that was a bit rude



“Where’s the body?” 

His tone was as harsh as his entrance.  

Claire stopped, and faced her intruder.  “And you are?” she asked, hands on hips.

James paused.  He gave a ghost of a smile.  “Sorry.  I’m Detective Sergeant James Fraser,” he stepped forward to shake her hand. “And a body was removed from a crime scene before I got there. So, I’m a wee bit fashed. Didna mean to be so rude.”

Claire was impressed.  She didn’t know too many officers who admitted to being frazzled.  They were always about control, but this one looked a bit sheepish. She took his hand.  It was warm, firm, and swallowed her own.  She looked into his face, and was met with a pair of deep blue eyes.  Unwavering. Honest eyes.  

Something danced on the edge of her mind.  

“The body is here,” Claire said, finally letting go.  “I haven’t started yet.  I need to prepare first.”

James nodded.  The bones of her hand were delicate.  Hard to imagine this waif of a woman tearing through dead people.  

“Can I see him?  I mean, while you do that.”  James asked.  

Claire considered for a moment.  “No.  You can stay if you like, and watch the autopsy, but no.  I won’t have evidence contaminated.”

“Aye,” James said.  “I’ll wait.”

Claire prepared the table, gathered her necessary instruments on a tray, gowned herself, and then went for the body.  When she was ready she adjusted her microphone, and got to work. 

She was thorough, James could see that.  She dictated everything, cataloged each piece of clothing, noted every scar, birthmark, and tattoo.  He watched her work.  Steadily.  Carefully.  Confidently.  Her voice was strong, competent, and quite easy to listen to.  She captured his attention, in more ways than one. Curls riotous around her head, which sometimes hid her face.  Her whisky coloured eyes never missed a thing.  She stirred him in ways a female hadn’t in a long while, which was why he found himself wondering what she looked like under that voluminous lab coat.  

She was, quite simply, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.  

And the most interesting.  

Because at one point he could have sworn he’d seen her close her eyes and shake her head, as if something was buzzing around inside her brain. When she opened her eyes, she made a quick notation on a legal pad that sat off to the side, but did not verbalize it.  An off-the-record note.

He maneuvered his body slowly so as not to arouse suspicion.  Taking his time, he crept around the table to see the paper. 

Her handwriting was difficult to make out. It looked like a poison, followed by what might have been Stranger.   

James stared at Claire.  A tiny shiver ran down his spine.  Now how on earth would she know that? 

James sat at his desk.  It was late.  Very late.  He was looking over the M.E.’s notes.  Claire’s notes.  

Tapping the fingers of his right hand, he kept staring at the last line in the report.

“Patient found to have excess saliva build up, showing signs of a breakdown of the muscle tissue, kidney failure, excess toxins in the bloodstream, as well as muscle tissue byproducts in the blood, signs of respiratory failure.  Cause of death:  poison.”

James couldn’t stop thinking about her momentary lapse, and the note on her legal pad. A note she made before cutting the body open.

It’s like she “saw” it, before she saw it.

That ignited his superstitious Scottish mind.  It brought to mind the old Gaelic words parents used to scare little kids into following rules.  Words like sìthiche, Bana-bhuidseach.  He didn’t believe in fairies, or witches, but he wasn’t going to renounce them outright either.  His culture was still his culture, after all.

But the woman intrigued him. In many, many ways.  

Claire lay in her bed thinking about her first autopsy at Scotland Yard.  She’d been careful in her notes, and in her dictation.  She knew what to look for, and made sure to find the physical symptoms to support her knowledge.  

Her gift was a blessing and a curse.

She’d never meant to have an audience, but she thought she’d hid it well.  It was a small vision, and for that she was grateful.  The bigger ones sometimes caused her to faint.  The Detective had been serious, quiet.  He didn’t ask questions, or interrupt her work.  

But he was a distraction.  A damn big one.  With the most extraordinary hair, all copper, and gold.  Intelligence poured from those piercing blue eyes.  

She closed her eyes and saw him again, watching her.  Always watching her.    

Did he know?  Did he see?

He couldn’t have.  It was brief.  Fleeting.  

But the man intrigued her.  In many, many ways.

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I'm very glad your my ADHD dad, my real one is a bit rude about it and extremely critical

I’m sorry, I definitely know what it’s like to have an unsupportive parent in regards to ADHD. I am always here if you need anything.

About my ships...

This is just a random thought that came to me.

I realised a while ago that I barely ship Russel with anyone and I guess this is why:

I ship a shit ton of people with 2d, because he’s really good with relationships. He goes well with many different kinds of people and he’s always really sweet. Also; a lot of people on tumblr seen to suffer from things like depression and anxiety, which all of the members can relate to, but 2d is the most open about it.

I also ship many people with Noodle. I guess the keyword is “outgoing” and you already have a good chance of being shipped with her. She’s just so energetic and happy and she loves to go out and share this wit someone.

Then we have Murdoc, who doesn’t get that many ships. I feel like he would be a bit too cruel and rude for a lot of people and he really needs someone who is resistant to this. He also loves people who can speak up for themselves, but loves it even more when they can still be adorable as hell.

And finally: Russel. Russel is very calm and needs lots of time to think about stuff and have a quiet space around him. It’s because of this that there aren’t too many people who would be perfect for a relationship with him. He needs someone who is calm and thoughtful and for people who are more outgoing, this relationship would be extremely boring.

Feel free to let me know what you think!


This one’s for everyone out there who isn’t celebrating Mother’s Day (in the USA). She doesn’t have to define you. x

This is honestly my favorite page in this whole book, let alone the whole series, so let me break down the various reasons why:

1. Peeves and Lupin clearly already knew each other. This page is your first hint that Remus Lupin may have been a bit of a trouble maker. Peeves already has a song and nicknames for him, and Lupin isn’t a bit surprised.

2. “Rude and unmanageable as he almost always was, Peeves usually showed some respect toward the teachers.” This reminds me of the way Fred and George relate to each other, or to Ginny. Its no surprise that F and G are the closest of the Weasleys, and what good friends they are with Ginny. They offered to send her a toilet seat, they are constantly pranking one another. They don’t show each other respect in the way they would a teacher per say, but respect between pranksters also includes some pranking and teasing among each other right?

This page is your first hint at the relationship between the Marauders and Peeves, and it delights me. Look at instances later of the way Peeves and the twins relate. Its similar.

3. Its like this scene is almost a test from Peeves to Lupin - is Lupin the same as the pranking teenager Peeves once new, or did he grow up?

4. And his answer is in that wonderful spell of Lupin’s. I cannot believe that this teacher, at his first lesson with these students, forcibly shoved a piece of chewing gum up Peeves’ nose. Lupin is clearly not the straight-laced, “play by the rules” type we in this fandom like to characterize him as.

5. Also, what better way to relate to and get on your students good side than to one-up the school poltergeist? Especially when your class is full of thirteen year olds.

6. REMUS. ALREADY. KNEW. DEAN’S. NAME. At this point, Lupin had not yet had a class with the Gryffindor third years. And, with seven years worth of classes times four houses - thats 28 classes worth of students whose names he had to learn. There is no reason he should already know the names of his new students - and yet he does.

And not like it’s Harry’s name either - Dean Thomas is kind of a nobody at this point, but Remus Lupin made it a point to KNOW HIS STUDENT’S NAME BEFORE HE HAD HIM IN CLASS.

7. This whole scene is a DIRECT CONTRAST to the scene before, in Snape’s class. In Snape’s class, we see him play favorites, we see him insult his students, we see him attempt to poison a child’s pet. Here, already, and we’re not even in class, we see Lupin relate to his students, treat them with respect and dignity (on the previous page he says, “Would you please put all your books back in your bags” - he uses “please” and other words that indicate respect). And we see him bother to learn his students names.

Remus John Lupin should’ve been a professor, alright? He should’ve. He’s so good at it. I love him. I love this page. I love POA.

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

comforting the moon signs


Leave them alone. Honestly, just… leave them alone for a while. While not always the case, these folks prefer to calm down first. Aries lunarians tend to react on impulse easily and they’re easily overwhelmed by their emotions so they need to sort that out for themselves in a way. This doesn’t mean you have to (but also might have to) physically leave them alone. Just don’t mention their troubles more than necessary; they might overreact. Let them initiate things on their own.


Just be there; be the rock they failed to be themselves this time. You don’t need to do anything spectacular, just hug them. Mentally be there for them, but physically as well. They might want to talk about it, if so just listen to them vent, but for the moment, don’t try to solve anything. The bull prefers to solve their problems themselves, even though they may appreciate a good piece of advice. Hug them. Make them feel save in your arms. Feel them. Make it obvious you care.


Gemini moons tend to shut down when they’re at a low point, but that surely doesn’t mean they should. Let them communicate their problems. Let them pour their heart out; be interested in their concerns and emotions. However, no matter what they’re saying, what they’re feeling, make sure to see them for who they are. Their emotions are quick to change, the person or situation they’re upset because isn’t what’s (the most) important. It’s them. Their current feelings. Their position. Also, make them laugh a bit. Don’t make it rude, don’t make fun of them. But try to make them crack a smile. They’ll appreciate it.


Don’t ignore what they’re going through, obviously, but don’t remind them of it even more. They’re already feeling it with every fiber of their body. Instead, gently distract them. Do things together you know they like. If they’re into baking, bake with them. If they love a particular show, watch it with them and cuddle a bit. Don’t expose them to the hectic reality of day-to-day life. Comfort them by helping them distress. Be like a mother comforting its child.


Fuel their ego. It might sound shallow, it might be, but Leos need it. Remind them of their glow, tell them why and what you love about them. Don’t just throw compliments at them in hope that they’ll feel better. Make it genuine. Listen to them, be there, and then distract them a bit, but stay close. Maybe hold their hand, or play with their hair. If you know they like it, take them to the outdoors, let them breathe some fresh air and go on a small adventure, just the two of you. Show them the love the world holds for them.


Keep them distracted. Pamper them a bit, focusing on the details of why you love them. If they can’t do things they normally can, like grocery shopping or the like, do that for them, but don’t try to solve their overall problem. Don’t tell them to “calm down” or “stop worrying so much”. They WILL worry and they WILL feel anxious, so just listen to their rants, humour them a bit, listen some more. Keep them busy. Observing Virgo will notice that you were there for them, even if you didn’t (manage to) do anything in the end.


Stay focused on them. Don’t compare your problems to theirs, they’re so often so occupied with everyone else’s problems, give them something back. Libra lunarians tend to be indecisive so lightly push them into making a choice (by themselves of course). Give them your love, let them feel it. Give them a hug. Kiss their forehead or their head. Rub their back. Hold them close, make them be able to lose themselves in your arms.


Hug them. Put your arms around them, tightly, as if you’re trying to hold them from falling apart. Let them feel whatever they’re feeling but don’t let them alone with it. Agree with them, as long as you’re not completely faking it; they’d sense it. Make sure they don’t feel judged, that you’re still thinking as highly of them as before. Please don’t let them regret finally opening up to someone. Please give yourself to them as long as they need you to be there for them.


Help them escape their bad feelings. Stand by their side. The archer doesn’t need someone to solve their problems for them, while they try to avoid them they still know how to handle them themselves in the end, and that goes for the moon in Sagittarius person as well. Distract them with what matches them. Visit a quiet café with an introvert and talk about whatever comes to mind, whatever makes them forget their low point. Go to a wild concert or the amusement park with an extrovert and let them laugh all the sorrow away. Don’t let their optimism fade away.


These guys like to not make it obvious when they’re down, they may even try to shrug it off. But if you want to comfort them, try to not push them into anything. Listen to their thoughts and nod your head, no need for big words with this sign (although some uplifting words are never a bad thing). Don’t smother them with physical affection, blankets and food, you’d suffocate them. If you view it as appropriate, try to distract them. Otherwise just let them free some of their thoughts.


Aquarius moon often wants to be alone in low moments as well and are a bit harder to comfort, but they usually already appreciate it when you believe in them. If you really want to make them feel better though, be positive. They want to talk. Aquarius loathes feeling bad. Don’t just say cliché things like ‘don’t worry, all will be well’. Make them laugh. Remind them of good times. Push them in the right direction; make them look ahead, make them not give up. 


While Pisces lunarians usually differ a lot when it comes to how they want to be comforted when at a low point, they are all big on the ‘acknowledge my feelings’ one. While this is the case for pretty much everyone, moon in Pisces wants you to be present when there for them. Actually, these folks do a lot better with being able to feel that you care and are silently supporting them than seeing you doing grand things but not meaning it.

Note: Always remember to take your other placements into consideration. Nothing stands and works all on its own.

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And problematic things Finn did to Rey: Refused to stop taking her hand after being told once. Once is enough. Physically assaulted her by climbing on her, sexually harrassed her by asking a pointed sexual question when they were alone, abandoned her, put her in danger on Starkiller Base, made her a target because he was too useless to fight effectively.

Wow. You know, I’m not surprised that these are your arguments, because these are the same tired complaints I’ve seen Reyl0s yawn on about ever since last December. FinnRey fans could practically argue against these in our sleep. However…sure. What the hell? I’ll answer anyway.

Refused to stop taking her hand after being told once. Once is enough.

Did you miss the part where Finn was literally pulling Rey out of danger? Taking her hand and tugging her is much quicker and more effective than yelling, “RUN,” waiting for Rey to react, and then seeing if she even catches the danger in time. Had Finn not taken Rey’s hand, she would have died. She would be gone. Blown up. History. Besides, I’m guessing you took a pee break when Rey crawled over to Finn after he got briefly knocked out from the explosion, because she offered her hand and was perfectly comfortable with physical contact after that. She understood why Finn was taking her hand before. 

Physically assaulted her by climbing on her,

Climbing on her? Seriously? Using her head to prop his hand on and stand properly in his seat is not “climbing on her.” Was it rude? Maybe a bit, but Rey was only slightly annoyed and got over it in 0.5 seconds. You’re making it sound like he forced himself on her lap or pinned her down in her seat or something. That’s…not a good look on your part.

sexually harrassed her by asking a pointed sexual question when they were alone,

What? Are you talking about? Are you referring to him asking if she had a boyfriend? That’s hardly sexual. It’s basically like him asking, “Hey, are you single?” Since when does that indicate sexual harassment? Is asking a girl on a date sexual harassment to you? 

abandoned her,

And then, you know, came back to save her, which was the whole entire point of his character arc. That would be like saying Han abandoned Luke before the Death Star mission, and then turning the movie off right before Han swoops in to have Luke’s back. 

put her in danger on Starkiller Base,


made her a target because he was too useless to fight effectively.

Yeah, Finn lost the fight on Starkiller, but you know the funny thing about your point here? You know the hilarious part? The only reason either of them were in danger in the first place was because of Kylo. You know, the Dreamboat™ you think is so perfect for Rey. In fact, let’s unpack some of the terrible things Kylo has done to Rey:

  • Knocked her unconscious and then proceeded to carry her against her will onto his ship.
  • Invaded her mind, a procedure that Pablo Hidalgo has confirmed is physically painful for the victim, and rubbed her insecurities/private thoughts in her face. Please note he was also doing this in order to get info to murder his uncle with, but I’m assuming you don’t care about Luke either, so I digress.
  • Murdered Han, a friend of Rey’s, before Rey’s very eyes.
  • Immediately chased after Rey and Finn in the forest and taunted them with Han’s death. (”Han Solo can’t save you!”)
  • Threw Rey into a tree.
  • Seriously injured Rey’s good friend, just because he could.
  • Had Rey locked over a cliff, a very threatening situation that was clearly meant to frighten Rey into joining his side.

So you know, anything Finn might have done is absolutely microscopic compared to what Benny Boy Wonder was up to in TFA. I think you need to sit down, watch TFA again, and seriously consider the reasoning behind you thinking the way you do, because I have a very hard time believing that you nitpicking Finn for all of these non-issues, yet letting everything Kylo does slide, isn’t driven by racism in some way. 

Can we stop telling fan fiction writers how to write their stories? Like if they want to make a certain character vulnerable or closed off it’s their decision. If you don’t like it, stop reading the story. Better yet, write your own. A lot of times you’ll realize that it’s pretty fucking hard to write a decent fic. Some authors just have ideas and want to tell a story, they want your input but if you tell them to change a whole fucking character it’s a bit rude. It’s like telling them to change their whole story, a story that they have spent countless hours writing and worrying about just for your entertainment. Instead of being rude about how the author chooses to write a character how about you be a bit grateful that their even writing a story. They didn’t have to in the first place.

Being Jughead Jone's Best Friend Would Include....

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Hi, this will probably be very similar to one of your other requests but could i request a being Jughead’s best friend would include?

I’ve never wanted to be a fictional character’s best friend this much before. I’m sorry it’s so short by the way. If you want more message me.

  • You met in him in the diner.
  • You’d always hear people whisper about him when he walked past
  • But you always thought he seemed like a pretty cool guy.
  • “Hi, I’m Y/N. I go to Riverdale with you.”
  • “Yeah? So what?”
  • You sat down in his booth despite his rudeness.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Trying to write. What are you doing?”
  • “Trying to get to know you.”
  • From there, it became a thing to sit down next to him whenever you saw him in Pop’s.
  • He became a bit friendlier towards you, but it took some time.
  • After about a month of early friendship, he told you about his novel.
  • You saw this as progress in your relationship and openly hung out with him during school.
  • Pop’s became your hang out spot because you both enjoy the burgers there.
  • But sometimes you’d go over to his house to play video games.
  • He’s not the most affable of people, but you somehow make Jughead a tiny bit more people-oriented.
  • He’s not as blatantly rude to people like he was.
  • Still has a hard time trusting people in general
  • But he trusts you with his life.
  • He always listens to your problems, and only tries to give you advice when you want to hear it.
  • It turns out he’s extremely good at giving advice.
  • You keep him updated on anything regarding the Blossom twins and what happened over the summer.
  • He let’s you proof-read his writings and takes your comments to heart.
  • He genuinely cares about what you think.
  • He defends you whenever someone talks bad about you
  • Which ends with you patching him up afterwards because he’s bad at fighting.
  • Being his friend it like having one of those small dogs that tries to start fights with anyone that comes near you.
  • He’s not afraid to be sarcastic around you either, like his humor is so dry.
  • He doesn’t really smile a lot, his lips quirk upwards a little but that’s it.
  • The one time you hear him laugh it’s the funniest crap.
  • You start laughing at his laugh and he laughs more
  • The night ends with your sides aching from the laughter.
  • He’s just a great friend all around, and you’d die for each other. (or kill.)