that was 5th or 6th grade

things about jun you might not have known before

  • he went to one of the top high schools in shenzhen (which is a major city so basically he had top grades; chinese students do a high school entry exam to see which high school they would get placed in)
  • he shot his first commercial at age 2 (literally what were the rest of us doing at 2 y/o)
  • he’s appeared in 15 dramas in total
  • he has been in 3 movies, one of which earned him 3 rookie actor awards
  • at an international kung fu competition he got 4th, 5th, and 6th places in different categories (international!!!)
  • won #1 at a piano competition
  • won #2 and #3 at art competitions
  • won #1 in my heart
  • basically the boy’s all-round talented
  • everyone should stan him. right now. stop what ur doing rn and stan wen junhui

【A.R.M.Y 1기 BTS MAGAZINE Vol.1】BTS interview

Q: What was your childhood dream job? You know people dreamt of becoming the President, policeman and teacher etc.

V: Doctor.

Jimin: I changed it a lot. I changed every day as I read manhwa. I wanted to become a chef when I was reading ‘Cooking Master Boy’.

Jungkook: Professional gamer.

Rap Monster: Everyone probably dreamt of being a professional gamer.

Suga: I wanted to become an architect.

Rap Monster: It doesn’t suit you at all!

All: (laughs)

Suga: I don’t know why I wanted to become an architect. I remember when I was in primary school and I said architect is my dream job. 

All: Why? What’s the reason?

Suga: I was properly wondering whether the word ‘architect’ exists or not (laughs) I still don’t know why that was my dream job. 

Jin: I wanted to become a farmer. When I was in middle school, I went to help in my uncle’s farm in the countryside. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the peacefulness of the countryside that I felt back then. 

J-Hope: Wow, this hyung is so pure. Is being a farmer still your dream?

Jin: If there’s a chance, I still want to farm.

V: I’m the same with Jin hyung. My uncle is also…

All: Oh~ Is he farming? 

V: He’s a doctor.

Rap Monster: How is doctor and farmer the same occupation?

V: I mean we were both influenced by our uncles.

All: (laughs)

V: Once I was sick and I went to see my hospital uncle.

Jin: What the heck is 'hospital uncle’, it should be doctor uncle (ㅋㅋㅋ)

Rap Monster: I have a plane uncle.

V: Anyway, I was in pain and crying. I went to see my uncle, he wore a mask, white gown and had gloves on, he looked so cool. That’s why I wanted to become a doctor. 

J-Hope: You guys probably don’t believe me but I wanted to become a tennis player. I played tennis in primary school. 

All: Stop. How long are you going to keep talking about (becoming a) tennis player (ㅋㅋㅋ).

J-Hope: Ah~ I haven’t participated in the ISAC games but I did sports when I was a child! 

Suga: Do you still remember when we went to Thailand and we played tennis there, you weren’t extremely that good (laughs).

J-Hope: Of course! I haven’t played for 7 years~ It’s just a dream, dream! My dream. Back then, I really wanted to become a tennis player, so I worked very hard. My wish was to be like Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, hitting the ball into the air while saying 'oh-i’. 

Suga: You suit to be like 'euhahaha’ while playing it. 

All: (laughs)

Rap Monster: My dream was to be the apartment’s security guard.

All: How come? What made you decide to be that?

Rap monster: One day, I came home from school and a young ahjussi asked me: “have you eaten yet?” It was so cool. 

Jin: So “have you eaten” was cool? 

Jimin: He fell for the uniform.

Rap Monster: I think that’s why (laughs).

J-Hope: My dream was the coolest!

V: Doctor is the coolest~

Jin: Do you know how cool a farmer is. 

Jimin: (suddenly) When I was in middle school, I wanted to become a policeman. 

Jimin: When I was watching the TV, it was so cool to see the policeman having a confrontation with the criminal.

Jungkook: I wanted to become a badminton player.

Jin: You just said you wanted to become a gamer.

Suga: Just say one.

Jungkook: When I was learning badminton, I was really into it.

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With so many people from around the world talking about there experiences in school, it can be a little confusing to figure out what it all means. All states have different standards so things can vary a lot, but here’s a general guide to help you figure out what the heck your American friends are talking about.

Read on after the cut to learn more about grade levels, classes, high school, college, and a lot more!

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Today, I fucked up... by thinking my friend was Satan for several years

Ok, so this fuck up actually occurred between 5th and 6th grade. I’m 25 now and this is still easily the biggest fuck up of my life…so far.

When I was in elementary, I made friends with a boy on the playground named Stan. Stan was a good kid. He was smart, loved to play, listened to his parents; you know, all the good stuff. Well right around that time, the Catholic church my family had been going to for several years brought in a new priest. This guy was one of those fire and brimstone type guys. You know, the kind of guy that would stand in the quad of his local state college screaming at the harlots and Jezebels walking by. This priest pretty much rewrote the Sunday School curriculum to put the fear of God into his children. Needless to say, my education in faith changed from learning about the Golden Rule and being kind to others to learning what Satan would do to me if I touched my ‘Holy Place’. That is the first time I had heard of this guy, Satan. I had learned about the Devil, lucifer, Adam, and Eve, but not this mean guy Satan. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself “The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub - they’re all the same being!” Yes, you are right. But to a very young child who’s only interaction with any of these names is in the antagonist of stories, I didn’t make the connection they were the same. Keep in mind, my previous priest was amazing. He understood that you can’t put fear into children and worked diligently to help us find the beauty within our own faith. This new guy was different. He wanted you to know early and often who and what Satan was. Unfortunately for me, I apparently had some sort of ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia (I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention) and confused the word Satan with Stan.

As you can imagine, I was very confused. How could Stan, such a good guy and friend, hurt people? The thought terrified me. From that moment forward I feared any wrongdoing in front of Stan as I thought he would punish me. I actively avoided him at school, to the point in which we stopped being friends. I kept my eye on him from a distance…just waiting to see what horrible things he would do to people. I never told my parents about why Stan and I stopped being friends and I assume they didn’t notice. This continued for a few years, until the summer between 5th and 6th grade. Stan and I ran into each other at our local pool. As I walked through the front gate our eyes met and I went white. My parents recognized Stan and his family and immediately went over there to socialize, forcing me to actually talk with him. That’s when it happened: Stan asked me why I don’t play with him anymore. So many emotions exploded at that moment and I shouted, in front of his family, “Because you hurt people who do bad things!” My parents, his parents, hell half of the pool just stared at us. All was quiet until my mother cleared her throat and asked me where I had heard that. “Mom, Reverend Endofdays said Stan punishes people who do bad things!” Everyone just stared at me, blankly. “Honey…[Long Pause]…I think you mean Satan.” It took several minutes, but I realized the extent of my fuck up. For several years I had been operating under the assumption that my friend was the King of Hell.

Fast forward a few years, Stan and I are still pretty close friends. Though he moved away after highschool, we still joke about this incident.

TL;DR: I thought my friend Stan was Satan for several years. I was wrong.

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Glorious Gems of MP - The Gwalior Fort and Man Singh Palace

Most of what I remembered about the great city of Gwalior came from my 5th or 6th grade history textbook. And my memories were as foggy as the evening of the day I landed in MP.

Excited to be in Gwalior for the first time, I was just in time to catch the Light and Sound show at the Man Singh Palace also known as the Man Mandir Palace. And what a majestic show it was -   under the open sky, the palace lit up in wonderful colours, the history of the city rendered in the baritone of Amitabh Bachchan! It was nothing less than a grand theatre!  

Built in 8th century, the fort stands tall upon the Gopachal hill. The exact period of the fort’s construction is not clear, but historians say that it started in the 8th Century. According to the folklore, one day Suraj Sen who suffered from leprosy, found himself very thirsty atop the hill. Sant Gwalipa offered him sacred water from a pond, which cured him of the disease. Out of gratitude, Suraj Sen fortified the hilltop and named the citadel Gwalior to honour the saint.

Around the 15th century, the fort came under Man Singh Tomar, a king who was known as one of the greatest connoisseur of art and music. He transformed the fort into a grand architectural marvel that even Babur referred it as the “pearl amongst the fortresses of India”. After being captured by the Mughals, the fort was used as a jail. By the end of their reign, they had destroyed almost everything precious. Finally, in 18th Century, it flourished again in the hands of Maharaja Scindia.

Today, the monument is a huge fortress sprawling across an area of 3 square km surrounded by a concrete wall of sandstone. It comprises of six palaces, three temples, and several water tanks. One of its most famous temples is Teli-ka-Mandir built in the Dravidian style with an exquisite sculpted exterior. Another fascinating temple is the Saas-Bahu Temple, with two asymmetrical pillars. The other palaces are Jahangir Mahal, the Karan Palace, the Shah Jahan Mahal and the Gurjari Mahal, built by Man Singh for Mrignayani, his favourite wife. Gurjari Mahal currently is an archeological museum with an impressive collection, some of which dates back to 1st century AD.

Totally engrossed in the stories, I had walked down the lanes of history. I looked around to see the most beautiful view - a modern cityscape of Gwalior. The city was lit up!

Early next morning, I returned to witness the monument and relive all the stories I had heard the night before. We started off our visit with the Man Mandir palace or the Chit Mandir for the rich ceramic mosaics encrusting its facade. It was absolutely breathtaking made out of sandstone with stunning motifs on coloured tiles- everything speaking volumes about craftsmanship beyond time. My guide Puneet ji narrated many more wonderful tales that described the symbolism of the motifs as well as showed me the secret little telephonic tunnel the king used to converse with his queens.

The Diwan-e-aam and Diwan-e-khas music halls made for the queens to see performances while honouring the purdah system, have some exquisite grillwork. Lotus, which signifies Lord Brahma is a motif that keeps re-appearing across numerous places. 

The royal seal can also be seen in the main hall.

Raja Man Singh’s  bedroom has beautiful brackets which once held stunning mirror work like a Sheesh Mahal. Taking cue from this, I began reimagining the grandeur of the place.

I could also see the Gurjari Mahal situated below the palace, which was built as one of the conditions set by Mrignayani to marry Raja Man Singh. The other two conditions were that she should get water from her village river (which was the secret of her strength and beauty) at the new palace, and that she would fight each war alongside the King.

A leap into history, the Man Singh Palace has left me inspired in many many ways.

About the artist

Neethi Goldhawk is an independent illustrator and textile print designer who loves drawing all things dreamy, inspired by nature and life. She has illustrated for platforms like Redbull Amaphiko and Launchora. Her pen name (Goldhawk) was concocted in the crowded space of her mind full of absurd characters, who are but little children at heart. She is an avid Tumblr blogger and can be found here

By Neethi Goldhawk
New In Town Starters

“I don’t look older, I just look worse.”

“I always thought quicksand was gonna be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be”

“if you watch cartoons, quicksand is like the third biggest thing you have to worry about in adult life behind real sticks of dynamite and anvils falling on you from the sky.”

“I think I’m becoming more like my mom. I was watching Access Hollywood, and one of the reporters said ‘up next we have and exclusive interview with Sandra Bullock’s former husband, Jesse James.’ And out loud I went ‘uhg! This oughta be good!’”

“One time I was in bed and my dad came in and said ‘good night (name) did you brush your teeth?’ And I said ‘yes’ but here’s the thing… I hadn’t.”

“If the court reporter reads back my remarks you will see that I did not purger myself.”

“She would just make wild accusations all day long and wait for something to stick.”

“My mom would blame me for things that happened on the news. That is true.”

“(Name) I have been here all night! You can feel the tv, it’s warm.”

“Luckily I had a good alibi because I was in Wisconsin and twelve.”

“My brothers and sisters and I had this babysitter when we were kids and I was in love with her.”

“Why was she in charge?!”

“That’s just like hiring a slightly bigger child.”

“That would be like if you were going out of town for the week and you paid a horse to watch your dog.”

“Why do people shush animals? They’ve never spoken.”

“This is the height of luxury!”

“Lost in New York? The streets are numbered! How did you get lost in New York?”

“It’s a grid system motherfucker. Where you at? 24th and 5th? Where you wanna go? 35th and 6th? 11 up and 1 over you simple bitch.”

“When I was in grade school I was bullied for being Asian American and… the biggest problem with that… is that I am not Asian american.”

“On the first day that he met me, the guy that is now my best friend went home and said ‘papa, today I met a boy with no eyes’ and that was me.”

“Thirteen year olds are the meanest people in the world. They terrify me to this day.”

“8th graders will make fun of you but in an accurate way.”

“No! that’s the thing I’m sensitive about!”

“First off: no.”

“If you’re comparing the badness of two words and you won’t even say one of them, that’s the worse word.”

“Midgets were never enslaved! Unless you count the Wonka factory!”

“It was really easy to get away with murder before they knew about DNA.”

“Here’s how easy it was to get away with bank robbery back in the 30s: as long as you weren’t still there when the police arrived, you had a 99% chance of getting away with it.”

“Oh good it has a mind of its own, that’s very reassuring.”

“It’s 100% easier not to do things, and so much fun not to do them. Especially when you were supposed to do them.”

“In terms of like instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.”

“I’ve never been killed by hit men, so I don’t know what it’s like in the moments right before you’re killed by hit men, but I bet it’s not unlike when you’re on the subway and you realize that a mariachi band is about to start playing.”

“It doesn’t have to be right, it just has to be short.”

“A hero is any man that does his job.”

“A bozo is any man that cheats on his wife.”

“I went into the room to get the massage and the woman there told me to undress to my comfort level. So I put on a sweater and a pair of corduroy pants, and I felt safe.”

“Hey mister! I found your treasure!”

“If I got a plate of crack for the table would you have some?”

“I have a girlfriend now myself, which is weird because I’m probably gay, based on how I act and behave and have walked and talked for 28 years.”

“I think I was supposed to be gay. I think in heaven they built like three quarters of a gay person and they forgot to flip the final switch and just sent me out.”

“Everyone get out of my way! I just wanna sit here and feed my birds.”

“You want me to do what?”

“We’ve been going pretty hot and heavy lately, I think it’s time we brought in two older catholic people.”

“I listen to everything my girlfriend says. I don’t mean she bosses me around, I just mean that before I had a girlfriend, I never had someone who was always standing next to me and could just point out obvious things that are happening.”

“I don’t look like someone who used to do anything.”

“Oh hey, (name), would you like an old turnip we found in a cabinet? Would that be good for you? Would you like that? I know you don’t drink!”

“I’m really sorry about last night, I was just so drunk.”

“I’m really sorry about last night, it’s just that I’m mean and loud. It probably will happen again.”

“I don’t drink anymore because I used to drink too much and I would black out and ‘ruin parties’ –or so I’m told.”

“ I was 20 and I was at a party at someone’s house and I blacked out drinking and someone came out of one of the rooms at this party holding an old antique bottle with some liquid in it and they said ‘hey, is this whiskey or perfume?’ And apparently I grabbed it, drank all of it and said ‘it’s perfume.’ And it was.”

“(name) was an asshole and one weekend he and his wife decided to leave town, which you should never do if you’re an asshole.”

“Okay, lets go over there and destroy the place.”

“I walked into this party, everyone I had ever met was there and everyone was drinking like it was the end of the world.”

“People were drinking like it was the civil war and a doctor was coming to saw our legs off.”

“They had a pool table in the basement, one kid got a running start and threw his body onto the pool table and broke it in half.”

“I’m standing in the basement and I’m holding a red cup - you’ve seen movies - and I’m starting to black out. And I guess someone said like ‘something something police’ and in a brilliant moment of word association, I shouted ‘FUCK DUH POLICE’ and everyone else joined in. A hundred white, drunk children yelling ‘fuck. duh. police’ with the confidence of guys that have like already been to jail and aren’t afraid of it anymore.”

“My friend – who is now a father, this man now has a baby – grabbed a 40, smashed it on the ground and yelled ‘SCATTER!’ And everyone ran in different directions.”

“I ran into the laundry room and hopped up onto the washing machine and climbed out a window into the back yard and I’m running through the back yard and there’s this huge chain link fence and I thought ‘I have never climbed a fence that high before!’ And then I woke up and home.“

“And I said ‘no’ you know, like a liar.”

“And I had that thought, that only black out drunks and Steve Urkel can have: did I do that? I figured no, I wouldn’t have done that, but I was never sure.”

“he takes me into his bedroom and then he takes me into a side room off of his bedroom- never a good thing to have.”


“Because it’s the one thing you can’t replace.”

“That’s the end of that story but how fucked up is that?”

“I was going into my building late at night and in front of my building I saw a wheel chair knocked over on its side, with no one in it. That’s a bad thing to see. Something happened there, you hope it was a miracle, but probably not.”

“That wasn’t what I was telling you, but alright, let’s talk about this entirely new topic.”

“Excuse me, I am homeless, I am gay, I have AIDS and I’m new in town.”

“That is not the most dramatic thing that you just said.”

“Hey would you help me out? I’m very gay, I’d like a few dollars.”

“Yeah that’s the type of lowbrow shit I’m looking for.”

A timeline of Ted Kaczynski’s life and crimes:

May 22, 1942: Ted Kaczynski born.

October 3, 1949: David Kaczynski born.

1952: In 5th grade a test determined Ted’s IQ was 167, this let him skip the 6th and 11th grade.

1957: At age 15 Ted graduated high school.

1958: At age 16 Ted started college at Harvard. He entered a multi-year psychological study that is thought to have had a negative impact on him.

1962: He attended University of Michigan for his PhD.

1967-1969: At age 26, he became the youngest Assistant Professor hired by University of California, Berkley.

1973: Ted moved to an isolated cabin in Lincoln, Montana (with no electricity or running water). The development of land nearby that affected his ability to live in complete isolation is thought to have triggered his first plan of “attack,” as this is when he started targeting “societal progress.”

1978-1995: Ted killed 3 people and injured 23 others with his homemade bombs.

Ted Kaczynski Work BenchSeptember 1995: The Unabomber manifesto was printed in The Washington Post and The New York Times. Due to the writing style, David became suspicious that it was his brother (Ted) and went to authorities. David gave the FBI $1 million reward money to the families of victims (minus his expenses from helping with the case).

April 1996: Ted was indicted.

January 7, 1998: Ted attempted to hang himself.

January 22, 1998: He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. He is in the supermax prison in Florence, Colorado (this is also where Robert Hanssen and Terry Nichols are incarcerated).

This is gonna be long, so there will be a TL;DR at the end!
Okay, first off, I don’t really know if my school counts as a public school, because I went to high school in Germany, where education is free (at least for the first 13 years), but I still have some real weird stories.
One of the weirdest ones happened when I was in 6th grade (which means I was already in High School, we don’t have middle schools). Every year the graduation class leaves something around the school as a memory of them. Some bought a bench for the recess area, others painted big pictures on the wall and this one class bought a big stone, put it in the middle of the recess area and put a metal sign on it, where the names and their graduation year was ensigned in. I think this was the memorium of the Grad class 1999 or smth.
So, when I was in 6th grade, there was a boy at that school, let’s name him Kenny, also in 6th grade. He was known for doing weird shit, but this one day he went over the top.

We had recess time, so pretty much all the students were outside. Kenny stands alone, in the near of said Stone. Then he proceeds to slowly walk up to it. Once he reaches it, he looks around, a fair amount of students already watching him, he pulls down his pants AND underpants and starts to hump the stone.
By now a crowd gathered around him, everyone’s watching and screaming. I can’t remember if a teacher broke that up or if he stopped for other reasons.

My favourite thing about this is, that this story kind of became a school legend. Like, about 4 years later, I heard some new kids (5th graders) talk about this story and that they don’t know if it has happened or not, but that no one is allowed to touch this stone since then. I felt weirdly proud, that I have actually been there that day.

TL;DR Some kid in 6th grade started humping a big stone at recess and it kinda became a school legend.

things i have seen during my time in the american education system

  • a kid in a batman cape running through the halls, yelling incoherently
  • some kids dealing drugs in the back of class… health class… during the unit on drug abuse …
  • three feet of snow and yep we’re still going to school 
  • the ballroom dance team performing the entirety of ‘Thriller’ in the lunch room on the day before Halloween
  • the fire alarm being pulled not one, not two, but three times during one class period
  • the teachers making the entire 5th/6th grade go out to recess, even though it was around 30 degrees F, snowing, and some kids didn’t have their coats
  • a group of kids climbing onto the school roof…for no apparent reason….
  • like five-ish seniors sitting on a couch in the middle of a hallway..also for no apparent reason (no one is sure where they got the couch)
  • the drama kids all holding wooden boards and smashing them into the ground????
  • a kid riding around the halls on his scooter. you go kid.
  • kids duct taping their teacher to the wall???
  • someone handing out tissue boxes during end of year testing
  • SBO EleCTioN WEeeeEeK!.!>!
  • a kid getting up on the lunchroom table and yelling that it was his friend’s b-day so the whole lunchroom sang to the poor embarrassed guy
  • some kid doing freaking parkour to get from the second floor to the first floor
  • many fight. too many.
  • on that note, there was this guy and this other guy and they just kind of looked at each other??and said something like ‘do you wanna fight’ and so thy did???during lunch???for no reason???
  • a girl showing up to school in full hogwarts uniform(from the movies)(wand included)
  • the woodshop teacher just letting his class have full reign of the dangerous!!!!workshop while he scrolled through stuff on his computer??

things i have not seen during my time in the american education system

  • whatever the male equivalent of a lunch lady is
Smells Like Teen Drama

Dean x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Language, bitch teenagers (like me).

Tags: @i-am-an-outcast @becaamm

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A/n: Fun fact. The part with the itch teenager actually kind of happened to me. The last comeback the reader had I said to the girl who was being a bitch. Lets just say I out bitched her. The bullying thing were things I went through too as a kid.

Your entire life was spent looking up to people who you saw as prettier or of better human quality than you. Having issues with your physical and spiritual appearance was your forte.

There were the kids at school. Who picked and pulled at the little tightly wound curls resting on your head. Saying you were ugly and different because your hair wasn’t straight like there’s. To fix the issue, you asked your single parenting father to straighten your hair.

“I want to be like them daddy.” You’d say while looking in the mirror. Attempting to flat iron your 7 year old hair with a straightener that was off.

In middle school you were one of the few kids who didn’t wear any form of makeup. Uncle Sam and Cas had been building up your confidence over the summer between 5th and 6th grade. But no amount of love could’ve helped with the daily challenges you faced.

Teenagers and pre-teens alike would poke at your face. Making fun of the unruly amount of freckles it held on the surface. The nickname “polka dots” became how people remembered you. As though they need a small reminder of you and the mane of curls wasn’t enough.

It seemed as though everyday of your junior high days was spent with a hood on and a face hanging low. The second Dean noticed this he pulled you out.

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me you were having problems?” Dean was crouched down to your level. Brushing away each crooked tear that fell from your green and brown eyes and simultaneously cleaning the fistful bruising that hugged your eye.

“I thought you would be mad at me.” You looked up into his eyes, watching as they released a tear at the sight of his bruised child. “It’s okay, Daddy.” Reaching up, you wiped his tear away and pulled yourself into his chest.

When high school came around you were far from ready to deal with people. Especially teenagers. They were royal dicks. So rather than sending you to a public school, you and Dean talked about straight homeschool. Which worked out well. You got to attend hunts more often. Of course you weren’t allowed to help too much, overprotective dad and such. Life had been dialing back to normal for you. Well- as normal as it could be for a Winchester. Up until now.

You, your dad, and Uncle Sam pulled up to a house. All of you were going to go inside and do the normal routine. Ask questions. Anything weird. Blah blah blah.

Three teenage girls sat on the porch. Glaring at you and then talking to one another before smiling happily.

“Dad, I think I’ll stay in the car.” You said, all the while never breaking eye contact with the small bundle of girls.

“What? W-” Sam nudged his brother mid sentence. Directing his attention to the girls who were too judgmental for their own good. “They’re not going to say anything to you.” Your dad sighed out with sympathy.

“They don’t have to…” you broke the eye contact you had with them before turning your head completely away from the window.

“You really think some petty teenage girl is going to say anything even remotely offensive when two big guys with guns are with you?” Your Uncle had his arm drooped over the black leather seat. Making it so he was looking right at your hanging face.

“Teenage girls are mean.” Taking your head, you dramatically laid it back onto the seat. Letting out a deep breath of air as it hit.

“So be mean.” Dean piped up, causing you to lift your head with a furrowed brow. “You’re a teenage girl. So if they want to bitches- just out bitch them.” He smiled at you just as you smiled at him.

“Really?” You took one final glance at the girls who were clearly pointing at you and laughing.

“Really.” They both say at the same time. It honestly freaked you out how they did that on occasion.

There was no need to say anything. The three of you reached for the door handle nearest to you and swung it open. The entire walk up to the front door, you never broke eye contact with one of the girls who seemed to be the culprit behind it all.

The two suited men beside you had no issue getting past the girls. It wasn’t until you tried that one of them stood up and stopped you dead in your tracks.

“Sorry. No trash dressed hoodlums allowed.” She snickered. Feeling proud of herself. Your dad and uncle instantly turned around with their eyebrows raised.

“Guess being a hoodlum would be better than being you.” You tried to push past her but her force drove you down the three steps with a stumble. Driving you to land straight on your ass.

Dean was about to snatch the bitch up by her hair no doubt, but Sam stopped him.

“Don’t talk to me like that lowlife. I had a concussion and can’t take your shit.” The girl spat out. Crossing her arms as though she won.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” You pushed yourself upwards and onto your feet before walking over to her and getting right in her face. “Did you hit your head on the gear shifter?” The girl was more surprised you said that then you were.

Without a problem, you pushed right by the girl and made your way up the stairs for a second time. Stopping before landing in the deck.

“Anything to say lemmings?” You asked with confidence in your voice. Both of the girls shook their heads before moving off the steps completely.

“When I said be a bitch- I didn’t think you’d…you know.” There was a large hint of proud parenting on Dean’s face.

“I think these pigtail braids might be too tight.” You laughed out, causing you both to smile just as Sam knocked on the door.

LIGHT YOUR OWN FIRE: How I Went From Being a 1st Generation At-Risk High School Student to UCLA Graduate/Published Co-Author/Psych Masters Student

I’m a 24-year-old first generation Cambodian with a degree in Anthropology from UCLA, multiple co-authored publications, breast cancer research experience, and now I’m currently in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology while learning to code in my free time in hopes that moving forward, I will be able to combine technology with my formal education regarding humans and the human mind—possibly working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I live near Venice/Santa Monica, drive a stick shift Infiniti, I’m an occasional DJ and amateur baton twirler, I speak multiple languages, I can do handstands and the splits–there’s really nothing that’s outside of my realm of possibilities.

I share my current situation not to brag, but to give you insight on how far I have come…because how I got to this point started as a matter of survival.

Born to two Cambodian immigrants who escaped the Khmer Rouge in their teen years, my life starting out was really challenging.

My parents barely managed to graduate high school…so the best job my mom could get back then was working at Rite Aid. Meanwhile, my father stayed home taking care of me and my older brother. We were really poor, but I was happy—I didn’t know any other way of life.

I spent a lot of time with my father reading books and going to the library. He stressed reading and education to me really early on and in hindsight, I see that it’s because he wanted for me, what he could never have—a college education.

Up until about 7 years old, we lived in not so great neighborhoods around Long Beach, CA before finally moving to the Central Valley. My father’s father passed away so we moved up north to Fresno to be with my 70 year old grandmother. This is when everything started going downhill.

I remember nights when my mother wouldn’t come home, often saying she was staying with my aunt. As a child, I remember being worried, but always unsure why this was happening. It all started to come together for me one morning when my father was driving us to our new school. My mom hadn’t come home the night before which didn’t bother me too much. I was used to her being absent—and when she was around, she wasn’t the nicest person anyways. At a stoplight, in the car next to us, it was my mother in the passenger seat…and an unfamiliar man driving her car.

This is the point that flipped my whole life upside down.

I couldn’t go to school that morning because I didn’t want anyone to see my crying. My dad forced my mom to get in the car and on the way home, he was swerving in anger in attempt to try and kill all of us.

The next morning, I woke up to loud noises in my parent’s room next door. My dad was on a rampage throwing and breaking everything in the room…he even ripped the nailed down lamp off the wall. Then I heard my mother scream, “I don’t want the kids, you can put them in foster care.” I laid there silently, both scared and sad at the time…tears rolling off my face onto my pillow.

This was the breaking point for my parents. My dad was taken to jail and later released and my mom went to stay…wherever it is she would usually go.

Fast forward a year later, my dad won custody of me and my brother and my mother was pregnant with the man in the car’s son. I didn’t see my mom much after that. She never used her visitation rights. But I was happy with my brother, father and grandmother…until my father met my stepmother.

Long story short, he ended up moving away to another town with her when I was in 5th or 6th grade leaving me with my grandmother who didn’t even speak English. On the upside, it made me fluent in Khmer which I am grateful for. But on the downside, I felt abandoned and the world suddenly got really dark. My grandmother favored my brother, not an unusual circumstance in the Cambodian culture, but he would hit me or do other cruel things like read my journal to the boy I liked in school and get away with it. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to commit suicide under these circumstances.

The sad part about all of this was that I was a stellar student. I was in the junior doctor’s academy, I was first chair flute in band, I always got straight A’s…but once my dad left, I stopped caring. I began to question why no one would stick around.

Junior year of high school, I completely gave up. I was in my third year of French, AP Bio and AP US History because I was testing at a high level, but I just stopped going to school. Instead, I was getting drunk wherever I could, with whoever I could every night and sleeping in until the afternoon. I learned quickly that no one was going to do anything about it. The school would call my grandma but she couldn’t understand English…not that I even cared what my grandma would have to say to me. I ended up getting put on home studies for kids who were at risk not to graduate high school which was really funny to me because I knew I wasn’t a true risk. Even on home studies, I couldn’t make it to the once a week sessions with my teacher who would assign homework that was way too easy for me. I continued to party and drink instead.

But one morning, it was like a switch went off in my head that said, “You’re too smart to live like this forever. It’s time to do something.” I went to my home studies teacher and told him I wanted to take the California High School Proficiency Exam so that I could leave high school and start college. He laughed, shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s hard, not a lot a students pass.” When I left, I remember thinking to myself, “Just watch.”

A month later, I managed to behave and not get drunk the night before the test. I was 16 years old at this point. There were three sections to the test: math, verbal and written. All of which were too easy for me. My background growing up with a love for books made me an exceptional writer and test taker. I left the test feeling pretty dandy and carried on normally for next month or so—but I stopped going to school altogether because I was certain I didn’t need to. The evening before the results came out, I was with my best friend, Brittanie, who pretty much saved my life back then just by being my friend because she was the opposite of me—an intelligent, superstar athlete who is now in medical school. But she encouraged me to check the scores online even though I didn’t think they were up yet.

They were in fact ready—and I passed all subjects with nearly perfect scores…and just like that I was done with high school.

From that point to where I am now, it took a lot of grit…I experienced way too many obstacles, but time after time, I was able to overcome them and that’s why I decided to write this article—I want to explain the mindset that it took to get me from abandoned/neglected teen at risk not to graduate high school to UCLA graduate/published author/experienced scientific researcher/Master’s student.

I continue to face obstacles to this day, but one of the biggest challenges I have faced since day one is a lack of support/encouragement. But here is how I deal with it:

I don’t take no for an answer. When one door shuts, I find another one to open. And I don’t stop until I get in. I call it optimistic relentlessness. Take rejection with a smile, move to the next door. Don’t focus on the rejection, focus on the possibilities. 

I don’t give up. I had a mentor once tell me, if you quit one thing, you’ll start to quit everything. So something I tell myself when I’m lifting weights is that I can’t stop the set until I’m ready to cry. I apply this to real life, nothing I protest doing or want to quit is never really that bad…I constantly ask myself, “What happens if I don’t give up?” It’s more rewarding to speak to myself this way rather than just being demanding towards myself. There is quite literally a reward to not giving up. 

I believe in myself even if no one else will.This is the most challenging part of getting to where I am. No one told me to go to UCLA, and I don’t report back to anyone about my accomplishments. I have always had to push myself and that requires igniting a fire within, trusting and believing that I AM capable and that I AM smart. No one thought that I would reach as far as I have, but it’s truly been a matter of telling myself YES I CAN. I shut out all opinions/thoughts and only listen to my own. 

I nourish my mind with positive thoughts, inspiration and knowledge. What keeps my fire blazing is that I find the resources and information I need to get where I need to go. This is driven by a desire to do and be better every single day so that I never fall back to the helpless state I was once in. The key to success is truly education, whether through a formal system or just the internet. I also use my blog as a source of inspiration because the quotes and things I post, I use as inspiration for myself so when I return to my blog, I always have inspiring reminders to keep me going. 

I surround myself with people who are walking similar paths. I learned early on to be around people who are doing the things I want to be doing. Again, it was a matter of survival and I knew finding the right friends was crucial for me to escape a potential future working at a fast food restaurant. I may not have had similar upbringings as most of my friends, but I managed to make quality friends because I put myself in places with people where we had similar end goals. 

I don’t allow negativity in my life. If anyone talks down to me, disrespects me, or makes me feel anything less than great, I walk away. I do not tolerate any kind of negative energy in my life because I experienced enough of that in my early life. This is really adamant because it’s like trying to climb a mountain with heavy weight, if you drop the unnecessary weight, you can climb faster. Negative people/energy = heavy weight. Drop it. Get away from it. Don’t let it come near you! But don’t forget to check yourself either. Words carry energy, whether its talking to yourself or someone else, stay away from the negative energy zone! It’s completely unproductive for you and the world around you. 

I forgive, frequently, very frequently. Similar to the climbing a mountain analogy, holding grudges and being angry at people is imprisoning yourself and is a complete waste of time and energy. I’ve learned to let go of the pain of my past because it held me back so much. I would have meltdowns…often angry about what my parents did and didn’t do. I wasted a lot of time and energy circulating those thoughts…when I finally let them go, I was free. The difference in energy was amazing. I didn’t feel pain or suffering anymore…From then on, I stopped holding grudges because I only want to hold positive, light energy in my soul and to do that, I have to forgive not just other people, but also myself…for not performing better, or forgetting to do something…It’s important to just let things go and keep your focus on your future. The past is over. 

I give thanks to God. I believe there is a higher power that has kept me safe because I truly have good intentions…intentions to serve others and make the world better than when I found it. Whether you believe in a God or not, being grateful always makes life feel abundant. I struggled a lot on my journey, but I always took time to reflect on where I was, the doors that opened for me…I’m eternally grateful that I get to even breathe. The rest isn’t so bad when you realize you could be starving in a third world country or even be dead. But the more I say thank you for even the smallest things, the more blessings I seem to receive, because all of a sudden, everything is like a gift–the front parking spot, the free scoop of ice cream, the dollar on the ground…Plus, a grateful heart is full of joy. The more gratitude expressed, the more joy you will feel…and that joy can take you from being a miserable nobody to being a source of hope and inspiration for the world. 

Who I am now from where I started was and still is an endless series of trial of error. I have achieved so much from where I began, but I worked HARD to constantly adjust my thoughts and I continue to every day because the journey never stops, and the obstacles don’t stop coming. I continue to become better, smarter, wiser and as I look back…I am deeply humbled by the moments of weakness that turned to moments of strength…And at the end of my life, despite all the failures/shortcomings, at least I’ll always know that I was fearless in this lifelong battle.

I wrote this because I truly want to see our society with less struggle and I want to see more people on fire for life…so this is me holding your hand through your journey and cheering you on screaming, “YES YOU CAN!” There is no reason why we can’t all be successful and it starts right now with the thoughts we carry, the mindset that we have…And if you, like myself, want to set fire to other candlesticks, share this knowledge! Share YOUR knowledge. Let’s not keep anyone in the dark…

…because the more fires we light, the brighter the world will be.  

mapachii  asked:

I really want more of the harry potter au! What friendships are there and stuff like that (I don't like hp so I dont know much about it)

Ok so:

Jisung- 7th Year Hufflepuff Headboy who was very confused as to how he managed to get Headboy even when every teacher and student constantly tells him how good he is at taking care of others. Not a Quidditch player but goes to every game to cheer on the others, lowkey biased for Gryffindor cause Daniel. Very good at Charms, he finds it easy to get the knack of little spells. Ironically terrible at Herbology and collapses on the table every time his plant ends up keeling over. Is friends with everyone regardless of house, spends every meal time sitting at a different table. Is always laughing with other students, regardless of year level. Can be seen often in the library with a younger student tutoring them in classes cause he just wants to help others. Has a unicorn hair wand and is a half Muggle, half Wizard. 

Sungwoon- 6th year Hufflepuff. Childhood friends with Gryffindor Taehyun and can always been seen together. Keeper for Hufflepuff Quidditch team and by his 6th year he’s finally gotten good at it. Is best at Divination even though he hates the subject, “I see myself failing my potions essay dammit.” Is miserable at potions, him and Taehyun often work together and it explodes in their faces. Has a Dragon Heartstring wand and comes from a Pure Blood family. 

Minhyun- 5th year Ravenclaw. Top of his grade. Rumor has it that hes part Veela which he has neither confirmed nor denied. Hangs out with a bunch of other beautiful students named Jonghyun, Minki and Dongho who everyone is too scared to approach cause they’re all very intimidating. They all later become Headboys and are the best at guiding and helping younger students. Is seen as cold by everyone but then you see him laughing with some first years and hugging them and everything is reconsidered. Likes Quidditch enough to go to games and have a professional team he stans but not enough to actually play. Would be best in the team if he did though. Unicorn Hair wand and Pure Blood family.

Ong- 5th year Gryffindor. Comes from a Muggle born family and when he got his letter was just “I knew I was better than everyone.” Star of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, main chaser. Is already going to be captain once next year. Very popular with everyone. Is a brilliant flyer, usually manages to win the match regardless of who catches the snitch. Also very good at Care of Magical Creatures cause he finds a lot of the terrifying animals fun. Worst subject is Magical History cause he usually falls asleep in class. Good friends with everyone but closest with fellow Gryffindor Daniel and Hufflepuff Jisung. Can often be seen laughing and messing around with the three of them in the court yard. Possibly has found the Marauders Map and uses it for Mischief™. Wand is Pheonix feather. 

Jaehwan- 4th year Ravenclaw. Another Muggleborn who was all set up to follow his dream to be a singer and go to music school when he got his letter. Initially was very disappointed until he realised just how amazing Hogwarts is. Very lonely at first, didn’t really interact with anyone on the train or in the first few months. Everyone thought he was quiet and shy. Slowly began opening up and everyone realised he was crazy. Wild goat laughter can be heard all throughout the Gryffindor common rooms and dorms. Part of the Frog Choir. Very good at potions and following the steps, very bad at Defence Against the Dark Arts, always ends up screaming. Sometimes goes and sits by the lake with his guitar and sings and any student passing by stops for a moment to listen. Is terrible at Quidditch but loves going to games and cheering for them all. Unicorn hair wand. 

Daniel- 4th year Gryffindor. The Jock™ Another chaser on the Quidditch team and him and Ong paired up are ruthless. Amazing flyer. Hogwarts Champion when the Tri-Wizard-Tournament comes around and has no idea how that happened. Accidentally adopted a first year named Woojin who now follows him everywhere. Comes from a Muggleborn family and was very in awe of everything in the wizarding world. Very good at Defence Against the Dark Arts, not too bad at everything else. Has 2 cats, 1 of which he snuck in, both of whom he never stops talking about and constantly showing pictures of to anyone that he’s talking to. Many, maaaaany female students have a crush on him which he is kinda confused about and Jisung just shakes his head at him. Dragon Heartstring wand. 

Jihoon- 3rd year Slytherin. Cute™. All his teachers love him, top of all his classes. Constantly competes against the best student in Gryffindor and their seeker Kim Samuel who he may or may not have a thing for. Is the seeker for the Slytherin team and is already very good for his age. Most students think he’s this perfect, sweet student but his friends know better. Is very weird and lowkey evil. Sometimes talks to the giant squid and mermaids in the windows of the Slytherin common room. Is very good at Dark Magic even though it’s usually an accident. Is a Parseltongue and makes friends with snakes everywhere he goes. Pheonix feather wand and Pureblood.

Woojin- 3rd year Gryffindor. Another one who was quite shy to begin with and then opened up and everyone realised he too was wild as hell. Beater on the Gryffindor team. Is terrible at writing essays regardless of subject. Wishes there were dance classes. Is pretty good at Astronomy cause he used to stargaze a lot as a kid. Friends with most students, especially the Slytherins Jihoon and Daehwi. Accidently turned Daehwi into an otter once and Daehwi didn’t talk to him for a week. Sometimes gets help from older students like Jong or Jisung with his homework. Comes from a Halfblood home with a Pheonix Feather wand.

Jinyoung- 2nd year Ravenclaw. Another possible Veela candidate. Transferred over from Beauxbatons after his first year and everyone was amazed at this beautiful new student. Is really just a nerd. Seeker for Ravenclaw and honestly terrible at it. Fell of his broom once in front of everyone and woke up in hospital to Jihoon laughing at him. Was paired with Guanlin for potions once and it exploded in his face, had to wear an eyepatch for a month. Best friends with Daehwi and is in the Slytherin common room more than the Ravenclaw one. Has lots of females in his class who like him and he’s completely oblivious. Dragon Heartstring wand.

Daehwi- Textbook Slytherin first year. From a Pureblood family, bit of a know-it-all. Thought he was gonna be the best in every one of his classes. Was wrong. Is half and half, very good at charms, transfiguration, defence against the dark arts; miserable at herbology, flying and care of magical creatures. Studies way too hard, spends most of his time in the library until Jihoon or Jinyoung drag him away. Never talks about the otter incident and will never admit he secretly enjoyed it. Everyone laughs when his patronous is later revealed to be an otter. Wants to become Minister of Magic and already has his life planned out for the next 10 years. Unicorn hair wand. 

Guanlin- 1st year Hufflepuff. Comes from a Pureblood family but he’s so clueless everyone thinks hes Muggleborn. Best friends with fellow Hufflepuff Seonho and is rarely separated from him. Is ok at flying and wants to try out for the Quidditch team next year with practise. Sneaks out in early mornings to fly. Terrible at potions, terrible at charms, terrible at transfiguration. Ok at herbology, enjoys talking to plants. Doesn’t talk much to humans, usually he just stands to the side while Seonho talks but then OngSung will do something and he’ll screech with laughter and everyones like “….Was that Guanlin?” Was given a Remembrall by Seonho for his birthday and it’s his favourite item that he owns. Dragon Heartstring wand. 

I’m Bisexual and Ashamed

hello, this is my coming out story and why im ashamed of who I am. 

So, i think i was in fourth grade when i was questioning weather or not I liked girls. Everytime i saw a girl at the store or someone famous i thought was cute i always yelled at myself and was like “No I dont think shes cute I just like her shorts” stuff like that, trying to convince myself that I was straight. 

It wasnt until the summer between 5th and 6th grade that I sorta started to accept it. I have a best friend and she has a sister, her sister is pan and when I met her she was with a girl. Firstly, she was fucking hot, and secondly I looked up to her because she was so open about her sexuality. Beforehand I didnt know any LGBTQ+ people. 

In sixth grade I got my first “boyfriend” I didnt totally accept my sexuality yet, or better yet I didnt know the term “Bisexual” so the fact that I had a boyfriend made me think that “Well since I like a guy I cant possibly like girls” then when I heard the term “Bi” I was like ooohhhh so you can like both genders, cool! and from there I accepted it, and boom! im out to myself. 

Then came seventh grade, I really liked this girl. I became friends with her and we started dating. But heres the catch, She was popluar, im not. She decided it would be a good idea to tell everyone we were dating, even though I was only out to my best friend and my sister. 

Shit hit the fan from here. there was very little amount of people who accepted us… well, more like her. I had to explain to every single person in my grade that I was Bi. Since she was popluar she didnt get half as much backlash, barely any for that matter. For a good two days straight I couldnt walk down the hall without someone calling me a name. I broke up with her thinking it would make things better… spoiler alert, it didnt work. 

I was so hurt by what that girl did. she outed me, and if you know what thats like, you know how much it hurts. I was bullied by these three guys spificly. they were just so hurtful. I begged my mom to stay home so I could avoid it. I wasnt out to her yet so I never told her why I didnt want to go to school.

half way through 7th grade I finally told my mom, she told me “Theres no such thing as Bisexuality, youre either gay or straight” that hurt me so much. Not only did she tell me my sexuality wasnt a thing she also outed me to so many people I wanted to tell myself. She told my grandma, my aunt, my uncle, and everytime she told someone she put quotations around bi. 

Its been around 3 years since i was outed, Im 16 now, going into junior year and its still not easy. I thought that when I went to high school itd get better. It didnt. the Bulling got so bad that I went to the princaple to try and get them to stop. The princaple told me he couldnt do anything because he “didnt see a problem” and instead he gave me a detiton for “wasting my time” and “Not going to class” which was just such an eye opener for me. 

yes its 2017 but in my case, LGBTQ+ still isnt acceptable, it could be because I live in a small town but that shouldnt change the fact that people are still too afraid to come out, and for a good reason. I was never ready to come out. I was outed, and I was bullied about it since I was 12, when i was still figuing out exactly everything. From being called such bad named and being invalidated by my family, you can understand why I feel like something is wrong with me and why I try to cover it up. to this day I still avoid liking girls as best I can. everytime I do fall for a girl I emeditly get so anxious and worried that she will to get made fun of or that Ill get made fun of more. I dont know how to end this other than I needed to get it out and Im sorry for anyone who had bad coming out experiences.  The internet and this platform has helped me alot, and I just wanted to share my story.

CeCi Korea June 2017 Issue: Boys, be the ASTRO!

Summer’s coming and you’re making a comeback. What comes to your mind when I say ‘summer’?
What comes to mind when you say ‘summer’ would be freedom? I want to light a bonfire at a campsite and spend an enjoyable time. My hometown’s in Cheongju so a lot of times I’d have fun like that when it’s summer.
JinJin: If you’re talking about summer, then of course it’s the sea. I used to enjoy fishing with my family when I was younger. The image of someone fishing paints itself like a memory.
Sanha: I’ve only been to a waterpark once since I was born but it was a lot of fun. I want to go again.
Eunwoo: The sun’s up longer during the summer. It makes me remember how it would still be sunny out even though school has ended and I’m playing soccer. My dad’s really been into hiking lately and I want to tag along too.
MJ: A weather where you have to avoid the sun!  Doesn’t it totally seem like a song title to you? I want to eat watermelon underneath a shady tree.
Rocky: Maybe because I’d sweat more than I usually do but diet is what comes to mind first. Rather than hitting the gym, I want to try a sport that I can enjoy doing so I’m thinking of starting swimming this summer.

Is dieting important even to male idols? Do you regulate your meals as well?
I usually dance intensely so I don’t see the need to purposely go on a diet. When we finish filming for our music videos, I would hear that I’ve unknowingly lost weight.
Moonbin: Before debuting, my diet meals were personally planned and I would have chicken breast and eggs in the mornings. If I’m busy, then it’s one apple. I would eat like that. We’ve decided that we’ll now manage our own selves.
Eunwoo: We don’t pay as much attention to it as girl groups. But even so, we would each put in some care when there’s an important filming and if the other seems like he’s gained weight then we would tell him.

Is there anything after debuting that you want to be better at or something that has attracted your interest?
I think I need to continue studying up foreign languages. When we perform overseas, I think it’s polite that we learn their trendy words, dances, etc.. Because we have to do even better.
Moonbin: Me too! And having stamina is more important that I thought. We were always overflowing with energy pre-debut so I didn’t think there was a need to worry about our stamina but as we continuously carried out promotions, I can feel that my stamina’s deteriorating.
JinJin: I’ve recently developed an interest in fashion. If previously I only stuck to the hip-hop style that I like, then now I’m finding ways to wear clothes that fit my body and physical frame.
MJ: I think managing my stamina and just generally taking care of myself is necessary. I try to eat some nutritional supplements too.
Rocky: Seeing as how I’m a rapper, I’ve been thinking lately about how I should read more books. There’s a limit to how much I can write just using my own experiences. I’m reading and not too long ago, I asked Eunwoo hyung to loan me one of his books. It’s a book called but I’ve yet to start on it.
Sanha: I’m relearning the basics of guitar (playing). I want to be better at it. I also want to show acoustic versions of our songs.

That reminds me, aren’t you having your first solo concert in July? Is there a stage that each of you are dreaming of?
I want to put smile on the faces of fans who are coming to watch our concert. I’m thinking of having a stage with JinJin.
JinJin: I’m going to do it with you (laughs). After debuting, I don’t think I’ve had the chance to really show my rap so I want to show off a dark rap that matches with original hip-hop.
Rocky: I want to show off a dance stage that’s worthy of hearing comments like “legendary” and “the best”. We don’t have that kind of image yet.
Eunwoo: Shall I go home today and upload one? With a title that says “ASTRO’s Legend.”

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Tuck the World Away

Pairing: teenage!Sam x teenage!reader
Characters: Sam, the reader, mention of a few others 
Warnings: light swearing, some fluff, some angst, ya know a little bit of everything, no monsters au! 
Summary: An overview of (Y/N)’s relationship with Sam over the years 
A/N: Okay so I’m like really super proud of this one, idk why….so enjoy! Also I changed the tense for the first time so lmk how you like it! It was a little harder to write lol I kept finding myself saying “you” instead of “she” but whatever! Unbetad so all mistakes r mine:)

1990: Fourth grade

The elementary school’s doors seemed bigger and scarier than they every had before as (Y/N) walked in, clutching her mother’s hand tightly. She’d been there once before- to meet the principal and tour her new school- but it hadn’t seemed this terrifying back then.  

Her pigtails bounced up and down as she walked in, peering around nervously at the sea of new faces. They all seemed friendly enough, but a giggle or smile here and there wasn’t enough to make (Y/N) want to let go of her mom’s hand. 

The two of them walked to her classroom to greet (Y/N)’s new teacher. Mrs. Mayweather was a short, blonde haired woman with a kind face- dressed in a long floral dress that didn’t match the dreary weather outside. 

“Alright sweetie, I have to go to work,” Mary (Y/L/N) squeezed her daughter’s hand once before turning to walk back down the hall, “Have fun at your first day of fourth grade!” 

For a minute, (Y/N) didn’t know what to do with herself. Standing there awkwardly in front of the class, she felt completely out of place. Her pink shirt was too bright, her hair was too curly, and nobody else was wearing power rangers light up shoes. 

“Everyone, this is (Y/N).” Mrs. Mayweather chirped,“She’s new this year from California, everybody say hello! You’ll be sitting in the back row, Honey, the open seat just there.” 

Hi (Y/N), the class chorused, turning their heads to look at her and smiling. 

She gave a halfhearted nod at the rest of the kids, shuffling awkwardly to find her seat next to a brown haired boy in a striped shirt. “Hi, my name’s Sam. Wanna be friends?” He said almost instantly after she sat down, smiling big and bright and gap toothed. 

“I’m (Y/N), and, um, sure” She replied with a little grin. 

And even though she wasn’t showing it, (Y/N) was ecstatic to have made her very first friend in New York. 

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My Journey Through Autism and Bullying

My first words were not “Mama” and “Dada.” They were “Moth” and “Butterfly.” I was 18 months old when I first spoke them.

I began learning to read before I was 2. By age 5, I was reading and comprehending The Medical Encyclopedia.

My parents were delighted to have a brilliant child, and fostered my learning. They let me read whatever I wanted, and our trips were often to museums and dinosaur fossil beds and national parks, instead of Chuck-E-Cheese and McDonald’s.

My Kindergarten teacher hated me because I drew my own pictures and didn’t like the colouring book pictures she wanted me to use instead.

When I was in 1st grade, I was reading at a college level and I didn’t pay attention in class because I already knew everything that was being taught. The teacher didn’t know what to do with me, so she sent me to a 3rd grade classroom during reading time and forgot about me.

I was moved to a private school for gifted students in 2nd grade. My teachers didn’t know how to deal with me when I had meltdowns in the loud and busy classroom, so they sent me out into the hallway and forgot about me.

My 3rd grade teacher didn’t know how to do math, and so she didn’t notice when I stopped being able to do it too.

I was moved back to public school in the 4th grade. The bullying began then. I walked funny, didn’t make eye contact with people, and was too brainy for my own good. I became so stressed out and afraid of school that my hair fell out. My hair still falls out when I’m under too much stress.

By 5th grade, I had learned to make myself vomit so the nurse would send me home when the bullying became unbearable. When they discovered what I was doing, they called a parent-teacher conference to discuss what to do about MY behaviour.

The only time I ever stood up to the bullies, I spat on one of them. I received two days of in-school suspension. I didn’t mind, because it meant that I could sit in the detention room in peace and quiet, and I didn’t have to go outside for recess.

At the end of 5th grade, my best friend’s mother told her that she couldn’t play with me anymore because I was too weird and didn’t like what other little girls liked. She was afraid that her daughter would be bullied, too.

In 6th grade, the nicest thing anyone ever did for me was not turn me in for punishment when my Giga Pet started going off during class (they had been banned in the classroom).

By 8th grade, the bullying had tapered off because I learned how to fit in a little better and my hair had grown back.

During high school, I wasn’t allowed to skip a grade because my grades weren’t straight As. My grades were low because I got 100% on every test without studying, and skipped doing the homework because I would rather spend my time studying college-level medical texts and writing stories.

I wrote a 30,000 word book at age 14-15, but nobody cared because it was fanfiction.

In 10th grade, my math teacher told me that I would never be able to understand what he was teaching and that I should just quit the class. So I did.

My knee problems got worse in 10th grade. When I finally got a doctor to look at them, it turned out that I had congenitally maltracking kneecaps and misshapen meniscus. When I presented my PE teacher with a doctor’s note excusing me from activities that I had been avoiding due to the pain, she flunked me out of the class anyway.

Despite telling adults over and over that I couldn’t do math, they told me that I was just lazy and not trying hard enough. Nobody ever bothered testing me for a learning disability.

In 10th grade, I was nominated for Homecoming court. During the crowning ceremony, I looked up in the rafters every few minutes because I fully expected a bucket of pig’s blood to be dumped on me.

In 11th grade, I was the only student in the school to receive perfect 36es on the English and Reading portions of the ACT test. Nobody noticed, because I only scored 18 in Math.

I was the only student from my high school to ever be accepted into all of the major state and regional choral and orchestral honour groups.  Nobody noticed or cared, except for my orchestra teacher. My record still stands ten years after graduation.

I received a perfect 1 in Solo and Ensemble Contest in 12th grade. Nobody else managed one that year, but the Tuba player had a pizza party thrown for him because he had an almost-perfect 1.

The only reason I graduated high school on time was because I completed correspondence courses at home, making up for the math classes I had failed. None of the math teachers took the time to help me beyond telling me to re-read the book.

When I got into college, I tested into all advanced classes except for math. I maintain a 3.75 GPA despite failing every math class the first time around. My mother in particular continued to maintain that I only failed math because I didn’t want to work hard enough at it.

The biggest failure of my college career was a B in English 122. My papers were technically perfect - the teacher just didn’t like me. I didn’t know until it was too late that I could have disputed the grade.

When I was 25, I finally received proper mental health care. Prior child psychologists had insisted on putting me on Ritalin and Prozac and all sorts of things, none of which helped. I was not ADHD or ADD, I wasn’t just a “gifted” child, but my parents didn’t know any better because they weren’t the “experts.”

At age 25, I finally chose a psychologist of my own. I presented my own research and he did the testing. He confirmed my diagnosis of Autism (high-functioning, of course) with a marked learning disability in math. Any psychologist worth their diploma should have picked up on that by the time I was 5 years old, because I was and am a textbook female Autistic.

I’ve never written this all down before. I often wonder how different my life would have been if I had gotten the help I needed in grade school instead of age 25.

If any of you have a child like me, listen to them. Pay attention to their mannerisms and their eye contact. Watch the way they walk. If their teachers won’t accommodate their learning styles, find ones who will. If necessary, homeschool. Pay attention to your child psychologists, don’t let them slap an ADHD label on your child and make them into Ritalin zombies.

In my middle school when i was in 6th and 7th grade there were bomb threats (they were always written in the boys bathroom). The first one that happened was about Spring 6th grade and no one knew what was happening and we were so confused. We had to evacuate the school and everything. We ended up at one of our local high schools until it was time to go home. Every other time after that, we just walked several feet away from the school and wait about 20 minutes to an hour before we were allowed back in. About 3 times we had to have our backpacks searched. The bomb threats were happening so much that at one point there was a threat every week for about a month (by this point EVERYONE was annoyed). The school in an effort to stop them made one bathroom for ALL the boys in the school to use and one bathroom for ALL the girls in the school to use. This was extremely unfair to the girls because it obviously wasn’t a girl making the threats (what’s the chances of a girl sneaking into a boys bathroom THAT many times without getting caught??). This went on for TWO years. Turns out the bomb threats were being made by a 6th (he started making them when he was in 5th) grade boy who only got caught because his friends snitched on him. He was promptly expelled and im 90% sure he went to jail.

Kids say the darndest things

Today we brought the 5th and 6th grades to the zoo kitchen to show them diets. I brought around an omnivore diet with some pinky mice and one of the boys, innocently and matter-of-factly as can be says “OH! Those look like big toes! Or little penises!”

I had no reply.

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how did you and your sister get into photography? i wanna get into it and eventually freelance in my spare time when i get enough experience but don't how to begin and 2) have you both done wedding photography and if not is that something you'd be interested in doing? also do you think it's better to be self taught or is it okay to take a photography class at my local community college? like i feel like almost everyone is self taught and idk if taking a class is a waste


We have always been into anything art related. Our parents bought us small digital cameras for our birthday when we were in 5th or 6th grade I believe. We were always taking photos of nature, vacations, and various events. When we got to high school (right around the time dslr cameras were becoming available to everyday consumers not just professionals) my dad bought one for himself. At first our dad wouldn’t let us use it without him there but eventually when we got the hang of using it and he let us take it places without him there. Natasha started taking photos of school events and posting them on Facebook. I started doing the same but a little bit after her. Eventually she bought her own entry level dslr and I bought my dads old dslr when he upgraded his. By sophomore year we were both posting lots of photos on Facebook. We also started asking our friends if we could photograph them. We would style our friends and have mini photoshoots. This was all just for fun for us. We have always been into editorial makeup/photography and styling our own shoots was our way of getting into that. Then during the summer after sophomore year a student asked Natasha to take his senior pictures which she ended up doing did. And later more and more people asked both of us to take their senior pictures. We had no idea how to price anything or what to include in packages initially. After 2-3 years we both were honing in our photography style and were getting better at pricing and guaranteeing a certain level of quality to our clients. When we got to college we would go home and take senior pictures during the summers. In college we took peoples headshots. So it was overtime that we started our photography businesses. We didn’t start photography with the intention of making a business out of it/going into it professionally. We still ask our friends to photograph them and have mini photo shoots that we style. Its important to us to constantly create personal work as well as client work. During all of this we both tried our hand at surreal/photo manipulation photography but it wasn’t for us. By the end of high school and throughout college we also shot a few wedding but both didn’t like photographing weddings. By the time we finished college both of us realized that our favorite genre of photography is portraits. So now we mainly shoot headshots, portraits, and senior pictures professionally and create editorial shoots for our personal work. 

Even though we both went to art school neither of us has taken a photography class. The photo department at U of M mainly focused on documentary photography which we were not interested in. Plus the photo professors were known to be sexist and/or racist. We are about 95% percent self taught. One of our digital media professors did help us learn some stuff in photoshop but that’s about it. When either Natasha or I start a hobby we go into it full force lol. So right when we got into photography we followed a TON of photographers online and were constantly trying to figure out how they edited there photos so we could improve our editing. Over the course of 8 years we have really developed our photography styles and editing skills. Early on we would sometimes try and copy other photographers which helped us figure out what we liked and disliked for our own photography. I don’t encourage people to copy other artists especially if they are going to sell their work. But it can be helpful when figuring out your own style but it’s important to make sure you are not ripping someone off and give credit where credit is due. When I would use another artists idea I always explained in the description who the artist was and linked to their work. A photographer I know was notorious for copying another well known photographer but her audience thought she was super original because they didn’t know about the well known photographer. Plus you will never be as good as the original photographer/artist and will end up constantly comparing yourself which is no fun lol.

Even though both of us are self taught I don’t think taking photography classes is a bad idea if you think it will help you learn. One of my favorite illustrators, Sam Spratt, took many illustration classes when he was at SCAD but that doesn’t mean he is any better or worse than other illustrators that are completely self-taught. I always wanted to take commercial/fashion lighting classes but they were never offered at my university. I also would love to take some photography workshops but they the ones I want to take (Lara Jade’s in particular) are too expensive for me. Also as an artist I’ve generally been self-taught. I had a few great drawing teachers and professors in high school (I took a college drawing class in high school) who helped me a lot. But when it comes down to being an artist you really have to push yourself to make stuff outside of class. This was a challenge for a lot of my classmates once we graduated. A lot of them didn’t know how to create work outside of class. (I’m simplifying a lot here bc i could go on and on about how much i disliked or liked u of m’s art school lol) My whole life I’ve been making stuff outside of class so creating a photography business wasn’t super difficult for me. 

This brings me to the business/freelance part. Turning something you are passionate about into a business can be great and horrible. A lot of my friends don’t freelance because the business side of it destroys their interest in the art. Some of my clients are very particular and they don’t always like the photos I take. But this is something I have to get past. Also over time you start to get better clients because they come to you knowing what they will get. Early on people would hire me because they knew I took photos not because they liked my style of photography (I hope that makes sense). Now people know what they are getting and it’s less likely that a client will be unsatisfied with their photos. As a freelancer keep in mind that it’s a lot of emails and advertising yourself. Yes it’s great that I can make money off of something I love doing but I have to keep in mind that it’s still a business. When I first started out clients would ask for lower prices and I would lower them because I didn’t want to lose a client and I didn’t know if I was too expensive or not. This was fine at first but now I don’t budge on my prices because now I know my worth and it’s not fair to my other clients to change prices. Also photography gear can get expensive and when you freelance/do photography professionally there is a point when you’ll probably to invest in professional gear. Part of this is to put you among other photographers in the industry but the physical quality of your photos will also improve. This way you can better guarantee what a client will get. Ex. my dad’s old dslr that I used had a cropped sensor so if the lighting wasn’t the best i couldn’t edit the photos as much in photoshop as I can with a full frame camera. Basically I just want to make it clear that once you start freelancing it’s a business so just like other business you have to know when and where to invest and how much. 

I’m sure you were not expecting this long of answer but I hope it helped! 

I’m not from a public school so I don’t fit in the blog title, but people in my class are really weird sometimes. In 5th grade, the boys had some sort of game where whenever they stood up or sat down they had to say “nut” or else they’d be slapped by the others. My school has people (let’s call them watchers) on the hallways to run short errands, like get something for a teacher or deliver messages, and from 6th to 8th grade the boys (it’s always the boys) had a thing where they would clap a rythm and chant the watcher’s name really loud. One of these watchers became a chemistry lab assistant. Sometimes we randomly say it’s someone’s birthday (even when it isn’t) just so we can sing the happy birthday song and it’s continuations (I’m not from the US, my lamguage has at least three happy birthday songs). More than once watchers had to come in to complain about how we were making so much noise people were complaining from the library (which is impressive, since it had some sort of sound isolation in its structure). The teachers called us “Gaza Strip”.