actually complete the lap the fastest i mean that’s all i really care about. sometimes 1st place is luck but those time scores are what actually counts. And we have to also play the same character cause i can’t have her playing bowser and me playing toad and thinking that’s fair like bowsers karts don’t have the same ease of handling and toad has those special boosts so i try to be as fair as i can and we both play the same character and the same kart but really what this means is i’m a petty bitch who will easily use a character as an excuse for a loss so this is a way to check myself and wreck myself cause on that other hand if i win i’m a sore winner and all this really comes down to is we’re both the top u do the math

Isn’t It Rich? Are We a Pair? - All-Broadway All-Musical Narumitsu Fanmix


Hey everyone, I’ve started the process of reuploading my old fanmixes to Playmoss so that people can actually LISTEN to them ever since 8tracks started sucking. So the obvious choice for the first one is my pride and joy, my sappy romantic All-Broadway fanmix for Phoenix/Miles from Ace Attorney.

Fanmix cover art by mustachossom.

Tracklist and notes under the cut here.

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nude wars — preview

pt1 | pt2 preview

pairings: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: smut, touches of fluff / frat!yoonkook

description: Okay sure, maybe having a threesome with two best friends from the same frat wasn’t the smartest thing you’d ever done. But hey, when the result was them vying for your attention in the form of scandalous snaps, breathy audio messages, and unspeakable texts, well then the decision definitely wasn’t that bad.

— Or alternatively, your phone getting caught in the middle of Yoongi and Jungkook constantly trying to one-up each other in a war of sexting (and just maybe romantics).

note: so I know pt2 was supposed to come out today, but I’ve been sick for the past week and a half and I actually ended up having to go to the hospital yesterday bc I guess I wasn’t taking it seriously enough. but yeah, I thought I could at least post a tiny snippet ;;

It took all of five minutes into your shift for the post-sexting depression to kick in. The only word you could use to describe today’s atmosphere at work being completely dead. There were barely any customers to keep you occupied, leaving you to watch the time tick by as your only form of entertainment, second by unbearably miserable second burying you deeper into a realm of inescapable boredom.

And this continued on… For five miserable hours, until you finally managed to gain some relief. Your good friend and co-worker, Jimin, finally coming in to start his shift.

“Someone looks like they had a long night. Let me guess, another late night on greek row?” He snickered, making his way behind the counter to join you.

“Haha, very funny, but… Yeah,” You ended up admitting, causing chuckles to fall from both of you.

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i have nowhere else to complain about this but someone posted an audio post of Arin only somewhat understanding what cisgender meant from like 1 year ago and i hate when people will do anything to make someone look bad

i think ‘only somewhat understanding‘ is a very generous description of that conversation. however, i do still think that it’s a bit unfair to post stuff that’s over a year old, with the sole intention of making arin look bad. there’s no denying that he was absolutely clueless about was cisgender meant in that clip, but since then they’ve talked a lot about trans related topics on the show. they’ve also discussed how terminologies related to lgbt identities have changed over the years, and how they sometimes struggle to keep up. 

i’m not trans though, so it’s not my place to tell people how to feel about this. however, the grumps have also talked about issues that personally affects me (like bisexuality), and been completely wrong about definitions etc. still, even if they’re sometimes a bit (or very) misinformed when it comes to lgbt issues, i’ve never personally felt that they’ve ever had anything other than good intentions. that, plus the fact that they’ve shown that they’ve willing to learn from their mistakes, is what matters to me

Damon Salvatore - It Was Always You

You’ve always felt something more than friendship towards Damon Salvatore, but you felt like he was always so busy pining after Elena that he wouldn’t even notice you. Yourself and Damon get the chance to spend the day together and it’s so much fun, but you weren’t expecting the day to take the turn that it did.

Damon x Fem!Reader

Warning: Mentions of alcohol

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I love Fantastic Beasts and I think it’s a bit unfair when people compare it to the Harry Potter movies. Most of us grew up with them, so of course they appear more sentimental to us; but for a big part that’s just our nostalgia and our love for Harry. You should judge FB stand-alone, there’s no competition between it and the HP series.

Phan fluff: hide and seek

‘Dan, the family’s coming over in a minute and you’re still in bed!’ said Phil walking into the bedroom. Dan was lying half asleep buried under the covers, he sighed.
'But it’s so warm and comfyyyyy’
'I’ll get the kids to jump on you when they come round’ Phil smirked looking down at his sleepy boyfriend. Dan yawned still making no attempt to move.
'Or how about I jump on you instead?..’
Phil dived onto the bed and pinned Dan down, Dan squirmed and complained.
'ahh hey! I was… I… get off me!’
'not unless you get up’ Phil looked down at him smugly.
'make me’ Dan sulked 'i’m not getting up even if you…’ Dan never got to finish that sentence. Phil began to tickle him mercilessly, Dan squealed uncontrollably with laughter and tried to push Phil off.
'Okay! Okay! I’m going, I’ll go get dressed’
Phil jumped off him triumphantly and giggled as Dan sighed walking into the bathroom.
'Hey you should keep the hobbit hair today, it looks good’

Around half an hour later the house was overridden with various members of Phil’s family, many of which Dan had barely ever even met. It wasn’t as if there was a special occasion or anything, that’s what Dan loved about the Lester’s, they simply decided that they hadn’t seen eachother in a while and decided to get together. Dan and Phil were in the kitchen with various family members, including Phil’s niece and nephew (the two Phil had threatened to make jump on the bed to get Dan up). Evie, a little five year girl was sat on the floor making animal noises and Jack, who was three, was simply stood staring up at Dan. Ever since Dan had joined the family everyone (Particularly the children) seemed to idolize him, and Phil often joked that they wouldn’t even come to visit him if Dan wasn’t here.
'Do you kids want to do anything then?’ Phil said looking down at them 'You look awfully bored’
The kids faces both lit up immediately.
'Hide and seek!’ they chanted. Phil chuckled 'come on then, we can start in the lounge’

Both kids, and Dan (Arguably the same thing) sat cross legged on the floor as Phil was deciding who should go first.
'Me and Dan are on a team, we’ll hide first, and you two will be on a team and try to find us’
'but you and Dan are grown ups! You can’t be on the same team’ sulked Evie.
'Well you and Jack are smaller so you can hide easier’ Dan stuck out his tongue at Evie, who stuck out hers back.
'Okay then we’ll count’ Said Jack excitedly.
'One… Two… Three’

Dan and Phil had been sat in Phil’s wardrobe for about ten minutes now and Dan kept telling Phil off for whispering to loud.
'Okay maybe it was a bit unfair of us to be on the same team’ said Phil, shuffling around in the rather uncomfortably squished closet.
'Hmm if I’d have known it would take this long I would have stayed in bed’
'Oh shut up you’ Phil punched Dan jokingly.
'Make me’ Dan smirked
'you’ve said that twice today’
'what are gonna do This time, tickle me again?’
'No’ Phil was smirking too 'How about this?’
Phil leaned into Dan and pressed their lips together. It caught Dan by surprise in the darkness, he let out a moan of  shock and leaned in closer returning the kiss. Phil pulled on Dan’s shirt, they were so engrossed in the kiss that neither of them noticed the door opening…

'found y…’ Evie and Jack were both stood outside the wardrobe, Jack this time, instead of staring up in awe at Dan was now staring at both of them and Evie didn’t seem to what to do. Dan and Phil turned a bright shade of red.

'Uncle Phil’ Evie seemed to have found her words now 'Are you and Dan in love?’

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Would you ever consider getting a helping hand for gemanimate? Because as far as i can tell, only one person is arranging everything (not including the animators)

I’m currently talking with a current gem-animator (I don’t know if they want to be named yet) who has offered to help out with the next iteration if it goes forward and discussing some options.

To be honest, it’s not so much a question of getting help though. I schedule Gemanimate meticulously to give the animators enough time and so I can complete it within my life schedule. All of the due dates are set for a reason. There’s a reason all the shots were due 12th March. I am a full time background artist who’s work life involved my job load getting harder and heavier into April and May which is why the completion date was set in March.

I know everyone is eager for this to come out, to see the finished product but I can’t make people hand in their shots on time and I can’t change my life schedule.

James Potter x Slytherin

Originally posted by stimulatedman

  • It was a one time thing
  • That’s what James kept saying to himself
  • He had been storming out of the three broomsticks, Merlin knows why
  • And she had been on her own, a bottle of fire whiskey hanging from her fingers
  • Naturally, they were halfway through arguing bitterly about something 
  • James couldn’t even remember what
  • But their faces had got so close
  • Somehow he had her back against a wall, and his hands were either side of her, caging her in
  • The firewhiskey on her lips was making her words sharp and harsh 
  • To James they sounded too true, too real
  • She was prodding at his buttons, building an anger inside of him that was loosening his control 
  • He just needed her to be quiet
  • And that’s when a drunken James did something reckless, and wholly thoughtless 
  • He just leant down 
  • And closed the gap
  • And then he was pressing his hands into her waist, and she was running her fingers through his hair
  • And their lips were doing far more than either of them had planned
  • Her teeth grazing his bottom lip, challenging him to ask for more
  • His tongue tasting firewhiskey and desire
  • And when they pulled away, panting, they’d just stared at each other for a while
  • Until the world slowly came into focus again
  • A world in which this was not a possibility
  • She walked away from him without another word
  • Since that night James became greedy for her 
  • His eyes drifted to her like magnets, and for all his efforts he couldn’t pull his gaze away
  • Couldn’t concentrate in lessons, or pay attention to his friends
  • But she was a Slytherin, she was from a different world, one he’d sworn off a long time ago
  • He had to make it click in his head
  • She wasn’t for him, and he definitely wasn’t for her
  • But when he caught her by the wrist and pulled her into an empty classroom she just laughed
  • “Finally”
  • James quirked an eyebrow 
  • “What?”’
  • She rolled her eyes 
  • “You’ve been staring all week, I wondered when you’d pluck up the courage." 
  • James shook his head, heat rising in his cheeks
  • "I, uh, I wasn’t trying to…" 
  • The girl before him smirked and something stuttered in his chest 
  • "Wasn’t trying to see if it was as good the second time?” She challenged, teasingly “Then what did you bring me here for?" 
  • James floundered 
  • "I, uh, wanted the… transfiguration homework" 
  • She quirked an eyebrow, taking a step closer and making James’s heart beat double
  • "You mean, the transfiguration homework you have… in your hand?" 
  • She smirked, sliding a roll of parchment from his fingers
  • "Yeah, that” James breathed, his head already spinning 
  • Their noses were almost touching now 
  • “Come on, I thought, Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.” She taunted 
  • The corners of James’s mouth twitched upwards, and he couldn’t help himself
  • Couldn’t stop his hands drifting either side of her face
  • “And I thought…” He couldn’t finish the sentence without pressing his lips to hers “Slytherins… were supposed…to be…bad…kissers.”
  • She moaned softly, mouthing along his neck and bringing her lips back to his for just long enough to prove that the second time was, in fact, much better than the first 
  • “It’s not the first time you’ve been wrong, Potter.” 
  • She was gone before he was ready
  • James leaned his head against the wall and let out a long breath
  • Fuck
  • It was a downward spiral from there
  • Just one more time, he told himself, as his fingers locked around hers and doors closed behind them
  • She was always so soft, so warm
  • “Stop running away every time I kiss you.” James murmured into her neck
  • The smell of her perfume making him dizzy 
  • “If it bothers you, stop kissing me.”
  • “I don’t want to.” He hummed
  • Each stolen moment pulled James further under
  • He always faced the Slytherin table in the great hall
  • His fingers would twitch when she flicked her loose curls over her shoulder
  • He started using the map, stealing her wherever he could
  • She would always smile, and slide her hand to the back of his neck, pulling him close for a few moments of bliss
  • Of course it would come crashing down on him, he knew that
  • But when every time was the last time
  • Fuck, he couldn’t resist
  • Until he saw it, right there in transfiguration class
  • Avery’s hand on the small of her back 
  • James’s whole body froze
  • Avery’s thumb was rubbing her waist
  • He blinked, trying to control the fire that felt like it was consuming his insides
  • It took him three days
  • Three days of finally averting his eyes from her
  • Facing away from her in the great hall, and in each and every lesson they had together
  • Avoiding her gaze every time they passed in the corridor
  • Three full days without his touch, or even a glance, for her to snap
  • She marched up to him right in the middle of the great hall
  • “I need to speak to you, Potter.” Her voice trembled for a split second as her fingers closed around his wrist
  • She marched him away before anyone had a moment to stop them
  • When they were finally alone she shoved him hard in the chest
  • “What is it?” She snapped. “You’ve stopped looking at me, you’ve stopped everything. Why?”
  • James squinted. Her voice sounded different, there was an edge to it that hadn’t been there before. 
  • And her eyes, they almost looked… he shook his head
  • “You’re with Avery.” James shrugged. 
  • She looked at him as if he’d just suggested she was screwing Dumbledore
  • “I most certainly am not.” She snapped. 
  • Something in James’s chest expanded and contracted at the same time
  • “He’s all over you.” James said lowly. “Makes sense.”
  • She let out a short, high laugh
  • “Potter. Are you jealous?” 
  • James shook his head “Don’t have anything to be jealous of.”
  • He tried to ignore the ache pulling in his chest 
  • “Don’t be an idiot.” She snapped, her voice wavering again
  • James felt a familiar anger in the pit of his stomach
  • Me? We’re both being idiots if we think this can work. I can’t kiss you every spare minute and then watch another guy touching you and not be able to do anything about it. I can’t hold you knowing I’ll have to let go of you at any second. It’s not fair.”
  • James was already moving for the door
  • Her hand was grabbing at his arm, pulling him back, but it was the wavering “please” that made him stop
  • “James, I’m yours. No one else’s.”
  • It was the wobble in her voice that made him turn
  • And the slight wet glisten in her eyes that made him sigh, and wind his arms around her 
  • “I know we have to keep it secret.” She whispered, resting her chin on his jumper so she could look up at him. “But you know what would be more unfair?”
  • She bit her lip. “Not being together at all.” Her voice was still shaky
  • “Just a little piece of you…” She murmured. “It’s better than nothing.”
  • James looked down at the big, round eyes below him
  • He shook his head, grappling between the desire to do what was sensible, and what he wanted
  • “C’mere.” He murmured, dipping his head to touch his lips to hers
  • He never had been particularly sensible
So, my wife and I were having a discussion about the wonderful creation of Pam the HR lady by the fandom and this kind of happened…

Pam walks into the break room at Quantico and looks for the coffee machine; she was going to need a hit of caffeine if she was going to make it through the early morning start. She hadn’t been to Quantico since her original induction, but with the DEO becoming known to other agencies, she was now required to attend the yearly inter-bureau briefing. She nods at a few of the other people present as she fills a mug and inhales deeply.

The caffeine hits her bloodstream as they’re called through to the conference room. They all filter through and Pam takes a seat around the tables that had been arranged into an L formation.

One by one they were asked to introduce themselves and the agency they worked for and Pam feels a sense of relief at finally being able to state that she worked for the DEO, rather than her usual vague answer. What she wasn’t expecting was all the eyes watching her to go wide and a cacophony of noise to fill her ears, one question louder than all the rest;

Which of the Agent Danvers stories are true? They can’t all possibly be true.

Pam chuckles, she had a feeling once it was know she worked for the DEO, stories about a certain Alex Danvers were certain to surface.

‘They’re all true’ she replies with a shrug. She’s a pain in my arse she added in her head.

‘But…’ a young agent stutters, his eyes wide as he watches the HR manager for the FBI nod.

‘All. Of. Them’ Pam states, enjoying the look on the agents face, she was well aware of the rumours that had been going around for years about Agent Danvers and the ‘legendary’ status she had picked up among other agents.

There is silence until the same young agent pipes up again, ‘so she really did fly a spaceship to save Supergirl?’

‘Preposterous!’ an older man in a military uniform yells out. ‘I’ve head many stories about this… this Agent Danvers and refuse to believe that she piloted a spacecraft without any prior training or advance notice! The paperwork alone…’

Pam stays silent and instead reaches into her bag where she had stowed the paperwork she needed to file with the FBI today; the paperwork relating to the second time Alex Danvers had taken it upon herself to fly a spaceship.

‘The paperwork wasn’t any easier the second time around…’ Pam smiles sweetly as she places the paperwork on the table in front of her.

The room erupts once again and Pam just smiles.

The following week Pam opens up the tenth email that day requesting that she holds a HR training session at the DEO. She shakes her head and wonders if they think she doesn’t know the only reason they want to come to the DEO is to meet Agent Danvers.

Her phone rings and she picks it up, pretty sure in who is on the other end. Sure enough, Director Henshaw speaks first, ‘Pam, do you know why I’m being inundated with requests from other agencies for training sessions here?’

‘I do Director, it seems our Agent Danvers is somewhat of a legend at Quantico…’

‘Ah, let me guess, they all want to meet her?’

‘Yes Sir, I’m sorry, I’ll sort this out.’

Pam hangs up and emails Maura the HR Manager at the FBI;

Maura, you have to tell Agent Roberts to stop harassing my Director! Just leave it with me, I’ll figure something out.

Pam decides that she can’t exactly have a ton of agents descend upon the DEO, the only other option is to send Agent Danvers on a field trip…

She shoots a quick email off to Alex explaining that she is required to go to Quantico to pass their training in order to keep her fake FBI badge, now that the DEO is a known organisation to them.

A month later Agent Danvers strides into the training facility with Pam at her side.

‘So I just need to pass the training?’ Alex questions.

‘Yes. To the rest of the world, you’re officially Alex Danvers, FBI. They didn’t take kindly to us faking your credentials, so have decided you need to actually obtain them…’ Pam explains, rather pleased with her cover story.

‘Understood. But that doesn’t explain why you’re here?’

‘To make sure the paperwork between the FBI and the DEO match up…’ Pam replies vaguely. In truth, she couldn’t wait to see how the other Agents reacted to Agent Danvers.

Pam spotted the young agent, Agent Li, from the briefing and smiled. Agent Rogers was also waiting in the training room, bouncing happily from foot to foot in excitement. Alex nodded towards them before entering the changing room to get ready.

The first few physical challenges, Alex passes with ease; simulations of various situations, requiring her to act quickly, shooting targets to avoid danger. As she exits the room, Agent Rogers looks like he’s about to pass out with excitement; she had set a new high score on her first attempt. Pam is filled with pride.

Next is the sparring match, in which new recruits are usually paired against each other. A dark haired woman steps forwards, her hand outstretched, ‘Agent Rizzoli’ she introduces herself, ‘we thought it was a bit unfair to pair you with a rookie…’ Alex laughs as she shakes Agent Rizzoli’s hand.

The pair are evenly matched and soon a small crowd has amassed to watch; money is quickly changing hands as various bets are made. Finally, Alex manages to pin Agent Rizzoli, winning the match. She stands and offers her hand to help the other agent up.

Finally, Alex is taken to the shooting range; by now there are roughly fifty other people crammed into the tiny side room to watch. To no one’s surprise, Alex gets a perfect score in the first round. Deciding she wants to show off a little and also because she’s a tiny bit pissed at being made to jump through all these hoops, she reaches down to her leg to pull out her favourite gun, the one she knew she probably shouldn’t have brought, but there was no way she was leaving her baby at home where Maggie could claim it.

Pam is out of the door and on the shooting range in a flash.

Alex barely has it raised to eye level before she hears a voice behind her.

‘Put it DOWN Agent Danvers’ Pam booms.

Damn it Alex thinks, before lowering it sheepishly.

‘You were under strict instructions not to bring your gun!’

‘But!’ Alex pouts.

‘No buts Agent Danvers… Give it here’ Pam holds out her hand, ‘you can have it back when we return to the DEO.’

Everyone’s jaws drop as they watch badass Agent Danvers slink over to Pam the tiny HR woman and hand over her gun.

Pam nods and heads back into the side room, alien gun in hand, to a captive audience.

‘I think we’re done here’ she states, ‘I expect Agent Danver’s FBI paperwork to be on my desk by the end of the week.’

Rumours still fly around the various agencies about the antics of Agent Danvers, but with a new addition; the tiny woman who can make Agent Danvers relinquish her weapon, just by raising her voice… Pam becomes a legend in her own right.

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Could I get a scenario and/or headcanons of the chocobros with a chubby s/o? Sorry if it's a weird request;; I need the self-esteem after being called fat a lot recently :,)

Noctis wouldn’t mind your size at all. If you take away the fact that he’s royalty, he’s acutely aware that he’s a total dork. So the fact that someone likes him for being himself amazes him. He knows you adore him completely, and he’s totally devoted to you. He always makes sure that you’re showered in love and attention and makes sure that people acknowledge you when you’re in social situations or meeting newcomers. 

Prompto used to be bigger, so he knows the societal pressure that people put on you and he thinks it’s totally unfair. He loves every bit of you––your stomach, your thighs, your arms, and he tells you so every day. He loves taking photos of you and showing them to you so that you can see yourself through his eyes, and so you can see just how beautiful you truly are. 

Gladio enjoys physical activity, but he never pushes you if you’re not into it. He doesn’t mind if you’re on the chubbier side, it’s just more of you to hold onto when you’re being intimate. He’s fiercely protective of you when it comes to your self-esteem issues and he’ll be the first to go after someone who says anything sideways in your direction. He just wants you to be comfortable in your own skin.

When Ignis goes blind, you get a little more self conscious because he’s touching you constantly. But he assures you that he absolutely loves your curves. He didn’t care either when he could see, which he reminds you of constantly, and enjoys indulging in rich foods with you whenever it suits your fancy. You enjoy food and Ignis enjoys cooking––really, it’s a match made in heaven.

anonymous asked:

Leonard snart x reader? Maybe some angst that ends in a happy ending of fluff and smut?

Sorry I took so long to get this done for you sweet anonymous human. There’s angst and fluff. Not really a smutty story, maybe a little titillation. Hope you like it if not I can try again.

Warning wise I’d say hints of an abusive ex. Hints of possible murder


Broken Door

      Huddled in an alley behind a dumpster, you had hoped your ex-husband hadn’t seen you. How was he able to find you? You scream when hands grabbed you.

     Familiar hands, friendly hands. “Wake up, kitten.” You stopped screaming. “You are having a nightmare.” The soothing sound of your friend’s voice. “Calm down or you’ll hurt yourself and me.”

     “Len?” He was so close to your face. Leonard looked concerned. “How’d you  get in?”

     “You were screaming. So I let myself in.” He was still in his parka, he and Mick must have been up to mischief. “I sent Mick to buy you a new door.”

     “You broke my door?”

     “As I said you were screaming, I let myself in.” What he didn’t say was that he was worried. But it was there in his tone. He took off his coat and and hung it on the doorknob of your closet door. Leonard sat down on the bed and sat quietly a bit before speaking, “He won’t ever hurt you again.”  

     You never asked what they did to him to make him leave. In the back of your mind you knew he was dead and that your friends had something to do with it. “I know.” You wrapped your arms around Leonard needing that human contact, he tensed up.

     Leonard was never really a hugger, he was hesitant about returning the hug. But he didn’t want you to pull away, so he pulled you into his lap and hugged you close breathing in your scent, committing it to memory. You were suppose to be his, he let you slip away and you came back, but he kept hesitating. “You never should have been with him, (y/n).”

     “I know that, now.” You whispered softly. You were where you wanted to be for so long, but even now his holding back was frustrating. “I’m not broken, Len. You won’t cut yourself on my sharp edges.”

       Leonard let out the breath he seemed to be holding. “Never said you were broken, kitten.” You pulled back slightly, letting him see your face. His eyes saying everything his voice wouldn’t say. “I won’t let anyone take you away from me again.” The words left his lips and you kissed him. He ran a hand through your hair, then took control of the kiss. Feeling lightheaded you broke the kiss.

       “Promise?” A whispered question as you shifted in his lap causing Leonard to moan involuntarily.

       “Yes.” he knew better than to do such things, make promises, but he couldn’t refuse. You bit your lip and Leonard leaned back in to steal another kiss. His soft chuckle as he realized you were trying to undo his pants, “What are you doing, kitten?”

       “Helping you get comfortable.” You tugged at his shirt to free it from his pants.

       “Should I help you?” That amused look on his face when you nodded. In one swift move he pushed you off his lap back onto the bed. You had let out a little yelp when he did that, “What other cute little noises do you make, (y/n)?” Leonard yanked off his shirt.

        “Pants, too.” he chuckled at that.

        “Seems a bit unfair, me stripping down while you keep on your clothes, kitten.” He let his pants fall to the floor.

        “Then come take them off me, Len.” You let out a squeal when he jumped on the bed. You tried to roll out of reach but he was too fast for you. Giggling as he straddled you to keep you from escaping.

        Leonard reached down and slowly started unbuttoning your top, “No Bra?” He arched an eyebrow at you. He shifted so you could sit up, slipping off your shirt, before pinning you down. “Do you really want this, (y/n)?” That hesitation again.

       “Do you, Len?” You bit your lip again, afraid he’d pull away. He seemed to make up his mind because he brought his lips close to your ear, the warmth from his breath caused a reaction in your body.

         “I’ve always wanted this, kitten.” gentle kisses along your neck, gasping when he bit your neck, it wasn’t a hard bite, just enough to elicit the response he desired to hear. “Do I keep going?”

         “Please.” Just one word and he used a hand to lightly caress along your ribcage slowly inching it upwards until he cupped one of your breasts in his hand. Leonard ran his thumb over a nipple watching as it stiffened with each pass of his thumb. He did the same to your other breast, smiling at the little soft whimpers you made.

         He captured your lips again, he pinched a nipple and you let out a yelp that was quickly swallowed with his kiss. His tongue sliding against yours as he let his hand trail slowly down your chest, coming to rest on your stomach. You wanted his hand to go lower, “Should we keep going, kitten?” Leonard asked as he broke the kiss, you nodded. “Words.”

        “Yes.” The word barely audible. That hand slowly sliding below the waistband of your panties. And then there were footsteps, Leonard rolled off you pulling the blanket over you as he glanced around looking for a weapon.

       Mick stopped in the doorway, “Got the door.” He glanced at the scene before him, “I’ll go wait out here then.”

       “Yes, you should probably do that.” Leonard said flatly. “Close the bedroom door as well.” Mick shut the door, you could both here him chuckling as his footsteps faded. “Damn.” Leonard let out a sigh. “Raincheck?” You sat up letting the blanket slide off you, giving an innocent smile, Leonard didn’t even bother to look away. “That’s not very nice, kitten.” He grabbed you, pulling you close so he could kiss you, running his hands through your hair, deepening the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck, your breasts pressed against his chest.

      “You need to go fix my door, Len.” He pulled away reluctantly, “you can sleep here tonight.”

      “There won’t be much sleeping tonight, (y/n).”

       I hope that’s a promise.” All you got was a smirk as he left the room.