that was a bad joke im sry

Jin: From one dancer to another, lets have some fun

Jungkook - I’m excited, it’ll be fun!

not that anyone asked but like i low key bought some herbs today like full on plants n shit and one of them was like an actual chocolate mint plant and im still so confused yet enchanted

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hey mel! can i ask you three things? one, i just asked *joke* first, where can i hear that song "tonight, i am your monster" (is it a song right?)? i searched everywhere like crazy but i still dont know if its the right one... and second, where do you read the mangá of tg? i just finished the anime and im in love??? and i really want to follow the mangá, specially after all this touken turning into real, i was just scream irl akapk btw, i love your blog, its beautiful!! <3 (sry the bad eng)

Ahh, sorry for the late response nonny! i couldn’t find the song, but here it is (x

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can we please talk about how jk found jimin scolding him the MOST embarrassing thing that happened to him the WHOLE YEAR??? like? wtf did jimin say ?

jimin: did i raise a child or a baboon.. ive never been this Ashamed in my entire life…. look me in the eyes when im talking 2 u young man

jk: but my neck gets tired from looking down all th- im sry.. b.. bad habit

jimin: omg ur srsly back-sassing me now.. making fun of my height.. all the years nearly breaking my back raising ur ungrateful ass, coddling u, buying u things….. this is how u repa